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Keeping up with friends is faster than ever. • See what friends are up to • Share updates, photos and video • Get notified when friends like and comment on your posts • Watch and interact with live video • Play games and use your favorite apps • Buy and sell items and services Read our Data Use Policy, Terms and other important info in the legal section of our App Store description. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Facebook doesn't run GPS in the background unless you give us permission by turning on optional features that require this.


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  • Crashing 1/5

    By Queenyoo7
    Why do Facebook keep crashing I have to keep deleting an reinstalling
  • Can’t open any of the files in groups 3/5

    By Flageobiker
    You can get to the files area. But you can’t open anything. Most are PDFs. It would be nice if we could at least open it in another app. Kinda kills the use of the mobile app if I keep needing to go to my computer to get what I’m looking for.
  • Notification moved 1/5

    By Alecw333
    Sweet now every time I want to check my notifications I half to use my other hand since they moved it to the top left just to show off their marketplace. Terrible UI choices.
  • Put the fing top banner back. 1/5

    By Just Livin' Girl
    I won't be utilizing this application until the time and battery icons are visible again 👆🏼
  • not bad 3/5

    By amm.s@ndi
    its good to use
  • Crashes too much 1/5

    By Asslskdkdj
    Crashes to much when updated to ios11.
  • Gifs won't auto play 1/5

    By Kailag23
    Gifs in the comment sections won't auto play for me anymore. I have to click on them and it takes me to the link where I can watch them. It's literally on every single one of them.
  • Too much politics 1/5

    By TomFrom Myspace
    Not enough music
  • Please fix gifs 1/5

    By 7baller7
    Every gif posted as a comment is now just a picture and link to the gift. It’s super annoying and inconvenient. Please go back to the old way that had the gifs play right in the comments
  • Notification button 1/5

    By Official Blake Williams
    Can we move the notification button back to the bottom row
  • iPad Pro Support Please. 2/5

    By Peter Aponte Jr
    It would be nice to have both Facebook and Facebook Messenger running side by side using the iPad Pro’s multitasking, split screen and slide over features. Getting yanked from one app to another isn't very user friendly. Also Native iPad Pro resolution would allow the user to see more. Maybe even use Apple’s Metal 2 to make this app fluid and fast.
  • I hope you like app invites! 1/5

    By SGTSparkyFace
    Comments won’t load, as random articles and links also won’t load. This is a quite broken app.
  • Huh 1/5

    By bbjfbm
  • 💩🤢💩😴 1/5

    By AM Smith89120
  • 👎🏼 1/5

    By Llexxii__
    I used to love Facebook and the selling thing is very cool. However the fact that you have to download messenger makes me want to delete the whole app.
  • So many bullies 😔 1/5

    By CladiaT
    There are so many bullies and when you try to report them most of the time... NOTHING HAPPENS...... it's sad.
  • Gifs 2/5

    By Yelrihs86
    Bring Gif back in the comments. I don’t want to click to another page to see the gif. Please make it an option to refresh the feed as well.
  • Too many ads. 1/5

    By Paully Walley
    Okay i used to love this app and used to use it all the time but now that a 30 second video has a 15-30 second advertisement is insane! If I want to watch a 10 second video of a dude falling off a bike for a quick laugh I should be able to. Not get interrupted with a 15 second advertisement right before the pivotal moment of impact with body and pavement. I get you guys make money from it but I think it’s getting a bit excessive.
  • Keeps crashing! 1/5

    By A_Purple_Mist
    I can't even open the app without it immediately crashing! And it does this again and again. It's extremely frustrating. Please fix this!!
  • Good app 4/5

    By Lj 123one
    This is a good app,I like it
  • This app is the biggest battery hog 1/5

    By Richchicken
    It went from all day normal use to to 20% by 4pm.
  • Keeps crashing! 1/5

    By DwarfNinjaSkills
    Since yesterday every time I open Facebook it crashes within a couple seconds. Fix it please!
  • Issues 3/5

    By Val201219
    FB is really getting on my nerves right now,..every time I try to change my cover pic the app shuts off, for the literally 10th time
  • latest update still has the problems.. 1/5

    By ConnieDodson
    If I select from list at the Search drop-down menu, FB crashes. The "people you may know" suggestions freeze Facebook app. They are never people I may know, and I do not want to see p0rn on their page when I get their page when I select Remove. It would be helpful if Facebook emptied the cache, at recycling Power OFF/ON. I have an iPad Mini 2.
  • Too large 2/5

    By Benjamin364
    Takes too much space on your phone, I wish there was a smaller version that doesn’t take too much space..
  • Horrible update 2/5

    By Carlosbluevillalba13
    Facebook already had the worst video player out there but now its just destroyed. I expect more from a billion dollar company.
  • Too much 2/5

    By Trinkle
    I use Facebook regularly for personal and business. As someone else who manages a business, I can tell you that you're supposed to make using your service easy for your customer. When I download Facebook, I want the full feature. I don't want to download 2+ additional app just to message people. I have texting for that. Plus, I usually ignore messages now because I don't see them while I'm in Facebook. It's irritating that all these additional features keep getting added, other features get pushed out, and we have to download multiple apps just to use the basics.
  • Update crashing 1/5

    By Boo yahh 689743
    Updated the app this morning and now it crashes every time I attempt to open it.
  • Boo! 😡 4/5

    By Arivas
    Facebook keeps CRASHING!!! FIX IT!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
  • Going downhill with each new update 2/5

    By vinsiphone
    Gets new features to users - yes; but that’s it. The installer is now stands at 225+ MB and is seemingly becoming a monolith in terms of its install pack. Make it any further bulkier and that’s it - I am done with this app.
  • GIFs bro. 2/5

    By Bj379114
    GIFs should play in comments on the app. Also, let us add a comment to a GIF bro...it’s 2017.
  • I found a glitch in Facebook when you put a post with a video it sounds so bad😔😣😖 plz fix it 5/5

    By abod ibrahim
    abod ibrahim
  • Always issues 2/5

    By ARSweigart
    Always issues with this app. Live videos lock up, kick you out and then won’t play again. Constant refreshing that causes you to lose your place. Never showing the most recent. Very frustrating!!!
  • Pure crap 1/5

    By Amblewett
    Facebook better knock their crap off. Starting today for some reason all posts in my newsfeed that are conservative based are only left with an article title! Quit with the biased bs!!!
  • Too many videos 1/5

    By Jaumf09
    I prefer to access Facebook.com in my mobile browser because there are less videos in my feed. Both mobile apps for iPhone and iPad seem to prioritize videos over everything else. The apps are unusable for this reason.
  • Newest version keeps crashing 1/5

    By Tammyinmo
    Newest version keeps crashing the second it opens. Don't update if you haven't already.
  • Terrible update 2/5

    By Austin1329
    Ever since I downloaded the update the app crashes every time I try to open it. Fix this please ASAP!!!!
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By Copishwit
    As soon as I move the display it crashes. It's unusable so l've deleted it.
  • Junk 1/5

    By Joemomba600
  • This update is awful. I can’t even view my own page. 1/5

    By OBriensgirl
    My Facebook continually looks different from everyone else’s. Now they’ve taken away my own page. I can’t see it. Fix this please.
  • Lack of teachers and it lags in the new iOS 1/5

    By Markmc22
    Another ball drop from FB! Big surprise
  • Too Much 4/5

    By MaiXNguyenX
    I don’t normally use Facebook, nor do I have any problems with it except for one. There are too many notifications! I want to know certain things, but I don’t need notifications for every time someone comments on some random picture or updated their status or something. It bothers me that those are all the things that use up my data or pop up on my phone in the middle of the day. Please limit the type of things that you are notifying us about
  • Ads every 3 posts 1/5

    By Mighty Midget 1227
    Horrible. Sign on today and every 3rd post is an add. It's not bad enough you pick and choose the posts I see (today I get to see 5 posts from yesterday between ads) instead of current posts, now you have so many ads . I will delete this app if this is what it's turning into
  • I can't get my notifications on the latest version. 1/5

    By Dukebbfan04
    I tap...I tap and hold...I can't open my notifications on the newest mobile version... Really annoying
  • Terrible and disgusting 1/5

    By NDE3
    Terrible and disgusting
  • Ughhh 🙄 3/5

    By MaraHamilton
    So Facebook is a day to day thing with me , why is it when I updated my Facebook every time I click on my app it clicks right back out of it . It’s starting to really bother me & it needs to be corrected ASAP please. Thank you ✌🏽
  • Let me see messages! 2/5

    By ChelsJ06
    I'm receiving more notifications than are actually there. The notification icon will say 4, when there is only 1. I have tried opening every notification to clear them out, uninstalling and reinstalling-nothing works. Ads, ads and more video ads. Because of this, if I'm watching a video from ex. Tasty, I'll just google the recipe. Sure, there may be ads on the page where the recipe is, but I don't have to watch a 15 seconds video. Let me see messages on the Facebook app. An extra app is pointless. If someone sends a message on FB, then I should be able to see it on FB. Not have to download another app (which I only use to rid myself of the message notification). On the plus side, I'm using less and less FB.

    By Needs $
    seriously I can refresh on my own. I HATE THAT when I go to another app and come back to FB I have to find where I was AGAIN. i guess this is a work in progress it has gotten better. it refreshes every Other time now instead of Every time
  • Feature Creep garbage 1/5

    By Diesel_Wolf
    This app used to be good, now it’s nothing but feature creep and usability problems. They removed the notification button! Basically you can’t see if anyone’s replied to you anymore, but at least you can sell things (because obviously Facebook is supposed to be the new eBay). Photo and story features are intrusive and severely harm usability. In short, don’t bother anymore with this version.
  • Latest update useless 1/5

    By wenent
    Crashing! So frustrating!!

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