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EverDrive™ - Safe Driving App

EverDrive - makes safe driving fun with trip feedback & friendly competition. EverDrive shows you trip summaries, details on maneuvers, and gives you useful feedback to become a better driver. The safe driving app is easy to use because it automatically detects when driving starts and stops, and uses the phone’s sensors to measure your driving performance. Key Benefits: * See past drives with detailed feedback on maps. * Improve your driving with personalized tips. * Compete with your friends, family, and drivers around you. * Reduce distracted driving with your phone. * Encourages safe driving.


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EverDrive™ - Safe Driving app reviews

  • Interesting App 3/5

    By ERVixen
    I was out with a friend and we both have commercial driver licenses. I forgot my app was running. We went out for drinks and very stupidly drove home after many adult beverages. I woke to find a 5 star rating on the app. I had been getting 4 and 5 stars any way but then thought how was this possible. Not sure on the accuracy of this app. TO NOT RIGHT, CODEMAN. You should NEVER be comfortable driving and yes taking corners slow makes a good driver because you never know what idiot is flying around that corner and probably in the middle instead of over far enough. I have raced cars for years and have my CDL. I am considered a professional driver and I do all those things slowly. Braking slow saves your brakes and gives the moron behind you warning that your stoping. When your comfortable driving you don't pay attention and accidents happen. That don't me be a nervous driver it means your not home on your couch looking straight Use mirrors and look a mile ahead eyes should always be moving leave an out keep a safe distance!!!! I hope the app improves. I would love to get my accurate score and compete with people. Right now it's a 98.8. Bring it on!!!!!
  • Inaccurate 3/5

    By Huesos1
    After a look at the map of my drive, it traced streets I didn't even go on. I drove near them but did not take that street. Also the mileage counter is inaccurate, seen my mileage actually decrease from week to week. And cannot up load pics except through social media I guessing. I've tried, but no option to do so from my pics.
  • Good Idea 3/5

    By Andi_Pants
    I like the app. It should have a pause feature. For example, pulling over to use your phone then resume driving.
  • Four Star 4/5

    By BobRski
    Braking algorithm has the threshold set too low. Braking to avoid going through a sudden yellow light will ruin a perfect drive. Running the yellow light will preserve a perfect score, and is unsafe. You could correlate braking and proximity to electric stop lights and not ding the driver for excessive deceleration to avoid running through the yellow light. BibRutkowski
  • Stupid app 1/5

    By steve_king
    Not working well, the score is just made up.
  • It's 'who's', not 'whose' 1/5

    By ZZX0259
    The advertisement says "even argue with a friend on whose the better driver". It should be who's the better driver - who's means 'who is'...who is the better driver 🙄
  • Great concept, but.... 4/5

    By GMHSR
    I like the whole concept of rating my driving and seeing where and how I can improve my driving, but there are flaws. The braking gyro is way too sensitive. I've stopped safely at a light that has just turned yellow and have been considered "heavy" braking. Guess I should run the light instead of stopping safely? Also the "phone activity" sensor uses phone motion and not actual phone usage. So if I keep the phone steady, such as in a mount, I can text, surf and dial with no indication of "activity". 😝
  • Bugs 3/5

    By Des N Paul
    It is nearly impossible to add a friend on here, also sometimes when i drive my husband uses my phone to text or navigate and it still docks me, update on speed limits too i live on base nearly all speed limits are 20-35mph
  • Issues 2/5

    By Casino-goer
    My issue is that it says I'm speeding because it thinks I exited the freeway, then immediately got back on the highway all while driving the speed limit of the highway. My map has a bunch of figure 8s on it because the app thinks I keep exiting the highway. Therefore it thinks I'm driving 65 mph the entire time I am on the ramps. This my rating is low
  • It's not worthy 1/5

    By Samy1299
    I tried . I feel like not worthy waste of data . It shows rating depends on your phone motion. If your phone drops in the middle of the trip it shows like braking hard. If your phone keep in dash board and turn it shows you turn really rude. It functions with phone motion sensor. It don't care whether you turn or stop the car.

    By MrFatstrawberry
    I think this app is a good idea, and I have a certain amount of friends on this app already, but sending a "friend request" is literally impossible to do. All it does is send an invite to download the app, and whenever you try to add a friend it doesn't work. I've never seen an app this complicated in becoming friends with someone through a friend request. Hoping the app developers can fix this...
  • This is BAD, don't get it 1/5

    By Charlie kilo foxtrot
    Flawed and annoying
  • Agree with past "It's Flawed" reviews 1/5

    By Standards Gal
    I am not sure of the metric it uses to evaluate what "hard breaking" is or how high over the speed limit constitutes a "one star" trip, but I don't think it is accurate or reasonable. I agree with past critiques regarding how they measure and how they average. It just doesn't add up. I have had this app on my phone for over a month and I took it off because it is not providing the honest accurate feed back I was looking for. Tonight I drove home in a rainstorm on back county roads. I was very conscious about how I was driving because of the weather and I was unfamiliar with the route. I remember thinking that although it was going to take forever to get home, the upside would be I would clock a perfect trip on the everdrive app. Problem was, everdrive didn't think so. It was a three star drive according to the app- I deleted it. If they fix their metrics I may think of using it again. If not, oh well.
  • Great idea, but flawed 3/5

    By Cait1987
    The idea behind the app is great, but there's should be a way to remove or alter phone movements. I say this because when I'm driving my daughter is in control of my phone, which I use as my GPS and my music. So since she is my passenger and touching my phone I am getting docked in the phone movement even though my eyes never leave the road Ave my hands never leave the wheel.
  • Can this application CAUSE an Accident? 2/5

    By The Lizard60
    UPDATED REVIEW 6 WEEKS LATER: I decreased my reading from three stars down to two stars. Aside from this application getting boring, I am convinced that this does not indicate A safe driver. If you get cut off when driving and have to apply your brakes rapidly, you get penalized. When accelerating after you get a green light, you get penalized for rapid acceleration. So in order to score 100, you will have many people blowing their horn at you, flashing their lights at you, and cursing you out. The only way to avoid getting penalized for an abrupt break that is needed, the alternative is to slam into the car or person who ran in front of your car! But officer, I wanted to score 100 on EverDrive!! Another problem is that it's Mrs. parts of Europe trip. For example, I just made a 6 mile drive but only got credit for 0.2 miles. It was fun at first, but as I said, it gets old really fast and does not give an accurate representation of safe driving. ----end of update (July 28 2017)----- During the first two weeks of using this app, I was fascinated by it! I became obsessed to aim for perfection and get 100 in every category. My current score actually is 100, but at what cost? Well, I ended up going through a red light so I wouldn't lose points for applying my brakes abruptly. I was so upset with following the speed limit that I had multiple cars passing me, flashing their lights at me, and yelling obscenities at me. But I got my 100! Sometimes you have to break abruptly so why are points taken away? Have the technicians who created this app considered that? I could understand repetitious abrupt breaking or repetitious rapid acceleration, but this app is actually too smart for his own good. On the positive side, it does make the driver much more conscientious of his or her driving and most of us could benefit from that. Overall, it is a great idea and a decent product. Last, after reading all the terms and conditions, I am not happy that they use and results of this app can and will be used against you in court or by law enforcement if the creators of this product are subpoenaed by the court to release the drivers information. It is a bit frightening knowing that you could be incriminating yourself simply by having this app on while you are driving. I believe it would be much better if it gave an audible alert when you're driving is on acceptable. This is more like a nanny application then anything else.
  • Fun app but needs some tweaks 3/5

    By lightwarrior101
    This is a fun app to at least try a few times to see how you do as a driver. Although of course it's not totally accurate. Seems to believe you're using your phone when you haven't picked up your phone. It also doesn't take much into account when you hard brake assuming you did it for no reason. They've obviously never driven in rush hour in the worst city in the world when erratic drivers smash in front of you out of nowhere and you have to brake abruptly so as not to ram into them. This app knocks off points to you instead of the other driver. Still it's fun to see for entertainment purposes, but soon gets old.
  • Can't add friends 2/5

    By Jonathan7BadBoy
    Love the idea of the app but the whole point is kinda to compare scores, but it won't let me add anybody..not a single soul.. I have it hooked up with Facebook and it claims no one on my Facebook has it but I had people download it and I synced my contacts and then it told me there are no contacts..like come on... Fix the bugs tho......
  • Nice idea, not totally accurate 4/5

    By e ger
    I like the idea of this app, and I hope the developers continue to improve the accuracy of the metrics. For example, I have lost stars in the "phone distraction" category when my phone was in my purse for the entire trip. Maybe my bag tipped over and triggered the motion sensor or something. Also, it would be nice to have a "DJ mode" switch for when a passenger is using my phone while I drive.
  • Alright 4/5

    By Pizza_Potatas
    It's pretty cool with all its monitoring and stuff. But definitely NOT always accurate.
  • Needs work 2/5

    By Dmhbj
    Takes we extremely too long to get a Rating in your region. And the turning in breaking is too sensitive
  • WORK 4 DAYS ONLY 1/5

    By Samnani Firoz
    It just work 4 days only, After that its now working even after reporting support, Nothing works !!! Edit: The miles I drive has a lots of confusion, Its not counting correctly !! Edit: Reply:- It's already ON, But now with new update, I'm not able to open the app, And ya, Still I don't understand the real logic about miles counted in this app !!!
  • So many flaws 3/5

    By Itzkiran
    If there is one hard stop in 10 trips then total avg for braking comes to 3 stars 0r 67% .. same applies to rating of your app..trips will be lost if the app closed just after the completing the trip
  • Neat idea, probably keeps people off the phone, but I'll be deleting 3/5

    By ProdigiousMiguel
    Hey y'all. First off, cool idea. Thanks for getting some phones off the road. I think I would have more fun with it if some of my friends were on it, but they aren't. Some things that I don't like though is that I don't think these measures really show how good of a driver you are, I mean sure you never want to speed or break hard, but sometimes you have to. Like, you need to break hard to stop when you see a yellow light sometimes. Not all the time but if you can, you should break for yellow and this app will say you were driving bad for doing that. Sometimes I give my phone to passengers to use on the road, and then I get marked down cause of that too. I don't know if I could ever do anything about it though, I guess it's as good as I can be. Oh well, Mike
  • This is really what happened... 4/5

    By everythingbyevans
    I read a bunch of bad reviews about the scoring inaccuracy. So I downloaded the app and here is what I figured out... 1. "Phone distraction" score is if you have the app open while you are driving. I did not open the app until I am done driving at the end of the day to see my results. I got 5 stars on phone usage 100% since I started using the app. In another words, there is no need to open the app when you drive. 2. The rating does not reflect the actual driving condition. It is simply recording your driving behavior. i.e. If someone drives like an idiot and you have to break suddenly to avoid a fender banded, in reality, it is a great defensive driving reaction. But to the app, since it doesn't know why you are breaking, you get a bad score. 3. Similar to the breaking score, I have been getting bad score on the acceleration because I have a fast car. I can go 0-60 in 4 seconds. So my car is setting me up for a bad score. I will never get more than 1 or 2 stars in this category. 4. I took a trip yesterday and most of the roads I took were either highway or smooth corners. So my cornering score was 5 stars. When I have to do city's turns, bad score... Again, it is not recording the actual driving condition. Bottom line is, this is a great app for getting a general idea on your driving habit and the traffic pattern on trips that you often take. i.e daily driving to work or curious about where the idiot drivers are. Don't take it personally. It doesn't really reflect how good your driving skill really is because it does not take count on the entire driving condition.
  • Please add passenger mode 5/5

    By Allysaywhat
    This is a fun app my only wish is it had passenger mode so I can see my moms score while I check Facebook lol
  • iPhone app is BUGGY... 2/5

    By IndianaMedic911
    I haven't been able to access my account settings and some features on this app. I like the purpose of the app, but as far as its functionality, the developers need to do a little more testing & eliminate some bugs before I provide any more stars. After the next update, hopefully these issues will be resolved.
  • Needs a little help 5/5

    By Sipeel
    I like the app and what it dose, but it needs to have a better way to track the phone, because I drove to work and it didn't recognize the trip. Over all great app it has help me become more aware of what I'm doing wrong. I would recommend it!!!!
  • Fun app, but not accurate. 2/5

    By Layna.w
    Nice app. Logs all car rides and lets you mark if you were driving or not. Major down side for me, it keeps accusing me of using my phone the entire time I'm driving and it kind of pisses me off! I don't know how it determines phone usages but it should be looked into by the creator of the application. Hate to be petty, but I'm giving it two star because that's what I've been getting because it thinks I'm 'using my phone while driving' 🙄
  • Good idea, poorly executed 1/5

    By Despicable meh
    This seemed like an interesting app to put on my phone. Let it run in the background, monitor my driving, then go back to it when I have some time and see what it recorded. Unfortunately it seems flawed in the way it scores, and in the way it detects your actions. Do I speed a little? Sure I do. But does +5mph merit a 1 star rating for speed? And as mentioned in a previous review, if you have to make an emergency stop because someone pulls in front of you, 1 star for braking. And I don't even know how it detects phone usage, but it seems to think I'm using my phone the whole time I'm driving. Then when it's all said and done, it "averages" your score, buy making your overall score equal to the one category you scored the lowest on. I managed to have 5 stars 3 of the 5 categories, 3 stars for another, and of course, 1 star for phone usage. My overall average for that drive? 1 star. I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure that's not how you average. By that logic, I'd rate this App 5 stars for price, 5 stars for appearance, 4 stars for battery consumption, 5 stars for the concept, and 1 star for usability. That averages out to 1 star, correct? If they fix their average, I'll fix mine. Bottom line, it looks like a fun driving app, but if you actually want to know how well you're driving, you're better off asking your passenger.
  • LOVE this app 2/5

    By blahblahblahblahhhh
    My boyfriend and I have this app downloaded and I've actually made some of my friends download it too. It's pretty cool competing with my friends and such. BUT the android version is SO much better than the Apple version. PLEASE FIX SOON Please and thank you
  • Intrusively closes navigation apps 1/5

    By AwsomeAwsometime
    This app forcibly closes programs that it deems a distraction. This almost caused me to crash many times as I am a teen driver who was using my phone for navigation to get to a place nearly an hour away. I had no idea where I was going and my phone's navigation app was my only reference. I was getting very frustrated as my phone kept shutting off while I was trying to use its navigation feature, which was safely mounted on my car's windshield where I wasn't touching it at all. I finally got fed up and realized it was likely the EverDrive app that was closing it, I pulled over onto the shoulder and deleted the app and never faced the problem again. Don't get this app for any teen driver that relies on their phone to get places as it will close the navigation app and threaten their safety.
  • I'll give it a star cause it always gives me a star smh 1/5

    By Josh303020
  • I didn't even use my phone 1/5

    By Johnjessykeller
    It gave me a 2 star rating for using my phone and I didn't even touch my phone it was sitting at a slant in a holder and it doesn't track when a trip starts and ends correctly
  • My review: good idea wrong infos !! 2/5

    By Morocco/Miami
    The idea of this app is great that's why I'm giving it 2 stars , but the information given like acceleration or breaking is not exact at all always giving wrong infos
  • Battery Woes 2/5

    By Alex.Lane
    This app is a neat concept, but the drain on the battery is unacceptable. I have my phone plugged in charging while I drive and somehow my battery goes DOWN with this app on. I like how it shows where you had harsh cornering & acceleration. For braking, I wish it would compare you to an average driver and consider commute distance. On a 50 mile drive 4 harsh braking incidents = 1 star. I think it knocks off a star for each incident
  • Competing 2/5

    By Quacktastick hater
    Why won't it let anyone group up... fix this crap. Cool concept, but poorly thought out.
  • Great app! 1/5

    By NVulcanGaming
    Annoyed with the horrible ad that keeps popping up everywhere so I finally got it to see what all the hype was about. This thing encourages me to be a bad driver to see how low of a score I can get. I can now tell when I'm driving like a race car driver because of my score.
  • Not Accurate and a waste of battery 1/5

    By Natetyzz_19
    I was cut off and said that I had hard braking but this app is terrible so don't waste your battery and walk away from this decision!
  • Quit with the YouTube ads 3/5

    By String193
    I just got this app to leave this review.
  • Best driving app 5/5

    By Ashlee97
    I can see this helping me later in the future..
  • Great! 4/5

    By Nkc615
    I love this app, knowing I'm being a safe driver helps me get over the fear of hurting accidentally people in my newfound place as a driver. The only thing I would tweak would be to have the option to disable tracking the phones motion, because my phone rolls around quite a bit and it lowers my scores.
  • Very worthwhile app for all drivers 5/5

    By FireSmack
    I am very impressed with this app. It can actually make you a safer driver. I've been using it for three months and took my initial score from the 40s (!!) to 100 briefly and now to the mid-90s. I showed the app to my 16-year old son who just got his license. He installed it and is now competing with me (and his friends) for the higher score. What a wonderful way to instill good driving habits to new drivers. In the short time I have been using it, I have become much less stressed behind the wheel. I no longer worry about police traps, and I get an extra 70-90 miles per gas tank. The app could be gamified more. You collect all the badges pretty quickly, and there are no accolades after that. The developers could do a lot more in this area. But overall, this app is wonderful, especially for a free app and I think it really achieves its goal of making its users much safer drivers.
  • Wow 5/5

    By Jkcon
    Besides for having the most generic app look ever (way too much blue) it's an amazing app.
  • Apple Device Differences 2/5

    By MalorieK
    my mom dad n sister all use this app along with me. we love the concept n it helps us improve our driving. however, i noticed on my parents' android devices that they can change their usernames as well as see how much they were speeding over the limit during their trip. Please make these changes accommodating Apple users thanks!
  • Awesome! 4/5

    By knocknockify
    I would like to see more details to the ratings, maybe some explanations as to how I got a certain score? The app only shows star rating and a score out of 100, I would like some more analysis into my scores. It's pretty accurate for my driving, although I can't really attest about my "phone distraction" rating. The app has always rated me 100 for my phone distractions, but I know that I do actually use my phone when I drive (I like to put on YouTube videos, listen to podcast, even type a few things here and there), but I always have my phone clipped stationary onto the AC vent on the dash. So, I'm kinda wondering why I've never been docked any points for phone useage.
  • Braking 3/5

    By Sjdjdjducjfjsusndjwndndi
    Counts hard for brakingand acceleration. Deceleration downhill doesn't could as a harsh braking maneuver and a hard shift on a chevy Tahoe doesn't count as flooring it. Also stopping for the idiot who pulled out in front of you should not found against you for hard braking, if anything it should benefit you for crash avoidance.
  • It's a pretty good app to have on your phone 4/5

    By Jeidiz
    I like how this app makes me want to be a pro on the road. If you think about it, it DOES make sense to mark you down for using a GPS or playing music. Those technically are distractions. Even if they are pretty minor. All and all my only complaint is it will track "my driving" even if someone else is behind the wheel. Idk if I'm suppose to remember to log out each time I'm not behind the wheel but my score will either be unfairly dragged down or slightly improved depending on who I'm with in the car with. Fix that minor issue and you got yourself a 5 star free app.
  • It's fair 3/5

    By Andy Rusho
    Always tells me I'm cornering to harsh. I'm in a Ford Ranger. How harsh could I be cornering? Does not always record. Sits for long periods scoring my drive. Then it suddenly shows up 15 minutes later.
  • Hate to be that guy 1/5

    By Generatingideas
    Sent a text to a bunch of people through the app and my contact list, but it won't let any of us 'group up' to compete so I basically had 10 people download this app for no reason. I guess I should've tried it with one or two people first. Happy to change this rating if that issue gets fixed.
  • Interesting concept 4/5

    By Electric unicorn
    I installed it on my 5s on 5/29/2017 So far it looks promising to see if it notices the same patterns I have about my driving. If it works to show me my weaker areas I can improve my driving and not get a traffic ticket.

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