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Edpuzzle App

This app is for your students. Full teacher features coming soon! Edpuzzle is an easy and effective way to deliver videos in the classroom. Video is no longer a passive experience, with Edpuzzle video comes to life with audio-notes and questions. An interactive an unique experience for your students. Make any video your lesson. For students, Edpuzzle provides an easier way to learn through video-lessons outside of the classroom. Students can download the app and opt-in to receive video-assignments directly with questions, so they can check their understanding through the video. Use Edpuzzle to make any video your lesson, engage your students to learn in a 21st century tool. Try it today! And if you love it, share it with your colleagues or write a review! Note: Edpuzzle is only available in English. Stay tuned for more languages!


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  • I'm sorry 1/5

    I'm sorry but it is the worst thing I have ever downloaded as a student this is unacceptable. I wish I could give it .5 star
  • 😡 1/5

    By Sidjeo
    I only downloaded this because the website won’t work on my computer and it won’t let me watch any of the videos given to me by my teacher on the website on the phones browser
  • 😤😤 1/5

    By Enrikkkkke
    This app must be corrected NOW There are many errors that do not allow us (students) to respond correctly to the videos, for example, in many videos the options to mark in the questions appear incomplete and you do not know what are that referring too!! And the worse is that this app determines a lot of my grades and it’s really inefficient fix it!!!!!
  • Teacher features coming "soon" 2/5

    By golfgirl725
    This works okay for my students but I would really love to be able to check their progress in a more mobile way than always visiting my computer. Please give me teacher features I can easily use on the iPad.
  • Frustrating but good 4/5

    By Hrwalle
    If you need to type a response to a question and you’re using your phone, the keyboard covers the submit button and I can’t get it to go away so I need to finish it on my computer. Very frustrating otherwise good
  • Screw you 1/5

    By Kp case
    I HATE edpuzzles so very much...
  • Why won’t it work? 2/5

    By Steaming Costumer😤
    Whenever the video gets to the question part, it scrolls all the way to the bottom. The problem is I can’t scroll back up and read the question or other answers. It’s a super convenient app, but please fix it.
  • I love it 5/5

    By _GTH11_
    I could not get my account loaded on my computer and his app really helped
  • It’s ard 5/5

    By samlover123
  • Pretty good 3/5

    By PokeMagalor
    Nice app, but they spelled "account" wrong in one of the screenshots
  • El bado appo 3/5

    By Iceblade313
    Rewinds the video and makes me rewatch it😑
  • Not Usable 1/5

    By Foxtrot8484
    This app unexpectedly quits every time you try and open it or use it. It was very frustrating to fail to complete my assignment because of a bad app.
  • Actual Garbage 1/5

    By Guacalexa
    Does not work on mobile safari, so it forces you to download the app so it can stall out and have a wrong answer key to half of the questions
  • Freezes 2/5

    By Jaluco
    I have to use this app for hw and usually it works ok, but now every time there's a question, the whole app freezes. I have to reload it, try again, but it still doesn't work, so I can't complete the video. It's very frustrating to not be able to use this app every night without it crashing.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By dubstepderper
    Broken app, can't load any questions and constantly crashing
  • Piece of Garbage 1/5

    By Billy Mays aka Gandalf
    The app looks pretty but crashes infinitely, over and over and over, at random points and intervals, and nothing will stop it. Download immediately...
  • Buggy 1/5

    By XXx_720shrekscoper720_xXx
    This is so bad lol. Help button makes the app crash and vids won't play. App support is non existent.
  • Hot Garbage 1/5

    By Ibrham Moyzues
    Would give a zero star if I could. This app is actually horrible in every imaginable way. Straight up garbage. Would rather have kms. Don't waste ur time. #hnrschm
  • crashes 1/5

    By ayyysuh
    i can't load any video even on wifi, the app keeps telling me that i have poor connection or it crashes. if i could give this app 0 stars, i would.
  • Horrible App! 1/5

    By Bamboosels
    Constantly repeating the video and goes back to the beginning of it 30+ times during a video. It turns a 10 minute video into a 30 minute one easily. Horrible glitches, if this were one of my apps I would take it off the App Store with these ratings!
  • Complete and utter TRASH 1/5

    By C.m.z.p
    The app crashes frequently, and when I first logged in it had deleted almost all of my work. I would rather have to jump off a roof than use this trash app again. 😒😷
  • Nerdsss 2/5

    By Super_Derp_Goku
  • pLEASE NO 1/5

    By Ice BearBare
    I'm at school for this stupid crap
  • 😤😤😤 1/5

    By Gabriel☣️Gabster
    I can't believe how terrible this app is, its absolutely useless. This app crashes constantly. All I want to do is watch the video my teacher gave me. So far it has been 4 hours of trying to finish this 9 minute video, and I've only reached 2 minutes. If I had known it would be this bad I would have never even wasted my time downloading this app.
  • Must be fixed!!! 1/5

    By Nathan T. Chase
    This app has a problem of starting over the whole video from the beginning and it freezes and crashes a lot. EDpuzzle just needs to be fixed period.
  • Good school app 4/5

    By Gamez Raterz
    It's a good app for getting work done if a computer or laptop isn't readily available. Although the occasional glitch does get kind of annoying the app does what it's supposed to do
  • Crap 1/5

    By Youdjksqksk
    Horrible don't download
  • Burn it 1/5

    By Naivmevskfbwvsjsjdbd
    If this app was a person i'd lather them in gasoline and burn them while streaming it on youtube. It's terrible and i had to download it for my trash French teacher please DON'T USE THIS APP
  • Absolutely Awful 1/5

    By Agavbajn
    The app crashes constantly. Attempting to do any sort of work on it is impossible.
  • Works great whilst using WiFi! 5/5

    By VIP 4
    I had encountered no big issues. I loved the format, and it gave the best quality! It also did the job for school, and would recommend for users over iOS 10. :)
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Bob J.R.
    This app is handy but really doesn't get the job done. I had to download this app just to do one thing my teacher asked me too. It made me download this app while laptops did it in the website. It's is very poorly made and should be steered away from
  • Awful app 1/5

    By Gartet
    Completely unusable, and makes it impossible to watch chemistry homework videos if you can't even open the app without it crashing
  • L 1/5

    By Not Spanish mike
    If I had a nickel for every time this app sent me to virus_downloader_69.com I'd become Spanish Mike
  • It's not so bad 5/5

    By Tifflg
    Does what it's supposed to.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Nightwing2104
    Possibly the worst app for a school website ever. Constantly goes back to the beginning of a video and crashes constantly.
  • WORST APP 1/5

    By I only give good reviews
    DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!! Constantly crashes, brings me to virus_downloader_69.com overheats my phone, tries to write its own good reviews, my old phone went on fire from this. Please DONT download this is DANGEROUS to society. It asked for my address so they can send people "to make sure I'm safe".
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By Box and ice cream
    This app constantly crashes, freezes my phone, doesn't remember where I left off, always glitches and turns my phone off, makes my phone overheat, takes my phone to download-a-virus.com, and writes its owner reviews as 5 stars.
  • What in God's name is this?? 1/5

    By Framkeeper
    What the hell did I download? This is completely useless and it is complete trash.
  • Bad App 1/5

    By User182838
    Don't get this app, always crashes.
  • Constantly crashing 1/5

    By Anahero13
    It's a good app to use, but it crashes all the time.
  • Never Use This App 1/5

    By Delta scholars
    I used this app for my Spanish class, but I now thoroughly regret that decision because of the frequent glitches and problems my students encountered. Even when it worked it was sub mediocre at best. Do Not Use...
  • the app is horrible 1/5

    By loved for life
    so this app is bad it keeps glitching and i cant get through i think this app would be better on the computer beacuse it wont freeze but i dont like the app at all it glitches and freezes and does all things weird maybe on the computer its better
  • this app is buns 1/5

    By yungpnut
    i had to download this app and its buns smh🍑🙅🏻
  • Constantly crashes 1/5

    By One direction infection honey
    This app constantly crashes. Even touching he screen to interact with the app causes it to crash. Terrible
  • Great website, terrible app 1/5

    By Student1401
    CRAPPY APP THAT CONSTANTLY CRASHES, FREEZES, WONT PAUSE, DOESNT REMEMBER WHERE YOU LEFT OFF, DOESNT LOAD. Makes it near impossible to turn in an assignment on time. Great website that allows teachers to create interactive videos. Terribly designed app that doesn't do the website justice. Either make the website usable on mobile devices or fix this app.
  • Can't remove 1/5

    By singingbam_man
    I did not download this app and now I can't remove it from my phone. Please tell me how to remove it.
  • Wow 1/5

    By Juniper jumper
    You're seriously making me download an app for this thing when I can just be doing my work from the browser, like I always do on my iPad?
  • Honestly would dew again 2/5

    By Handmaiden fiend
    Edpuzzle is so life I make cummies😤😤😤😤
  • wew lad 5/5

    By Random guy who wants flour
    I contracted typhus. Isn't too good.
  • TRASH 1/5

    By Ajkakdhehhdhe

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