Edmodo : Classroom Tools

Edmodo : Classroom Tools

  • Category: Education
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  • Current Version: 6.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Edmodo, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Edmodo : Classroom Tools App

Edmodo is a free classroom communication hub that lets you engage with your classes and connect with teachers globally. The all-new Edmodo app has been redesigned from the ground up to focus on how YOU communicate with your students, parents and fellow teachers. ALL NEW FEATURES A brand new home stream for sharing and discovering resources among your colleagues. All your classes organized into one space. Direct Messaging available for students and teachers! A daily planner that shows all your upcoming assignments and events. ENGAGE YOUR STUDENTS With Edmodo, you can reach every student in your class. Students can login and participate from any phone, tablet or computer, and can check assignments from within the app. Facilitate discussion within a single class group or browse topics for extra resources related to your subject. CONNECT WITH TEACHERS Share and discover new lessons and resources across your school, district, or any of your teacher connections. Edmodo makes it easy for you to share anything on your phone with your connections. And the improved home stream means you can find dozens of educational resources for your classroom all at once. EdTech Digest Award Winner – Best Product “Students love the app and...they always keep updated with new posts and notes.” - Alessandra Pallavicini, EFL teacher, Italy “Edmodo continues to be my ‘go to’ place for learning, sharing and collaborating with educators.” Sandy McConnell, Teacher, United States “All my students are on Edmodo and now I cannot think of any other way I could teach, there are so many advantages compared to my previous teaching style! I use the platform to communicate with students, share resources, assign tasks and then annotate them and send them back to students.” Lucia Bartolotti, EFL Teacher, Italy “As a classroom teacher, I find that education can sometimes be isolating even though I work with approximately 75 other teachers. I am so happy that I am able to collaborate with other teachers who are also using Edmodo, as this really helps me feel connected.” Shelby Place, Teacher, China “The ability to connect with international educators and share that experience with my students is a major perk.” - Lacey, Teacher, United States “I've used different products but I stick with Edmodo because it is easy to use, appealing to my students, and most of all, it's packed with features!” -Anna Lyn Lumibao, Teacher For more information, visit www.edmodo.com.


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Edmodo : Classroom Tools app reviews

  • Thanks 5/5

    By Heno777777786
    I love this, so easy to use
  • Amazing. 5/5

    By Emma and Kaya
    It's perfect for my classroom.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Cool_Tatii
    I love seeing pictures of my kid at school and having the ability to message the teacher directly!
  • App is not user friendly 2/5

    By Dazed6
    I am a fan of the website as it is easier to use and navigate. I just got the app and have difficulty knowing when a student has commented. I have to go to the website to approve any notifications so that then I can see it on the app. I am also confused on how to edit an assignment after it is posted. I have one student who appears on my class list 3 times and she's only registered once. It needs work and hoping it will change.
  • This is ok 4/5

    By Kaden rocks
    I've had some issues with it but it's fine its nice for it to be an app unlike other sites like study island and iCloud
  • Won't let me log in 1/5

    By Mjm54130
    Please fix
  • Notifications alerts would be nice 3/5

    By CleverTeach22
    I am an educator and I do enjoy this platform. Although it would be nice if I could actually see the notifications on the app instead of constantly checking my email. This creates longer wait time for my students and this shouldn't be happening.
  • Awesome! 4/5

    By texaswalkman
    I love that I can view my classes and my grades, but it won't give personally me notifications. Other than that, amazing!
  • Can't see my HW assignments 1/5

    By jblue56
    For some reason, when a teacher posts an assignment, it won't show up on the "Latest Activity" tab and I have to go to "My Classes" and then click the classes individually. I ended up missing an HW assignment because the "Latest Activity" only shows stuff that teachers post and not post that is an assignment.
  • Edmodo 5/5

    By classstar
    Great new updates makes the Edmodo app easier to use and to locate features.
  • 👎🏽 1/5

    By ke🤘🏽💕
    It doesn't send notifications
  • 0 stars 1/5

    By Mustang GT24
    This app won't let me login, and the shaking when it doesn't let you is ANNOYING AF. Please fix this. BTW if there was an option for 0 stars I'd do it! 😡
  • whyyy 3/5

    By MustFixItPlz
    why do we need to put in our password just to change our avatar lol i made an another account because i had deleted edmodo a while ago because my teacher is now using it in my class. and i want to change my profile picture, but mzbshsbn why do we have to put out password in ughhh. i used google to login and i don't even know which password i'm supposed to use
  • Really broken 1/5

    By Xhshsvaix
    Works like half the time. Really needs fixes
  • LMS+ 5/5

    By coachmun
    This is a great Learning Management System that allows teachers and students to safely connect, collaborate, and learn through progressive teaching strategies.
  • Glitchy and hard to use 2/5

    By Amotherheart
    My child's teachers uses this app for communication and homework. While I like being able to see what is going on in the classes, this app is a pain to use. It's glitchy and rarely opens the first time I try. It boots me out inexplicably. It was also rather a pain to set up my child's account and my account. I'm pretty decent with technology and it took way too much time to figure out how to do it. In addition even a full 6 weeks into the school year, I'm still not seeing all the teacher posts. I really wish our teachers would not use this and don't recommend it.
  • Fun and Engaging 5/5

    By LCC student 64367
    Perfect for every classroom. Students love it! 👍🏼
  • 😉 5/5

    By roblox_lover101
    I LOVE ADMODO!!!❤️❤️❤️ It helps me so much. I'm pretty bad at math,but with admodo,I can go on and ask my friends in my math class for help! They don't always answer right away,but they always eventually do🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
  • The Stream 1/5

    By JoeyJetson
    Thanks for adding the stream back, but now it never loads, even if I go to the class I won't be able to see that class's stream. At first I thought It was my internet but it's been weeks and it still doesn't work.
  • 😰 1/5

    By FreDangLes
    It just shows a plain blue screen all the time. I can't rely on it.
  • Not as efficient as it should be 2/5

    By Blfjdch
    I don't get any push notifications from Edmodo, which makes it difficult to communicate with students when they have questions. Other things are also unnecessarily complicated on the app, like the fact that it won't let me update my picture and forces me to do it online. However, I am grateful that the app at least exists.
  • BUGS!! 2/5

    By fr fix the app
    Um I need to turn a project in and I can't get on the app just shows a plain blue screen and the website won't let me log on!!! I'm on the verge of getting marked down if I don't turn this in tonight!
  • What happened ? 1/5

    By insecure_and_needs_validation
    Everything is so slow now :/
  • High Quality 5/5

    By GeographyStar252363
    This app exceeds my expectations. I started with Edmodo on a computer, and it was really useful and easy to use. Then I got the app. I thought it would not be very good, since the website had so many features that seemed hard to put into an app. But it actually has all the features I need. It also does not have any bugs or glitches (at least not for me). Any student should be able to use this to help keep track of assignments!
  • Great 5/5

    By theatreaddict06
    Awesome app, helps me connect with my teachers and classmates to get info on things going on later. 😃🏆
  • Better than Schoology 5/5

    By serenedipity
    You guys deserve better than what our school district did to you
  • New and Improved 5/5

    By la maestra
    The app is updated to reflect an online computer experience. Add a comment, post and assignment, you name it, it allows you to do it.
  • Convenient Access 5/5

    By Chris_Collins
    Thanks Edmodo! I love having the ability to access and view class activity, grade submissions, check and respond to notifications and more from the convenience of my phone. Thank you for working hard to make our lives easier!
  • Soooo much better! 5/5

    By Chef Carrie
    I am really excited about this new version of the Edmodo app. It used to seem a lot more clunky and now it is much easier to navigate. I look forward to using my phone more...finally! Thanks @edmodo #edmodolove
  • Runs Slow, quizzes marked as late... and SPONSORED ADS COVERING THE PAGE. 3/5

    By C-rad938
    The design and interface has improved ALOT, in this last update. Although, The app is slow, THE SPONSORED ADS COVER THE PAGE, quite annoying, and for some reason the quizzes I took, submitted, and were graded, all on time, are marked as late under the assignments tab. Needs Work.
  • The stream is back! 5/5

    By fun challenges
    Thanks Edmodo for listening to our feedback!
  • Good I guess 3/5

    By gamerdude8765
    Hard to get to some places, but not all the time.
  • Great! 5/5

    By Nugget of Fun
    Easy interface and great features 👍🏼
  • It hasn't been working for a month and I'm missing homework 2/5

    By soccermoxker
    This app won't even say I'm in a class my classmates are having the same problems Please Fix this ASAP
  • Eh 1/5

    By Cherry fizz kitty
    It's bad at joining groups
  • 👍 Great 5/5

    By SupaKing36
    This app is great in always. Especially for school!
  • Pretty good app 4/5

    By tyazzy
    this is a good app it helps remembering homework and assignments and u can chat with the teacher and ur classmates I just wish u could individually message anybody instead of just a teacher.
  • No. 1/5

    By WolfTDM
  • Classes Don't Load 3/5

    By Nicklan19
    Hello, everyone at Edmodo Inc. This app has been very useful to me for the past 2 years. I am in 8th grade, and I really find this app useful. Just one thing, though: I feel that ever since you switched to the new format/interface, any classes that I have will not load. Only the Students in that class and the folder. It would be very nice if you could fix it. Thanks. :)
  • The Apps ok for a classroom. 3/5

    By Ashley Art YT
    My teacher uses this to let us talk about assignments in class so it's ok in that field. Dats bout it.
  • Glitchy 2/5

    By newedmodo
    So many times it just shuts down. It also wont let me post photos, and then it will. It is hard not to post to connection instead of class. It has frustrated me to death! Please help! Would love to post from phone! Such a great thing but difficult when you cant click on the pictures to post. Then next time you can!
  • Username has already been taken 1/5

    By Watermelonbreak
    I'm trying to make a new account, and every time I do, it says "This Username has Already been taken" fine, whatever. I'll just make a new username, right? WRONG. No matter what username I put, the same error always pops up, and I can understand that maybe the username might already be take, but I refuse to believe that a username with up to 20 characters or more of just purely typing random letters and numbers on the keyboard like "alskdhwoqpihwjsol57291863kwhs" is already taken 4 times in a row. I literally put that and random stuff like that and it told me "This Username has Already been taken". Btw this is ok the student side, don't know if the teachers have the same issue.
  • Great! 5/5

    By Søren12
    I like the new update. I think everything is much more organized and visually appealing. It's much better than the website on mobile as well
  • 3 years using it and the latest update has messed up my class. 3/5

    By Cherundio
    I have been using it for more than three years and now the latest update is messing up all my post on five classroom Im working right now. PLEASE, update it. It was working fine until the latest update! 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Great 5/5

    By amazing_bri2006
    Great for school
  • Resourceful! 5/5

    By Cos14
    Accessibility granted!
  • Fix the feed 1/5

    By Fix the Feed
    Fix the feedFix the feedFix the feedFix the feedFix the feedFix the feedFix the feedFix the feedFix the feedFix the feedFix the feedFix the feedFix the feedFix the feedFix the feedFix the feedFix the feedFix the feedFix the feedFix the feedFix the feedFix the feedFix the feedFix the feedFix the feedFix the feedFix the feedFix the feedFix the feedFix the feed
  • Why did you ruin what you had? 1/5

    By Buddy the hunter
    You can no longer rotate files in the folder, you can't view everything at once, some of the documents that are linked in posts are now gone, you can not longer copy and paste the 50 questions that the teacher told us to paste into a word document. The app is now completely unusable. On top of that. It no longer loads posts now and is pretty much worthless to me.
  • Why did you do this! 1/5

    By Jaidenk
    You broke Edmodo! This update was horrible and really hard to navigate. As a student I need to message my teachers and it won't even let me. I need to leave my classes from last year and it won't let me either! This is terrible because now there is nothing that was there before 😓 please make it go back to normal because I just started eight grade and I can't see my teachers posts...
  • ♡ 5/5

    By Alondra aly
    Perfect!!! All my assignments are posted by the teacher and it's a perfect way to stay in touch !

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