Everlance Mileage Log Tracker

Everlance Mileage Log Tracker

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  • Current Version: 2.4.1
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  • Developer: Everlance Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Everlance Mileage Log Tracker App

Everlance is a 100% automatic mileage and expense tracker. The app creates an IRS compliant mileage log automatically for you in the background using GPS. You can also link your bank and credit card to pull in transactions and receipts. To manually upload receipts, add revenue, or notes in the app simply tap the ‘+’ button. The mileage and extra business deductions the app finds for you can add up to $1,000s per year in value and is perfect for freelancers and independent contractors looking to maximize tax deductions. BENEFITS: ◆ Keep more of your hard earned money — Every 1,000 miles is worth $535 as a business expense you don't have to pay taxes on. Everlance makes sure you never lose a mile again. ◆ Save time — Everlance automatically tracks your mileage and other business related expenses. Simply swipe to categorize as business or personal. ◆ Get peace of mind — Everlance is IRS compliant and backs up everything safely to the cloud. *Mileage tracking that just works* We automatically track each trip in the background helping you maximize your tax deductions and mileage reimbursements. *Receipts and Expenses* No more shoebox of receipts! Connect your personal or business credit cards and upload receipts directly into the app. *Detailed Mileage & Expense Reporting* Export IRS guideline compliant mileage log and expense reports. FEATURES: • We detect and log all of your trips automatically (or try adding TO and FROM locations and watch the app magically fill in the rest) • IRS guideline compliant mileage log and expense report • We calculate mileage, trip start time, end time, and reimbursement value • Swipe to categorize trips as business, personal, charity, or medical • Everlance Widget to classify trips directly from the "today" screen • Use Favorite Places to save your frequent addresses and to save time • Set your "work hours" and watch the app classify your trips for you • Bank and credit card integration to track revenue and credit card • Add photos of personal and business receipts with the tap of a button • All data backed up to the cloud • Supports multiple income sources AND multiple vehicles • Get detailed reports of your mileage and expenses in PDF or CSV formats PERFECT FOR: • Solopreneurs: real estate agents, photographers, consultants, and many more ... • Independent contractors and 1099 workers: rideshare drivers, delivery, construction, etc. • Self-Employed professionals looking to integrate with accounting and bookkeeping software • People tired of shoebox of receipts and paper mileage logs and ready for a higher IQ solution • Your business employees who need to get reimbursed! Battery consumption note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Everlance has been designed to limit GPS usage and we suggest monitoring Everlance to see how it performs against the competition :) ◆ Everlance Premium ◆ The standard Everlance account is 100% free, but many users choose to upgrade to Premium. All accounts will start with a free trial of Everlance Premium and when that trial expires your account will continue on the standard, free plan. Tracking your drives manually (using the start/stop button) or adding receipts and revenue are all part of the standard, free plan. Everlance Premium allows you to unlock Unlimited Tracking, Advanced PDF Reports, Premium Support and more for $7.99/month recurring or $59.99/year recurring for the annual plan. Why pay for Premium? + If Everlance catches ONE trip per month of 20 miles that can be worth up to $10.80 in deductions, which means the app can easily pay for itself. + Your Everlance subscription can potentially be reimbursed or deducted as a business expense for your taxes. We'd love to hear from you! Feedback or ideas are welcome. Email: support@everlance.com Terms of Service https://everlance.com/terms-of-service Privacy Policy https://everlance.com/privacy


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Everlance Mileage Log Tracker app reviews

  • Best ever! 5/5

    By Kimberkip
    I am so excited and happy to be using this app. My job require lots of travel, my new app makes my travel recording so easy, it’s magic!! Thank you!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Ashary07
    Amazon app to track expenses
  • Highly recommended 5/5

    By $jddl$
    Buy it
  • Useful app 5/5

    By Beauheemuth
    I recommend this app to anyone who needs help keeping track of their mileage for work reimbursements or tax purposes
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Sassy mon81
    This has been a life savor as far as keeping up with expenses mileage and etc.
  • good job, guys (and gals)! 5/5

    By K1ngzKnight
    App is very functional & pleasing to the eyes.
  • Easy to use! 5/5

    By Very happy mom!!!
    I tried other apps but this one is easy and very detailed. I deliver groceries and this was unanimously recommended!
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By OmidAghs
    So easy to use, my grandma could use it
  • Awesome tracking app 5/5

    By Mrs CC ;)
    So easy to use. Let’s see how easy it will be to report for taxes when the time comes. Thank God for this app so I can claim mileage for Door Dash and InstaCart!
  • Exactly what I needed! 5/5

    By enterblindness
    I’ve been logging miles manually and frequently forgot to jot down important info. This app is very intuitive and the auto-tracking feature is a life saver! Wish I started using this over a year ago!
  • Used daily to log miles 1/5

    By Rick Hillman
    Had been a great app I work for multiple companies the the ability to classify mileage between them was wonderful. Regrettably as of 12/26 the app stop working. Tried to reinstall still no tracking of mileage. Phone call to tech support suggested I manually enter each trip. Canceled subscription, and have gone back to using another app. Such a shame such a good app no longer works.
  • No follow through/ Not what I need 1/5

    By Jason Cochran M.A., LPC
    So a lot of Everlance “support” get in contact with me but then do not end up doing what they say they are going to do or do not reply to my reply to their e-mail. (i.e. they ask what is a good time to reach you? I tell them...and then nothing.) I have requested a refund because the app cannot follow through with integration if you are with a smaller/local bank. (Unless you go in and manually enter in your expenses.) I found this out only after purchasing the app. That information would have been helpful on the front end. The appeal to this app is the integration. Because it can’t connect with my bank I am simply asking for a refund.
  • User interface. 5/5

    By Jpsekajja
    So easy to use!!
  • Disappointed in the Apple version of the app 2/5

    By bsj916
    Would be better if it was free like android version
  • Automation Heaven! 5/5

    By ContractorGirl72
    I have a complex business set-up, and have to classify between two separate businesses and personal trips. Everlance is reliable and so user-friendly, that I forget it’s even doing all that work in the background! I imagine this would be perfect for Uber/Lyft/Amazon drivers, and/or anyone else who drives a lot for business and needs to track mileage deductions. I use Xero for bookkeeping, and am looking for (or hoping to create) a workflow integration that connects the two.
  • So far it is great. 5/5

    By PuceEmu
    I downloaded allllllll the small business apps. I compared how easy they were to set up and understand what I’m supposed to do.. I am not a techie, and though I am smart, I am not an accountant. I am also a bit lazy. I don’t want to put info into a bunch of apps in order to track my business expenses and income. So I was looking for an app that tracked my trips, and that I could add expenses and income into so I don’t have to stress at tax time. So far this app is great for all of that. I am an artist, and I refinish furniture, so often I drive to pick things up or deliver paintings.
  • Fast and user friendly 5/5

    By Unlimited999999
    So far the best, fast and accurate tracker on anything!
  • Great app 5/5

    By raemaeg
    Actually free. Simple to use. Does just what I need.
  • Amazing App 5/5

    By Annastasis
    This is an amazing app. Just what I needed!
  • Simply doesn’t work 1/5

    By Crispyds
    After trying several mileage apps and hoping this one would be the answer I am giving up. You may have better luck with it but I would suggest saving time and future frustration by avoiding this app. It worked great for a few months and then started short changing trips, randomly starting and stopping in mid-trip, etc. I had gone back and forth with support and then the app just blew up and couldn’t record a simple round trip to save its life and just stopped working. I gave it time but when I had 27 trips pile up that had to be manually entered and sorted- I had had enough of a head ache and moved on. Paper and pencil would be easier than having to go back and enter all the details into this app. I’m suspect of the 4.9 rating. I call BS. I can’t be the only one having this much trouble with this app.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Lostinrockford
    I've tried a lot of these milage log apps & so far this is by far the best'
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Leohernandez33
    Excellent App!
  • Love the extra options 5/5

    By Ladee-Doc
    I have several different contracts that I would on, I love how i cat put those in with their specific names and track mileage per job.
  • It’s great 5/5

    By Eytchbr
    Loving it so far! Wish you could combine trips!
  • My notes disappeared!!! 1/5

    By HHM 💋
    I've been taking notes for my trips. I tried to find them when I needed it, it's gone!? I took me a lot of time to write those notes. I wrote the notes, clicked done then I went back the notes was still there so I thought everything was saved. A few days later I went back and I couldn't retrieve it. Such a waste of my time.
  • Easy money 5/5

    By Fellow person
    Turn it on and you have no more worries about tracking mileage.
  • Nice tool! 5/5

    By Jazzelberry81
    Simple app that’s really easy to use and understand.
  • Good for Mileage bad for expenses 1/5

    By AMR14542
    Do not trust this app for your expenses. I linked my credit cards and bank accounts and have been uploading my receipts for several months now. Today when I did an export to get ready for taxes I found more than half my expenses did not download. I tried several times to download, double checked that I did not have any filters on but no luck. When I scroll back the transactions are simply not there. I only have one account and one log in, I only use it on my phone so it is not a double log in error. Now I have to go back months through bank statements and a pile of receipts to try to recreate a report for my accountant. Thank goodness I saved all the original receipts.
  • Love this app - great for small biz owners 5/5

    By DeniseWBarreto
    I am a new user and it is one of my favorite apps in my whole phone. The ease of use and features are so great and I am a free user. It is very intuitive and works in the background while taking great care to track exactly what I need. I look forward to exploring more and becoming a super user.
  • Top Notch Accurate 5/5

    By jmgrenda
    I’ve tried a couple of different mileage apps and this one looks to be a keeper.
  • Perfect for Rideshare! 5/5

    By themunchkym
    Really great for Uber/Lyft driving and there’s no limit to miles! Seems to be great!
  • Pretty Good. 5/5

    By imtooproforyou
    I have three mirage tracker apps installed. This app is the best by far.
  • Simple But Full of Features 5/5

    By PaulyTD
    This is a great app. It’s very simple but very versatile at the same time. When I swipe the trip to the right to mark it a work trip Immediately get pop-ups of categories for work trips. Fantastic feature for somebody like me with multiple clients. Other apps have the ability to break trips into different clients but this one makes it so easy. I don’t have to go into any submenus. I also like that it makes it very easy to merge trips, a frustration for me with other apps I’ve used. If you sit at a stoplight too long (Real long - traffic jam) or sit in the parking lot to write a note all the apps break it into two trips. With this app a couple clicks and the trips are merged. I also like that it’s easy to manually enter addresses and it will calculate yes calculate the mileage. I haven’t seen too many other apps that are able to do that, although there are a few.
  • Works like a charm! 5/5

    By sayshawe
    This app is everything I didn’t realize I needed
  • Great free app 5/5

    By E-Pain9709
    Better than the other apps it competes with great addition to anyone needing to record mileage!
  • Love 5/5

    By Summar ann
    Perfect for all my side gigs that involve driving. I never have to remember to do a thing. Just categorize them all at the end of the night!
  • Easy as possible 5/5

    By Scottyt2you
    Used a couple different systems and this is by far the easiest. Accountant loves it too. Thanks.
  • So far not reliable 2/5

    By markotto
    Has not been recording every Drive. For instance drive to a customer was recorded fine drive back from a customer does not get recorded. This has happened a couple of times. I’ve only had it for 2 days as I’m trying to test it out for the new year
  • Love It 5/5

    By 2coolbaby
    I really love this app. I used to have to try to remember to leave g every personal, business and medical trip and it was a true pain in the patooty! This app makes keeping those records flawless and easy. It runs in the background and default to what most of my trips are, then I can edit the others. It’s taken the hard work out of keeping these travel records. It was well worth the cost.
  • Getting organized 5/5

    By jenjau
    This is really going to help me later on, super organized and doesn’t crash on me. Yay!
  • Please explain and the rating will increase or decrease based on answer 3/5

    By Jlayyyy
    Please tell me why I signed up for this service on the 24th of the month, was billed the following month on the 18th and the 3rd month on the 12th. Seems like you are stealing a week from me each month. A month is THIRTY (30) days not 24. You cannot claim to be a once a month bill if you bill every 24 days. There are ZERO (0) months of the year with that many days.
  • Saves me so much time! 5/5

    By Bhrigid
    After 18 years of being self-employed and manually entering all of my miles, this app is so wonderful. It actually makes it fun to check my mileage!
  • Works great ! 5/5

    By Fl. Realtor
    I have only been using a short while. It seems easy, love that it shows you money value but not sure what they are basing it on? Will keep using t to see what happens .
  • Easy to use and works great! 5/5

    By Mooseheadfan
    I have been using Everlance for a couple years now and it always works great! Easy to use and saves time!
  • Perfect for 1099 workers 5/5

    By Phillys_Favorite_Realtor
    I used this to tracker my Real Estate, Uber, Lyft, and Life Insurance sales mileage. It’s a life saver at tax time when I’m trying to separate out each.
  • Very well done and more! 5/5

    By Noneatthistime.
    I accidentally purchased a full year without applying my discount code. I was fully refunded in 2 days with the help of everlance. 2 days! That is the fastest refund I have ever received online. This app is extremely well done and includes many useful features that I had not even thought of. I'm a lifetime customer even if I have to pay full price next year if I am still using the app. If you're on the fence about which mileage tracking program to get, this is the best!!
  • Time saver 5/5

    By Boop_74
    Pretty cool app!
  • Great app consistent 5/5

    By JWiLL 4ReaL
    Love this app. I use it since I’m a field service technician. Works great. Other mileage apps not consistent.
  • Amazing app!!!! The best I’ve seen and used! 5/5

    By Paladineduke
    Awesome app that is easy to use and won’t waste your time!
  • Everlance stopped recording 1/5

    By Diablo Masker
    Doesn’t record trips in background since last update. Previously would track everything. Now it doesn’t. Bring back previous update.

Everlance Mileage Log Tracker app comments


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