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This app gives you a dedicated space for you and your groups. See all of your Facebook groups in one place. Discuss, plan and collaborate easily and without distractions. Follow your groups here or on Facebook, whichever is easier for you. • Create a group for just about anything • Share information, post photos and links, and stay in touch • Discover and join new groups for whatever you’re into • Keep up with groups you manage Facebook groups are great for ... • Family & Friends—share photos, organize vacations • Teams & Clubs—post updates and schedules • Organizations—make decisions, plan events • School & Work—collaborate on projects, distribute notes

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    By Ronnie_Fit
    I am begging you to update the app and fix all the bugs. The concept is truly amazing but too many bugs to use
  • No upload photo bug! 2/5

    By JRGN
    The app don't have photo album management or post management Regards, @JRGN
  • App needs work 1/5

    By SC-Texas
    Can't turn it on its side.
  • What a hot mess 1/5

    By lostwithoutabeat
    Decent app ruined by the obsessive need to assume that I want to tag every person on my friends list in a single comment. AT THE VERY LEAST make this an option you can disable. What a steaming pile of useless excrement.
  • PLEASE FIX IT! I really want to love it. 1/5

    By DebinTX
    Update #2 I can't imagine what the developers of this app can possibly be thinking. Instead of improving the app you keep taking away features. Do you even read these reviews? I think not. I was very happy when suddenly I could access group files from the app, but before I could come give you that extra star, the next update took that feature away! So instead of gaining a star, you lost one. Back to one star. Boo. End of update #2 --------------- Update: Ok, I'm giving you another star because you did fix the horrendous update I was referencing in my last review. But why do you take away helpful features like blue text for new posts? The badge will say I have new posts but I can't find them! And please also put back the replies showing without tapping "see reply!" That's just a pain. And either show me all of the original comment or let me click "more" to see the rest, without opening a another screen! Please? I love the concept of this app, but please stop with the arbitrary changes that do not improve the user experience! Also, please allow a way to access group files too, not just photos. Please? I'd love to give you a 5 star review, but you have to earn it! End of update -------------------- I actually really liked this app until recently, even though there was no way to access group files, a big fail for the app. However, since the last upgrade the app is junk! It can't update the groups, yet sometimes does but says it can't. And as if that's not frustrating enough, now most of the groups I'm in no longer show up at all! If you're going to make an app like this, please put some thought into it, instead of arbitrarily including some basic features and leaving other important features out. And please, have it show all of my groups. It's kind of important in an app called "Facebook Groups." So, asking nicely, pretty please, could you fix this app so it does what it's supposed to do? Thanks so much.
  • The app is glitchy 1/5

    By bigAL80
    Can someone in a multibillion company work on this app? Seriously it is the worst at this point. Some sort of upgrade would be great please.
  • Reduces my actual time spent on FB 5/5

    By Lkiy
    I love this app! It's helped me reduce my time on actual Facebook and still stay up to date with the groups that I follow. I've never had issues with posting or following special posts.
  • Barely works!! 2/5

    By Desire l.
    For MONTHS now. It ALWAYS forecloses. 😡
  • Keep the keyboard on the screen 3/5

    By David Sides
    I love using this app to stay on top of my group's comments but there is one thing that drives me crazy every time I use it. When typing a word into the text field that the app thinks is a person's name, the app pulls up a list of potential people to choose from (similar to the way the main Facebook app works). But when doing this, the app completely removes the keyboard and drops the text field to the very bottom of the screen, all without warning. As a result, my attempt to complete the word I'm typing turns into me either inadvertently tapping on a person's name, or tapping the empty space on the screen (which brings the keyboard back only until I tap in the text field again to correct the mistake). And given that the keyboard appears and goes away, it's not easy to delete or fix the word in the text field. Please change this execution so that the keyboard and text field stay put when the app thinks a person's name is being added. This is my only issue with the app (although a big one). Everything else is great.
  • Super janky 1/5

    By Mr. Tees
    Typing is a nightmare. Would love this app to be good, but If they make it better I will never need to reinstall the FB app.
  • Great concept needs fixes 3/5

    By Littlemissdorothy
    Awesome app! Unfortunately when an album is posted to the group you can't swipe left or right in the albums (picture to picture). Also the notifications are not always updated. Otherwise super awesome and can't wait for the improvements 😊😊
  • Needs more 3/5

    By kateyj17
    I wish that there was a wear to personalize your own group page. I have a business that I run thru Facebook groups and I use messenger as well and that allows me to be able to personalize the group messages to make it unique. I would like to be able to do the same for group page. Otherwise I enjoy using the groups app.
  • Great concept, frustrating interface 2/5

    By Bllogy
    So many good things could happen with this app. I do get frustrated though with the commenting section in my closed or secret groups. The whole point is to just have the people in it, see it. So why am I being offered a suggested tag for someone who isn't in the group. That combined with iOS' awful text suggestion and autocorrect makes writing a comment taxing than convenient. The design is on point just not the functionality.
  • Search non-functional 1/5

    By onthebubble
    Search only works for the first few results and then hangs--what's the point of that? This is a crappy app, and if you want us to use a separate app for Facebook groups then CONTINUOUSLY IMPROVE IT instead of letting it languish!!!
  • Useful but annoying 2/5

    By Perlotk
    This is nice to browse and read in groups but posting is generally awful. Typing - if you type anything that potentially matches the name of any one of your friends, the "tag your friend" box pops up and you can't continue typing - it interrupts it so then Apple auto-correct "fixes" your word to something close to what you half-typed. If you ever use a sticker, there's no way to get back to the text keyboard - I had to force quit the app. You can't scroll through pictures once you click one. You have to close it and reopen another picture. Scrolling will often close the entire window. Clicking "read more" on a long post won't just let you read the text - it opens a brand new window. If these bugs are fixed, this would be a much better app.
  • Files 3/5

    By JJJJ12344321
    I have solely been using the group app on my phone since ditching the regular Facebook app at the start of the year. I have had no problems with the group app, glitches, commenting issues, etc... However, I can't seem to access the group's files. Is there something I am missing? I have tried googling- and no answers. The files section of various groups typically are a pretty important and widely used component of the group set up and contain a lot of resourceful information that I need to be able to access on the go, away from a computer.
  • Get your poop in a group!!! 1/5

    By Shag1602
    Seriously, please fix this app. I'm tired of seeing political crap on my newsfeed and I really need to keep up with my groups!!!!! I need this app in my life and it's so disappointing that this app STILL is a pile of garbage!!!!! For everyone's sanity please make this app work they way it should. Older review: Even if I tap to join the events in my groups I still can't see the events. I get a broken link page. Please fix. I really like this app and the idea behind it, but many of my groups plan events and if I can't view them it defeats the purpose of having the app on my phone. :/
  • If I could give 0.5 a star, I would 1/5

    By Angeleana
    Really FB? With all the updates to the regular app and messenger, the keyboard STILL doesn't work? I had hope that after 4 months of not having it downloaded, that you would get it fixed (the "send" button on comments never appears; it's just the stickers button. I left one comment successfully, and then could not leave any further bc I could not send them) I was really excited about this app bc I don't really like scrolling my newsfeed aimlessly; would love to just have my groups. PLEASE fix.
  • Too buggy! 1/5

    By Peaceable
    Come on FB, fix this app. I don't follow newsfeed or post status updates any more. But I do belong to and get value from groups. This app is useless because every time I try to write a message the keyboard disappears mid writing.
  • Thanks 3/5

    By Lisa V Hib
    I will be trying this out. It is working so far, for what I need. Can you make one for FB events too?!? That would be great.
  • I wish it worked 1/5

    By Atwistedlime
    I was so excited when I heard about this app. Then I downloaded it. Three quarters of the time I cannot get a conversation to close once it's open. Half the time I can't get the group to close. The one thing that does close is the voice to text but it closes before you can even speak! Please fix this. I don't want to see my feed right now and probably won't for about four years. I've deleted the FB app from my phone so I really hope they get this app working.
  • So far so good but 3/5

    By Annoyed Customer # 10,000
    All it's missing is a newsfeed view options that leads with which group it's from. I'm in lots of groups and really just want to scroll in chronological order by most recent posts.
  • Great concept - Horrible functionality 1/5

    By Bbmnda
    I really wish this app worked. It doesn't. At all.
  • So far so good but 3/5

    By Mcricket39
    I have only used this app for about a half hour and it seems like the functions all work fine. I'm pleased with the layout and concept. But I have one major suggestion that would be a game changer. There needs to be an option to have the groups be only accessible from the groups app. I want to have all my updates and uses of the groups be the same but only from the app and have them not show up on my personal newsfeed. I am very active in many many groups and want to see the activity from those groups but it takes over my newsfeed and I would like to see more of the posts from my friends and family and not miss out on so much. If there was an option for the groups to stay only in the app that can be turned on and off to suit the user that would be fantastic. And as time goes on you would be able to see how many people would use that option and if it would be beneficial for it to be like the functionality of the messenger app is now. I appreciate you taking your time to consider this change and hope that it can become a reality in the very near future. Thank you and good luck.
  • Very basic app 2/5

    By Nocket
    This is a no-frills app, truly just to read what's going on in a group. It would be nice to have links to photos, events, and files in the info section of a group. I have to keep going into the FB app all to see those things which defeats the purpose of the Groups app. The search function is basic and gets stuck in a loop where it doesn't finish searching. Improvements are definitely needed.
  • Really bad. 2/5

    By icedub
    I am the administrator of a very active Facebook group. This app is buggy, crashes constantly, and is not easy or intuitive.
  • Too many apps by Facebook 1/5

    By ExcitingBigfoot
    I like Facebook but too many apps to track
  • Glitchy af 2/5

    By rachelrachel
    So I was really happy when I stumbled upon this app because I wanted to stay involved in my groups while implementing a news(feed) detox. The app is so glitchy, though. 1) every time I type a word, it automatically tries to tag someone, making it incredibly frustrating to do such a simple thing. 2) sometimes the send button disappears and is replaced with the sticker icon? When I hit it, the comment doesn't register as submitted but a few minutes later it's recognized. 3) you can't post video comments. 4) switching between windows is unsmooth, at best. I'm giving this app a star for existing, but it leaves much to be desired.
  • Great concept, terrible app 2/5

    By Ninja Fruit Master
    I was so excited when I found out there was a specific FB app for groups. I'm in a lot of groups, and mainly I like to look at videos, photos, and comment on things. I also like to read the comments. But this app makes that so difficult. I wish it was set up more like the regular FB app just centered on groups. For example, looking at a group's picture albums. You can scroll through the pictures and see them tiny, but you have to click each one individually to make it bigger. From there, you can't just flip through like you can on the FB app. So you have to constantly exit picture and click the next one. Also when watching live videos, you can't see or type comments like you could on the FB app. This app just has a lot of updating and fixing that needs to be done before it can live up to the potential it has.
  • Good content but app needs love - iPad resolution and rotation 3/5

    By pzeos
    Good content but app needs love - iPad resolution and rotation
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By Jadegutis
    Downloaded the app because FB updates caused problems with viewing large photo albums. So... guessing that was their way of getting us to use this new app. Which is fine BUT could you please implement the ability to scroll through pictures instead of having to open, then close each pic before being able to see the next one? Kinda basic functionality really.
  • Just "ok" 3/5

    By Ryan Plummer
    Sometimes I can tag people in the group, sometimes I can't. Sometimes I can start to leave a comment, sometimes I can't. When I start typing to leave a comment, and it recognizes part of someone's name, it takes over the entire screen while I'm still typing. Then I accidentally tag someone, or if my thumb lands in just the right place I hit send. It's actually really frustrating... I would rather not have the full Facebook app on my phone, as I'm only really on it for the groups I belong too.
  • Needs Update 3/5

    By Imjamithompson
    Facebook groups app is useful for reading updates while mobile, but doesn't have the basic functions to support how it's grown. Need Add support to save posts/videos to Facebook Saved section Add support for iPad/iPhone landscape mode Improve functions for group owners/managers
  • Keeps crashing on me 1/5

    By Laplante2011
    Keeps crashing every time I try and use it
  • Photos are too hard to look at 1/5

    By Ben's aunt
    In the regular FB app I can scroll through photo albums by swiping through them, but in this app I have to close the photo and then click on the next one. I use this for shopping and it's a huge pain when I'm looking at albums with hundreds of photos.
  • Please add a "groups only" newsfeed 2/5

    Please add functionality to this app! A groups only news feed or ability to sort groups into folders would be amazing!!
  • Awful 1/5

    By Docubot
    Compared to Facebook's other apps, this one is absolutely awful. They completely ignore all of the other UX conventions in the other apps and come up with their own stuff. And none of it works. Nothing like being in the middle of typing a reply only to have a list of names pop up and make your keyboard disappear. Bad. Just bad.
  • Can be better 1/5

    By Mrs blanks
    The app is like one of those big tall uncoordinated people like when they're standing still you see a lot of potential in their usefulness but then when they get moving and going you see how useless and clumsy they are. The app isn't hard to navigate but doesn't offer much usefulness for the person that only wants to access their groups seems like it's still the beta version and hasn't evolved. It would be GREAT if you could have a timeline view with just the groups none of the extra Facebook feed so we can scroll and comment the same as the normal timeline and pick and choose which groups we want in the timeline and which groups we don't just like the follow and unfollow feature or individuals pages.
  • Useless except for reading 1/5

    By Frudoc
    This is easily one of the worst apps I have ever wrestled with. I was so excited for this one and it is flat out awful. I haven't been able to comment on any groups for two days because every time I hit the comment button, the post button turns into an emoji button and doesn't switch back, so I have no way to actually post what I write. 50–75% of the time, I cannot back out of a post after I've hit the comment button and have to close the app out entirely and start all over. The notification numbers shown on each group in the group menu page are often wrong (it will say I have unread posts in the group when I don't). If you are fine with just reading posts and not interacting with them (other than to "like" them) then you will probably be fine. But if you're hoping, like I was, to be able to engage more efficiently with your groups, then don't bother with this. It'll just stress you out.
  • Annoying 1/5

    By Katina128
    Every time I try to reply to a post in a group, it tries to tag someone as I'm typing. So annoying!!!
  • 360 photos 2/5

    By creative_video_and_arts
    Need to update the app to be able to read 360 photos. You can see them thru facebook app, but if you are in the Facebook group app, it won't show up the 360 pictures. Thanks.
  • Good app. 4/5

    By ThrillDrilll
    Not really any complaints, just needs more options.
  • Problemas Técnicos 1/5

    By Júlia Dutra
    A ideia de ter um aplicativo separado do aplicativo "base" facebook é ótima. Praticamente todas as funções do grupo funcionam perfeitamente nesse app, porém ele não abre arquivos pdf, sou obrigada a sair do app Grupos entrar no app Facebook pra ter acesso aos arquivos pdf. Tira toda a praticidade do mesmo. Por favor consertem.
  • Add landscape 3/5

    By Wigs08
    This app would be much better if could go into landscape mode.
  • Please improve this app! 1/5

    By Morovan
    I keep hoping they'll solve the problems they introduced, but don't seem to be making any progress. Main major flaws include dropping the keyboard constantly to try to tag people. The second major problem is not showing the most recent comments in a group thread. The third is periodically losing the send button and requiring a reboot of the app.
  • Fixed everything but the problem 3/5

    By dancrask
    Kudos, FB Groups devs: You did a marvelous job at polishing the app's UI, and I like that the same approach was recently applied to Messenger. Swipe down to close, etc. - love it. Big improvement from what this app was just a short while ago. The problem this app has had from the beginning, though, remains: The keyboard. How this keeps making its way through your QA checks and into a pushed version baffles me. Do us all a favor and put in your professional hat, and deploy a Fox for this. It's embarrassing for your careers to have this glitchy garbage still be a bug.
  • Poor. Please update 1/5

    By salfamily
    I love Facebook but sometimes I need a break from it all, except my groups. They are the heart and soul of Facebook. This app was my hope to have a less distracted Facebook experience. Don't try to tag anyone or it will bring up your entire friend list and never let you out. Don't try to type Just or it will bring up every Justin you know. No access to the groups files. No easy way to see replies. Very buggy. Please update. The main Facebook app is updated just about every week. Come on!
  • Hic 1/5

    By Lientranthi
    Tôi thích dùng bản cũ hơn bản này Tôi thấy thật tệ Bản mới này bỏ mất mục mới nhất Tôi sẽ xoá nếu không trả lại bản cũ Vietnam
  • Was good until the recent update! 2/5

    By Mrgferg
    I was loving the app until the recent update. I can't believe I can't access the files in my groups now! I do most of my work in my groups from my phone and now it is impossible due to this update. I also can't stand the automatic name tagging that pops up automatically and makes typing very frustrating. Please get back to making files accessible and make my life easier!
  • Buggy 2/5

    By Crystal P 528
    I love having an app just for groups, but this one has so many bugs. I can't type a capitalized word without a list of names to tag popping up. Half the time I can post a comment because there's an emoji button instead of a post button. I wish Facebook would update this as much as their other apps. It needs major work.

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