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  • Current Version: 4.7.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Dunkin’ Donuts App

Ever wanted an entire Dunkin’ Donuts in your pocket? Now’s your chance! We loaded everything you love into the Dunkin’ Donuts app—then made it even faster and easier to get what you’re craving. We’re talking about On-the-Go Ordering*, DD Perks, mobile payment and more. Seriously—you can even save your favorites and reorder them in a tap. Here’s what we’re serving up: SPEED PAST THE LINE IN STORE • Join DD Perks to use On-the-Go Ordering*, a feature that lets you order with a tap, pay from the app and speed past the line in store. FREE BEVERAGES • Join DD Perks—Dunkin’s loyalty program—and get a Free Beverage when you enroll and on your birthday. • Then, add your enrolled DD Card to the app and earn points with every purchase! Get more Free Beverages every 200 points. SPEED & CONVENIENCE • Send or receive a DD Card in seconds, reload your DD Card using Apple Pay, Visa Checkout, or your debit or credit card, find every Dunkin’ ever, browse our menu and add your DD Card to Apple Wallet. *For DD Perks members only Please note: The DD App, On-the-Go Ordering and Mobile payment are only good at participating U.S. Dunkin’ Donuts locations.

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Dunkin’ Donuts app reviews

  • Low Carb Friendly? 1/5

    By Captain Pangaea
    Please add "No Bread" to the customization options when selecting a sandwich.
  • Minimum input 3/5

    By 09meli15
    Why does the minimum to put in the card HAVE TO be $10 ????? Can't it be less than that ???? Sometimes I don't have that much to put in. Make it less. Maybe minimum of $5 to put in. Please !
  • Ordering Improvements Requested 2/5

    By JoannaLauren23
    I love the ease of ordering on the go and having my food ready for pickup when I arrive at the store. No more being late for work! I would like the menu of food options expanded however on the app. There are some standard menu items that the store regularly carries that are unavailable to on the go ordering, like a vegetable cream cheese option for my bagel or additional donut flavors. There have been times I've had to wait on line at the store to get these standard items that I would have rather ordered ahead. Perhaps a comment section would help customers make special requests.
  • Tatally useless app 2/5

    By Life4799
    App states that it makes check out easier but it doesn't. First of all the app requires you to add funds to the app before you can buy anything. If you process my card to add funs then you can process my card at check out. I was willing to deal with the hassle if it meant the checkout process would be quicker. Sad to say it make no difference. After you place the order you have to tell the app when you are ready to hve the store to start getting you order ready, which I thought was an awesome thing because I usually don't go to DD before a meeting to get big orders for that meet unless I have a lot of time to wait which I didn't and thought this app would save me a ton of time. Now I told the app to start getting my order ready about 7 minutes before I arrived at the store. Then it required me to say when I have arrived at the store by telling it if I'm going through the drive thru or coming in. Since I was short on time I choice drive thru even though the line was long. Then I told the attendant at the drive tru who I was and after waiting a bit more I got to the window to realize all this app work meant nothing because they began my order then. And since it was a big order they had me pull forward and wait. I was obviously about 5 minutes late for my meeting. The only reason I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 star is the app developer did an awesome job with the look feel and stablity of the app, it's just a useless app for me. And I have deleted it from my phone wiht no intent of using it again in the future.
  • Occasionally Works 1/5

    By Klandath23
    More than anything else the "ready to pickup" button(s) you use to double-confirm your pickup orders routinely fail to do anything.
  • Nothing but trouble 1/5

    By Crystalkr
    I get coffee here several times a week, and sometimes donuts for the office. However, I have had nothing but trouble with this app. It never shows the correct amount loaded on my card, my order history is blank, and I do not correctly accumulate rewards. This app is enough to make me take my business elsewhere.
  • Not secure... Watch out 1/5

    By Becky Chez
    The app is not secure. My account was hacked and I lost $200. Customer service hasn't helped or responded. They asked for a call back number and I still haven't heard back after a week. Unacceptable. Beware if you have your credit card linked for auto reload
  • GOT HACKED! LOST $300 1/5

    By stephanopoly
    Only after I got hacked and lost about $300 did I start researching the security of this app. My situation is not uncommon, apparently even the customer service reps admit that. I wouldn't know since I can't talk to one since they're not open on the weekend. So far these hacker have stolen the Dunkin cards that were loaded in the app, reloaded them using my connected credit card, and stolen the remaining balances I had in the app too. This is completely irresponsible. If you care about the security of an app that has your credit card info, I'd take this one off your phone.
  • More customizable 5/5

    By JannieWolf
    Love the app and the on the go selection. Would like more customization specifics on the frozen Coolatas to add milk options instead of standard cream. Please!

    By Daily driver
    Both my wife and I attempted to add money to each of our cards and a message came up saying invalid credit card info. After double checking all info, everything was correct, and still no luck. NOW, after we both have attempted to add funds to our separate DD cards, no funds on either one, but $60 taken from our bank. I called the help desk, and was told to wait 24 business hours for a return call. Which will be Monday because they are closed weekends!!! NOT HAPPY.
  • Love the app but 5/5

    By Jabrah
    Love the app but would really like passbook support back. I used that often and now I have to keep launching the app to purchase. Passbook is super convenient.
  • Changes to App 2/5

    By Keri1298
    I had the app before and I remember getting perks didn't require points or ordering on the go. It's a bit annoying because I always forget to order on the go even though I visit frequently. And the "perk" is a free coffee lol I actually don't care for coffee I like their breakfast sandwich so it's a waste for me
  • Ever since the last update... 1/5

    By Percy23
    It keeps saying to "make sure you have input valid credit card information" when I try to reload. Meanwhile, I've been using both cards everywhere else with no problem and one was linked to DD app for past year. Please fix this issue.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By Abcj123def456ghi
    The Starbucks app is more functional and time effective. This app is terrible. I strongly advise it not to be downloaded. In fact, I wrote an entire review listing areas to improve on the app and ironically it continues to be deleted from The reviews.
  • Disappointing app 1/5

    By Lex116
    Very disappointed app doesn't update giving up donuts not healthy
  • Go faster 5/5

    By Donut Babah
    Love skipping the lines by using the order on the go feature
  • Unseable 1/5

    By P1cks1x
    Used it at work and it worked for a couple of months then stopped. Always says it's having connectivity issues. Tried deleting and reinstalling several times but nothing worked to restore it.
  • Subpar 1/5

    By Chrisski287
    Never got a free beverage on birthday and it won't allow me to reload my gift card through the app by using my debit card
  • Didn't work 1/5

    By TauschekT
    App wouldn't process my payment to send a gift card. Tried 3 different times.
  • Miss the old app 3/5

    By AngelynB.RN
    This app works fine I just miss getting notifications when I would get a deal for a free coffee. I've missed several because of this.
  • Very misleading this is! 1/5

    By LynnAG1973
    Thought the idea of ordering donuts online would be great until every time we've placed an order for donuts we get there and do not have any of them! Matter of fact we just placed a big order of assorted donuts which the app claimed was available in our store and got there and all they had was glazed! The people were clueless as to what to do and we had to re do the whole thing! So absolutely never again will I participate in this.. Extremely misleading and not worth it!
  • Keep getting (ncr-empty-response-order) message 4/5

    By BerryCoolGrl
    This app was working fine until last Friday, when I tried to order on the go and I kept getting the "unable to process order" and the "ncr-empty-response-order" message. I'm able to order on the go again but I have to keep pressing the "add to order" and "checkout" buttons multiple times to bypass the message. Please fix asap
  • Location-based offers/coupons DO NOT work 1/5

    By allgamenab
    The old app used to automatically adjust the available offers based on your current location. In this latest version, even when your location services are on, your offers do not show up based on your location when you are traveling in a different city.
  • Becareful 3/5

    By C!n:d¥<3takiis
    The app works okay and does its job. However; they force you to deposit 2 dollars into a Dunkin Doughnuts account in order to order on the go and never make you aware that not all the doughnut selection is available on the app. I got it only for the chocolate filled doughnuts that are my favorite and I wasn't even able to order them. I basically wasted 2 dollars because the other doughnuts I could care less about. Be weary that not all the doughnut selection is available to order yet.
  • Keeps crashing!! 1/5

    By Mamabram
    Every time I want to use the app and want to pay-- it crashes! I can't reload, pay, or ANYTHING. I guess it isn't meant for me to get that chocolate donut and Latte. 😢
  • App not syncing 1/5

    By Mgivens24
    I use to LOVE the app but now nothing is syncing so I signed out and now it won't sign in again
  • Good 4/5

    By Dman28560
    The app is really good but please add a way to tip when u order ahead! Thx!
  • Excellent IF it works. 2/5

    By Meltracy87
    I'm a regular Dunkin customer and avid app user. Love it...when it works. The last few months I've had to delete and reinstall the app numerous times because it will just close anytime I try to do anything. I haven't been able to use it regularly in months. I want it to work right so I can get my rewards!!!! Fix the bugs!
  • Ithaca Dunkin 1/5

    By Angeldog.01
    I went to our ithaca Dunkin' on meadow and green street. Had bad cashier that couldn't use my free coupon on my app with my AARP discount card so I had to pay cash as I couldn't use my free coffee coupon. Always issues at this store. So Disappointed J and W Decker
  • Better but not best 4/5

    By Slarty Bartfast
    I have to give credit. I hated the old version. I like this better. But I'll never ever use on the go ordering. And I'll never ever use the emojis. It's stupid. Improvements if like to see: I'd like to see what balance I have without having to tap on it. I'd like to be able to remove the perk offers I'm not going to use.
  • My Card Section 3/5

    By Cubbieblue26
    Please put dollar amount left on card back on the home screen, where it has always been. You shouldn't have to do extra clicking to find out if you need to reload or not before putting on your On-The-Go ordering. Otherwise, the app is great.
  • Milk options 3/5

    By B-V-1234
    Would be helpful to include non dairy (almond) milk in the options for app On the Go ordering.
  • Good, but with some layout issues. 4/5

    By User99998
    I mostly don't like how the layout is. The home screen doesn't tell me what my gift card balance isomer before. Now you have to click on the card to see it. Also, the perks offer tab is not good because they are so small and I don't like how it's laid out. I would also like there to be an option where it notifies you when there are new offers available. That would be helpful to have those notifications. Other than that, I don't think there are any other problems.
  • Terms and conditions are not working within the offers 3/5

    By Aquawoman123
    When you click on terms and conditions within an offer, the screen goes back to the top and you're not able to view terms and conditions. DD perks please fix! Thank you
  • Love this app 5/5

    By SuperPatsFan
    This is becoming my most used app. Nearly every morning I use mobile ordering to get my coffee and a bagel sandwich. My order is almost always ready when I walk in.
  • Keyboard Broke 1/5

    By Get my Dunkin'
    Emoji keyboard crashes. Lame.
  • Bugs continue to be unresolved 1/5

    By Kiki_Bot
    For months I've been unable to enter and save my credit info. The app gives me an "invalid zip code" error and doesn't allow me to continue. Zip is correct. Also, the balance refresh doesn't work, so you'll think you have money on the app but when you go to pay for your order nope, you have $0. Even with today's app update (2/7/17), my app won't refresh. It's been stuck at the last refresh date of 01/15/17. This and the credit card problem are constant issues for me.
  • Error when ordering 1/5

    By Jackattack320
    I can't order on the go after the update because an error displays. Missing breakfast
  • card balances 4/5

    By ansnbenejjei
    Works really smoothly except it's unclear how/if you can transfer balances from one gift card to another since it can be annoying to have to pay for a 2 dollar drink using 3 cards with balances of 45 cents each
  • I use this app all the time! 5/5

    By Brandon2992
    This is by far the best food/coffee app out there! They give you the best discounts ever. I especially love the "Anaheim Ducks Game Day" offer. Amazing!
  • DD keyboard 4/5

    By Alissaaaaaaaaaaa
    I'm absolutely in LOVE with the new keyboard. HOWEVER, I think once it takes off (because it will) it could definitely use better graphics, it's HD when the pictures are tiny but once you paste them and send them, the emoji's get bigger and blurry and harder to see 😕 love it other than that!!!!
  • Like the view on Offers page 4/5

    By CBSanto
    Liking the app a lot. Ease of adding funds to my Dunkin's card is super easy and never buggy. In this update, you can now see all offers on the screen instead of having to scroll down and find the one you want to use. I can't find anything updated with menu settings. The On the Go ordering menu is the same or at least not updated with changes I would like (ahem two flavor swirls pleassseee!!!). Other then that user interface is smooth and ease of use is quick. Even for quick updates while waiting your turn in the drive thru! Keep the good stuff coming Dunks! :)
  • Great update! 5/5

    By Dunkin Donuts Fan
    Love the design changes.
  • Love mobile ordering 5/5

    By Memento 12
    Being able to place your order and have it ready for you is a nice feature.
  • Time Saver! 5/5

    By MannyEats
    I've saved so much time skipping the line with the app. And every update gets even better. Thanks, Dunks!
  • Works like a charm! 4/5

    By DRLx2/2
    This app is great, I love it! I'd make at least this change, add a NOTES or ADDITIONAL COMMENTS section, to make the kind of request that are not available in the app. I always ask for liquid sugar in my iced drinks, the granulated sugar just doesn't melt, but there isn't a way to ask for this. So when I order ahead, I have to request no sugar, then have it added after I get there, which kind of defeats the purpose of ordering ahead. ALSO, I like the mocha swirl on top of the whip cream when I order a mocha swirl latte. Even when ordering a mocha swirl, most employees don't realize they're supposed to make a swirl of mocha on top, so I haven't ordered this with the mobile app at all. I can't believe the amount of negative reviews! I've never had the problems these people complain about. I think it's great.
  • Needs to update passbook on lock screen 3/5

    By GR8GTP
    My passbook balance hasn't updated since January. The "others"update almost instantly. Please fix.
  • Decent app 4/5

    By David_Burns_Red
    Mobile ordering is really awesome when you get the right location. Please improve locations for mobile orders. In center city Philadelphia, sometimes the stores are so close together and some are underground in the concourse, so it's not clear which store you are ordering at. One of the Suburban Station locations even says "street level" in the location title even though it is underground. Please improve this. Bug: When typing a custom name for a favorite item, when you tap on the spacebar, you don't see the space appear until you tap another letter (just try typing a custom name and you'll see what I'm talking about).
  • Why change it? 2/5

    App worked very good. Good for allowing name change of favorite orders however please bring the default card balance back to the main app screen. Having to tap/open Manage Cards to see balance is reverse of functionality. Also? Why change so much of app design/look upon every iteration? Make things iconic. If it's working, don't fix it.
  • Name my Favorite Orders! 5/5

    By PugLover267
    I love being able to name my favorites now. The stock list of names became boring after I saved so many.

Dunkin’ Donuts app comments

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