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  • Current Version: 3.19.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Duo Security
  • Compatibility: Android
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Duo Mobile App

Duo Mobile works with Duo Security's two-factor authentication service to make logins more secure. The application generates passcodes for login and can receive push notifications for easy, one-tap authentication on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. Additionally, you can use Duo Mobile to manage two-factor authentication for other application and web services that make use of passcodes. Note: For Duo accounts, Duo Mobile needs to be activated and linked to your account before it will work. You will receive an activation link as part of Duo's enrollment process. You may add third-party accounts at any time. License agreements for third-party Open Source libraries used in Duo Mobile can be found at https://www.duosecurity.com/legal/open-source-licenses.


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  • Works good - but designed for annoying purpose 3/5

    By Mrl33tastic
    The program is fast and non-cumbersome. It could push notifications better. Though I absolutely HATE duo logins, and must rate it 3 stars for the company somehow weaseling it's way into my life, forcing me to use it is NOT a good business model.
  • What happened? 3/5

    By Rankincats
    After the latest IOS update, I no longer get any notifications on my iWatch from Duo. That was one of the most convenient things about the watch. At work, I could store my phone away in a locked drawer and still use Duo on the watch for the required two-factor authorizations to log into my work account.
  • Works 5/5

    By 2KGamerForLife
    Does what it's supposed to do.
  • Only downloaded cause school forced it 1/5

    By designfanatic88
    the only reason I’ve downloaded this app is cause IU requires it now to login into to everything. That’s for making logging in a pain in the butt.
  • Caused MindShift login to crash repeatedly. 1/5

    By Angel Lawyer
    Caused login crashes using MindShift cloud. Forced to use by my employer. Not my choice for dual factor authentication.
  • Great 5/5

    By Oshkalabah
    Assuming your IT department has their end of the setup done the Duo 2FA app is fantastic.
  • A+ 5/5

    By Kmook1
    Great app, service, and integration.
  • Haven't even needed to open the app, and that's great 5/5

    By Anangrypotato1
    I haven't even needed to open the app, because the notification system works so well. This is exactly how it should be, it stays out of the way and still provides the extra layer of security.
  • App NOT working 1/5

    By Kartikverma
    With the new update, the app is not working on my iPhone 5. ??
  • Rock solid MFA - very happy 5/5

    By dantali0n
    After putting up with a competitor's product for years, I had no idea how easy Duo could make MFA. 10/10 - keep up the great work.
  • Go bucks 5/5

    By oooollllk
  • Awful and cumbersome 1/5

    By Reverend Awesomepants
    This app always needs to be refreshed or reauthorized. Which for me, meant that when I was arguing with my dentist's office, I was unable to access proof that I had the plan that I was claiming I have. This app is terrible, and while I am going to be reimbursed, I will be missing that money until the payment goes through. This app is terrible and my life is measurably worse for having to use it.
  • Best app ever! 5/5

    By Phill Ashio
    My company has pushed 2FA on everyone giving us a strict deadline in which we had the option of using any Authenticator app in the AppStore, receiving a text message, or getting a TOTP card provided to us. I chose Duo! For people unsure about 2FA and didn’t know which would be more beneficial, they recommended an app. Well come to find out that that app was storing our data and logins and is no longer available to be used. I’m so glad I chose Duo, I’ve told all my coworkers how easy it is to use.
  • Screw this 2/5

    By James48
    I HAVE to install this app just to login? Why can’t you just text my phone a code? I don’t know this company, and I don’t want their app on my personal phone just so I can login to employee HR info. 2 stars because it works, but this is a WASTE of institutional money.
  • The biggest waste of time I've ever seen 1/5

    By A Hiuvugeknvhkuetv
    Any organization that uses this service is disrespectful to their customers/clients/members time
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Everydaymichelle
    Easy to use at my job and always immediately responsive. No complaints thus far.
  • Nice and easy 5/5

    By Elmsford, New York
    Added touch of security
  • My favorite 5/5

    By BelgoBeer
    I use Google and Microsoft Authenticator as well as Duo. Duo is by far my favorite. It’s faster and has great features both in the app and portal.
  • The best 2FA 5/5

    By Matthew.Harding
    It’s the best 2FA System. No more PINs. No more secret questions to answer. Just approve or deny. Drastically cut down on support calls.
  • Lovely App 5/5

    By sickflvrs
    Best MFA ever. Tops google authenticator, okta, MSFT, you name it. So easy to use and works perfectly with my apple watch. Keep it up!
  • Awesome App and Awesome 2FA 5/5

    By JARich2006
    This app is great. The fact that I can use the touchID to login is fantastic. I use it for personal and business. I would like to see more support for more platforms, big one push notification for google. A lot of the problems with duo have been around configuration issues on the proxy side and not the app itself. I would highly recommend this 2FA for any company and supported applications. 2FA saved my credit and my life from being hacked and this is company is easy to use.
  • No complaints 5/5

    By PerryTrolard
    Supremely reliable, such that I never think about it. Watch notification integration is great.
  • Used for school. 4/5

    By omnicloud7strife
    It’s difficult to judge the effectiveness of a preventative measure. How do you answer the question, “Did locking my door keep me/my things safe?” Ultimately, you can’t answer that question with yes or no. This is why security features are difficult to judge. However, I am required to use the app for school, and I have yet to encounter any difficulties doing so. As things are, the app functions as a second step to logging into my account. Which is its job. 4 Stars: Easy to use, bug free. Slightly annoying, like a second lock on a door.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By kwalsh2238
    Doesn’t work whatsoever. I have it for my university email and it won’t even let me set it up. Refuses to take my phone number for some reason so now I’m locked out of my account with absolutely no solution. Thanks duo. Absolutely worthless app. 0/5 stars.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By summer8song
    Duo was implemented at my campus and it's great and easy to use. I had to change phones after setting it up and was able to set up the new phone easily using a passcode. I do recommend that you print your bypass codes and store them safely in case you goof up your device.
  • Deleted everything 1/5

    By awayt
    The app randomly deleted all of my accounts, which I needed to log in. Limited support but huge disappointment. However, it has worked well in the past. If you need something like this, make sure to have the most recent version of the app, which apparently can restore account links if something happens.
  • Just Right 5/5

    By Assfghjk
    Just used Duo with headphones in. Ridiculously loud, hurt my ears. There is no reason for the app to make any sound at all, since I am already holding my phone when I use it. Please allow push notifications to be muted or just remove the sound. ::edit:: Thanks for the response, I figured out how to mute it. My bad for being ignorant.
  • Flawless and easy to use 5/5

    By Zoeeeeew
    I’ve been using this app for approving 2FA for the past 12 months, and I never had any issue with it. I can still use the passcode function when my phone is offline, and when the phone is online the push takes less than 3 seconds to pop up. Beautifully designed app that helps you secure your logins.
  • So awful 1/5

    By botanicazilla
    Doesn't work. Can't access my account since I changed my phone number. Says to contact help desk? I have no clue who that even is. Terrible.
  • An App done right... 5/5

    By The_Vig
    This app gets it right. Quick push notifications to the iphone that can be read with 3D Touch, making it a breeze to approve and deny requests. The biggest plus though is the presence of the Apple Watch app that is fully functional and not just informational. Please don't take any of these features away in future updates!!
  • No more pop up? 3/5

    By BlankSlag
    With this new update, push notifications no longer pop up at the top of my screen and allow me to approve a login from there. My phone actually doesn't even tell me I pushed anything to my phone... I have to exit out of whatever app I'm in and open the Duo app manually to see that I have a push notification. User experience is absolutely awful.
  • Better than ever 5/5

    By DJ Seth
    Duo is a necessity
  • Bad 1/5

    By omegax013
    Why in the world is 3D Touch required?
  • No issues 5/5

    By CeleryStik
    I've read what others have written about this app; I've had no problems whatsoever. Simple to use and haven't run into any issues.
  • Can't login on phone 2/5

    By Jason1346
    Any sites that I use this app to login with are no longer accessible from my phone. It just freezes up, eternally loading.
  • Data held against will 1/5

    By itsameesayouby
    DUO forced my account to use app or pay $20 for usb key, held my data hostage until I called to have them remove me. I did not choose to enroll.
  • Hope you don't get a new phone 1/5

    By sir celiac
    The app designers/coders were totally incapable of dealing with this common situation. And now there short sightedness has led to a delay in taking care of my patients. To you coders: pay more attention in your classes, just because you get lots of job offers doesn't mean your any good at what you do. The honeymoon period for all careers eventually ends...
  • Works excellent! 5/5

    By KillerGamerCat
    I use this app for two factor authentication for my servers and it worked first try without any configuration issues. Do not listen to the negative reviews because they just don't want to use the app because it's forced upon them due to a work/school policy, and users are quite dumb when it comes to security.
  • annoying! 1/5

    By frustrated7501
    very cumbersome and clunky
  • Wow 5/5

    By Djembe uejsv
    Makes me feel so secure, like a warm blanket that will protect me from all the monsters
  • Annoying. 1/5

    By Daisycastelario
    There are so many other two-step verification processes that do not require an app. This is more complicated than it needs to be, and I'd rather have my money stolen than use this garbage app. Only downloading because it's required by my college, and I really wish it wasn't.
  • Inconvenient 1/5

    By crazeforpink
    This is so dumb
  • I Hate That This Exists 1/5

    By Kesterall
  • Why do I need this 1/5

    By UserManGuyDude
    I have a different app to do 2FA but my POS school requires this one.
  • Why is this required? 1/5

    By GeneralSeay
    School just started requiring this and I don't see why. It's unnecessary and burdensome
  • Trash 1/5

    By MrPocket
    Awesome, an app for two factor authentication because no one else uses one
  • Wow. I hate this app. 1/5

    By m0r91sh4
    I cannot tell you how much I hate this app. It's the absolute worst. Garbage is more useful and works better than this app.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By JBallard1997
    Why do I need your app for two factor authentication so dumb.
  • My company force me to get this 1/5

    By Evelyn JIexuan
    I dont want this at all!!!!n
  • Ugh 1/5

    By Electrovir
    Screw my university for making me use this piece of junk.

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