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EverDrive™ - Safe Driving

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EverDrive™ - Safe Driving App

EverDrive - makes safe driving fun with trip feedback & friendly competition. EverDrive shows you trip summaries, details on maneuvers, and gives you useful feedback to become a better driver. The safe driving app is easy to use because it automatically detects when driving starts and stops, and uses the phone’s sensors to measure your driving performance. Key Benefits: * See past drives with detailed feedback on maps. * Improve your driving with personalized tips. * Compete with your friends, family, and drivers around you. * Reduce distracted driving with your phone. * Encourages safe driving.


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EverDrive™ - Safe Driving app reviews

  • Only a few issues 4/5

    By Habdkgodnsba
    The main problems I have are when my partner drives(not a very good driver) even if I choose that I wasn’t the driver it still lowers my score. And I also share a car with my partner so when they drive to their work and then I drive back home there is no other option for me but to choose that I wasn’t driving bc it counts it as an entire trip, there is no way to edit it. And if I left it as my trip it would lower my score bc of their driving. I think a start trip and end trip option would be great.
  • Needs a few more updates...... 4/5

    By Bob, the man next door
    I enjoy the app so much but the only thing that bothers me is if I’m driving and I have a friend on my phone... It counts towards my score... I feel like they should be making it to where you can cancel a phone distraction if you’re not the one distracted by the phone... I was out with some friends and I was driving everyone home when my mom messaged me and I could tell it was her from her ring tone... My phone was on the dash because we were using it as a GPS so I asked one of my friends to grab it and answer my mom (I’m a 16 year old driver so if I don’t text my mom back, she’ll get nervous)... It counted that as me being phone distracted when I wasn’t even the one being distracted... No I know that I can make it to where I was not driving but 1. I wouldn’t let 60 miles go down the drain when I barely get any miles and 2. that’s being dishonest... Like I said earlier... There should be a way to cancel phone distractions... I also have the iPhone X so maybe the app could be using my Face ID in order to see who is actually using the phone. I feel like that would be kind of creepy and I honestly wouldn’t use that feature if they had it... I just know they need to fix something...
  • Some glitches 3/5

    By Phillies2014
    Generally works pretty well and is fairly accurate. Would give 5 stars but it has missed two of my trips today.
  • At first 1/5

    By T-la11
    At first I thought it was good but then I noticed that when my permit driver daughter was driving it thought I was driving. It can’t distinguish if I’m driving or if someone else is. And then when I say I’m not driving or if I’m not driving and I am on my phone it counts off on me and my skills in driving. Other than that it is a great thought.
  • Not recording trips 1/5

    By Sammy4447
    Not recording any of my trips and the one trip it did record, it disappeared shortly after and never scored it.
  • Speed limit 1/5

    By Salvador Transportation LLC
    Sometimes you are doing the speed limit that’s posted on the road but the app said less MPH I was driving and the limit was 50mph but the app was saying 40mph.. so now I got 4 stars in speeding, what happens when as a long distance truck driver like me likes to listen to music of YouTube ? Is that phone motions? It sure looks like it, every time I’m on Pandora, YouTube, or any radio station I get down on stars from the phone motion “BS” What about when I’m driving my kids anywhere and they want to play with my phone? I lose stars because of phone motion “BS” What about when the traffic stops dramatically because of an accident in front of me? I lose stars because of braking to hard “BS” What about if I’m driving with my wife and I get a Txt and my wife answers that txt? I lose stars because the phone motion “ BS” I just delete this app “BS”
  • Inaccuracy driving 3/5

    By GeorgeBJR32
    Ok, so I drive to the metro station to go to work, but the app doesn't stop recording, unlike the Android version, it pauses for indication of when I have stop driving and walking and when I board the train, so the iOS version records me driving through the building and WOW, I am also driving the train, no pause, like what the HELL.. fix your app Yo, EverDrive?????
  • Slow to respond 2/5

    By Welch114
    I stopped driving and after waiting over a hour I still haven’t received my score.
  • Not accurate 1/5

    By LadyLightshark
    I started using this app a few months ago. At first I stayed pretty high with my % however as weeks went on it started to drop even though I got 4-5 stars on every drive. If I am getting 4-5 stars on every drive I should not have a % rating of 77%? This app is not worth the stress. I am a good driver and I never use my phone while driving. I would not recommend this app to anyone who wants to know accurately how they drive. Looks like I will be looking for a new app.
  • Improve battery usage 3/5

    By Northside Drive'er
    Started using this recently and have concerns with how much battery this uses. It has quickly become one of the top users of battery. Wondering if it could be programmed to "stop tracking" automatically on a schedule, like times when I am sleeping to help improve battery usage? Like the idea to help improve all of our driving habits and make us a safer society. Automobile deaths are far too prevalent and common in the world we live in today.

    By The Lizard60
    UPDATE Dec 4, 2017: The app has become more sensitive and, subsequent, LESS accurate for reasons stated below. To lose points for harsh braking due to a deer running across the road in front of me or being abruptly cut off, is not a representation of bad driving. The user should be given the option to override these issues as opposed to losing credit for a 50 mile drive by telling the app that they were not driving. UPDATED REVIEW 6 WEEKS LATER: I decreased my rating from three stars down to two stars. Aside from this application getting boring, I am convinced that this does not indicate A safe driver. If you get cut off when driving and have to apply your brakes rapidly, you get penalized. When accelerating after you get a green light, you get penalized for rapid acceleration. So in order to score 100, you will have many people blowing their horn at you, flashing their lights at you, and cursing you out. The only way to avoid getting penalized for an abrupt break that is needed, the alternative is to slam into the car or person who ran in front of your car! But officer, I wanted to score 100 on EverDrive!! Another problem is that it's Mrs. parts of Europe trip. For example, I just made a 6 mile drive but only got credit for 0.2 miles. It was fun at first, but as I said, it gets old really fast and does not give an accurate representation of safe driving. ----end of update (July 28 2017)----- During the first two weeks of using this app, I was fascinated by it! I became obsessed to aim for perfection and get 100 in every category. My current score actually is 100, but at what cost? Well, I ended up going through a red light so I wouldn't lose points for applying my brakes abruptly. I was so upset with following the speed limit that I had multiple cars passing me, flashing their lights at me, and yelling obscenities at me. But I got my 100! Sometimes you have to break abruptly so why are points taken away? Have the technicians who created this app considered that? I could understand repetitious abrupt breaking or repetitious rapid acceleration, but this app is actually too smart for his own good. On the positive side, it does make the driver much more conscientious of his or her driving and most of us could benefit from that. Overall, it is a great idea and a decent product. Last, after reading all the terms and conditions, I am not happy that they use and results of this app can and will be used against you in court or by law enforcement if the creators of this product are subpoenaed by the court to release the drivers information. It is a bit frightening knowing that you could be incriminating yourself simply by having this app on while you are driving. I believe it would be much better if it gave an audible alert when you're driving is on acceptable. This is more like a nanny application then anything else.
  • Start and stop trip 4/5

    By LIL. Hulk
    Needs a start and stop button to notify when to begin recording your driving, besides this, it is a very beneficial app to assist new and bad drivers
  • Location 4/5

    By Cbhen
    I love the app as it helps to improve my driving. I do not like the fact that it always has to know my location, it senses when I am driving so why can’t it use my location only during those times?
  • Doesn’t keep track of each ride 2/5

    By Kittappa
    Development Team, I had noticed many times this app skips tracking of my rides. Kindly look into this issue.
  • Means nothing 2/5

    By Bigtruck98
    Even u get everything 100 doesn’t mean u are a good driver!!!!!just a fun app
  • Not very accurate 1/5

    By Plaid11
    I’ve only had this app for a few days now but it’s already missed a few of my trips. These weren’t short trips either, about 30 minutes or so and one got about a minute of a 10 minute drive. If it’s off on stuff like that, how can the actual info that it does collect be right? It can tell if my turn is good or not but not whether I’m driving? Looks like I’ll have to get rid of this app if this keeps up. Oh and I also drove to and from the same places and it said that one way was 6.7 miles and the other was 5.4 miles and the map shows the route being the same. I’ll give it a couple more days but I’d imagine I will delete this app by then because I don’t see it getting any better.
  • Pervert and Paedophile’s Dream 1/5

    By lackinggoodsports
    This app says it may use your location data even when not in use. The fact is is refuse to function unless you set the location function to ALWAYS. This app makes you yield full time tracking of all your movements all the time - not just when you are using it. Not something I want my teenage daughter carrying around - deleted immediately!
  • Meh 3/5

    By CornflowerV
    I'm using my phone via Bluetooth to listen to music all the time when I drive. This app counts it as 100% phone use during all my trips, setting my score to the lowest possible point. Would great to pick and choose which factors should be counted.
  • Inaccurate 2/5

    By robinder
    The phone use score apparently is based on phone movement, even though the FAQs state otherwise. Now if you are using a car mount for your phone, no activity whatsoever is detected, giving you a perfect score. The other measurements including speeding seem pretty accurate, but that does not make up for missing the # 1 risk and distraction.
  • Good so far 3/5

    By sammy136789
    Good so far but not being able to delete trips where I wasn’t driving is very irritating
  • App is bugged not working correctly. 1/5

    By The Wilber
    Sometime near the end of October this app began functioning erratically. Now it isn’t calculating results correctly and scoring of recent drives is stuck saying “Scoring” but never scores. Support is completely unresponsive to multiple email requests that I’ve made over the past week. This was an interesting app but now completely inaccurate and bugged with no support.
  • 😬😬 1/5

    By warchick
    Need to work on my driving that’s why I downloaded this app... well it doesn’t work and I almost got into a car accident and that never was put on the charts... same results every time regardless of who was driving
  • So-so 3/5

    By kardoc220
    The app works ok but it does start a trip wherever it decides to making trip shorter and so forth. Also I believe my definition of speeding and this apps definition is way off, I drive about 50 miles each way for work if I drove 55 the whole way I would never get there state police normally don’t mess with you till you are 10 mph over limit so I push that. That being said I do have a perfect driving record.
  • Not sure what the significance is 1/5

    By chad smith in NYC
    I saw this FREE app somewhere, so I downloaded it since it was a driving app. I read the description quickly and thought it was a mapping app. It monitors how I drive, but am a bit confused on what the significance is. The “compete with friends” is pretty lame. I’m deleting it because it’s useless to me.
  • It doesn’t work 1/5

    By dg8882
    I downloaded this before driving to work, I checked it on my break and my trip popped up for half a second before disappearing and it saying I haven’t made any trips yet.
  • A fun little app for driving critique. 5/5

    By dandyzinc
    I’ve loved using this over the past few months! As a novice driver, I like to see ways I can improve. The only option I wish would be added is a way to input that you weren’t the one causing phone motion with driving. I’ll sometimes ask a passenger to make a call on my phone, but this results in me getting penalized for “phone motion”. Then I have to mark that I wasn’t driving to avoid losing points for something that I didn’t do, in an otherwise flawless trip.
  • My Driving Skills 4/5

    By Nahnuh74
    Now I know how great of or how bad my driving really is. Plus, know distance and how much I use if I ever do use my phone.... Cool app
  • Slow response and sometimes not tracking trip 3/5

    By _caveman
    I am not sure why it took so long (showing scoring) before I can see the rating of a trip after done with the trip. Also it sometimes doesn’t track my trip (maybe 1 out 10 or more). Not reliable. So you have to open the app every time before you drive to assure it track... :( Basically it just mainly tell you to turn slowly, stop slowly, don't accelerate to fast, don't over speed, don't move your cell phone (touch is OK), and track your trips. However, don't think that too much when you drive, you stop or accelerate when really needed for your safety.
  • I’m impressed BUT 4/5

    By jessjessxd
    I like the app but it didn’t track until I had been driving for 10-15 minutes PLUS it didn’t track the actual route I had taken.
  • I have a petition 4/5

    By Ángel de Mazapán
    Very inspired to be better in driving I just have a petition: for example when I pick up my school grandchildren from school I want to be able to change my music while I'm parked waiting for them to come out, because it seems that I use the cell phone while driving that it is not
  • Speed limits 4/5

    By Namsnikt
    I think there are places where EverDrive doesn't have the correct speed limits.
  • App is ok 3/5

    By Bikerdemon
    This app is ok. It thinks I use my phone while driving sometimes even though I’m actually sitting still with the car off in a parking lot. It also fines me for living on a curvy road.
  • Overall not too bad 4/5

    By Kfletch099
    Location/Route could use some work. Definitely told me I was driving on a completely wrong road but eventually got back on track to where I actually was. It just took the high way when I took all the backroads. And other than that it’s pretty spot on with calling out the different things.
  • Much better than initial release 5/5

    By xproject421
    I began using EverDrive shortly after it first popped up in the App Store. My initial concerns were about privacy. If the app and some servers are tracking my location while driving, what about when I’m not driving? Who else will have access to my data? What does the company gain from gathering my data? These were my concerns. There were a few bugs with the contacts and inviting people and I wasn’t sure if it was because of my 6S+ or something wonky in how the app read my contact data. I was fortunate to have a chance to speak with some of the people behind EverDrive and did some quick research in to who was behind EverDrive. The team assured me that all data was kept private and not sold, traded, or given away. I worked with a member of tech support regarding the bugs and they were squashed. EverDrive has been accurate regarding driving vs not driving and even losing stars for sub par driving. Kudos for making things work accurately. The overall score feature between friends and locally is a nice way to compete and I am glad that my wife’s driving doesn’t ruin my score.
  • Fun 5/5

    By CorkyJMC
    I love this app. I got it to help me be mindful of my driving habits, and it really has helped me out. I'm an OTR trucker and I'm in a truck with internal and external dash cams, so my company follows what I do 24 hours a day, with a monthly safety bonus. This app has helped me get the bonus 3 times now.
  • Interesting App 3/5

    By ERVixen
    I was out with a friend and we both have commercial driver licenses. I forgot my app was running. We went out for drinks and very stupidly drove home after many adult beverages. I woke to find a 5 star rating on the app. I had been getting 4 and 5 stars any way but then thought how was this possible. Not sure on the accuracy of this app. TO NOT RIGHT, CODEMAN. You should NEVER be comfortable driving and yes taking corners slow makes a good driver because you never know what idiot is flying around that corner and probably in the middle instead of over far enough. I have raced cars for years and have my CDL. I am considered a professional driver and I do all those things slowly. Braking slow saves your brakes and gives the moron behind you warning that your stoping. When your comfortable driving you don't pay attention and accidents happen. That don't me be a nervous driver it means your not home on your couch looking straight Use mirrors and look a mile ahead eyes should always be moving leave an out keep a safe distance!!!! I hope the app improves. I would love to get my accurate score and compete with people. Right now it's a 98.8. Bring it on!!!!!
  • Inaccurate 3/5

    By Huesos1
    After a look at the map of my drive, it traced streets I didn't even go on. I drove near them but did not take that street. Also the mileage counter is inaccurate, seen my mileage actually decrease from week to week. And cannot up load pics except through social media I guessing. I've tried, but no option to do so from my pics.
  • Good Idea 3/5

    By Andi_Pants
    I like the app. It should have a pause feature. For example, pulling over to use your phone then resume driving.
  • Four Star 4/5

    By BobRski
    Braking algorithm has the threshold set too low. Braking to avoid going through a sudden yellow light will ruin a perfect drive. Running the yellow light will preserve a perfect score, and is unsafe. You could correlate braking and proximity to electric stop lights and not ding the driver for excessive deceleration to avoid running through the yellow light. BibRutkowski
  • Stupid app 1/5

    By steve_king
    Not working well, the score is just made up.
  • It's 'who's', not 'whose' 1/5

    By ZZX0259
    The advertisement says "even argue with a friend on whose the better driver". It should be who's the better driver - who's means 'who is'...who is the better driver 🙄
  • Great concept, but.... 4/5

    By GMHSR
    I like the whole concept of rating my driving and seeing where and how I can improve my driving, but there are flaws. The braking gyro is way too sensitive. I've stopped safely at a light that has just turned yellow and have been considered "heavy" braking. Guess I should run the light instead of stopping safely? Also the "phone activity" sensor uses phone motion and not actual phone usage. So if I keep the phone steady, such as in a mount, I can text, surf and dial with no indication of "activity". 😝
  • Bugs 3/5

    By Des N Paul
    It is nearly impossible to add a friend on here, also sometimes when i drive my husband uses my phone to text or navigate and it still docks me, update on speed limits too i live on base nearly all speed limits are 20-35mph
  • Issues 2/5

    By Casino-goer
    My issue is that it says I'm speeding because it thinks I exited the freeway, then immediately got back on the highway all while driving the speed limit of the highway. My map has a bunch of figure 8s on it because the app thinks I keep exiting the highway. Therefore it thinks I'm driving 65 mph the entire time I am on the ramps. This my rating is low
  • It's not worthy 1/5

    By Samy1299
    I tried . I feel like not worthy waste of data . It shows rating depends on your phone motion. If your phone drops in the middle of the trip it shows like braking hard. If your phone keep in dash board and turn it shows you turn really rude. It functions with phone motion sensor. It don't care whether you turn or stop the car.

    By MrFatstrawberry
    I think this app is a good idea, and I have a certain amount of friends on this app already, but sending a "friend request" is literally impossible to do. All it does is send an invite to download the app, and whenever you try to add a friend it doesn't work. I've never seen an app this complicated in becoming friends with someone through a friend request. Hoping the app developers can fix this...
  • This is BAD, don't get it 1/5

    By Charlie kilo foxtrot
    Flawed and annoying
  • Agree with past "It's Flawed" reviews 1/5

    By Standards Gal
    I am not sure of the metric it uses to evaluate what "hard breaking" is or how high over the speed limit constitutes a "one star" trip, but I don't think it is accurate or reasonable. I agree with past critiques regarding how they measure and how they average. It just doesn't add up. I have had this app on my phone for over a month and I took it off because it is not providing the honest accurate feed back I was looking for. Tonight I drove home in a rainstorm on back county roads. I was very conscious about how I was driving because of the weather and I was unfamiliar with the route. I remember thinking that although it was going to take forever to get home, the upside would be I would clock a perfect trip on the everdrive app. Problem was, everdrive didn't think so. It was a three star drive according to the app- I deleted it. If they fix their metrics I may think of using it again. If not, oh well.
  • Great idea, but flawed 3/5

    By Cait1987
    The idea behind the app is great, but there's should be a way to remove or alter phone movements. I say this because when I'm driving my daughter is in control of my phone, which I use as my GPS and my music. So since she is my passenger and touching my phone I am getting docked in the phone movement even though my eyes never leave the road Ave my hands never leave the wheel.
  • Fun app but needs some tweaks 3/5

    By lightwarrior101
    This is a fun app to at least try a few times to see how you do as a driver. Although of course it's not totally accurate. Seems to believe you're using your phone when you haven't picked up your phone. It also doesn't take much into account when you hard brake assuming you did it for no reason. They've obviously never driven in rush hour in the worst city in the world when erratic drivers smash in front of you out of nowhere and you have to brake abruptly so as not to ram into them. This app knocks off points to you instead of the other driver. Still it's fun to see for entertainment purposes, but soon gets old.

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