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EveryDollar: Budget, Manage Money, Track Spending

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EveryDollar: Budget, Manage Money, Track Spending App

The EveryDollar budget app is the easiest and fastest way to make monthly budgets for FREE! EveryDollar follows the zero-based budget approach recommended by top personal money-management expert Dave Ramsey. Millions are budgeting with EveryDollar to beat debt and build wealth. As a bonus, all new users receive a free trial of EveryDollar Plus, the premium version of EveryDollar that connects to your bank! Access your trial and upgrade to EveryDollar Plus from the main menu with In-App Purchases. Key Free Features: ** No third-party advertisements. ** Create a fully customized monthly budget in minutes. ** Track spending as it happens in only seconds. ** Split transactions across multiple budget items. ** See what you've spent and what's remaining for the month. ** Access your budget through the app or desktop browser. ** Adjust your budget throughout the month as life happens. ** Sign in with TouchID. ** The ability to set reminders for tracking of transactions. ** Access to our HUGE Endorsed Local Providers program to connect with real estate, insurance and tax professionals. Exclusive EveryDollar Plus Features ** Connect to your bank to get transactions sent to EveryDollar ** View account balances for connected financial accounts within EveryDollar. ** Priority and call-back support. EveryDollar Plus subscriptions are optional and available via auto-renewing subscriptions. EveryDollar Plus subscriptions are billed at a monthly rate of $9.99 after a one-month free trial. Payments will be charged to your iTunes account after confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your subscription can be managed in your iTunes Account Settings after purchase. Subscriptions cannot be cancelled for the current active period. Privacy Policy: http://www.everydollar.com/privacy Terms of Use: http://www.everydollar.com/terms

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EveryDollar: Budget, Manage Money, Track Spending app reviews

  • Just ok 3/5

    By mjchap
    It's just ok, it still needs work. I keep trying to love it. But I am definitely a DR supporter.
  • Takes some practice but easy to use 5/5

    By MamideRay
    I really like this App. I set it up online (at my desktop) and then sign in on my phone and simply update my numbers as I go throughout the month. Something's aren't as intuitive as you'd think -- like math is hard for me, I wish it had an within App calculator but that's easy enough to remedy by toggling between Calculator and the EveryDollar App on my phone. I do wish a receipt capturing option was available. It would be nice to snap pictures of store receipts and be able to access/print them if need be down the line. I have been using the free version since it came out and have no problem updating my numbers as I go.
  • The app is useful and I enjoy using it 5/5

    By Meatycow
    I've never experienced and functional problems with the application and I've been using it consistently for a year or so. It's easy and intuitive, for the most part. Looking forward to improvements and other features.
  • Life Changer 5/5

    By Jman16jrd
    This app has completely changed the way we handle money. We've been using mint.com app for the past couple of years and it just wasn't very reliable and not as user friendly. My husband and I both use it and for the first time this month we were able to stay on budget and save money! I highly recommend this app to anyone who is serious about budgeting and trying their best to stick with it. It's completely changed the way we track our spending.
  • Works well but no iPad support stinks 4/5

    By CaptainJck22
    A lot of the issues I had with the app centered around pulling in bank transactions specifically from my bank. A recent update finally fixed that or I wouldn't have renewed my subscription but the continual lack of iPad support really stinks and using it through safari on the iPad doesn't work.
  • Bad app. There are much better options 1/5

    By Ruthenium101
    Garbage. Complete money grab by Ramsey. Mint app is totally free and has whole lot of options.
  • Suggestion 3/5

    By Mrsmcwho
    Keeps logging me out of my bank. Have been logged out for 4 days now. Emailed through the app requesting a call, have not been in touch with anyone. Would like to have a calculator integrated. Or an auto add or deduct feature. Example, it says I have $139 left to budget for, would like to have the option to add it into the category and auto sum for me. Math. Is. Hard >.< Would like to have a demo mode. I, often, want to show the app and how it works to my friends. But I have to expose all of my personal earnings and spending, way to much info to be sharing with people.
  • WORST EXPERIANCE: Dave Ramsey Is A Hypocrite 1/5

    By DanielPDX
    I only downloaded this app becuase it was suggested durring Financial Peace University a Dave Ramsey Course that gives tips on money managment. I tried the app that advertises itself as "free." I made sure I was not being charged. Then my account was hit with a $99 charge. Thankfully it failed to process, but after 2.5 hours of searching and trying to unlink/opt-out/downgrade and EVERY OTHER VERSION OF "IM NOT GOING TO PAY MONEY FOR THIS," I still cannot get unconnected from this *curse-word* service. I have googled and seached every page of the help screens, sent emails tried to find a number to call, all with NO SUCCESS. The step-by-step guide shows photo walk-throughs of where to "cancel auto renewal" and yet, those buttons/tabs DO NOT EXIST in the app. I have tried the Desktop/mobile sites and the apps and I STILL CANNOT GET OUT OF THIS BLEEEEEPING AGREEMENT THAT I DID NOT MAKE! Do yourself a favor, if you need help with money management, AVOID THIS PRODUCT AT ALL COSTS!!! Dave, I used to trust that you were helping people, but THIS experiance, RUINED every good will I once had for you or your organization. Financial apps above all others need to build with transparency and give their users the ability to walk away if they are unsatisfied. Instead, you have taken my information and are holding me hostage. Stop seducing people into this TRAP. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS CRAP.
  • Best Budgeting App out there! 5/5

    By Tanner Wince
    The EveryDollar app is so easy to use. My wife and I both have the app downloaded and we log in under the same name so we can both manage it. Categories are easy to change, expenses and income are easy to add, and it has helped us maximize every dollar that passes through our hands. It helps us pay down our debt and keep control of our money. We love it!!
  • A Life Saver 5/5

    By angelolouis
    I haven't used the upgraded plus version, so I haven't had any issues at with the app. I love that I can track my income and expenses. Simple to use across an iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6, iPad, and computer!
  • Doesn't work. 1/5

    By Suzysalmon
    I loved this app during the trial and went ahead and started paying for it. It constantly crashes and doesn't stay connected to my bank. Really sad about this and would like my $99 dollars back if nothing is going to change.
  • Love the app 4/5

    By Nk10delle
    The reason for the 4 stars instead of 5, is that I would love to see the progress of the baby steps on the app, which is now only available on the desktop. Every time I login to the desktop the page of the baby steps gives me a great boost to stay the course. I would like to carry that in my pocket as well.
  • Easy, Simple, and convenient...what more could you ask for!!!!!! 5/5

    By W.W.W. Adventurer
    The app itself is very simple to navigate and set up. Besides the major benefits of budgeting this app really helps you to stay on track and see where all your money is going. I have recommended this app to family and friends without hesitation.
  • Loved the trial, then paid and it hasn't worked 2/5

    By half marathoner125
    I loved this app during the trial. And as much as I didn't want to spend money while trying to save money and pay off debt, I felt the app was well worth the $99/year. Shortly after purchasing the subscription, things went wrong. First, it stopped pulling in the transactions that I had been able to see. Contacted customer support and was told to delete bank account and delete app. Then reinstall and re-add bank account. Well then it started pulling in every single transaction on 12 accounts I am a signer for (5 kids plus business plus mortgage, etc). This forced me to delete 53 of the 54 transactions that it pulled in today. What a waste of time! I'm sure it was just coincidence but I wouldn't have purchased if it happened prior so bummed I spent the money.
  • Great potential but unreliable 2/5

    By WriterJamie
    The app has great potential but it can't seem to stay connected to my banks, which largely defeats my purpose of using the app. I'm happy to pay the monthly subscription fee, but not for something unreliable.
  • Great idea but... 1/5

    By Insert nickname (here)
    The ideas behind this app are great but there is a major problem. The app doesn't work! As of right now I'm stuck on a page with pie charts with no way to add or edit anything and no way to back out. This renders the app totally useless.
  • Great app, great froundatiom 4/5

    By mm820z
    I love this app. I put my complete budget in it every month. I write it all out on paper but then enter it in the app. What I would really like is an allocated spending feature that would allow me to further break down my budget to what is actually assigned to each pay check. Sometimes I forget and get confused and I'm not gonna carry my paper form every where. Otherwise this app is great.
  • The more you use this App the better your finances will be. 5/5

    By Duda66
    I've use this app for almost one year now and I love it! When you are intentional with paying off your debt, and living below your means using this tool every day, every week, and every month you will know where Every Dollar goes. My only request would be for the app to have an off-line mode so that you can continue to work in the app when you don't have Internet connection.
  • Missing one star for one missing feature 4/5

    By Newborn momma
    My husband and I use this app every month and we love it. We have it synced on our phones so we are up to date on exactly what we have in each "envelope" even if we are not together while shopping. Much more convenient than getting cash out of the bank and using real envelopes. The only feature missing in my opinion is the roll over feature. If I wanted to save some money in my spending money category I would like the option to carry it over to the next month. Otherwise this app works perfectly for our family and needs.
  • Great app, minor improvement needed 5/5

    By EthansMom1030
    This app is VERY useful!! As of now, the only thing I don't like is that you cannot delete or edit name or item within the category. You can add new ones but if you added something to the wrong section, you can't delete it to put it in the right one.
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By Turc10
    I absolutely love this financing tool, and would highly recommend it for anyone looking to have transparency and set financial goals. It's easy and intuitive.
  • Best budgeting tool! 5/5

    By Debt Free in 2018
    I love this app. Its a great visual for me to see where my money is going and so easy to track expenses. I would like for it to have an acessible calculator. It still gets 5 stars!
  • Great app for budgeting 4/5

    By Picturesque50000000
    Love the features and how easy it is to use. I would like to teach my students how to use it with a screen reader (blind students) but the app is not accessible or easy to use with voiceover. Also if they could make the website accessible that would be great too! Thanks!
  • Best FREE Budgeting tool! 5/5

    By madeulookphoto
    I can't express how much this app means to me. I love budgeting with this app, it really helps you to save and stay consistent. I can't tell you how much I look at it every fay and see how it grows and grows. This app will help anyone who's struggling to control thier own money. LOVE THIS APP!!
  • Free Version Good 5/5

    By Wils022
    I'm using the free version and like it so far. It's held me accountable in my spending. It's a little tedious manually entering my purchases, but that's also stopped some of my compulsive buys. "Do I want to record the 70 cents for a soda? Too much work." I've saved $$ already from not buying all my sodas, coffees, and candy bars.
  • Nice but... 2/5

    By Nanny2Bn
    My husband and I got the EveryDollar app after listening to Dave Ramsey and becoming debt free. I like to keep track of where are money goes. The problem I have though is our income is based off commissions and is bi-weekly. EveryDollar is more of a monthly tool and works best for salary incomes, this makes it very hard to budget money(before) and ends up just seeing where it was all used(after). We also got the feature to have ED paired with our bank but it can be annoying when I have to continually long back in to my bank connection.
  • Will not work with USAA 1/5

    By Aechrldr18
    Don't even bother with customer service. She just said it could take up to a month to figure out why it doesn't work with Usaa. Save the time and go with mint. They know why things don't work and they work with UsAA.
  • Here is an endorsed app for saving money.... 1/5

    By Spladlesrus
    Wait, in order to track my spending through my Bank I have to take what little I was saving and spend $9.95/month to track it??? There are tons of other ways to track spending and this for me will not be one. What a rip off.
  • Poor execution, frustrating experience 1/5

    By Cool Hand Pete
    EveryDollar has been a total hassle since we began. Our bank has not been able to remain synced for more than 2 weeks since we began. Even when it is not synced, the app says, "Updated X hours ago," so we are unaware the app is not syncing with the bank until we cross-check it. We realized on vacation this week the app does not work at all without internet. The interface is graphically wonky - even with Chrome, which we were told was stable. I got out of debt and remain debt-free because of Dave Ramsey, and I took his advice at an FPU leader's meeting several months ago and decided to try this. I am sad to say we are wholly unimpressed. We have switched back to the new YNAB and they execute Dave's money method better than his own app does!
  • Would like to go plus, BUT 3/5

    By BitterJake
    I would love to pay the extra and get plus, but at this point It is not worth it 1. The app does not show amount spend against actual income, only against budgeted income. My monthly budget includes two paycheck, and I need to see how much I have left over based on actual, not budgeted 2. There is no way to print the transactions. So good luck reconciling your budget transactions against bank statements. 3. There is no export options. Again, making it very difficult to reconcile transactions. Please listen to your customers. They have some good ideas.
  • Can't live without it, can be improved 5/5

    By Theuberreviewer
    I am updating my review because this app has fixed the previously annoying connection issues. Over the last 6 months the automatic transactions have been stellar, it was my only gripe before. Now this gets five stars. Hoping this company will come up with a full featured personal finance application that builds on the ease of use of this budgeting app. I have tried every budgeting app I could find and I keep coming back to every dollar. I like that I have to physically move each transaction into a budget category instead of it automatically being assigned. It keeps me aware of what I'm spending and often find myself feverishly logging on and waiting for new transactions to come in so I can see my progress. I do have the paid version, and think it is a must so I don't miss any transactions.
  • If you have USAA or may ever need customer support don't bother. 1/5

    By nelldrik
    They can't connect to USAA & are totally unhelpful about it. Their support reps are rude, condescending, & don't take the time to actually comprehend what the problem is. Different reps tell you different things & then ultimately cast the blame on you. The interface seems great if their app can handle your bank & you never need to deal with their customer service, but unfortunately for me, neither of those turned out to be true.
  • Compared to Quickbooks, etc., this pays for itself and more. 5/5

    By Kobino
    What an awesome step forward for getting your finances in shape through the Baby Steps! Though it is (obviously) not a casual app. After setting up my first budget on my desktop and getting into the habit of classifying the transactions as they came in, I noticed an immediate difference -- not just in how much I knew where my money was going but also -- in my spending behavior. Dave Ramsey's team is a life changing positive influence. And I thank everyone who put their hard work into making this what it is now.
  • Dave's vision in an App 5/5

    By collegekidchad
    I'm a huge Dave fan, and this app is the perfect culmination of his budget. I love to be able to see budgeted, spent, and remaining. This is a great app and very well done!
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By Mk23x2
    It's so easy, the way it should be!!
  • Confusing and unreliable 1/5

    By Iarneson
    Very convoluted app and it shouldn't be. It's simple math but this app is also extremely glitchy with an unfailing ability to crash upon startup and mixing numbers and budgets around without touching anything.
  • It's great....when it works. 3/5

    By Runhappylivelong
    Love the concept, frustrated with the delivery. I have to sign in pretty much every time and even then my transactions aren't guaranteed to load. When it does work, it's super easy to use. Hopefully they can work out the glitches.
  • Bummed about update 4/5

    By Joshua the GR
    Love this app but bummed out that I updated it. Now every time I enter a transaction, there is an annoying ad asking to upgrade. Looks cheap now.
  • Little Glitchy, but Still Amazinh 4/5

    By Mer6601
    I pay monthly for the upgraded app. Definitely worth it to have it auto in all our incomes and expenditures. There are some times where it's glitchy (disconnects a bank account, kinda shuts off, goes blank) but that's rare and doesn't interfere much with my actual regular use of the app. Hope they clean it up, but it's 100% what we needed to help us stay on budget. We use it in conjunction with a spreadsheet on the computer where we have the actual full budget, then use every dollar for category tracking. WAY better than Mint. Well designed I think. I love it!!!! Worth the money too in my opinion!!! We've never been so good at budgeting.
  • Like it but not for $10 3/5

    By MomLJFG
    I do really like this app, I've used both it and Mint. I found this one to be the easiest and as a follower of DR of course this works the best with his financial plan. However, that said, I honestly don't think it offers enough to warrant paying $10/mo just for acct syncing. Mint does this for free. Not sure whether I'll continue the bank sync option once my free trial runs out. That aside, great app & easy to use.
  • Practical 5/5

    By themanof4
    This is a great tool, on-line and with the app! Simple to use on the run. Considering the plus version, just have to get it in the budget:)
  • Almost great 3/5

    By Vanity322
    The concept is amazing and it actually works until the app gets stuck and you can't enter your budget updates or your spending. Lots of freezes during entry and slow to delete.
  • SPAM City 1/5

    By DaveRamseyscrewedme
    Signed up for the app and have not stopped getting SPAM. It's a ridiculous amount, and every time you unsubscribe from marketing emails, 10 more show up the next day.
  • Better than I deserve 5/5

    By \m/ (-_-) \m/
    The app is FANTASTIC!!! Thank you, Dave Ramsey for making this available to everyone for FREE!! Is there a way to make a future version have a horizontal mode where I can see the list of all transactions on the left and have it show individual transaction details on the right? Thank you for all of your hard work!
  • Almost awesome 3/5

    By JRUnt21
    Love this app in theory- dislike that I get the text verification from my bank literally every time the app opens which I'm guessing is why the bank doesn't often sync correctly. :( can't wait for future updates and seamless use! :)
  • Sync 1/5

    By dcapel
    Love so much about the app, especially the UI, but it doesn't pull down all transactions. Without all transactions, it's worthless. One star! Boo!
  • poor 1/5

    By lvmscl
    tried multiple times, error occurs just getting started. not worth your time to even try.
  • We love it! 5/5

    By BryanThomas71387
    This app is great. My wife and I make our monthly budget on the website and it updates instantly on our phone apps. We can each keep track of spending and see when the other one makes a change. Get this and follow Dave's steps because they work!
  • You lost a new customer! 2/5

    By Budget Master
    I almost downloaded the Mint app, but did not because of the reviews complaining of bank connection/app functionality issues. Now that I see the exact same reviews of complaints for Everydollar plus, why would I pay $10 a month for it? I refuse to pay for something that's unreliable. I'm Going back to Mint because at least it's free to connect bank accounts. Love Dave Ramsey, but the reputation of his app needs to catch up before I fork out hard earned money. I'll check back later to see if reviews ever improve.
  • I have used it a year 3/5

    By Treasurefolk
    I have used the app and also the website for exactly one year. It's super easy to use and I have been happy with it. I have had no problems at all getting my transactions downloaded and I have a local credit union. The only thing is they never come out with any new features. I am quite surprised that a year has passed and nothing. I have contacted support twice. The feature I would like to see is to be able to see yearly graphs/averages of what I spend in each category. Like what I just spent over the past year. But now I will have to go in month by month and add up what I spent on groceries this past year to get an average. I want to do this is so I can get an idea of what a reasonable amount for my grocery budget should be so I can budget for that. Or gas or gifts or clothing. I'm sure others would like to see what their spending trends are as well. Sure, it has Dave Ramsey's name on it but I am thinking about switching to another budgeting app if nothing changes. My kid's games get more updates than this app.

EveryDollar: Budget, Manage Money, Track Spending app comments

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