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DraftKings App

DraftKings brings you daily and weekly fantasy contests in football, baseball, basketball, hockey, golf, soccer and auto racing for real cash prizes! Winners are paid out immediately after a contest ends. Play for the largest cash payouts in fantasy sports – over $2 BILLION in prizes have been awarded to date! Draftkings is bringing fans closer to the game than ever before. Join for free, choose your sport and play with friends or other fans. DraftKings is a leading provider of 1-Day Fantasy Sports. There is something for everyone - choose from free or paid contests. There is no season-long commitment - Avoid the injury bug and draft day busts. Choose from your favorite sports including NFL, Golf, NBA, MLB, NASCAR, and others. Draft a team of your favorite players while staying under the salary cap. Challenge friends or compete against other users in any sport. Follow along with your score live as your team accumulates points. DraftKings is the exclusive DFS partner of Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, the National Hockey League and NASCAR. Check out our "Leagues" feature: Play with your friends any time in private contests across any sport, from basketball to golf, all season long. Track your results in your league's exclusive leaderboards. Contests are not affiliated with or provided by Apple. DraftKings is a US company with headquarters in Boston, MA.


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  • Notification rape 1/5

    By Levi1
    Set push notifications to just alert when I won contests. Instead it constantly invites me to play sports I don’t play.
  • Scam! Run by crooks 1/5

    By Fuckdraftkingz
    These people will steal your money. They froze my account and kept everything I had deposited for NO reason! They simply sent me the "fine print" and said dairy about your luck. Do not download this do everything you can to get this company banned.
  • I'm Rich 5/5

    By Mikeyuuhh
    Legit am rich now and it's entertaining
  • Organized 5/5

    By RochyRams2013
    This is a lot of fun but pay attention.
  • Night mode 5/5

    By Wam bam grandslam
    Night Mode has returned !
  • Errors 2/5

    By bgabala22
    Continue to get errors all the time when using the app. Mainly network error and this is the only app it happens on.
  • Fun fun fun 5/5

    By Seaglass1989
    This app and site is awesome so easy to play and makes the games more interesting to watch . I only wish they would break up contest so theres only a small amount of people per contest so for have more contest and better chance on winning.
  • Rigged 1/5

    By Starwatchfilms
    I'm starting to feel like I'm playing against bots.
  • Want to get banned for the dumbest things? This is the app for you 1/5

    By Squidward925
    I was using a VPN at work when I tried enterig a contest so I got banned. Understandable. After telling the support team my issue they told me to do a location verification which I DID. Still they didnt lift my ban. They asked me to show my drivers license. WHICH I DID. Still they asked me to show my husbands license WHICH I DID. and they still havent restored my account after a week. Pathetic
  • DraftKings 5/5

    By Lizards11
    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! DraftKings is awesome! Great games and pay-outs. Enjoy it very much.
  • Just getting started 3/5

    By No help1071
    Let me play my first game and I’ll give you a review on the how I did and how easy it is to play
  • Good Stuff 5/5

    By The Great Sambino
    It’s very entertaining
  • Can't find my account 2/5

    By Akbendixen
    I haven't been able use the app for the past day. It says it cannot locate my account and then crashes
  • Not a big winner yet 5/5

    By zoekiki
    But I like it so far, it is about your luck and expertise in sports, unpredictable injuries etc...
  • So Unreliable! 1/5

    By blake4211
    What happened to the DK app? It will not work unless on a WIFi. Regularly need to log back in. It does not remember my profile when I do log back in. Makes me want to move over to FamDuel.
  • Fun daily fantasy sports! 5/5

    By goonie1581
    Fun daily fantasy sports!
  • App keeps closing 3/5

    By stickboy_21
    I don’t like that the app is closing every time I go off the app. It wasn’t doing this before but now it does it every time. Not the biggest issue but it’s just aggravating
  • Terrible customer service 1/5

    By Pwrlift
    Account services restricted my account due to a location issue and as I tried to follow instructions, which didn't work, I had no response to help me resolve the issue. Resulting in a missed week of play. Very frustrating.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Jackpot119
    Always a chance to win life changing money. Very user friendly app
  • Kings 5/5

    By Great102645
    Love this app so easy to use!
  • Love it 5/5

    By tn trucker steve
    Make even the most boring games exiting to watch
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Valleyreagent
    Absolutely love this
  • Will Delete Line-Ups 1/5

    By CalTick
    I love DraftKings but lately the app will delete my lineups after I have submitted them. Sometimes I'll be 30 line-ups in and it's only saved 8 of them.
  • Pros w/tech tools lead 3/5

    By pigspinner
    I just feel that vets/pros whatever we want to call them with software/tech tools are reaping the benefits when they can generate lineups in masses.
  • Make Sunday great again....lol 5/5

    By Arc707
    On Sunday’s I got the tv on the game but my attention is DK’d
  • Will not honor changes 1/5

    By bakeinator
    This has been the 5th problem I have had with draft kings. They do not honor when it is actually their fault. They will say it is because YOU did not do something right. In NBA I changed my line up before tip off and they never changed my line up. It saved and went through and now, my player is gone. The promotions are only to attract you then they do not honor them. NBA is a rip off. Switch to fan duel.
  • Worst app ever by worst company ever 1/5

    By Beards1120
    Horrible service. Horrible interface.
  • Great 5/5

    By MsSilva1010
    Great site
  • I 5/5

    By Bigtimg
    I like DraftKings it fun to play
  • Even Though My Balls Are Hairy, I Enjoy Playing DraftKings!!! Awesome Time! 5/5

    By Dudleybz
    I Enjoy Playing DraftKings, it. Asses the time and make sports a lot more fun. As long as you aren't making huge wagers, or I should say wagers that you can't afford! It is a great time for all! Everyone will have a great time! Even if you are taking the NFL season off for the whole disrespecting the flag thing you can still follow the stats and keep up with the players and the game through DraftKings without feeling like you are participating in disrespecting as well! I love DraftKings & I highly recommend it!
  • Soon to be a winner 4/5

    By Ffjhjdsgjjfsvjyddhgddd
    Haven't won yet
  • Where’s the update ? 😡😒💯 1/5

    By Aladdin333
    Again no notification about my players sitting out 😒 plz fix or let us at least add a player that’s playing 😑
  • Draft Kings 5/5

    By Michael Simcoe
    I love it. I'm not a big spender, but it makes watching every game that much more interesting. Still hoping to win big.
  • Fun but don’t plan on winning. 2/5

    By Chad301
    If you love fantasy football, it’s a blast putting teams together but don’t plan on winning big. All of the winners are people who have inside knowledge of who’s doing what. I’ve seen line ups where someone put a 4th stringer on and the guy hasn’t done a thing all season and isn’t expected to (according to the draft kings scouting report which is under each player) and that same person blows up for big points. And it’s not just one week, it’s every week. There is no way for the average player to guess or win.
  • Overview 5/5

    By Kyle28947
    Extremely addicting yet frustrating if you don't win hahahahaha
  • Love it!!! 5/5

    By Stack_74
    Love that you can choose a new team each week! So many different options for the price$$$! Keeps me interested in all the sports I love, with a vested interest!!
  • So far so good 5/5

    By Jerrrrrel_
    Pretty addicting, I love the H2H games. Try and double my money, I've been putting together some good lineups that almost touch 200 points. So I might try my luck with the bigger contest and try and win a couple thousand hopefully. I'm still waiting on a withdrawal... I don't have PayPal so I had to do the check, so far it's been one week but it did say it could take 2-3 weeks so we will see!
  • Screenshot feature 5/5

    By Rob8554678
    The screenshot feature no longer works with iOS 11, still love the mobile app for iOS but I loved sharing my FULL lineup to others, I’m sure it’ll be fixed in no time, great app, still playing after 2 years!
  • Scam!! Contests disappear!!! 1/5

    By ZohTop
    Pay attention to your contests; HOW MANY YOU'VE JOINED(it won’t always count you as joined, even after you’ve submitted a lineup)(the app stacks contests that are the same, so if you don’t pay attention to what you’ve joined, it’s easy for these scam artists to discount one or seven of your lineups.) and HOW MUCH MONEY YOU'VE INVESTED EACH WEEK(it’s easy to catch these dip sticks in their scam if you keep track of all your investments. It’s also easy to lose track of what you joined and spent. These evil people prey on that inattentiveness and relish the opportunity to simply delete what you’re not keeping track of.). I bought into this before I researched it. Don’t be ignorant like me. However, I have been able to make $20 last 5 weeks. But, I’d be sitting on thousands if what they are doing was actually legit. In other words, you have a better chance of actually winning in Vegas(not playing this kinda thing). Be mindful that Vegas loves these guys because this thing rakes in naive idiots and if allowed, will create an idiocracy that we supposedly fear. That being said, if you can properly manage your entries and identify the games that drunk betters play so they can place bets on their favorite player, and/or driver, you can make a little money(if these cons don’t pick up on it first). The house doesn’t like not winning and they always win. Remember that.
  • A plus 5/5

    By ArcArin1
    Love it ! Fun game and easy!
  • Cheating 1/5

    By unrated1
    I looked at my points when all the games was over I had 135 an I went to looked for a evening game to play an saw 20 dollars was subtracted from my winning looked back at my points an it switch to 134 smh not good if you choose to play this keep an eye on your points know how many points everything is worth an take a pic each time during your scores when the game ends an also through the game smh terrible
  • Draft kings 5/5

    By Yes I CAM
    It's easy to use, and anybody with a little bit of luck can win big!!!!
  • Game is fake 1/5

    By Swagger💕
    In every game I’ve been in there is always one person who has all the player who scored the most in there spot and I got to wonder how and the other day I noticed that the person who had won 1st had spent over the cap limit I think he spent $63000 witch can’t be right bc you can only spend $50000 on player so this game is not right at all it’s all set up
  • Love it 5/5

    By thefris
    Best game ever!!!
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By StevenDK87
    Love draft kings!
  • Football 5/5

    By A_mackoff531
    Freaking awesome!
  • DraftKings Rocks!! 5/5

    By sandy2122
    DraftKings is great and fun to play! Lots of games, lots of options and love the new style games they come up with. You will never get bored playing at DraftKings!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By RockyJack82
    If you are a fan of fantasy football you will love DK. I honestly will almost forget about my fantasy team on Sunday and keep this app open all day. Lots of fun and addictive!
  • Cool 5/5

    By Hdjrjrjkkk
  • Very cool app 5/5

    By Joules-r-sexy
    The whole design of it is awesome. Semi-easy to navigate through the app

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