Facebook Pages Manager

Facebook Pages Manager

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  • Current Version: 82.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Facebook, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Facebook Pages Manager App

Pages Manager helps admins connect with their audience and keep up with activity on multiple Pages, all in one place. Features: • Post updates and photos and respond to comments as your Pages • View and reply to private messages sent to your Pages • Option to get push notifications for new activity, tips and reminders • View your latest Page Insights Just install Pages Manager and then log in using Facebook to quickly access and manage all of your Pages from wherever you are.


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Facebook Pages Manager app reviews

  • Seriously?! 1/5

    By Endless10
    What has been done to this App? We are supposed to use this for our business and we can’t even scroll. This is beyond frustrating!
  • Cannot Scroll! 2/5

    By Mrs. Leane VanderPutten
    I used to like this App. When I got my new phone, this App updated and now I cannot scroll without it jumping all over the place. That makes it pretty much useless to me. I am disappointed.
  • Irritated 1/5

    By AbuBanker
    Since update of iOS this app has given me hell load of tough time. I am badly irritated and the app seems to do funny things. And facebook doesn't listen much so I guess we should wait if their majesties can update it.
  • Nothing functions correctly 1/5

    By Little_am
    Usually this app is fine, and I can tolerate it, but after recent updates it’s become a piece of garbage. Not getting notifications, can only see my last two posts before it reverts me back to the top of the page, some messages cannot be viewed on the app but I get an alert and I can see it on the computer. If you’re going to force us to use this to operate our Facebook pages at least make it useable!!
  • App keeps crashing 2/5

    By Ckfosterz28
    My app keeps crashing wont load sense latest up date also no longer alerts me to posts, comments or messages really annoyed. Total fail Cant scroll through feed it keeps “jumping” hate the “boost your post BS alerts also” waste of time!
  • Used to work 1/5

    By Mid Missouri
    Used to love this app. But it’s been real buggy for a while now on IOS 11. At this moment the scrolling doesn’t work. You scroll down and it takes you back up to the top of the page. Been that way since last update and a lot of people reporting problem but no fix.
  • Forced Garabage 1/5

    By Superfunwithchad
    They force you to use this app which doesn’t function ...if you run a time sensitive business that revolves around appointments this app will ruin you..it at times, takes upwards to a few days simply for the messages to go through and then they have the audacity to rate your response time. We now discourage our clients from contacting us through here and simply reply with an email or our phone number when we do have messages that miraculously make it through on this trash app
  • Unusable app 1/5

    By John.Vahos
    This app used to work perfectly. Now when I scroll down, it keeps jumping back to the top. Extremely annoying 👎 This is now the worst app I’ve ever used.
  • The glitch is not yet fixed? Why?? 1/5

    By GilCan
    It is impossible to believe that this app belongs to Facebook. It’s a shame that the company spends tiresome amount of time tweaking FB and Messenger app and so despise this app. Pls, fix the glitch when scrolling in this app. Stop the AUTO SCROLLING!! When I scroll down the page jumps back to the beginning of the page. Total annoyance! Facebook is so overrated.
  • Page is jumping around 1/5

    By cashqueen33
    Not sure what is going on, but as of today, when I scroll down to see my posts, the page keeps jumping back up to the top. Will not let me scroll to the bottom. Please fix this ASAP or tell me how I can fix it on my end. This is very frustrating.
  • Major Glitch 1/5

    By kennywfz
    I try to scroll down to look through previous posts and constantly resets to the very top making it impossible to check post stats.
  • Used to be great 2/5

    By De Vanna 7654
    The app skips as I scroll through the timeline. Like, every few seconds, the page literally re-adjusts as though it has some kind of psychotic tic. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled. Still doing it. I'm unhappy.
  • Totally unusable since iOS 11 came out 1/5

    By Mpakpg
    The app is so twitchy and jumpy I cannot scroll down my pages without it immediately sending me back to the top of the page. Please fix this otherwise this app is useless.
  • Sudden issues 3/5

    By Flygirlpainter
    Ive been using this app for years, all of sudden my pages won’t let me scroll through them,, like it continually refreshes, can’t get past the first post! Ive restarted my IPhone but doesn't help. What’s going on!?
  • What did you do 1/5

    By Samiam145
    Used to be great, I could do almost everything I wanted on it but after the latest update I can’t scroll past the last 3 posts before it automatically scrolls me back to the top.
  • At One Time I Loved This App 3/5

    By ladykatina
    Maybe it’s just me or my new phone idk. But with the updated I can’t even scroll down my Pages. Which is another thing I have over 50 Pages and Posted from Pages Manager everyday, several hours a day loved it now I can hardly use it, I can’t make videos, Slideshow plus the BIGGEST One is I can’t Post from Photos to any Page. Pages Manager is not an option and another thing I have always been a Beta Tester and when I got this iPhone the app didn’t have Beta Testing anywhere I don’t know what to do. Your pictures of what pages look like and features is wrong totally. Please let me know how I’m to do all my Pages. I do them alone.
  • This app could be effective...needs more 3/5

    By WillApplebee
    I run a lot of pages, so this app has been effective for me at times. But then at others, like when I want to a share a whole post on another page, I have to get on a computer or iPad to do that because mobile doesn’t have that. This function badly needs to be added. Also it’s now really glitchy and jumps around a lot. Makes it hard to use. I like the app and have used it a lot and will continue to do so, but it really needs work.
  • Very bad app 1/5

    By Recogmra
    I‘m not satisfied by this app. And last update for IPhone is very bad it’s not allow me to scroll down the posts. If i scroll down it’s come to the first post again.
  • I hate this app 1/5

    By Sheikh47
    I hate this app when i slide up it is go to page bottom automatically.i can’t see my old posts by sliding .fix this bug
  • Not working right 1/5

    By Miguel1620
    Was working good before last update on 10-14-2017 now its unusable. Please fix
  • GLITCHY 1/5

    By rporter11
    Wish I could just use the Facebook app and toggle between my personal and business pages. This app fails to scroll smoothly, and often sends you back to the top of the page. As far as responding to comments, now the notifications are in two places. That causes extra work to be sure all comments/questions have been read and have received any necessary responses. NOT a fan.
  • Latest update a disaster. 1/5

    By Muttsnroses
    You can only scroll down 2-3 posts before it bounces you back up to the top of your page again. Also, it keeps telling me I have 50 unread notes when I have checked all of my messages and comments. This update is driving me crazy, Facebook. Fix it!
  • Terrible just awful, why? 1/5

    By Barrettdelong
    I get it was to make a less heavy app by splitting the three but this is not useful or helpful and not intuitive. It’s like you all went backwards. I can’t easily see tagged posts for my pages the insights on the mobile are wonky and rarely load even after the update. Not sure why this had to be separated from the mother app and why it’s so bad.
  • This could be so much better 3/5

    By Finchaser413
    If Facebook would stop with the garbage and have useful tools that seriously help you with promoting your business or page.
  • Messages 1/5

    By Craig Fondren
    I have contacted support numerous times without a response for weeks now. How can I get some help with a problem?
  • Buggy 1/5

    By Seller 77
    The app is always acting crazy! When I scroll down the page it starts blinking and the pictures of my post flashes and goes crazy! Also, why must I boost a post to get people to see it? I shouldn’t have to pay anything for the folks that’s already liked my page to see what I post! I have almost 2400 people that have liked my page and only 1/4 of those folks see my posts. This is pathetic! Fix this please! Stop dictating how many people that’s already liked my page, see my post! Everyone that’s liked the page and following the page should automatically see my post!
  • Needs some bug fixes overall good app 3/5

    By youngrob96
    I never write app reviews in the nearly 10 years I’ve had apple products but this app I depend on for work and business and the app works great there’s just 2 problems I’ve come across when posting photos sometimes when opening the app and going to the post the photos ads burry like it’s still not done loading... and I just came across another issue when I try and scroll down to an older post it scrolls itself right back up to the top and doesn’t let me do anything when I scroll without going right back up.
  • Why are u forcing people to use this crap 1/5

    By Tinyanca
    If you want us to use at least fix it and make a good app, so people enjoy!
  • Nothing on Facebook works properly! 1/5

    By Hawaii rental
  • Hate this app 1/5

    By Cruzintolight
    This is the one app that causes me the most frustration on a daily basis. Currently, I can not scroll down without it bouncing back to the top almost immediately. The check mark x option is ridiculous and pointless. The live video option doesn’t work... I can keep going... I hate this app. I wish I weren’t forced to use it
  • Falla en Todo arréglenlo Rápido 1/5

    By Autos Mzo
    No la descarguen tiene muchos errores!!! Ya nos deja publicar fotos y vídeos en la misma publicación aparte se flash todo el tiempo y no puedes ver publicaciones anteriores ya que se regresa al inicio pésimo!!!!
  • Notifications won't clear 1/5

    By colliermama
    I manage multiple pages, messages from ages ago that have been read won't clear so it's impossible to utilize notifications. This needs to fix ASAP.
  • Please fix 2/5

    By Kinipelajen
    It will not let me scroll down. It keeps sending me back to the top of the page. This last update is killing me. I can’t go any lower than 3 posts. That doesn’t help when you are trying to see your events and how many are interested because if is not one of the first two posts then you can’t look at it. And forget advertising a post because you can’t get to the post to advertise for it. (Apple iPhone)
  • App update 2/5

    By Mayes6675
    Since the last update when I go to scroll through it always pops back to the top of the page.
  • Love! 5/5

    By picturesbypayton
    I use it for a photography page for my business. It does exactly what I need and gives me tips on things I didn’t know I needed!
  • Worse each time 1/5

    By WordSmythe
    This app grows worse with each release. Glitches, sounds when it should be muted, harder to keep track of who I have or have not engaged with. I am this close to giving up on it. Why can I not scroll through my own feed without the app having a seizure?
  • Won’t scroll 2/5

    By Matthew.J.Willis
    This app constantly jumps back to the top while I’m trying to scroll through my posts. Very annoying.
  • Terrible Update 1/5

    By CGifaldi
    I am still unable to access any of my business page posts and timeline. Which is completely frustrating as they're necessary to operate my business. Nothing has been changed in days no matter how many times it's been reported.
  • Too much badging 1/5

    By woodleyfuneral
    Terrible since last update. Way, way too many badge notifications making you go from one screen to another. App is jumpy since last update and screen jumps all over. Used to be efficient for business...
  • Trouble with this app. 1/5

    By Kbkbkb01
    I’ve never been crazy about this app. It seems to be keeping detailed information about activity on my page but it won’t let me see it. Now with the latest update I can’t even scroll through the page and I have been getting notifications about messages that I can’t access. Please help!!
  • Helpful When It Works 3/5

    By Esegali
    I really wish the kinks could get worked out because it really helps me juggle all of the pages I manage but right now I can’t scroll through the feeds without it pushing me back to the top and glitching 💔
  • Garbage app 1/5

    By AnnoyedCritic.com
    As Mark Zuckerberg takes VR trips to flood zones, his basic apps continue to fail at being functionally decent. Pages is so loaded with bugs, I can’t imagine someone with an eye for quality being satisfied with it. You can’t scroll down now without it jerking up and loading something then making it vanish. Like, I hate these developers a lot. I hate how they’re lazy and not paying attention to detail.
  • Most annoying app 1/5

    By Crazi for slots
    I have never liked this app but recently I hate it. When I open the app it will show me our last 3 posts and then 2016. Rarely SEE MORE will appear above the 2016 but mostly it won’t let me see past 3 posts so I can’t check my reach numbers. On my desktop I see no reach numbers at all. I am very frustrated with the performance and just a bit confused why Facebook is doing such a disservice to us business owners.
  • Interruption and crashes on iPhone 6s 1/5

    By Mr Moe 87
    Interruption and crashes on iPhone 6s Cover photo is not viewed the same as in a desktop
  • Too many Glitches 1/5

    By tawniD
    This app has so many glitches all the time. It needs some major work in order for it to be convenient for me to use. The new iPhone update has now made this app impossible to use. Please update!
  • Scroll is buggy in this version 1/5

    By Nanos2000
    @Facebook, please fix this. Otherwise it’s a great app. Just a bad version. Looking forward next update.
  • Unable to access all features. Glitches and other issues 2/5

    By Bdburrows
    I am unable to scroll past my most recent posted video. I will get about three posts down when it will then automatically scroll back to the top of the page. I do not receive all notifications. I have gone through all of my phone settings and the app settings, and still I do not get notifications until I open the app. I am unable to review page suggestions. I get the notification of a page info suggestion, but I have to go to a computer to review it.
  • I hate this app. 1/5

    By Nssjkdkkdjendnx
    I wish I could operate within fb instead of this app. It’s a poorly made and kept app. More trouble than its worth.
  • Glitch with scrolling down the page 1/5

    By Taknanak
    The page keeps going back up when you try to scroll down the page to review the posted posts
  • Latest update problem 2/5

    By Nahejz
    I used to love this app until I updated it today! I can't go to my old posts! Fix it please

Facebook Pages Manager app comments


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