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Duolingo App

Duolingo is Apple's iPhone App of the Year! Duolingo is the world's most popular way to learn languages with over 200 million users. 23 languages to choose from. Super fun and free — Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Irish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Turkish, Norwegian, Polish, Hebrew, Esperanto, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Welsh, Greek, Hungarian, Romanian, and Swahili. Oh, and English too. "Far and away the best language-learning app." —The Wall Street Journal "Duolingo may hold the secret to the future of education." —TIME Magazine PC Magazine Editors' Choice for Language Learning: "Among iPhone apps for learning or practicing a language, you can't beat Duolingo." "The most productive means of procrastination I’ve ever discovered. The short lesson blocks are painless and peppy, and reaching the next level (and then the level after that) becomes addictive." —Slate Duolingo is changing the way people learn languages. With Duolingo, you learn a language for free. You have fun while you learn, leveling up and competing with friends. Yeah, it's pretty sweet. -------------------------------------------- If you choose to purchase Duolingo Plus, payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes Store after purchase. Duolingo currently offers the following subscriptions: $9.99 per month $47.99 per six months $79.99 per twelve months These prices are in U.S. dollars - they may vary in countries other than the U.S. and are subject to change without notice. If you don’t choose to purchase Duolingo Plus, you can simply continue using Duolingo for free. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable. Privacy Policy: https://www.duolingo.com/privacy Terms of Service: https://www.duolingo.com/terms


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Duolingo app reviews

  • LOVE!!!!! Helped me learn Hangul in 2-3weeks ish 5/5

    By anjanettecanlas
    Duolingo is really good if you are motivated! It helped me learn the Korean alphabet (Hangul) in about 2-3 weeks i’d say? I did this DAILY, meaning i put about 10-20 minutes aside everyday redoing certain lessons i’d need and it got me to where i am! Definitely recommend. 📍THE ONLY THING📍that i would like Duolingo to add in is MORE interactive games instead of the matching cards.
  • My brain hurts 5/5

    By MITSasquatch
    Between Duolingo and Tiny cards I am packing more Spanish each day than I did when taking Spanish in High School. I
  • Just some Feedback to Help. Awesome and easy learning app. 5/5

    By Ehjdskdmenrnrnrnn
    The app is very easy to use and is very helpful for learning a new language. The little lessons everyday are easy to help remember. I just have a complaint how for some reason when the phrase is read orally for you to type it, it doesn’t slow down when you click the turtle. For some reason, on the female voice it slows down so I can hear it better, but when it’s a male it doesn’t change speed. No I’m not sexist, I’m a guy but that’s what happens.
  • Fix it! 3/5

    By Wadofam1
    Okay just in case anyone sees this can whoever works on the Spanish section of duolingo please make it so another way of saying and is y and not just e. For example: when translating Mom and Dad I put Madre y padre. But it keeps marking it wrong saying it is madre e padre even though it can go either way. And when I report the question I feel like it isn’t doing anything and I keep losing hearts. If you can fix this I would appreciate it. But I do love this app it is really helped improve my Spanish and I have been using it for years.
  • Fun 5/5

    By Supa Fun Person!!!
    Really great good for people who long to become bilingual!
  • Easy and fun 5/5

    By kramsugs
    You choose how hard or how much you want to work. You can also review as much as you want.
  • Update killed this app 1/5

    By ratgib
    I Love this app. I have been using duolingo almost daily for years with up to ten different languages. I saw there was an update, and now duolingo will no longer open. :( Help! I need my duolingo!
  • Wonderful free training 5/5

    By sherrypants
    Enjoy this app and appreciate the free resource. They have my support!
  • Needs an option to learn hindi😕 2/5

    By Nick gamer 4556462874
    This is a good app don’t get me wrong but for me, I’m trying to learn hindi. There is an option for hindi but it translates the whole app to hindi. I’m just asking to please make this app have an option to learn hindi, if you developers have enough time to read this please do. I would give this a better star rating if u make an option to learn hindi🙂
  • Fun and Effective 5/5

    By CeraWithaC103
    It's the perfect mix of fun and challenging and I LOVE the chat bots.
  • No more health! 3/5

    By David1112
    This app is great- that is, when you can do it! There is a problem with health, which is: personally, I sometimes make mistakes in Spanish, and I am sure you do, too! Whenever you make a mistake, you lose so me health. After a few mistakes, you are forced to either quit the lesson or pay at least $2 to finish it. I would definitely give a 4-5 star review if this problem would be gotten rid of! Please get rid of it!!!
  • Duolingo 5/5

    By usfsys susbajs sv
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By dvbace
    This is the best app ever I look forward to playing it every day me and my friends are obsessed with it it is so amazing!!!
  • It is good application to learn inglés. I recommend it 5/5

    By Rams Ramos
  • Highly Recommend (Fr + Ro) 5/5

    By pbirkeland
    I found this app to be very helpful. I am learning French and Romanian in English, and I am looking forward to the Arabic for English speakers. This is an easy and natural way to learn a language. I love the practice feature, which lets you review older levels, revisit things you struggled with, and learn new levels scattered throughout.
  • Great app, but it could use some improvements. 4/5

    By 伟大的安德鲁。虽然这个用户名在汉字,但是我不是中国人。
    Duolingo is a great app, and I would certainly recommend it to my friends.
  • Buggy lately 2/5

    By At234
    Always repeats the same sentence over and over within a lesson. At least I know how to say in German that she is not wearing a skirt but rather a coat...🤷🏻‍♂️
  • A real review 4/5

    By fireflower8
    This app is an amazing tool if you are working to learn a language. It is easy and fun, and you only need about ten minutes a day to do it. I have learned French and Spanish a lot quicker than I ever expected, and I soon hope to learn Japanese. It also has a good website that you can access anywhere and in some ways is more effective than the app. You can chat with other learners and make clubs, too. My only complaint is the health points in the app. If you make five mistakes in one day, you have to forfeit the lesson and go to something too easy, pay for more lives, or wait a day for them to come back, which breaks your streak. If it wants to teach you another language, it needs to expect you to make mistakes and correct you without punishing you. Just to touch up I discovered you can turn off hearts in settings
  • Buenísimo 5/5

    By Esta bien guillao
    Excelente aplicación para aprender cualquier idioma
  • Glitch Ruining Experience 3/5

    By C1d1p1
    This is a wonderful app. However, it currently has a bug in which the app reads you a sentence to translate. But when I type it in, the app scores it wrong even when I translated and typed correctly. This has happened every time, and is currently stopping me from completing lessons. I will need to discontinue using until the bug is fixed. Eagerly awaiting an update.
  • Good app 4/5

    By GreenIydMonsta
    I’ve been using Duolingo on and off for a couple years to build up my spanish fluency. I have a good foundation but I still need a lot of practice before I would consider myself bilingual. The app works great. I like the chat option to give yourself a little more freedom in your responses. The only thing I noticed is that some lessons have sections that repeat the same thing back to back for about 4 questions. This is really impacting my use as I’m getting credit for the same translation but not practicing anything different. Please please fix this. Otherwise good app.
  • Easy to learn with this app 4/5

    By Ssssttttaaa
    I really love the learning style of the app. It is more like a game making it interesting. The only thing I don’t like is the running out of health. You have to watch videos and do practice things just to gain a small amount of health to be able to continue to progress. I would rather pay money for the app than have this health issue.
  • Chinese 1 2/5

    By makesmefeelgood
    This is way to difficult. There is no approach other than attempting to construct sentences by trial and error. This is highly inefficient and ineffective. Needs to far better thought out. Loved it for French but it’s terrible for this and I would recommend Memrise instead
  • Eschewed this in favor of... 5/5

    By jsabato1756
    I have had since high school, a copy of almost all the Rosetta Stone languages. I liked the system, but was too poor to afford it and used a pirated version. Now that I know Duolingo is the same system, only FAR BETTER, and it’s from a company that values communication over money, I find I am more and more reliant on this tool for my education, and in this day and age, my sanity and mental acuity. Don’t change a thing. Unless you’re adding more languages. Even conlangs like Esperanto are a valuable learning tool...interested in whether or not living language will make a deal with you about Dothraki. Trigideslang and Quenya/Sindarin would be awesome as well. Keep tweeting in the langue that defies translation! Ever the hopeful omniglot, I am distrustful of those suffering from Ignorant Monoglotism. I had a wonderful teacher in college who connected with me over that.
  • languages 3/5

    By Derpsawesome101
    u should add iceland lol
  • Health 1/5

    By AleksandrosIV
    Remove the health system, make the app like the desktop version. It doesn’t improve learning at all and just damages available practice time.
  • The same sentence 6 times in a row?? 1/5

    By uclamy
    I was loving this app until recently, when the latest update made it so that in each lesson, I’m getting the same sentence 4, 5, 6 or more times in a row, from different “speakers.” I get it. Mañana empieza junio. Anyone else have this problem? It basically renders the app useless unless I want to learn only one sentence in each module.
  • Many errors prevent proper progression 2/5

    By Shmoocup
    I have used this app for over a year for French and Spanish. At first it was great and I got to 50% fluent for both languages. But now the lessons have a lot of errors and this prevents me from progressing. You type the correct response ( exactly what they told you is correct) and its marked wrong. I report these issues- your options are speaker doesn't suite the topic or other mistake. Thus you can't finish the lesson, there is no way to complete it if it keeps making things that are correct as wrong and lose your health. There should be an option to report answer was correct. You lose a lot of health and can't complete levels because of this ongoing issue. I do like the duo lingo podcasts though.
  • It’s an ok App, 3/5

    By AntL.A
    In French it will give you several words and give you zero translation and assume you know them, that is my only issue with it. Good basic language learning app.
  • Fabulous, but..... 4/5

    By Txjfdhj
    I love this app and it’s really helpful but I don’t like the whole gem and lives system!! It really ruins the app and I’m thinking about getting a different app, so..... please fix!!
  • Motivating 5/5

    By AnimeKat18
    Duolingo is definitely helps me to study a bit everyday even when I feel like I don’t have time, and it is fun to meet the challenges. It is not very effective by itself to learn a language and mostly just follows the grammar-translation method of learning, but it is another little tool to help me relearn German from high school.
  • Only great when the "Health" feature is not a factor 2/5

    This immensely stifles learning and causes frustration. Very sad to see you went back to that
  • What’s wrong with Greek??? 1/5

    By Dlp73Tep
    It’s super repetitive and does not actually cover the words it says it will in each lesson. It’s seriously messed up.
  • Absolutely love this app, but ads AND subscriptions? 5/5

    By U'll bsrry
    I use this app mainly to help me retain what I’ve learned in my Spanish course, and this does a great job at that! However, since WHEN did you start becoming so desperate for money that you force us to see ads and buy a subscription to use the app offline? This app was always great for using it on airplanes and not having to worry about paying for it, but now that reality is gone. AND IT’S EXPENSIVE, TOO. $10 a month if you don’t want to commit to 6 months or a year, just for two or three small features that you didn’t have to worry about in the first place? Seems like another company is looking for a cash grab...
  • Great app small problem 3/5

    By Miracat😄😃😀😍😘fun
    I really love this app but when ever I try to improve my strength with certain levels the next day it’s back down taking my fluency down. Which can be very frustrating but besides that I like it a lot. If someone could fix this it would be nice.
  • Changes are annoying 2/5

    By Andjjdjehekwksndnebejwbsjjwj
    The most recent update brought back the health system and more ads which makes the app a lot more stressful for me to use. Normally this I a four or five star app for me but the point is to make learning a language easier but this only makes it harder. I can deal with the return of ads, but the health system needs to go.
  • Health 5/5

    By Spring_Baby21
    I don’t like how i lose health so fast
  • What I have been looking for, all along 5/5

    By Monkeyking202
    Very good app
  • Good but... 4/5

    The app is great and it really helps you learn but sometimes when you has to spell things in the language you choose to learn the speaker says it so fast you don’t understand what her or he are saying. Also the slow mode for the speaker is the same as the fast. I think it is not fair that you have the heart because even if you are really good some people are not so if the don’t have the heart they don’t have the opportunity to learn until it re-fills. Other than those few flaws the app does eventually come in handy and is a good way to learn a new language.
  • Great Learn App 5/5

    By Roman193005
    Very in depth starting from beginners all the way to advanced Portuguese.
  • Innovative, benefit to society. 5/5

    By Aaron4peace
    This is a fantastic app that brings the world a step closer. I really appreciate their continued innovation, and a sincere desire to teach language to everybody. Kudos to the developers.
  • Its cool 4/5

    By BigBrackMonster
    Its an awesome app. A lot of fun. Whats the frequency that you put new languages in? When y’all put Arabic in, thats when i’ll start paying for the app. Thats just me personally. Im learning Spanish and Japanese right now, but Arabic is something I wanted to learn
  • Great app... 5/5

    By Anaiys Carmonee 🤤🤟🏽💕
    This app was is really great & I absolutely love it... but the new update is different, reminds me of the old version & does not have the advantages of the newest version &... it is glitchy sometimes, not helpful so please fix & change to bettter version & make an update please & thanks guys.
  • Kinda cool 3/5

    By MARSonxannxbars
    Decent. They should update the waiting time after loss of life
  • Great app, but not across all languages 3/5

    By Camtheman9
    I am learning Russian, a language which was given fewer features, and sub-par question wordings and question generation algorithms. Oftentimes, translations are not clean in their English forms, retaining word orders from Russian, rather than adjusting fully into English syntax. Additionally, some lesson repeat the same questions multiple times in a row. It’s 3/5 from me until the Russian section is improved. That said, it is a very well-made app, and an excellent idea.
  • Useful supplement 4/5

    By Nora two
    I’m using Duolingo for German. But you won’t be proficient in German just by using Duolingo. German grammar is so complex that you do need a teacher, preferably a native speaker, to explain things. However, Duolingo is a great supplement. It keeps you interested, it’s fun to use and, for me, it’s quite useful way to practice pronunciation. It now has quite a number of ads, but the app is worth the irritation.

    By LanguageStudent87
    The content is good, but the app is cluttered with ads and a moronic "gem" system that severely inhibits your ability to use the app more than a few minutes a day. What's worse is that even if you pay $10/month, YOU STILL HAVE TO PAY to have more lessons if you make too many mistakes. Just dumb and greedy.
  • Healthy adiiction 5/5

    By Lucycap
    Awesome, awesome AWESOME!!!!
  • No problems so far. 5/5

    By MarshiaP
    Thinking about buying the full version.
  • Good but has bugs 3/5

    By TI 23
    I'm glad they added Japanese, it works perfectly. But when I click on the sound, it doesn't sound right to the options or they sound like another option but it's wrong. And the Spanish lessons keep messing up with my progress. I'll complete all the lessons and the bubble with be gold, I close the app or change to a different lesson and it wipes the last lesson I did and takes away the gold. Sometimes multiple at a time. Last time it did it to 4 of my gold bubbles and I'm kinda mad because I won't be able to progress without their completion.

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