Facebook Pages Manager

Facebook Pages Manager

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  • Current Version: 77.0
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  • Developer: Facebook, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Facebook Pages Manager App

Pages Manager helps admins connect with their audience and keep up with activity on multiple Pages, all in one place. Features: • Post updates and photos and respond to comments as your Pages • View and reply to private messages sent to your Pages • Option to get push notifications for new activity, tips and reminders • View your latest Page Insights Just install Pages Manager and then log in using Facebook to quickly access and manage all of your Pages from wherever you are.

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Facebook Pages Manager app reviews

  • Still doesn't work well 1/5

    By John Mc
    - Won't work if you're on a cell tower - yu have to be on wifi only. What's the point? - They jsu tmodified it to make it more annoying - you could dismiss view counts jsut by visiting the page. Now you have to actually read every single post in order to clear the notification count. Way annoying. Nice concept, bu tthey still can't get it right.
  • 200 mb app are you serious? 1/5

    By S.T.A.L.K.E.R1
    This app takes too much memory
  • This is a much better update 5/5

    By Angelica_Singh
    I love those updates much better than the other one.
  • Lastest update a misery! 1/5

    By lightheartedbeing
    I cannot get rid of the "optional update" window that now opens on my page when making a video. If it's optional make it optional. I just want to record videos. I don't need all this extra malarkey you've added on that doesn't work well anyway. There's also a marked difference as to how great my page looks on my phone and the mess the same content is on computer. The photo for the page is all wrong and can't be edited to be fixed. So annoying! These big fancy schmancy updates to pages leave a LOT to be desired.
  • No. Just no. 1/5

    By teechkidzkate
    No, I don't want yet another Facebook app. No, I don't want to boost my post, I want you to let my post be seen by all followers. No, I don't need an ad from Facebook every time I do anything with my business page. No, this app isn't everything in one place. Just no.
  • Comments 3/5

    By Brushengine9
    As an admin of a page I am unable to view all the comments left on a post. I unable to monitor any inappropriate comments. Annoying to say the least.
  • Front camera IPad 1/5

    By Bohazard07
    This version doesn't work with Facebook live my front camera is black and will not change...
  • It's getting worse and worse. Now messages are broken. 2/5

    By Big Earl Boyyy
    GETTING WORSE! Now I can't even click to view the details of a post in my Page feed unless I restart the app. It's been doing this all day for several updates now. Can I get some feedback on this?
  • 198 MB? Seriously? 1/5

    By Closetcatlovr
    Come on. Clean up your code. This app doesn't warrant 198MB. Ugh. Deleting.
  • Pointless app 1/5

    By CalamityCat
    It's really stupid that you have to download another app for something the first app can do.
  • Can't stand how many apps you need 1/5

    By Haris Qudsi
    Facebook needs to get its act together because having 15 different apps to deal with every little thing is a pain in the butt. What's next, one app for your news feed and a separate app for posting things? Ridiculous
  • Pretty good, but I would like to suggest .., 3/5

    By pilgramjohn
    A new suggestion: when reviewing Recent Shares: I don't want to see all the Shares of someone else's post that I shared on my page. I only want to see shares of posts that originated on my page. I wish I could select a cover photo without uploading a new photo, like I can do with the profile photo.
  • TK75 1/5

    By Time-Keeper
    This app is horrible. It is not easy to navigate. It does not update frequently. Example, Facebook app will show X amount of visitors but the Facebook Manager App will show X amount of people minus several hundred, sometimes even several thousand. Last but not least, it does not always send alerts when messages are received or someone posts on your page. To the designers and engineers, I think it's time to throw in the towel on this one. Upgrade and update the actual Facebook App to incorporate managing pages.
  • One more pointless app. 1/5

    By SkylerJune
    Let's face it, Facebook has been essentially trying to replace the internet. They poorly copy every app. Facebook has become so messy that it requires multiple apps just to use its basic features. The apps contain piles of terrible additional features, and each app constantly demands that you set your phone up to notify you every time anything happens. I don't understand why Facebook feels the need to demand you to use their apps a certain way, but they do constantly. They do not care about what users want. They only care about forcing their way and apps on people don't don't even really want to be users to begin with. So stupid.
  • Notifications aren't accurate 2/5

    By drkite74
    I like having the apps separate, unlike other reviewers, however, I can't check my notifications and have them clear. Therefore I never know when someone has done something that requires a response.
  • Getting Better 4/5

    By Klisabelle922
    Glad they finally added feature to schedule posts WITH pictures. Couldn't do that before. Wish it would always show you your "Likes" and "Comments" for the recent posts. It's almost like a ploy to hide that from you in an attempt to get you to "Boost your post." Otherwise, not a bad app to run your page. When the hell Will you fix the problem with tagging your page in your posts (i.e. "come on down to @pagename..." and my page doesn't show in the app). On a computer, type in @pagename and it works fine. However after you post, you can go back edit post and type @pagename and it pops up. Very weird.
  • Seriously? 1/5

    By kparker124
    I can't believe I have to get ANOTHER app for a function I used to be able to easily perform on my Facebook app. Unreal.
  • So so bad 1/5

    By Ryanismynickname
    Why do I have to have this separate app? I'm tired of having so many Facebook apps. Also, I need to be able to turn off notifications for specified pages. Also, I have numbers on the badge but go into the app and find nothing there! I can't make them go away!!! Please fix your stuff Facebook.
  • Too many Apps! 1/5

    By JannieMP
    Facebook really only needs ONE app! If you would like us to have a messenger app as well ONE is sufficient. Now I need an app for my business messages, an app for my personal messages and then the actual Facebook app. I have enough trouble keeping free space on my phone without your bombardment Facebook! #NotCool
  • No search box in my new page messenger 1/5

    By Inzarli
    There is no search button in my new version of page messenger although my friend's page have search button. Why? This is a big problem for me. Please fix it ASAP.
  • Absolutely horrible 1/5

    By dylans44
    Not a single function that I need works. Buttons aren't functional. Stuck in away mode. Can't respond to urgent messages. App over 100mb so couldn't download W/o wifi. Couldn't be much worse.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Grievesface
    This app is glitchy and ridiculous. It's only gotten worse over time. All thumbs down.
  • Dislike 1/5

    By ckdreamer
    This app doesn't give me notifications when people comment, or message. Please fix the notifications. Edit: since the latest update, the pages app has been freezing!!! Please fix
  • What's the point of all these apps? 1/5

    By ChadW2015
    Yet again another app to download to read messages or send messages. Hello! Mr. Mark Zuckerberg wake up this is 2017 not 2000. Have everything in one place or loose the users that pay your pocket.
  • Why? 1/5

    By donzhere
    Why am I unable to retrieve comments I've been notified of - unless I down load an app I do not chose to use. Face Book needs to leave well enough alone.
  • Facebook is taking over my phone and I don't like it. 1/5

    By Jesskiemoe
    Nothing like having messages from potential clients and not being able to view them until you get this app! Felt great to attempt to download this and it only downloads on wifi? At least I feel the solidarity of everyone hating this.
  • Wish you could turn off notifications for pages you don't want notified 3/5

    By TimG440
    Wish you could turn off notifications for pages you don't want notified Example: the company I work for has three stores. I have access to all three pages. But I solely work out of one store. I Don't need notifications for those 2 other stores but still need to be able to edit and post on those pages. But I get bombarded with three stores worth of notifications. Please update this with a option to individually turn on and off notifications for the pages you manage.
  • Slow 1/5

    By vladm13s
    Another app?? Really Facebook ???! Fire your team whoever comes up with this
  • Soooooo slow 1/5

    By Azarya73
    So annoying! Why do I need ANOTHER memory guzzling app?!
  • I don't like the latest update 1/5

    By modeangel
    I really don't like the new notifications system. Take it away please.
  • Not all in one place 1/5

    By Ibifdy
    Dear Facebook, there is an app for Facebook and an app for Facebook Groups and an app for Facebook Messenger and now I'm being prompted to download an app for Facebook Pages to have "everything all in one place." Four separate apps is the exact opposite of "everything all in one place"! Restore these functions to your regular app, please. Needing 50,000 apps to use Facebook is beyond ridiculous.
  • Please fix 1/5

    By ClubPenguinLeviathan
    Every time I open the app it says I'm in offline mode whether or not I have connection to the internet, pages won't refresh and comment notifications don't appear either. You're a multi billion dollar company, please figure something out.
  • Annoyed 1/5

    By Bethica_23
    I haven't even downloaded this yet and am already annoyed. WHY should I have to install yet ANOTHER app to read messages on Facebook? This is so inconvenient.
  • Another one? 1/5

    By Mz_ marie
    I do not want ANOTHER Facebook app. I was quite happy answering messages from the original app.
  • Too many bugs 1/5

    By Old money bro
    Way to many bugs start fixing them
  • Tooo many crashes 2/5

    By PlzhelpFB
    There way too many problem But the biggest is whenever I select image to schedule Something else gets scheduled And then gets posts And it's very important cause my private stuffs are getting posted Please fix this This already has happened twice
  • Searching names 3/5

    By sopxxx rolxxx
    I cannot search names in inbox just by typing in search box unlike old version. This version doesn't include search box. That's bad!!!
  • Unnecessary 1/5

    By MichelleYoun
    I don't understand why I need to download this app. Why can't I just the messages for my page in the original Facebook app.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By AD524
    When I go to my inbox and hit retry to load messages it just keeps spinning. I've waiting over an hour and still nothing loaded. I was hoping to have a great solution to manage IG comments.
  • Comments 1/5

    By Klkaminski
    It would be nice if there was a way to disable commenting. Especially for business pages. We have a page for our village and it would be great if we could disable commenting on certain posts.
  • Stories for pages 4/5

    By stephkpalmer1
    Stories would be a great thing for pages, or maybe even link Instagram stories to pages to! Just a thought! 😁
  • Unnecessary! 1/5

    By LukeFilm92
    Very unnecessary!
  • Owner Nonna's Cakes 1/5

    By Di Xxx
    In addition to comments below, previously posted here- now my posts from yesterday and today are not displaying when I open this app!!! I've done the recent update what's going on? And now I got a notice that my followers have not heard from me and I should write a post!!!!! Please FIX ASAP! Why can't I see who is sharing my posts? Also Am notified when I pick up a new "like" and who that is, but would like to know who It is when one is withdrawn.
  • 188 MB? 1/5

    By Dawson Toth
    188 MB for a chat app? Are you joking?
  • Dumb 1/5

    By Zhongguodude
    This app is dumb and shouldn't exist
  • Timeline 5/5

    By domonic luster
    Domonic luster
  • Meh... 2/5

    By ALD925
    One of the reasons this app irritated me so much is that I had NO new notification but the darn red circle icon wouldn't go away! It drove me insane! Also, somethings wouldn't post...or there was a delay. After the last update it kind of went downhilllll
  • Almost useless 1/5

    By ThinkB4UType
    Notifies me when my ad gets a new comment, but won't take me to the comment, and the inbox no longer shows unread comments. I can't sift through all comments on every ad or post on my page. So frustrating.
  • Android version is much better 3/5

    By TuscBear
    . iPhone version will not let up upload to your page unless you are in the Facebook app itself. Android lets you upload right from your photo albums
  • Cannot manage advertising extension!! 1/5

    By Sarah@10701
    Over and Over requesting answers on why all of a sudden I cannot extend my running ads. I literally want to give my money to these people and I and receiving ZERO assistance, answers, or support. Very disappointed

Facebook Pages Manager app comments

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