eBay: Buy & Sell - Find Deals

eBay: Buy & Sell - Find Deals

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  • Current Version: 5.16.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: eBay Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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eBay: Buy & Sell - Find Deals App

Buy, sell & save money with eBay. Search & shop deals on clothes, beauty, home, DIY & more directly from your cell phone! Shopping and selling is faster and simpler than ever with eBay. Explore our top selling categories like clothes, motors or cell phones. Shop unbeatable deals and save money on your shopping with free delivery! Top 5 Reasons to Download the eBay app today: 1. Easily buy & sell items on the go 2. Clothes, beauty, home, DIY- search for offers in every category 3. Sell & save: From used cars to your old iPhone, make money with unused items 4. Discover bestsellers from brands like Apple & Samsung 5. Deals for all your holiday shopping right at your fingertips Need a quick fashion fix? Browse trends and shop featured looks for a stylish wardrobe update. Garage needs a clear out? Why not sell those unused tools and earn some extra cash. Like to keep up to date with your electronics? Access Apple’s latest iPhone or Samsung’s biggest HDTV right here. Take eBay with you wherever you are. Shop bestselling brands at amazing prices and make money - just download now. KEEP IN TOUCH Thanks to all our loyal fans for your support and suggestions! Your feedback is important to us. Please contact us with any questions by tweeting @askebay or join the discussion at www.ebay.com/iOS


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eBay: Buy & Sell - Find Deals app reviews

  • eBay 5/5

    By Sayitta
    Estoy muy satisfecho por el servicio y la facilidad de conseguir la mercancía que uno desea.
  • Karma1968 5/5

    By Jojo's Bulldog63
    Thank you for writing your review. It was very helpful for me to read as I was wondering how eBay assists everyone on here. It's good to know that they don't care about their customers. Only the business... Unknown
  • Please Fix Shipping Option and Payment Option!!! 3/5

    By Smartandsexy
    1) Can’t enable/disable Global shipping options, or add/remove additional international shipping option. 2) Can’t enable/disable immediate payment requirement option upon listing an item. Both were able to be done in the older versions of the app! Thank you!
  • Love EBay 5/5

    By Father & son!
    Always reliable! I can find the great deals most of the time from all over the world! Thank you!!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Michael- J23
    Great app
  • App dev notes say it is made to enable to buy and sell anything 1/5

    By Harryfischer
    Well. After selling a few items. I got knocked off from ebay. My calls for explanation reached a few obnoxious people that would not want to even get into a conversation. Very brutal.
  • Trouble with app 4/5

    By Slow opener
    I love eBay!!! But the app for my iPhone 7 constantly needs to be deleted and reinstalled. It’s a nuisance. But the buying experience has been wonderful. Even when I purchased items that I was not satisfied with, I’ve had nothing but good results.
  • What a horrible mess 1/5

    By JaeRob2009
    Ive been selling on ebay for years. I was under the impression that sellers and buyers were protected equally on this site. WRONG. Long story short, i sold a phone on this site, a fraud account stopped my item, made ebay say that this item was SOLD, and send me money on paypal. Here’s the problem, ebay tells me that the person attempted to commit fraud 2 DAYS LATER! After i already sent out the item. I call ebay and explain the situation to which they replay “take this as a learning experience” and puts all the responsibility on me. I am sorry, i am selling on your site, when something goes wrong, support me. Paypal does it, why not ebay. He tells me that i need to contact the carrier and see if i can get the item back, then make a police report, if i cant get the item back, oh well and im out of the item and the money and they dont want to do anything to correct the situation except for blame me for this. I am done. Besides their app turning into a terrible mess, SMH.
  • Used to love this app.. 1/5

    By Maria Imsam
    This app used to be very user friendly and easy to use. Now there are too many bugs after the recent update. It adds the best offer option on all the listings without giving you the option to edit it. And just few days ago it started adding Best Offer option on all my listing even though I had previously selected no. I am tired of going back and forth and fixing it :/
  • Detail the search 3/5

    By xbpromy
    You need to detail more the search Put hd photos of the product Contact seller more fastest possible ( chat) Put other options first , like more newest Make a combo for the purchase
  • How do I find what I’m selling? 2/5

    By gtarart
    It’s ok but with an iPad you cant make a profile picture. And this is the second time it asked me to review, which I ALREADY DID!!! so ya its getting worse. They try to simplify it for iPhone so it’s a, less is more thing, I guess.
  • ya know I know am that 5/5

    By emiliano guzman 173
    ya girl is a fool she got me to sleep lol no she emiliano to the bathroom and she but she got was a good
  • W 5/5

    By Mrbuyostuff
    Best app. For the shopping for unique and rare used car parts A+
  • Watchlist limit?! 2/5

    By Rooooooooooooooo123
    After all these years I have never experienced a limit for this! & after updating last night, I can't add unlimited items?! How do sellers feel about this?! Their items will be left out!! I like to keep items bc sometimes for example, after years, I want to replace something, or someone else in my family will want the same item, or if I order a phone cover, I will want the same one for my new phone but will need the name for the search..& as you know, you can't access many years old purchase history from your phone without logging into the website, changing to classic site, etc., so I keep things in my watchlist. I'm disappointed with this limitation!!
  • Great deals 5/5

    By lg og oh
    I can ALWAYS find great deals on eBay, I love eBay !!!
  • App not working 1/5

    By _.AfroBoy._
    Trying to pay not working with the 25% off coupon
  • I chose options 3/5

    By Ljoya
    Not very happy with always having to revise the “ no offers” options.
  • Best of Both Worlds 5/5

    By KarenHill5429
    I can buy with no worries and sell things I no longer need
  • Good app! 5/5

    By Bloodmanchar
    You are able to do pretty much everything as you would do on the full site. User friendly. Runs well! Good app!
  • Love Ebay 5/5

    By sijofugitive
  • ?UPGRADES? 1/5

    By rabjob6927
  • Interference 4/5

    By Vonmay
    Please do not change my setting with out my permission. Thank you
  • Lasfit lights 5/5

    By Hitman Hanson
    Very happy with this product fit perfectly easy install works great 👍🏻
  • Most anything goes! 5/5

    By Battersplatter
    Many years ago,. eBay was (always) very interesting specifically on the types of things you could purchase that you could not normally find in your own town or city Fast forward to today The process is now so much easier the photographs are spot on and the customer base do you have selling items are great. I will tell you that I tend to buy more things from eBay that I would be going into a brick and mortar store. And of course, Paypal also helpful especially for large ticket items that you may not have exactly have cash for . I really searching on a topic and seeing what offered 💜 So I will using eBay for-small. Toys,jewelry ,anything. The only thing I have concerned with is that I have tried on a few occasions to buy clasps for find jewelry sometimes with diamonds sometimes not but every time I put the gold gym class just for jewelry repair and never and never comes back it seems like there must be many of them out there because you have so many things for other items so I’m hoping that I could get that kind of information at some point because I make jewelry on the side I have spread the word to my other associates about eBay many of the music some people don’t but when they see certain things that I wear or bring in I know it’s from you it’s very nice thank you for your questions today I hope you can take this information and make make eBay a better place and is even now
  • Love eBay 5/5

    By Noh8tr
    Been a member for years, love the deals love the app
  • Fix your bugs 2/5

    By d.dubya.c
    Can we fix the icon for selling? When I press the icon, the screen shows how to sell items. I need to see what I already have listed.
  • You can’t what?!! 4/5

    By Aelxnervo
    I’ve used eBay for many years now, but one feature that has been eliminated, despite eBay’s best efforts (like they say after a loved one’s death), from the mobile APP platform is to contact the seller. This role is so vital to the eBay community, I consider the app a partial fail. I can contact the seller through mobile browser and desktop, but not through app. Disgraceful.
  • Great open market 5/5

    By divetimdive
    Easy to use, friendly people to buy from ad sell to. I will always consider buying from the EBAY platform whenever possible!!
  • The App rules! 5/5

    By JWeb3625
    It has made my journey of collection vinyl records, Nintendo games, and a few action figures so much easier. And the combo with PayPal makes sure that I can get my payment sent as fast as possible so I can maintain my rep as a reliable buyer! 🤘🏼
  • Way too many glitches 1/5

    By Allgodtime
    Way too many glitches and problems forcing me to go to my computer! Please fix!
  • 😃 5/5

    By go2061
    I love EBay 😆
  • Great site 5/5

    By aschultz331
    Prefer over Amazon
  • Reseña 5/5

    By Ñvelez
    I love it!!!! 😍
  • Horrible service 1/5

    By Alex Cordova00
    Horrible customer service
  • Not compatible 1/5

    By L@|o
  • eBay purchases/selling 5/5

    By SNovosad
    I enjoy the use of eBay and the ease of buying as well as selling.
  • Brilliant 5/5

    By Valley Relics
    Love this app allows me to spend my money quickly on stuff that I love
  • would highly recommend 5/5

    By segytab
    recommend highly
  • Better off using Amazon 1/5

    By EBAYnoMoore
    11-22-17 I opened an account through the eBay App. Within 3 hours they suspended my account because “recent activity raised security concerns”...... I’ll say that I never would have suspected looking at items for sale would cause national security satellites to link up and flag someone as a threat. When I called to speak to customer service I was questioned on what I would be purchasing, what I would be selling, how I’d be paying. Folks..... use Amazon, I’ve been a prime member for a while, and never once have I had my account suspended, or questioned, and I’ve looked at sketchy stuff there too....... like phones, tablets, and GASP...... car parts!!!!
  • Phenomenal 5/5

    By Shy NewMoon
    Reliable and worth the savings to wait for products or services in the mail
  • Please fix errors so I can rate 5 ⭐️ 4/5

    I do love using eBay. Lately I have had errors. Such as submitting a bid for $15, getting a message I have highest bid, and then receiving a message I was out bid and the product sold for $15 to someone else. ??? What is happening??? Now I have a purchase showing I owe a payment for an item that has already been payed for and delivered. I cannot remove it from my cart!
  • Ebay 5/5

    By Care222
    Ebay is a wonderful place to find things that you never knew existed. Each seller has a store, and in their store, are all kinds of wonderful things to buy. Ebay is excellent in helping you if you have a problem. They’re friendly and honest, it’s a wonderful organization. I think everyone would love eBay if they tried it just once or twice. It’s a great place to buy your Christmas gifts too!! Happy shopping!!! Warmly, Carrie Edwards
  • . 5/5

    By fmedbrmbp
    I like shopping, it's very safe
  • Very Secure Sight. 1/5

    Ebay is very greedy!!!
  • Fees 4/5

    By Spurtworks
    The eBay fees are absurd 13% and more at their discretion. One of the reasons I use Reverb now for gear sales including International buyers. They only charge 3% which is reasonable. Long time eBayer who's moving away from the app. CMS

    By Gta12392
    Anyone who uses eBay will have their hearts broken at the last second by losers who use bid snipping programs to win with 1 second left by bidding a penny more than you. eBay won't ban them because they make more money by ruining what could otherwise be a great service. Will never use this again and neither should you unless you want to have your heart crushed by a computer
  • Works for me 5/5

    By The M&Ms59
    I can always find what I need on eBay... just keep looking!
  • Glitch - ebay App Developers Please Read!!!!! 1/5

    By Senior Reviewer
    ebay App Developers I would very much appreciate it if you could fix the "Watched Items" section of this app. It will not allow you to have more than 200 items in your "Watching Items". This should be a very easy fix for you to make and will be greatly appreciated as I watch several items as I purchase a lot on ebay. Once you fix this issue I will give this app a perfect 5 star rating! Thank You.
  • Changes to Offer settings 1/5

    By Memenu
    Not happy that EBAY changes my offer settings and then I have to change them to what I originally had. EBAY gave no solution for an easy fix when I called customer service. I have to change each one individually🙁 not really helpful in the long run
  • It's OK 3/5

    By I think I like it!
    Not bad for basic shopping but does not show my purchase history. Just last item bought.

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