Family Guy Freakin Mobile Game

Family Guy Freakin Mobile Game

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  • Current Version: 1.14.4
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Jam City, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Family Guy Freakin Mobile Game App

It's time you wet your whistle and put a little Peter in your pocket! From the producers of the hit TV show, Family Guy: Another Freakin' Mobile Game features your favorite characters and moments from all 15 seasons of Family Guy. Follow Peter, Lois, Stewie, Brian, Chris, Quagmire, Cleveland… and Meg on a debaucherous journey through Quahog. Put on your big kid pants because this isn’t your typical candy-coated match game. Time to crush on a whole new level. Filled with absurd hilarity and fun challenges, Family Guy: Another Freakin' Mobile Game is a must-have for fans of animated shows. Game Features: LET'S PLAY WITH MATCHES: Match, swap, and play 160 challenging levels featuring your favorite characters and hilarious moments from show. ENDLESS FODDER FOR FANS: Classic storylines from Family Guy with all-new antics updated regularly. 4 OUTRAGEOUSLY FUN GAME MODES: Fill drinks for Peter, Collect condoms for Quagmire, Uncover makeup for Meg, and more! BOOST YOUR GAME: Make epic matches using boosters like the Kitty Crossbow, Space Displacer, and Bullet Breaker. COMPLETE LIMITED-TIME QUESTS: Earn collectibles that can be used to unlock iconic character costumes, coins, boosters, Family Guy storylines, and more. GO HEAD-TO-HEAD: Battle the Giant Chicken, Jerome, and other characters in epic boss battles. Download Family Guy: Another Freakin' Mobile Game and play anywhere, anytime, even on the toilet… SWIPE. WIPE. SWIPE. WIPE. Don’t forget to watch new episodes of Family Guy on Sundays - only on FOX! Check out all the latest news & updates for Family Guy: Another Freakin’ Mobile Game Check out awesome Family Guy clips, episodes, pictures, and more: DEVELOPER INFO: Jam City is the leading developer in truly cross-platform social gaming! Check out our other free match 3 puzzle games! You'll love to swap, match, and crunch through ever expanding levels and events. Check back often to see all the new games that we've added! You'll love to jam through each new puzzle adventure. This game contains some alcohol-related content. Due to Facebook restrictions, users in select countries may not be able to login if they are under the legal drinking age.


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Family Guy Freakin Mobile Game app reviews

  • Unplayable on my device 1/5

    By PowellsPods
    I have an iPod Touch 5th Gen and it should be compatible on this device. I have loaded the game on my device, but I go (or should I say try) to play it--it ends up unplayable. It crashes on load-up screen every time. You can't play a game that crashes at the start of the loading screen. This problem needs to be fixed.
  • Not working 5/5

    By cmood0730
    I love it but recently have not been able to play. It goes to a black screen! Can you all fix this?
  • The review 5/5

    By Native49247
    Fun can accomplish without micro transactions
  • Fun 3/5

    By Mollybmom99
    Fun but you have to wait too long for more lives, ridiculous.

    By Janna_w1105
    This app adhered to my bank info and continues to charge my account with a memo saying “infinite loop”. I contacted support and immediately had my email blowing up with other family guy game app invites- instead of a resolution to this very frustrating situation. Also its a cheesy game- poorly developed. Really? Pick up megs makup? Collect quagmires condoms? Juvenile
  • Great time waster! 5/5

    By kennyjrz
    I never have watched that show but maybe I should look into it!
  • Irritated 3/5

    By heidi0724
    Can’t get my app to pair up with my Facebook account already on level 193 and I’m not deleting the app to re install it now.
  • Fun Game 3/5

    By Runnidown
    This is a great game - until you reach higher levels! To beat higher levels - you must spend money! Additionally, the game will not let you use your special items to beat certain levels. The is the most money hungry game I’ve seen in a while. Beware it’s a greedy game for $$$!
  • So much fun!! 5/5

    By Firestarter10
    I freakin love this game!!!! So many levels and challenges. And soooo addicting.
  • Really 1/5

    By Zdogcoach
    When fighting a boss and you have 4 moves left and score several good combinations and still don’t get the KO you know the game is jacked up just trying to make you pay for additional moves
  • Love the game but, 4/5

    By GuessMate
    Love the game, wish there were like more chances to win things. Every time i get on it won't let me play. I cant click on the circles and it doesn't have numbers. Can you help ?
  • Getting annoyed 2/5

    By Kendrain
    I was just playing the game and I had several moves left before I could win. It was one of the match the battery levels. The batteries never fell down no matter how many times I made a move and ended up using all my moves up without a single battery falling down resulting in me losing the level. I would not be writing this review if it was the first time but it has happened to me several times before and is getting really annoying at this point.
  • This game is very addictive 5/5

    By gtiblkvr32
    I’m literally addicted to this game. It just stinks to have to wait for new levels to be made once your in the 700 levels ☹️
  • Funny 5/5

    By Tommyshaker
    It’s fun and funny the boards are fun and funny when you pass them
  • Will not run on iPad 2 1/5

    By geekag
    This game crashes every time I try to load it. 0 stars. Never loads. Always crashes. CRAP

    By Kristennnn.
  • Free boosters? 5/5

    By kissedrebel
    Need a way to earn free boosters
  • This game is not cool anymore 1/5

    By Scottie Prince
    My phone keeps blacking out. I need this fixed.
  • It was okay at first 1/5

    By Tekkk86
    Then there’s dumb levels like breaking two layers of condoms.. like why two? Also levels where you collect two colors and a chocolate but you have 6 different types on the board which I spent over 20 lives and still haven’t beaten because you have to collect a ridiculous amount. It was easy at first but now they’d want you to buy into the levels and pay for extra turns or items to aid the level. You don’t get any coins as I’m still at 20 coins unless you buy. It’s another money grubbing game instead of an ease of entertainment. Kys if you’re suckered into paying lol
  • Love it, but... 3/5

    By Everynameistaken333
    The game is great! However, although I’ve completed the daily challenged, it does not show that they’ve been done. Ex: “Collect 3 stars from new levels”, I’ve done at least 5 with 3 stars, but the challenge shows only 3/6 stars. Please fix!
  • Crazy game 5/5

    By Rambie123
    Fast paced and addictive. Been playing this app for some months.
  • Was fun... 3/5

    By vanislechild
    Quality game, but the needing to buy your way through levels has me deleting it. Thanks anyway... it was a good game up until this.
  • Love this game 5/5

    By Rachelfaria
    I love Seth MacFarlane!
  • Too many glitches 3/5

    By SAA800677
    Too many glitches to score this game higher. When it works it is enjoyable but events may or may not work. For instance should get a key for every star earned but 12 stars and no key for prizes. Adds also may/ may not give extra moves.
  • Family guy 2/5

    By Tha cola dog
    I really like this game, but why offer bonuses if they are given then taken away? Don't blame it on do I have latest version, or did I turn it on and off! Don’t spend your money...Feb 11 2018
  • Love this game!!! 5/5

    By Kweenie b
    So addicted! If you have a problem or stuck on a level, they are so great at getting back to you and fixing the situation. Very good to their players! It's really appreciated. The Christmas app looked great!
  • Glitchy 2/5

    By Kelli123!
    I am constantly getting glitches. It either doesn’t load or its all jacked up when it does. Please fix this, because I enjoy playing when it is working.
  • Dope 5/5

    By StarLJAJ
    I dig it. It’s a great game to play when passing the time. Anytime I have a little bit of time out of my busy day, I tend to play this game and it’s really fun and addictive. I would change how long it takes for you to get one heart back though. That’s the only thing. Other than that, 5 stars from me.
  • Love This Game 5/5

    By D-Ro75
    I love this game. I’m always completing all levels before new ones can be created.
  • Very frustrating game 1/5

    By fuckuthisappdontwork
    Great concept, terrible execution. I don't know where to begin in explaining just how wrong this game is. From the poor level design to the quirky controls that often make the wrong move makes this game annoying. If you want a casual game experience you won't find it here. The game starts out easy but then becomes unplayable without the boosts and continues that you have to pay real money for. The challenge level raises to fast compared to how the game begins. You can play the first twenty or so levels but after that it is only worth deleting to recover space on your device.
  • So much fun 4/5

    By Torii91194
    UPDATE: I’m having serious glitches on certain levels where the pieces move and they disappear so I can’t finish the game. It doesn’t happen often but it’s happened enough to frustrate me! I love this game so much that it's replaced candy crush lol the only thing I would recommend is more gift boxes for chances to win extra coins and lives and tricks for the game. There is a prize spin if you win a hard level first try. But maybe a free one once a day or a week would be nice too. All in all it's a good game, and I love that you don't have to wait as long for more lives like other games!
  • Good Game But 4/5

    By Short cute
    I do not like the levels that have you fighting with the champ.
  • Joke 1/5

    By Nickdovidio
    As long as you have money great game.
  • Pretty ok 2/5

    By D_Amazing25
    This game is pretty awesome but it does crash and freezes at times it’s annoying but if you have patience I guess you’ll put up with it 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Piece o crap 1/5

    By Roscoepotamus
    What’s the point of playing when I can only see a corner of the game. Deleted within 2 minutes.
  • Freezes mid-game 4/5

    By wolfy317
    There are a lot of levels that will freeze up the phone, and you end up losing that life or more because you have to force close the app, and come back in. Playing on an iPhone 7plus.
  • Fun game but.. 2/5

    By SammySweet420
    It glitches at level 88 and I can't make even 1 move. I've played up to that level on 2 different phones. I'd give it a 5 otherwise. Please fix this!!
  • Love it but 4/5

    By Dollhouse Queen
    I love the game but sometimes when I start playing after a down time, the game freezes up. I always have to restart my cell phone which is a pain.
  • Would be five if glitches got fixed 4/5

    By Dirtydraggel
    627 and 647 gives me 59/60 but got 3 stars on both several times. All 700 would have 3 stars with these fixed
  • Extra Lives Disappear 3/5

    By cody.tate
    I play this game all the time and I love it. However, lately if I win bonus lives through beating a harder level or crafting the items, they disappear. Today I had 13 lives saved up. The game closed for two minutes as I stepped away from my phone. I came back and there was only five lives! Why give us those as a bonus if we can’t use them after closing the game? Terrible.
  • Glitch 3/5

    By AutieA
    There seems to be a glitch that every time I wins coins on my spin for the day I never actually get the coins at all.
  • Candy crush 3/5

    By EastcoastCatmaster
    Same game with a family guy theme. Fun time passer.
  • Family Guy 5/5

    By Tal0ns
    5 stars if I can fill in for Seth on voice overs when he wants a day off. If not then I will give it five stars and never work with him again!
  • Greased up deaf guy levels have ruined this game. 1/5

    By Alison Chains
    I’m on level 383 and the developers have managed to ruin this game. Greased up deaf guy manages to hide where you can’t make matches and randomly moves seemingly knowing I have a match prepared to free him. If I can’t make a match he will sit there for 7 moves. If I can free him in 4 moves he will move after 3. This was a 5 star game until the developers ruined it.
  • Nice to pass time but not exciting 2/5

    By CardioAndVodka
    The game is alright overall but I don’t like that you really don’t win anything new in the game when you cash the green bars in. It doesn’t make it fun anymore when you keep collecting the same stuff over and over again. Probably end up removing the game and putting my money into a game with more excitement and chances to win new stuff in the collection.
  • Latest version super buggy 1/5

    By CassidyMc426
    Images won’t render properly, game stalls and end up losing a life, level with battery doesn’t actually provide many batteries (after 5-8 moves no new batteries appeared).
  • Best. Game. Ever. 5/5

    By Celtics 4 Life
    So, this is my favorite game ever! I am currently on level 684, and play it religiously. It’s a million times better than Candy Crush. It provides awesome visuals, hilarious story lines and plots. Love how the characters translate perfectly from the show. The ONLY negative I can give is, there’s many times where I have to wait for them to create new levels....maybe it’s just because I’m to good, who knows 🤷🏻‍♂️ haha
  • Family Guy? 3/5

    By IntrepidNow
    Lots of adult humor and flimsy jokes. If you really want to beat this game you will need a big bankroll
  • Ugh 5/5

    By Dessiej96
    I'm on level 300 and still waiting for more🙄 I was excited to update and the disappointed by no new levels😫 other then this issue I love the game! Update!!!! I love it now I have new levels with no issues!!
  • Family Guy 1/5

    By Quiltcraft
    This game freezes too much!!

Family Guy Freakin Mobile Game app comments


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