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  • Current Version: 4.10.0
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Dunkin’ Donuts App

Ever wanted an entire Dunkin’ Donuts in your pocket? Now’s your chance! We loaded everything you love into the Dunkin’ Donuts app—then made it even faster and easier to get what you’re craving. We’re talking about On-the-Go Ordering*, DD Perks, mobile payment and more. Seriously—you can even save your favorites and reorder them in a tap. Here’s what we’re serving up: SPEED PAST THE LINE IN STORE • Join DD Perks to use On-the-Go Ordering*, a feature that lets you order with a tap, pay from the app and speed past the line in store. FREE BEVERAGES • Join DD Perks—Dunkin’s loyalty program—and get a Free Beverage when you enroll and on your birthday. • Then, add your enrolled DD Card to the app and earn points with every purchase! Get more Free Beverages every 200 points. SPEED & CONVENIENCE • Send or receive a DD Card in seconds, reload your DD Card using Apple Pay, Visa Checkout, or your debit or credit card, find every Dunkin’ ever, browse our menu and add your DD Card to Apple Wallet. *For DD Perks members only Please note: The DD App, On-the-Go Ordering and Mobile payment are only good at participating U.S. Dunkin’ Donuts locations.

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Dunkin’ Donuts app reviews

  • $1.29 any size hot/iced coffee coupon 3/5

    By sports2485
    There is no barcode for the worker to scan. So, I paid with the app at the cash register. I ordered a large iced coffee. I still got charged full price for the iced coffee. Twice! I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong. Thanks and please fix this!
  • On the go 1/5

    By Jmcm1298
    On the go ordering isn't working with update.
  • No way to transfer balances? 3/5

    By SelfSufficient
    App is okay. Not as good as Starbucks app in terms of features, but easier to navigate. Biggest issues? 1. No way to transfer funds so I can just have one card. 2. No way to email for DD card support. Option provided was to call. There was app feedback via email, but no email provided. Since I use Airmail instead of default Mail app it just gives me a message saying I don't have email set up on my phone 😑

    1. Add sports team logos to store locations to indicate whether stores are participating in these promotions. It is highly frustrating to be considered "in" the service area only to place an order & find out the store is NOT participating. 2. When ordering on the go specials indicate the special pricing upfront not just at the end. It is confusing to only see the discount applied at the end once you hit confirm. 3. Incorporate the free donut survey code in the on the go ordering portion of the app.
  • Good app, need to merge balances though 3/5

    By PrettyMissile
    The app is pretty good and has a lot of options and things to check on. I love that I can personalize and pick the card pictures. I would love to be able to have the option to merge the balances of my current cards though. Please make this an option ASAP. <3
  • Have to add CC card to use 1/5

    By Davellin
    I have a gift card and still have to add my CC card? No thanks...
  • Change up the Cards!!!!!! 1/5

    By ceortega
    It's a great app and I love DD but seriously it's no longer Christmas and winter change up the DD CARDS!!!!!!
  • Master pass 1/5

    By Jess2real
    Master pass isn't working
  • Update needed 5/5

    By RieRie79
    DD needs an update to allow people to enter their debt card information that has Canadian address. Unable to reload my card using my debit card because of this.
  • Decent app 4/5

    By David_Burns_Red
    Mobile ordering is really awesome when you get the right location. Please improve locations for mobile orders. In center city Philadelphia, sometimes the stores are so close together and some are underground in the concourse, so it's not clear which store you are ordering at. One of the Suburban Station locations even says "street level" in the location title even though it is underground. Please improve this. It would be nice if the checkout screen showed discounts being applied and your actual final total, instead of seeing the final total after you confirm the order. Bug: When typing a custom name for a favorite item, when you tap on the spacebar, you don't see the space appear until you tap another letter (just try typing a custom name and you'll see what I'm talking about).
  • Still no way to "merge" balances 2/5

    By Redhtg
    You still haven't allowed users to merge card balances via the app and now with the new website, I can't find anywhere now to merge my balances either. Why would you take it away online and still not have it on your mobile app? Starbucks has had this option for some time now that allows balances to be merged. I mean what's your end game here? I can't merge my balances so I need to add more money instead? Get it together DD!
  • Poor 1/5

    By Towtruck117
    Please add more bagel choices the ones that are listed please
  • Room for improvement 3/5

    By Enforje
    Order on the go needs to be improved to allow for further customization of coffee. You can not do combinations of swirls or flavor shots. If I want 2 shots of French vanilla and 3 hazelnut I can't.
  • Pointless 1/5

    By LLee4751
    I have used the app numerous times for the on the go ordering, and every time I get to the location and they haven't even started my order. I then I have to stand in line, replace my order pretty much, and then wait for them to prepare it. So to me it's pointless. I have needed to place larger orders for business meeting, and it would have been very helpful if they would have been ready for me. Not going to be using it any longer.
  • Need sprinkles option 3/5

    By Katey H<3
    And my free beverage coupon won't work on The on the go transaction
  • Horrible. 1,000 hoops just to order 1/5

    By WantEditing
    Visually pleasing app but I've been trying to order a cup of coffee for 2 weeks. Obviously you don't want my money. Registering rewards card 1 star, registering credit card 0 stars, placing an order -10 stars.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Macchiprx
    For whatever reason the app will not allow enrollment. Keeps giving me an error message but doesn't indicate what the problem is. How can I fix the problem (if there is one because of me) if I do not know what the problem is. Really wouldn't give a star if possible because I can't use the app.
  • On-the-go ordering is broken 1/5

    By Udandi
    I used to be a big fan of the app. Until On-the-Go ordering stopped working for me and Dunkin Donuts is non responsive about a solution. And this has been over the course of 4 weeks so I'm being patient, but I think they're not taking it seriously or cannot figure it out (not sure how you can create an app and not find solutions to problems that exist in it). What the others have said about not updating in wallet is true even if using auto updates. As well as within the app so you might order, scan, and find out you have less on your card than you thought. I don't always walk into the store with money since I have money in the app. And I wouldn't even be walking into the store with the intention of paying if OTG ordering worked. It's probably a good reason to stop drinking iced coffees so I've got that going for me!
  • Pay to play 1/5

    By Lazarus Lonh
    You must purchase a gift card in order to register with them. I have never seen anything like that before and will just take my business elsewhere.
  • Waste of Time and Effort to Keep DD Honest!!! 1/5

    By Coramdeo540
    They do not do what is promised and unless you spend Hours!!! chasing them down!!! I am sorry I ever started using this app. I can't get that time back only for them to keep putting off and blaming the customer for their problems!!!!
  • DD should fire their UX designer 1/5

    By Lyzdog
    This wasn't designed to make the user experience at DD better, it was designed to be a gift card ATM. This app gives me diarrhea & gives a new meaning to "RUNS ON DUNKIN"
  • Overall Decent 3/5

    By Dredelsplace
    Overall decent. I usually buy the $10 for $5 Groupon deal and the thing I don't like is that I can't add that value to an existing card on the app. I have to create a whole new card. That's annoying. You should make it to where when you have a card number and pin, you can add that value to an existing card. This way, you don't have to pay with 2-3 cards in one transaction at the store.
  • Good app 5/5

    By DawgyDawgs
    Love donuts and mobile pay only taking a few seconds to order and get your food!
  • Crashes 2/5

    By ACESsiggy
    Cannot register. Constantly crashes at the same page during registration or signing up for DD rewards. I like their coffee but not their unstable App.
  • Removed Apple Pay-No thanks 1/5

    By AJN Bruin
    With the latest update they removed Apple Pay. You either use your CC, Visa Pay or link a gift card. The old app and previous versions of the current app allowed Apple Pay. It was so easy and I knew my info was secure. Well not anymore, I'm now removing this app.
  • Why I chose to delete..privacy issue 1/5

    By Tam toe
    I decided to delete the app due to privacy concerns. Using my web browsing history/ purchase history both at DD and other stores with my credit card while not using the app. While they provide more info on what they collect/use more than other companies, it is still concerning some of the perms include: editing and sending SMS, phone logs, calendar, contacts. I will also stop going to actual DD location as well.

    By vcaruso13
    I got another text from my bank this morning, after saving a new credit card to my DDPerks account on this app, someone tried to charge $100 to it.... AGAIN. This is the second time this has happened. What an awful way to treat customers, I may love grabbing a quick breakfast there but I will not be going back. This app is a joke, do NOT trust it with any of your personal data!
  • 👎🏼 1/5

    By kyle1519
    the app keeps signing me out and not letting me back into my account
  • Free DD Beverage Rewards disappear from Offers page 4/5

    By BerryCoolGrl
    This app is so efficient, but I noticed recently that when I get enough points for a Free DD Beverage, the order would show up in my offers page, and then disappear. I would have to go in my email to look for the code. I still have like 2-3 free beverage rewards. This should not be happening
  • Awful 1/5

    By Ariver994
    So all week I have been trying to order off on the go... my app will not allow me to checkout. I tried everything, I logged out today and had to reset my password and now it won't recognize the new password. I have money and free coffees that I now can't use. It's frustrating and a waste of time...emailing DD was no help either.
  • Does it ever work? 1/5

    By Princess Boobeye
    Haven't even been able to make one order yet due to connection problems. I signed up for this rewards thing because it seemed like a cool idea. Not so cool if you can't order or sign in or really do anything.

    By Itskitty
    So you would keep adding money thinking there is none on it. It also doesn't tell you why there is an "error" and will not send out order because your balance is too low. I had to figure that one out myself. I've never written a review before but felt compelled to warn others because THIS APP IS UTTERLY USELESS AND MORE OF A HASSLE TO USE AND NEEDS TO UPDATE BADLY. Not sure how much money I've wasted because the orders never "went through" because of "internet connections" or DD workers telling me it "must be my mistake from sending it to a different store". I will NEVER GO TO DD again, it "DD on the go app perks" are not at all that great and oh bye, doesn't update either. 🙂 Goodluck everybody.
  • Does NOT work 1/5

    By willr612
    I got this app when they opened the shop in Savannah, Ga. The app has not worked and when you contact customer support, they reply with the generic, blow you off response. Worthless, waste of time.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Krisnicthom
    I would give this app 0 stars if I could. The old app was great but ever since they switched to the new app, it's been problem after problem. It does not update how much money I have on my card so it always a guessing game, it doesn't always calculate points for my free drinks, when I actually do get free drinks, the coupons don't always work, when they do work, they don't disappear....they just stay there and then I can't remember which I've already use (the people at my dd's surely think I'm nuts!), I can only load more money onto the card about 25% of the time because it says "unable to connect." There is one issue after the other. It's really terrible. Every time an update comes in for this app I hope it will be the one to make it better....but it never does. Please bring the old app back!
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By D1ELoN
    This app made my iPhone 5s restart for no reason?! Don't dl it smh 🤦‍♂️
  • Add a card problem 1/5

    By Metinbay
    When adding a new card app says "invalid first name".it needs an update.
  • Needs merge feature 1/5

    By SamFinesse
    Add a feature to merge cards
  • Still does not update wallet 1/5

    By musicduderyan
    Why? Only feature of this app I really use is the wallet/passbook feature. It doesn't update balance still. Wow!
  • Caution: App funds will vanish! 1/5

    By meflaherty
    I loaded $25.00 on my app, used about $11.00 in purchases and the balance disappeared. Where's my money? Order history does not appear on app, but will if you use PC. I have written to customer support 3 times about the problem. No response. Finally got customer service. They are sending me a plastic card with my balance. They say my account was compromised and I should open another account with a different email address. No thanks. Security is bad. Wanted to like DD, but I'll spend elsewhere.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By ggy8848
    I very rarely write reviews for apps, but this moron app won't even allow me to log in while I am 100% sure that I have the correct password and just logged in through web!!! And DD doesn't provide a way to use my gift cards when the app is not functioning!!! Totally disappointed. I will never reload after I found some way to use the remaining balance. This is a scam!!!!!!'
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By IpLeAtHe5ThH
    There is no option to chooses which specific "Munchkins" we want the option option is quantity & count no option to choose glazed, jelly or anything so this app fails for. Ow if they fix this will revive
  • Great App but NOT secure!! 1/5

    By TmanXX
    This is a great app similar to their competitors. It's awesome in theory, but DO NOT load money into it because it is targeted by hackers and will drain your funds. If a don't believe this, PLEASE google "dunkin donuts app hacked". You've been warned!
  • Bugs 1/5

    By Mario_1540174936294
    I was able to make 2 orders. Now every time I try to make a new one it fails and there is an error.
  • Pointless 1/5

    By DD1938376
    Pointless app...can't order anything. I want a French cruller they don't have that as an option I want a frozen hot chocolate don't have that. Yet when you order at the store they have it.
  • Solid 5/5

    By Tommylaw8
    Great app. Easy to use and love reloading with Apple Pay. No issues.
  • Improvements! 5/5

    By o Jonathan o
    Definitely going in the right direction
  • Took money out for unprocessed orders 1/5

    By Jake Potent
    Loaded us my card 2 days ago and since have only been able to pick up one order but my transaction history shows 4 orders processed. I'm trying to get a refund but just can not trust this app anymore.
  • Would be great if they had more options.... 2/5

    By Emem162
    I don't understand their app, they only have a select few options from their menu. They are marketing and advertising the café au lait, but you can't order it on the go. They only have like 4-5 different donuts options. They need to update the menu.
  • App needs help 1/5

    By backdraft84
    How about having all the donuts you make on this app and have pictures of the donuts you have. The donut part of the app is too generic.
  • Ordering not working 1/5

    By Casey4578
    I have been having nothing but problems with this app lately. Won't let me order on the go. Just keeps coming up with error messages on all my devices. It says Ncr-emptyresponse-updateorder. Not sure what that means but it is the app, not my device. Please update and fix !!!

Dunkin’ Donuts app comments

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