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Eat24 Food Delivery App

Your iPhone can now feed you. No, your phone hasn’t learned to cook but you won’t have to either, thanks to the free, easy-to-use Eat24 Order Food Delivery & Takeout app. Order food delivery from over 40,000 restaurants in 1,500+ cities, with more being added each day. Search 24 hours a day from wherever you are, or wherever you’re going to be when you’re ready for some food. The Eat24 app remembers your preferences, which saves you time, and gives you coupons on a regular basis, which saves you money. Oh, and because 24 is in our name, that means you can definitely order 24 appetizers for yourself and not feel the least bit bad about it. At least we're pretty sure that's how it works. What can our app do? - Search for specific cuisines, restaurants...even particular dishes. - It has Yelp inside. See what the foodies of Yelp think about a restaurant without leaving the app. - Eye Candy. Eat with your eyes and browse delicious food photos on the restaurant menu page. As if you weren’t hungry enough already. - In unfamiliar territory? Search by your current location, order, and the Eat24 app will have it waiting (well, really the restaurant will, but you get the idea). - Like to play favorites? We understand completely (Mom always liked us best). The Eat24 app lets you save your favorite restaurants so you can find them more easily next time. - Using filters to sort by distance, newest, top rated, delivery/pickup. Plus sort by personal preferences like spicy, healthy, and more. - Do you enjoy entering your credit card numbers over and over again? That’s a rhetorical question, no one does. Which is why the Eat24 app lets you scan your credit card directly into the app and securely stores your payment information for you. - Hate credit cards? Use Apple Pay or PayPal! - 24 Hour Live chat and order status support. If it isn’t right, we’ll make it right. No robots, no problem. - Cash back for future orders through our CashCoupon rewards system. - Exclusive offers and content through our Eat24Hours VIP program. - Eat24 Notes. Write a note about your meal right on your phone and remind yourself to order/not order an item again. (Because hunger affects memory in mysterious ways) - We added the popular Tweet My Meal function, because everyone knows that if you didn’t tweet about it, it didn’t actually happen. Best of all, once your order’s in, Eat24 handles every aspect of the delivery experience. Which means no more screwed-up orders. No more wondering where the delivery driver is. Just the ability to take back a few precious minutes of your day and enjoy. Something not quite right? Hit up our 24 Hours Live Support within the app and chat with a real human being about any issue or question you may have. We’ll make things right. Tap, Relax and Enjoy with the Eat24 app in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington DC, Miami, Baltimore, Las Vegas, Boston, Chicago, New York City, San Diego, Houston, Denver, Atlanta, Phoenix, Austin, Philadelphia and almost every other U.S. city, with more being added every day


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Eat24 Food Delivery app reviews

  • Been 2 hours no food yet. 1/5

    By Sinaloa
    Its been 2 hours that i placed an order estimate was 45mins... they alteady charged my card and tried to contact they’re “live support” without a reply 3 times already the last waited 14 mins on the screen waiting for them to reply but no response yet, hope at least ill get my food
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By Zombie blaster
    I ordered food from their website. They said the order would take between 90-150 minutes which is a considerable amount of time, but I was willing to wait. After receiving a confirmation of my order an hour later I receive an email that says the restaurant I ordered from is closed and can not complete my order. I receive this email at 9pm I checked the restaurants website and it says it is open till 9:15. Since I ordered an hour previously that should have been plenty of time for them to complete my order or at least at the beginning tell me that they could not do it because they were closing soon. Now other restaurants are also closed. This is unacceptable.
  • Highly inaccurate delivery timelines 2/5

    By Brian Ross
    Consistently miss by 20+ minutes. Most frustrating is when you book an order and they send you a confirmation text 10 seconds later saying that the order is delayed - couldn't they have said that up-front?
  • Great app 5/5

    By Cc1230o
    We use this app weekly for takeout with great results.
  • Brings variety back to the dinner table. Thumbs up! 5/5

    By Daddy day cares
    Intuitive interface. Been using this app for over 5 years, no issues.
  • Never received order. 1/5

    By Wootsicle
    I downloaded this app because it was required to order from a pizza place. After I placed the order and received my confirmation email, I waited for an hour (the eta was 40-60 minutes). I then sent a message to the representative who did not respond to me for another 20 minutes. When they did they just said they would "look into it." They got back to me another 20 minutes later and said that the restaurant never received the order and they don't know how I got the confirmation. I waited almost two hours just to cancel my order and eat what I had at home. Will promptly uninstall and never use again.
  • Buggy and barely functional. 2/5

    By Aminorincident
    Very frustrating to use.
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By pmranda
    I have ordered through this app 2 separate times. Each time I waited 20 min or more past the eta time and when I speak with the customer service representative is rude. The representatives go to answer is that the order didn’t go through the system. I recommend using a different delivery app unless you want to wait 2 hours for your food to arrive and dealing with eat 24’s rude employees.
  • So crappy 1/5

    By Kendragoanggg
    They don’t have “live” tracking. You don’t know when your order has been picked up and is on its way. For example, my eta was 45-60 mins. It’s been 100 mins and there is no update whatsoever. When you click “check status” it redirects you to talk to a representative who doesn’t respond until a few minutes later (who also didn’t have an exact eta for the driver as well). Yelp offers 10% back when you order through them but I’d rather pay 10% extra with Uber eats, postmates or DoorDash. They are a lot more efficient with their tracking. Also, was told by two customer service reps that the driver would call upon arrival. They never called, took the food back to the restaurant (because I️ didn’t answer my phone -untrue- I’ve been waiting by my phone for the last hour and no calls), and are coming back to us now. This system is so inefficient. There’s no way to contact the driver directly and you’re hoping that the third party (Eat24) will relay your message to them. Absolutely garbage. Would never recommend this service to anyone. Ever. Waste of my time.
  • Life Saver 5/5

    By Hawk durian
    Cash Deliveries, up to date reviews, can't beat it!
  • Horrible customer service 1/5

    By mr.cooger
    We made an order tonight and the restaurant never received it even though the app gave us a delivery time. The restaurant only know about the order after we requested a status report from Eat24! I called the restaurant directly and they actually told me to order from their website directly next time and that it would even be cheaper. So forget about paying extra for lousy service!
  • Spammers and Crappy Service 1/5

    By Rickh619
    Do not download the app. The service from the company is the pits and once they have your email, there is no escaping their spam. I’ve been trying for a year to get off their list. For some reason outlook’s spam filter won’t flag them. They are real pieces of work.
  • Use for Pick-up only 4/5

    By shinnguyen1992
    I have used the app multiple times to place pick-up orders. After hearing all bad experience with delivery service, I very hesitate to try out that option. Hence, I stick to the old routine. The app provides sufficient info that can walk me through the entire process. I have never encountered any issue with pick-up order yet.
  • TERRIBLE customer service and app is faulty 1/5

    By Keylvr
    These people are criminals. Take your money and treat you like you’re the idiot if something goes wrong on their end. I gave them many times to correct errors and each time it was a hassle. I’m never using them again.
  • Slow Customer Service 2/5

    By chamsii
    I placed an order for delivery using this app. When the order did not show up, I attempted to get a status update through the app but was quickly told they could not provide one. So, I started a chat with customer service. It took seven minutes before someone from customer service responded. By this time, my order was more than 20 minutes past the confirmed delivery time (which was already a 35 minute wait). I ended up calling the restaurant myself to try and find out what was going on. All in all, it took more than an hour for a food delivery from a restaurant only five blocks away. The best that customer service could do was ask me what I thought I needed to resolve the situation. I really just wanted them to help me in a timely fashion. They did apologize, but because they did not offer any solutions, I just requested a refund of the delivery fee. So, I got my measly two dollars back, but I am still left pretty disappointed in the service. Probably will not use it again. If they want to retain customers, they will improve their customer service and help when one of their restaurant partners is not living up to good quality service.
  • Love the love 3/5

    By Bobman772000
    1. The little comments, phrases, fortune cookies are Great. Corny yes. No one wants to admit they like them but they do without without thinking about it. I noticed they've decreased some. Bummer. Prolly cuz some folk dislike. *** I wonder if there is any way to figure out if the customer digs it. Like a button saying "Thanks!" or "I love you too!" or "Just get my food and stop commenting." Everything from a busy mom to a bored lonely dude in a hotel room. Guess which one wants the extra love? *** Three Stars off for the decreasing friendliness and comments and jokes. ---- 2. They now tell you pretty fast that the restaurant received the order. "Thanks!" for the improvement. Big deal to me. Extra star. 3. It should be easy to get your money back. Maybe is now? Had problem a year ago and some issue getting money back. Makes people delete app. Maybe negotiate w restaurants to only put a hold on the credit card but don't charge yet, or don't give restaurant the money til order is over and client checks a box and/or doesn't respond/complain within another half hour. 4. Thanks for this. Overall great. Pls find a way to infere that I want those cutsie comments and jokes even if some others don't want them.
  • *Almost perfect 4/5

    By M Crimbus
    TLTR; Been using eat24 for years when App mysteriously changed my delivery address to a few houses over. I fixed it, but that other address still appears as one of my addresses and I cannot delete it.
  • Terrible experience 1/5

    By RazorbackRice
    I tried this app to order food to my hotel. Everything seemed promising until I ordered. 40 min after the delivery time, I tried to call the restaurant in the help tab. The call was answered by "fast guys" delivery....not the restaurant. An automated answering service said I was 1st to be answered as all operators are busy. After a while the call was disconnected with a message saying ext ### wasn't available. I contacted support via message who stated that they tried to call the restaurant, which was closed by this time. They also said they cannot contact the driver as they don't have their phone number. Wow. The only reason for the 1 Star rating is because they promptly offered to issue a refund. Needless to say, I will not gamble on this service again. Deleting the app.
  • Great app 4/5

    By J1229
    Makes ordering so fast and easy plus there are various discounts options available use this first time code 3N2JN to get $5
  • Terrible Customer Service 4/5

    By Miss Adriana
    I placed an order through Eat24 because I wanted a lazy Sunday brunch, and the order was wrong. I ordered Country Fried Steak and Pancakes. I received Country Fried Chicken and pancakes with no syrup. I contacted Eat24 and just received some of the worst customer service. I had to argue as to how syrup is an essential component of pancakes. In the end I received a discount on the pancakes and the country fried steak was refunded. I just never expected to argue how syrup is a key component of pancakes. Update 12.3.17: I received a response back from Customer Service and the issue was rectified.
  • Inaccurate delivery times 2/5

    By Loverly Linz
    I’ve had so many issues with this app, the most frequent being that it doesn’t update with accurate delivery times. Now my food came early today, that shouldn’t be a reason to complain- but it when I’m trying to do other things around the house while I wait. I was just about to hop in the shower at 11:40 as my delivery wasn’t to be until 12:14, but my doorbell rang as I was naked with the shower running.
  • Needs more. 4/5

    By Mos20
    Works pretty well but when you want to know where a Restaurant is, it only says the street and the zip code. So unless your brain is an encyclopedia of zip codes you have no idea what town it’s in.
  • Terrible Experience - use Uber Eats 1/5

    By Crashsk2
    I ordered food through this app 2 hours ago, and it just arrived mins ago. I messaged support at the “latest arrival time,” and they claimed to have spoken to the driver and that it would be here in 10-15 mins. That was an hour ago, and the food just arrived. 15 mins before it got here, I again messaged to cancel the order. I just received an email from support saying they spoke with the restaurant and that they couldn’t refund as it was delivered. 1. Don’t expect your food on time. 2. Don’t expect prompt or truthful support. 3. Save yourself the bs and just call the restaurant directly or use Uber Eats.
  • Staff 1/5

    By pandaseat2
    Most the time the app is great for getting food during travel, that being said their staff never gets back to me with questions or on the help menu… Mostly my rating is for customer service
  • Ok 1/5

    By Sal Avila
    The app is ok the customer service is non existent
  • Excellent 4/5

    By Daddybot18
    App works perfectly, unlike others like GH. Easy to use. Menus could use more descriptions of dishes.
  • Items not placed in cart 1/5

    By Roxianna_rpk
    In addition, it lost my order and I had to start again. Result is that the order wen in without the food I wanted. There is not a way to correct a bad order.
  • Rude 1/5

    By Ngozika n
    These people are crazy after not delivering my food I had to order from somewhere else then I spoke to eat24 and they gave me an attitude for my food next morning I see the person left my food outside over night ... who does that .
  • Can you give zero stars?!? 1/5

    By AdeB1
    Horrible customer service. Awful company. Do not use. Use ANY other food delivery company
  • Love them more than GrubHub 5/5

    By VegHeadBitch
    I've used Eat about 15 times and I've never been disappointed. I switched after too many errors using GrubHub and I'm glad I did.
  • Not happy 1/5

    By Mads34587
    This app used to be awesome, but the past 2 times I’ve used it, the app declines my card stating it was the bank. However, when I look at my bank account it was charged. So then I have to sit on the phone with my bank to open up a ticket which takes 2 weeks to resolve. When I chatted with a rep, she told me she didn’t know what was wrong. I’m very frustrated.
  • Dependable 4/5

    By LexyLiz1
    Both Eat 24 and the app are great! Ordering is easy and past orders are saved. It is also easy to view and edit any notes/Special instructions you make. Good choice of restaurants. I love that I’m given the delivery status with updates on delivery time. Areas that need improvement: 1) Menus need updating. They are not all current. 2) Delivery instructions do not save until after the order is placed. Frustrating if you go back to add something and then you need to rewrite your directions. 3) would love to have even more restaurants available!
  • Awful app 1/5

    By ickusl
    Incorrect mapping directions sent to restaurant. Denies every coupon code I tried for new users even though I downloaded the app just now for the first time to place this order. Deleting forever
  • Not a single flaw 2/5

    By Moodster81
    I have ordered many times and never had a issue. Update: after sometime I noticed the restaurant selection is slim pickings. The review for the app itself works fine, coupons and ordering was a breeze. Wish they would expand in my area so I can use the app more but seems like it will not happen
  • Breach of Contract 1/5

    By Goose0403
    Ordered the food. Paid the money. Received confirmation stating the restaurant received the order and gave a specific delivery time. 20 minutes before it was due, I received a call from an employee and then a manager who said they needed to cancel the order and blamed everything on the restaurant taking no accountability for their confirmation etc. They also said it would be 3 days to get my money back. I would never use this service again. Update: I did receive an email asking me to update this. I guess the tech folks assume that their leaders would actually care and follow through. I was promised a call from someone in Eat24 support leadership. Guess what, they didn’t care enough to talk to me either.
  • Use to be great... now support is gone 4/5

    By DarfNader
    Ok, this app works well for what it is- I will give it that- but it is reprehensible that they disposed of the built-in support feature. That means when a restaurant calls you 15 minutes after you place your order telling you that they are not doing any more deliveries and that you need to contact Eat24 to get your money back, it’s now a huge ordeal. Previously there used to be built in chat and a call back feature to get support. Now when you call their support manually (like a caveman, yes) you’ll be lucky if you can even get through. They are a victim of their own success and their once-good customer support has completely evaporated.
  • Easy, love it 5/5

    By great shortcut!
    I love how easy it is
  • Love the app 5/5

    By Alex Gruchy
    One of the easiest apps to use, really like the $2 coupons
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By ckhamill
    Needs to be a lot more restaurants on this app!!! Wow!!!!!
  • Missing key features / just okay... 2/5

    By CrisAmbrose
    I would very much appreciate having a live-tracking system or display of when my food is picked up and a live-updating ETA. I placed an order just now and it said the ETA was 12:30pm. It is now past 12:30pm, which is totally understandable because traffic/etc, but it would be really helpful to see that ETA live-update. Oh, as I type this, EAT24 has contacted me saying that they’ve tried contacting the restaurant for 10 mins and the restaurant has not been responding. So, if I had seen an ETA live-update, instead of waiting 45 minutes for my food and it not showing up, I could have cancelled ahead of time and not wasted my lunch break. Additionally, may I suggest you send out an ETA to users once the restaurant has been contacted and they have received the order? Basically, I think the app needs more transparency. Leaving the user in the dark about the status of their order is not a great user experience.
  • Ugh 3/5

    By heyjai
    I’ve usually loved this app but now I try to order and it keeps saying “error” when I click to payment and nothing else happens. So the whole point of me using this app is now null. Hope there’s a fix for this ASAP!
  • Horrible service 1/5

    By Annasbjornsson
    I’ve used Eat24 for pickup several times and not a single time has the order been correct. The menu items are not entered correct on Eat24. I’ve been, over charged, given the incomplete order as well as order not going through. I’ve had enough and today I contacted Eat24 customer support who all they could say was sorry and not helpful at all. Today even the restaurant asked me not to use Eat24 and use another app instead because they have so many issues with it. I will be uninstalling the app!
  • No no no 1/5

    By Kiddkarla
    every single place they have is either closed or carry out only...
  • Terrible customer service 2/5

    By tiffintx
    I ordered from eat24 three times, twice I had problems and it is a nightmare to try to contact them. Phone number is a recording that says they are busy to try again later. There is a live chat link in their support email that goes nowhere. Received totally wrong order, hours later I still haven't heard back.
  • Delivery 1/5

    By calisofly
    Horrible delivery service.
  • Lost Apple Pay option 1/5

    By Fashizzle1
    I use to love this app and service because I felt secure when I used Apple Pay and didn’t have to give out my credit card to the restaurants over the phone. Now Eat 24 got rid of Apple Pay option.. I just see cc or pay pal. I don’t know why you would change what ain’t broken! Will not be using app anymore
  • Subpar is the new theme 1/5

    By Treusepistol
    Forget it-- there are way too many delivery apps. Customer service fails to negotiate any fixes when issues arise between customer and restaurant. Skip this app.
  • Won't refund missing food 1/5

    By Heddyr
    Restaurant left out an item from my order and instead of refunding my money for the item, EAT24 wants me to use a coupon code that's only good if I spend another $15 on another order first and I only have a couple of weeks to use it. Ridiculous. Missing items should be fully refunded immediately to the credit card used to make the purchase. I will be using GrubHub from now on.
  • Good, but could be better 4/5

    By Rob.G.11
    I've used the app a couple times with little to no problems. I wish they would add a button to cancel the order within a given time. I also have had a couple instances when speaking to support through the app about cancelling an order & there's no way to directly open the messaging log if you leave the app. Overall it's very useful & convenient, small improvements to the interface & maybe even the layout could lock this in as a solid 5star app.
  • Don't bother 1/5

    By Autumn792882
    Order took over 2 hours to come and was wrong!! Every time we tried to contact them they just said 10-15 minutes.

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