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  • Current Version: 2.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
  • Compatibility: Android
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Drive Safe & Save™ App

You’ll save an initial 5% when you sign up for Drive Safe & Save™ from State Farm. And the safer you drive, combined with the fewer miles you drive, the more you could save on auto insurance. Your smartphone, along with a Bluetooth beacon you’ll receive in the mail, will collect basic information about your driving characteristics. Next, the app will use this information to calculate your potential discount on auto insurance. Key Functions • View your current and trending discounts based on specific driving characteristics • Calculate your potential discount by adjusting a variety of driving characteristics • See how your driving stacks up against others • Learn how your driving habits, such as braking, mileage, speed and acceleration, affect your discount • Read tips to improve your grades on key driving characteristics Available in select states only. Please contact your State Farm agent for availability. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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Drive Safe & Save™ app reviews

  • Designed to annoy so you quit using it and don’t get the discount 1/5

    By Rusted Knight
    Here are the positives : none The negatives: battery hog, demands you leave location services on even when not using the app which is unnecessary and an invasion of privacy, 2 factor log in which is slow and unnecessary, logs you out after only a few minutes of idle time like when shopping at Walmart meaning you have to log in again before driving home. Absolutely not worth the discount on insurance
  • Worst App Ever! Eats battery like no tmw!! 1/5

    By Big Black Bass
    Like all the other reviews already say, this thing eats battery faster than any app I have ever had (android or iOS). I’ve had my iPhone for over 5 years and nothing comes close to this horrible app. Prior to downloading this app, I can go all day without charging my phone... now it drains like 2% each minute (and I’m not even touching my phone). What a joke!!!
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Kkgaudin
    Requires me to remember to turn my Bluetooth on before i drive in order to capture trips correctly ... so basically worthless and kind of annoying. I don’t keep my Bluetooth on all the time . Also the log in process feels straight out of 2011.
  • Bad design 1/5

    By ALS IFC
    This app would be fine but it forces you to always allow the app to use location services which drains the battery. There is an option, which is logical, to use location services only when using the app but when you open the app it forces you to change it always allow. Absolutely ridiculous. There is no reason this app needs to always use location services even when not using the app. Poor app developer.
  • This app will crater your battery 1/5

    By drusellers
    Wow. I’m not sure what kind of tight loop is being used in the bowels of this application but something is just crushing my battery. If this can’t be fixed with a realistic solution I can’t use the app. If I can’t use the app I don’t get the discount. If I don’t get the discount I may need to shop for a provider whose app doesn’t crater my phone battery.
  • Randomly quit tracking 2/5

    By jjsledge
    Had both Bluetooth and location enabled last few days, despite fact it tracked everything. Wondering if app isn’t compatible with latest iOS update. Isn’t even registering that I’ve been driving (and I’ve driven 15-20 miles). App needs to update every week or 2, not every month or 2.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By tatertots21
    This app isn’t tracking any of my trips and keeps saying “something went wrong”.
  • Battery Life Drain 2/5

    By grojos44
    This app is easy to use but drains the phone battery really quickly. Location services must be kept on all the time and background app refresh is required. Today was my first day using it and my phone would’ve died without a charge at the 8 hour mark of a 10 hour day. I’m not a heavy phone user either. I check work email and a group messaging app a couple times a day. There’s got to be a better solution State Farm.
  • I’ve never reviewed an app, but this one is worthy. 1/5

    By Shehswhwuurruu2732
    There are so many flaws involved with this app it’s unreal. For instance I never drive the vehicle that’s insured (use work truck) But I HAVE to drive that truck to meet the minimum criteria? I thought it’s to measure how much you drive to save, well if I barely use it I should save more and not be forced to randomly drive my vehicle. With that being said, it’s always sending pop ups to my phone when I’m using my personal truck. It has sent “data” on times I’ve not even been near my truck. Also it destroys my battery life. Overall I am completely unhappy with this app and I CANNOT wait to delete it from my phone!
  • Very disturbing app 1/5

    By Danielle YQ
    “Forced” to use this app to get discount, which would be ok if the app weren’t so annoying. It keeps asking for permission to refresh on the background, which it already has. What’s the point of keeping bugging me? Second, it would pop up with a notification blocking my map while I’m driving, asking for some other permissions, I can’t think of anything more dangerous, irresponsible and annoying than that.
  • Just got the beacon, first few attempts Login Error 2/5

    By SouvikGhosh
    The App is repetitively throwing Login error. Disgusting! Who can help to resolve this? I am able to login to my statefarm mobile app and the website with the same login credentials.
  • Battery Drain and Location On 24/7 1/5

    By Katie Danger
    Had to delete this....Drained my battery like crazy since it has to be on at all times...I’m also not a fan of my car insurance app knowing my location at all times when I'm not driving.
  • I don't want my insurance tracking stuff like this. 1/5

    By Pokétrader
    Stop trying to find ways of making more money by gathering more information from people.
  • state farm 2/5

    By kiara jack
    why can’t i delete this app.
  • No problems with mine 4/5

    By xMhillx
    Can you label which grades are being displayed under the “Compare Driving>Over Time” page. The graphs aren’t labeled for what they’re representing. For instance, the first graph won’t say if the grade is the Left Turns or Braking or Acceleration or anything... just graphing last grades over time without knowing which category the grades are for. You could figure it out with a bit of work, ie screen shot your grades and juxtapose them with new grades l, memorize all your grades, or go back and forth between menus to figure out which graph may correspond to your grades based on the current grades, but that should be unnecessary and would be simply fixed if you just label the graphs for the Grades they correspond with. Please. ——— Don’t know why so many people have so many issues seemingly mainly with the battery. I was weary before downloading it because of the reviews. But I’ve had it for a couple of weeks and I don’t notice any difference in battery. The app isn’t CONSTANTLY running in the background determining my location. The app specifically stated the certain scenarios where location is determined and it didn’t include “while sittin’ on your couch and stuff.”
  • Download issues! 1/5

    By Dee in Dallas
    I have tried three times today to download this app on my iPhone and it gets almost there and just stops, or gets stuck... It’s very frustrating! Can anyone help, please! Dee
  • It’s a pain! 2/5

    By Trigor330
    Every time I want to check my scores. I have to sign on and then it won’t take my password. I’ve never had to change my password so much. It has never once gave me my discount. So, don’t really know if it’s worth it or not. Then it doesn’t record all my trips.
  • Location Services! 1/5

    By JoKaMachII
    I have a few questions about the app. I have not used the app just yet but I will soon. Will other people be able to track where I am? Is there a way to turn off the location services if I wanted to? Is there a way to shut off the i Bluetooth beacon whenever I want?
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By M@RK_3LLIO77
    You’re just sending SF al your location info etc. Doesnt give any info about savings or why one car has a lower discount than the other. Waste of time and battery!
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Apples&oranages
    Since switching to the iPhone this app will not work when on Bluetooth in my Jeep. I’ve tried everything.
  • Grades!? 1/5

    By Big Mama Patxaran
    Publish the criteria for how you calculate the grades. I park in parking garages and it seems that the Right and Left turn grades are affected in a negative manner.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By LindsayLW
    I keep getting emails asking me to upload my odometer information to stay enrolled. I have 5 days left to upload the info to the app, or I’m kicked out of the program. I’ve tried multiple times to log in to the app and upload the info, but after logging in, I’m met with a blank white screen that you can scroll. There’s nothing there and you can’t move forward from the page. I’ve tried logging in to the website to upload it, but the website wants me to update my password via the link in the email they have yet to send. So I probably won’t need the app much longer (not by choice).
  • More work than it’s worth 1/5

    By andrewkaltman
    Keep having to set up the beacon and log in every time State Farm does an update. You end up losing the discount even though all the information stays in the system.
  • Does this app actually do anything? 3/5

    By Sann823
    I've been using this app for about 3 weeks now and there's still no "grade" shown. I was using something similar with Allstate and my grade showed up after my 10th trip. I've done about 30 trips on this app and all it shows is the distance driven. Im not having any battery issues so there's that at least.
  • Download 1/5

    By garmin is crap
    Refuses to complete download on my iPhone 10–worked fine on my spouse’s 10 Definitely not ready for prime time!!! If my agent can’t fix this tomorrow am, State Farm loses a very good 40+ year customer! Btw, the last person I talked to on your helpline, didn’t! That person was full of excuses and also not ready for prime time!
  • SLOW and Crashes 2/5

    By BizExec
    This app is horribly slow and crashes before you can login. When an insurance discount is dependent on you to log in information, it would be nice if the app would work!!
  • Scam 1/5

    By Stormer48
    I’ve had this app for a year. Says I’ll revive $110+ in savings next term. Don’t waist your time with this app. The savings it states you will receive, never show up. I’ve gone through this twice and even spoke to my rep who could not explain how this so called “savings” works. Oh, and just an FYI. I’ve had no accidents, tickets, etc.
  • No Longer Functions iPhone 5c 1/5

    By Dana Craft Design
    I get stuck on a screen saying "loading" after I click login after keying in my password. Was unable to upload odometer reading photo. Had to call State Farm. The IT person could not get me into the app. Had to call agent's office and have them manually submit my mileage. That was over a month ago. Still can't log into app. Same problem.
  • A+ 5/5

    By @zachederer
    I don’t know why people are complaining about battery usage, connectivity, etc. I set this up as instructed and have never had an issue. I charge my phone every night while I sleep and my battery last all day and then some. I am getting A’s and B’s and my discount is going up!
  • Poorly supported program, tech problems 1/5

    By Bird7575
    I’ve been actively using this system and enrolled since May 2017. I was fastidious setting the system up, submitting odometer photographs, etc. At present, I have yet to receive one penny discount, even the five percent for enrolling. I’ve been advised that I need to update my Bluetooth software, and have had tremendous difficulty doing so. I have an open ticket with technical support, and have spoken to my agent about the discount, but both of these issues are unresolved thus far. I could not recommend this system to others at this time
  • Needs work 2/5

    By Jiggly Puff316
    I don’t mind the app itself. The problem is with how the app is used by StateFarm. The information is not looked at often enough and the grades should be updated more often. I do not like the fact the driving during certain times of the day can hurt your discount. That’s almost discriminatory towards people that work or have to drive during heavier traffic times. It’s bad enough that my rate continues to increase every six months without any accidents or tickets. I got this app to lower my cost and it is almost pointless with the grades I am getting. I can have an A+ on speed, but C’s on my turning. I am in the flow of traffic and do not speed through turns. Doesn’t make sense to me. May be time to switch insurance companies.
  • Not sure it is worth the trouble 1/5

    By Rwu355
    The way this thing grades is sorta bizarre. It says I make sharp left turns. I back into my alley opening garage so yes I make at least one all the way to lock left every day. Lots of it seems random. Has very little feed back about when you make the transgressions of the magic rules. Prepare to be underwhelmed. If it wanted to be helpful it would give times of when the errors occurred so could try and correct.
  • Not good at all 1/5

    By Marilyn7015
    Have 4 cars on it. Can’t get them all set up. We have tried several times. My password changed on it’s on for some reason. Just pisses me off that State Farm can’t get it right or even help.
  • Apps location 2/5

    By Hllewis430
    Why does your app show only when you using the app vs never and always, I was told it doesn’t work then why does the show it. Where I live I have to make u turns. Why does you app treat this as a left turn.

    By Swenzr
    Been a State Farm Auto Insurance client for over 25-yrs. (never had an accident, never made a claim). Yet my premium rates keep going up. They offer this app to make you think you’re getting a discount. However, it doesn’t work unless you couple your phone with Bluetooth every time you get in the car. Besides draining your battery, it’s impractical for short trips. It also encourages use of your phone in the car, which everyone knows is a safety issue. Ironic, right?
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By LegoZ81
    Drive Safe & Save has potential, using a beacon to tell the app when to log so when you are not in your car driving it’s not used against you is great but it ends there. There are fundamental issues with how the current process works. It collects data for a month sending it off to State Farm to process it, then by the 20th of the following month you will receive a letter grade for each criteria for that prior month. All feedback is generic, no specific information is given as to what goes into earning your grade. What does A+ driving look like? Per trip feedback is a must. You need to incorporate all aspects of driver feedback into drive safe and save. Then trip by trip give me an average grade. During that trip stop by stop, turn by turn and each time I accelerate give me a data point on the map and grade it. To make this program useful give users measurable, meaningful and makable goals and timely feedback. Feel free to contact me about this I would love this program to be successful.
  • What are you doing to improve battery life of my phone? 2/5

    By Magicharris
    The intention of the app is SAFE DRIVING yet the app and receiver can cause a teenager to be distracted by having to plug in their phone due to the reduced battery life.
  • Driving tips 1/5

    By Sissaroon
    Why would a Driving Tip include tell you to Ride Share?! The point of having the app is to help you with driving YOUR Car. This is stupid. After 6 months of driving only$4.76 discount. What a scam!!!!
  • Gave it 6 months... 2/5

    By GrinningShark uninstalling and getting out of the program. Seriously just a $3 discount?!? For an app that chews on my battery, I expected more. This app is also insulting and gives out grades that make no sense and in no way can be accurate just using GPS details. I consider myself a safe driver and think the devs are being a little too clever in thinking a cell phone can evaluate a person’s driving.
  • Annoying pop up 1/5

    By JlnBtGng
    Ever since updating to the latest version of the app, the pop up saying to turn on my Bluetooth while driving randomly comes up. It's definitely annoying. Please fix this.
  • Grades reported by app 1/5

    By faithful driver
    Since the Beacon firmware update to rev 19 all my grades dropped over a full point. No change in driving pattern at all. What’s going on? This degrading severely reduced my discount!
  • Worse app ever 1/5

    By samblo22
    This s* doesn’t work. My rep should be able to do this me.
  • Always on GPS battery drain 1/5

    By Dad0four
    Developers- any reason why you can’t link the gps on when paired with the beacon? The location being on all the time is a terrible battery drain.
  • Can no longer use app and sometimes it's a driving distraction..... 1/5

    By imark77
    A couple updates back I was trying to use Voice Memos ( maybe I should get a get a pad of paper and a pen while I'm driving ) when I got locked into a annoying login before you can do anything screen and this was while I was driving thankfully on a dead side street. so what is usually a simple press home > voice memos > record, turned into a nightmare. now I attempt to login and I can't because it won't let me paste my 8+ Random character password form LastPass into the password field. Meanwhile I'm starting to get emails again about needing to do things otherwise I lose the discount.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By Dana96537
    I really feel this feature is not worth the discount. I haven't had a single drive recorded yet in the two weeks I've had it. My phone drains quickly because you need to have the location services on at all times which I feel is really unnecessary. I've also noticed since I downloaded the app my streaming on my phone is very slow. I will be getting rid of app and probably switching to Progressive to save money.
  • Not ready for prime time 2/5

    By SoftwareMama
    This app is just awful. I'm deleting it now. Not only does it drain my battery, it's been more than a month and I have yet to get any of the great graphs shown in the app store. Let me know when you have redesigned and tested the app. This one is not worth my time.
  • Crashing 1/5

    By JStahn
    App will not run iOS 11.2.1 😑
  • Extremely dangerous 1/5

    By Woooorddd123456789
    This review was originally removed and is reposted. If you follow the grades and watch your driving; and attempt to improve the grades you will get a ticket, have an accident, killed, pulled over, or run off the road. There are serious issues with how the software keeps track of one's driving. The algorithms need a lot of work.
  • Dumb Notifications since last update. 1/5

    By Lyriqueizmuziq
    Every couple hours or so, a prompt will pop up asking to turn on Bluetooth to track mileage. It is really annoying and needs to be fixed. Everything worked fine until this last update. Fix this!
  • Used all cell data in ONE DAY 1/5

    By K-Donk
    How they thought this would work for people is beyond me. It tracks all your trips through your phone and that means it uses cell data CONSTANTLY. I used 25% of my MONTHLY data on ONE 3-Mile trip! Add that to the fact that I don’t like my car insurance app tracking my gps location all the time, which is the only way this stupid thing works and I’m out. This is a horrible app, and State Farm should apologize to all of their customers. Absolutely disgusting.

Drive Safe & Save™ app comments


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