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ESPN Fantasy Sports App

The #1 Fantasy Football game is back for another season in the #1 Fantasy Sports app alongside Streak, Fantasy Basketball, Fantasy Hockey and Fantasy Baseball! - Create a fantasy football, baseball, basketball, or hockey league to play with friends or join an existing league to play with other fans. - Play Streak and predict the winners from sports biggest matchups each day for a chance to win prizes and earn bragging rights. Play against ESPN experts, friends, family, or the entire ESPN Fantasy community to test your sports knowledge. - Sign up, draft your team, edit your lineup, add players and make trades. - Get player rankings, projections and analysis from Matthew Berry and the rest of the most trusted team in fantasy sports. - Follow your fantasy (and favorite professional teams) with live, real-time matchup and pro game scoring. - Customize your fantasy team and Streak logo to rep your skills. - Subscribe to alerts and get the latest videos and news impacting your roster. - Subscribe to weekly wrap-up emails to track your fantasy performance.


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ESPN Fantasy Sports app reviews

  • Crashes a lot 1/5

    By Yedimonster
    App periodically crashes when filtering players on waivers and always crashes when using progress bar to skip ahead in videos.
  • Slowly getting fed up 3/5

    By james rancourt
    I am so sick of this app making picks for me it’s insane
  • Ads cause it to crash 2/5

    By Timbofosho
    Typical. A multi-million dollar enterprise (owned by Disney, no less) looks for another stream of nickels. The solution? Market an app to fantasy football players and do NOTHING to improve their experience. Instead, focus on FORCING users to watch more ads. ESPN’s focus on advertising revenue through an otherwise usable app means you’re going to see force closes during or after your ad watching experience (you know, the whole reason you downloaded the app? To get a constant sales pitch for irrelevant crap?). The last “update” introduced a thirty second app on startup with NO ability to exit. SOME UPDATE. Greedy jerks. I can’t even view player updates without advertisements shutting the app down. Focus on the user, not ways to make a few more pennies at their expense. A good company can balance the trade-off between revenue and experience well. ESPN doesn’t even try and the force close, app failures only make me want to stop trying with them.
  • Crashes if you FF ads🤔 1/5

    By killkam
  • In app Ad's are aggressive and disruptive 1/5

    By oshanerrules
    Been using the ESPN app as far back as I can remember playing fantasy but they've gone too far with the in-app advertising. They don't allow you to skip, which is terrible but obvious. What really pisses me off is that you can't even mute the ad. So, it plays at full blast letting the entire congregation know you're not listening to the boring sermon. Our league will be switching to Yahoo.
  • Fantasy is great 5/5

    By what is EA doing
    I like this app it’s great and me and friends use it for fun⛱👓🏀🏈⚽️🏐😆
  • Trash 1/5

    By Rynbo
  • If you keep video ads I’m done. 1/5

    By Taco surprise
    Gonna move my league to yahoo if the video ads are here to stay. Speed of app has drastically suffered this season, so the ads are just piling on to a bad experience
  • Video Scrubbing 4/5

    By Future2017Champion
    I love this app. It is my favorite on my phone. However, since the last update, when you go forward or backward in a video, the app crashes, and you have to restart it. Hope this gets fixed soon
  • I can’t load my app 1/5

    By Cool Breeze Farmer
    I can’t load my app it just can’t load my matchup and it’s been doing this since the last update that was yesterday.
  • The Comcast of Fantasy Apps 1/5

    By ESP...crashes
    The app itself is really well designed and more user friendly than their website I my opinion. But it constantly is crashing, especially lately. I tried and watch a video about an injured player it had tagged under the player’s profile, and it literally crashed 7 times in a row. 7 TIMES! Come on ESPN! Get your stuff together. Reality is they probably won’t fix it any time soon because they basically have a monopoly on fantasy sports. Welcome to the Comcast of fantasy apps.
  • Ads override phone volume settings 1/5

    By jcdub64
    Rather annoying and obtrusive that the spontaneous daily ad shows up and blares sound at full volume with no regards to whether the phone is silenced or not. Only app I’ve seen that overrides phone settings like that.
  • Very good app 5/5

    By Jcudd23
    Enjoy it Very much. Do miss being able to read tweets via the analysis option. Other than that it’s great.
  • Fixed bugs... 2/5

    By JustAGuy8629
    But didn’t fix the bug where ads pop up when i try to look at my score
  • Terrible updates 1/5

    By BW1000
    New forced video ads are terrible. The app was bad enough before, now I don’t even want to use it to check the fantasy football results
  • Forces video ads to check scores 1/5

    By Thisblogan
    Terrible! I routinely close the app now and don't bother checking matchup. I check my score on third party apps instead. We'll vote next season to drop espn.
  • Fantasy Hockey 1/5

    By Another St. Jones
    App won't show if a player is owned already when you expand your search option to 'all players'. Fix that and I'll update this review to 5 stars.
  • Was great before ads 2/5

    By praterkeith
    This was once the best fantasy football app, but recent ads have made this app a pain to use. I shouldn’t have to wait 20 seconds to check my score. We’ll go with another app next year.
  • The freaking loud ads!! 4/5

    By iMeliss
    *Update* You did it! Awesome show, great job! 4 stars (from 1)! *Previously* I get it, it’s a free app, you need advertisers...but PLEASE mute the freaking audio! How am I supposed to be all stealthy when I’m checking my team’s score? Staaahhp! Otherwise, I’d give this app a 4. Thanks.
  • Screw your new one time commercial 1/5

    By Mb3276259
    The app is a year or two away from having constant commercials.
  • ESPN fantasy world of revenue 1/5

    By DrSeussMD
    This app was fine until ESPN got greedy and decided to foist unskippable ads on its user base. Now the new version fixes the "bug" of the volume not being mutable for said ads. Gee thanks.
  • Crashes way too often 2/5

    By joshtur
    The app crashes consistently when you try to do certain things. It used to crash every time I was looking at my team and switched to look at the matchup, then it crashed every time I tried to pick up a player, and now it crashes anytime I try to fast forward a video. They fix one issue and another one always follows. Also, the ads are getting obnoxious and I’m considering using a different app next year.
  • adds 1/5

    By dhjhfddgh
    every single day we are already bombarded by adds. when you just want to kick back and check out your fantasy you get stuck watching a lengthy, volume controlling add. i don't care if it's one a day or ten. it should never take over my screen. every page go through is already overflowing with adds. seriously needs more?
  • Ads? 1/5

    By Ianyo
    Ha. Now they’re forcing us to watch ads before we can look at our matchup. It’s bad enough that we can’t see future matchups. Our roster’s future schedule and projections. Now they’re cramming more ads down our throats. You can be absolutely sure this is my last season playing on this platform. Off to Yahoo I go. They’re better than ESPN for fantasy in literally every aspect.
  • Ads (Edit) 5/5

    By Booberstown
    I get that you have to have ads, but please for the love of god if I have my sound off make the app not have sound. It is very unpleasant to be in a quiet environment and all of a sudden there’s blasting noise. Please fix this, everything else is good. Edit : they fixed the audio issue thank you!

    By Yes! ZL!!
    Also, where’s the new Watson Insights?!? Who the hell uses a desktop? That’s all.
  • Terrible app and all about money 1/5

    By thediplomat334429
    App is terrible and crashes a lot. They now also have an add once a day u have to endure ... if the NFL not supporting the national anthem wasn't enough.
  • Great 5/5

    By Agentdylan
  • Now with unwanted ads 3/5

    By P.Pash
    Just opened the app to check my matchup, and a very loud obtrusive advertisement popped up for the first time It was frustrating and unwelcome. ESPN knows it is frustrating because they promised that they would only “show this ad once today.”
  • Forced Ads that play full volume with phone on silent. 1/5

    By yomomaaaaaaaaa
    Forced Ads that play full volume with phone on silent.

    By diadevaia
    App needs to notify you when a player scores a touchdown! Annoying having to check every minute to see how the players are doing!! Other apps have this already!
  • That ad... 1/5

    By Krispynuggets
    Makes me want to smash my phone every time it plays. And it auto has volume on even though my phone is on silent? That is literally the worst. If you’re going to add a incredibly annoying advertisement watch to your app then at least have the decency to have it respect people’s phone volume settings.
  • Use Yahoo instead 1/5

    By tjjoyceracing
    This app is trash (so if the website). The latest update won’t even load the application (on the exact same network, from the exact same location, I loaded the yahoo fantasy app without hesitation). When it does work, it takes days to load, the interface is completely useless, and ads pop up constantly when trying to check your matchup. Use yahoo instead. No pop ups, fantastic user interface, fast load times, AND more fun daily contests than this garbage app and website.
  • How to not integrate ads into your app 1/5

    By Riptides91
    Great lesson on how NOT to integrate ads into user experience. Wow! New ads are so obnoxious and very poorly implemented. Very disappointed. Won’t be using Espn for my leagues next year if this nonsense continues.
  • The ads for matchup need to go!!!! 1/5

    By Dnow
    The ads that run automatically - WITH SOUND - when you check your fantasy matchup are unacceptable. Even with my phone in silent mode, it played the ad at full volume...while I was at work. Totally unacceptable.
  • Autoplay ads with audio even on silent 1/5

    By doctor_stephan
    Autoplay ads with audio start showing up mid-season and override silent setting. Even the shadiest app developers know this tactic is not acceptable. 0 stars.
  • Unskippable Ads before displaying matchups 1/5

    By Montster777
    The new update forces an unskippable ad before displaying your matchup for the week. Realistically I only use ESPN fantasy cause it’s the most popular but it honestly doesn’t have half the features of yahoo or even CBS.....also the ADS!!!!!
  • Advertisements 1/5

    By Htstdy
    Adding advertisements that use full volume even when my phone is on silent? Can’t think of another app that does this. It’s unacceptable. Now I can’t check the app in certain situations. And I promise I won’t be eating Pizza Hut or whatever. Time to switch to Yahoo next year? Ugh. Maybe.
  • Full page ads upon opening the app are unacceptable 1/5

    By itsmejp5
    This app is a load of BS with the new update that forces you to watch between a 15 and 30 second ad blasting at full volume (irregardless of where you have your device volume/ringer set). ESPN will be losing a bunch of customers next year if this isn’t fixed, and soon.
  • Forced video ads bring this 4 star app to a 1 star 1/5

    By Theevenbetterbassist
    Thank you ESPN for introducing forced video ads that go on full volume while I'm trying to check my match up at work. I've gotten into a solid routine of checking everyday this year, and it makes me no want to use the app anymore. I will be switching my league to Yahoo next year.
  • Forced Ads with Audio a Deal Breaker 1/5

    By nvh917
    I’m totally fine with a video ad that must be seen once a day. What I’m not ok with is the associated audio. It’s unacceptability to have a blaring ad pop up when I’m trying to ride the quiet elevator up to my office early in the morning. I’ll be switching my league off ESPN next year.
  • I quit 1/5

    By rpelland86
    Played until they added Ads. I won’t be playing anymore.
  • Now forces ads! Beware 1/5

    By Radarlove86
    Now this app started playing forced ads. A video pops up and you can’t close it. Says you have to watch once a day. No I don’t. Deleted. I’ll use Safari and an ad blocker.
  • Awful 1/5

    By J___.
    This app does nothing but crash. The espn fantasy twitter handle does nothing to help. No update ready to get out to correct the problem either. Way to go, ESPN, with this big stinker of an app. If I could give less than one star, I would. The new update as of 11/12/17 makes the app worse. I don’t want to see ads in my fantasy football app. How do you make an app worse? Just ask ESPN. Follow their lead and that’s how it’s done! This app is incapable of keeping up with scoring. It deducts points and changes at random.
  • Frequent crashes 3/5

    By astphan
    App is intuitive and easy to use but seems to crash each time I use it.
  • Full screen pop up ads with audio? Typical BSPN 1/5

    By R12443466436
  • Ads just to view my lineup? 1/5

    By Sevendust9227
    So you’re going to make me watch an ad just to view my lineup? That’s sleazy and greedy. Don’t waste your time and just use another app, they’re better designed and don’t try to milk the experience for money.
  • Unskippable ads with volume 1/5

    By Fanduck
    I will delete this soon if unskippable ads with volume are not removed. My volume is on mute for a reason. If I use this in a meeting and one of these ads pop up it will be real embarrassing...
  • Updated to show intrusive advertising 1/5

    By Cristian19
    Makes you watch full screen video ads
  • Forced Full Screen Video Ads 1/5

    By blaineusc
    ESPN trying to compete with EA for money-grabbing company of the year award.

ESPN Fantasy Sports app comments


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