Duolingo - Learn Spanish, French and more

Duolingo - Learn Spanish, French and more

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Duolingo - Learn Spanish, French and more App

Duolingo is Apple's iPhone App of the Year! 23 languages to choose from. Totally fun. Totally free — Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Irish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Turkish, Norwegian, Polish, Hebrew, Esperanto, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Welsh, Greek, Hungarian, Romanian, and Swahili. Oh, and English too. "Far and away the best language-learning app." —The Wall Street Journal "Duolingo may hold the secret to the future of education." —TIME Magazine PC Magazine Editors' Choice for Language Learning: "Among iPhone apps for learning or practicing a language, you can't beat Duolingo." "The most productive means of procrastination I’ve ever discovered. The short lesson blocks are painless and peppy, and reaching the next level (and then the level after that) becomes addictive." —Slate Duolingo is changing the way people learn languages. With Duolingo, you learn a language completely for free. You have fun while you learn, leveling up and competing with friends. Yeah, it's pretty sweet.

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Duolingo - Learn Spanish, French and more app reviews

  • New Update 2/5

    By Anonymous643
    I don't like the new update with the lives. Slows learning progress :/
  • Stupid new update :/ 1/5

    By megmegisisononfirfire
    I've been using Duolingo for months learning German, and then Duolingo made an update where you have "health." Basically "health" is where you have 5 bars and each time you mess up while practicing a course, you lose a health. And when you run out completely you can't redo that course that you were practicing on. Instead, you have to either: wait 5 hours, pay $6, or practice things that you learned 15 lessons ago, and by doing so, you only get ONE health bar back. The update would be cool if you could only practice what you're trying to learn, but you can't even do that! :/ it's stupid. I loved how much I could practice, but this stupid update limits learning time & I hate it!! DUOLINGO GET RID OF HEALTH ASAP!
  • Not happy 2/5

    By wtsurvival
    I really loved this app but with the newest update you can really tell they are all about making money. I had tons of point built up an could purchase anything with my point then the update happens and my points ain't worth crap. So now if I want extra learning games they want money to buy a crap ton of points. What losers.
  • Quick learning 5/5

    By Ne08041
    Loving this app! I feel like I'm learning so much already. Very grateful with its many different ways to practice the language of your choice.
  • Japanese needs to be fixed 3/5

    By Angelique255
    The words are not being pronounced properly. Fix this immediately! Otherwise decent app
  • I dont like it so much 3/5

    By Monoskore
    I dont like it so much
  • The best if the best!!!! 5/5

    By Dunamibias
    This app is so awesome! Especially the way it reminds you on your lessons daily. It's not too forceful and makes it fun to want to go back and continue with your lessons. The lessons are also easy and it's step by step. I love it!! Plus it's FREE!! FREE!!!!
  • Good app / voice recognition needs work / don't like timed health bars 3/5

    By NerdyTeacherGirl
    Update: downgrading a star with the introduction of "health" bars. This went from a legitimate learning app to a timed language game. Really loving this app. When I use it every day and re-do and strengthen my skills consistently I find I am able to remember words and phrases. The voice recognition needs work. More than once I have said something very obviously wrong (and sometimes I have stopped in the middle of the sentence) yet it is graded as correct. By the same token, there are some sentences I am certain I am saying correctly (or at least like the computer voice) and it is graded as wrong. However, overall, I feel this app is helping me to learn, listen, and recognize beginner Italian. I also greatly appreciate that the ads are unobtrusive. I hope they remain so.
  • Simply the best 5/5

    By Pangalar
    Smart, interesting, addictive language learning.
  • This app is the bomb 5/5

    By Juliap0517
    Pretty awesome app for refreshing your Espanol. They have a lot of great exercises with repetition. One of my favorite exercise is the bots. You can have a mock conversation, which is really helpful. Download Duo now!!
  • I love duolingo! 5/5

    By chimchim237
    Great app, and it makes learning fun. I really like that it shows you what words you are weakest on and gives you the opportunity to focus on just those words. Thanks duolingo!
  • Comprehensive 5/5

    By UVAVol
    This has been a great app to help me remember all the Spanish I learned and forgot 20 years ago.
  • Niki 5/5

    By Nikitagoth
    Awesome and fun!!!
  • It's not free 1/5

    By RickyMaveety
    They've updated the app so that now it is worse than before about sucking money out of you. I will be moving on to something else, or at least not using the app anymore.
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By tsandstr
    Just getting started with the app, but so far I'm loving it. I'm practicing 15-20 minutes a day and really enjoying myself. I fell like I am learning quickly.
  • Duolingo 5/5

    By GERSHOM 2016
    A fantastic way to learn. Straight to the point, just love it.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By [akh]
    Such a great app to practice a new language (in my case case revisit the language I learned in high school!).
  • I like it but... 3/5

    By xteer
    But why is it that when it's time to type the translation, 50% of the time it says it's wrong when it's actually correct. Because of this, I end up losing health points and it takes forever to regain one.
  • I started using the Japanese course... 5/5

    By dantastics
    This app is great! Easy to use. I'm hooked on using Duolingo. Seriously, give it a try.
  • So Disappointed!! 1/5

    By MiaLanguage
    I have loved learning from this app for years. But recently changes Duolingo has made a series of changes that are a distracting and obvious way of making money. I don't disparage the program's need for funds but there are better ways to go about it. I would have happily paid for a membership level that allowed for more in depth or advanced lessons. Instead they are fussing with these cheap commercial tricks to milk you slowly. I am horribly disappointed. I have deleted the app from my iPhone. Goodbye.
  • Finally Japanese 5/5

    By alienoutcast
    So happy they added Japanese. Great program. No problems yet.
  • What on earth?! 1/5

    By paorejsh
    I never write reviews, but this update made me lose so much faith in your product that I had to say something. Why did you make Duolingo pay-to-play? Why did my roughly 350 lingots turn into useless currency? This new update is genuinely hurtful. Please, if you need donations, I'm sure the members of this community will be happy to help. But new update this has damaged the functionality of the app for everyone.
  • No korean? 2/5

    By Plap711
    Why isnt hangul a language to learn?
  • Free language courses! 5/5

    By popsuki
    Good app.
  • Excellent with some flaws 4/5

    By Gypsgris
    First of all for keeping me on my toes to keep at it this free app deserves a 5 stars. But there are a few flaws: some of the sentences are poor, some even sexist. Some words that are truly important (e. g. shop) are revealed in the last lesson, while words like elephant are presented very early. But these are only quibbles. I would recommend this app to anyone starting with a language.
  • Health!? 2/5

    By JimmySmith4
    We already cannot use this app in school due to ads. Now the micropayment health thing! Just charge $4.99 and stop the silliness.
  • I like 5/5

    By Levinew
    Great way to freshen up on your Spanish (and other languages) if you know a little bit of your basics!!!!
  • Change it back 1/5

    By Dr Red Duke
    I get you are trying to pay for yourself but this is a terrible way to scrounge for profit. I'm only able to memorize french because I strengthen my words by strengthening them over and over again. Remove the heart system and go back to the old version
  • Great! 5/5

    By Frandelion
    User friendly, moves at a lovely pace, not overwhelming. Downloaded Tony Flashcards and noticed a big difference!
  • HATE THE NEW VERSION, loved the previous 2/5

    By Nolan_nabi
    I really loved the 'old' Duolingo app, but as of today (May 26, 2017) it has become frustrating and detrimental to my learning. If you make 5 mistakes in a row, which you will because it's a new language, you now run out of health (completely new thing), so you have to pay gems (instead of lingots, also new) to up your health again, or strengthen old skills (which run out alarmingly fast in the new version). But will my health automatically restore over time, or do I have to wait for skills to weaken to then strengthen them to then get my health back? The changes they've made in this update compared with how the app was only yesterday lead me to believe that they're using tactics to increase their revenue at the learner's expense. Very, very frustrating.
  • Heart issues 3/5

    By Extremely annoyed 666
    The app is nice to learn from or to brush up on language skills with, but losing hearts when learning new lessons is a real issue. It's not particularly encouraging to people making mistakes at a new or forgotten language, and only encourages procrastination or complete avoidance of said language. Some languages also don't have lots of spoken sentences like the more popular languages, but that's to be expected as the app is free and not particularly old.
  • Can you guys please add Korean? 5/5

    By cattyrockx
    I've been wanting to learn Korean for awhile, and I don't know if the other apps are true, and learning another language has never been easier using this app. If it's possible please add it!
  • Great way to get on daily language practice. 5/5

    By Narmacil
    Super useful!
  • Great app 4/5

    By Nick_Ferrari
    Better than any other app, podcast, or videos out there. Could be better. Adding more questions so that you're not just learning how to take the tests. Having you write out or translate on the spot, like you have to do to speak it. Also, an analysis about how you got the question wrong grammar wise.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Justaguyyoudontknow
    Great way to learn a language and fun too!
  • My pace! 5/5

    By Nirbhe
    I enjoy this system! After years of getting by with "cave man" or "toddler" Spanish I am finally starting to remember some grammar. Thank you Duolingo!!!
  • Very well done 5/5

    By quiet_man
    Fun and effective

    I believe it's better than Rosetta'stone
  • Great app 5/5

    By kianna rae
    It is a really great review too
  • Bravo 5/5

    By EveryoneShoDownloadedThis
    This app is just... wow..
  • Japanese 5/5

    By Qrose918
    I've been trying to teach myself a bit of Japanese for years but the language never really clicked for me until Duolingo added it to their repertoire.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Bikediverj
    This app is amazing
  • Excelente Aplicación! 4/5

    By William CR
    La recomiendo !
  • Free and easy 5/5

    By Easterner1
    I've dabbled in languages from several continents all my life. Duolingo is the best program I know for learning a language outside a classroom or in the native setting.
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By Nekastar
    Love it. Easy to use. Thank you so much.
  • Learning languages made easy! 4/5

    By afterlifeangel
    I've recently decided to learn Spanish, and this app makes it fun and easy to practice every day. My only complaint would be that the app doesn't distinguish between formalities, which is very important in some languages. If you're looking to pick up a new language, this app is for you!
  • Fun 5/5

    By slmydland
    I love this app! I'm going to study abroad in France in a few months and want to learn a bit to help me get by, this app makes it just like a game!
  • Duolingo is Great! iOS app needs work 1/5

    By UmenoHana
    There's no ability to change sound settings. Sound on Japanese for English speakers (only available on iOS) is really funky. When you run out of life you have the options to pay in various ways...but not exit. Basically, when you run out of life you have to restart the app...ugh. These are basic things especially for apps that cost $10 for a month of ad free use!!
  • It's convenient 4/5

    By Geeejbvfweujbfss
    Overall, I think there are better ways to learn a language if your goal is speaking fluently. That being said, I think Duolingo is great for providing a consistent source of repetitive practice while on-the-go. I feel that the app throws you into the next lesson without explaining anything whatsoever; you can click on new words to learn their definition but the application never offers any sort of conjugation table so it's up to you to figure out stuff like verb endings through trial-and-error.
  • Nice 5/5

    By Thualfekar2012
    Very good but after that be not free

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