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EveryDollar: Budget, Manage Money, Track Spending

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EveryDollar: Budget, Manage Money, Track Spending App

EveryDollar is the easiest and fastest way to make monthly budgets for FREE! EveryDollar follows the zero-based budget approach recommended by top personal money-management expert Dave Ramsey. Millions are budgeting with EveryDollar to beat debt and build wealth. As a bonus, all new users receive a free trial of EveryDollar Plus, the premium version of EveryDollar that connects to your bank! Access your trial and upgrade to EveryDollar Plus from the main menu with In-App Purchases. Key Free Features: ** No third-party advertisements. ** Create a fully customized monthly budget in minutes. ** Track spending as it happens in only seconds. ** Split transactions across multiple budget items. ** See what you've spent and what's remaining for the month. ** Access your budget through the app or desktop browser. ** Adjust your budget throughout the month as life happens. ** Sign in with TouchID. ** The ability to set reminders for tracking of transactions. ** Access to our HUGE Endorsed Local Providers program to connect with real estate, insurance and tax professionals. Exclusive EveryDollar Plus Features ** Connect to your bank to get transactions sent to EveryDollar ** View account balances for connected financial accounts within EveryDollar. ** Priority and call-back support. EveryDollar Plus subscriptions are optional and available via auto-renewing subscriptions. EveryDollar Plus subscriptions are billed at a monthly rate of $9.99 after a one-month free trial. Payments will be charged to your iTunes account after confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your subscription can be managed in your iTunes Account Settings after purchase. Subscriptions cannot be cancelled for the current active period. Privacy Policy: http://www.everydollar.com/privacy Terms of Use: http://www.everydollar.com/terms

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EveryDollar: Budget, Manage Money, Track Spending app reviews

  • Can't Add American Express 1/5

    By DsoBreezy
    This app is useless for me as it does not connect to American Express. I did not go any further than the link accounts page so I can't speak to the functionality of the app.
  • App doesn't work for average Joe (IOW- most people) 1/5

    By Soon to be former customer
    This app has a lot of issues. The two biggest are: 1- it doesn't update bank info properly, so don't pay for the upgraded service!!!!! Not only does it not update for weeks at a time, but repeated requests for help from the app's support team (built into the app) will go unanswered. 2- it doesn't have an option for bi-weekly pay cycles. So if you budget based on paycheck cycle rather than by month, you're out of luck. The good news is that the app support team will answer suggestions with speed, and they say they're working on this. But again, don't expect help if the app just isn't working.
  • Great budgeting tool 5/5

    By Bob of Bob's people
    An excellent tool for planning and keeping track of your spending. Seamless operation, simple and functional. Couldn't ask for better
  • Very difficult 1/5

    By broncobridg
    This app is very frustrating to try to use, not user friendly at all and doesn't track remaining budget on the main screen. I hope Mr Ramsey try's using it at some point and has a lot of changes made.
  • Well designed, simple and effective 5/5

    By Cammed06gt
    Very well designed app, simple to use and just plain works well. We write our monthly budget each month online and the use the app thru the month to upload purchases and track expenses. Not complicated, but gives pretty much all the features you need. Highly recommend.
  • Would be great if it worked 1/5

    By novcove
    This app is worthless. It takes several days for charges to show up and when charges do show up, the app imports multiple charges of the SAME transaction. We’ve contacted the company to let them know about these glitches, but here I am still waiting for charges from over a week ago to show up so I can put them in the appropriate budget category. Annoyed that we were charged up front for this product that doesn’t even work.
  • Won't verify email 1/5

    By Lg***
    Have to create an account and verify email address in order to log in. Verified my email address twice and it says I still need to verify email so I can't log in.
  • Best tool ever 5/5

    By go go optical
    Saved us from endless fights and wondering where our money went! Highly recommended.
  • Make Yourself Visible 3/5

    I just signed up 5 minutes ago. The first thing I noticed is the contrast for enhanced visibility is missing. It's very hard to read the light text against the background. I am, however, looking forward to using this app.
  • Good app 4/5

    By Matt from Wisco
    Pros: -easy to use -simple Cons: -no offline mode. Some stores or locations have very poor cell signal and app will not work. -mobile mode doesn't have as much bells/whistles as the web based mode
  • Great app to start budgeting! 5/5

    By rockstarjsw
    This app is fun and easy to use for both me and my wife. I say fun because we have noticed we argue less about money when we both look at the bills together and what is leftover, the leftovers don't get argued about anymore! The Every Dollar app works great for making a monthly budget, and it even carries over last months details such as incomes, debts, etc and makes making next months just so fast. I regularly tweak our budget as things change, and that is easy too. The only bad I have about this app is if you are using every dollar plus (the extra feature you can pay $10/mo for if you want to) kept logging out of my bank account for some reason, but now it is working perfectly for the last week or so. As long as it keeps working I will pay the $10/mo because it is very convenient to have the exact amounts I actually spent pop right up, ready for me to take from my budget categories. Overall, this is a great app and if you want to start using a budget, you can stop looking and download this app, this is the best app you can find for the job.
  • Works great! 5/5

    By Me-/:;()&&@
    Dave's books and this app have been life changers for us! I don't have the plus account so we log all of our expenses and it works great!
  • Better than Quicken 5/5

    By Panda61
    I've used Quicken for many years. I've now used ED since Jan. 1, 2016, and I'm very pleased. Easy to set up and use on a daily basis. It gives a full picture in an uncomplicated manner. Thank you!
  • Best Expense Tracking App 5/5

    By TAGL12
    My family has been following the Dave Ramsey plan off and on for the past five years. We had a major set back a year into the program that tripled our debt. Over the past two years, we have paid off 75% of our debt. During this time, we have used paper tracking, Mint.com, Check, Excel, and others to track our expenses. None of these systems can compare to Every Dollar. We have been using Every Dollar for 9 months and during that time have spent less than we make!! Technically, we've done that over the last two years, but by using Every Dollar we can easily see the exact amounts of inflow and outflow. That is the best part of Every Dollar - seeing exactly where your money goes and being able to track each category over time. It's so convenient. The $100 annual fee is nothing compared to the money we save by using the app. We love Every Dollar!
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Jjinthecouv
    Awesome free app to help you budget money!
  • Watch those fees! 1/5

    By Yowzoe
    "Free!" s not actually free, is it Dave?
  • Surprised!!!! 5/5

    By KhaoticCreed25
    I was surprised how good this budgeting tool is. I really like the web and app interfaces. I am still using the free version only due to I don't need to auto load transactions yet. Overall, this app beats any budgeting software available.
  • Need iPad version 4/5

    By KCJimB
    Would love to have an iPad version with landscape capability similar to website.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By octowhatata
    We can't even get the app to open anymore. I removed the app for my phone and re-downloaded but that still isn't helping. We were considering the monthly subscription to have the connection to our bank account but if we can't have on the go access probably won't do it. It's a bummer.
  • Thanks a lot 1/5

    By Abbie dab do
    We rely on this every month.. I did our budget log in and boom everything gone and deleted. Error found. Yea thanks a lot
  • Best Budget App 5/5

    By jacberry89
    My wife and I have loved having access to such a great budgeting tool. It's super easy to create a budget, transition from month to month, and tweak the budget if necessary. Before you know it, your debt will disappear. Give it a shot! *If you do not upgrade to Every Dollar Plus, make sure to be disciplined in entering your transactions!
  • Won't let me sign in. 1/5

    By Smitty519
    I downloaded and signed up for this app. It wanted me to verify my email. So I clicked on the link in my email to verify my account. It took me to the site telling to download the app, no confirmation of my email being verified. Then when I tried to sign in, it told me my email hasn't been verified. Cue this cycle happening over and over again with no resolution. I am really, really frustrated.
  • Few suggestions 5/5

    By Shehoak
    Love this app and Dave Ramsey! I would love to see an option for a weekly budget though since I am not on a set pay schedule. Also, would love to be able to link my account with my bank and other financial accounts in free version. Thanks for all your hard work!!!
  • Too much money 1/5

    By 8001690025
    It's a good app but there are too many others on the App Store that do the same thing for free. I think $9.99/month is a lot to ask just not to get credit card ads. I'll stick with Mint from Quicken.
  • Beware after trial 1/5

    By Berlykeber
    Everything worked great during the free trial. Was able to pull transactions directly from my bank. After the trial, I pay up my hard earned $99 and can no longer link to my bank. It's been over a month and still no connection.
  • Helpful and Easy to Use 5/5

    By KaguraOoteri
    This app is great! It is super easy to use and it has helped my husband and I keep track of our spending. We started using it in October and it is now December and we have already started saving money! We needed this app! I have already recommended it to several friends!
  • Exactly what I need! 5/5

    By randocomando
    I prayed for help and then stumbled upon this app. Coincidence? I don't think so!
  • EveryDollar (free) 3/5

    By Kamikaze3224
    Great budget tool. Probably won't pay for the EveryDollar-Plus due to the other reviews but as a free budget tool it's very helpful. The only thing I would like to see added is a calendar/cash flow that syncs with the zero dollar budget. I currently have to use two apps for this now and it would be nice to have both features in one app.
  • I like it but 3/5

    By ChelCJadeXo
    I wish it gave the option to do a weekly or biweekly budget and not just a monthly one. I prefer the app over doing it paper because I can use it over different devices and have it on hand at all times. But since it is only monthly, I'm afraid it isn't going to be beneficial to me since I do a budget every two weeks.
  • Seems like any other budgeting app 3/5

    By Curt0786
    Let's you create a budget but unless I'm missing something you have to manually input every purchase and label it based on your budget categories. There are apps that pull transactions from your bank accounts and update your monthly progress as you spend/save/transfer money. The budgeting tools provided by my bank's website seem more convenient to use than this app.
  • If I could give more stars I would! So simple- I LOVE PLUS!!! 5/5

    By Lizsuzanne
    This is hands-down the simplest way to take charge of finances and move into a place of financial power! Upgrading to plus made it even easier… Having all our transactions stream directly into the app makes tracking fun- I get that nerdy satisfied smile when I've tracked everything! I think the best lessons we've learned over the past two years of using it have been: 1. Sit Down as a couple and create the budget a week before the new month 2. Stick with it even if it's uncomfortable for the first couple of months… There was a big surprised us how much we spent in certain categories. But truly after three months I felt like we got a raise! 3. Track your transactions Daily if you can. 4. I like to keep a running list on my phone of things I know I would like to get in the next month… It helps me remember when we sit down to budget. It's amazing to be able to plan for what you want rather than just live frustrated and wishing things were different! If you stick with it this app is a tool that can change your life, and your whole family.
  • Great App!! 5/5

    By Ninjasupastar
    I have read other reviews on this app and thought myself that it was not going to be a useful tool. However, I reached out to customer service with my concerns after experiencing the issue others did with transactions not importing. Customer service was EXCELLENT!! They explained to me that most banks only send over transactions to the app once a day. This typically does not occur on weekends or bank holidays. After learning this, I know now that transactions come over once daily. The app is working great and is an effective and useful budgeting tool.
  • This app is a game changer 5/5

    By Shell0613
    This app is perfect! Doesn't take up too much space on your phone, very easy interface, no useless add-ons, and it is totally free! This is so helpful to me as I do not do the envelope system with cash, I like keeping all my money in the bank, so this 'envelopes' it for you! I strongly urge anyone to get this app and have been suggesting it to all my fiends. Thank-you Dave and company for an amazing app!
  • The worst financial app ever! 1/5

    By davidmnelson74
    Very limited functionality. My bank transactions sometimes download but usually do not for days. I was excited to use this for my debt snowball, but now this app just causes me to waste an additional $10 per month. I love Dave Ramsey, so I'm surprised he promotes this garbage app. Will be cancelling subscription before next renewal.
  • Doesn't work! 1/5

    By Leighm74
    This app will not load. I downloaded 3 different times and restarted my phone! Annoyed!!!! 😡
  • Don't waste your money on a plus membership 1/5

    By Kevinwjones75757575$$
    For the last 3 consecutive months posted transactions from my bank have just stopped flowing over to my Everydollar PLUS account. I wait for days for tech support to reset my account then end up entering all of the transactions manually. You can do that with the free version! The problems began after the last software upgrade. They keep blaming my bank but as you can see from the other reviews, the problem is rampant. I am working to get a refund now and will go to an application that actually works. Dave Ramsey should really stop endorsing this bad product...
  • Easy, great visual, helps me stay on track 5/5

    By Mslorelle
    This is a great budgeting tool. I am able to categorize my expenses and see where I am with my budget at any given moment. Being married I've found it great to keep my husband and I on the same page. Love it.
  • Difficult to use and why do I have to create an account? 1/5

    By diamondsux
    It looks simple enough, but I can't figure out how to delete a debt that I accidentally put in. Also sometimes when you click on the debt, it won't let you change the dollar amount, it just goes to a screen that says you haven't spent anything yet. Personally I think it's an email collecting tool disguised as a budget app. There are plenty of other free ones where you don't have to sign up. I'm sure I'll get spam now. There is absolutely no reason for them to collect your personal information to use this app. Your info is not part of the app whatsoever. They just want to collect your info for marketing purposes. Find another free app, there are plenty of them.
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By jonmeerdink
    I really struggled to find a use for this app. I heard Dave Ramsey pitch it halfheartedly as an alternative to Mint, so I figured I'd give it a try. It was a headache from the word "go." The first thing I did after starting an account was reset my password, since the app wouldn't let me into my account. This was less than a minute after I opened the app for the first time, so not a great start. Beyond that, the functionality seems very limited. If I have to enter every transaction manually, rename every category manually, and even tell the app which paycheck is with, why have an app at all? I might as well just do a pen and paper budget. TL;DR - Just balance your checkbook manually. It's quicker than this.
  • On paper, on purpose" 5/5

    By Kyle Schnetzer
    Makes a zero based budget achievable in minutes. Great tool and follows the baby steps to financial freedom. Love it
  • Great Budgeting App! 5/5

    By tshiv03
    This app is awesome. It's super easy to use, and has helped my wife and I manage our money successfully for the last 2 years. I don't leave reviews on apps, but this one is awesome and it deserves a great review! We added our bank when we started using it, and had a few problems syncing at first. We reached out to the support team and they helped us get things fixed. Transactions come in now, and we drag and drop them to the budget item they belong to. I hardly ever get to drag and drop transactions because my wife ALWAYS gets there first! :-) This app has definitely helped us out tremendously, and we're making good progress on paying off our debt, and not living paycheck to paycheck. **For people leaving bad reviews of the app because your transactions didn't come in, let the support team know. They can't help you unless you write in, and a review in the App Store won't help your transactions come in... So, send in a help request and they'll be able to help you get it fixed like they helped us get our accounts fixed.**
  • Transactions are too slow, but good otherwise 3/5

    By AshDawn528
    The idea behind this app is wonderful! I absolutely will not manually track my debit card transactions, so this is a life saver. Purchases made from my bank account pop up in the app to be sorted into my budget items. So great! However, it takes FOREVER!! It kinda rains on my budgeting parade when I excitedly log on 3 times a day waiting to update my budget (how am I doing? Did that last H-E-B run put me over my grocery budget?) ... and there are zero transactions listed. Over. And over. And over. Boo. I have to wait up to two days for all my purchases to pop up. I still use it, and I mostly like it, but it needs work.
  • Great App 5/5

    By 59353
    Thanks for producing such a great product! So simple and easy to use- makes budgeting fun!
  • Wish it would work! 1/5

    By LKT12
    It won't let me verify my account?? I have clicked the button in my email a million times but every time I go back to try the app, it says my account is not verified! Wish it would work.
  • 2 separate ratings.. 4/5

    By Sean Petersen
    Read enough of these reviews and you realize most of these people are mad in regards to every dollar plus I would rate EveryDollar(all the components you get with free version) a 4.5, great app. However I would rate the paid-for plus a 3 star. it may seem trivial to complain about the length of time it takes to update your bank transactions, but you need to realize that it is a key component of the "plus" option. Asking someone to fork over $100/year for such a little return should mean the added feature is perfect. Example: there was one point where by the time all of my transactions updated/"populated" I had 23 that I had to sort all at once.
  • It's ok 2/5

    By crader1
    This app has a lot of good qualities and takes time to understand. It didn't make sense to me at first. I don't understand why you have to pay for a subscription when other apps provide same service for free. And why does it take 24 hours to see the days transactions? The data should be instantaneous so I can properly manage my budget. This could be a great tool if they add other services other customers have suggested and fix the bugs that hold the app down.
  • Getting Started 5/5

    By aphroman
    For full disclosure, we have coordinated Financial Peace University several times and did our Debt-Free Scream live in studio with Uncle Dave. We have every book, but we have been reluctant about using EveryDollar. We have had our old reliable Excel spreadsheet since 2012 and been quite happy with it. However, our spreadsheet had one drawback: my wife and I couldn't work together and edit it on the fly. EveryDollar gives us that ability and makes it even easier to work together as a team. We are very grateful for EveryDollar. As funny as it sounds, EveryDollar has added new life to our marriage.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Telling my money what to do
    This app does it all. I can check it from my phone or a computer. My spouse can put in transactions and always see how much money we have in each category. This helps us be on the same page with money. EveryDollar puts us a another step toward having Financial Peace. Thanks Ramsey Solutions and keep up the good work.
  • You need this app 5/5

    By RidleyAS
    Big improvements over prior app. version. If you need to make a monthly budget or get your spending under control, this app is for you. It is very easy to use and incredibly helpful in managing finances.
  • Great Budgeting App 5/5

    By mmbjr
    No issues. Works like it should every time.

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