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Facebook Mentions is currently only available to verified public figures. To gain access to Mentions, visit http://facebook.com/mentions. Mentions is a better way for actors, musicians, journalists and other influencers to stay in touch with their followers and the people and things they care about on Facebook. • Go Live - Tell your story as it happens with live video. • Talk with Followers - See what people are saying about you and the topics you’re interested in. • Stay in the Loop - Get posts from the people you follow and see trending stories in one place. • Share Everywhere - Share updates across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, all from one app. • Tell Your Story - Start conversations directly from your phone by posting updates, sharing photos or videos, or hosting a live Q&A.

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  • Mark...... 1/5

    By A-rak-nid
    Mark, why are you doing this please stop.
  • Morsielago 2/5

    By Morsielago
  • Cookout 5/5

    By Poor buster
    Wonderful day
  • Disappointed in recent update 2/5

    By iscoweather
    Updated 4/23: the latest update eliminates comments. I can't see any comments. *updated review Feb 24 2017*. Precious disappointments still in place, now my timeline is gone (as a precious reviewer noted). The new "update" seems to have removed the "reach" numbers and inconveniently, removed the "share to Twitter" function. I wish I could revert to the old version.
  • Great app for those that qualify for it 4/5

    By Rod1989
    We miss the inbox feature and post statistics. Glitch on sharing picture posts to twitter. And Instagram sharing, only shares the picture and not the caption. Otherwise, mentions is an app that separates from anything Facebook app. And represents credibility for the public figure.
  • My news feed has disappeared 2/5

    By DJ Tyler Stone
    Hello. My newsfeed has recently disappeared and I am no longer able to interact with my fan base. This is no Bueno as it is very important to be able to engage. Please fix. Thanks
  • Newsfeed won't load/Notifications lag 4/5

    By Jzo95
    Everything else is great. A quick fix hopefully😁
  • Time line is gone. 3/5

    By Bebfire
    I don't know why this is happening but my timeline is completely gone....all the people that I follow it's just a blank space. I'm hoping it's just something temporary but I thought I would mention it.. no pun intended!! Lol
  • Its FB for the Rich and Famous 1/5

    By Mrmt2009
    Yeah it's Facebook for the rich and famous not to have to deal with pesky ads thrown at them constantly. Cuz they are soooo important they get a better app without all the BS!
  • I love the app but I have an issue 4/5

    By morocco94
    I've had a page for 3-4 months now and I have 40.000 likes and I tried to get my page verified but it won't let me 😔
  • Useless app. 1/5

    By Thegroovingamer
    Nothing useful.
  • Loved it...until it stopped working! 1/5

    By Lobster3
    I use Mentions for work on a daily basis but for some reason the app's feed started only showing select people...then completely shut down and I now have "retry" and "system error" notices! Please help!
  • It just stopped working. Period. 1/5

    By timandiva
    My review is identical to one of the others on here. One day, for no apparent reason, Facebook Mentions just stopped working. Now, only MY posts appear in the newsfeed section. The verified accounts I once followed have vanished. No remedy for this problem seems to exist. I have tried everything: uninstall/reinstall, log out/log in, cleared cache, restarted iPhone, etc., etc. My biggest disappointment: "Facebook support" for this problem does not exist. You can file all the reports you want, but they will never get back to you. You may as well ask a tree stump for answers.
  • Worked GREAT! Until... 3/5

    By Jerradv
    This app worked great (and still does) for me and my agents to manage my page and keep fans updated and what I'm doing next! Although, just recently the news feed page just stopped working. I cannot see any updates from the other verified pages I follow. It just keeps telling us to "retry".
  • Worked Great Until it Didn't 1/5

    By cfry315
    I had been using this app fine since it first came out. For a while now the news feed for those I'm following is just showing my own page's posts and one other fan page's likes/posts. I am not getting ANY other updates in my news feed from the pages I follow. Makes this app now completely worthless for me.
  • 🔹Vocalista Raul Medina🔹 5/5

    By 🔹Banda Los De La R🔹
    Muy buena la aplicación se la recomiendo a todo mundo Saludos al mundo de parte de sus amigos 🔹BANDA LOS DE LA R🔹 desde Los Angeles CA.
  • Waiting for the day to get verified 2/5

    By auritra
    Crying for not being able to use this app.😭
  • Thanks for reminding me I'm better than most people 5/5

    By Remspringa
    Ever since my Youtube video of my hamster bouncing on my chiseled abs went viral, I've been looking for away to connect with my friends without dealing with the filthy peasants I used to associate with before I became a somebody! Finally, a Facebook for people who matter! I'm a star now and I deserve a special Facebook where only people like Kevin Hart and Drake and that dancing Vine girl are allowed! And old Facebook is great for reminding me I'm to good for it but I need to be able to share pics that my loser sister who works at planned parent hood can't see! Thank you, Facebook mentions! And can you make one that only pretty people like me can be on? I could be the spokesman. Let's work together. Food for thought, yo!
  • Notifications broke again 1/5

    By idolbloglive
    Latest update notifications are broke AGAIN.
  • Why back track 4/5

    By Sinitus
    Why back track and take messages away. I hate having more than 1 Facebook app just to check that.
  • Messages 5/5

    By Stacey305
    What happened to the message box? Love that feature
  • I love it 5/5

    By Soriyon
    លេងFacebookក៏អាចរកលុយបានចំណូល 100$ ដល់ 500$មិនបាច់ធ្វេីនៅOfficeក៏បានបេីចាប់អារម្មណ៍សូមខល 098617856

    By Yooooomyreview
    I can't edit my posts or set custom audience!! Include those in the future please
  • Buggy after update 1/5

    By SomyrPerry
    It will let me post, but it will not let me edit a post. It will not let me read all the comments on a post and reply, either. Needs to be fixed if the app is to provide real value to its users.
  • Buggy after iOS 9.3.5 update 1/5

    By adeitsch
    App will freeze and close itself sporadically, I've noticed it when trying to reply individually to comments. Some users names and icons no longer show up in comments under posts.
  • Update Broken 2/5

    By bp_Mentions
    It seems that the mentions app has progressively gotten worse with each update. I no longer have a way to see my post reach under each post, my notifications don't show up, and now every time I try to edit a post it gets stuck on a "loading" screen and freezes. Please Fix!
  • It's aight 2/5

    By RadiobabyJ
    I really like the app, but now I can't post to Twitter and Instagram through the app which was one of the cool things about it. Plus, the way the native Facebook app is with the capability to do features that were exclusive to Mentions, its like Mentions isn't needed anymore.
  • Instant Freeze 1/5

    By Mr. Azarí
    Since the update if I try to edit any type of post I get stuck on a loading scene that never loads. I literally have to uninstall and reinstall to use the app 😒
  • Broken Notifications...Broken App 1/5

    By BryanSnider
    This app use to be great, but now it's broken...No matter how many times I refresh, the app icon says I still have unread notifications (little red circle with number in it). Also in the notifications section of the app, the same avatars are used regardless of who is actually interacting with you. This gives the illusion that the same 3 accounts are the only ones interacting. Please Fix FB!
  • Mentions Request Not Working for weldek... 2/5

    By MABAtn
    Hi, I am Journalist from Tunisian, I love using the App and when requesting the badge from the form page and click to Send, it redirected me then to a blank page. I have tried also from PC, and the Send button always showing an error that you are working to resolve it but nothing happened until today. Please help
  • Unmentioned 1/5

    By Hollywoodcurry
    Can't upload video with subject and titles; share with Twitter gone and no stability
  • Front camera mirrored?! 2/5

    By vamps!
    When I'm going "live" why is the front camera flipped? Now when I show my fans how to do a motion I literally have to tell them that going right is in fact going left. Please fix it - this never was a problem before!!!

    By Muzik ProduSir
    The latest update of Mentions is a huge let down. Whenever I'm posting from the app, it's posting as my original profile page and not the verified page. I don't know, if this was done on purpose or a coding oversight. I'm sincerely requesting the Mentions team programmers to fix this! Also, the ability to share on Instagram and Twitter was taken out, and I can't think of a reason as to why. When I first started using Mentions, the big blue checkmark when posting a comment, and the round 'Go Live' button were really cool! Using the 'Mentions' app and using the 'Pages' app were two separate experiences. Now, it really doesn't feel like that! I almost don't want to use Mentions anymore with these new changed. Please bring it back to how it was before!!
  • Facebook Mentions Review 4/5

    By Roby Cole
    The app seems quicker now! I just don't like that share to Instagram and Twitter options are now gone! And sometimes when I comment on a post within the app it posts using my personal account! I am really looking forward to an update to fix those issues. Thank you Roby Cole
  • No steps forward, two steps back 1/5

    By Retro Mix 107.9
    This latest Mentions update is terrible. Not only does the notification badge not reset, but the "share to Twitter and Instagram" options are gone. Without those functions, this app is all but useless to me.
  • Not sure if it's worth using anymore? 1/5

    By Tsuarez80
    We've lost the ability to share to Instagram and Twitter in addition to that now everyone can use the "live" feature. I'm not sure I see the benefits to using this particular anymore. Hopefully the "share" ability will be fixed.
  • Bad update 1/5

    By Gdhjibfbxchkv
    Seems like a buggy update. Notifications don't go off after opening the app.
  • This new update is bad... 1/5

    By J-MERK
    Whenever I comment, it shows it from my personal/private Facebook page and not my Main One. This couldn't be good? Stalkers everywhere. Tisk Tisk. Will probably delete this app soon.
  • The best, by default. 5/5

    By Selanne55533388761
    I don't know why Facebook changed its full (desktop) site experience, but I find it impossible to know when I'm using the site as my verified page or my personal, non-verified page. If I want to post as my verified page, and know I've posted something as my verified page, Facebook Mentions is the only way to go. I still prefer using Buffer to share links, but when I have to interact with Facebook as my verified account (replying to comments, following others' updates) I greatly prefer Mentions to the desktop site.
  • Good but limited 3/5

    By madguyhere
    It's cool it's exclusive but what's the point if we still have to use the page manager?? I can't delete comments, answer comments, block users, or even read my messages in this all. I'll be honest the only reason I use it is because it's exclusive and cool to show off that I have it lol but tbh it should have everything the fan pages app has and a lot more, because right now it's just a way to search my news feed, read mentions, and like comments. It doesn't do much else even the stars are limited more than the normal Fb app, and especially the fan pages app. Redesign it so it's all in this one app 🙏
  • 👌👌👌 3/5

    By BriteCrayonz
    I like this app. Especially cause it's exclusive to verified pages. KEEP IT THAT WAY. I would like to see pages interaction with regular profiles to improve. A way to add or follow regular profiles would be nice. Also tagging profiles is hard / impossible. I pretty much would like to not have to use my regular profile and replace it with my verified page. OH and PLEASE make a way for live broadcast to syndicate on my regular profile as it's airing.
  • Expand to General Public 2/5

    By Seriously annoyed...
    Even if broadcasting is limited to verified public figures, the app should allow others to watch broadcasts and be alerted when figures they follow are broadcasting… Live broadcasts are accessible in our Facebook feeds, so why not make them accessible in the Mentions app and spare users from scrolling through other types of content to find them?
  • It's helpful but crashes often. 3/5

    So I actually find Facebook Mentions' trending tool to be the fastest way to receive the most important info about me and/or the happenings of current events; however, the app functions on a highly faulty infrastructure and probably needs re-formatting. Nonetheless if the bugs are exterminated, this app will be awesome. (Facebook.com/Baxter.fm)
  • #lifegoals 1/5

    By Donnerdarlin
    I guess you really havent made it in life until you can use this app...*sigh*
  • 😡 1/5

    By Tiyler Alf
    First it says my facebook isn't there, then it's not able to work in my region?😱😡 do not download! Fix fast pls
  • Love the app but... 4/5

    By KaraJ.
    The rear facing camera auto focuses like CRAZY during Live video streams. If you move 1 centimeter it goes autofocus nuts. Tapping to enable focus lock doesn't work on the rear camera and it's driving my followers crazy. Can we PLEASE do something about this? Also, I'd love to access insights and be able to schedule posts on Mentions. I hate using the Pages app just for this function. The camera thing would get you five stars. ;)
  • Appalled by the discrimination of this app 1/5

    By senryb1980
    Well you know what? I'm not Verified, Famous or Instafamous, Youtuberamous, Snapchatteramous, TinderSlutamous, Twitteramous, Google+amous, Tumblramous, Pinterestamous, Vineramous, whisperamous, so I can't tell you how this app is. I can't believe that that I can't join this. I bet The Rock, would like to smell what I'm cooking. I bet that our founding father Mr. Zuckerberg would like to watch me, to base his AI on. There is no telling what you all will do next! Just verify me, and this will all blow over.
  • Just good 3/5

    By Kmaaaaaa
    You should put scheduled post, and something extra different from pages, don't make sense that pages have scheduled post, and give extra featuring to us! Thanks
  • Overall really good 5/5

    By Gabriel Michael Brock
    I am a You Tuber and i love this app! Thx Facebook for Your awesome applications!
  • Nice App! 5/5

    Really superior and helpful!

Facebook Mentions app comments

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