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  • Current Version: 1.2.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Lightricks Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Enlight Photofox App

You’ll never believe what you can create on iPhone with Enlight Photofox. Whether you’re an aspiring or experienced artist, you'll be blown away by all the creative possibilities packed into this one sophisticated photo editing app: from layers and blending modes, to special effects, brushes, fonts, tonal adjustments, film, black and white and duo presets. With Photofox photo editor, you’ll turn the ideas in your head into brilliant art from your phone, without the price tag of complicated desktop software. Unleash your creativity and start transforming photos into artistic masterpieces. Creative Combinations • Superior photo mixing. Superimpose images, create double exposures and surreal iPhone art • Sophisticated Layers! Makes it simple to combine photos and re-edit each layer at any time • Cut & Paste. Quickly select and place parts of one photo onto another • Adjust blending modes, transparency, and transform (perspective change) images Artistic Masterpieces • Draw, type, or doodle on your image • Utilize tools to create graphic designs, street art, abstract and contemporary masterpieces • Create professional-looking social media posts, flyers or posters for your business • New packs designed just for you, added all the time: light leaks, filters, elements, styles, backdrops, fonts, effects, brushes, stickers Image Correction & More • Masking built-in to nearly every tool, with smart new quick select brushes to save time • Control & adjust it all: tonality, color, grain, vignette, fade, structure, intensity and much more • Colorize images and apply beautiful gradients with duo filters • Quick blemish/object remover to get rid of defects Pro Editing • RAW support • 16 bit image depth support for high quality tonal adjustments • You can set the size of your canvas • Not done editing? Photo sessions are auto-saved, simply continue later UNLIMITED ACCESS SUBSCRIPTION - You can subscribe for unlimited access to all features and content offered for purchase within Enlight Photofox. - Subscriptions are billed monthly or annually at the rate selected depending on the subscription plan. Alternatively a one time payment plan is available (this is not a subscription). - Subscriptions auto-renew at the cost of the chosen package, unless cancelled 24-hours in advance prior to the end of the current period. The subscription fee is charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. You may manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings after purchase. Per Apple policy, no cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. Once purchased, refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. - Terms of use: http://enlight-editor.enlightapp.com/photofox-terms.pdf - Privacy policy: https://enlight-editor.enlightapp.com/photofox-privacy.pdf


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Enlight Photofox app reviews

  • The best I’ve found. 5/5

    By naeS1Sean
    This app is exceptional. In every way. It’s constantly updated which I love. So well made and intuitive. I love all of the tutorials. One of my all-time favorite apps.
  • One of a collection of coordinated imaging apps. 3/5

    By MacDelta
    As a Photoshop user/trainer who has installed Photoshop extensions that surpassed the cost of the program (in the halcyon pre-subscription days), I recall when Adobe had the courage and programming know-how to create a useable and powerful Photoshop “Lite” app – recognizable to any Photoshop user, and far easier to use than the gaggle of iOS apps one is required to learn to achieve nearly the same quality. Designed to take up the screen real estate of the iPad, Adobe’s over-achieving app was a few short practice sessions from being a professional grade tool. It was almost the equivalent of Photoshop 2.0! Adobe Professionals, such as myself, are well aware that the majority of Photoshop users are adept at maybe 15 to 20 percent of the application: the same 15 to 20 percent (and then some) available in their iOS version! For Adobe, Inc., that truth represented itself by major profit losses in their industry standard imaging tool. True imaging professionals always have and know how to use the most recent Photoshop version, and often a bevy of extensions, to tackle any project. As a designer, to show up with anything less would be akin to a lawn maintenance employee who planned to use scissors to mow a 2-acre parcel of lush green grass! Enlight’s Photofox is good. It has quite a few quirks that keep it in the hobbyist’s realm, but, if used in a specific order with other iOS imaging apps, it can be part of what can be considered to be a much larger, customized, iOS app with all the various pieces manufactured by multiple developers, who might add new features and new costs — or falter, and disappear, because the developer graduated college and found a more rewarding career. Granted, if all is still available, kept updated, upgraded, and paid for; a hobbyist can manage to create an impressive image geared for the social media market. Enlight’s Photofox does quite a few things really well, while neglecting what some would consider basic features. I use it with between three to five other imaging apps, and can achieve above average results for social media images. For truly professional jobs, I use the industry-standard desktop programs, like Photoshop, Illustrator and other tools of the paid designer’s trade. Photofox is by no means a bad app, it simply has a number of useless filters, a handful of powerful tools, and costs $36 to $48/year (based on payment frequency). That’s Enlight Photofox’s biggest downfall. It’s simply not worth the money. I see its primary use as one of a hundred “best editors” for social media design. It’s best used with other imaging tools to create the image you’re looking for. I have grown weary of the word “professional,” being bandied about as if just by using it as an adjective, it can create a truly industry-standard product. It can’t. Professional is just a word unless it is be properly applied. Ever bought professional air? I’m sure you can! Much of the description is like the app. A lot of hype for one of many good social media image editors.
  • Yeah, not so great😡 2/5

    By 😘 kisses 🍫
    It was legit at first but then it got annoying. I could only have two screens at a time that was doing everything that I wanted to use what’s on the go-pro!!!! I don’t recommend this.
  • 3 mo trial... with limits? 2/5

    By otterman
    The more I use this app, the more I wish I’d never paid the $40 it cost at the time (despite what they said, the 3-month trial didn’t work for me - the premium features were still locked). The latest frustration is the Reshape function. They have icons depicting wireframes or guides, and you would think that there would be some kind of guide or frame or level to keep the reshaping straight. Nope!! Once again, you’re on your own if you want anything straight in this app. But thanks anyway to the developers for instilling in me that I will NEVER pay anywhere near $40 for an iOS app ever again. A subscription, perhaps? Fugetaboutit!! I don’t rent software. ___ In response to the developer’s comment about the stock photos tab (“It will only open on the Search tab the first time you open it...”), allow me to finish the sentence accurately: “... during that session.” Open the app the next day and the default is still the Search tab. You guys are like Nuance - 90% awesome, 10% WT_?? And STILL no straighten tool.... Layer transform does not cut it - iOS doesn’t have the precision to rotate with fingers only, and there are no guides to indicate whether an image is straight. The original Enlight has a wonderful straighten tool, but to leave a $40 app to use a BASIC tool in another app is ridiculous. Not to mention image degradation each time it’s recompressed (maybe not so much with TIFs). With all the advanced features you guys have built into the app, how does a core image utility get left out?! It irritates me every time I need to straighten a photo. Part 2: Why would you make Search the new default when selecting photos? Don't most people want to work on the photos they themselves take? How about making it an option in settings. I personally would rarely, if ever, use that and it's getting irritating to have to switch back to my photos each time. Original Review: You advertise 3 mo free Pro trial for Enlight 1 users, yet why are some features still crippled? B&W > Cinema, for example. Other Pro features that I've used so far work fine. If you're wanting us to lay down the substantial price increase from v1, we should be able to try all of it. I don't want to use 90% of it, spend the money, then find out the other 10% is useless.
  • Interesting 5/5

    By GA.A Martin
    I just completed my first project using this app. The application is easy and fun to us. Anyone who is creative and have enjoys using their phone to take photos will like using the tools offered here to create larger or new works.
  • Nice. But how do I rearrange the layers 5/5

    By Xterestrial
    I want to move an image from the background to the foreground. By moving my layers. Can’t figure it out. Edit: figured it out. So far I love it.
  • All Over The Place 2/5

    By A real user 2
    Their $2.99 app has straighten ability, but their $70 app (that’s 50% off) does not? This makes no sense! They made a more expensive app, but stripped the functionality. They also have a selfie app (also $70) with more pro features than this app, but no raw support. I don’t understand what they’re trying to do. 3 apps to get the needed functionality. Way to go Adobe Lite.
  • Get the original Enlight app instead 1/5

    By Pegleg Pete
    Enlight Photofox is supposed to be the next version of a very good photo editing app that is called simply, “Enlight.” There is a lot of overlap in the features of both apps. Both apps also have features that are not present at all in the other. The major point of differentiation between the two apps is price. Enlight costs $2.99. Enlight Photofox costs $69.99 (it is always on sale at a 50% discount, retail value $139.99). I think when you examine the features offered by the two apps, you’ll see that the original Enlight is unquestionably the better value. Image adjustments like brightness and contrast are table stakes for any photo app. The basic adjustments are present in both apps but Photofox expects you pay a premium for some settings that were included in the original app. Offset, Clarity, Fine Sharpening, Value range specific tuning (Blacks, Shadows, Highlights), Color Temperature, Tint, Vibrance, White Balance Picker, Split Toning, AND Curves are locked away in the “Pro” version of Photofox for $69.99 and were included in the original for $2.99. Both apps allow you to target some adjustments for specific colors in specific areas of the image but again, Target is locked up under “Pro” features in Photofox. Canvas settings in the original Enlight feature the usual cropping, rotating, flipping and straightening controls. It also has controls for perspective corrections. These operations can be performed in Photofox but aren’t as well implemented. In Photofox, you can use multi-touch to rotate a layer. You can also use Transform to fix tilt. Neither have the grid overlay or the fine-tuned sliding controls that you get in the original app. Other features of the original Enlight that are not available at all in Photofox include Refit, Tilt/Shift and Natural Media Rendering Tools. Other features that are included with the original Enlight that are locked away inside of the “Pro” version Photofox include Reshape and Heal. The big feature of Photofox is its expanded support for layers. This is not an entirely new innovation created for Photofox. The original Enlight has a feature called “Mixer” that allows you to layer one image on top of another. They are both essentially identical, offering the same blending modes. You will need to flatten two layers before you can add another in the original. Photofox will allow you keep all of your layers separate so that you can continue to manipulate them independently as long you upgrade to “Pro.” The free version of Photofox only allows two layers in addition to the background layer. One completely new feature of Photofox is access to the pixabay image library. The major innovation here is simply that Photofox has made it easier to access images that you could search and download with any web browser. The major limitation is that you have access to pixabay images only. If you want to use another source for stock photography you’ll still have to go get those images outside of Photofox. There are other features in both versions of the app and you don’t need me to address all of them. I can summarize that most of them are photo filter effects and stickers. Photofox also includes a very limited subset of the facial retouching tools from the other Lightricks app, FaceTune. There are an abundance of apps that will filter, sticker and meme your photos for a couple of bucks or free. Each new Photofox update seems to come with new stickers and filters that in no way will ever justify the cost of the “Pro” version. I’m a fan of Enlight. I’m also an Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber, so I have access to all of Adobe’s industry-leading apps as well. I use the original Enlight as much as I use Photoshop Express on my phone. The original Enlight has a simple interface, a complete set of adjustment controls and some quirky paint effects that I enjoy. I cannot recommend it highly enough. When Lightricks first released Photofox they tried to tell us that the features of the original Enlight were included for free in the new version. This was completely false. Then, they claimed that the cost of the original app was unsustainable for their business. They jacked up the cost an unprecedented 1600%. When Apple featured Photofox in the App Store, Lightricks increased the price even more to take advantage of the exposure and without adding significant new features. To their credit, the original Enlight continues to get occasional updates. Go get that one.
  • Imagine... 5/5

    By toffel781
    It is just free photoshop like it involves what i would i would use for photo shop
  • Over priced! 1/5

    By ScoobyDooMama
    Over priced! I’m not being cheap, I gladly pay for editing apps that are worth it. I had no problem paying $20 one time etc but this is ridiculous.. plus these tools can be found in other apps with much lower price points :)
  • Amazin 5/5

    By Seattle searcher
    Amazing app
  • This is love! 5/5

    By Bbougard
    I love the app it’s makes my life and business so much better and it give me time back and I am so very thankful this app does not disappoint you I mean that ! 5 Star appall day long.....
  • Needs work 2/5

    By Forestmbrown
    All stock images load very very slowly, I have closed all web based apps to give some bandwidth to the app to hopefully speed things up with no success. I went ahead and bought the pro version, however I will say that 90% of the time the stock images either load very slowly or not at all. I’m talking 25 minutes to load into the workspace. Not to mention the 30-45 minutes it takes to load the stock images in the search tab.
  • My review 5/5

    By JaayVisuals on instagram
    This app is awesome. I was surfing Instagram and I came across this ad which I thought looked cool so I tried it and this app is so easy to work with you can do so much and it’s all free there is a pro upgrade but you don’t need it you are able to do so many effects it’s amazing
  • Song name for Snapchat ad? 5/5

    By Tbown3
    Your ad on Snapchat had this super catchy song but I can’t figure out the name :( what is it? p.s I’m downloading the app! Looks promising :)
  • Bad app 1/5

    By Boster1593
    I buy this app and now this one charges you to use it for months not fare put it like it was one purchase and that it
  • More than 5 2/5

    By Jainehot2
    I want unlimited photos especially for us paying users. That’s so not fair to us.
  • Saving problems 4/5

    By dbot nasty
    This is a very useful app indeed!! That being said I’d like to suggest an auto save on this. I’m erasing backgrounds on my awesome pictures. I didn’t have the chance to put green screens behind the person. The “x” on eraser mode and “check mark” are easily touched by accident. MAKING ALL OF THE WORK THATS BEEN DONE FOR NOTHING. PLEASE FIX THIS. Very discouraging
  • Sad... 3/5

    By Gray Pierce
    There was nothing wrong with the other enlight app, this one charges for everything the old had for free. That’s a rip-off
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By rep_notts
    This app is so incredible! I use it all the time and recommend it for anyone who wants a great photo editing app!
  • Super awesome!!! 5/5

    By this is fakeeee
    Saw an ad on Snapchat and glad I downloaded it. So easy to use!!!! 10/5 stars.
  • Pay lots of money and get crappy tutorials! 2/5

    By Ultra Kryptonian
    Yeah, I got suckered into paying $70 for a “Pro” version of this software and I regret it big time. This was probably the most expensive app I ever bought from the store and I feel it wasn’t money well spent. You go to the video tutorials and it’s like trying to learn from a music video. No vocals, loud music, and fast menu selections crammed into a 2 minute video is supposed to “teach” you how to use this app. BEWARE!
  • Great!!! 5/5

    By Nothing works 3
    Great app, fun to use. So much to do and learn, even for a novice like me. Helped me to make a wonderful calendar gift for Christmas and turned some of my vacation photos into amazing pictures.
  • Talent in suckering the buyer! 1/5

    By BlakeMelodeus
    The features they seduce you with in the ad/video are features which inspires you to purchase but once you spend the money which isn’t 99 cent...which it should be, you find that the true components are very expensive and they go by monthly like $5 a month or pay $70 for the whole package. If you want every feature shown here in the video be CLEAR... ITS MORE THAN $69 you WILL BE paying so if you want to spend the $5 like me just to have the real features not available it’s up to you. It is a scam and once you pay you will have this sunken feeling... not cool. If they told you in the beginning how much it costs for each add on NO ONE would purchase it. Of course apple doesn’t mind because you’re making the transactions on their systems... so they are making money... but the consumer needs to be told the truth before purchasing... again I doubt they would make as much unless they sucker ppl.. totally not cool. And this goes for the other apps they have too. Just be aware because I didn’t read any review which told me that beforehand. Or I totally overlooked it because the app was what I was interested in.light tricks? Perfect name but it should be consumer tricked Ltd instead
  • The Best App 5/5

    By jjcalataman
    The best app I ever had. Thanks all of you for all.
  • Love it but one font suggestion! 5/5

    By Mangler44
    Thank you guys for making such a great photo editing app! It’s pretty easy to make something cool with this. I haven’t had much experience with photo editing except the first Enlight and I’d like to say I’m making pretty decent stuff. I only have one suggestion. Could you guys add the sans serif font “Lemon Milk”? It has a funny name but it’s actually pretty commonly used and looks pretty cool while not being overdone and actually being quite basic. I don’t know if you guys can, but it would help a lot. Thanks!
  • Just got and already in love !! 5/5

    By CrazypandaPAW
  • I love this app!!! 5/5

    By eversindy
    I just got this app today and I'm loving it! You can make your photo however you want, it's so cool! I definitely recommend this app!!!
  • Research 4/5

    By ursoc brew
    So I looked up 1 time purchase for the best of the best being adobe (actually ranked 2; but can be used on multi platforms so that’s number 1 to me) which is $699 following the same model as lighttricks; a subscription to keep a low price which was aimed at students. After seeing this my previous thoughts of cash grab was altered; due to that I don’t have powerful computer just a iPad 2017 model; price seems fair cause I can produce great results. - 1 star support link goes to void and can’t animate a session but you can Enlight 1? And remember lady and gents companies pay other companies to inflate their ratings due to this and actual people don’t take the time to learn the product; you have to take the time and do research and come to your own conclusion.
  • Mind blown 🤯 5/5

    By Foreignsyd
    This is worth the money 🤯🤯🤯‼️
  • Payment 1/5

    By Char Dem
    I don’t think it’s fair to not mention the fact that you have to PAY to use the app in the video or description. I haven’t managed to do anything on the app because I don’t want to pay for something I can have on my computer for free, although less easy to use. I tried to press the X in the corner, but it didn’t work. I just thought it might be nice to let you know that that’s my only issue with this app so far. Although, I do know you aren’t going to care about one customer asking for no payment, I don’t really care. Just figured I’d tell you that in case other people have the same problem.
  • Overpriced 2/5

    By KevinPurcell
    Get rid of the subscription model and charge around $10 and I’m in but this price is laughable.
  • Enlight + Capas 1/5

    By jzicoronado1
    Mi hermano descargo enligth Classic me parece genial pero no tiene capas de edición independiente como photophox por favor añadan capas dan enlight Classic para comprarla solo necesito eso capas solo capas ilimitadas capas ...
  • Great app! 5/5

    By EmperorDuckie
    I love that you can make great edits more easily than most other apps will allow. Double exposures are fun, and I enjoy using the effects to add things like clouds and birds. Thanks for the great app! God bless
  • Conflicted - No cloud sync? 2/5

    By sadiqsamani
    I really really like Videoleap and Photofox and I’m seriously considering adding them to my workflow. However, these apps don’t sync with other devices! Nor can I send a project from one device to another. Not that I know of at least. I use 2 phones for my media management and also am getting an assistant to help build templated videos, but with no sync or share it means inconsistencies. Leaving me having to use another editor or FCPX. I would really love to continue using both these apps, so hopefully this feature is in the works? Thanks.
  • Great new apo 5/5

    By HollyL45
    Enjoying the features and functionality of this new app. Compliments original Enlight nicely.
  • Love it!!!! 5/5

    By Dancespinners
    Best app ever!!!! Love it so much!
  • actually the most confusing app 2/5

    By andie_lei
    i love editing photos and i’m pretty familiar with certain apps, i just could not figure this one out. the undo decides not to work sometimes, so i end up having to start all over. i am so confused. please send help
  • It’s pretty good 4/5

    By Bonus bob the cat guy
    I mean it’s a little complex but it’s nothing time won’t fix the main problem is it won’t let me use the photos I want to edit it says my photo cannot be loaded at this time
  • Change cycles disappoint 2/5

    By MMartHsv
    Photofox continues to puzzle me. Effects that used to be available in the basic app keep being moved to the PRO (subscription based) version after updating to a new release. This is disappointing. I wish I could be certain that I will find what I have used (and loved) in earlier work when I open the app again :-( Addressing the developer’s reply: I don’t doubt that ”... Pro users always get it all...”, but not all of us are Pro users. From now on I will appreciate the variety, and keep my use and expectations in check.
  • Best App but.... 4/5

    By Nia Jordan
    This is by far the best app I've ever used along with Enlight itself. But I'm having a problem with opening new projects. I have so many ideas of creativity and I can't follow through with them because I can add layers and I can't start a new project.
  • Problems. 1/5

    By IShredPxper
    The doodle tool doesn’t even work, you shouldn’t be advertising this lol.

    By Dhcfvcgcgcdgjjnl
  • So much money! 2/5

    By WinyDiamond
    This is a great app and I use it all the time for basic edits, but there is only so much you can do when you are given a “freemium” version of what the app really is, and that really stinks since it would be 5 stars if you didn’t have to pay so much. Especially with an iPhone photo editor, maybe with photoshop but not this. IT IS TO MUCH MONEY!!!
  • Pro or Not 5 Star 5/5

    By Paindeer? Hey
    I don’t have Enlight or pro, and I don’t necessarily plan on spending money on it anytime soon. But I absolutely love this app! It’s got several great features for free and looks like some amazing ones I really want to have the money for. I like the ability to customize the brushes such as the eraser and doodle. I have never seen this in any other photo editing app. I enjoy the simplicity and yet ability to do complex things. I love what I can do with these photos with Photofox! I really wanted to leave a good review because I’ve been on this app maybe way too much and nobody ever knows what I’m talking about.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Shabbaskwazz
    God I love this app. My secret weapon for making awesome pics.
  • Why? 1/5

    By ChicagoAwesomSports23456
    Did you really just make the "Heal" and "Target" tools, as well as "darkroom" only for Pros when before it was free? That's what I call ripping off your consumer base.
  • Exception Resource 5/5

    By cohummingbird
    I am delighted to have such an excellent editing tool at my fingertips since I shoot on the go. Definitively 5 Stars!
  • Best 5/5

    By Aminnnnn
    This is one of best apps that i have tried but needs some more work on it
  • Excellent!! 5/5

    By Gypsy Soul Girl
    So far, I am totally IMPRESSED with the abilities I am able to acquire while photoshopping my images to perfection!!! 5 stars!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Enlight Photofox app comments


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