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  • Current Version: 3.3.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Crossway
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ESV Bible App

The ESV Bible app was designed to be the most beautiful and intuitive Bible app available. The app includes free resources such as interactive reading plans, audio streaming, and free access to the ESV Global Study Bible. • Read. Dig into God's Word via an elegant interface designed specifically for mobile devices. Quick access to cross-references, split-screen reading, and an innovative reader’s mode make it easy to engage with God’s Word on a deeper level. • Study. Read the ESV Global Study Bible alongside the biblical text for free. Create a free account to access additional in-app study resources for a limited time. • Audio. Stream a free audio reading of any passage (internet connection required). • Reading Plans. Start an interactive Bible reading plan and track your progress. • Search. Search the Bible by reference, keyword, or phrase with lightning speed. • Write. Capture your ideas and reflections while listening to a sermon or during Bible study in personal notes attached to specific passages. • Highlight. Highlight and bookmark favorite verses with just two taps. • Sync. Sync your highlighted verses and personal notes with—giving you access to all of your content from any browser. • Share. Share verses with friends and family via text message, email, Facebook, and Twitter. • Apple Watch. Interact with God’s Word on your wrist with integrated reading plan support, custom reminders, audio, and more.


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ESV Bible app reviews

  • Favorite 5/5

    By Nancyteamum
    This is so user-friendly. My favorite bible app. I really like the reader--having him read to me is very soothing.
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By Parkwhiz user
    The older app version is Great so glad I never updated my phone! This app has literally no easy way to find anything! I will never recommend this to anyone. Seriously with all the negative comments why hasn't anything been done to fix it?
  • Control features 3/5

    By Greyfrost
    Believe an in-app control function is needed for brightness and contrast. This would aid those whose eyes are older and not as sharp as they once were.
  • F. Koehn 5/5

    By Ferd3
    Great. Easy to use.
  • Love it, would be awesome if plans synced 3/5

    By CeeGeeEs
    My reading plan does not sync up from iPad to iPhone
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Andrew Hunt 1
    Has everything I need! Save verses, highlight and more!
  • Best Bible App Available 5/5

    By Benne W.
    I love that it feels like a bible. It feels sacred in some way, or reverent. Which is a tall order for an app to pull off.
  • No support or updates? 1/5

    By bhaughery
    Been using this app with great appreciation for years. Until recently it's minimalistic interface has been easy to use. Over the last several months it has become completely unusable. Black screen and the need to reopen reading plan from beginning everyday has made it a chore. Requests for help have been met with, "we're working on it." No communication follow up. Update: the update fixed he black screen. Thanks so much! What still doesn't seem to work is being able to choose a reading plan without having to choose it again every time I open the app. Used to be that once the reading plan was chosen it would re-open to that same plan each day. Very tedious to have to scroll through all the plans every day. I am logged out in with my user account. Can you help?
  • Updated App, but needs work!! 2/5

    By sd4awz
    8/19/17 - I have use this app since it came out they have updated all features that were broken but this app still needs work. Here is what I have found: Notes feature may or may not function properly Notes do not stay in chronological order Cannot delete history Audio feature is only slow, normal or fast(We listen faster than the fastest speed therefore there should be upgraded) Highlight function may or may not work All other functions seem to work. The ESV global study Bible is back up and functioning. From what I can tell the reading plans function the way they were meant to. I feel that crossway needs a team of developers to truly work with iOS on a daily basis before they release any updates. They have done a better job this time around but the system is still buggy. I myself am using a different Bible study app until Crossway fixes this app entirely. --------------------------------------------------------------- I wrote the developers about a year ago regarding the following: More highlight colors currently only one(Being yellow) Poor audio speed (only slow, normal and fast) Notes do not stay in order written My suggestions Highlight colors more than yellow maybe purple Blue or pink Audio speed suggested speeds of .75, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 & 3 (Humans listen faster than we read) Notes as we write them they need to stay in chronological order so they are easier to find and reference. 6/1917 - after using the app since it came out here's what I found: If you highlight something it may or may not stay highlighted. Note feature does not work at all! So taking notes with ESV Bible is futile! The send to function does not work therefore you cannot send to mail or Twitter or any other account! This function is also disabled! Audio is still choppy and will work for some passages and then stop functioning entirely to where you have to leave the app and then start all over again! If you have downloaded the ESV Bible global study Bible which was free you know longer have access to that free resource! None of my suggestions were acted upon. The new June 2017 update is trash! You would think developers would want their app to work correctly for consumers! If I could rate this app A zero I would do it in a heartbeat! I do not use it ANYMORE!!
  • Great app, but wish it synched across devices 4/5

    By Darlene L.
    I love this app! It is my primary Bible now and use it in church to take notes. I love that I can pull up the study notes, maps and diagrams along side the text on my iPad. I just wish I had the option to synch the history with my phone so I could read where I left off when I don't have my iPad with me.
  • Really enjoy the reading plan, and having this handy on iPad 4/5

    By Motherpo
    Have had some of the same issues as others. Try to open the app, get black screen, have to choose the reading plan I've been using every time I go to read it. Those are the only problems I've had. I love the option to have it read to me-sometimes have trouble focusing, this really helps! I also use the reading option getting ready for work at 5 am! Thanks ESV developers!
  • Still buggy 3/5

    By Drdon506
    I have loved the app until a few months ago when I could no longer delete/clear my list of searched words. Please fix this problem. Thanks
  • App seems to be working now 4/5

    By JoshB2222
    After the most recent update the app finally seems to be working for me after about a month and a half of being unable to use it.
  • still broke 1/5

    By stout121
    Used to be good but the updates that came early this summer broke it. Still crashing on startup after Aug 1st update.
  • Update seems to be working well again problem have to reload it daily to use 5/5

    By pjrhoover
    SEEMS TO BE FIXED! This is a great app when it works. ****I have used this for quite a while but lately (a couple months?) It initially shows the last reading from the previous day then the screen goes black and all I can do is delete the app and reload it. Discouraging! Please fix it because it was great before this started happening.
  • Loved it when it used to work 4/5

    By JRoper65
    I loved this app until about the middle of June, 2017. Since then all it does is crash. I have re-installed several times. Each time the same, it works a couple of times and then does nothing but crash. The developer has been notified as you can see in the reviews but as of July 17, 2017 they have not fixed the problem. Hoping this is fixed soon. UPDATE August 9, 2017. This app is back on top of my favorite Bible apps. They seem to have fixed the major issues. Thanks
  • Please fix this app! 3/5

    By BrownsRtigerfans
    I love using this app, except it crashes occasionally and I have to delete it and then add it back on and I lose all my study information! Looking for another comparable app. :( Please fix, because it really has been a blessing to me! Update: Received notification that app has been updated. Going to download and try again! :)
  • Fairly good 3/5

    By Archer7373
    First, ESV is a great translation. The app has a few shortcomings. Search is for entire Bible, can't define it to NT or OT or book. Can't highlight part of a verse.

    By Tiffanytoldson
    I love this app and wish I could use my Apple Pencil with it. I'm big on inductive bible study so the abilities to click on the references makes studying smooth however I then have to take screen shots then import them in another app in order to see my handwritten notes the way I would in my bible. If you guys could add this featured it would be a 10!!!
  • God drew me to the ESV Bible 5/5

    By BigMamaLI
    God drew me to the ESV Bible then went to check out the website and discovered this cool app. 8/3/17 was my 46th birthday... I use to never celebrate my bd for 45 yrs felt I was a mistake but through worship learned I was chosen by Jesus Christ for this life not the biological parents that told me I never should've been born. Born again in 1996 the person I was died and I'm a new Godly woman. God draws me to the things, people & places that are of truth and continue to help me grow in my Faith. Definitely a must share because we as Christians know we must spread seeds of hope. 🙏🏼
  • Too many bugs! Constantly crashes! 1/5

    By Mtw882193
    This app used to be amazing! You could search keywords offline--unmatched by any other I know. But over the last several months the app randomly crashes, and I am forced to reinstall every several days.
  • Audio and reader modes are great 5/5

    I like the text tracking with the audio. Also love the reader mode that takes all the verse numbers out of the text. I also love and use the reading plan everyday. The black screen bug was frustrating but they just fixed it! Thank you!
  • Bugs 4/5

    By R in Japan
    The note feature no longer works. The footnote numbering is messed up. Update: These issues have now been addressed. I appreciate the response from Crossway.
  • Notes failure 2/5

    By Cynbers
    The ability to enter notes has failed in the last month. Please repair it. Update: iPad still cannot receive notes. iPhone will.
  • The Most Beautiful Bible App 5/5

    By NicksPajamas
    I have used almost every Bible app there is. I have paid over $1000 for some in depth study apps and I keep coming back to this app. It is designed so beautifully and distraction free, I feel that I can actually just read the Bible and not be distracted by pop ups or anything. Very very well done!
  • ej 3/5

    By MiMi ej
    Love the app. I use it everyday. You still can't delete your search history. You still have an issue with certain parts of the copy and paste, such as instead of what's selected to copy and paste, it does multiple sections. Please make your app ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ again!!!
  • Pretty app, still VERY buggy 2/5

    By upshaw8
    The title of this review pretty much says it all, but here is some detail. The app is very well visually designed. It is aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. Unfortunately, there are a number of bugs that make this app quite unusable in many instances. The first is that it won't play the audio of a selected reading plan section by section or the whole plan without interruption for that day. Should you want to listen to the audio of a section from a reading plan, it jumps to that part of the Bible when you press play and then continues reading in that part of the book past the end of the selected section. So if you didn't note the reference of the selected passage, you may not recognize where that section is supposed to end. (The option to read the "Bible in context" is disabled as I only want to read/listen to the selected sections from the reading plan for that day.) Another problem is that when you stop the audio at the end of a passage and then go back to the reading plan to select the next passage, after selecting the next passage and press play for the audio, it jumps back to the audio from the previous passage. You have to scroll up and down back to the start of the section to get the app to recognize you want to read from that spot. A third problem is that often, when you turn off the scripture tracking with the audio, it will automatically switch itself back on. I like the scripture tracking features, so I seldom turn it off, but it becomes frustrating when I want to have it off and it comes back on by itself. A final problem I see is not so much a bug as much as it is a missing feature. That is, when you are reading and listening to a passage, the screen dims then turns off if you don't touch it for a while. Not a big deal if you are just listening--although it is a minor annoyance. The bigger issue occurs when you are listening and tracking along with the passage. Since it has the auto track feature, there is no reason to touch the phone as you are reading. So the user needs to be able to disable the screen auto-lock function while a scripture is playing. All this said, it is not my intent to complain about an otherwise decent app. I only bring these issues up because, for the most part, they appear to be bugs that the developers did not intend. The low rating is because the app is designed in such a way for it to lend to these feature that seem to be missing or disable due to a bug. So it is hard to use the app as intuitively as it would naturally lead you to do. Update: 8/2/17 App still jumps to whole text when starting to read from a reading plan and it doesn't stop the audio when it gets to the end of the reading for that day or portion of the plan. I REALLY want to use this app, but it doesn't do the one thing that I absolutely need it to do, that is, read the selected readings for the day and only those.
  • Problem with highlighting on ipad 3/5

    By Reading Plan Problem
    I can't get the highlight choice to pop up to highlight the selected verses or cut and paste. I can select a verse, but nothing else.
  • App keeps crashing every few days 2/5

    By TriciaKey
    When this app is in the background, it crashes after a few days and then I have to delete and reinstall it. This has occurred about 3-4 times since 7/16/17
  • Please fix the bug 1/5

    By Cellokid
    My husband and I have been using a bible study series. Now we cannot even open the app without crashing. We lost all our progress. This has been a frustrating problem for a month, please have some of your developers working on the bug.
  • Lost all my notes, what's gone wrong? 3/5

    By Thehappylibrarian
    Like a previous reviewer, I have used this app for years. Then suddenly, with the last upgrade, my notes went south, and I can no longer write any notes at all. I have been writing and editing my notes for yearson my iPad. Now they are no where to be found. I can still use all of the other features, but I really want my notes and note writing ability back. The rating may say "it's ok", but this is not ok. What's just happened here?
  • Matthew17:21 4/5

    By Matt 17:21
    Was going to share this verse with my wife, but it does not exist on this app. But 22-27 are there
  • What happened to the Study Bible notes? 2/5

    By workingmom2004
    I used to be able to access online content of the ESV Study Bible through this app; now, I can no longer find it. Did it move and the app is very unintuitive or did you remove it?
  • Crashes and can no longer take notes 2/5

    By JBikers4
    This has been such a great app in the past. I depend on this app for taking sermon notes. But it has recently become sluggish and frequently crashes when you open the app or while scrolling. But worst of all, I can no longer take notes. When I select a verse and click on the write notes icon, nothing happens. This is currently only a problem with my iPad 2. Thankfully, I can still take notes on my iPhone. Please please please fix this problem.
  • Are you going to fix this? 1/5

    By GJM10
    This app has been my favorite for several years based on its appearance, simple design, and ease of use. Now, after reinstalling for the tenth time to try and prevent it from closing all the time, I'm going to have to stop using it - too frustrating especially after loving this app for years. What happened? I'll keep it on my phone to see if any updates come along to fix the crashes, but I won't use it in the meantime. Hope you guys can fix this once perfect app.
  • Love it but it has a problem 4/5

    By UnclePaddy
    The app is great and I love the reading plans. But since the last update, the app freezes pretty frequently and has to be deleted and redownloaded. This results in loss of progress.
  • Worst experience Ever 1/5

    By iPhu
    I used to love this app. it's now the Worse! They said they would fix it, but never follow through. Sorry, I give up...
  • Crashing...Please fix 1/5

    By 12013
    Do I really have to delete and reinstall? Please get this fixed
  • Another update please 5/5

    By Gblack5
    July 15, 2017 - I have had this app and have loved it, until just recently when I updated it and it crashed after 2 seconds. Hopefully will be fixed soon. It is 5 stars when working.
  • Really like it, BUT!!! 5/5

    By Ed in Colorado
    The recent update is very buggy and full of mistakes. It's like no one gave it a thorough test before releasing the update.
  • Missing Feature 3/5

    By denlaur
    After the most recent updates there seems to be no means of clearing search histories. Am I missing something?
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Gvdjibejudbheok
    Beautiful app, but it crashes every time I open it, even after downloading it all over again just yesterday. Also, even when it was working it would mess the calendar up for the "daily readings" and always think it was November 6, for some reason.
  • Great, but needs some help 3/5

    By nyxxx2
    I've used this app for several years at least. It's been great, but seems like lately I've been having a ton of issues. Reading plan keeps freezing on black screen when I hit the menu and audio reading sporadically works.
  • Inaccessible for the blind 1/5

    By 1stMurdock
    I feel bad for giving the such a low rating, but Apple really doesn't make this that difficult. It should be easy for Crossway to fix something like this. In the event that an update comes where this is fixed, I will change this review. Edit: going on two+ years since my original review and still no progress. Incredibly disappointed.
  • Bad update 2/5

    By 31659rl
    I LOVED this app before it's latest updates. Taking notes in church and Bible study helped so much! But since the latest updates I have not been able to take any notes. I will be looking for something else. It just doesn't work any more.
  • Love the app, but it has bugs 3/5

    By DrumminHerbie
    Two things, two stars 1. When I go to daily reading plans, I get a black screen and have to restart my app. 2. I have a persistent leap year day that WILL NOT go away. Just take it the leap year day altogether. I tried changing my start day, but now I have an empty checkmark on march 1. Its frustrating. Other than that, it's a great app!
  • Unfortunate development hiccups 2/5

    By timpoolio
    Great potential in this app, so it's a bummer to see it essentially sputter out. As of today, I have to delete and re-download the app to fix the crashing (a fix that only lasted 1 day this time), only to lose my place in the reading plan I use... because for some reason it doesn't associate your reading progress with your account. So I have to go back in and re record my progress every time this happens (which, again, is often). In this day and age with an apps that enable you to log in with the same account on multiple devices, you would imagine they could simply add the functionality of having your reading plan following you to whatever device you're using via your account, the same way as your study bible resources do. Seems like a no-brainer, but sadly it's been missing for years. It is unfortunate that the developers don't see this as worthy of devoting time to fix, as it would vastly improve the app to be able to engage your reading plan progression on multiple devices with one linked account. So alas, I'm 47% through my favorite year long reading plan and I have purchased multiple study bible resources, but it's all embedded in an app that doesn't really work :/.
  • Beautiful Reading experience, but needs improvement. 4/5

    By OneCornerstone
    I love how clean and readable the ESV text is in this app. Is also much easier to navigate and to use compared to older versions. I love the reader's mode that removes all distracting footnotes and verse numbers and even adds a nice touch of red. ***Update: Crossway fixed the study materials icons. Now icons lead you to the correct item.*** Needs Improving: Would be nice to be able to buy the Bibles you want a la carte instead of subscribing monthly (or at least have the option). Highlighting features are very limited. You can only highlight in one color, and you can only select a verse. You can't customize which words to highlight with your finger. Oddly, you can select any words within study materials but not in the actual Biblical text. Please add more flexibility for marking the text! Wish list: A way for the Greek Text to pop up like the study materials. Crossway could even hyperlink the words in the Greek text so that lexical info Pops up in boxes like cross references. Keep improving Crossway! Enjoying it so far!
  • Used to be great 1/5

    By DisneyGeekery
    This used to be a great app. It was my go-to Bible app. I was even using it to read through the Bible in a year. However, about halfway through the year, they did an "update" that made it very glitchy. It keeps freezing and shutting down randomly. The only way to fix it is to uninstall and reinstall each time, making it very hard to get my reading done. I hope they can do something about this, because I love the ESV translation.
  • Ar 5/5

    By waRws
    l aww so sAisshhGSàWwaEa

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