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Dunkin' Donuts - Offers App

Getting your daily dose of Dunkin’ just got a whole lot easier. The new Dunkin’ Donuts app has DD Perks with rewards & loyalty offers, gift cards, On-the-Go Ordering with mobile pay, menus & nutritional facts & store locators. The smart menu & store locator to keep you running throughout the day Your favorite breakfast donuts are only a tap away. Satisfy your cravings and find where to pick them up with our store locator. Browse our smart menu and nutrition tab on the app, with details about every Dunkin’ latte, vanilla donut, or Dunkin’ bagel you can imagine. Get more Dunkin’ love with DD Perks and Rewards Make every sip rewarding. Join the DD Perks Rewards Program for free and become a loyalty member. Receive a free beverage when you enroll, when you refer a friend, for every 200 points earned and on your birthday! - On-the-Go Ordering - Reward member benefits and loyalty offers - Earn 5 points for every dollar you spend - View your points balance and manage your rewards from your phone On-the-Go Ordering with our Rewards Program Place your Dunkin’ coffee order 24 hours in advance and we’ll make sure it’s freshly brewed when you come pick it up. Dunkin’ On-the-Go lets you pay for your morning donut and bagel before you're out the door. It’s a great way to start your day and a perfect solution for a midday pick-meup. - It’s even convenient for night owls. - Tap to order and pay on the way - Save your favorites for easy and fast ordering - Skip the line in store to pick up - Go enjoy all that time saved Customize your Dunkin’ favorites There are over 15,000 different ways to order your coffee at Dunkin’. Browse our Dunkin’ coffee menu to add a touch of French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel, Toasted Almond, Blueberry, Raspberry or Coconut. Don’t be shy and let us know if you want extra whipped cream in your latte. Simply tap the app to make your selection and we’ll package it for you. Say it with donuts Send a virtual Dunkin’ Donut gift card to any Dunkin’ lover, via text, email or iMessage. Or be a hero and grab a Box O’ Joe or munchkins to share with family and friends. *The DD app gives exclusive Dunkin’ prices and promotional offers for our favorite times of the year — National Donut Day, National Espresso Day, National Coffee Day and more. After all, America runs on Dunkin’. **Note: Language settings in English and Spanish.


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Dunkin' Donuts - Offers app reviews

  • Improving the DD app 5/5

    By Mr. Kafíčko
    while the DD stores provide excellent service an a good value for the food and drinks, the DD app would help the customers if they added Sweet Ice Tea plus added lemons in their choices. Another one to add is a hot beverage. Could you add an option to chose one half regular and one half decaf coffee please. It would be nice to be able to add half-and-half instead of just whole milk. Otherwise, DD rocks! And thanks for sponsoring the Team USA at the Olympics! Ota
  • App Never Works 1/5

    By AlbPG
    The app never lets me log in even with the right email and password. You add value and it shows up days later. It’s just glitchy and really frustrating. Somehow Starbucks has it together but Dunkin can’t seem to.
  • Good app... 3/5

    By Feudergrl
    I wish I could put custom suggestions on items. Like custom pick my donuts if I order a dozen.
  • Great except.... 5/5

    By L1l$b1t87
    I love the app but I don’t like that I can’t add whipped topping when ordering to go
  • DD card 5/5

    By guitarannie
    So easy to use!
  • Not the greatest app 2/5

    By Jacs81
    I hate that if a flavor is out, it doesn’t warn you especially if you’re repeating a recent order. Instead, you’ll pick up a coffee that has no flavor and no warning. Also, if a particular location has a flavor that is not available at other places, it won’t show. For example, my location still has pumpkin swirl but in order to get it, I can’t use on the go ordering. It would be nice to have a notes area for these instances.
  • Great App But Some TweaksWould Improve It 4/5

    By John Racine Jr
    I love the Dunkin’ Donuts app, I use it quite frequently. I like being able to see all of the items available and be able to place an order on the go. It is fairly easy to use and navigate around placing orders and submitting them. I wants placed an order and accidentally sent it to the normal store I buy from rather than the one I was actually at. It would be nice to be able to have an option up here to select the store of each transaction. That is only a minor thing as I normally order from the same store. What I would really like to see in the app is the ability to add notes or options for items on the side. For example, this morning I picked up a hot coffee for a coworker. I do not know how they like the coffee so I ordered it black. It would be great to be able to put an option in for cream and sweetener is on the side. I asked in the store without issue but think it would be a great feature in the app.
  • Transfer 4/5

    By Kaitml
    I wish you could transfer card amounts to one card.
  • Don’t know what I would do with out this App 5/5

    By Jim in NSB
    Use this app everyday it’s great. If don’t have it and go to Dunkin’ then your crazy or just plain stupid.
  • Great ap 5/5

    By Not my fave
    Great app that works well
  • Carmen 5/5

    By Carmel Carmen
    I Iove being able to pick my beverage and having to wait!!!
  • What happened to my previous balance? 3/5

    By Designer Hawkins
    I had a previous balance of $2.15 and figured out that my next mobile order was going to go over that amount. So I went to Add Value in the minimum $10 amount to my balance. When I go back to my cards, there's only one card, and it's total available is $10.00 -- not $12.15 as the button to "Add Value" implies it will be. Now, unless my VISA was only charged $7.85 to bring the value up to $10, I've been jipped! 😠
  • I love it 5/5

    By PaintingAPicture
    I use the app daily to order my drinks before and after work.. having my order saved in my favorites so I don’t always have to select the same thing over and over is amazing. I just click on my favorite drink and order it. When I get to the store it’s already prepared and I’ve skipped the long lines! More people should be using this
  • Doesn't work with IOS9 1/5

    By Surf n Hawaii
    This app doesn't work with IOS 9 or earlier versions. Shame on the developers for forcing updates of IOS. App store doesn't let me downgrade the app and I don't visit DD anymore. Warning.. If you don't have iOS 10 or higher this app is useless.
  • Love the DD to go 4/5

    By Collegiate Traveler
    It’s a bit convoluted to get started, but once you’re in this is a great convenience! This Starbucks lover recommends.
  • An idea 4/5

    By Vanessa Aviles
    It would be cool if they had pictures of the donuts instead of it being listed. More options for donuts would be great! But overall it's a nice app!
  • Run on Dunkin easier 5/5

    By Mdoc3
    Great app, great way to get my dunkin fix, the only way to improve would be to have the ability to combine gift cards in the app.
  • Technical difficulties 2/5

    By skreg725
    The app has technical difficulties constantly and I can only use it about half the time that I want too. It also doesn’t list all of the bagel options. When it works it’s nice though.
  • Special notes 3/5

    By AngTas79
    I wish there was a “special notes” section so that I could really personalize my order...I.e. asking for a hot cup with my iced coffee or being able to choose specific flavor munchkins!
  • Update app 5/5

    By coffeegirl222
    The app needs to be updated to items sold at the store. I often do on the go ordering and can never order an apple fritter or coffee roll because it’s not an option on the app.
  • 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 1/5

    By daniel hara
    Very bad
  • Great app 4/5

    By Michael.Blair
    The Dunkin’ Donuts app is great. The only thing I wish I could change is the ability to add a note to my order.
  • Quality 5/5

    By Arira Cole
    Food is always fresh and delicious. Every time I try something new it’s wonderful
  • 3 3/5

    By Rossipj
    Convenient, but balance on card does not always show correctly causing me to use my card instead of app
  • App lets you skip the line 5/5

    By Dan138100000
    The order on the go feature is my favorite part of the app. The Dunkin in my office building always has a line out the door, and now I never have to wait in it!
  • Dunkin’ Donuts Review 4/5

    By Std1
    It is very easy to use. 4 out of 5
  • Donut choices 4/5

    By Tweety Tiff
    Today I was in the mood for a lemon filled donut. I know they have them in the store, but that is not a selection. I wish there was a place where I can type in the type of donut that I want. It would be nice to have more of a the selection of donuts then just the ones that Dunkin' Donuts app feels are the most popular.
  • I really want to like this app but a few issues keep it from getting a higher rating 2/5

    By Stubear
    First, I love that I can order ahead of time and have my coffee waiting to pickup, exactly how I want it (most of the time). For the most part, the UI tries to get out of the way and make it clear what to do but I feel there’s a little too much marketing and not enough being a mobile payment app (I liked it when the card was right at the top instead of hidden a tap or two into the app). My first issue is with the redemption of free drinks. The first time I went through the process I found it very confusing. It took me a couple tries to finally see the minuscule alert that appears on the checkout screen that lets you know the total will be changed when you press order (or something to that affect). It seems that a simple calculation in real-time is too difficult to perform. More likely this is a marketing decision to hide which drink was changed to a free drink. Here’s a tip, most people already know the least expensive drink is going to be the free one, just update the total and quit worrying. My second issue is with the way the app alters locations. I order from 3-4 different locations depending on where I’m going. There’s one location that I frequent far more often because it is on the way to work but if I changed it to another location that is on the way to my daughter’s ice skating lessons (need warm coffee to sit in the cold rink) then the next time I use the app, this is the location it will use. I don’t know of a good way to fix this but potentially there could be a favorite store(s) option and a way to choose one to use as default with the ability to easily change the default should I choose to do so. Perhaps there could be a step that confirms the location on checkout. Whatever is done, something needs to change to keep this from happening because it has real consequences when the process fails. Last, for this revie anyway, is more of a problem with the system then the app but I find that the one common problem with on order failing on the store’s end concerns hot vs cold drinks. It’s great that the app lets me choose what I want but if the ticket on the other end can’t be clear, that’s a failure of the system, and by extension the app itself. I’ve ordered a hot macchiato on far too many occasions that turned out to be an iced macchiato when I went to pick it up. So far they’ve always fixed the problem but again, this sort of failure has real consequences. The whole point of mobile ordering is to make it more efficient for me but if I have to wait in the store while they remake an order that should be right in the first place, that’s a waste of my time. UPDATE: discovered yet another puzzling “how did this app escape testing” issue. There doesn’t appear to be a way to add a physical gift card through the app. You have to log into the Dunkin Donuts website to add a card the once added you can merge the values. Why can’t I add value to my current card using a gift card? You even have a bar code on the back you could use to simplify the process; add card value -> use gift card -> scan bar code -> enter pin code -> done, value added. Hopefully these issues can be addressed in a future update to the app. If not, this review will remain at 2 stars.
  • Free beverages 5/5

    By Crity76
    Would love to use the free beverage on the on the go orders.
  • You can even order through Waze 5/5

    By CoffeeL❤️ver
    Love the Perks app
  • Balance 3/5

    By qiana43
    I like the app but I don't like that you need the full amount in your enrolled D&D card to make a purchase using a coupon that's on the app
  • Good app 4/5

    By beergyver
    Would be better if you could order more than a dozen donuts. Also they could give more donut options. Other then that great.
  • Good coffee but junk app 2/5

    By Chany27
    I have been getting coffee here slot more than Starbucks lately because it’s easier and cheaper with more drive thrus and now an app. However the app is trash. The Apple Pay doesn’t work to buy or reload cards. Reloading is harder than paying with a credit card or cash. Orders also take forever to load and if I want two hot coffees but different sizes and different flavors there is no option for that.
  • Please Fix 1/5

    By Jayjay900
    This app does not even deserve a 1 star. How is there going to be an offer saying “free small coffee. Applied at checkout”, but it takes your money. The workers claim they cannot fix anything. Aside from the coffee being completely watered, this app is even more frustrating. Thanks for taking my money when a coffee claims to be “free”. I’m sure I’m not the only one.
  • Love DD 5/5

    By kathyt1
  • Saves me MONEY! 5/5

    By Goldenolivia
    Every time I use my card to buy anything from Dunkin I receive points. Those points can be turn into free coffees, free donuts and discounts on food. The Money are used buying items from Dunkin’ Donuts eventually giving me free coffees, I think it’s awesome.
  • Love the app 5/5

    By 27p racing
    Most of the stores are quick to get your order ready. Ordering ahead saves time and earns points

    By Debs009
    When you use this app to order you are charged more than the drive through price!
  • On the Go 4/5

    By Customer#4,582,109
    Customer(s) should have an area/space to specify (write-in) their request(s).. I can’t order on the go due to my specification(s) so those deals/points are irrelevant to advertise.
  • Almost there 3/5

    By Shelley O.
    Great features and I love the “ready to pick up” option, but certain customizations are limited. For example, you can’t make simple adjustments like switching to almond milk on a vanilla chai, which you can definitely do in person.
  • Fix on the go 1/5

    By Forwhatofbarbie
    On the go hasn’t worked in weeks!
  • Best APP around!! 5/5

    By colleenluvspink
    So easy to use! Walk right in and order is on the pick up counter - love it!!
  • Need to order more 3/5

    By Kzaldivar
    Site doesn’t let me order 4 doz donuts at a time that I need for my daughters school. I have to place each order one by one.
  • On the go ordering 1/5

    I downloaded the app in hopes I would be able to schedule an order to pick up for my kids school for Valentine’s Day 2018 however you’re unable to place an order for A time or day really lame disappointed
  • Dunkin rocks! 5/5

    By GodotXD97
    I love Dunkin, and the app makes it easy to order and pay. I use this app all the time. Perfect implementation of a restaurant app.
  • Donut Miss It. 5/5

    By Tess4321
    It makes the mornings where I need an extra pick-me-up seamless.
  • Frozen Hot Chocolate MIA 3/5

    By Sarielle 1967
    How do I order a Frozen Hot Chocolate with this app? It doesn’t work in Coolata - not under frozen drinks. Fix this and it’s a 5 Star app. Love having my order ready when I walk in every time.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By MPabla
    Really enjoy the on the go Orders- time saving!!
  • Great! 4/5

    By Jame1
    It's great!!!! When it works. Sometimes it doesn't go through which is frustrating. It's also not correct on stores inventory. I want a certain type of muffin. But only two are on the list and they have it in store. I also wish you could use the coupons that get mailed to me. :(
  • Add bagel twist to app menu 5/5

    By RiaB2
    I really enjoyed the cheddar bagel twist. Please add it to your menu and me up for ordering on the go. Thanks in advance for your help.

Dunkin' Donuts - Offers app comments


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