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EveryDollar Easy Budgeting App

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EveryDollar Easy Budgeting App App

The EveryDollar budget app is the easiest and fastest way to make monthly budgets for FREE! EveryDollar follows the zero-based budget approach recommended by top personal money-management expert Dave Ramsey. Millions are budgeting with EveryDollar to beat debt and build wealth. As a bonus, all new users receive a free trial of EveryDollar Plus, the premium version of EveryDollar that connects to your bank! Access your trial and upgrade to EveryDollar Plus from the main menu with In-App Purchases. Key Free Features: ** No third-party advertisements. ** Create a fully customized monthly budget in minutes. ** Track spending as it happens in only seconds. ** Split transactions across multiple budget items. ** See what you've spent and what's remaining for the month. ** Access your budget through the app or desktop browser. ** Adjust your budget throughout the month as life happens. ** Sign in with TouchID. ** The ability to set reminders for tracking of transactions. ** Access to our HUGE Endorsed Local Providers program to connect with real estate, insurance and tax professionals. Exclusive EveryDollar Plus Features ** Connect to your bank to get transactions sent to EveryDollar ** View account balances for connected financial accounts within EveryDollar. ** Priority and call-back support. EveryDollar Plus subscriptions are optional and available via auto-renewing subscriptions. EveryDollar Plus subscriptions are billed at a monthly rate of $9.99 after a one-month free trial. Payments will be charged to your iTunes account after confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your subscription can be managed in your iTunes Account Settings after purchase. Subscriptions cannot be cancelled for the current active period. Privacy Policy: http://www.everydollar.com/privacy Terms of Use: http://www.everydollar.com/terms


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EveryDollar Easy Budgeting App app reviews

  • Would be 5 Stars But... 3/5

    By Djjim704
    This app is fantastic. However the $99 price tag for Every Dollar Plus is too expensive. Many other apps import transactions from your bank for half that price. Dave claims this is to cover the cost of connecting to your bank but there is obviously quite a bit of profit built in to the price tag. $99 is tough to swallow for folks in baby step 2 trying to get out of debt. Lower the price to $50 a year or $6 a month and I think many more people would sign up. For now, I’ll use other apps such as YNAB that are half the price. I love Ramsey’s teachings and am an avid follower, but the price of this product is out of line.
  • Aggravating 1/5

    By TrueMantella370
    Wont let me sign in after I verified my account. Anyone know how to fix it?
  • Just started using it 4/5

    By BrianTheKranky
    Just started using this. I can easily see how this will make my budgeting easier so I can get out of debt faster and with less pain. It would be nice, however, if there were an iPad version as well or if this would play nicer with the iPad.
  • Needs a little more work 3/5

    By MorgansMommy
    I pay the extra to import my transactions... contradicts my purpose, but it’s worth it to me to save some time. I selected 3 items as my favorites and they are at the top for the planned, but when it’s time to add a transaction to that line item, I still have to scroll through to get to it. Kind of pointless to have a favorite when it should be at the top of that “remaining” section. Also, although I shouldn’t need this in theory, sometimes my catagories go over the budget but it doesn’t change the “balanced budget screen” would love see that reflected at the top. Otherwise, I like it and use it daily.
  • This app will save your relationship 5/5

    By Carnick6
    This app helps you keep track on every cent. Best ever
  • Best Fintech app I have used 5/5

    By Oklatush
    Using the concept of "give every dollar a job" and this app together has really changed my life financially. Planning out my spending ahead even for fun things and not just bills has allowed me to take better control of my finances and make better decisions on purchases. I have used other apps and custom spreadsheets but this app has proven the most reliable and helpful for me. I paid for the subscription and it was worth it. I love that I can easily categorize my transactions from my bank to my line items in the budget I created. It also allows me to move items in my budget around see what options I have for spending if an unexpected expense happens. Love it!
  • Transactions don't import 2/5

    By Mookies101
    I really want this app to work. We have the plus version but my transactions don't import. It's only partially importing my one bank account for the month but I can't import any previous months to review my spending and budget. I have several tech tickets open with them but I can never get a straight answer. It's always a " hmmm, looks good on my end" or " it can take up to 72 hours for transactions " which never come in. It's been two weeks already. I am so sad this isn't working like it should. Guess I will just go back to mint. :(
  • ADS!? Even after Premium Access? 1/5

    By JJ35673
    The development team decided to include ADS to the latest update of the Every Dollar application. Trust me, I already receive emails from Ramsey Solutions on a very regular basis. I've drank the Kool Aid, love Dave, follow his advice and am an FPU graduate. But I can't stand promotions in a PAID iOS app! If I'm paying for "premium" access to the Every Dollar application, I don't want to have ads bothering me every time I pull up my budget as well!! Please don't include moving forward. I'll edit this review once the feature is taken off. Listen to your customers!! Ads are for free applications. Premium users shouldn't be hit up since they are already paying!!
  • Great App but doesn't sync regularly 3/5

    By EmLuvTen
    I love this app and recently started paying for the Plus version which boasts syncing your accounts. Unfortunately it doesn't sync but every few days (4/5/6 days?) and I love being able to budget regularly. So I end up just putting the transactions in manually; which defeat the purpose in my opinion. The transactions must hard post first on my bank accounts (which I understand) but it still takes several days after that. Please fix this!
  • Best budgeting app 5/5

    By Bre.anna
    You will love it. So practical for living life within your means.
  • Simple & Straightforward 5/5

    By Conservative millennial
    If you're a Dave Ramsey fan, this app is a must. Easy to use and even though your budget is different each month, the template from the previous month remains and you can make changes from there. Paid off $28k in 10 months with the help of EveryDollar!
  • Funds 4/5

    By PremedSTUDent92
    This app is great. It’s well designed and truly helps me stay on track with my budget. Suggestion to creators: it would be great to be able to see all of my funds and their balances at one time.
  • Here's an idea... 5/5

    By qfourkiller
    I would like to be able to share this app with other iPhone users. Is there a way to do so?
  • Needs an iPad app 3/5

    By lawman321
    Otherwise, it’s a great app, and I’d give it 5 stars. Using the iPhone app on the iPad is a sub-par experience, and the website isn’t entirely touch friendly (not to mention how mixed up it gets in portrait orientation). Please make an iPad app!
  • Strong app, NEEDS EXPORT FEATURE 3/5

    By Hayther
    I like the app. I use it every day. But it really needs an export feature! I want to be able to track my spending and income for each category over past years; very difficult without an export feature.
  • Life Changing! 5/5

    By JKerkhoff79
    This app is life changing! I use the premium version and it has revolutionized our budget and ability to keep track of it all!!!
  • App that is solid for Day to Day 3/5

    By Willworldchamp04
    This (Free Version) app works well for everyday use. If you are looking to input data manually and track your expenses this works great. However I like to use my IPad for most of my mobile financing and this is where it is weak. The app doesn't have the ability to stretch to the full size of the screen and it doesn't rotate for portrait to landscape. Unfortunately when my wife and I sit down for the end of month budget review we have to log in online to look at all the features why? Also their are so many features that aren't available online not available on the app. The baby steps tracker is a screen that would be great to look at on the app my wife looks at that screen twice a week as a way to motivate and focus her on our long term goals. The fund categories are great for saving money up for special things however to set them up in the app is difficult. It would be great if the debt categories had a tab that showed our balance what we paid and what we are saving by putting extra payments in. As well as a time counter of the expected payoff date. Also if we have a fund and the need comes that we use some of that money it then is calculated in the spent total and the remaining budget total. Understand why it shows up in the spent total however at our end of the month meetings we have to go back hand calculate what our remaining monthly budget is so we can apply the savings to our debt. This is frustrating.
  • EveryDollar is Awesome! 5/5

    By Joseohmckeown17
    My wife and I share the same account our IPhone's which is very handy when we both are very busy. I've tried using an excel sheet, and I didn't do so well. This app is very simplistic and user friendly. AND FREE!
  • Feels outdated. Needs more features. 3/5

    By Herbz33
    I just finished the total money make over book recently and this has been one of the better apps available, good budgeting app but could be better, there are other apps out there where this app could take a few pages from, features that are not available in this budgeting app. My only complaint is that it doesn't have a calculator built into the app to factor in cash expenses and income. I always find myself leaving the app to use my iphones calculator and having to reopen the app again to put the numbers in to each budgeted item. It would be easier and faster to be able to paste the results in each item. It would also be nice to swipe in between the planned, spent and remaining pages instead having to tap it. not worth the monthly asking price unless it improves. On the plus side the drag and drop feature is awesome if connected to your bank account, I will continue to use the free version for now. 3 stars is better than it deserves.
  • Good app, terrible service 2/5

    By Hot mama 3!
    This app worked great for us for the few months that we used it. I’ve never been great at budgeting and we decided to do a trial version of the plus to see how we liked it. It was convenient but after getting billed the $100 for the plus version, we already started to question it. The app worked fine. We question our decision making for spending $100 on something that we were trying to use to help us save money.... oops. We decided to try and cancel, for the last few months I have been trying to cancel my subscription. Their website says it’s a subscription through Apple so you have to cancel it through them. My apple account shows nothing. Well this morning, without warning we got charged another $100. It’s sad that a company that is “out there to help out people with finances,” is doing such a big money grab with this. So now for the next few days, I get to waste my time trying to get them to give me my money back that I didn’t have to give them in the first place.
  • Great totally FREE app! 5/5

    By Sjonellf
    If you don’t link your bank, it’s totally free. I’ve been using it since it released on iOS and it’s the best. :).
  • Absolutely Love This App 5/5

    By Bedfordew
    I have been using this app for a few months now and it is awesome. After I entered my income and outgo my first month and gave every dollar a name, I tracked every thing I did with my money including my cash. At the end of the first month I found I had “extra” money. This was amazing. Absolutely love this app
  • Too expensive 2/5

    By ACmom
    I enjoyed using this app and found it helpful but at $10 a month it's just not budget friendly...which is the whole point.
  • no other budgeting app is even close 5/5

    By cubfanfish
    hands down the best budgeting app ive ever used. has changed my financial life (along with listening to dave daily and reading his books and taking fpu of course). the single best financial tool available.
  • Dave Ramsey would not recommend 1/5

    By mjl54183
    Wow! I was SO incredibly excited to bring this up at our next budget meeting. So, when I sat down with my wife to share it with her and to look over it together, we quickly realized what many of you are realizing... unlike what Ramsey Solutions, Inc. are claiming... this software is NO WHERE near free. In fact, cost-wise, it is quite possibly one of the most expensive budgeting software programs I have ever seen. Dave quoted on the air that this software is "Free! And if you want to link your bank account then there is a SMALL fee because we have to pay for that so the cost is sent to you." The “small” fee to link to your bank is a standard item in all of the other budget software out there. The difference is, all of the other legitimate budgeting software out there is free WITH the connection to your bank... the Lampo Group wants you to pay $100 PER YEAR for it. I have never heard of a bank charging someone $8.25 to export transactions. Folks, this is what you're paying for. It currently costs me $3.00 to transfer transactions to my budgeting software. Where do they get the other $5.25 PER MONTH fee from? That is a total of $100 PER YEAR.... which is $1,000 for 10 years. With all due respect.... no thanks. I'll follow Dave Ramsey's teachings and NOT sign up for a subscription service and I will purchase more life insurance instead. I'm being facetious, but honestly it's quite hypocritical to charge this much. I love Dave's teachings... but this is just greed. I gave it one star. There is GREAT potential... Just factor out the greed (meaning create a one-time fee version of this product) and I'm in! This subscription service is just a way to mask how expensive this simple software is. And now, I give you a developer response (see below) of them claiming that the product is free.... it is not. If you want their “free” version, Microsoft Excel is better for budgeting. If you want a Budgeting software, however, you have to pay $100 per YEAR for them to give you software to link to your bank account. It’s INSANELY expensive. Don’t buy it and don’t listen to this response 👇🏻
  • How do I cancel the free trial it debit my account!! 2/5

    By Youngr1
    I thought the free trial upgrade was for 30 days but I was debit from my bank account please cancel my trial and refund my money back
  • Easy and Powerful 5/5

    By Coach_Dave
    After Quicken bought Mint and made it there only option years ago, my finances went in the tank. I’ve tried many other online checkbook apps with no luck. EveryDollar is easy for my wife and I to both use and plan our month and track. It is not as fancy as some other tools, but the simplicity makes it more effective for us.
  • Will not generate verification email 1/5

    By Msm4u2i
    Will not generate verification email. Ive tried 3 different ones. Nothing. I triple checked email settings to make sure it's not being blocked or sent to spam. Don't waste your time with these faulty apps.
  • OK 2/5

    By JenaHoyal
    This app is missing a vital category: Medical/Prescription Expenses. I like how you can create sub-categories. I DON'T like how the app assumes I'll be spending the same amounts each and every month. Several of my monthly bills incur significant increases in their "taxes and fees" section every 4-6 months.
  • Perfect Budgeting Tool! 5/5

    By PacificGrad
    I've never been the best with budgeting, but this app makes it SO much easier and convenient. There's lots of flexibility for altering different categories, and it automatically tabulates what you've used and how much is left. It also copies the same budget from the previous month so there's no need to re-enter your amounts per category. I'm using the free version, and although I can't link to my credit card for automatic purchase organization, I find it better to manually enter and organize your items. Overall fantastic app and I highly recommend 👍
  • Cost 2/5

    By Tree6877
    The app is pretty great but I have to agree with the previous reviewer $9.99 is a bit much. I would rather have that in my emergency or car replacement fund.
  • Great collaborative tool 5/5

    By Jake Shepherd
    This has helped with our monthly budget. My wife and I am extremely busy and it lets us communicate more efficiently and stay on track. The pro version is worth more than the price as it allows us to validate that we have the budgeted amount before spending and shows us when adjustments may be needed. GREAT PRODUCT! Thanks Dev team! Requests: - offline mode - better real time transaction tracking. Many transactions take a while to show up even though they are pending in the bank. - optional Touch ID access for securing on the device. Kids don't need to be able to log in when using our phones. - export to excel. It would be helpful to have better reporting abilities to trend habits and deep dive. A transaction report in CSV or excel would be great.
  • LOVE IT 5/5

    By R.N.Parker
    I have used a number of budgeting tools, and this app is by far the best. My husband and I both have it on our phones and are both able to enter transactions and keep on track. Staying true to our budget has allowed us to meet some major goals in the past year, including paying off almost 100k in debt!
  • Keeps us on track! Get it! 5/5

    By Chris W in Texas
    My wife and I use the free version. We enter each transaction right when we buy it. It keeps us in sync and helps us hit our savings goals. It has really helped us. We recommend trying it if you want to stay in sync with your spouse.
  • Live life intentionally!! 5/5

    By Logan, UT
    I used to try and budget with a spreadsheet and it just got too bothersome to have to boot up the computer every time. Being able to access this app on my phone made it so much more convenient to budget and is very user friendly. This app was the answer to beginning my debt free journey! I love it so much! Thank you for the wonderful gift!
  • Off line transactions 4/5

    By arkman444
    Would love to have the ability to put in transactions offline. (Have it update once reconnected to network). I don't use cell data so can't put in a transaction at a store (when I'm out of wifi range). Seems silly to not be able to use the app when offline. Otherwise a good app to keep a simple budget.
  • Constant technical problems! 2/5

    By Runjennarun
    I am using the free version so maybe I should expect issues, but I have constant issues with it not accepting my password. I didn't think I forgot my password but it wouldn't accept the password I entered so I went through the process of getting the email sent and resetting my password but then it wouldn't accept the new password either. The other problem is figuring out how to input my income into the app, every time I entered something it wouldn't save and just went back to $0.00. I may not be the most technically astute person but when I spent more time troubleshooting than actually being able to use the app it's not worth it...even if it is free.
  • Great App 5/5

    By TM Wilk
    I love the App but I wish that the expenses had a bottom line total like the income section.
  • Works Great 5/5

    By KevinWebb22
    Love it. Just wish I could change or delete the default emergency fund folder.
  • Really great app 5/5

    By kittens2
    Overall I love this app! It makes it really simple to budget your whole paycheck so money doesn't fly away 💸 and tells me what I have left over each month to throw at my debt. My only suggestion would be a feature that allows you to budget each paycheck separately (for those paid weekly or biweekly) so you can plan which expenses/bills will come out of each check from within the app. Thanks!
  • Helps manage our life and our marriage! 5/5

    By a_helpful_yid
    This is the most useful app ever! It is so important to be on top of our finances. We took Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University course, and we truly appreciate budgeting. The app could be more user friendly, but even if it stays the way it is, it is a true lifesaver!!!!!!!! A must for every healthy household!
  • Needs a way to export transactions 3/5

    By instamazing!!!
    Love the app so far! But what would make EveryDollar even better would be if transactions could be downloaded into a spreadsheet. My husband and I keep track of our expenses in a Google Drive sheet, but entering transactions into EveryDollar is getting redundant. It would save us so much time and make keeping records of our purchases so much easier if this feature was added! Please consider it!
  • Great, but could use a few upgrades 4/5

    By ejpcmom
    My husband and I recently started using every dollar and it has been great. I absolutely love it. I just wish there were more features for scheduling bills and helping to figure out how the budget should best be divided out over the month. The "due date" option was great on my phone, but it's very frustrating that it isn't available on my laptop. There were a few other things I noticed that were available in one format but not the other. The two (app and computer interface) should be identical. And due dates, with the ability to use it to plan out which budget items come out of which paycheck, would be an incredibly helpful feature.
  • Life Changing App/Software 5/5

    By Cabpl
    My wife and I love the every dollar app. It's has truly made our debt free journey so much easier. We are every dollar plus users and it has its times but the customer service is top line and they get the issues figured out and taken care of in a matter of hours! If you and your spouse are looking for the thing to help you get on the same page and win with money this is the app for you! Thank you to Dave and his team for this wondering life changing app!!!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Hugh Min Yang
    Free version is better than a lot of the other free budget apps that have almost a 5 star rating (Intuit Mint and Spending). Surprised this one doesn't have more 5 star reviews !!!
  • Awesome app 4/5

    By Fatyopbsnfrjxh
    I started using this app 2 months ago and it has worked pretty good for me. I have identified where my money was going to waste by tracking it. I wish the app would have the same features as the desktop like being able to see the baby step tracking and the debt balances and it would be better if it has the option to add the interest on debt. Cool app and I recommend it if you want to have finance under control and see where your money is going.
  • DKDofAR 2/5

    By Ditto007
    Check with your own bank. We bank with Arvest (out of Bentonville, AR) and they have a program similar to this, that comes with our Preferred Checking account, which only requires small balances in certain accounts. I'm very surprised that Ramsey has gone into something like this. He knows that people looking for this type of thing are in the same boat, but hopefully not as bad, as he was at one time, and certainly don't need any additional expenses added to their budgets. The program at Arvest keeps up with your deposits and lets you categorize every single expense on your statement. It isn't perfect, but it's helpful and it's free with our checking account. Come on Dave...we have followed you for over 20 years (saw you live in Chattanooga, TN back in the mid 90's) and have used your System since, and we try our best to recruit anyone who will listen. Please don't scare people away from your saving system by making them think you're just out to get into their pockets...which, as you know, by the the time they usually get to you, are probably empty and will be that way for a while unless they follow your advice. When we started following you, you screamed about programs like this and would've classified it as part of our "stuffitis" disease.🙃 We just love you and your programs and we owe so much to you because of the way we view money now. We want as many others to know how to do it and follow you too and STOP wasting their hard, earned money!
  • Needs More Features 3/5

    By pipentassle
    My firm provided access to this app as a tool for us to use in bettering our financial futures. Unfortunately, it doesn't connect to American Express (either credit card or personal savings), so those of us who pay off our cards every month and use credit cards to build credit can't really benefit from the app. I like the interface; I love the idea. (Very similar to MoneyWell but much improved.) It just needs more features to be practical.
  • Best budgeting app ever! 5/5

    By Cripester
    This app is so easy to use and makes it so simple for my wife and I to make a budget every month. We are on our way to being millionaires thanks Dave!!!!
  • Great app! 4/5

    By smalaine
    Awesome app! Super intuitive and easy to use. I do suggest fixing the bug that won't allow a user to "Add Split" to a transaction entry without saving it first...to divide an amount between two categories, you must save it as one category, then go back and edit to add a second one. Should be a fairly simple coding fix. Otherwise it's great!

EveryDollar Easy Budgeting App app comments


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