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Escort Live Radar App

2012 Car & Driver’s 10 Best Technology winner! 2012 Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice award winner! 2012 CES Innovations in Design & Engineering award winner! 2012 SEMA Show Best New Mobile Electronic Product award winner! ESCORT Users are saying: “These advanced laser alerts are a life saver. Love it!” “The new update just released has made the experience with Escort Live even greater.” “I've been using Escort Live since early December, have taken one 3,000 mile trip (Florida to Massachusetts and back) and use it every time I get into the car. “ ESCORT Live Radar delivers the world’s most advanced real time radar and laser ticket protection giving drivers an unprecedented, advanced information picture of their driving environment. The result is an ESCORT Live Radar nation of drivers connected in the social network for the road. ESCORT Live Radar is available in two versions: ESCORT Live Radar Free Download: •‘Police Spotted’ speed trap alerts •Mobile and fixed-position traffic enforcement camera alerts •Ability to share your threat reports in the ESCORT Live™ network •ESCORT’s patented Mark Location™ feature which allows drivers to receive automatic reminders for previously marked threats •Multiple map and dashboard views on your smartphone based on user preference ESCORT Live Premium: •Real-time radar and laser alerts received by other detector users in the area •Detailed threat information including time sensitive, ‘heat-mapped’ color coded warning icons for fast, safe and more accurate responses •ESCORT’s patented GPS full feature set including: vehicle speed; posted speed limit data; over speed limit alerts; compass and directional headings •Ability to easily connect to ESCORT’s class leading windshield mount radar detectors using ESCORT’s new Bluetooth enabled SmartCord Live™ power cord (select models only – visit for details) •Full access to ESCORT Nation •Two convenient levels of subscription service – $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year Did you know, •Radar detectors are legal in 49 states (only Virginia prohibits their use) •Multiple public domain sources reveal that more than 50 million drivers receive a speeding ticket in the United States each year – about one in every four drivers •It is estimated that there are currently more than 60 million potential ESCORT Live™ compatible smartphones in use in North America with numbers increasing daily Now you do, and ESCORT Live is here to help you Drive Smarter! Whether you’re using one of our industry-leading detectors or simply using Escort Live on your smartphone, we’re here to keep you safe on the road and ticket free. Take us for a drive TODAY! - Note: ESCORT Live can be run in the background to preserve battery life of your smartphone. Continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life.


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Escort Live Radar app reviews

  • Frustrating.... 1/5

    By nebul0us9
    Serves as useful utility once you go through all the rituals it takes to get this application up and running each and every time you start the app/device/car. It’s kind of ridiculous that you have to remove and add to Bluetooth each and every time it’s put in use. There is clearly something wrong, they are fully aware of this issue and all they do is blame n“Apple” as to the reason the app has thus major connectivity issue. I’m not totally sure why people in this world can’t act like adults, grow up, and learn how to work together and get things working right in this world. This is clearly some sort of compatibility issue that takes time, research and money to make work correctly and not to mention people that are willing to competently work together like grown adults instead of fighting over the monetary aspects of what it would take to get this ever so frustrating up and running correctly and the way it should$could work- the way one would expect this to work after paying $100 year for the service. I will NOT BE RENEWING THE SERVICE ONCE THE “free” INTRO SERVICE THAT CAME WITH IT RUNS OUT. Somebody needs to get their computer engineering and start communicating effectively before my “hard earned money” is spent. Pp With the above being stated as the honest truth, I would not touch this APP until they fix this HUGE annoying bug that continues to make this app very unenjoyable and a terrible waste of money!!!!!!! Escort should not even be taking money for this app until it’s fixed and works as promised. I’m tired of seeing “RED” every single time I initially try to start this app each day. At this point in time I always make sure I remove this app off of Bluetooth list each and everytime I shut the car down. It’s a must to keep things more simplified when restarting app/car each time. For the love of god, Escort, Please Fix this issue and stop avoiding the fact you have to address something you’re charging above and beyond for. NOT RIGHT!!
  • Works good so far 4/5

    By nsmsam
    Feb 2018. I got the Escort IX. It’s my first radar detector, and comes with this app subscription one year free. It is a simple app. Mainly alert you if other detector owners picked up something. I have seen app disconnection once. Not sure why. The detector itself works as described. I had a few pick up, and half mile later, I saw the CHP on side of freeway with someone pulled over. I wish the app is free to subscribe so that more people use it and more data. The detector is already not cheap.
  • To make the bluetooth work again with this app 1/5

    By Uaer
    To make the bluetooth work again with this app you only need to go to the bluetooth area and forget the export connection and remake a new one. You will see that the app recognize the connection. The bad part is that you need to do this every time you get into the car and want to use the App.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Smileyzuk
    It almost never connects to the radar detector. Phone shows it’s connected. App never sees it. Useless. Glad I don’t pay for the service
  • Inaccurate Speed 3/5

    By PlaceboTree
    The alerts work well enough but I have noticed that when I glance at the app while connected to my Escort Passport iX I have noticed that the speed on the app only goes as high as 30 MPH. This is quite strange when the detector clearly displays the proper highway speed I am traveling. So I am traveling. At 75 MPH, my car speedometer clearly shows 75, the detector shows 75, but the app only shows me traveling at 30MPH.
  • Speed Limits 2/5

    Speed limit sign is in mph & actual speed is reading in Kmh & no where in the settings I am able to change that. Also having a hard time connecting my max 360 radar detector to iOS 11 & I even updated to a iPhone X. Seriously needs an update & customer service is horrible especially for the amount of money we invested in this product. Escort live is the main reason I purchased this product & it doesn’t work. 😡
  • Magtire 2/5

    By Magtire
    Would be worth paying for if you offered more than what’s available. I have used app since it came out and even though I no longer pay for service, I still report when I see police. I use WAZE mostly now it’s free and offers more options. But back to Escort, the map needs to be updated desperately. You should update or upgrade app to also include driving directions. That way you don’t have to flip between apps. The app should have a heads up/North option. For the price we pay for the radar the app should be free and it should be offered for free across all radars that Escort sells it was ahead of it’s time when it first came out, but has fallen behind due to lack of upgrades. Another problem with this app is, since I’ve updated to IPhone X the phone shows to be connected, but mute doesn’t work, when radar goes off the app don’t automatically transfer hit to database I have to manually say police spotted. I love my radars and I have been saved countless times form getting a ticket. HIGHLY RECOMMEND purchasing Escort Radars, they are the best on the market, but the app do need attention to make this a complete package.
  • Broken since iOS 11 1/5

    By Throlad
    Since my iPhone has updated to 11.0 this app has not connected to my detector. I have tried it on my iPhone 7 and my wife’s iPhone 8 and neither are working. Both phones are showing that the detector is connected in the Bluetooth setting but inside the app it shows that no detector is connected. I’ve been waiting months for a fix and haven’t received one yet. This is not very good for a service that has to be paid for.
  • Unbelievably bad 1/5

    By Mister Brad
    I can find a positive aspect to just about anything. Except this app. I can’t believe I actually spent money to subscribe. They must have hired student programmers in their first year of school to create this disaster. Where to begin? The Smart Cord will rarely connect without multiple starts and restarts of the car ignition and Bluetooth settings. After that finally connects, logging into the app produces an error message telling me no device found despite having the Smart Cord displaying blue (indicating connection). At one point, I get a message telling me that my subscription has expired before telling me my subscription runs through November 2018. There is no value in an app that relies on a social platform to deliver its functionality and the vast majority of users are unable to connect. I would not recommend paying a subscription until they pony up the bucks to hire some competent engineers to fix this disaster.
  • Bluetooth still doesn’t work? 1/5

    By Lifeguard1rn
    What I pay for subscriptions and own the Max 360. I don’t understand the issue getting this corrected from what I see it has been 4-5 months. Please help
  • Bye bye to privacy 1/5

    By 10910w
    Collects your private driving habits without decoupling them from your personal information and retains that info indefinitely.
  • Does not connect to IOS 11 1/5

    By Very very upset 200009
    Poor support, the company is clueless to the customers issues !!!
  • Love the idea, but... 1/5

    By theregisterednerd
    I wish that almost every aspect of the app were better. For starters, the connectivity is pretty bad, but I’m willing to chock that up to iOS API transparency. Being able to set alert lockouts on my hardware is great, but live alerts have so many issues with listings not updating that it’s really not even a feature, and I wish I could turn it off. For example, there’s a speed trap marked on my daily commute that has been marked in the same spot for at least the two years I’ve been making this drive, and red light cameras haven’t been legal in my state for years, but I still get alerts for them. In addition to all that, lockout locations don’t share or even sync with my escort live account, so when I have critical issues that cause me to have to uninstall and reinstall the app, I lose all my lockout locations. Fortunately, I’ve never been charged for a renewal of Live service, otherwise I’d be asking what I’m paying for, I’d Escort isn’t updating maps, and they’re not cloud storing my lockout marks. Even the look and feel of the app tells me it hasn’t had a major revision since iOS 6 (5 years). And now that more mapping apps (ie, Apple maps, Waze, and Google Maps) are all providing APIs, is love to see integration that puts alerts on my nav maps, or at least accounts for my route in alerts. Especially with Waze’s hazard reporting system, I feel like Escort could be a great partner with them, putting radar alerts out to a wider audience, and/or bringing other hazard alerts into Escort. Additional features I’d really like not have: ability to lock out Ka alerts (there are a couple speed notification signs in my area that use Ka), ability to lock out historical alerts (for when a false alert passes before I have a chance to get to it), ability to re-route audio alerts to only on my phone (after checking that phone notifications are able to play audio). It was a great idea, and I really want it to work, but currently, it just doesn’t.
  • Does not work with IOS 11 1/5

    By Audible Guy
    App does not stay connected to detector with IOS 11, for a company the size of Escort you would think they could support their products sufficiently to work as promised. Time to find a detector and ap that actually works and return detector to Costco for refund.
  • One major problem 1/5

    By Truk Meister ;-)
    The new version is garbage. It's like a hokey kids game with rudimentary lights that flash all over the place and never go away. Truthfully this would be really good for a toddler to play around with - it's crap. One major problem - the map view should have the option to track up for direction of travel or north track up. Think about it, if you're in an area that you're unfamiliar with and you're looking at locations of speed traps on the map with North tracking up then your not sure exactly where the alert is. You need to be a look at the map at a glance and instantly know where the alert is.
  • Won’t even connect to radar detector anymore 1/5

    By Parmenedes
    Rather than adding simple features people have been asking for for years now - such as muting music when it detects radar or muting itself when on a phone call, this app continues to get worse over time. Now it claims that my radar detector isn’t connected to my phone despite the fact that the detector is clearly listed as “connected” in my phone’s bluetooth settings. This makes it utterly unusable.
  • Used to be 5-Star but I’ve dropped rating twice 1/5

    By ActionAmerica
    When I first started using my 360MAX with this app, everything worked exactly as specified. There were zero problems. All that changed with iOS 11. Now, every time I get into the car, in order to make the detector and the app connect, I have to follow a specific procedure. 1) Open Settings / Bluetooth 2) Select Max360 Info icon and Forget Device. 3) Cycle power on the detector. 4) Watch for Max360 to show up on the Bluetooth Screen again, Select it. 5) Wait for Max360 to pair. 6) Open EscortLive and if it is not yet connected, Select Max360. Only after following this exact procedure, will the app work with the detector. I would not complain, if Escort had made one or more attempts to resolve this problem in the weeks that followed, even if those attempts failed. at least such attempts would have shown that they cared. But that didn’t happen and after several weeks of no action on the part of Escort, I dropped my 5-Star rating to 2-Stars. After many more weeks with no action I feel it necessary to drop my rating to just 1-Star. I’ve checked and iOS 11 is fully compliant with the latest Bluetooth standards. Also, every other Bluetooth device connected to my iPhone works exactly as intended. The problem is Escort’s. Yet, in all this time, Escort has done zero to resolve this issue. The app is great,… when it works. It’s just needlessly difficult to get it setup each time I get in the car and Escort has been TOTALLY UNRESPONSIVE, regarding this issue.
  • Not very good 1/5

    By esjr5
    I renewed my subscription before I read the reviews. The WIFI connects about 10% of the time but not automatically. You have to go to Bluetooth setting play with it and it’s hit or miss. The most bothersome is the box that flashes every few seconds telling you your subscription has expired and click to renew. I renewed and it won’t go away. You click no thanks and it pops up a few seconds later. The use to work great but now it’s a bust!
  • Works Nice With Radar Detector 4/5

    By Sbee 54
    Easy to use, no Bluetooth issues using IOS 11.2.1, and provides a nice interface for configuring my Max 360. As for reporting nearby alerts such as police, speed traps, etc. I use both WAZE and this app together.
  • Please update the app for iPhone X 3/5

    By Ra|W
    The layout is massing up on the iPhone X. Please update the app.
  • Good app, needs some work. 4/5

    By max360user
    Easier to adjust radar settings but could be made even easier. Needs a skip button on that intro. Also explanation under each option would be quite nice. The fastest mute option is not quite fast. Other than that its a good addition to the max 360.
  • No iOS 11 Support? 1/5

    By Padrino121
    Not sure what to make of an app update 1mo ago for bug fixes that does not include a fix for the lack of iOS 11 support.
  • iOS 11 1/5

    By goimg back to paper
    Does not connect to max 360 after iOS 11 update. They used to be a good company but they are very slow to update now. Don’t buy their products.
  • It’s ok. Needs better map user interface 3/5

    By Sukerfool
    2 things I don’t like. 1.) Escort is slow to keep up with IPhone routine updates. So, it’s a bit buggy for a few weeks after you update your phone. I feel like if it’s a paid subscription, it should be updated frequently and IMPROVED upon. 2.) I don’t like how the map is always in north up. Meaning if you traveling south you have to pay attention to the alerts that you normally think are behind you. Should be a setting that you can put the map in heading mode so that map moves around to always show what’s infront of you. Other than that the app works ok.
  • Since ios11 it never connects to bt 1/5

    By Ernie 2112
    This ap is a joke. Can’t imagine paying for it again. Radar detector is awesome but ap is worthless
  • Please update to add CarPlay Support 3/5

    By egbweb
    Add CarPlay support, please! Also update UI to current iOS standards and add iPhone X support.
  • The Worst App I Have: Rarely Detects My Detector 1/5

    By Wreck-Diver
    So I have had my Escort 360 for about a year now and this app has been a pain since. Every now and again it will connect but it is rare. My iPhone connects to the radar detector via Bluetooth no problem but the app just doesn’t see it. $750 detector... what a poor impression of it because of this miserable app!
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Sheepdog206
    Up until about a year ago this app worked great. Since then, it refuses to connect to the two Escort Passport Max radars I own. My iPhone connects via BT, but the app won’t recognize the scanner. Poor design.
  • iOS 11 1/5

    By rh29585
    Might have won awards in 2012 but that's a far cry from what you get today. If your not going to fix the buletooth connection issue than at least pull this app from the app store.
  • Could be an amazing resource... 1/5

    By f1point0
    Especially for people who live in an area where radar detectors are illegal. Besides the UI being archaic and very last gen with little to no updates, there’s hardly any user input because, quite frankly, there are probably very few users. The reason is more than likely the prohibitive cost. Especially for people who haven’t purchased a radar detector. What Escort should do is offer a means for users to earn a reduction in the cost of the service for providing data about red light cameras, speed traps and live police radar. Such crowd sourced data is valuable and there should be a reward for those who provide it. If Escort continues to be short-sighted and greedy, this app will surely die, if it hasn’t already.
  • Waste of money! 1/5

    By Noah mcgathy
    Had mine for almost a year now. Escort live does not connect 99 percent of the time. No support from Escort. iPhone 7. Latest iOS.
  • Broken App 1/5

    By Egapmart
    This used to be a Five Star app, it was easy to use and worked well. After the iOS 11 update the Bluetooth no longer automatically connects. I have to go to Bluetooth settings and forget the device and pair the Escort detector every time I want to use it. I will not renew my yearly subscription or buy another Escort Radar Detector if it continues to function like this. I have removed and reinstalled the app and still no fix. I will be buying another brand for my son’s Christmas present.
  • No body home 1/5

    By Hogswild
    Great hardware, I pick up most cops. However, the app relays on other people around you to have escort detector and escort love running in their cars as well. I don't get any help from having this app. Just scar the money and download the free app Waze. I really wish I could get my money back from this purchase. Lesson learned, hopefully my pain is your benefit.
  • Great in 2012 NOT in 2017 1/5

    By P. Dye
    I’ve had this app since it came out and paid for the subscription. it’s great when it works. Since going to IOS 11, it won’t connect unless i forget the device and find it again. It’s a big pain. Fix it please. By the way. I have been forced to try alternatives and waze is pretty neat.
  • iOS 11 1/5

    By Cherv
    We have Max 360s in multiple vehicles, And since iOS 11 came out it does not connect through Bluetooth to the detectors anymore. Completely worthless, tried getting in touch with escort to resolve the problem and they didn’t know who to put me in contact with. Very disappointing especially since they advertise their $700 detectors to be compatible
  • Bogus Laser Alerts 2/5

    By nihilarity
    iPhone X has a sensor that sets off the laser detector function and pushes a warning to the crowdsourced database. There doesn’t appear to be a way to stop the bogus alerts from being reported.
  • Escort please update!!!! 2/5

    By Cubano888
    I could not believe why so many people were upset with escort and posting youtube reviews about escort not listening to the people and blowing them off so, I wanted to leave my review... Escort is ruining their own reputation the app has so many problems that haven't been addressed and its been commented for a longtime. The map does not point to direction of travel, only to true north. Now i know escort is not an expert in this field but when you create something make it good or don't make it at all or at-least try your best to fix it don't blow people off and say well we make radars not maps, we pay for this app and the radars cost double than many good radars out there. We all use navigations and they all point in direction of travel is always been that way. I find it hard to use and just not worth the money. Escort has to make things easier and better to understand to allow us to be safer on the road. Direction of travel is less confusing when seeing alerts on map just makes sense. Bluetooth connectivity is another issue i get too guys i hope escort will update soon. Is just a shame in this new era. I mean Waze is free and sometimes i see cops on their map and my radar and this app don't even show anything. Waze just has alot more people better reviews and the app runs smoother why doesn't escort? Im just not sold on this guys.
  • Escort does not play well with iPhone 1/5

    By Gstang46
    The Escort Live app never connects to my iPhone running iOS 11. The only way I can get a successful connection is to unpair the Max360 detector and to re-pair it with my iPhone. I have updated the firmware on the detector to the latest version along with the app itself. This is by far the worst connection experience that I have ever had with any Bluetooth device.
  • NEEDS A NEW UI &... 1/5

    1. your u.i. Looks like its still stuck on ios 4, while we are all 7 ios’s later. 2. The notifications are annoying & in order to hear it outloud you have to be in the app. You cant close the app. So if i have my phone hooked up to my car i have to be it in the app to hear it out of my radio system if not you cant blast music cause you wont hear it from the app. 3. False lazer alert systems i find when im driving. PLEASE FIX.
  • Nice 5/5

    By Mohamad dye santos
  • Great Detectors, disgraceful app 1/5

    By DBakeJr
    I’ve had escort detectors for almost a decade to include the new Max 360 which I love. The app worked reasonably the first year but it is behind with the new iOS updates. With all the money they receive they should be able to keep up with an app that is at least up to date and allows me to simply connect my $600 detector to my phone
  • iPhone X support?? 1/5

    By cjoemu
    Will this app be supported with the iPhone X screen size?
  • Works one time during setup 1/5

    By altjx
    Something is seriously wrong with this app. It never detects the radar detector even though Bluetooth settings show the Max 360 as connected all the time. I don't think I had any issues prior to iOS 11. It seems like support for this app has just dropped completely.
  • Rip off monthly subscription 1/5

    By Hammerdowner
    I’ve purchased 3 monthly subscriptions that only last a Day. Good luck getting your money back
  • Poor App Maintnenance 1/5

    By mralex5016
    Fix the App for work with IOS 11 or give me my money back for my subscription. I’ll find another option since i can’t connect to the detector.
  • Doesn’t work with iPhone 1/5

    By daver0001
    Connectivity to my Passport is now non-existent with iOS 11. Seems the Escort SW team doesn’t know how to work with Apple. No solution on the Escort page either.
  • Doesnt work anymore. 1/5

    By Oesman
    My bluetooth is paired to my Max360, but this app doesn't see it and tells me no radar detector is connected. I have to “forget” the Max360 and re-pair it EVERY SINGLE TIME I use this app. Completely unusable waste of time.
  • Useless app on iOS 11 1/5

    By mitbla69
    The app will not connect to escort passport Max 2 on Bluetooth with iOS 11 it is useless....
  • Does not work with iOS11 phone 1/5

    By Ron7721
    They keep blaming Apple but all of my other Bluetooth devices with fine with ios11
  • Rarely connects to my MAX2 1/5

    By Flipboard addict
    After the app updated, it refuses to connect to my radar detector via Bluetooth. It only connects the first time I pair it, then every time I turn on the MAX2 after that it fails to connect and says no radar detector connected. My detector is connected in my Bluetooth settings on the phone, so I know the connection is good, but the app will not recognize the detector. Please fix!

Escort Live Radar app comments


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