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This app gives you a dedicated space for you and your groups. See all of your Facebook groups in one place. Discuss, plan and collaborate easily and without distractions. Follow your groups here or on Facebook, whichever is easier for you. • Create a group for just about anything • Share information, post photos and links, and stay in touch • Discover and join new groups for whatever you’re into • Keep up with groups you manage Facebook groups are great for ... • Family & Friends—share photos, organize vacations • Teams & Clubs—post updates and schedules • Organizations—make decisions, plan events • School & Work—collaborate on projects, distribute notes

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  • Good in theory... 2/5

    By br00ke86
    Multiple issues: 1. When you comment, the app thinks you're typing a person's name and the keyboard disappears. 2. You can't scroll through photo albums. You have to click each individual photo, then exit out of it to move on to the next photo. 3. The app crashes after you try to organize the groups. The screen goes black and you have to totally get out and quit the app to get it back. 4. You can't comment on live videos or even see them half the time. Or it glitches and the app crashes. It's nice to have all of my groups in one place. This app has the potential to be a 5 star app. It hasn't been updated since October 2016. With multiple bad ratings, I'm not really sure what is the hold up.
  • Lame for live videos 2/5

    By Listen to your fans!
    So if you want to comment during a live video you can't through this app, which is really dumb.
  • Absolutely Awesome 5/5

    By chirs64
    I love it. How could anyone not love it! Easy to use and helpful. Thanks...can't wait fir more options or other apps..😁thanks
  • Annoying tagging. 1/5

    By Ed210485058
    This app is great and all but if it wasn't for one "feature", I would've given this app a 5 star rating. It has an annoying and invasive automotive tagging. You write B and it will suggest any friend, or person related to the post or group, of their name starts with B the same way you can tag someone with @. Please remove this feature and this app would be perfect.
  • Great for bloggers and people who want to connect, but... 4/5

    By bighair71
    I find that I can't sort the groups I follow into priority order. Most recently visited on top would work. I also would like to manually adjust my groups into similar type groups. So if I am reading about blogging, I can click on each group in the section. If I want to see only personal groups, I can do that quickly. Right now I need to click through every one of them so I don't miss anything, wasting a lot of time.
  • Frustrating! 1/5

    By Hgcruz
    I rarely write reviews but this app has me so frustrated that I wanted to review in hopes they will upgrade and fix it. Whenever I try to type a post the app thinks I'm trying to tag a friend, even with simple words like "and" it tries to bring up "Andrea" and "Andrew"... normally this isn't an issue in an app but in this app when it thinks you are tagging someone the keyboard disappears so you can tag your person and your fingers are left typing nothing or touching the wrong things. It's awful and extremely frustrating and distracting. And the send button often disappears and is replaced by an emoji button. Then when I try to actually tag a friend I can't get the bloody thing to recognize a name that's obviously a name like "Jennifer." It is one of the worst apps I have ever dealt with. Ever.
  • Could easily be five star!! 4/5

    By Jess Manning
    I haven't used my regular Facebook in quite some time. The only thing I missed from Facebook was my groups and being able to shop, etc. So when I found this app I was ecstatic!! Now I am able to still be involved with my groups without having the traditional newsfeed of Facebook! Two features I would like to see come out of this app: 1) I know there is group chat but I'd like to have a way to pm someone in one of my groups without having to have the traditional Facebook messenger to where anyone can message you and vice versa; and 2) (most importantly) to be able to participate in live realtime videos!!! Most of my shopping on Groups is LulaRoe and my consultants host live sales a lot. I can see the video but it's like watching a video that isn't live, I can't comment "sold" etc. without having to stop the video and go back to the comments nor can I see the realtime likes and comments as you normally would on Facebook. From my understanding , the host of the live video cannot see that I've joined either. In summary, it'd be SO nice to have the full features and use of FB Live within the groups app! If the two features above were added here, this app would get more than a five star rating from me!!!
  • Very Frustrating 1/5

    By Mrs.Alonzo
    It's extremely upsetting how I'll be on this app and I get kicked off.....not every once and a while. No, EVERY time I use it I get a few seconds in and BAM💥💥💥 I'm back looking at my home screen🤦‍♀️ And it takes up too much storage. Please fix this issue.
  • Section for post 3/5

    By Virgintwnboy
    Facebook groups really needs to make a section where you can view all of your post instead of trying to find them through searching it would make it much more simpler
  • Needs UI/UX improvement 3/5

    By Phineas J. Whoopee
    Great to get my groups discussion without the clutter of personal posts as in my standard FB feed, but I find it difficult to hit the Like button without sometimes getting the list of others who have liked a post: the thumb icon needs to be bigger or separated from the counter. Also, the X to close a thread and go back to a group's feed is either too small or too close to the corner of the screen. I have to stab at it several times to get the desired response. Likewise, expanding threads needs improvement, as I have to hit such a tiny perfect mark to get a response. Screens are bigger, why aren't the action/response areas?
  • Layout of the nested comments are hard to read 2/5

    By mozzy72000
    Replies to comments are hidden by default which makes it hard to follow nested conversations. I end up using the native Facebook app to read group conversations because the layout is readable. PS - notifications don't work reliably in the app either.
  • Glitchy 3/5

    By Oh Rissa
    Works great most of the time, leaving groups brings up a black screen and the app needs to be restarted
  • Needs work 1/5

    By Bufftbone
    Try writing something on a post. Now write something where the first few letters may also be a friend or two of yours. Now marvel at the fact that as you start to type your word, the app makes your keyboard disappear and you end up tagging someone in your post before you finish typing what you really want to type. Garbage.
  • Absolutely awful 1/5

    By mattheweg
    I've never used an app this bad. I know Facebook is only worth 8 trillion dollars but you'd think they could rustle up at least one person who knows how to prevent the keyboard from disappearing as you type.
  • Limited capabilities 1/5

    By jamain94
    Does nit function well on tablet and would rather have a better FB ipad app than this. It often has issues such as unable to send comments, unable to move through all posts (so you only see one page of posts), loading issues always.
  • Annoying as hell 1/5

    By Rand0mkige
    This app is a great concept but I agree with the other reviewers about how f$&@*% annoying the keyboard is. PLEASE STOP SUGGESTING PEOPLE TO TAG, especially when they aren't in the group whatsoever! Please just remove this and it would be the perfect app. Seriously. I've never wanted to claw my eyeballs out and throw my phone into the deepest volcanic pit before. I'm convinced that Voldemort created this app to confound the muggles. Why make a great app and then completely ruin it with an annoying feature I'll never know. I would rather sit in a room with malaria infested mosquitos than try to waste time trying to type something on this app. Stay away.
  • Notifications work 3% of the time. 1/5

    By Vengeful-Chaos
    I downloaded this app strictly for notifications, to my surprise after the last update they stopped working. Everything is set to on, in Facebook, app, and phone. Garbage app.
  • Neat idea, horrible app 2/5

    By Fxybx3
    App freezes so often im lucky if i get to read what i want, commenting is a pain, and the app has crashed completely making my phone freeze.
  • Just one very annoying problem... 3/5

    By SethRollinsGirlfriend007
    Like this app except it thinks every word you type is going to be the name of a person to tag. It suggests names of friends to tag starting with the same letters of the word you're typing. So if you start typing the word "choose" it'll interrupt you to suggest all your friends whose names start with "ch" to tag.
  • Life Saver 5/5

    By VanGleKalAdd
    Not sure why it doesn't have better reviews. My life functions on FB groups and this has helped so much! I love it and highly recommend it!
  • It's ok 3/5

    By Word fiend
    It's nice to be able to focus on just my FB groups but I'd really like to see some bug fixes... When responding to a post, the keyboard disappears often. It is nearly impossible to tag someone when posting! And notifications are not always accurate. When is the next update?
  • Great but I have suggestions! 3/5

    By A5HT0N
    App is definitely working as designed. I would like to see a way of grouping my groups together on the home screen. Not just into favorites and then everything else. I would also like the option of having all of my group notifications go to the group app, separate from the regular Facebook app.
  • Piece of crap 1/5

    By michaelgore
    Facebook's development team(s) can't code for sh*t. Keyboard keeps dropping every time I get a partial match to a name on my friends list. Absolute junk and useless.
  • UPDATE 1/5

    By Jfoster15
    Please update. Regular fb app gets on weekly almost and this has been over two years
  • Less than zero 1/5

    By Raantuva
    If I could give this app a negative number of stars I would. I have patiently waited for the app to update for months. I manage a few groups and need to be able to access them without using the main app. This is an ineffective, shoddy piece of crap masquerading as a functional application in the family of Facebook apps. It's junk. I'm so frustrated! I can't run my groups like this. Leaving groups also causes the app to go completely black and requires me to basically close and completely reopen the app. FIX IT.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Mellibeme
    One of the most glitchiest apps I've seen. I'll be sticking to the Facebook app or website.
  • Freezes constantly 1/5

    By Katienumi
    It is hard to navigate this app as it freezes constantly. Also force closes or turns the phone screen black. Hopefully an upgrade can help.
  • Glitchy 2/5

    By Jbean220
    Please improve! I hate Facebook but love my Facebook groups. Very glitchy. Sometimes I can't click out of a comment without closing the app and restarting it. Occasionally I can't even leave a comment
  • So frustrating 2/5

    By Alienmomma
    When you click to see replies to a comment, they appear on a different page so you keep having to go back. If you click a notification to see someone's comment, it takes you to the original post but not the specific comment you want to see and that's very annoying. Also, whenever I'm typing the keyboard disappears and displays a list of names for you to tag (mostly of people who aren't even in the group) and getting the keyboard back is very hard to do. It's very frustrating.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By CMA2008
    Freezes when trying to read comments. Needs updating badly.
  • See our group requests!!! 2/5

    By Bella Jaymes Cullen
    It would be nice if we could see the groups that we requested to join so we know which ones we've already sent a request to instead of having to wait till we get onto the website to see them it would help if we could see them in the app please!!!
  • Hasn't been updated in a while, full of bugs and lacking important features 1/5

    By mouseling
    The concept is great, I am in a lot of groups and being able to navigate them in a separate app sounds like a fantastic idea- except this app is lacking. Here are a few feature requests and bug fixes that I really hop you consider implementing, as it would make the user experience so much better: 1) ability to custom sort your groups in folders or categories (I am in over a 100 groups and they are difficult to track/differentiate, being able to sort them would be amazing.) 2) when you "hide a group" it should actually hide. Not sure if that's just broken now, but when I hide a group it just goes to the bottom of the list. If it's "hidden" that means I don't want to see it in my list at all. 3) in a group, when you view someone else's post and tap the post options, it is WAY too easy to accidentally tap "report to admin" when trying to maybe save the post or copy the URL. There also isn't any feedback asking "are you sure you want to report this?" And the reporting isn't anonymous. I got removed and blocked from a group I really liked because I accidentally reported a post that I actually really liked! The admins must have thought I was being negative- but I'll never know since I was banned and can't search them again. Please rearrange that menu and add feedback options before a user can actually report something in a group. 4) please add the ability to scroll or swipe through pictures in an album. I view groups that post hundreds of pictures in albums. Sure, i can scroll through thumbnails, but if I want full size with captions, I have to open and close each image individually. Please let us swipe or scroll through full size pics in albums. 5) speaking of albums, scrolling though a list of albums is broken. If it is a long list, the scroll will break about half away and just start repeating from the top again. 6) expanded search functionality within a group- for example, being able to search for posts/pictures added by a specific person, or searching for the captions within an album. Again, some groups I'm in have thousands of members and thousands of images loaded, it would be great to search within an album or the page for specific things. 7) ability to review my own activity log of things I've liked or posted in groups Pleeeeeeease Facebook, fix this app! For the amount of fixes you push to the Facebook app every week, surely you can spare a few devs to work on groups. Please please please this app could be so much better!
  • No landscape mode 3/5

    By bethh4
    Wish there was a landscape mode for iPad.
  • Works fine for me 5/5

    By pecanpal
    I am able to view and access all my groups easily. I can immediately write a post, and comment as well. Not sure what is wrong with other people's app, maybe it's user error and not app error 🤔
  • Great if you love glitches and nonfunctional apps.. 1/5

    By Karlajoy501
    This app needs a major overhaul. Aside from having to select each option over and over and over and hope that it finally registers your command, it so SLOW. I got the Groups app hoping to streamline managing multiple groups for work but this is more frustrating than seeing repeat posts in my FB newsfeed every time it switches from Recent to Top Posts. NO THANK YOU!
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By KFR1107
    Constantly crashes! You cant tag anyone let alone type a comment. Its full of glitches! Come on FB get something right 😡
  • App Problems 1/5

    By sage0812
    This App is a great idea and the couple of times that I was actually able to get into it was great! However, most of the attempts to go into the App are not successful! It gives me a message that states "Something went wrong - Try Again". This App needs tremendous work!!!
  • Constantly Crashing 2/5

    By M Romanach
    A really good concept for those of us in multiple groups. It would be really useful if it would stop crashing though.
  • Broken AF 1/5

    By 2noob2bTrue
    No option to use the app in horizontal mode makes me think this was a lazy phone port. Also, there are no search results when looking for new groups. Very disappointed that this is the best Facebook could muster.
  • Good concept 2/5

    By Puzzlerluv
    This app has a good concept but it CRASHES ALL THE TIME!! There is a bug that happens sometimes when you comment on a picture or post and it won't let you "send" the comment OR get out of that pic or post. You have to shut down the entire app and restart! Usually you cannot watch live videos or if you get lucky and can you can't see nor add comments. Also I wish there could be more sorting of your groups besides favorites and not. Please fix it, I really like having my groups separate from the FB app...
  • Doesn't Remember Hidden Groups 2/5

    By aledclar
    After going through all 45 of my groups hiding the ones I didn't care to see in the app upon re-opening the app all of them are shown again. Talk about a useless feature.
  • Needs WORK 1/5

    By ashley.christine
    One. It would be great if you have the group app for you to turn off all group notifications in the actual Facebook app. Being able to keep them completely separated would be amazing. Two. If I change the order of my groups, it needs to save the groups in the order I wanted to be in. I just went and took 15 minutes to completely rearrange all of my groups after I downloaded this app... I close out of it once, and there they are in some random freaking order again.
  • Not good 1/5

    By KRoo518
    The functionality of this app is crap. It's near impossible to tag a member of the group, it only shows you friends and non-members and flips and flops around. Please fix the bugs so it's worth using.
  • Crap 1/5

    By Jskalsldlxosnej
    No stop glitches. Doesn't work and flips out if you start typing someone's name and won't let you type.
  • Good idea, but glitchy. Can read but not post or approve members. 😢 2/5

    By KMcMillan
    I wanted to love it. At first glance appearance was good. Well-organized and easy to read. But ... I admin two groups and it takes so long to use I give up. The keyboard jumps around and it thinks every letter you enter is a nam search. And when I want the nam search it doesn't work. I can't approve new members or manage the group. Good idea that has yet to find it's efficacy and ease.
  • No comment 1/5

    By 9 tries for a nickname?
    I thought this would be easier for managing my group. Except now I'm not notified when someone comments. People are upset that they they claim an item and I'm not notified to invoice them.
  • Crashes When Leaving Groups 1/5

    By catnfidl
    I hope it gets better, but part of the reason I wanted the app was to be able to clean out my groups. When I leave three of them, it crashes to a dark screen and won't re-open. Facebook, why do you not fix all these problems?
  • A hassle to post 1/5

    By Bonnie Sayers
    I like seeing the number of new posts in groups, but posting from this app is unbearable. Every letter you type it is trying to tag a name and moves you away from keyboard to the top to see the name. I do not want this feature
  • Expected more from a FB App 1/5

    By Tiffany Noel
    This has tons of bugs is hard to use- difficult to make comments, hard to clear notifications... terribly organized. The BSTs are awful to search. Please fix to make work like they do in the Facebook app!!!
  • Admin Features PLEASE! 2/5

    By iMiss MyAndroid
    I recently removed my Facebook app in hopes of reducing the amount of time I spend being distracted by it. However I admin a couple of Facebook groups and I just discovered that this Groups app doesn't allow me to access my Admin features!!!! I don't know if this was simply overlooked or done on purpose, but PLEASE add these features so I can continue my admin duties without needing to be sitting at a computer or the Facebook app.

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