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  • Current Version: 1.3.12
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  • Developer: State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
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Drive Safe & Save™ App

You’ll save an initial 5% when you sign up for Drive Safe & Save™ from State Farm. And the safer you drive, combined with the fewer miles you drive, the more you could save on auto insurance. Your smartphone, along with a Bluetooth beacon you’ll receive in the mail, will collect basic information about your driving characteristics. Next, the app will use this information to calculate your potential discount on auto insurance. Key Functions • View your current and trending discounts based on specific driving characteristics • Calculate your potential discount by adjusting a variety of driving characteristics • See how your driving stacks up against others • Learn how your driving habits, such as braking, mileage, speed and acceleration, affect your discount • Read tips to improve your grades on key driving characteristics Not available in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Please contact your State Farm agent for availability. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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Drive Safe & Save™ app reviews

  • Crashing sending data 2/5

    By Terran LaMonda
    The app with ios11 keeps crashing when sending data. Please fix.
  • It works but battery hog 1/5

    By Jericto
    For the developers, to remove the battery drain you need to add the option of "While Using App" instead of "Always" because you don't need to track us always right?
  • No Driving Grades 1/5

    By Reiammy
    I have used the app for a month and a half and still have "no grades available" and no associated discount (beyond the standard 5% I believe). The FAQ states grades require 14 days of driving history. App is useless at this point aside from a standard discount.
  • Battery killer! 1/5

    By Chelly987
    Drains my battery like crazy! What made you think this was a fun new idea State Farm? Couldn't you just do the other drive safe programs that use a module you plug in to your car? My location services is always on and my battery and storage are used up by your dumb "hip" app. You should offer both options.
  • Agree, kills phone battery 1/5

    By Gabriel Dane
    Like the idea of saving money. Not worth the inconvenience of iPhone battery drain and being tracked 24/7. Plan to cancel.
  • Battery killer! 1/5

    By Moose Soup
    I watch streaming video services on my phone a lot. Over the last 4 days the drive safe and save app has used 25% of my batter life, just as much as the streaming videos. Is this necessary, State Farm? Other apps use location and don't kill batteries like this one does.
  • Update app 2/5

    By ConfusedIndian
    Quick question, could the app be modified so that it only uses location services when using the app instead of always on?
  • $2.87 discount for 6 months is not worth the hassle 1/5

    By St0rminN0rm
    I've had this app for 10 months. I'm not seeing the 10-50% discount as advertised. More like less than 1%. I live near work, in a fast paced and busy part of town, so grades on speed, time of day, and acceleration is good. What kills my discounts are braking, and turns. I understand the turns since I have to dart into the flow traffic. I don't often make sudden stops but it does occur, at low speeds in heavy traffic and pedestrians. I drive safe, considerate, and attentively. About 11,000 miles per year. Wish the app would give grades and some details after each trip, so I can understand how I can maximize my discount.
  • Location services annoying 2/5

    By Emmaa628
    First day using this app and I want the location services to be available like google maps-while using the app. If the instructions could change to opening the app while in the car then the location services could automatically come on if you set it up that way. Hate the battery drain. Almost makes it not worth it
  • Awful 1/5

    By Jl203904
    I don't usually write reviews but I'm so annoyed with this app I will. Every time the app updates you have to sign back in so it can record. My phone generally updates automatically so I have no idea when it updates. I randomly logged on yesterday only to realize I'm missing almost a months worth of data. Not to mention I have to carry around a spare charger at all times because leaving Bluetooth and location on drains my battery. I'm over this. If I didn't like my agent I would certainly give up on safe auto and their terrible app that's not saving me any money.
  • UDATE NEEDED: Location services only WHILE USING 1/5

    By Booms2Go
    Please add the Option for Location Services: ONLY WHILE USING APP If your developers don't know how to do that; tell them to ASK the thousands of other APPS developers how they did it. Worst APP for battery drain. Ridiculous *in response to the developer; I am nowhere near my vehicle and the little icon that shows location services active is on my phone. I go to my settings and see what App is accessing it. Well, what do you know- it's the one that is ALWAYS on. I would love to attach a picture on here
  • Yikes! 1/5

    By Grandawg
    Just deleted this app as it sucked the life out of my battery by noon. Wanted it to work but it's not ready for prime time yet.
  • Easy if you're not stupid 5/5

    By JustDontBeDumb
    I have had State Farm my entire life and jumped at the chance to save money. The app is very easy to use and really nice and works for me. Anyone with troubles honestly it's probably you.
  • Battery hog 1/5

    By rcmacmaniac
    This app consistently eats 35-50% of my battery according to the battery usage stats. They have to stop leaving GPS on all the time. The discount isn't worth this battery drain.
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By elmaryachi81
    I agree that this does drain my battery a bit but what I don't understand is why this app was not combined with pocket agent to save memory on my phone.I always forget to place my new insurance card in my car without fail. I just think this could've been executed better.
  • Crap app 1/5

    By Nail Clippers
    I really do not know if this app uses the beacon or not. I drive a bike 90% of the time and you cannot do safe driving discount for a bike, so it gave me bad grades for turning and breaking and speeding, said I was doing over 80. I only drive my car around town and no freeways so I am not doing 80 in a 35. Now on my bike I go with traffic on express lanes so it is entirely possible to hit the 80 mph mark. Anyhow I told State Farm to cancel the thing. It was only saving me 40 anyhow.
  • Worst app .. battery drains like anything .. 1/5

    By Nareshnani211
    0 stars
  • Awful 1/5

    By Skeeter511
    This app is HORRIBLE! It constantly drains your battery. Like others have said, with location services turned on constantly, this app is responsible for 60% of my battery usage every single day. They really need to fix it.
  • Save money, easy set up!! 5/5

    By Savvy Stevens
    I'm definitely not the best driver and I love that all I need is an APP to save a little money! Very easy to set up and I instantly got the 5% discount:)
  • Seriously fix location tracking 2/5

    By jonnyEvergreen
    It is simple, recode the app to only location track when Bluetooth detects the car beacon. It's not hard. Until then I'll just track trips when I remember to turn on the apps location tracking.
  • Battery Hog 1/5

    By T-Rav13
    Typically don't write reviews for apps. However, just switched back to State Farm and was shuffled into this Drive Safe and Save program and been running this for the last 2 weeks. Like everyone else, this app keeps the location services running in the background all the time. I understand the need to keep Bluetooth on in order to connect to the beacon. I leave that on with wifi and have been able to get 2 days of use on a single charge. Now I'm barely able to make it a day. I also understand the need for location services to be on, but set it up differently. For example, with Google Maps they have a widget that launches location services so I can see the transit times home or to work. Once I go back to the main screen location services are turned back off. Basically set up the app so that it turns on locations services once it's in range of the beacon. The phone connects to the beacon and then turns on the location services. Once done driving and out of proximity of the beacon, location services shut off until the next trip. Clearly it's possible since many other apps already do this function.
  • Battery drainer 1/5

    By amn05130
    Was initially excited about this app but it drains my phone battery due to having to keep location services on at all times. Trips seem to be inaccurate. Not sure it's worth constantly having to charge my phone.
  • Hasn't worked even once 1/5

    By JessMarie88
    Admittedly, I connected the wrong beacon to the wrong car... however not even calling customer service has corrected that issue. In the end their advice was to delete the app and reinstall - but that doesn't work because everything is associated with your State Farm account. Also, you have to have your location services turned on ALWAYS for it to work. As if I needed another way to drain my phone battery. Not to mention needing to sign in literally every time you open the app. STAY AWAY.
  • Drains Battery 1/5

    By JoshB2222
    I like the discounts from the app but it's poorly designed in that it drains the battery for no good reason. In the last 24 Hours it has used 58% of my battery for 2 min of screen time & 4.9 hrs of background activity. I don't know why it needs to run in the background for almost 5 hours. My driving time today was only about an hour. When I check the trips for today it thinks I traveled 1.2 miles for 3 hrs and 42 mins. Not sure why it would do that as my bluetooth wasn't even on at that time.
  • 6 weeks, still no grade 2/5

    By beachinbrandy
    My monthly payments are quite high for someone with no accidents or tickets on their record, so I thought I'd try to get a discount based on my driving rather than looking into switching companies. I've been using the app for 6 weeks now and still don't have a grade. According to the FAQs, only 14 days of driving are required to formulate a grade. I keep the location services on and haven't had an issue with it draining my battery, but it has other problems. It cuts some of my trips short (doesn't track the last 2 miles on my drive home from work sometimes). It also breaks my trips up (my 8 mile drive home comes out as 2 4-mile trips). But I can't tell whether that affects my grade because, oh yeah, I can't get my grade. I'll probably just end up switching companies instead.
  • Battery Drain 1/5

    By Hales167
    Please fix this app so that it does not drain half my battery for a 20 minute drive. This needs to be fixed immediately.
  • Battery Drainer!! 1/5

    By Bryan12345679
    They got it right for a few versions but this version totally drains my battery. I've been in my car for only an hour today and it's drained 20% of my iPhone 7 battery. Lame!
  • Discounts Low & Drains Battery 1/5

    By michaelberto
    The app "requires" me to keep the location services on at all times which is highly irritating as it drains my battery constantly checking my location. I manually turn off the location services myself to prevent my battery from being drained and wish I could just open the app every time I drive to have the GPS activate. Though receiving good grades, I'm still only saving a whole $20. My lowest grade is a B- which is in the "Time of Day" section which is highly ridiculous. I can't control when I'm out driving home after work and none of my co-workers live near me so I can't carpool. In my opinion, the app isn't really worth it.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Asianhybrid
    This app drains my phone battery and the discount is measly. Even when I followed all the recommendations to mitigate battery drain, it still sapped 20% of my battery after a 20 minute drive.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By selliott212
    It drained my battery like crazy. While I like the concept and the discount, I would rather have extra battery life on my phone. I hope State Farm finds a way to resolve this issue.
  • Drive safe 1/5

    By moore's creations
    This is the worst junk that I have put in my truck gave both of them back to State Farm insurance and told them what I think of this app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • App drain the battery 1/5

    By framoslc
    The application is draining my cell phone battery. Please team developer to review this problem and solve it as soon as possible because I will have to remove the application for this.
  • Not worth the money 1/5

    By MitchallicA
    If you want to save $3 on your policy over a six month period, have your battery drained daily, and use up data, while having your every move tracked... THIS IS YOUR APP!! Don't waste your time, like I did.
  • Unsure it is worth it 2/5

    By Tberry3445
    There is only the option to have the location always on or never on. Not just while the app is running. Upon reading these reviews, I'm not sure it is worth the hassle.
  • Can't put Birthday in. Keeps using today 1/5

    By Anonymous #-1
    Fix the sign in form. You really don't want people to save. Just what I have felt for 40 years.
  • Worth a try 5/5

    By Goldjeep
    App is easy use. Only takes a second to install and set up. My phone is 2 years old it doesn't drain my battery at all. I like getting to check my driving grade and discount info.
  • Saving money! 5/5

    By klb0021
    This is an easy, painless tool to use for free to save some money on my premiums. Could also be a great tool for young drivers to learn how to be a better driver.
  • Saves me money!!! 5/5

    By Jnugz187
    Great app that gives me valuable information on my families driving habits and how we can improve. We save money based on how much and how safe we drive. Perfect app from State Farm to help us save money on our car insurance premiums.
  • Unnecessary Location Usage - Battery Killer 1/5

    By kxtreme250
    The app requests your location 24/7 even when not driving which constantly drains my battery. If I go to bed with 90% battery, I'll wake up with 20% and Battery settings show this app's background services as the cause. It also misses trips on a consistent basis. With A's and B's as grades, it saved me $2/month. Not worth the hassle!
  • Battery hog 1/5

    By Nola Radzer0
    Had battery issues. Went to the Apple Store and they said the app was flawed and that multiple attempts were sent to State Farm to allow the choice of using gps when app is running but they won't do it. My insurance went up for no reason to make sure the discount I received didn't matter.
  • No Grades Yet 1/5

    By Austin W80
    I've been actively using the app for over a month now and have not received any grades and am unable to view driving comparisons.
  • Drains the battery 1/5

    By Toast- :D
    I have an IPhone 7+ and I never had issues with battery life, in fact the battery lasted all day on a full charge. After downloading this app my battery dies quickly because location services are always on!! Even when you're not using the app!
  • Totally worthless 1/5

    By Wllmhjames
    The app constantly logs you out, causing you to fiddle with your phone which makes this app a hazard to your driving. The app also is always asking for location data so it destroys your battery life. You basically have to devote 4 to 5 mins every day to messing with the app, any savings you might accrue because of it aren't worth the loss of your time. TOTAL Garbage
  • Not sure it's worth the trouble 1/5

    By cskle97
    Just to update, my grades went up this month and my discount went down :( what a huge scam this app is. I drive less than 5000 miles annually and rarely make trips more than 20 minutes. I am a VERY safe driver and it's only saving me $50 every six months. I have A's in every driving grade except for right and left turns which stay at c+! If I drove any slower or turned more careful I'd be run over. The gps is off on the beacon and not recognizing the turns properly. I'd skip this if I were you! In response to the development team: I have read the tips and followed all instructions to improve my turning grade to no avail. The app is simply inaccurate. I am HIGHLY conscious of my every turn and have been. I have the app and beacon to save money so of course I am trying to make it work! I appreciate every response from the development team but you are giving rehearsed statements that are not helpful. I could not turn any slower or more careful. It is not possible to do so in a safe manner for the cars behind me. The app needs improvement my turns cannot be improved.
  • Failure to open 2/5

    By Marrero boy
    Everytime i go to get on the app i get to the log in screen and it automatically closes.
  • Not all options available 1/5

    By Silly girl 1981
    I can't view all the options in the app which is why only one star yes the battery drains but that's fine with me cause I'm never without a charger please hurry and get the app fully functional
  • Interferes with radio! 1/5

    By feediver
    Difficult to set up. Wouldn't take my birthday. Then, once activated, my radio reception was greatly diminished. Battery sucked dry. Not willing to give up my music! I'll pay the higher rate rather than put up with these trade-offs!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Jeffytr8877
    Won't let me it's useless to me. Not even worth a star.
  • Simply the worst 1/5

    By hudsnotdrugs
    The location services are always on, so it drains my battery immediately. I bought the iPhone 7+ in March brand new and have had no issues with the battery until I installed this stupid app. I hate that State Farm is requiring this to continue receiving a discount I've had for a clean driving record of 15 years. Not only is this app the worst, you can't access your account or insurance information through it like I've been told by State Farm employees. Totally useless.
  • GPS always on 2/5

    By Moosplosion
    There's no reason why location services should have to be on ALL the time. I'd prefer to open the app before each trip, which is what I do with my phone's Bluetooth anyway.

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