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  • Current Version: 2.9
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  • Developer: Philips Respironics
  • Compatibility: Android
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DreamMapper App

Philips CPAP devices treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) so that you can sleep better at night and be more active during the day. DreamMapper provides all of the following: • feedback about your treatment and your therapy results • ability to set and manage goals • achievements to stay motivated • informational videos and guides to help you succeed • helpful reminders to clean/replace equipment, and meet with your clinician • notifications about your therapy and your DreamMapper compatible equipment Learn more about DreamMapper at www.dreammapper.com.


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DreamMapper app reviews

  • Works fine 3/5

    By JD in Boston
    Sometimes randomly has trouble connecting via Bluetooth, but otherwise fine.
  • Constantly loses Bluetooth connection 1/5

    By LtlRedX
    Loses Bluetooth connection all the time & won't reconnect. I have to delete the whole app to get it to reconnect. Ridiculous!!!
  • Bluetooth poor 1/5

    By Maptreker
    The Bluetooth connection is AWFUL ON THIS MACHINE
  • Dream mapper 5/5

    By Sprintguy
    Great little app. Very informative.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Sweet mamma d
    Love being able to see my scores and the reminders to clean gear.
  • Ok app 2/5

    By MG-20
    I guess the app provides useful data for compliance purposes. But it’s limited useful information AHIs & 90% makes it almost useless to the user. You’re Better off with SleepyHead or some other software.
  • Great app 4/5

    By Rooster600rush
    It’s nice to track my sleep with this app to see what it takes to get the best night of sleep possible.
  • Good but needs some work 4/5

    By Firemanjsr
    The reports are useful in monitoring you progress with your cpap. My problem is with the Bluetooth link, it does not work properly all the time.
  • Good night's sleep 5/5

    By Ozzie Rabbit
    It is so nice to see how I slept each night! DreamMapper makes it easy to pull up that information. The application is easy to use and easy to read.
  • Dream Maker changed my life 5/5

    By Wyley Cayotee
    It is fantastic allowing me to track how well I slept and how long each night as well if I had any leaks. It really makes a difference. Even after I dropped my phone in the water and was without one for seven days I was amazed to find out when I got my new phone and downloaded from the i cloud all the information was there! Also The fact that the VA contract it and make changes if need be it's amazing. It a great tool for those with sleep apnea ! Wyley Murray
  • Awesomeness 5/5

    By Mya703
    Love the results it works great. Easy to use and monitor.
  • Slow response and updates. 2/5

    By LucMee
    That the app doesn't support the DreamStation by now is just negligent. All it does is log hours and AHI. No pressures are available. And it lists 100% mask fit even when it leaks badly. I called support and they keep saying it's going to be fixed "soon". It's been more than 8 months I've had the DreamStation and been using the app.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Criminality
    I use this app almost every day and I am very pleased with the results and the clarity regarding my sleeping. Between the average hypopnea index and the length of time that you sleep it is really helpful and fairly accurate. There are a few bugs here and there and you have to be on your wired network in order to get results but it does not take too much time to set up and again very accurate. And let you know whether or not your CPAP is actually helping you or whether you have some sort of change in your sleeping patterns. I do like that you can check historical reports all the way back 30 days or more.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By DanMig
    Greatest app for me let’s me know everything about my sleep each night
  • Really helps 4/5

    By mom of identical twins
    Takes time getting use to but I can tell it is helping a lot.
  • works ok 4/5

    By benbysk
    other than restarting your iphone everyday for uploading your bluetooth data works great
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By AKanni85
    I like the app for the most part, the information is laid out clearly and I’ve found it very easy to use. The only thing I would add is that I wish there was an option to add notes for the day. Last night I woke up at 2am with my mask off my face lying next to me, and I don’t know how long it was like that. I would like to make a note that it happened, but there doesn’t seem to be an option for that. I also wish it would give actual times for when it was put on and taken off, instead of just the total hours and minutes.
  • Helpful! 5/5

    By BillmeOK
    Nice to have the knowledge of what is happening to my sleep quality nightly.
  • Easy 5/5

    By Hammerman46
    This machine is a great buy. Easy to use and the dreamstation is easy to program. The APP is fast and does not crash. I see my nights results in ten seconds. I wake up and tap my phone and I see t my AHI and the hours I had mask on. My only suggestion would be to put a line graph of AHI with a goal marking line of five on the hours of therapy graphic.
  • DreamMapper 4/5

    By ATC2CWO
    It would help if program could monitor deep/light sleep. Also, better graphs would push app into 5 star rating. Happy overall, though.
  • Crap patient awareness 5/5

    By Milkkeway
    Awesome machine and app. Let’s me know exactly where I’m at and not at. Amazing. Thank you. No more unknowns for the patient.
  • Great CPAP app 5/5

    By TLTrue
    Excellent monitoring of your progress!
  • Great but one small issue. 4/5

    By Aeshma016
    This app is great, but I wish it would sync to the Health app.
  • Promising Medical Software 5/5

    By jjarrard
    Taking an analytical and objective perspective on medical data is instrumental in achieving desired results. This software displays understandable data about what's possible with CPAP use. Monitoring sleep improvement helps achieve intended results.
  • Very Useful ! 4/5

    By Chloe77-
    All my data in one place, easy to understand. My only complaint is for day sleepers: it doesn't go by contiguous sleep, all your sleep after a certain time gets put with the next day's data. There's a cut off time, but I haven't pinned it down yet.
  • Rely on it daily 5/5

    By SteveRyder
    Have Bluetooth option so can sync my CPAP to DreamMapper and monitor my sleep scores. Hr therapy, AHI and mask fit. Just like I monitor my blood pressure. SteveR. Age 74.
  • Dream mapper 5/5

    By Slacker0474
    I really find this app to work well and to be very helpful
  • Great program, limited reporting 4/5

    By Dimitrivaz
    This program works flawlessly. It provides a limited but adequate set of parameters about your sleep. I would like to see a bit more info, though.
  • I check it daily 4/5

    By BobS41
    I check it every morning to see if I had a good or bad night. Sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised or the opposite. Either way it provides good feedback to me. I love it. Not sure why but Bluetooth quit working although iPhone shows it’s connected.
  • Relief 5/5

    By bossque84
    I've heard many reasons people (men) don't use their cpap. The noise, its bulky, it doesn't fit right... I've not had those type of experiences. It fits well and the noise is minimal at worst. The app keeps me informed as to my progress.
  • Amazing Sleep 5/5

    By Nypd2
    Since I have used my C-Pap machine about 2 years ... not only am I sleeping much better I am no longer getting sinus infections on a regular basis ... it is nice to be able to see how many hours I am sleeping every night and if I am having any sleep apnea episodes ...
  • Helpful data 4/5

    By campsarah
    Easy tool for tracking my sleep.
  • Review 5/5

    By grammynu
    Love how it gives me data I need. Daily AHI, sleep hours etc
  • Awesome 4/5

    By Frosty90
    Two suggestions. 1. It Needs to work with Apple Health 2. The reminders need to be able to be notifications that come to your home screen like many other apps. For things like replace mask, tubing or to clean the like etc. as a CPAP user and DME provider this has helped many of my patients keep on top of their therapy and better understand what their therapy is doing for them.
  • Sporadically works with iOS 11 2/5

    By Echondas
    Only sporadically connects over Bluetooth with iOS 11 - most of the time it says “check your Bluetooth connection”.. very frustrating
  • So far so good 5/5

    By BillyG627
    Using for a week. I like the Bluetooth connection. I like the report. The iPhone app helps with reading the data. Give me six months and I'll know if app worthwhile. 3.5 months later: I aM still greatly pleased. My sleep habits are getting better I could continue to feel great. I am so glad that someone told me about sleep apnea and I went and took a test and got this device.
  • No iHealth! Phillips refuses users options 1/5

    By smittyken12
    Its 2017!!!! & They still continue to refuse to make anyone’s life easy and tries to monitor their health and sink or input any kind of data with Ihealth… I would sign off and all the disclaimers but they just simply refuse to even consider it
  • New release: DreamStation stopped uploading data via Bluetooth 1/5

    By Bobbo73
    I installed the new release this am before I attempted to upload data from my DreamStation. The app does not recognize that BT is on, even though the machines are paired. Tried to ‘forget this device’ on my iPad and re-pair using the app. Pairing was successful but the app still does not upload data because it thinks BT is not on. Please fix this bug.
  • Great app 1/5

    By Melon804
    I am new to the Cpap world, and had the machine about two weeks before I knew about the software. Nobody told me about it when they set the machine up. There are Bluetooth connectivity issues, but I unpair it, turn off Bluetooth, and try to connect again. It doesn't always connect the second time, but it does eventually work. I think the app itself is great that you can keep track of your apneas, and whether there was a mask leak and how many hours you used it. I've already had to replace the modem in the machine itself. All in all, the app is the first thing I check in the morning when I disconnect. I think it's very useful, especially to newbies. Update: as of October 6, 2017, it no longer recognizes the Bluetooth. I’ve uninstalled the app and that fixed it for a week, and now I can’t get it to connect to the stats at all. Is it the machine or the software? I’ve tried everything including pairing it and nothing.
  • Bluetooth stopped working completely 1/5

    By FiddlerRob
    Bluetooth has always been terrible on this device, the dream station, and needed to be unplugged for 30 seconds before it would work again. Now doesn’t work at all with this update. They might want to test these things before they released him.
  • Needs HealthKit integration 2/5

    By SFNicoya
    The app ok. It would be better if it integrated with HealthKit. I use Health App to view my other health data so it would nice to have everything in one place.
  • They fixed my complaint - updated review 5/5

    By ToddDO
    I’m happy to give this app 5 stars, up from 3 previously. The option of manual sync was a great addition for me.
  • Love it 4/5

    By Jarxhead
    The app makes it easy to see quality of my sleep. It would be nice to see when I am actually experiencing apnea episodes, but just knowing the data helps me to understand my situation.
  • Bring back summary history 4/5

    By TerrBear45458
    I liked the historical summary reports in the old version better, but the new version is faster and more reliable uploading data. No connectivity issues.
  • Good App! 4/5

    By Anteakie
    DreamMapper works well! Sometimes the updates lag behind, but do catch up after awhile. Not to worry though, the DreamStation stores all the data for anytime viewing.
  • Average 3/5

    By eagles1989
    Must always keep the filters clean because if you don't it gets very loud! But the app is very decent.
  • App update 5/5

    By Drm54
    Ever since I received my new machine program work great
  • Pretty useful 5/5

    By jacquiejo13
    As a new PAP user this app is pretty useful giving me an overview of the nights sleep. I don't know what other info would be useful but it doesn't seem to contain much. Again, new to this whole process. That being said, it is the first thing I use every morning now. Easy interface. I haven't had issues with connectivity. The data downloads quickly. Good app.
  • Dream Mapper is the Bedt! 5/5

    By one2bamom
    I absolutely love being able to monitor my sleep apnea and mask fit with this app! I feel like it gives me the opportunity to participate in my care and have a more informed conversation with my doctor regarding my care.
  • Thank you I love this 5/5

    By Kr157:
    Help so much

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