Email - Fast & Secure mail for Gmail iCloud Yahoo

Email - Fast & Secure mail for Gmail iCloud Yahoo

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.4.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Easilydo Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Email - Fast & Secure mail for Gmail iCloud Yahoo App

Lightning Fast with an Assistant built in! Email lets you take control of your overflowing mailbox. Offers instant access to manage all of your inboxes in one place. An intelligent assistant is built-in to keep your shopping, expenses, and travel organized. Intuitive features to unsubscribe from junk, snooze messages, undo sent mail, and more to ensure you never miss a beat. “New Apps we Love”- Apple App Store “The way to go if you own an iPhone”- Business Insider "Faster than Gmail, faster than Outlook" - Walt Mossberg @ The Verge This version of the Email app for iPhone and iPad supports Gmail, Hotmail, iCloud, Yahoo, Outlook, Office/ Outlook 365, Exchange and AOL, IMAP mail accounts. Unsubscribe with One Tap - Unsubscribe from junk mail with one tap! Manage your mail subscriptions in one place. Touch ID Protection - Keep your email accounts private and secure without sacrificing the convenience of quick access. Search Built for Mobile Mail - Tired of waiting for search results? Fast search of all folders by contact or keywords. A full search engine on your phone. Fastest search, even for super large accounts. Automatically detect signatures - AI to intelligently discover and propose HTML signatures from your sent box - Support HTML signature editing Snooze Messages - Take care of messages when you want to. Customize snooze times! Elegant design - Design that simply works— no need to relearn mail all over again! Trips Organized with Real-Time Travel Alerts - Flights, hotels, and more in one place! If a flight is delayed or a boarding gate changes, Email goes a step further and notifies you faster than the airlines. Support for more than twice as many travel providers as Gmail! Package Tracking and Alerts - No more going to mail messages to find out package tracking codes! Check the status of all your packages in one folder. Built in Assistant - See all your Attachments, Bills & Receipts, Entertainment in one place. Never miss important information! Secure and Private - Email is fetched from the phone and stored on the phone. Detect Read Receipts - See when somebody is tracking your email activity. Read receipts are blocked from being sent back to the sender. iPad support - Gorgeous and intuitively simple design, specifically for iPad - Multitasking support for iPad Pro - Full-screen rendering of mail messages on iPad - Intuitive navigation when you delete or archive a message Quickly access information from your inbox and insert it into iMessage -One tap to send pictures, attachments, travel, package, receipts, restaurant & event reservation info and more Data Storage Optimization - Automatically clear cached files and compress old email data to reduce storage usage Many more features: • Swipe the blue unread dot to mark as read • Landscape mode for iPhone 6 plus and 7 plus • Enhanced for 3D Touch • Undo send, delete and other actions • Interactive push notification, customizable swipes & notifications, drafts • Notifications for only important messages • Customize the badge number • Customize navigation upon archiving a message • Bulk editing • HTML Signatures for each account • Horizontal layout support • Unified inbox • Respond in the notification • HTML rich composer • Send to groups from your contacts • Inline images • Quickly select your most frequent mail contacts • Real-time sync progress • Detect and communicate poor network conditions • Alias Support • Send attachments from iCloud, Google Drive and more • iOS Share extension support • Always bcc option • Respond to calendar events with a tap * Multi-Select Image Attachments - Attach multiple images with ease. * IMAP Support- A Customizable IMAP Interface * Support for Exchange 2010 Service Pack 2 and above.

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Email - Fast & Secure mail for Gmail iCloud Yahoo app reviews

  • !!! 5/5

    By Reddtoolive
    Awesome app I have a few emails for business & I like that I can have them all in one also love that everything is so organized down to my packages & receipts
  • Great, but... 3/5

    By DSHAK2012
    This app ALWAYS tells me I have mail, but when I open it, there's no new mail. Not sure what its problem is. Otherwise the app is great, much better than stock email app!
  • FAST & EASY 5/5

    By SSherlock777
    I use more than a handful of Gmail accounts. This app is fast & easy to add accounts and monitor all emails. A MUST-HAVE.
  • Best email app yet 5/5

    By SwaggnificentLion
    I really don't have words to describe how happy & pleased I am with the performance of the App (as it relates to my particular day-to-day). But the functionality, and the easy swipe options let you Taylor your experience the way you want. Anyhow, there goes my speechless review.
  • Good but missing some key features. 2/5

    By Otj287
    Having migrated from Newton because of their ridiculous fee, I was happy to find this alternative. I do notice a few key features which are missing which were reported and confirmed by developers to not be available. No spam button or a way to identify a message as spam. Huge lag issue. I've emailed the developers and very bad lack of support. Sad. If you take off combined inboxes, when you start the app, it automatically brings you to "all inboxes" anyway. Weird.
  • Everything you need-- delete apple mail. 5/5

    By madi1399
    Title says it all; I can combine multiple emails and it's so user friendly and helpful. Get it, like, yesterday.
  • Greatest Email App Ever 5/5

    By mikedcode
    This is definitely a really good email app. Clean design & flow!
  • Fabulous App. I love it 😍😍 5/5

    By Sukoha
    The best app for using Email. I can manage my mails just like Gmail app I used in Android.
  • Awesome Email App 5/5

    By antonyvijai
    I have used almost all make email apps (Stock, Gmail, Inbox by Gmail, Outlook, Spark, Alto, Newton/Cloud Magic etc). By far, the old cloud magic and this app are the best third party email solutions. Period. Of course, there is room for improvement. Yes, iOS itself has a lot of room for improvement 😃. Download it already. You won't be disappointed.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Mollypop5678
    I usually don't write reviews, but this app is so awesome. The layout of my emails are so easy to read and SO much easier to unsubscribe to certain email subscriptions in one click.
  • alright 3/5

    By dewlover420
    original review below with original title. i just wanted to say that after a long time of use, its not perfect, alot of things anger me about it. the swipes are whats keeping me, actually the only thing. very good: its in a tight competition with boxer, for me personally, but its great, and one of few that i would actually say are good! and its also the only other one that (i think) ive seen that has the swiping like mailbox. except its not exactly the same (biggest thing is one option only being able to be one swipe motion)
  • Love it 5/5

    By Jedi37
    Love it... I can get my emails from work when other email services didn't offer the specific type of email my job uses... but this app allows it... that's a great thing
  • Smooth 5/5

    By ZenfulLotus
    So much more easier to use then the already installed email apps on the android and iPhone I have. Very easy to help unsubscribe and it loads so much faster.
  • Great app 5/5

    By IgorMahnken
    It do all I need
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Bdgoch
    Best one I have found!!
  • Best email app 5/5

    By Altimhar
    I have tried 6 different email apps and this one seems to be the best!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Sopheak @ Pipay
    Great appl for email
  • Great App 5/5

    By BamaClem

    By Emzeetmbsky
    This app is so much better than the regular iPhone mail app!! It divides my mail so much better and tells me info based on the actual emails, like actual flights and hotels booked and cars rented and receipts! it's amazing, I definitely recommend it!
  • Display issues and wrong time 4/5

    By N2LXS
    It worked pretty well before, but recently it found that it fails to display part of my emails( like it will display the first paragraph of my email and just cut it off on the 2nd one at a random place and leave the sentences unfinished). Besides, it shows that I got emails at a wrong time that's different from the actual time I received them. For example, if I actually got the email at 11:00, it displays that I got it at 12:00. Don't know what's wrong with the app, hope they can fix these issues soon.😂
  • Problem 3/5

    By Sphinx_06
    My issue with this app is it will not push my email to my phone to let me know I have a new email unless I open the app. I have deleted it and downloaded it again. I'm still having the same problem. I also have in my settings to push to my phone. Can someone help me before I have to delete it please.
  • Video emails 5/5

    By Arleen Jobelle
    I love this app but the only downside is that I can't send videos in my emails.
  • Perfect amazing wonderful 5/5

    By Mobilllebannkkerr
    The best email app for ios hands down or up however you want to be joyful about it. The email lets you have the freed abilities to do what you want with the app. What shows what and what swipe does what. Perfect. Thanks !!!!!! 🙋🏿‍♂️
  • Used to be good, but is now too slow 1/5

    By LoveAcappella
    Title says it all
  • Not working 1/5

    By Idk1124
    I used to love this app, however for the past few weeks this app has not been working. First off .... it tells me I have more emails than I do, and here recently the app won't even open. Every time you click on the app to open it, it automatically closes the app. I've been having to use my browser to check my emails since this app isn't working anymore.
  • Best email app ever 5/5

    By Lindss3
    Thank you for creating this app!! I'm always unsubscribing to random emails I never signed up for, now it's so easy to!

    By Devigurl
    Ok I never write reviews. Ever. But I had to for this. I was skeptical at first of yet another email app but holy cow! This app is seriously the best ever. Replaces my email for everything. I use about 8 different email accounts and this one handles it all. The unsubscribe and assistant features are a dream. I literally LOVE this thing and I had it for about 10 minutes.
  • Issues with latest update 3/5

    By cdupadhyay
    Keeps reverting my settings (swipe etc) on restart of app or bringing back from background. Also keeps asking for writing a review - hoping writing this will not ask me again.
  • Better than mail app 5/5

    By max_aberle
    I love how this app organizes your mail for for!!
  • Amazing App 5/5

    By Todd Bostic
    I love the fact that I can pay my bill when I want, switch between two accounts, and it also brings up the two accounts that are the same type just with different account numbers. I like being able to check my credit score. It has so many great features.
  • Better than the rest 5/5

    By Terry1`
    Most mail apps only allow one account and one type. With this one though we can have different types of mail and no need for another app so this is the one to go with
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Mandipants2
    Just starting using it and so far so good!
  • Truly Amazing! 5/5

    By ogchandly
    Been using this for 6 months and I can't live without it now. Thank you so much for making an simple, cool app.
  • Great potential but needs major sync fix 2/5

    By RetroSpaz
    Was excited at first because it has great potential with the "assistant" that organizes your receipts, subscriptions, & package deliveries (great for me job). My excitement quickly went down hill with the TERRIBLE sync issues. Badge icon stays after reading the unread emails making me have to re-open the app then waiting a good 10-15 seconds for the syncing to work. Going back to the stock Apple mail until there is an update to fix this.
  • Just installed it, already head over heels 5/5

    By nancydlemmon
    This app makes managing email so astonishingly simple! I love: easy unsubscribe, categorization of emails into travel, receipts etc, beautiful interface! Get it!!
  • Great app except for the constant crashing 3/5

    By Sam_Silver
    I really like this app, but the constant crashing (20+ times per day) are really making it difficult to use. I'd have no problem paying for it as it's so much better than the standard mail app but it needs to stop crashing... open a big attachment: crash; view a message in a long thread: crash; compose a reply: crash. Please fix the crashing and it's an easy 5-star!
  • Amazing app!!! 5/5

    By A Large Gorilla
    This app is very much comparable to another PAID app that is use called Airmail. While Airmail costs $4.99, this app is completely free and has almost identical features. Thank you to the developers for this amazing app. Well done! ✌️
  • So far, so good. 5/5

    By JAX710
    Just started using this app. I like consolidating all of my accounts into one app, which I was able to do with iPhone Mail, but this interface seems much cleaner to me.
  • Great Application 5/5

    By Greekgal127
    Works well. I like the unsubscribe feature
  • Gd 5/5

    By Zicotalawwos
  • Everything you need! 5/5+ 5/5

    By Hutch345
    This is the best E-Mail app I've ever used for the IPhone. It does everything it describes in the description and it does it better and faster then any other apps available to you on the App Store. It's organized, fast, and reliable. I'd rate it higher if I could.
  • Best mail app!!! 5/5

    By Sniperthang
    I generally don't tend to write reviews for apps like a lot of other people have said, but it truly is a great app and super helpful for if you have a lot of junk mail you're trying to get rid of
  • So far my favorite 5/5

    By MsPrissy12
    I don't always get excited about email apps, but when I do, I write reviews. I've tried a handful, but this one is really quick and clean, easy to set up accounts, and it has an in-app browser that you can set as default instead of that slower-than-molasses Safari. Also, it automatically puts packages and receipts in their own folder which is great for those like me who do shop lots. No more having to create folders and move emails into it. I'm just lazy like that. There's supposed to be a blue dot to drag around if wanting to mark an email unread, but I can't find it. Oh, I know I can use the old-fashioned way, but I sure would love to have that blue dot. So a few nice features, clean and simple app, works quick (for me), and not overly complicated to set up and use. I really like it so far.
  • Nicer 5/5

    By Dan_no
    Much better than the app on my iPhone. Has some added features.
  • Nope, still not deleting//Now it's better//It's not deleting. 1/5

    By Nanajolie23
    Nope. Once again, after several attempts it's not deleting my email from inbox and subscription. ........ The app is much better now!!! I am happy that the deletions are successful. ........ Below was my first review. I'm quite disappointed because the app is not deleting all of my selected messages. And even when I go to the Subscriptions, it will say: "No Mail", but when I go to the mail, all of them are there. Please fix the app. Thanks.
  • Great 4/5

    By Kid nasty
    Just a little more speed in fetching emails, or fetching them overnight
  • Best preformance 5/5

    By A. K. V.
    This app allows me to get instantly notified when I get e-mailed. And unsubscribing to any add is a piece of cake! This app is perfect for everyone.
  • Love it!!! 5/5

    By Dony Art
    Great App. All emails in one app!!!
  • Rogelio093 5/5

    By Mr. RDO
    This is an awesome app. I love it. U can try and see for yourselves.
  • Great app 2/5

    By Jgmarz
    Needs calendar integration and goes to 5 stars Dropped to 2 stars. No updates, stale...

Email - Fast & Secure mail for Gmail iCloud Yahoo app comments

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