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Facebook Pages Manager

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  • Current Version: 90.0
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  • Developer: Facebook, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Facebook Pages Manager App

Pages Manager helps admins connect with their audience and keep up with activity on multiple Pages, all in one place. Features: • Post updates and photos and respond to comments as your Pages • View and reply to private messages sent to your Pages • Option to get push notifications for new activity, tips and reminders • View your latest Page Insights Just install Pages Manager and then log in using Facebook to quickly access and manage all of your Pages from wherever you are.


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Facebook Pages Manager app reviews

  • Gets worse every update 1/5

    By Steveoh1969
    Used to be a really good app. But now it’s so buggy its not even worth it. Got 21 notifications showing when I have none
  • Facebook Needs To Fix This App 1/5

    By Tinnybit
    It amazes me how Facebook won’t fix want actually needs being fixed. I have reported to them several times in fact that 3 of my pages show their inboxes as having 20+ messages in them but in reality there are none. Then a few days an additional 20 are added to those supposed already 20. So that makes 40 invisible messages. As usual they ignore all attempts to get their attention so if are a manager, editor, etc of a Facebook Page and you need help with something DO NOT COUNT ON FACEBOOK WITH FIXING THIS APP.
  • MultiPage Manager 1/5

    By Marjosr
    This app is extremely glitchy, and it has been like this for a while. I cannot understand why it hasn’t been fixed. Notifications are not clearing, it’s been marking that I have 20+ notifications for the longest time, and now I’m not even able to read comments. Please fix it.
  • Job posting 3/5

    By Bluebunny2567468
    The job section of this has a lot of bugs. As I was typing my text would randomly become caps locked. Every i was capitalized even in other words. It would delete my post when I would try to change my picture and now after I’ve published it, it won’t let go back into that job so I can’t even see what it looks like. I hope this section gets a major update soon.
  • Not possible to delete messages. 1/5

    By NikNDom
  • Notifications won’t clear!! 2/5

    By MamaD922
    There are two types of people in this world. 1. Those who can live with an absurd about of notifications just staring at them with the little red bubbles of chaos. 2. Those who can’t. I am the latter. I also fancy myself quite the organized person, so when Facebook created an app solely for the purpose of streamlining notifications, I was sold. However, the NOTIFICATIONS WILL NOT CLEAR! I’ve reported it 3 times and no resolution. So until that resolves, I cannot give this app a good rating.
  • I hate this app 1/5

    By Trying to make you fatter
    Everything about this app is frustrating and counter-productive. Its constantly giving me facebook advertisements as notifications that have to be individually cleared from the notifications list of each page I own to remove the red flag. This makes me miss real messages because I’ve become so inured to the fake ones. You cannot seem to start a new message anywhere in the app. You cannot view someones profile info without leaving the app. It seems to randomly choose between attributing my comments to my business page name or my personal fb page name in an inconsistent manner. Just hate this app so much 😡
  • Notifications CANNOT BE TURNED OFF 1/5

    By TechnologyGuru
    App is limited as it is but it is constantly sending me reminders to post and I literally can’t turn them off. I am likely going to delete the app because the cons outweigh the pros with this app.
  • Facebook Pages 😵 1/5

    By becplants
    Dear FB, You have a really good idea going. Why can’t you fix the bugs?! When I first downloaded this app it ran smoothly and perfectly. Now my notifications are stuck on 21...my events once put up to post takes the app more than 30 minutes to reset itself. Even after it posts to my newsfeed, I can’t list another event because the app is List in the abyss of try to reboot itself to the home page!!!!! PLEASE! Fix the kinks! Unfix whatever your last update “fixed” because it has caused your app to sink to the bottom!
  • Repeat Notifications 1/5

    By lln03
    It keeps giving me the same notifications over and over. I need a single notification about the reactions on a post, not 15.
  • Stop 1/5

    By MasterChief Quickscoper
    You keep changing things that don’t need to be changed. Hate the new notification system. Stop doing what you’re doing.
  • Crashes constantly 1/5

    By Bessicajach
    Step 1: create duplicate event Step 2: attempt to change date Step 3: CRASH Of course this is something that can’t be done on the mobile version of a page 🙄
  • Notifications won’t clear 1/5

    By dA-Hobo
    I would also greatly appreciate an option to disable notifications about boosting posts.
  • How could a company show such blatant malaise? 1/5

    By Josh Trent
    Not only does this app crash multiple times and consistently disappoint but it is literally useless when it comes to engaging your community during a Facebook live. I would give it zero stars if possible.
  • So many issues 1/5

    By liz_denman
    I have been using this Facebook Pages App for about 2 years. I have had few issues in the past, until about November of 2017. After those updates, I get ZERO notifications. I have checked and rechecked my preferences time and time again and they are what they’re suppose to be. I’m not having notifications, I miss SOO much with customers asking questions and sending messages. I also hate that comments are now under a different tab than the “normal” notification. I want to see it all in one space, and not spread out. Please have these issues fixed. I haven’t given a review in hopes that it would be fixed soon. But obviously, it has not.
  • No función 2/5

    By Noé Hernández
    Febrero 2018 está app no funciona . Muy mal , por que antes era muy bueno ,, me era muy útil ., pero ahora es una basura 😡😑
  • 20+ 1/5

    By TonyLovesPopTarts
    The app is consistently showing me that there are new notifications when there aren’t any. One page I manage always has “20+” unread but not none when you check. It crashes and is very quirky in what should be normal operations.
  • Boosting post big 2/5

    By dsunn
    Won’t let you boost posts. This is a cool app but if it let me boost posts and select my audiences, etc... it would make it a helpful app.
  • Miedo a actualizar 1/5

    By ཙུན་ཅ
    Actualización : La verdad me da miedo actualizar, funciona bastante mal la versión que tengo, pero esta nueva versión quizás va a ir aun peor 😩 Terrible no abre Mensajes se queda pegada cuando quiero adjuntar una foto no me avisa cuando comentan mis publicaciones por favor actualicen es horroroso!!!
  • This app is rubbish 1/5

    By JLSGeorgieBean
    Dear FB Page Manager App: Thanks for being the worst/least intuitive app I have ever used. I can't check my messages without you. You make it so that I have to do everything twice, if someone is messaging me and the conversation is over but I'm not the last person to respond I get a low response rate! Hence, you make the end of every conversation super awkward. I manage 5 pages and you notify me of everything twice. You never let me see who shares my posts, even my friends. So people can say horrible things about what I'm posting or I can't respond to questions they may have. As a matter of fact I can't tell if people are asking questions. You are terrible. You are like a medicine I need to take that does nothing but give me side effects. I hate you. If you were a person I would block you. You are the Jar-Jar Binks of apps. I want to pretend you don't exist but you do and you haunt my dreams. Sincerely, Beanie
  • Sound notification still not working!!! 1/5

    By Davrak81
    I guess I’m not the only one who’s experiencing problems. My major problem is that there is Still no sound notification when someone messages you. All the other problems I coped with.
  • What the hell!? 1/5

    By RichJr1981
    This app was great at first! I could keep my page separate from my personal account. It kept track of visits, interactions, new followers/likes and was easy to find and share. Now I can’t even clear the dang notifications, and for someone with OCD, it’s actually infuriating to see the 21 by the icon that will never go away. I don’t need tips on how to “boost your post”. Seems like once I boosted a post, that’s all Facebook wants to do on my page! My content is rarely seen and I get less and less follower interaction. On top of that, my friends ask if I see the posts they make mentioning my page. I get ZERO notification but they show me their post and it makes me look like a jerk. Get your crap together Facebook.
  • I like the ease but too much baggage 2/5

    By caspianxi
    It’s nice to have an app that goes directly to my FB page. However I can’t clear the 21 number off of my screen. Also tired of the app telling me to highlight or promote posts. Please fix these bugs.
  • Mediocrity Defined: Better to use Safari to manage your FB Page 😡 2/5

    By GTD Meister
    Seriously, this is a back burner app, so much bloat, so much you can't do in this app that can be done in an ordinary browser! Good for posting a status or uploading a photo, but nearly worthless for managing a Facebook page … the single purpose for which this app exists. There is NO WAY Facebook insiders use this app … 😕
  • Detail description on updates 3/5

    By Saulp11
    It would be great if you could describe what the updates are each time you release a New Update.
  • Hate it... 1/5

    By Alienmodified
    Would rather still have page access via the base FB app. This thing is garbage. I get no notifications on comments, shares, or messages. I have to regularly open the app and drain my battery in order to see if I have any messages. Fix it.
  • Peace of $h 1/5

    By Mantis79
    I know my customers are messaging but the message folder shows empty. All I get is notification to boost posts... yea like I want to give money to idiots at Facebook!!!!! I’m so mad for missing my customers messages, now who do I call? 800.DON.TCAL ???
  • Unified Inbox is Nauseating 1/5

    By Carinebean
    The unified inbox the ultimate source of headaches and clutter, without any way to turn it off. Waste of time and energy to manually go through each page's inbox just to mark notifications as read. Disaster of a feature.
  • Not very good. 1/5

    By Some guy in the U.S.
    I have a page with 11,000 likes and I don’t need Facebook telling me to boost my page for a fee. I understand it’s revenue for you but most of my notices are from Facebook telling me to boost my posts. I wish there was an option to opt out of that. I do like that it’s separate from my Facebook page. But right now it’s crashing when I try to read a notification or email.

    By Daniel Peyer
    Our company decided to rebrand. And instead of keeping our followers. They have decided we can’t. Even after appealing! It is ridiculous. Now we have to start all over again. ONE STAR FOR CUSTOMER SUPPORT!!
  • Too busy 2/5

    By gespaco
    I’m getting fed up with all these folders. I don’t need folders for when people comment on my posts, another for private messages, etc. Just give me my message inbox and put the remainder back into my notifications. Having to clear out multiple places just to get the notification icon to go away is quite frustrating to me.
  • Marketplace posting 3/5

    By calvinchilds.com
    Cannot post to the Facebook marketplace from my business page

    By EIFG
    When going through the different pages I’m an admin on, I have to click each individual message and each individual comment notification to clear the notifications. One page is rather busy, and I don’t have time to review every single comment. Please make an option to click “mark all as read”.
  • Space on my phone 3/5

    By Brenboots
    It has stopped sending me notifications. No sounds, sometimes the red bubble shows up, but sometimes it is a long time I have received a message from a potential customer. I have the all the notifications turned on. At one time, it worked, now it just seems to use up space on my phone and tablet.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By CL Country Life
    This app is terrible you forced it on me lost control of my page you can’t follow nobody you can’t like any other posts wish I would of never went with this app
  • Useless 1/5

    By Mr.BryantJ
    The only thing that is useful is that I can do live videos with the app under my page name. Other than that? It’s a waste of space. It can’t pull notifications in. I have 21 unread, but it won’t refresh the feed. And to think I give Facebook money for advertising for them to have their heads up their cracks on this..
  • Hello Kitty 1/5

    By Dhfriedr
    Keeps getting worse, as though that’s even possible. Im guessing Facebook is owned by Hello Kitty. Message to Facebook: Quit asking me to use this app! Or put some one over 5 years old in charge of development.
  • What is wrong with your systems 5/5

    By Jay4terps
    It does not matter what I use for a password you will not accept why can You not use the one in my phone that is the problem I can not keep up with the changes I am always wrong
  • Notifications break the entire app 3/5

    By GoodwinGang
    The notifications chronically fail to clear, no matter what I do in the app. This makes it almost useless for anything at all, except to publish to the page. It’s so bad that I’ve been forced to move it out of a group folder for all my other social media apps, just so the pending notifications don’t mislead me into thinking that something else needs attention. A social media app that can’t play well with others? Now THAT’S a problem!
  • Horrible and getting worse 1/5

    By Jaxson1970
    Brand new issue for last couple weeks: a dealer checks in at our antique mall and posts a photo of their wares. I go to repost their check in and am given some strange new series of Hutton options which when clicked do nothing, and when held down open safari and ask me to log in. Was annoying to have to use a second app to manage our business’ social media but at least it USED TO allow me to do so. Now I have to pocket my phone and repost these photos from my desktop hours later when I’m no longer in the store. How convenient!
  • Notification issues 1/5

    By CGad1
    This app was supposed to make it easier to manage all of my pages in one location. It was great for a minute. Now, with the latest page I’ve added to this app to manage, there’s a big issue with notifications. I can’t delete the notifications or even view them to delete them. It just shows I have 20+ in the section when you can would received notifications about posts to a page but it won’t pull them up. It just says “This is where you can manage posts to your page...” and at the bottom it says “refresh” yet I can’t get it to refresh or show any of the 20+ notification. I’m funny about things being left undone especially in my emails and apps so you can imagine how frustrating and time consuming this has been trying to figure out how to fix this only to find I and far from the only person having this issue. I found SO many people frustrated just like I am when I searched solitons. What I did not find...was a solution. Therefore, I’m giving this app a 1 Star. If I could give it less I would.
  • My par no longer functions 1/5

    By Loyalchallenger
    I added my page to Business Manager. It some how unpublished itself. I had to republish it. It only shows up in the Facebook Page app now. It won’t let me post anything on it and it keeps disappearing. I can’t do ANYTHING with it on mobile at all.
  • CooL 5/5

    By Elenikoo
  • This app is now an alpha release. 1/5

    By Brian Ruggiero
    Six months ago this app worked fine. Not the most robust app with tons of options, but it worked fine. Today, most pages won’t load. If they load, they are missing images and posts. They don’t refresh. I can’t check the inbox. I have logged out...logged back in...used a security code...doesn’t matter. The app is now an alpha release. I would gladly QC releases for you before you unload them to the public...just let me know.
  • Notification spam 1/5

    By mike.melusky
    Hate having to clear out unnecessary notifications such as “posting new content is a great way to connect!” I’m debating between removing badge permissions or deleting this app all together. I manage several low volume Facebook pages, and this app is making this experience much worse overall.
  • Bummer!!!! 2/5

    By Candy_Kidd82
    It’s such a bummer that you can’t move previous uploaded pictures into new albums!!! If you create a new album you can only upload new pictures and if you do that you lose all the likes and comments!!! Please can you guys make it so you can just transfer pictures to a new album
  • Please make reviews available on iPad version 2/5

    By Leah Marie Wise
    The one things I’ve found missing that is most valuable, is being able to see and respond to Reviews. It’s great on iPhone but not available on iPad. Not sure why it’s not the same.
  • Craptacular 1/5

    By Vonster
    This app is a hot mess. Cannot clear notifications. And the endless spamming by Facebag emails nagging you to post something and then when you do post throttling reach and spamming you with more emails telling you to pay them (boost) to reach those who have already agreed to follow your page but probably won’t see it. Scamware.
  • Not useful 1/5

    By rafacst
    Inbox doesn’t show every message. this app is useless
  • Shameless self promotion by Facebook 1/5

    By jcheatham
    I continually get push notifications from this app that are really just Facebook telling me to promote my page. I’m deleting the app - the whole reason I installed it was to know when someone messaged my Facebook Page. I don’t need Facebook to tell me how to do something that I’ve already decided to not do. There’s also no option to disable these notification by Facebook to get you to purchase ads.

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