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  • Current Version: 3.14.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: WageWorks
  • Compatibility: Android
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EZ Receipts App

Take Care users, please download our MyFlex mobile app by searching for "MyFlex". An update to the latest version may be required (depending on features offered by your employer). This app is for you if you are enrolled in a WageWorks benefit that pays claims and/or if you have a WageWorks debit card. WageWorks users, this app makes it easy to submit claims for all benefits administered by WageWorks: • Health care and dependent care – for quick reimbursement or direct payments to your provider • Health care card receipts – to verify your card transactions, as required by the IRS • Commuter and wellness claims – for quick reimbursement Use this app to submit claims any time: • Health care and wellness claims – simply take a photo of your receipt with your phone • Dependent care claims – capture your provider’s signature in the app or submit a photo of your receipt • Commuter claims – simply take a photo of your receipt (if you have one) Use this app to submit health care card receipts any time: • Immediately after you use your health care card • Later, after WageWorks asks you to submit a receipt to verify an eligible expense Also: • View your current account balance and other important plan info • View all claims submitted via the app, online or fax • View Claims & Activity, all transactions for all programs, just like on our website • View the Account Statement for available programs, just like on our website • Update your Profile & Preferences, sign up for detailed emails and texts, just like on our website • Help on how to submit claims and receipts, and next steps


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EZ Receipts app reviews

  • App won't even download! 1/5

    By fhdfgh
    I can't even get the app to install on my brand new iPhone! Won't finish downloading.
  • Cannot log in 1/5

    By Pbocchini
    Same as everyone else, I cannot log it. It tells me that user name and password are wrong, but I can log in with the same credentials if I go through the website. The app is broken. — update January 2018 at some point the app started working in 2017, but now we are back to square one: “internal server error”. The app description at the moment starts by saying “Take care users, please download our MyFlex mobile app by searching for “MyFlex”.“ What does this mean? Has the app been replaced? Why is it still distributed then? The other app is made by a different company and I don’t want to send my personal information to another company. Not only the app doesn’t work, but it all looks like a scam. And we are talking about a company that deals with our financial and health data. Unbelievable.
  • Used to work, now total garbage 1/5

    By Ahudon9
    Used to be a great app. When I try to log into the new version it tells me I don’t have a supported account and I should delete the app. Obviously not true since I can still submit claims through their painfully slow and cumbersome website. Typical of wageworks, the support is crap.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Spenje
    Won’t accept user credentials, discussed with Human Resources this has been going on for several months. Employees are pushing for a new flex account provider.
  • Submitting a receipt didn’t do anything 2/5

    By BenFlynn
    Nice looking app, but when I tried to supply receipts for two claims that were missing receipts, one with the camera and one from my photo roll, both said they were successfully submitted but both claims still say they are missing receipts. Very confusing! Also would love to be able to give feedback in app rather than writing a review.
  • Keeps forgetting 1/5

    By Garrett67 Colorado
    App seems to always forget my login information even though I have it saved. Messes up the recovery process constantly.
  • Recent updates 1/5

    By Iluvmysh
    Was working very well for me until I recently updated. Buttons aren't working, frames aren't showing properly, need to exit out of app and bring it back up after every step in order to move forward. Now trying to upload photo of receipt and am unable to go to next step because the next button is outside of the frame of my screen.
  • FaceID authentication logs me out 1/5

    By jbovet
    Each time I try to authenticate with FaceID, the process seems successful but suddenly the password fields is cleared and the app does not log me in. I have to re enter the password each time. Frustrating!
  • Login PIN process is *bad* 2/5

    By djgregor
    Wageworks: did you ever have anyone try to login to this app? The PIN experience is horrible. I want to use this app to submit receipts. So I get to login. You require a PIN because you probably don’t support step-up authentication for only requiring MFA on sensitive transactions, sigh. Fine. Request a PIN. Dang it, the text message is full of junk text that I don’t care at all about and I can’t see the PIN in the message preview on my iPhone. Switch to Messages, and I see it’s an 8 digit PIN. Geeesh, so a one out of a million chance of someone guessing the right PIN isn’t good enough (on top of having the right username, the right password and getting past your other security controls), that you need it to be a 1 out of 100,000,000 chance. I can’t easily remember an 8 digit number. So I try to copy and paste it into the app (well, I have to copy the entire message and then edit it after I paste it). Nope, you don’t let me do that in be mobile app. So I switch back and forth a few more times and finally get the PIN entered in. Compare this to Lyft, where I was doing a financial transaction (sending a gift card to someone) and the step up authentication for that sent me this text message: “Your Lyft code is 397213”. Nice. Simple. I could see it and type it into the app from the message preview on the top of my screen. It was slightly long, but still a reasonable length. Didn’t need to try copy and paste. Please think of the whole user experience and try to knock out one or two (I suggest PIN size and junk text at the beginning) of these to make it a little less needlessly painful. Signed, - Your Friend in IT
  • Works and saves me time 4/5

    By Adam415
    Using this app so much better than scanning receipts and statements; snapping a pic of them and submitting in the app is so easy. It’s also good to see what my balance is. The reminder about the carry-over amounts was helpful as well.
  • Steve M 1/5

    By Steveboom
    Have not been able to log on since downloading the app, which was suggested by Cust support when I called. I just got off the phone and they told me it hasn't been up for 3 months! WageWorks has some really issues! They transferred by call to 5 departments, no one knows what's going on!
  • mehh.... needs some work, and re-thinking 1/5

    I opened the app today after a long absence. Most of my activity has been on my desktop computer. I was troubled to find the banner declaring "4 receipts needed". On closer inspection, this notification was for claims that were resolved many months ago. I could not find a refresh function. Exiting and restarting the app did not refresh. Today I wanted to submit a card receipt that my provider emailed to me as a pdf file. This app will only accept photo images, either freshly taken with the camera or as a photo in an existing library... not as a pdf file at all. I will have to wait until I can get to my desktop computer to do my submission— what’s the point of the mobile app anyway? Hmmmm....
  • Latest version doesn't work 1/5

    By Hitmanash
    Ever since the latest update, app doesn't work at all. Can't select a provider to submit a claim
  • Worked great for submitting claims 5/5

    By Atlanta iPhone/iPad User
    I just finished submitting 3 separate claims. Love the convenience.
  • Goose chase 1/5

    By Daredemosama
    Pretty much the same: does not recognize user regardless of what you do. Pathetic.
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By jjpseattle
    Trying to submit claims through the app. Keeps randomly logging me out while I go through the screens or try to attach a picture of a receipt. How to fix?
  • App never lets me login 1/5

    By CosmicUnicorn2
    I have had Wageworks account for 3.5 years but the app says I am not enrolled and won’t let me login. Useless to market if it doesn’t work!
  • Won’t let me add receipts 1/5

    By HeatherMcDC
    Which is the function — and the name — of the app. Pathetic.
  • Unuseable 1/5

    By Chee-cha-ROO
    Doesn’t let me enter my pin, so I can get in to use this app.
  • Useless 1/5

    By JolietCanada
    Every time you actually need it, you will get this message: “SERVER UNAVAILABLE The server is not currently available to access your account. Please try again at a later time.”
  • No pin! 1/5

    By dlc550
    While trying to login, the app requires a pin be emailed (or texted to a landline!) and entered. I got my PIN but the app does not allow me to enter text in the text box. What kind of quality control went into creating this!? There is also no email or phone support for the app. The “developer” link takes me to wageworks useless website with no way to contact, even when logged in. If WageWorks is reading this - please help me use your freaking app! So frustrating ...
  • Lock Out 1/5

    By BirchDaddy
    I have a commuter account and hoped to use the app as a means for efficiently submitting receipts since I pay per day for parking (this means I have dozens of receipts per year). When I went to login to the app it suggest that I delete it due to me not having an account applicable. Obviously this is not the case considering this app explicitly states that it is for claims and receipts.
  • Good App for claim submission 5/5

    By Iceman5598
    It’s a great app for submitting claims on the go!
  • Bad name, no TouchID, no Safari passwords 1/5

    By Foobarsoft
    I have My Receipts on my phone but I can never remember what it is. The app is far too generic and the name isn’t helpful. The only way I can figure out what it is to find it in the App Store (search doesn’t work because the name is too generic) and see who makes it. Oh, WageWorks. Why isn’t THAT the name of the app. I have to go through all this so I can loop up my password. I can’t sign in using TouchID and the app doesn’t support the feature where it can use the appropriate password from the system keychain (when was that added? IOS 8? 9?)
  • Great alternative to the site 5/5

    By CJMDC
    The app is pretty intuitive and the devs are super responsive to feedback!
  • Crap 1/5

    By Coastal Eddie
    Does not work at all. I typed in info exactly as it shows on my account but it comes back that there is no record.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By HappyColeman
    Love this app...very easy to use.
  • Pretty convenient 5/5

    By VacationSake
    I use this app for work to keep track of my commuter benefits. I get reimbursed as part of my program and when it comes time to dig up the recipes and send them off, I've noticed they are reviewed quicker than when I submit on a desktop. Honestly, I'm surprised Turbotax hasn't picked up this software yet. Minute by minute edits and submissions can save a lot of time when you don't need to digitally download and file them yourself on your own phone before submitting them. So, don't believe everything you read out there folks. Wanted to give my two cents since seeing the low ratings. I run a 6s with 64gbs with this software.
  • Worst customer service EVER!! 1/5

    By Trica816
    If you want the run around and horrible service and jumping through hoops to make a simple claim this is the service for you. If you act now you will get a bonus of wasted time trying to call for help or making a claim. While making a claim if you follow the instructions perfectly you are guaranteed to get denied for no reason at all. Followed by endless phone calls with people that do not speak clear English and you get to explain the whole situation every time you call to check on that claim that was denied for no reason. You do get told the same line for weeks stating that your claim is being processed with an added promise that it will be resolved within 2-3 business days. This is a crooked app along with a crooked company. Please take note employers and employees. STAY AWAY!!!
  • Super annoying! 1/5

    By Seraphymstar
    It is the single most frustrating app I've ever used. It needs serious improvements!
  • Useful app 5/5

    By walter.rb
    Thanks for building this tool for easily upload receipts and account management
  • Makes my job easier 5/5

    By Sjmavelil
    Handy app for easy reimbursements
  • Complete Crap 1/5

    By Bad Ap = Lost Customer
    Stalls in new user registration process. Totally unusable. Unable to give no stars. Delete....
  • Photo uploads don't take 1/5

    By Jarcsmom
    Says a photo receipt was accepted but keeps saying days later receipt still needed
  • No balance 3/5

    By Dogbeach815
    It would be better if it showed your current HSA balance.
  • This app is terrible 1/5

    By Owens Family 6
    Very clumsy app that is not user friendly at all
  • App don't work 1/5

    By Campzama2
    This app worked great now every time I go to it, it says I need to go to the App Store and update. I go to the App Store and it says I'm current and that there isn't an upgrade and it sends me in circles. Crappy app.
  • Doesn't work anymore 1/5

    By Dq3232
    Quit working after last update today. Pleas fix me.
  • No more crashing! Works great! 5/5

    By Moe Howard III
    There seems to have been an update and no more crashes.
  • Now You Broke It! 1/5

    By nac0612
    After the latest update, the app is useless. No longer works. Crashes. How do release an update that crashes the app?
  • App crashes 1/5

    By Danielbrian142
    Dragging down to get to any of the functions crashes app. How do you release an app with this sort of problem?
  • App Crashes 1/5

    By jj358mhz
    'nuff said!
  • App is crashing 1/5

    By R*!
    App is crashing after update
  • App crashing 1/5

    By Buster12341234
    App keeps crashing.
  • App is crashing after update 1/5

    By James6912
    App keeps crashing after the update
  • The worst. Zero stars 1/5

    By j-snuggle
    Repeatedly tells you the server is unavailable, and when it does it loses all of your data.
  • EZ indeed! 5/5

    By CADNJ
    Take photos of receipts and submit with just a few taps on the screen. So quick and easy. Can also track status of claims (and all transactions) so quickly and easily. User interface super clear. Can set all sorts of preferences right in app. I never go to the website anymore and deal with NO EXTRA PAPER FORMS in my life! Definitely making the most of my FSA.
  • New version shows no data 1/5

    By ThomasKloos
    No data is shown on my accounts with this version making it useless
  • Abysmal 1/5

    By Jjason3334
    Just outsourced junk. Server time outs, bad workflows, consistently requiring the same details over and over again. Login procedure is a ridiculous mishmash of one time pins (which took nearly 15 minutes to send) even with Touch ID.
  • Logs me out 1/5

    By who_dar_nation
    The 'keep me logged in' feature doesn't work, so prepare to be really frustrated with this app. I've reverted to using the website.

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