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ExpressVPN App

ExpressVPN is a lightning fast, log-free virtual private network provider. With just a few taps, you can browse the Internet securely and anonymously. Sample the best in personal encryption–download ExpressVPN today and try it for 7 days! ExpressVPN provides 145+ connection locations in 94 countries. There are no limits on server switches, so you can change locations as many times as you want to suit your needs. When it comes to Internet safety and security, ExpressVPN is an essential tool. It encrypts your connection so that third parties can’t follow your online activity. Why choose ExpressVPN? • Easy to download and use across your iOS devices • 100s of VPN Locations across the Americas, UK, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa • 24-hour customer support live chat and email • Strict no-logging policy • Works with Wi-Fi, LTE/4G, 3G and all mobile data carriers • Offers encryption with UDP, TCP, IKEv2 and IPsec protocols Download ExpressVPN, the world’s fastest secure VPN, now and enjoy a free trial!


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  • Lack of iTunes payment method 4/5

    By Artin98
    I’m very satisfied with this service. And although it’s very expensive I’m still willing to pay for just to have the comfort and reliability. The only issue is that you don’t accept iTunes payment method. If you did I could easily pay you through iTunes gift cards. In my country Iran we cannot have other payment methods. It’s very hard. So I have to ask my foreign friend to pay for me and I pay them back through gift cards. Please add this payment method to your app.
  • Essential for China: Effective with Great Support 5/5

    By Agent Zordak
    ExpressVPN is the gold standard for overcoming the barriers of the foreign website access in China and for providing security anywhere else. When we need to do online banking or other sensitive tasks, we always make sure ExpressVPN is on to add to fully encrypt our Internet traffic. The program runs in the background and is not a memory hog. It does its job very effectively. In some regions there is a cat and mouse game regarding Internet control, but ExpressVPN seems to stay ahead and adapt rapidly. Support has been excellent. There have been times of frustration and there are some complexities on the iPhone where you can run VPN through configurations in settings or as the app. The former is fast and easy when it works, but recently I can’t get that to work so have to run the app, which takes a little longer to connect, but is OK. Fabulous tool. Everyone concerned with privacy should rely on this. A subscription is required, but with one I can run it on my phone and computer at the same time. Worth much more than I pay!
  • Express Excellence Commitment 5/5

    By RedWhiteBlueKen
    Express has demonstrated to this Man! All that they say! They will do! The app is more than real! Strong stuff! Some apps are just fake! Support does exactly that support!!!! All around the world strong song! Try it! Express is the only Express! You’ll glide on its ride! Or deal with! And get it done! Satisfaction get some
  • Great so far 5/5

    By iDon.Mac
    I’ve been using ExpressVPN for a little over 9 months. The app itself is simple and easy to navigate. It is intuitive and prompt for its purpose. The service from Express VPN is excellent. Blazing fast, several servers per country, and requires zero effort to setup on iOS or a computer. The computer app has a kill switch as well. The apps get updates regularly, and payment for the service is accepted in several methods including crypto. Lastly, no logging of user data. I have tried several other services such as ipvanish (slow, MAC app kept crashing too), privatetunnel (slow), and others, nothing is as good IMO.
  • Good stuff 5/5

    By El nin@ de la Luna
    Had this in China and now back in the USA use it on ps4 and other electronic
  • This Is The One 5/5

    By Eggplant1776
    This is my third VPN and it works on iOS and OS X products every time without connectivity or speed issues. Costs more than the other services with the cute icons, but worth it.
  • speed is so slow 4/5

    By Cryanan
    this app was not even good for us and wish your could improved
  • Do not buy 1/5

    By GSerjo
    I’ve been using this vpn more than a year, it was more or less fine, but nearly a month ago it just stopped working, disconnect after disconnect, the app hangs my mac. I’ve reinstalled several times, didn’t help. Customer service don’t care about your problems, they just “sorry”, but it was quick sorry. Yeah, they were good, but pricey, now they’re terrible and pricey.
  • Expensive, but VERY good 4/5

    By Larry.McJ
    If you are trying to save money with a VPN service, look somewhere else. But if you’re looking for one of the very best VPN services available, and definitely the fastest, ExptessVPN is it. I spent nearly a week and almost $100 testing the top 10 VPN services. While minimum latency was one of my primary criteria, I also wanted stability, good customer support, and ease of use on both my iPhone and my Mac. Of the 10 services I tried, not one came even close to ExpressVPN with regard to latency. On a 100 Mb connection, I consistently see 95 to 96 Mb. The most I saw with any other service was 70 Mb. ExpressVPN is very easy to install and use. The only area I encountered any issues was with customer support via chat. I am very technically inclined, and retired from the computing industry, so I understand my way around technology. However when I installed the ExpressVPN Safari browser extension, it simply wouldn’t work. I solicited help from chat support and the person I spoke with had no idea how to resolve the problem. He finally suggested uninstalling everything, and starting over again. That was not a viable option so I decided to simply close Safari and start it again. That solved the problem, and the support technician should have asked me to try this.
  • One Star and I wish not give it. 1/5

    By Is brilliant
    I use the trial version. This vpn is a bit of a joke. It’s too slow. And not working at all with Skype. It’s seems you guys has invested on the marketing and had forgotten to make the actual app better.
  • Good to use in Shanghai 5/5

    By herbiett
    Did not work at first with automatic setup but worked great after contacting services to adjust to a specific setup. Recommend to use in Shanghai, China
  • Where is Philippines server?!!! 2/5

    By Lresh
    It was there! Why u guys delete it and didn't mention
  • Good VPN but has billing issue....borderline scam. 1/5

    By Wondereye
    I agreed with other comments. Their VPN service is good, considering I am in China it's performance is excellent. The problem is their billing system. Not sure whether it's intended or not. I suspended my service, but then I didn't realize it's still charging my credit card until I figured out months later. Also they changed me two accounts, and obviously none of them were used. It's partially my responsibility of not checking credit card bill carefully, but I realized I am not the only one double charged so I guess it would be good to remind people using their service here.
  • Great experience 5/5

    By Chris Pt
    I’ve been using this service for almost two years now and it’s been brilliant the whole time – both from China mainland and in the US. The user experience is perfect: simple, protects you from accidental unprotected traffic, and fast speeds.
  • Recommend to get it 5/5

    By SergeyShred
    I am in China and it’s really frustrating to live without vpn. Some of my friends tried it and told me it works like magic. So, I decided to give a try and it’s just amazing. I haven’t had any problems so far. And it’s not so expensive too.
  • Happy user 4/5

    By DaveinCary
    Works great. Only problems I’ve had I attribute to the web site, not to ExpressVPN. My bank detects the proxy server and their security code decides it’s a security issue.
  • Excellent Service Provider. 5/5

    By Leighfus
    ExpressVPN is Fast with Numerous Connection Locations. During peak hour ExpressVPN disconnected and reconnecting took a minute. Highly recommend ExpressVPN. Fast Reliable Service Provided, Well Worth The Money.
  • Not bad 4/5

    By yerden12
    On the iPad it sometimes has a problems, it can’t connect. Auto choose or TCP, all the same problem. After I turn off and than turn iPad on it starts work better. Android version is much more worse! (Samsung Galaxy S8) There is impossible to connect to UDP protocol. I should use the slow TCP.... why? $100 for what? In USA or Kazakhstan it works brilliantly, but i need to use it in China! And here i need try to connect 3-5 times before i can use it. If you can, please, do something with the android version.
  • Daily driver for VPN 5/5

    By Woojinleex84
    My personal experience using Express VPN has been great experience...i have tried from free vpn to paid far express vpn is the fastest and easy to use..also configuration is really vpn has step by step guide lines how to do so...customer service has been top notch..response time was within a day...since the service was great..i had my buddy sign up for it and i got a free month on top of my plan...the more you get referrals the more you get for the full service,its currently in china at the moment, due to the great firewall of china....they block most of the websites that are used daily ie ; thst i have express vpn its now accessible and my ip is hidden...i can choose different countries where i want to connect...i also use express vpn playing online PC games as well,to be honest by connecting to VPN i get way better ping than without it! Dont cheap out on VPN, the cost of the service is fair and is worth every penny...
  • Idk what the problem is for others? 5/5

    By Chadiford
    From what I can tell the people that don’t like this app didn’t start with Express VPN on a desktop. That’s how I started an have had no problems at all adding a mobile device to my account.
  • 差 1/5

    By 时间是谁的都看开点
  • Stop working sometimes 4/5

    By Marshal_2011
    Fast and reliable but simetimes doesnt work in iran Pls make a protocol like vypervpn that use open vpn but with some changes that works all the time
  • Poor Customer Support 1/5

    By Yellow Bird!!!
    I have been having problem connecting to Philippine server the past few months, called several times and they are insisting there is nothing wrong with their server. Chat support people not knowledgable enough. Today I noticed they removed their Philippine location with out any notice. They finally realized after few months that there is something wrong with that location. I don’t recommend this app because of reliability and very poor customer support.
  • High price 3/5

    By iilliya
    Im in iran in past week the government try to defeat China in filtering race :/ I nearly install about 60 vpn app 90% them didn’t connect at all Or sometime connect speed don't ask :| Till i try this one i was surprise it’s not even go through filter net my government provide it was fast like I'm not even connect to vpn !! I have it on my MacBook pro 2017 on high sierra and it’s work fine no high cpu usage it goes to 9% when it was connecting after that it goes down to 0.1 I have extension install for safari-chrome-firefox In the end just one complain it’s so high price 😐 I know good server and bandwidth for server cost money but with considering how many people subscriber it’s price is high 😐😐😐😐😑
  • Excellent app and excellent customer service 5/5

    By Epicure 2
    I’ve now been using the app on my iPhones, iPad and Mac for months and am pleased that it barely affects the Internet speed and that it’s so easy to use. I’ve interacted with their Customer Service twice over minor issues and gotten almost immediate and helpful feedback. No complaints at all from me.
  • Friendly app and secure 5/5

    By Leosica
    I have been a customer for more than 5 years. I use this app and others on my phones, Mac, router and android. They keep no logs, support is great and speed is good.
  • Needs to prep for Chinese VPN crackdown! 4/5

    By FatassCorki
    ExpressVPN has always been my go-to app both on iOS and Windows. However, it’s been very slow in the past few months. Would be great if the company plans ahead of the curve to circumvent the supposed new law for commercial Chinese ISPs to block TCP ports 80, 8080, and 443. I’m not remotely knowledgeable with IT but I’m sure this should be a top priority based on the shear number of end-users in China.
  • really slow! 1/5

    By fshgfvdfgfrggv
    get away from it
  • Great VPN App for iOS 5/5

    By AMU_Student
    Been using Express VPN for several years now.iOS app is easy to use and functions well. Good integration into iOS, stays connected without issue. Haven’t used more ham a few servers across the US, but haven’t experienced any slowdowns. The MacOS application is good as well. Used the router config with great results, which allows me to use a single VPN connection for all of my connected home devices should I want to. I do notice a hit in throughput when using that configuration however.
  • Slow Speed 1/5

    By Danya Levin
    My cellular speed can reach 8-12 MB / S download speed. Once I pick ANY server of Express VPN, it drops to 1 - 2 MB / S. Impossible to carry out daily tasks as pages take 4-5 seconds to load, any file download becomes a nightmare. Tested in many scenarios, there is NO way to reach a 2018-decent internet speed with Express VPN. Perhaps they do a good job at security, but there is NO way to check it anyways. Refund request...
  • Works just fine but... 4/5

    By Stonefreex
    Aside from having to cycle countries every so often.. it is fairly dependable here in China, a good option to have is a button or a 1 button push way to cycle to the next favorite country... otherwise works just fine.
  • Bada*s Awesome VPN 5/5

    By R. Lyu
    BEST VPN EVER! Watch Netflix freely ever in PRC!!!
  • nice 5/5

    By Bijan mozaffari
    very good tnx
  • thanks dev team 5/5

    By aminazvar
    i love it ❤️❤️❤️ best in world
  • Stay Away from JungleNut Deceptive Review 5/5

    By AlexanderB92-24
    JungleNut sounds like a paid actor that works for one of ExpressVPN’s “competitors”. I’ve been using ExpressVPN since 11/2016, I’ve tested them emotionally and mentally, and gone as far as making fake threats to certain parties online, and still have yet to have something happen. At first, I complained about speed issues to Gian, a customer support agent, but as she says “speeds nothing when it comes to security.” And, to be honest, it’s not the lack of server capacity, it’s the massively complex and heavy encryption ciphers. Advanced Encryption Standard 256-bit is standard, but on top of that they use Secure Hashing Algorithm 512 (SHA2 Family), a 4096-bit RSA certificate, and TLS 1.2 with “perfect forward secrecy”, as they use genius keys that are always changed every 60 minutes even if you never disconnect. There’s little if any difficulty in performance with media and download / upload speed, with the right servers. The developers are constantly working out and forecasting ways and possibilities of your data being compromised, and evolve new and distinct ways of taking those possibilities off the table. All of their servers are Linux Ubuntu managed by engineers outside of the US and EU jurisdiction, provisioned on Ansible Playbook, requiring the servers not to log anything to disk that could in any way uniquely identify a person. The engineers also work round the clock to make select servers spoof certain streaming services that don’t like VPNs, and keep this special feature of theirs low-key. The majority of the time they have fast, sharp and irreverent customer support using live chat and/or email with fast response for quick and effective change for consumer dynamics. Nevertheless, ExpressVPN has the most transparent policy on privacy when it comes to how their servers and overall services are managed. 5.0 / 5.0 +
  • Hulu 1/5

    By kcastillo1234
    I tried to use Hulu in Mexico but it won’t work I looked a vpn that would work but Hulu says to turn it off
  • Great app 5/5

    By Tanya's Closet Boutique.
    I got the 6 month plan and it works like a charm. Depending upon what you order online some sites track your IP and if the billing info on your cc is too far off from where your IP address is showing up from they might hold your order until they get verbal confirmation so you know this app is doing it’s job. That situation with the ordering online and my IP address has only happened once so it’s not an ongoing problem. This is a great service and will def help protect your info
  • Appalling customer service 1/5

    By Demi Nwachukwu
    I used Express VPN for a few days ( mostly for TV purposes) before my account was suspended for billing issues. That was all fine and dandy and I was on my way home for the holidays and decided to just sort it out later. I followed the instructions on how to fix my account, a few days later, and sent a picture of my debit card with the last 4 numbers blurred out and then waited for a follow up email. I was emailed by a Norwell saying that the card did not match the one they had on file and I would need to scan the card and send it to them. I replied asking why exactly they were having issues identifying the card seeing as it’s the card I use for literally everything else and this morning woke up to an email from Norwell saying “We won’t be able to provide services to you, and I can only recommend that you choose a different VPN provider” I got no explanation for why this was the case and it was so incredibly rude. I’m a customer attempting to pay for your products and I’m being brushed off. Instead of redirecting me to phone support or live chat he simply stated he would not be able to provide services to me and I found the whole ordeal quite off-putting...
  • Poor Customer Service 1/5

    By Captainbill6
    I installed this app in March 2017 and it worked flawlessly. My problem was in the last 60 days! I was getting double billed every month for the same account set up with 1 email address. I emailed them and tried to explain what was going on. Their customer service is a joke. I explained to the customer service technician that I was being double billed. He wrote me back and said I had two accounts set up with the same address. I sent him a screen shot of my bill which clearly shows that it was for the one account not two! Less just say after 21 emails back and forth he said they had processed a refund and would return my money. I told him I didn’t want to cancel it I just wanted the one account. Still same email came back through saying a refund was in the process. Freaking ridiculous! Get live customer service so we can try to explain what is happening. Oh and another things you folks who have a subscription should look for is that each month they charge a few days earlier and by the end of the year you will have paid for 13 months instead of 12 as it should be.
  • Best for Abroad 5/5

    By EloKil
    Hands down the best VPN to have when in a country with restricted internet access. Express responds quickly to the changing internet landscape and customer service helps you work through any issues you have.
  • Best vpn 5/5

    By RonPaul2012 yeah
    Tried a few, definitely the best. Took 2 mins to setup. Nice.
  • Expressvpn,most expensive but very unstable 1/5

    By Bh9588
    Connecting from China is a challenge but expressvpn used to work even during October. Not recently though. Been having very slow connections to us locations like la3 and Hollywood. All alternative us fixed locations gone. Don’t know the reason and don’t care. Customer service is no help. They run you through the ringers about equipment set up and speed tests and in the end blame it on the Great Firewall. Well, that’s what you touted your service as the best at, right? Fix the speed issue or I’m switching
  • Only one connection works 4/5

    By Jules12349
    I got this app and subscription so that I could watch Netflix from other countries. The developers boast that that service will work, but only one of my connections works and allows me to actually watch shows while connected to the vpn. All others result in a “network connection” issue popping up when I try to watch a show. Disappointing. Update: at least one more connection is working again. Glad it was finally resolved.
  • Always works 5/5

    By Homer26
    Twice this year I traveled to China and also Thailand using Express NPN. It always worked well and allowed me to access Facebook so I could post pictures and my travels.
  • Amazing service, but does NOT work with Amazon Prime Netflix... 4/5

    By Keizer 1098345
    I downloaded this app because a website recommended It to watch Netflix while your on vacation because of its geo fence. The app is amazing and worked really quickly for me but my amazon prime hulu and necks all registered it’s a vpn. Not the vpns fault, and luckily I didn’t have to pay because of the 7 day trial. I am still happy I know about this so that I can use It in the future
  • Program very good, but I difficult language I, that you translate not, thanks 5/5

    By Nicnkname
  • Very complicated app 1/5

    By Jason Crazy
    downloaded this app like a month ago and paid for a month. Must say it took me a lot of time to figure out how to get it work. A month passed. Just so so. Not satisfied with this thing at all but I’m in China and I need a VPN, so although I didn’t really like it, I still subscribed for another month to give another try, and holy smoke, this time I even cannot log into the app. So I changed the password following the instructions, and guess what? Now I can log into my account on their website but I still cannot log into the app with my ID and password. What a funny app! Then I tried to contact them, and I just can’t find their contact info! Now I really want my 12 bucks back!
  • Worked Wei in China 5/5

    By Game evaluator.
    I visited Southern China recently and stayed for about 20 days. It worked very well with my iPhone. I have T-Mobile roaming in China and I was able to access my Gmail all the time.
  • Why no longer available?? 5/5

    By Oyeeea
    It’s been a while every time when I tried to update the app it says this item is no longer needs to be updated for normal use what can I do now??
  • Can’t go wrong 5/5

    By AmberClassA
    This is the best VPN app ever. Before discovering Express VPN I’ve downloaded and tried at least other 10 apps but very poor success, they all were either significantly slowing down Safari or not working at all. Some forced me to disconnect from the WiFi in order to work (still very slowly). This app works perfectly, I never had an issue and it’s super fast. I would definitely recommend it!

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