Exxon Mobil Speedpass+

Exxon Mobil Speedpass+

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  • Current Version: 4.6
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  • Developer: Exxon Mobil Corporation
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Exxon Mobil Speedpass+ App

Introducing the Speedpass+™ app from ExxonMobil; it’s the fast, easy way to pay for Synergy™ gasoline – our new, enhanced gasoline formula – and car washes. The app supports the Plenti® rewards program, so you can start earning Plenti points on every Speedpass+ purchase. With the app you can: • Pay the way you want – accepts all major credit cards, debit cards and Apple Pay. • Pay from your wrist – now pay for gas using the Apple Watch with the Speedpass+ app. • Earn Plenti points – add your Plenti card to your Speedpass+ app to earn points on your purchases. Not yet a Plenti member? Join for free within the app. • Use Plenti points – redeem your Plenti points for savings at the pump. • Earn Bonus Plenti points – receive 2,000 bonus Plenti points, worth $20 in savings*! • Find a participating station – get directions and navigate to the nearest Exxon or Mobil station. • Manage your transaction history – track your receipts and car wash codes. Apply for the ExxonMobil Smart Card through the Speedpass+ app by 9/30/2017 and get 50 cents off every gallon of Synergy fuel for the first 2 months after your account open date. After that, get 6 cents off every gallon, every day with the ExxonMobil Smart Card.** See if the Speedpass+ app is available in your city by using the in-app station locator. For more information and frequently asked questions, go to www.exxon.com/speedpassplus Your feedback is greatly appreciated; look for new updates coming soon! *Terms apply. To learn more about the Plenti Earn promotion, go to www.speedpassplus.com/promotion-terms **Subject to credit approval. Account must be open and in good standing to qualify. Statement credit will be applied monthly with qualifying purchases. Terms and conditions of the ExxonMobil Smart Card Rebate Program apply.


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Exxon Mobil Speedpass+ app reviews

  • Hasn't worked yet 1/5

    I've tried to use the app to pay for Gas 4 times now and each time the app says it's unavailable for use. Wth. I cancelled my speed pass keyfob in favor of this. Big mistake.
  • I wish I can use Exxon gift cards in the app! 3/5

    By GuanS
    Just like a lot of other customers, I have most positive experience with the app. The major problem is to use Exxon gift cards in the app. If it has the feature I would give it a 5 stars! Thanks!
  • Works sometimes 2/5

    By gooooonlagoon
    At the same gas station, some days the app wants to cooperate. Other days, like today, I try to authorize the pump, and an error occurs telling me the app cannot process the pump 👎🏼 I've been using speedpass for 10+ years. I've never had a problem with the little speedpass scanner. But now with the app, I never know for sure if I'm able to get gas or not.
  • Should be zero stars never works 1/5

    By Trish 12
    Not one gas station works with speed pass app. Tried 5 diff Mobil or Exxon locations. Complete trash. Waste of time. Only tried it to get extra plenti points. Never works. Garbage.
  • This app is so disappointing. 1/5

    By Micky Brown-Eyes
    Every time I try to use the app at the pump station it is temporarily unavailable and as far as I can tell it only works while you're connected to Wi-Fi. I think this app is just to promote sales for the speed pass and the credit card. Cant wait to delete it after this review.
  • Super Easy 5/5

    By PanthersFan45
    I downloaded the app yesterday, linked Apple Pay & another card + my plenti card. I was skeptical at first but after trying it for the 1st time all I can say is wow! Super easy, no need to take out your wallet or cards. Everything is easily done from the phone plus I can have the receipt print to email instead of the infamous "see clerk for receipt". I am already a huge fan of Apple Pay & this app works in a similar way. Kudos to the person who came up with this idea. Great Job !
  • Question 2/5

    By Jamienothappy
    Can you pay with cash and still use this or do you have to pay with a card?
  • Don't waste your time! 1/5

    By phattodd81
    This app worked a few times, then it kept giving me error messages. I called Speedpass+ support in June 2017, and after multiple calls, they told me in September 2017 (3 months later) my account was blocked by their server (for an unknown reason) and can't be unblocked. Looking at the reviews, I see this happens frequently.
  • Multiple Failures 1/5

    By BobC182
    I've had several failures with the Speedpass app at the pump. When I try to retry, I get a message that the pump is in use. My account then gets blocked because of too many attempts to connect. This is a waste of my time. I attempted to contact ExxonMobil to report the problem with no response. I'm through with this nonsense. If they don't fix the problem, I think this gimmick will fail on its own
  • Terrible. Just put ApplePay/NFC on all pumps! :( 1/5

    By Parent2!
    Just put Apple pay on your pumps. Everything else is terrible. Doesn't even ask me if I want to use Plenti points!!
  • Worse app !!!! 1/5

    By Fever0777
    App use to work.....Now nothing!!! Tried using again and still nothing!!!!
  • Works Well Bur Causes Debit Payment To Be Charged At Credit Price 1/5

    By CKan72
    Used it a few times to get my $20 bonus and was happy. But I recently used it at a station that had higher price for credit purchases. Even though I am set up to use a debit card in the app/Apple Pay, I was charged the credit price. There's not much in the way of convenience gained from using this app to justify paying $.10/gal more.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Sierra_Lima!
    There are hardly any gas stations that are set up. The app does not explain how to find a gas station that is set up with Speedpass. The station I did find, the process did not work. It would not accept payment.
  • Worked perfectly!!! 5/5

    By flyingwhitney
    I downloaded the app yesterday and headed to the pump and was surprised how intuitive and easy it is to use!!! Worked flawlessly. No more pulling my plenti card and credit card out. I love it.
  • Does not ever work 1/5

    By Hog4life212
    I have followed the app to find stations that utilize the app but every time I try to authorize a pump it gives me an error. I have reviewed all the FAQs and videos but still cannot make this app function.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Humgachon
    At multiple mobil stations, this app is junk. Scan qr, nope. Manually enter pump number, nope. Always "something has happened." Tried apple pay, nope. My credit card, nope. Worthless app. I'll just stick to my speedpass
  • Worked the first time - now all errors 5/5

    By Amrian
    EDIT: After updating my phone (yes, this app updates QUICKLY after iOS update) the Exxon pumps started to work with the app again. Filled up 3 times over 10 gallons and got my $20 Plenti Rewards. Works just fine for multiple fuel ups. I rate this back up to 5 stars. ORIGINAL COMMENT: Worked perfect the first time using the app. Went back to the same gas station and the same pump I used before and I get an error that reads that I am unable to use Speedpass at this location. If it works ever again I'll re-rate but right now it gets 1 star from me.
  • Horrible App!!! 1/5

    By Mastermind Tim
    I've been blocked from using the app with NO explanation. They claim they couldn't tell me why and that there is no solution to getting it unblocked. Now I can't even use a different login because they take your phones information and flag it completely. There isn't even a verification process. Just plain stupid.
  • Great Idea In Theory 1/5

    By oaksandnix
    I was able to successfully use this app and pay with Apple Pay at one location, one time. Every time following (3 times) at said location or any attempt at another location doesn't work. When the camera functionality is launched and you go to scan the QR code on your specific pump, nothing happens. You just end up sitting there looking stupid. No amount of troubleshooting the app fixes anything so you're forced to use another form of payment - the thing you're trying to avoid having an app like this. Cmon guys. The one time it worked, it worked exactly as I'm sure it's supposed to, and the first time at that. Since (4 months ago), it hasn't done anything.
  • Works great! 5/5

    By Brazuca67
    This app is well designed, simple and reliable. Pretty much every year my credit card is cloned. I am now using Apple Pay in every possible opportunity.
  • Errors and unresponsive 1/5

    By Eat too much pizza
    I downloaded this app to get the points on my plenti card and maybe have a more secure way to pay at the pump with all this skimming activity going on. Every time I try to use it I get an error saying it isn't available at this time. I only have one speedpass station near me. I tried to use the email function within the app twice and never got any response. Good idea but Worthless in its current state. Got a "developer response" which does not solve my issue since I emailed them several times. I did use the find station within the app. My emails also gave receipt and store numbers of the "speed pass" station I was at.
  • Get Better App Developers PLEASE 1/5

    By Rockstarryder
    It will not even allow me to enter my Mobil card. Keeps giving me an error message when I try to add the card.
  • Speedpass & Plenti are a perfect match! 5/5

    By Kenkensmom
    I downloaded the speed pass last night, super quick and easy to set up, it synced with my applepay and I was able to add another card easily, I added my Plenti account also. I watched the video (super quick) on how to pay at the pump and apply Plenti points to my purchase. I tried it out tonight, I got to the pump, the app was open and I was recognized right away, I picked my pump # on the app and selected how many points to use towards my gas and that was it! Pumped my gas and got a receipt! I'm normally a 711 fan, but the easy use of this app and purchasing gas has made me switch to the Exxon family! Plus if you think about it, no one can take your card number, watch you put in your pin, you don't need to bring your card and no more touching the keypad (cause I'm sure everyone before you has washed their hands prior to using) ❤️❤️
  • Confusing 2/5

    By ok.hoesay
    The rewards program is confusing, wish it were more simple like Fuel Rewards, or GasBuddy.
  • Works 5/5

    By Ckinsella
    Works fine. Sign up for Plenti was easy. Worked from Long Island to Charlotte all along route 81
  • Love it! 3/5

    By cunnelangus
    But, here I am in the middle of Harvey and can't get the thing to work!! What's wrong? It would be helpful to know what the errors are!! This is not helpful!
  • Epic Fail Speedpass 1/5

    By Treyv5
    2 gas stations today and still not working at all
  • Very frustrating 1/5

    By Tahoe_Jeff
    This app worked fine the first time. That one time. Then failed 4 consecutive times, usually with just 'an error occurred' message. Meanwhile so great to get special offers to use it, so you try, and that just pisses you off more! Failed at 3 different Exxon Mobile stations where it should have worked
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By AT&T lies
    Doesn't work at all. You just end up standing there like a fool trying to get it to work. Just use a credit card, it's 5 times faster.
  • No Gas Prices! On Station Search. 3/5

    By MomentzGoneBye
    The search for station shows all the services for the station but no gas prices.
  • Shares info with 3rd parties 1/5

    By daveappleapp
    Don't download. Takes too much time to pay and in order to accumulate points you have to sign up with another platform plenti that shares your information with other companies. Meaning this is when the robocalls would start.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By Bobcat038
    Every time I'm at a speed pass station the app says I'm not at a participating station. Wish I could give it zero stars.
  • It never worked! 1/5

    By vocalworks
    I tried several times and it gives me errors all time, it made lose all my Plenty points I spent on gas, 100% Thumbs down!
  • Extremely annoyed 1/5

    By Rockinrobean
    Twice this app has failed me at two different locations, so that's a total of four fails. There are clear instructions on how to use the app at the FAQ up until it's time to lift the fuel pump and select a fuel grade. I've tried "authorizing" then lifting the pump and also lifted the pump and then "authorized". Both tries ended in an error message that either said the app is not available or simply that "an error occurred". Nothing about what went wrong. Upon trying several times for one fill-up I got a message that I have had too many transactions for the day, yet I did not get a drop of gas. One of the locations doesn't have the QR the pumps and the other location, which has codes at the pump, doesn't have you earn or redeem Plenti Points. I have been the one to take my husbands car to get gas with the app because he couldn't get the app to work. He gives up easily but I don't yet at this point I am not trying anymore.
  • Crashes all the time 2/5

    By 💗YilY💗
    This is my second time trying to use the app both that time that I tried it crashes Estado to lower my payment but never finish it it's really sad because I have Great discounts with this app
  • Never works. 1/5

    By cmtj
    I've had this app for months and it has never worked. I always receive an error that the app is unavailable at this time.
  • App great, on Applewatch not so much 4/5

    By Relayerman
    The app on the phone works great and is easy to use. I've tried several times to use it on the Applewatch, but it always gives me an error and has never worked since the last update. The earlier version worked, but it made you login to the app on the phone first which sort of defeated the purpose of using it on the watch.
  • Maybe it will work 2/5

    By Bob60202
    Persistently crashes when I open its menu items. Trying to delete app and reinstall. Hanging on reload.
  • Works as advertised. 5/5

    By Too Tall Tim
    Love not having to have my cc. Just pull and scan we code and pump away.
  • Need App Maintenance 2/5

    By P-Jae
    Your app was down 3x I tried using for gas. Please make sure to fix this app so it works at least 98% of the time.
  • Stop 1/5

    By Giailoi
    This app does not work at any gas station!
  • Revolutionized the pumping experience 5/5

    By JEcandela
    I have been using app for a month and I am completely impressed. I used to press "Yes", pull out a Plenti card, insert, review prompt, press Credit and pull out a credit card and insert. Then after it all I then would hope that the paper well is full to get my printed receipt. All this is now solved with a pump authorization in the app. No more paper receipts. Couldn't be happier. Revolutionized the pumping experience.
  • What Watch 4/5

    By Mdkleinco
    I really like using this app but the watch version has yet to work. I keep getting an error message and so I revert to the phone. I like the safety of no credit card and no credit card numbers on the receipt.
  • Room for improvement 3/5

    By IT Wagoneer
    It works great all over the south. I travel a great deal. It would be great if I could add a 2nd auto and link a card to that car. Work related on one card, and personal on another card/auto.
  • It's good when the app actually WORKS 1/5

    By Msndkdxk
    The app seems to mess up ALL THE TIME and is REALLY INCONVENIENT!!! When the app messes up, I drive to a different gas station. Please fix the app!
  • In a surprising turn of events, I love this app 5/5

    By Editor Fangirl
    I was very skeptical of this app and generally annoyed that I couldn't just use Apple Pay directly. But I really wanted to ditch my wallet, so I downloaded it. Turns out, it's pretty great. The app is very easy to use, it loads quickly, and it's really nice looking. Exxon is basically the only place I get gas now. The only annoyance? The watch app is completely broken. It has never done anything but give an error message. I've tried force quitting and restarting both apps. I've changed settings. It just won't work. Hopefully that will be straightened out as the app continues to be updated.
  • Won't even let me open an account 1/5

    By seadooken
    This app is DOA it won't even let me create an account. It says my email is invalid. I've been using it for 15 years, what's up Exxon? It's a Roadrunner email address, come on get with the times
  • Wont let me pay 3/5

    By Gstunna45
    It won't let me put my payment information in
  • Apple pay not working 1/5

    By Legan13
    Tried to use it on two different occasions at two different stations and both times ny transactions were declined. Had to physically insert card into pump to pay. Deleting this app
  • Used to work great 1/5

    By Ekw123
    The app was great until the latest update apparently. Every time I try to pay for fuel now, it tells me there's an error and I should scan the QR code, but that doesn't work either. Which is great because you're offering 2000 plenti points for 3 purchases, but purchasing through the app is impossible. Nice incentive🙄

Exxon Mobil Speedpass+ app comments


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