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Facebook Groups App

This app gives you a dedicated space for you and your groups. See all of your Facebook groups in one place. Discuss, plan and collaborate easily and without distractions. Follow your groups here or on Facebook, whichever is easier for you. • Create a group for just about anything • Share information, post photos and links, and stay in touch • Discover and join new groups for whatever you’re into • Keep up with groups you manage Facebook groups are great for ... • Family & Friends—share photos, organize vacations • Teams & Clubs—post updates and schedules • Organizations—make decisions, plan events • School & Work—collaborate on projects, distribute notes

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Facebook Groups app reviews

  • Works when it wanna works 1/5

    By Slayedhairempire
    Does what it needs to do only half of the time..it freezes and I have to force close constantly currently looking for another app
  • It crashes 1/5

    By meng02
    Crashes the moment I opened to check it out. App opens, then crashes by kicking out off app.
  • Love but needs work 4/5

    By 101TJ
    I love using the Groups app on my phone as I admin a large group with it. But using the app on my iPad it only works in one direction. If I open my iPad and use my keyboard cover with it it won't switch to being on its side so I can read it from that direction.
  • Not even all the group functions of the FB App 😞 1/5

    By cmeindfw
    This mobile app is pointless if you can't see the answers to screening questions by pending members or have the capability to create group docs.
  • It's not letting me switch accounts 1/5

    By AJ Janssen
    The app gives your debility to log out and try to log back in under another account but it never works and always log back in under the same account.
  • Useful but glitchy 2/5

    By Floatingonfire
    Totally disorganized and glitchy app. Always wants me to tag everyone. But I use it all the time
  • Bad 1/5

    By BabyG2
    Doesn't work with an iPad!! Needs improvement!! Lots of crashes!!
  • Potential to be a really great app but... 3/5

    By Spring1onu
    I take periodic breaks from Facebook but miss my groups I'm in. This app was awesome for being able to check my groups but not be subjected to stuff on my newsfeed that I just didn't care to see. Many times I am unable to post a comment. It's frustrating bc you type and type and type and hit the arrow to post and nothing happens. Then the app usually freezes as I can't even close the post I'm trying to respond to so I have to get out of the app and close it. Another annoying thing is when typing, if the word is similar to someone's name on your friend list, it will automatically show your friends so you tag them, though you don't want to. Also, even though I'm part of the group, I can't seem to tag anyone in my comments that's in the group. Even though I've tagged them in comments using the regular fb app without issue. Potential to be a great app is there but these annoying issues keep me from using it. Please fix!
  • Ditch the tagging interruptions. 2/5

    By Goofy Tigger
    Same thing has been said multiple times here: maybe I just want to write something without being asked if I'm tagging someone every other word. Let us type!
  • Name suggestions get in the way 3/5

    By CallMeJoLee
    I find this app very useful. However, the tag suggestion feature is extremely cumbersome, especially when it recommends people who are not even in the group. The pops up and hides the keyboard when I'm typing words as simple as "the" or "and".
  • Needs some work. 3/5

    By Lizrude
    This is the main way to see albums when they get 'too big' on a mobile device. It's good for that. I like being able to organize my favorite groups easily. What I don't like and what needs fixed is the tagging issue. I can't type anything more then 3 letters without it trying to tag someone! It's so frustrating because the tag pops up top and the text on the bottom. It also won't tag anyone I'm not friends with, even if they are in the same group. Also, if you could make it so if I click on a photo in an album to make it bigger and see it better, please make it so I can just swipe through the pics and not have to X out of each one.
  • Would give it 5 stars if it weren't for 1 particular issue 3/5

    By TheRaceman
    I belong to a ton of groups and trying to see them all is a hassle on regular Facebook. This app fixes that. It's also easier to move groups in and out of your favorites. The news feeds for the groups seem to load twice as fast compared to regular Facebook interface. I do like this app a lot However one issue that is really annoying is that when trying to write a comment in a group and you type a word similar to someone's name or a company's name, the app will create an auto suggestion at the top of the app for these people. This is ok, however the text box you are typing in shrinks and Auto Drops to the bottom of the app. So now you have know idea where the heck the text you are typing went. You have to find it at the bottom of the page and click back on it. You try to start typing again and finish the word you were typing and it will drop down again and you have to relocate it and click on it. Why can't they fix that and make the comment box stay stationary and still let the auto suggest still function and let the user decide if they want to click on the suggestion or keep typing. I probably didn't explain this well enough. But for this reason I down graded the app 2 full stars since this happens just about every time a make a comment on a group
  • Good for some reasons not for others 3/5

    By Babiebird00
    If you are a member of many groups this would be an awesome app. My only complaint is that there is not a news feed for all your groups. You have to open each group and look at it individually.
  • Baker 5/5

    By Baler ap
  • Missing Facebook Live Reminders 1/5

    By Jera21
    Facebook live reminders is crucial for me. I have a Facebook group where I go live with my community . People need to be reminded when it's happening. Looks like this app needs some love. Plus can you just prompt me to turn on notifications when I install?
  • Great for monitoring groups but 2/5

    By JustinMabee
    I hate the keyboard disappearing crap. Every time I type a normal word it disappears so I can choose a friend to tag. I RARELY want to tag a friend. And Facebook won't do anything about it because they're committed to "sharing"
  • Useless app 1/5

    By Mymommamarie
    This is stupid to have to download just to see your groups albums. STUPID waste of valuable phone space
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Golfshaftguy
    They should be ashamed of this !
  • Decent, but not great. 2/5

    By Acemon
    Conceptually, it's great. This app keeps me off of regular Facebook which I'm not interested in and I get to talk with people in groups I care about. But two things are irritating: 1) as others have mentioned, when typing and the app thinks it's someone's name, the keybed goes away and then I accidentally hit different parts of the screen. This is so obnoxious. 2) In some groups I don't get any notifications of responses, though I get reactions. In other groups, I get all notifications. This is not group setting specific because the group settings in question are identical.
  • Bug to fix 3/5

    By MacGail
    When replying to any post, the text keeps popping up a large box to choose people. It is hard to keep typing because the box comes up and hides your text box. Hard to get it to go away and find where you are at again. Otherwise I enjoy this app!
  • Needs a newsfeed option 3/5

    By Jasnsteph
    I am looking for an app that will allow me to have a separate newsfeed for my groups. The main Facebook does not allow me to separate friends from groups, and I miss posts from my friends due to all the groups I'm in. So, I can't start a second Facebook profile to Lee up with these groups; that's not allowed. I was excited to find this group as a solution but there is NO NEWSFEED FEATURE. why must I lose easy access to the data? Clicking on each individual group is ridiculous.
  • Has this app become obsolete??? 3/5

    By RachelCozette
    There hasn't been an update in almost a year?? I would love for an update to happen soon! I like this app, but if no update happens, it will have to go.
  • Good, but very irritating 3/5

    By Khans089
    As some of the other reviewers mentioned, the keyboard glitch is pretty annoying, and not being able to interact when viewing a live video is a bummer, but what really gets me is the albums. Why, oh, WHY would you make the albums not "swipe-able"?! Having to close out of each image individually, then select the next one is bonkers, y'all. I know I'm talking about #firstworldproblems here, but I really think we are past that technological hurdle. Other than those things, no complaints!
  • Terribly glitchy and annoying 2/5

    By OutRAG
    This app is terrible, doesn't function well at all. However, it's the only option if you want to stay active in your groups and want to avoid actual Facebook newsfeed. I wish Facebook would take more interest in this app and make it better.
  • Mediocre 2/5

    By Earthstarr7
    You can't even search for things in groups. It also doesn't list your items for sale in groups either.
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By cloudflower28
    -why does FB need an app for everything? Why can't it all be contained in a single app? -when you watch a live video you cannot see comments nor make comments or reactions which is frustrating when I'm trying to watch a live sale and just have to go back to using the FB app -when viewing pictures in an album you have to click each image individually you cannot scroll through the pictures once you selected the photo -been using this app for less than 24 hours and that's what I've noticed so far
  • Can easily become 5 stars! 1/5

    By Jennuhh17
    The main reason I downloaded this app was to be able to communicate with my online shopping groups. At first the app seemed great... until I tried to watch a live video. You can watch the live streams fine, but you can't comment!! What the heck is that!?? You can't communicate in live time with the streamer! That's the whole freaking point of Facebook live. Please fix this huge problem ASAP!! I'll be waiting for the update.
  • On life support 1/5

    By jelemu13
    Notifications work for a couple days then quit. Logging out. Logging in. Deleting and re-installing app. Nothing works. And unable to comment on a post, screen goes haywire and tries to tag people. Junk.
  • Pure JUNK! Buggy big time 1/5

    By Mrbrentbt
    Just constantly shuts down, you can't sort anything such as newest first. I don't think Facebook is even supporting this app trying to get everybody to post in their new market place
  • Terrible 1/5

    By steven taro nguyen
    Cause I invited friend to like my page and been disabled , I using my account for years and lost all my friends my business my clients , spending money for Facebook Ads to build clients tail and now all LOST .
  • Junk 1/5

    By addieb93
    Doesn't allow commenting on pictures easily. It is overall a junky app that STILL needs a lot of work.
  • Horror story 1/5

    By flibbertigibbet_
    As many have already noted, it is ABSOLUTELY INFURIATING to type comments in this app (kind of an important feature you think?) as all the app wants to do is tag everyone and anyone with a-z in their name. My primary use on fb is the groups and this app COULD be the app I use more than any other. Unfortunately I must delete...
  • Not good but I'm using it 1/5

    By Sabrina E
    I wish someone from Facebook who is in a lot of groups and who manages groups would use this app for two weeks to see all the problems. The alerts aren't always shown on the group cover. Hard to find new membership requests....I won't go on and on.
  • Unable to Sort Groups 3/5

    By OrganizedEffect
    This app would be stellar if you could actually sort groups. Sure you can pick favorites, but honestly I'd like a bit more customization... the ability to sort groups into groups so that I can separate my B/S/T groups, work groups, etc.
  • No way to access the groups you own/manage easily 2/5

    By Sasha-Shae
    What is the point of not being able to quickly and easily open this app and find ALL your groups that you either own or manage? So far as well searching this app for groups that are closed is impossible so if you haven't stared or faved the group on Facebook then it's near impossible to find it within the groups app which truly is unfortunate. The lag of the app sometimes gets to be a bit much. Overall it's a nice app with lots of potential, but the search feature and lack of ability to manage owned groups makes this right now not such a great app for me.
  • No Landscape Option 3/5

    By bonusblog
    This app will not switch to landscape on the iPad. Why? All other Facebook apps will.
  • Not bad 4/5

    By NanakimmyGJ
    This certainly makes it easier to manage groups, especially if you're an admin. But I'd like to see an option where we can search and delete duplicate posts easier.
  • Push notifications not working 1/5

    By Bigdadylacka
    Push notifications not working! Ios 10
  • Perfect app if you bst/shop on Facebook 5/5

    By sahm2bubbles
    This app is the best possible way to keep up with posts coming from your favorite shopping/bst groups. I've been using it for a few years now and rarely have any trouble with the functionality of the app. It's very simple to use. I love that I am better able to pick and choose what posts I see, than if I were just looking at my newsfeed on Facebook.
  • Could be better 3/5

    By Jolecia
    I only use Facebook to interact with my groups so I love this app for that. The app itself has a few kinks-it crashes a lot, especially when I'm in the middle of writing a long post, annoying. Also, I really wish they would design a newsfeed- like feature so that I don't have to go in and it of each group just to see new posts. Also, when I'm writing a comment and use the first few letters of a friend's name, the friend(s) pop up and make it harder to keep typing. Can it be like other apps where you have to @ them?
  • Latest Version SUPER Buggy, not necessary anyway 2/5

    By Scotticus326
    The latest version of the app is extremely buggy. All kinds of little glitches keep popping-up that keep me from reading and responding to group posts. I'm still not sure what the value of this app is, anyway... group functions are easily handled in one, simple, Facebook app.
  • Friend tagging breaks this app 2/5

    By guidedbyVOIP
    Can barely type a comment because Facebook's friend tagging auto suggests a name and it dumps you out of the keyboard. Miserable user experience.
  • Worst of the worst 1/5

    By Qryzufre
    How long will it be before this pos is mandatory? Seriously, how many apps does it take to have less options than the mobile version of the site? And each one is a bigger space hog than the last. Sad bordering on pathetic.
  • Its not at all helpful on ipad. 1/5

    By pallu1227
    I am trying to search certain things in a any group after showing 3-4 results then the loading circle keeps rotating. This is also same in iphone. But in android this works better. Please fix the issue.
  • Needs a lot of work 1/5

    By Mlara3456
    This app is nice since you have all your groups only in one place but it needs so much work. When you click in a photo folder sometimes you can't get out of it or do anything, can't edit your posts without getting some error, most of the time doesn't let you comment more than once to one person and it's very glitchy. It could be a great app but it needs work. To this point it's very annoying to use.
  • It's ok but could be way better 2/5

    By kscarlett5683
    I think what would make this work is if you could group your groups into categories. For example, I belong to both sales/garage sale groups in my area and also travel groups.... I'd love to categorize and then click the category to see only the groups in that category. Sort also needs to work 2 ways: ascending and descending. For example recently visited is only sorted so that you see the most recent first.... but what if you wanted to see the most recent last? Good effort. I still use it but could be waaayyyy better.
  • I only want GROUPS! Stop spying on me! 1/5

    By Jeanne-Erin
    I am avoiding real-life relations on Facebook for personal reasons, but I get a LOT of use out of groups for therapy, etc. I have set all of my settings to keep IRL relationships from finding me, UNTIL I INSTALLED THIS APP! There seems to be no way to keep it from scrubbing my contacts, so "people you may know" is outing me. I don't mind my info being sold to advertisers, since this is free, but I should be able to have a private account for just groups. So many self-improvement groups use Facebook, but that doesn't mean we want all relationships to see us there. Privacy settings really need to be improved.
  • This app needs to go 1/5

    By MS39730
    Facebook seems to have forgotten this one. It's crappy. I use it for only one task and that is getting a copyable permalink for posts. This is a feature I wish they'd add to the regular FB app. Search in the groups app is truly a joke.
  • No Admin Access 3/5

    By Nishelly
    This app would have 5 stars from me if it enabled me to manage the groups I Admin for. The app only provides member access. Please enable Admin access to make this a well rounded app.
  • Super clunky.. not all options available! 1/5

    By Masons brio
    I switched to the ap because I am an admin for a large Facebook group and suddenly was not able to tag members and make the tag stick. WELL, I can't even find them to tag them on the ap, it seems it will only let me tag friends? And why does the keyboard constantly disappear when I'm trying to type? It keeps trying to suggest people or events that I would like to tag, and I have to click back on my half typed message to continue. Also, I have set my incoming join requests to have to answer a question. Their answers don't show up on the ap? Makes no sense. Why would an ap specifically designed for Facebook groups not give you all the features available from your desktop? This needs to be fixed ASAP.

Facebook Groups app comments

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