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  • Current Version: 4.5.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Dunkin' Donuts
  • Compatibility: Android
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Dunkin’ Donuts App

Ever wanted an entire Dunkin’ Donuts in your pocket? Now’s your chance! We loaded everything you love into the Dunkin’ Donuts app—then made it even faster and easier to get what you’re craving. We’re talking about On-the-Go Ordering*, DD Perks, mobile payment and more. Seriously—you can even save your favorites and reorder them in a tap. Here’s what we’re serving up: SPEED PAST THE LINE IN STORE • Join DD Perks to use On-the-Go Ordering*, a feature that lets you order with a tap, pay from the app and speed past the line in store. FREE BEVERAGES • Join DD Perks—Dunkin’s loyalty program—and get a Free Beverage when you enroll and on your birthday. • Then, add your enrolled DD Card to the app and earn points with every purchase! Get more Free Beverages every 200 points. SPEED & CONVENIENCE • Send or receive a DD Card in seconds, reload your DD Card using Apple Pay, Visa Checkout, or your debit or credit card, find every Dunkin’ ever, browse our menu and add your DD Card to Apple Wallet. *For DD Perks members only Please note: The DD App, On-the-Go Ordering and Mobile payment are only good at participating U.S. Dunkin’ Donuts locations.

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Dunkin’ Donuts app reviews

  • Not working 2/5

    By Jeeseme
    The order-to-go will no longer work on my phone. No idea why since I have used this app since the beginning. It shows the hours of every store as "null-null", therefore not letting me place a to go order. Please fix this issue. Using an iPhone 5.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Mercy121813
    My boyfriend uses this app all the time so I thought why not. Well I just downloaded the app & I was going to order something but its saying it's unable to order anything.
  • Sometimes Frustrating but Okay 3/5

    By alavasha
    This app gets the job done, but I've consistently had a problem with my card balances not being accurate. The previous transaction goes through but the balance doesn't change, so there have been a few times where I think I have enough money on my card for my purchase and I don't. It's just annoying to have the app but have to pay with my card for half of my purchases because the balances never get updated.
  • Convenient. 4/5

    By Jjbean2977
    I love this app for the simple fact that it's one less place I need to go to with cash. However, sometimes I forget to bring cash for a tip and I hate not tipping my regular servers. I would love an option of rounding up to the nearest dollar to be able to leave a tip that way. Just like in restaurants on the receipt you can leave a tip, tipping through the app would allow me to leave 5 stars for sure.
  • Menu needs an Update 3/5

    By Germinator399
    The app is pretty good, but it should be updated so that it shows everything that's on the menu at the local Dunkin, that way, you can order anything you want with On-The-Go. I can never use it because the food that I want, such as certain flavor donuts, drinks and bakery food, is never on the app's menu.
  • Love 3/5

    By Nista
    Love the app but would love if it had the option for more than one Turbo shot so I don't have to order an espresso on the side!!
  • Worthless app 1/5

    By No donuts
    I couldn't figure out how to use it for anything without giving them my credit card info or buying a gift card.
  • Not terrible 2/5

    By LalaElle1122334455
    The app isn't terrible. Im not a fan of the new one though. I feel like the old app offered a lot more perks than this one. I was always at Dunkin'. I've actually considered deleting the app several times as I feel there is no benefit to it any longer. I'm sure as soon as my gift cards are all used up, I will.
  • Credit Card needed to sign up for rewards 1/5

    By Ryan Oberndorf
    I shouldn't need to enter a credit card in order to sign up for DD rewards.
  • Great app so far, but password for checkout 4/5

    By Ericchick13L10
    The app is great so far but being that money can be taken out of my bank account easily, there needs to be more security. Like some sort of passcode or even using fingerprint scanner, but otherwise the app is great.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Bolgati
    Could not register without credit card!
  • Why no fingerprint sign in? 2/5

    By RAClose
    A pain having to pull over, type username/password. How about fingerprint! This is the 21st Century!
  • Won't open 1/5

    By Kiwi3cgi
    The app keeps telling me I have a poor data connection and won't open. Even if I connect to strong Wi-Fi. What gives Dunkin?
  • Terrible 1/5

    By EddiesonofOden
    I have about a 1% usability rate with this. No matter what the wifi or network availability, it always tells me "poor network service" I guess this means I'll have the go elsewhere (where they don't mess up my order 90% of the time)
  • Six clicks 2/5

    By pup-love2
    This gets the job done but why does it take six clicks to order a saved favorite!!!!
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By MamaOboe
    App doesn't work, limited menu, horrible service in new Palm Bay, Florida store.
  • 4 Stars because it's lacking a full menu 4/5

    By HoneyLee
    Otherwise it has the best rewards program out there, it takes Apple Pay, and I can order most of the time ahead.
  • Needs update 3/5

    By Billy12086
    Works very well. It they do not update the menu on the app. There are flavor swirls on the store menu but not all on the app.
  • Needs full menu 3/5

    By Limited Infinity
    I like using the app on my morning commute, but why can't I choose sesame bagels or a half regular half decaf coffee. It would also be nice to pick which munchkins I prefer especially when I'm not a fan of some of the holiday offerings. Just need to be able to customize orders more and this app would be great.
  • Need Watch App Back! 2/5

    By mattwolrad
    Why did you delete your Apple Watch app? Please put it back.
  • App4233 Error-Not impressed 1/5

    By Shell1024
    I installed this today because I wanted to send an ecard to a friend. I kept getting an error app4233 when I tried to pay so I googled this. There was a post on Facebook from someone who contacted DD and he was told to call customer service. This was about 4 months ago and this still isn't fixed! Developers need to get on this and fix it, it ridiculous!
  • Good but... 3/5

    By Nikkix88
    The app is great and easy to use. Love that I don't always have to keep the card on me and can pay from my phone. But I remember there used to be actual coupons in the perks section. The only one I ever see is when I get a free beverage reward. That's the only down fall.
  • Horrible 2/5

    By Briesmama721
    Won't let me add any of my credit cards and says there's something wrong with them, which is insane bc all my cards work..... at this point I cannot use the app unless I physically buy a gift card and add it to my account
  • Needs an update for Apple Watch 3/5

    By PearlDrms
    I've used this app for a while and typically don't have any problems with it. DD does need to provide an update to integrate use with the Apple Watch.
  • Updated...now I can't use 1/5

    By MachomanJG
    I have my credit card loaded, but it keeps giving me an error every time I try to reload the Dunkin card. I tried entering the information again and it says the card is already in there and won't let me. I can't delete the card either. So now I can't use the app. It's useless to me now.
  • Perfect for perks 5/5

    By Frdtrkmn
    I don't use the on the go ordering so I can't comment on that. However, the perks/payment is excellent. Wish I did it earlier!

    By Danyolrz
  • App keeps changing my order. Don't download! 1/5

    By eirizarry253
    This app has consistently changed my order after the checkout process on three separate occasions. Don't download until developer fixes these issues!!
  • Not opening 1/5

    By Vinnybagadonuts23
    Nothing better then the app not opening when you are trying to pay for your coffee with a line of people behind you.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Moboy223
    I was forced to update from old app to this new one. I cant sign into my account or even enroll for a new one, keeps telling me unable to complete request. Waste of time
  • Can't order oatmeal! 4/5

    By Stephanieianniello
    Love this app use it every single day - saves so much time.. just wish the oatmeal was on the app's menu.. you can't order it apparently unless you do it in store. Otherwise everything else has worked great!
  • Needs improvement 4/5

    By 1357899031568900wjdvk
    Great but I wish gift cards were combined able.
  • Mix and Match/comment 4/5

    By Kmariew10
    I love this app, I haven't had any issues with it and have recommended it to a few other people who also love it. The only thing I would change: you can mix and match coffee flavors if you get flavor shots, you cannot mix and match the swirls which is disappointing because that is something I like to do. I would also love to have a comment section as some things are not offered on the go. Such as chocolate chip muffins, I'd like to be able to order a muffin but ask in a comment for a flavor that is not offered. I have no other complaints about the app. I love it!
  • New phone, no Dunkin' ! 1/5

    By MommaL5
    I got a new phone and the Dunkin app requires me to sign in. Says either my user name or password or incorrect. I asked for new password link to be emailed. No email received. Nothing!! Please help!
  • Needs some updates 3/5

    By Ms Balla
    It would be nice to pick multiple flavor options. Example flavor swirls. Also app is super slow at times in morning. Maybe an upgrade to app or servers. People mostly go in the morning and this will slow me down
  • On the go 2/5

    By Jwhit Maryland
    Please add chicken biscuit to on the go menu. This would make it way more convenient for me
  • Some features wonderful others a throwback to the paper and pencil age 3/5

    By Nessa1380
    Been using this since the beginning. On the go ordering makes my life super easy. I was psyched when they released Apple Pay. But Apple Pay doesn't show up as an option (only visa check out), and since removing my saved cards (in an attempt to reset the payment options) my DD balance won't update. Have removed and reinstalled and nothing works. DDs FAQ is less than helpful and there is no easy way to contact their customer service which is difficult for me to do on weekdays. Still, as long as I'm willing to buy physical cards and keep track of the balance myself, the rest works great.
  • iWatch anytime soon 4/5

    By Alphablue8
    App is ok, but needs to incorporate the iWatch. Please consider this as competitor apps already do, and it is convenient to say the least.
  • Can't get it to work :( 1/5

    By Alicat2282
    Since I had to change to the new version I can't add money to my account (keeps telling me that the zip code for my credit/debit card is wrong) and it won't let me add a new gift card to my account (just keeps saying the network is unavailable).
  • Please, please, please enable balance transfers! 2/5

    By Bwanabass
    I love the app and the rewards, but every time I receive a gift card from someone, I have to add it as new. The result is that I have 6 different cards on the app, each with a dollar and change balance. Why can we not transfer the balances onto a single card, like the Starbucks app? Please make this happen!
  • Doesnt work at all 1/5

    By alot19
    Ncr empty response. Ncr empty response. Thats all I get, I cant order on the app whatsoever. Many people complained on this online and they reply "DM us to help" but they should post a solution.
  • Missing key aspects 2/5

    By NichieLuv2play
    While this app does have its merits, it is very limited in what it offers. For example - it doesn't take into consideration the fact that many Dunkin' Donuts house a Baskin Robbins. So you cannot order dual menu items such as the Cappuccino Blast on the go. It's really only good for basic things like coffee and donuts but still you can't order certain types of donuts. The On-The-Go feature is very limited so it really isn't convenient. Ordering and paying through the app is the same as using a gift card and other than the points there really isn't much of a difference.
  • Works great but..... 3/5

    By Bp...1953
    The app itself works great but every I open it, It asks me to update the app before I use it. I tried deleting then reloading it but it does the same thing. I then go to the App Store and open it from there. Too much hassle when your in line at the drive up.
  • Crashing 1/5

    By Loves it so
    Keeps crashing and I can't use it at all
  • Annoyed 1/5

    By WayOffKi
    Used it just fine before, now I can't even reload money I have been trying for about a month now. So disappointed
  • Should be able to combine cards 2/5

    By Mmbowe
    It is so annoying to have a bunch of cards with small balances. I am a teacher and get tons of gift cards. I should be able to transfer balances onto one card. Starbucks allows this...just saying!
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By Maddygirl1001
    This app begs some improvements. I'm a college student, so I love being able to order my coffee and have it immediately ready. However, the fact that you can't combine gift card balances is annoying. I have, combined, enough for a drink, but I can't order ahead because it's split between two gift cards. Also, it's annoying to have to flip through all of them to find the one that actually has money on it. Please fix this, and you'll definitely get your 5 stars!
  • My DDPerks card has no pin 1/5

    By Glheath
    So I can't register it. Not happy with this app.
  • Frustrating app , Horrible customer service 1/5

    By ..._..._
    Supposed be able to text a gift card. I've tried several times. It keeps saying my credit cards declined. Called my credit card. And I go to credit card company said my card was fine, that did not Decline anything from Dunkin' Donuts nor did they see in authorization from Dunkin'. Tried to call the customer service three times. Twice it said my wait time was only 15 minutes – no one picked up after 15 minutes The only time I got through to an agent, they said I had the wrong area, but that area frequently states they're closed when they should not be. Problems??
  • Failure 1/5

    By Bricklifa
    The new DD app is not intuitive making it difficult to find what you're looking for. Coupons and promotions do not consistently work as advertised. Unclear which DD locations will take the 'automatic' promotions. A coffee shop app only needs to do a few basic features well, which this app fails to do.

Dunkin’ Donuts app comments

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