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Drivewise® mobile by Allstate rewards you for the safe driving you do every day – whether or not you’re an Allstate customer! It’s easy to use: • Simply drive safe like you always do – no need to start/stop the app each time you drive • View your driving feedback • Get rewarded for driving safely! Just for driving safely you can earn and redeem points for:* • Exclusive savings on brand name merchandise • Gift cards • Local offers • Exciting auctions Allstate Auto customers with Drivewise can earn even more with cash rewards! Don’t have Drivewise on your Allstate auto policy yet? Contact your Allstate agent or login to your online account at to learn more. We’ve listened to your feedback! Our app has been completely redesigned to offer you an improved experience focused on rewarding everyday good driving behaviors and we’ve added driving challenges to test your skills behind the wheel. *Rewards not available in the state of New York Apple Watch functionality only compatible with iOS 9 Please let us know what you think of the redesigned Drivewise mobile app – If you like Drivewise, please rate us in the App Store. Please note: The Drivewise mobile app uses your phone’s GPS services. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Drivewise® Mobile by Allstate app reviews

  • Nice 5/5

    By masqueno
    Nice thanks
  • Good app 4/5

    By Ronniee099
    Excellent app
  • Love it 4/5

    By Chief7400
    By using this app it as shown me my driving habits and I never realize how many times I hard brake so now I am trying to drive safer plus it get me a discount on my insurance Yeah I know it isn't a lot but every penny counts
  • This is a bogus app 1/5

    By Putzda62
    Allstate does not officially recognize this app. When you first start to use this app, it asks for an activation code. When I called Allstate for the code, they told me there is none and this not a legitimate Allstate Drivewise app. Don't waste your time with this app like I did.
  • Great App. 5/5

    By Baselady
    I love this app. It makes me better aware of my driving habits.
  • Great concept, inept execution 1/5

    By Tx384
    Most companies use activation codes to spare the customer of typing passwords on tiny screens. Not Allstate. An activation code is required to use this app. The only hint Allstate gives you is that it's in "my account". If you can find it before dying of old age, you win the right to use this app. Good luck! As for me, I'll have to stick to the browser version of DriveWise until someone who understands how to write apps builds the next version of this app.
  • Drivewise app 4/5

    By Stak45
    Drivewise app keeps you honest about your driving skills
  • I will see..... 3/5

    By Bccamp
    It seems like a good idea but the battery drain is an issue. Although, a good work around is to turn off gps location on the app when you are not driving = no battery loss. This is a work around until some other solution is created.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Mpf dad
    Between this app and the regular online version, I've tried to log in a dozen times to see my rewards but there's always an "error".
  • Easy 4/5

    By Nuke67
    User friendly app!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Rae06060920015
    Over all I'm a safe driver in the short time I've had the app I've been able to save $41 dollars and any amount of money saved gets a A+ in my book
  • Poor development 1/5

    By tulan017
    Ridiculous for Allstate to go live with this app. 1) Poor tracking. App doesn't even record most trips. It has also combined a few of my trips into one. Claims of instances of poor braking, but I purposely braked way before I needed to and came to stop slowly. 2) Battery drainer! Serious battery drain on ios8 and iPhone 6. Ran tests of having this app active and not and its a difference of 4 hours of battery minimum. Poor decision by Allstate to launch such a program with an unreliable app. Needs major revamp.
  • Doesn't even work - AT ALL! 1/5

    By moovieluvr1992
    I drive 30 miles to work every single day, and this app doesn't register it at all. I've had the app for two months, and according to this app, I don't drive anywhere. Ever. RIDICULOUSLY low quality and functionality.
  • Drive wise 5/5

    By Drew51207
    Great app. Actually helps me drive more alert to speeds and my surroundings. Fun to see how many points I collect during the day.
  • Rating 5/5

    By CB Tucson
    This app makes me a safer driver
  • Cost More Than It Saves 2/5

    By Hunterhikes
    Pros: 1) Drivewise device is easy to install. 2) App is easy to use for following your performance. 3) Decent discount from All State Cons 1) Drainage of battery - cost to replace car battery exceeds the discount earned for using DriveWise. 2) Discount isn’t so great. The Safe Drive times seem arbitrary and overlapping. It appears AllState has adjusted them a few times, perhaps to offset the discount drivers earn. The more discounts they provide, the less revenue the company has, thus shareholders earn less. This probably accounts for why the safe driving times and less safe have overlapped, No consistency. 3) Discount is disproportionate. I had “A”s and “A+”s across the board, but still only received a 10 percent discount. Ultimately, we saved about $100 in insurance. We spent about $150 to replace our drained battery. (Battery, labor and time spent trying to find the best price.) Not worth it in the long run. If they had a device with it’s own battery, that would be far more efficient. Instead, we feel like AllState should pay us an additional $40 for the headache.
  • Little guidance on the braking scores 3/5

    By JPDLV
    App gives no guidance as to "hard braking" and extreme braking." Also using the app can be trying at times.
  • Drivewise 1/5

    By Wiktorowicz
    Inaccurate, skips part of the trips, has problems when adding additional driver, works poorly with iOS 10.
  • Driver 5/5

    By Derridanyelle
    Love this app... discounts are fabulous and it makes me more conscious of safe driving❤️
  • Battery drain 2/5

    By Shilktheshocker
    Gps is always on when you allow access for this app. As a result my battery life has been cut in half. Otherwise works as advertised.
  • Nice App! 4/5

    By Papajoeatx
    The app has highlighted how my driving patterns good and bad. Has made me more conscious of my spacing and braking. Wife is a happier passenger. 😀 only negative is it sometimes flags me in error for hard braking at intersections where cell signal is weak Overall- I like the app
  • Battery Hog 2/5

    By Gabeshmabe
    Works well, but uses a ton of battery according to IOS 8
  • So Far So Good 5/5

    By Diafri66
    We haven't had the App very long but so far it is working great and tracking all our trips. We'll see in 6 months if it is worth it.
  • Needs a little tweaking 3/5

    By JP in CT
    Like the app only downside is the "Hard Braking" data is very much inaccurate
  • Not so much 3/5

    By Rednbunni
    All this app is doing is gathering data on driving patterns and not much else haven't seen the promised insurance discount
  • Battery Killer 2/5

    By Jfhhdfub
    App works as advertised to track you driving habits and earn you an insurance rebate, but expect a significant battery life decrease. By design this app ALWAYS runs in the background using GPS positioning even when it is manually closed/killed. As a result, expect your battery life to decrease by around 30%. After installing this app, it is no longer possible to make it through the day without stopping to charge your iPhone. Whether that is worth the insurance rebate is up to you.
  • Battery Drainer!!! 1/5

    By Kahmedsid099
    This app will literally drain your iPhone battery in 4-6 hours even if you don't use the phone for other purposes during this time. The app keeps running in the background and according to iOS battery usage consumes 60% of my phone battery. The app developers need to redesign the app so that it has minimal battery consumption (nothing close to 60%). There are other defects in the app as well, to name a few: 1. It easily confused 70mph driving speed with 81mph and flagging you as driving over 80mph. 2. Even if you delete a trip that was due to false app data, the trip will always be shown under your overall performance affecting your overall score/grade. 3. It also confuses rush hour braking when you are barely moving as hard braking when there was no such thing in reality. It probably stems from the app's inability to accurately track your speed. Overall, the price you pay to earn the DriveWise rewards (if any) by using this app is too much. I will not recommend this app to anyone given the problems mentioned.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Mrsramirez89
    Reliable and accurate info
  • Unstable. 1/5

    By janetboidan
    This app crashes every time a code is entered. Have tried everything. I've tried uninstalling the app, reinstalling the app. I've generated a new code and still the same thing. I've restored my phone and installed with no luck. Hopefully this gets fixed.
  • So So 3/5

    By Sweetness709
    Since downloading Drivewise in June, I have accumulated $150 in cash rewards that can be used with your points to get merchandise from the app or you can request the cash to be mailed to you which is not bad. I only save 3% discount on auto by using this app which is not very good and I don't speed or hard break. The downside to this app is it drains your battery and it's really not worth having for the little savings.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Basher99999
    Great app! Love keeping track of trips and earning points too!
  • Hummm 3/5

    By Minninieme
    The apps ok but when my rewards increase the items increase which is cheatg but o well nothing is free or discounted in life need to update the speeds across country i dont see all the options where u get discount or money towards allstate chrgs as stated will see
  • Save money!! 4/5

    By FrrrreeeeeMoneyB
    This app will save you money! You collect points for completing challenges and if you connect it with Allstate account you get a discount on your insurance!
  • Mixed emotions 3/5

    By Casszach1201
    I liked the discount at first but I think it's useless to just get 10% off gift cards
  • Great 4/5

    By Khanna2010
    This app is awesome. I love it. I only wish the rewards points could be redeemed for bigger discounts or free things.
  • Works ok - Constantly uses GPS location 3/5

    By Bravy02
    I'm not a fan of apps that constantly use my GPS location and show the icon at the top, Drivewise does. Perhaps a geofence would be more efficient. The Apple Battery screen says that Drivewise is the top app that had used the most battery in the past 7 days.
  • Awesome if you like having no battery 1/5

    By unemouffette
    Used so much of my battery life I got sick of it and deleted it off my phone.
  • Great feature 5/5

    By Charli747474838
    This is a wonderful way to save money
  • not worth the trouble 1/5

    By whis49
    To save re typing, I second exactly what was said in the review by AWalker550 posted on 3/26/15. This is a spot on description of this app. it stinks.
  • This app uses a lot of battery 1/5

    By Randy Halbe
    I installed this app for 2 months and accumulated about 10k points before deleting. My battery was going down so fast even when I wasn't driving. Additionally safari couldn't direct you to the rewards site through the app, which is a very careless design. This is a poorly designed app...don't install. It is not fair to customers to link insurance discounts to an app that is broken.
  • Good App 5/5

    By Beerstudy16
    I have not had a problem with this app. I find it useful.
  • I appreciate the feedback 4/5

    By KnittyChic
    The accuracy isn't perfect, but I appreciate the safety reminders. Travel for me is mostly me driving, so I personally don't have to do a lot of editing. The battery drain isn't ideal, but the trade off is fine.
  • No real reward at all. Collecting your driving information for insurance research. 1/5

    By yooooooooo123
    Using points to get 10% discount on the merchandise or gift card, still need to pay remaining. There is no way to use points to fully redeem any merchandise or gift card. It is not a smart idea. What is the reward point for? Reward point is just a scam to get people using this non-smart app. It is the app to collect driver driving information for some kind of insurance company researches at no cost.
  • Eye opener to hard braking 5/5

    By Lacray
    I love having this app. Was a little unsure at first, but it has certainly made me aware of my hard braking. Now I hardly do it now and I'm sure I'm saving the life of my brakes to boot!
  • Buggy - not great rewards 2/5

    By FACinCO0220
    There is a bug in the app that doesn't track your hard breaking challenge. So you miss out on those points. But it does track mph by day and consecutive times you don't hard brake and mph and get points for that. The points only give you discounts on things. Nothing really worthwhile.
  • It aight 3/5

    By Doynesa
    I just don't like when it say I'm hard braking and I really don''s very sensitive and could lighten up a lot more
  • Totally worth it! 5/5

    By cheeser882
    This app is totally worth it having! Saves me a bunch and the deals are amazing
  • Doesn't work 3/5

    By Alvaro Cuevas
    The app didn't properly install and caused a mess.......
  • Will destroy your battery. 1/5

    By armouredcasket
    The discount on my premium isn't worth the amount of battery life you will lose. This app alone is responsible for consuming about 10% of your battery per hour. Absolutely absurd.
  • Why? 2/5

    By MsDooHickey
    Earn points, yes. But for what? Teens still, STILL can't spend their points on anything. So I ask "why?". And even if we drive 5 MPH UNDER the posted speed limit in the rural area we live in, we always get hit with a speed violation. Those who live in rural areas should not be punished that way. If the app "works", it should work CORRECTLY for EVERYONE.

Drivewise® Mobile by Allstate app comments

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