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  • Current Version: 1.20.4
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Dropbox Paper App

You can work with everything from video and images, to code and sound—all in a single place. And it comes free with Dropbox. CREATE & SHARE EARLY IDEAS Create new docs or edit existing ones, and share them with your team right from the app, so you can capture inspiration wherever you are. KEEP PROJECTS MOVING Post and reply to comments, so you can keep projects moving forward even if you’re not at your desk. CATCH UP IN ONE PLACE See everything that’s incoming from your team—like comments, shares, and @mentions—so you can catch up while on the go. STAY IN FLOW, OFFLINE No internet connection? You can still access, edit, and comment on your starred and recent docs—or create new docs—while offline, to keep the ideas flowing.


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Dropbox Paper app reviews

  • Super buggy, unusable 1/5

    By Rthsiung
    Just spent upwards of 30 minutes trying to create a simple checklist for myself. Tapping in the document doesn’t consistently bring up the keyboard, and when you lucky enough to finally get the keyboard, your text is pushed off the visible screen so you can’t even see what you’re editing. On top of that, the UI for adding special types of text is cumbersome and there’s no way to link text. Useless and unusable. What a waste of the last 30 minutes of my life.
  • Getting Worse Over Time 2/5

    By Crispy9090
    Worked well when it first came out, but now nearly unusable. The screen jumps around when you start typing (totally unlike every other app on iOS), making it impossible to see what you wrote earlier. A similar screen jump happens whenever you move the cursor, so now selecting text is basically impossible. On my wife's phone, every checkbox shows weird words ("Be a superhero today") before you enter any text - as if people need hints on how to use a checkbox in a document?? It's probably time to look for a new app for sharing simple docs....
  • Trending down 2/5

    By Jsgarretson
    Editing has been mostly broken on iPhones and iPads for weeks.
  • Doesn't even load all your files 1/5

    By The Bobs
    Took 45 minutes to load one of two text documents and never loaded the second, always crashing on an error. Completely unacceptable
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By GeorgeBenson1970
    This is such an incredible tool. Thank you.
  • Great Tool 5/5

    By HolyAmbition
    Love this tool, it has been a great boost to productivity. Our team is using it more and more!
  • Please...auto scroll 3/5

    By Westguy86
    For the love, please auto scroll the view when my typing goes beneath the page view.
  • Going Downhill All of Dropbox 2/5

    By Ben111198789
    This app became pretty good once they got it to a stable place. Unfortunately, Dropbox has proven time and again that they can’t just make a god product and leave it alone. Much like the Dropbox app, their constant “improvements” are constantly introducing new bugs. With this latest update, every time I open the keyboard, it shifts all of my content to the top, off of the screen so I can’t even see what I’m editing. It would be nice if Dropbox decided to focus on making decent products rather than pushing out unnecessary, unwanted, hideous branding and clunky UI updates.
  • No TOC 1/5

    By Ireallylikethismmmm
    The only reason that I’m using Paper is TOC (Table of Contents) But, iOS app has no TOC
  • Confusing file structure 2/5

    By Njdhshs
    I’d like to put a paper file in a Dropbox folder but it seems to have another place for these files. Not sure how this works and rather not figure it out. Sticking to what works for now.
  • Best Mobile Collaborative Document Writing 5/5

    By SamS4141
    My whole office loves it.
  • I want this to be good... 2/5

    By dtemple11
    Great idea, great look, but the app is buggy. On iPad, iOS 11: When I try to move the cursor to edit, it tries to scroll the page instead. “Done” button halfway covered by formatting bar, etc. Generally not finished cooking.
  • App crashes just after load 1/5

    By BradvinZA
    I really love paper on the desktop, but this app crashes 100% of the time just after it loads. I see my docs for about 1 second and then the app crashes. Please fix this bug as I would love to use this app more on my phone. Using iOS 11.0.3 on iPhone 6 Plus
  • Crashes every time it opens : ( 1/5

    By Hail Yes
    Crashes every time it opens : ( Crashes every time it opens : ( Crashes every time it opens : ( Crashes every time it opens : (
  • Idea is good but not this app 2/5

    By Atxmob
    Has great potential and I like it decent enough in a browser. I'll use it more and more I think. However, this app is so buggy. Clicks do funky things, I can't swap out pics because it thinks I've selected a different image than the intended one, things select and highlight that I didn't click, keyboard pops up when I'm not editing anything, etc.. so far there's little intuitive interaction. So, for now this is only useful for viewing and maybe check lists, not full editing and collaboration.
  • Very buggy 1/5

    By BradGess
    I want to love Paper, but its extraordinarily buggy. For example, you can’t paste images into a document (only insert). Undo doesn’t work properly; 5% of the time and undo duplicates a bunch of text into the document inexplicably.
  • Cannot login, showing SSL error 1/5

    By cpc@xm
    Cannot login, showing SSL error, please fix!
  • Useless on 3G connection 2/5

    By HershyJones
    The app is not optimized for slow connections. It takes FOREVER to load with "preparing your docs". Then, 8 minutes later, opening a doc hangs again for several minutes. These are very small docs! Only a few sentences. Why does it take so long to load a small doc to edit? And the mobile web version, whilst Much faster to load, doesn't allow editing! VERY frustrating.
  • Good Things, But Incomplete 3/5

    By Stefan804
    I need consistency between the web version and the iOS version and right now it’s simply not there. I should be able edit a table, add cells and such, but you can’t do that on here. I also need the ability to add Dropbox documents and right now that is a no go. The possibilities are there. The implementation has not caught up.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Ngauge357
    I’ve been using this since its first days in beta and it has become my go to note taking app. The subtle design features and integration with Dropbox make this a must have app for anyone taking notes or writing throughout the day.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Henrique89robot
    Can write on the go
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By Invalid certificate on signup
    I love the editing experience on my desktop, and hoped I could start a new document from my phone. I started typing a document name and it just froze the document, presented a stupid message to the tune of, "Can't connect or save. Copy the entire document and paste it into a new one..." FYI Devs, don't let UX hacks into production! Please allow local edits and sync when connection is available.
  • Hope it gets better. 3/5

    By JSK44
    I do not like the way Paper presents folders and documents. I have a hard time finding the files and folders I have created.
  • Very promising 3/5

    By sawbilly
    Paper seems to have a lot of potential (and on my devices anyway, hasn't yet crashed), and it's great to have the potential for this kind of thing built into Dropbox too. That said, Paper has what's to me an annoying way of presenting folders and documents. As far as I can tell, it doesn't want to show you the actual folder structure that you've set up, it does that thing of showing a list of ALL your folders at one time, whether or not you've nested them inside each other, and it orders folders and/or documents by Recently Viewed -- with no option to have them displayed alphabetically by name instead. I hate that. My brain wants to see and work with the folder structure that I've set up, and wants the folders and documents listed alphabetically by name. So until those options are offered in Paper I won't be using it. But otherwise it seems like a nice app, and if you aren't bugged by the All Folders (and listed by Recently Viewed) thang, maybe it's for you.
  • Release Notes 1/5

    By pia04995
    Dear Dropbox, it's bug fixes, bug fixes!
  • It's a 1000x better then google docs 5/5

    By RockManNameNotTaken
    Just super easy to write and collaborate on great looking documents
  • Not bad but not great and no options 1/5

    By FistOf Strength
    No font control, no font size control, doc list lacks options. They have taken minimalism so far there are no user options. You have to do it the drop box way. No thanks.
  • Amazing. 5/5

    By Jaak Johanson
    Better than google docs!
  • Buggy, slow, crashes a lot 1/5

    By Reactor5
    This is a beautiful app. It's well designed, and Dropbox paper in general is great. I love it a lot, and my whole company does too. But! This app crashes for me *all the time*. If I get a few comments, I can reliably budget that it'll crash once for each I use the app to deal with (read, respond, it doesn't seem to matter.) It also seems to hang for no reason when navigating between links. Is it losing the request or something? Who knows! It just spins until I force quit it. Overall if they can fix these issues I'll be super stoked to keep using it but for now I much prefer the desktop version.
  • Good app 5/5

    By sunt05
    Nice job! Can you support more code syntax styles? I use Fortran.
  • Good App 5/5

    By srmalls
    Works good feels good looks good.
  • Great Features, Perfect Details! 5/5

    By Zeinali Hossein
    I think this is the first app that I started using immediately after I installed it. Paper is simple and effective. There are some minor problems and some features that will make your app amazing, but lack of these features and existence of those problems do not give users enough excuses to leave Paper. Great features brings customers, and perfect details keep them. I suggest you integrate with Grammerly, Todoist, Things, MindeNode and productivity apps like this. Thanks for your great work. I've been Dropbox user for some years and you always delivers good experience.
  • Wedding Planning Solved! 5/5

    By Little10Foil
    I downloaded this app to keep a task list for my upcoming wedding. Works like a charm! I created a task list in a few minutes and tagged my mother, mother-in-law, etc., and was easy to assign to do's to everyone. I had previously been using Apple Notes but you can't tag owners and everyone on my wedding team is not on iOS. This is perfect because it works across multiple platforms. It's also so much easier to set a shared "paper" vs a shared note in MS OneNote.
  • Almost There! 5/5

    By Jancy07
    Love this application and the potential it has to be! Since my initial review, I have now given it a 5 star review! My top two requests (offline support and folders) have been added. Would be amazing to add these: 1. Option to disable the "recently viewed" function, I'd prefer to not move old docs to the top
  • a nice companion to Dropbox 4/5

    By Zook024
    Paper is a nice companion to Dropbox which has replaced Evernote as my note storage app. However, the strong focus on team use in the workplace is rather tiring when I am just using it for personal use. An option for personal use only would be a great add-on in this respect.
  • Good App with Great Potential 4/5

    By RideFast
    Loving paper on the web, and as the app develops to allow more of the features that the web has it will be incredible, but certainly functional as it stands now. Allows for easy collaboration for interior design projects.
  • Love paper... 5/5

    By beckyankerberg
    ...for basic planning and idea-sharing, and especially like that you can comment on specific parts if an image. Makes collaborating on designs super easy!
  • One of the best, with major flaws 4/5

    By autumn.j
    Dropbox paper on the desktop rules over all other applications. It's simple and clean, and stores your documents securely. The app lacks a lot of essential features. There needs to be an ability to select multiple documents, and be able to delete, share, print, etc. them all at once. Documents should be able to be organized in order of "Date Created". This is extremely frustrating.
  • Setting up document still spinning 1/5

    By Chief BowWow
    It's been 3 hours and 4 separate uninstalls and reinstalls - the "Preparing Your Docs" screen is still spinning. Can't be right! Waste of time
  • Better than GSuite 5/5

    By cdohertyk
    Finally, a collaboration product that's not based on the metaphor of an 8.5" by 11" piece of paper.
  • Does not have enough options 3/5

    By Beardwhip
    There is no way to delete or move any documents within the app (unless I'm losing my mind). The other Dropbox apps offer the ability to move & delete files as a basic feature- that makes me hope it's supposed to be a feature of this app as well
  • Not ready. Not good. 2/5

    By Mhennick
    It is not really a PM app or a CRM or a good ToDo app. I'm Not sure what this thing is supposed to accomplish. Also needs markup and proofing. I guess us users will tell Dropbox how to fix it. Blah.
  • App freezes in latest update 1/5

    By erickeezer
    With the latest version, the Paper app freezes after a few minutes. I'm on a iPhone 5s, latest app update, and on the latest iOS 10.3.2. I'm a Dropbox Pro member. Please fix!!! I use this for work and personal so it's great when it works! In the meantime I have to use txt files for notes synced to Dropbox, yuck! So 2010...
  • Pretty messy 2/5

    By Me333345
    I do love Dropbox and probably couldn't live without it (or a similar service) but their mobile apps are lacking in a big way. While the main iOS dropbox app is unfortunately light on options this app is even lighter - and that's not a good thing. Maybe it's time for dropbox to throw a little more money at their mobile apps. As far as issues go - word wrapping in tables is horrendous - almost as bad as Evernote was. Phone numbers will only turn into links for about a split second before turning into un-clickable black text. I've had a few crashes. No ability to set due dates on tasks as far as I can see. When trying to assign a task the entire pop up window moves up and down the screen as you scroll - pretty sure this isn't intended behavior. I've only used the mobile app a few times but in that time I've found all these silly issues. Doesn't anyone test their apps before releasing anymore?
  • Good but lacks organization and UX 4/5

    By Selv
    Has a lot of wonderful features but lacks organization. Not a deal breaker. Would still recommend, but the app is very hard to use for organization. I can't seem to find a way to add docs to a folder within a the app. Also, it's difficult to find things since it presents you with most recent instead of just my folders.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Flak-age
    An abstraction of Google docs perfect for getting things done.
  • Can't see my Dropbox Files 1/5

    By Scooter-IT Debit
    I can't see or export a txt file from Dropbox or open the file from this app. Can't find an option to link my DropBox app or account either. Useless app for me.
  • Powerful and useful 5/5

    By Qiuwch
    Nice editor and convenient to sync between all devices.
  • Good and getting better 4/5

    By termiwussie
    Paper is used heavily at my place of employment, and has been since it was in beta. Having access to my Paper docs on my iPhone is essential. It allows me to create/edit documents, share with colleagues, comment, and get notifications when others comment. Markdown is supported and makes formatting easy. I have noticed a few bugs: when double-tapping to edit, the cursor is often placed at odd spots, and if you have predictive text enabled your sentences appear as one word above the keyboard. Despite these minor issues, I have opted to start using Paper over Evernote. I would love to see multiple accounts supported as in the Dropbox app so I can have my personal Paper account as well, and also the ability to link to files I keep in Dropbox and keep them inline while offering a preview of the file, just like I can on my laptop. It's easy to see Paper is a priority to Dropbox with the frequent updates to the product, as well as to this app. Looking forward to seeing more features and improvements added.
  • Just great 5/5

    By @jimray
    I didn't realize how much I needed an app like Paper to exist. It's a perfect lightweight notebook. Can't wait to see how they make it even better (like adding support for multiple Dropbox accounts 😏)

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