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DreamMapper App

Philips CPAP devices treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) so that you can sleep better at night and be more active during the day. DreamMapper provides all of the following: • feedback about your treatment and your therapy results • ability to set and manage goals • achievements to stay motivated • informational videos and guides to help you succeed • helpful reminders to clean/replace equipment, and meet with your clinician • notifications about your therapy and your DreamMapper compatible equipment Learn more about DreamMapper at www.dreammapper.com.


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DreamMapper app reviews

  • Cannot connect 1/5

    By Addicted123!
    I keep getting the message ‘Oops -something went wrong ‘ ... I’ve tried about 6 times at least. I am connect to wifi & I’ve tried different times of the day. First try was in the evening so I thought that was the problem, apparently not. I’m very frustrated. I would like to be able to use this. I cannot give any rating yet for using this App, obviously! ... would like in the future, though!!
  • DreamMapper leaves much to be desired 3/5

    By rlmayfield
    The Phillips Respironics Auto 10 CPAP is a great machine. I am very impressed by the ease of use, functionality, options and beauty of the unit. I was really excited to see that my unit had Bluetooth and an app! I downloaded the app and was excited to see my sleep information. With all the updated features of this machine and the multiple settings, I was expecting more data. The app only displays a minimal amount of information, like how long I have slept and that my mask worked. I was hoping to see more information regarding my sleep patterns or breathing information. I have a Fitbit that gives me far more sleep data than this app. While the app looks nice, it has very little practical use for someone who really wants to understand their sleeping patterns. For that reason I am a bit disappointed and gave the app only three stars.
  • Anticipation 5/5

    By RocknRods
    As a new user I am excited every morning to get my numbers.
  • Somewhat helpful 3/5

    By Joana G
    Some times the it will not upload the info. Gives some info but not enough
  • Difficult installation 3/5

    By MimiHoo
    The Bluetooth pairing is really difficult. The required number appears on the cpap screen for only seconds. You have to memorize it as there is no time to write it down. I wish the report would be a bit more informative. I’m trying to improve my sleep habits,and would like to track my bedtime.
  • The app quit working 1/5

    By RayRiver25
    So last night I did use the cpap and it was 5.0 (not oxygen, it’s how long I sleep) but I use the app to sync it and it shows I didn’t use it, and I check the use on my cpap and it saying I did
  • Da’ Frawg 5/5

    By pieceofshitIphone1
    This app helped me choose a mask that didn’t leak as much as others. It’s also helpful by giving me a “picture” view of my APAP’s effectiveness and my sleep statistics trends.
  • Moore, D 5/5

    By RichBoy&
    It’s a phenomenal tool!
  • Limited functionality, pretty useless. 2/5

    By Mushie Snugglebites
    I guess we live in an age where there has to be an app for everything. This one in particular is pretty bare bones and does not provide much additional information than what is already provided by the Dreamstation display itself. Quicker to hit a couple of buttons on the machine itself rather than using the app. I’m a data nerd and would love to see detailed analytics.... anything that would want me to use this app. I’d recommend downloading the Sleepyhead software on your Mac/PC and forget about this app.
  • Great prouduct 5/5

    By 47AquaMan50
    This product does exactly what it needs to do! With great use, care and coaching information. It would by nice if the reports were a bit more detailed like the time and duration of apnea’s, respiratory rate and wake sleep or sleep depth ie. deep light and wake. The machine is excellent it is extremely quite and very easy to maintain.
  • App still needs work 2/5

    By dustytrail_
    This app worked well with a CPAP machine but with a bipap it doesn’t give you all the data. I think instead of adding languages you should concentrate on updating compatibility with all of the machines.
  • DreamMapper 5/5

    By nenelaz
    Great app, lots of informations.
  • Good but.... 2/5

    By jwboot
    This would be a GREAT app if it synced with Apple health!!
  • Little bit of nothing 1/5

    By Oneand two
    This would be a good app and tool if it worked sometimes. I use my CPAP ever night and this app will not connect to my machine most of the time. It is useless!!! Hard time giving it a one star other then when it did work and connect it was good. Tech support says it’s an Apple issue. Not the case. Junk at this point.
  • Not transmitting all data 3/5

    By MacBooboo
    I have been using this device and app for 2+ weeks now, it syncs and downloads data just fine, but not once has it gotten any pressure data, i.e. the Min / Max / 90% fields are empty each day. De- and reinstalled the app, registered and synced it, but still no pressure data. Not sure whether this is an issue of the app or of the Dreamstation.
  • Not working... 1/5

    By Elsasdad
    I sent a note to Philips because DreamMapper wouldn’t work with my new DreamStation... and I haven’t been able to get info for either of my first two days. Their reply: “We are experiencing some delays with the data getting to dreammapper. Your data will show up at some point, but as of now we do not have a time table.” Nice... your data will show up at some point... That’s just classic!
  • Light on info for Dreamstation 2/5

    By LucMee
    I’ve spoken to support several times and get the same answer. “We’re updating to get more info for Dreamstation.” No info on maximum and minimum pressures. Only hours. The Dreamstation has been out for a while now. What’s the hold up?
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By bpm-1
    Tried 6 times to set up up with my machine, using manual and scanned input of serial number. Would not process. Big waste of time, deleted app from my phone!
  • Mediocre app 3/5

    By Xazo
    I was able to connect to my dreamstation using Bluetooth. Successfully entered my machine serial number - not sure what it was for. What happens if I didn’t provide it? What benefits are there because I did? My mask type is a Resmed so it’s unknown to the app. The app reports a mask fit of 100%. Is that because it really hasn’t leaked (unlikely) or because it doesn’t know my mask? I’m happy with simple apps that are focused. I gave this only three stars because it has a glaring weakness by not having any interface to Apple Health. My $25 scale has an app that syncs with Apple Health. Disappointed that my cpap which costs more than 20x that amount does not. Summary: the app displays some data from the device. It work as expected and hasn’t frozen or crashed. It’s unclear what it means if you don’t give it your device serial number or can’t match up your mask. It doesn’t sync with Apple Health which is a significant missing feature.
  • So clean 5/5

    By Sea worthy works
    Great machine. Don’t have to hand wash everyday. Starts automatically. I just put my mask in the container, close the lid, and go.
  • Deleted... 2/5

    By @Sigil
    I wish it offered more details. If you don't check your app/data regularly, the app has issues establishing a connection to the DreamStation. This app simply doesn't do bluetooth well.
  • Does what I need, use it daily 5/5

    By WayneReview
    Been using it for months, and transfer its data pretty much every day into software that I use. A great view into how I’m doing, and convenient reminders for cleaning tubing, etc,
  • Bluetooth Problems 2/5

    By Kbedling7456
    I’m running an iPhone 6 and have regular problems with my Bluetooth connection. At times it works great but then goes for weeks without connecting. 😡
  • Constant Bluetooth failure 1/5

    By Johnkolo
    The software would be great, provides good information, we’re it not for the continual “check Bluetooth connection” error, which has no resolution. Other than deleting the program and reinstalling it on the phone, then pairing it again to your device. This happens at least weekly and sometimes even more often. If they can fix this it would be a five star program.
  • Could be great... 3/5

    By MXN ZomB
    This app is good, but I with it would work with my Apple health app. I could have better data around sleep and hours slept.
  • Love the app 5/5

    By coazboyz
    Now I finally can see the quality of my sleep.
  • Lifesaver 5/5

    By JValrie
    Great daily information
  • Please fix the app’s Bluetooth issue 1/5

    By ademarzio
    Ever since iOS 11 arrived, this app doesn’t function properly. The devices that are problematic are iPhone 8 and X models. Bluetooth behavior changed in iOS 11 and Bluetooth 4.0 are used in the 8 and X phones. The App consistently loses already established connection with the Dreamstation device. The workaround is to close out the app, turn off Bluetooth in iOS settings & then go into airplane mode, and turn off and on Bluetooth in the Dreamstation device. Then I pray the “begin using” button works in this app. Please fix the darn issue that many others have reported.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Bob the k
    Use it on my cell and iPad to keep me up to date on my usage and for uncovering problems.
  • Love my Machine like the app 5/5

    By Shoe153859and2
    One of the best purchases I’ve made! The headgear is a great design—-unobtrusive (I barely notice it’s on as toss and turn at night). It took a little getting use to on the nose pillows (originally it was making my nostrils sensitive during use). This issue went away over a couple of weeks. Adjusting the machine was easy after I found a video online (produced by someone reviewing the product not the company videos). Machine started helping instantly and after a couple of tweaks, it is dialed in perfectly (I never sleep without it). The app is helpful, but could be more helpful if it could be used to diagnose a problem (then guide consumer to making proper tweaks to the settings).
  • Why no Apple Health integration? 3/5

    By LukeS81
    It’s good to see sleep data in the app but integrating to Apple Health would be ideal if not game changing. When is this feature coming?
  • Data drop outs! 3/5

    By SalCaruso
    I’m starting to have issues my DreamMaker modem. That’s what DreamMaker support told me. I will be calling my local DreamMaker service provider asking for a new modem.
  • CPAP on a Different Level 5/5

    By Blumpkin Sniffer
    This new information on my sleep patterns and pressure variations is saving my life! This app is sensational and user friendly!
  • Data tells the story 5/5

    By winningskin
    I’m able to track my results each night and after a few weeks adjust my setting to best meet my needs.
  • The reviewers must be Phillips employees 1/5

    By JackaWriter
    Another reviewer has mentioned, this app does almost nothing and gives no new information that you cannot already see on the device. I was so thrilled to see it “transferring data”after I connected it via Bluetooth! Now I can send a report to my doctor, I thought, just like the doctor asked. But no. None of the two months of history was transferred. But wait! — the app now supports Belgium! because after all, there are so many people there! So to summarize -no app history, no new info, but it now supports other countries with what - a crummy app. (BTW, I lived across the border from Belgium for 3 years and love the country and the people. If the nice people of Belgium use this app in its current state, they’ll be as unimpressed as I am. My experience is that the Europeans build better apps than Americans). I think the marketing people got way ahead of the technical people on this one. Go ahead and download if u want, it’s free.
  • Better but still buggy 3/5

    By Echondas
    Only sporadically connects over Bluetooth - need to reboot the iPhone to fix this. Also if you haven’t used the app in a few days, once you do use it - it persists saying you haven’t used it..
  • Bluetooth issues 1/5

    By eldude1277
    The UI is easy and looks good. But the point of the app is to sync data automatically and summarize into a dashboard report. Well after numerous attempts it won’t transfer the data. Connected status indicates it’s working but the data won’t sync. Disconnect the app, reinstall, etc. no dice. Total garbage. Like buying a car only to find out it doesn’t have a gas tank.
  • Doesn’t work with newest DreamStation 4/5

    By Javenu
    When you go to create an account and input the serial number, the app won’t accept it because it starts with an H, which apparently wasn’t in use when the app was built. So the app won’t let me create an account and login to use it. Great! Philips needs to revise their form checker to be more future proof, otherwise they will have to update their app with every new serial # combination.
  • Useless when can’t connect 1/5

    By Irene789076
    Used to use the app every day but for the last couple of months can not get the Bluetooth to work with my iPhone. Spent a bunch of time with tech support a few weeks ago and finally got it to connect, but the very next day I was back to square one. I can’t fool with forgetting the unit, turning my phone off, unplugging the unit, etc. on a daily basis (only to still not have it work). It’s too bad, miss being able to use the app. Wish they’d fix it where it would work with iOS again.
  • App broken again 1/5

    By Richard Hertz
    After several versions with barely functional Bluetooth capability, Philips has released version 2.1 with new, broken connectivity. Again. Sigh.
  • Very difficult to set up 5/5

    By clarinath
    When pairing for Bluetooth, on my iPhone 6s Plus, the serial number scanner never picked up the numbers no matter what I tried. I never got Bluetooth set up because the pairing code was impossible to type in. I couldn’t enter letters in the code. When I tried copy/paste I got an error. Still not Bluetooth connected. Manufacturers, if you read this, use one string of numbers for a pairing code. Don’t hide the numbers like s password to Fort Knox. It is unneeded.
  • 60 day graphs now broken 3/5

    By AS701
    I upgraded and now the 60 day AHI and 60 day usage graphs are empty. The 14 day, 30 day and 90 day work fine.
  • Nice Addition To My CPAP 5/5

    By Kahuna Underwater
    I can see all the key measurements with history right in my smart phone instead of leaning down to look at the smaller lighted panel on the CPAP. Nice convenient app. And it’s FREE!
  • Husband on Bipap 5/5

    By Junkeycat1930
    My husband recently went on a Bipap machine. This app helps us keep track of his AHI and also hours of sleep and mask fit. This is very beneficial to us. Thanks!
  • Good data, need health integration 4/5

    By JustinNash
    I love the data presented, but really wish it integrated with the health app so that the data could be incorporated with my other health tracking.
  • Great 5/5

    By NCC1701-E
    Nice to wake up to see how well you sleep
  • Great app 5/5

    By Asoberscorpio
    Got an upgrade to this machine and this app. Enjoy being able to check my numbers with the touch of a button.
  • Update for iPhone X please. 3/5

    By AddictedGamer3474
    Nice app. I’m a nerd so I like to see stats, etc. would like to see more data as well as see this app updated for iPhone X. Some improvements to the GUI would be great as well such as a default view with summary data and the Bluetooth sync happening in background rather than being obtrusive.
  • Incomplete data showing for dream station auto Bipap 3/5

    By WaynesWorldXXX
    I use a dream station auto Bipap. The items min,max and 90% pressure don't show on the app. Also, it would be great if periodic breathing was viewable on the app. All of these items are viewable on my machine. Without them on the app, it means I need to look on the machine every day and i can't keep track over time. I did email support through the app and got a timely reply. They said there is an issue on Bipap models with the app. Fixing this would be really helpful. Btw - Blue tooth connectivity works well. Only problem I had was when I tried it out of range. Then I had to reload the app to resolve it.
  • More info, please. 4/5

    By chap houston
    I’m glad I can time slept, but surely more info is available. I want all info since it’s mine. It’s certainly quieter than I expected, and not as hard as I guessed to use.

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