Family Zoo: The Story

Family Zoo: The Story

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  • Current Version: 1.1.10
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Plarium LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Family Zoo: The Story App

Build a zoo, play with cute animals and solve match 3 puzzles - all in one game! Switch between the challenge of the match 3 levels, and the joy of welcoming a new furry friend to the zoo you built with your hands. The Family Zoo was once the gem of the neighborhood. Now, the city wants to build a huge supermarket instead. It’s time to burst their bubble! Solve casual match three puzzles to earn tickets and materials. Then, restore the zoo and decorate the animal habitats and surrounding gardens. Meet new and old friends, and work together to make sure all the animals have a place to live. They are counting on you - can you save their home? Game Features - Swap between match 3 levels and building your own zoo! - Hundreds of delicious and challenging match 3 puzzles - Choose from thousands of decorations to make your family zoo unique! - Interact with exotic and cute animals - Develop your business with stands, cafes and other attractions to draw visitors and earn coins! - Complete quests for more rewards and advancing the story - Make friends with characters that will help you save the zoo - Enhance your fun with exploding watermelons and other wacky boosters


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  • Family zoo issues 1/5

    By VRedden
    I can't in all honesty give this game a star! Not even 1/2. I reported the issue of the game crashing. You will be playing one of the games to get tickets have five moves left to play. You are making the final move to get a ticket the game crashes! Then you have to start all over again. A few times which was stupid on my part. I paid for the extra moves. Of course it crashed! Took my money but didn't give me my moves! This is the first bad review I have ever written on a game. They say they will fix it so that was why I continued to play. Still NOT FIXED! The game isn't even worth it for a free game! WORST EVER! It won't let me send it so I have to but one star but it isn't worth it!!!
  • Fun! Great graphics! 5/5

    By megawanda
    So far so good, haven’t been playing it long, but won’t be stopping anytime soon.
  • Mostly love it, but... 4/5

    By PhoenixParker
    ...Charlotte is so annoying. I don’t want a guide through the whole game. It’s like a tutorial that never ends. Any time I perform a task, I have to watch a cut scene where most of it is taken up with Charlotte walking over to whatever area I’m working on. These are unskippable. The dialogue can be skipped, but not these clips of Charlotte walking. Please give us an option to turn Charlotte off.
  • Stopped working 3/5

    By Flgirl626
    I've really enjoyed this game, the levels were challenging without being impossible to pass without spending real money. The storyline was cute. Unfortunately the game stopped working this morning and won't currently load. Hopefully it will be fixed soon and will again be a 5 star game.
  • Help 2/5

    By Ellen21197
    Loving the game even though it takes to many tickets and tools to get anywhere. Just did an update now my game won't open?????? If I have to delete and start over it won't happen. Can anyone help?

    By BCains816
    The puzzles are difficult and they barely give you moves to complete.
  • Tricks you to spend coins 3/5

    By Xomel75
    Every level you earn very few coins, and power ups cost hundreds of them. If you lose a level, every so often it'll randomly pop up asking if you want to buy a power up and when you're not totally paying attention, you think it says "retry" after like usual, but it makes you accidentally spend hundreds of your coins on a power up you didn't want. I'm convinced it's to trick you so you might end up spending money on more coins when you don't have any left
  • Not impressed 3/5

    By Rienlyn
    I really enjoy Gardenscapes so I was looking forward to a similar setup. It definitely can't hold a candle to that if you're one who likes Gardenscapes. The difficulty of the levels didn't bother me too much, but I can imagine that grating on me after a while. The graphics put me off on the match-3 boards. I maybe got to level 18 and decided to quit.
  • Horrible game 1/5

    By CadenceMatah
    I was only able to acquire the tiger and lion before the level of difficulty became ridiculously hard. I have played other games similar to this and was able to advance a lot farther. This game is just crap.
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By Deejean32
    I love the idea of building a zoo but the puzzles are at times very difficult & you get too few moves to try & beat them. There's no other way to progress without spending money as your lives go quickly & there's nothing to do but leave the game & wait. I'm willing to put real money into a game only after playing long enough to be sure I won't be giving up on it. I'd hate to delete Family Zoo but if it's more frustration than enjoyment I won't be playing long.
  • Not a zoo building game 3/5

    By RoseRamirez
    This game advertises itself to be kind of like a city-builder simulator but it's not. It's like a gem matching game. As you progress with the matching game levels, you can slowly choose pre-placed decorations to make the zoo look better. This game isn't bad but it should be advertised differently. I would have never downloaded it if I knew it was just a matching game.
  • Mediocre experience 3/5

    By seeblee
    Not even close to be a good game. 1) it's the Gardenscapes copy 2) I'm not a fan of Gardenscapes, but their game has better color pallet, better boosters and game board performance 3) levels become hard too quickly 4) no portrait mode 5) plot is mediocre, choice what to spend for stars is boring; on the first couple of levels you just clean leaves, not exiting experience. Pluses: 1) The zoo keeper girl is much nicer than Gardenscapes butler, thank you much for that 2) offline mode. P.s. Look at some other games to implement in your app, angry birds made a good match 3 game, Sumikko Gurashi is a cute Japanese game with awesome features.
  • The levels gitch when I tired to play one 1/5

    By Achy tinkly
    Every time I try to play a level it keeps glitching fix your I'll never play the game again!
  • Meh 2/5

    By Melted_snow_caps
    It's a ok game, really hard to pass levels after the 10th or so. You spend a lot of time waiting for lives to regenerate, don't plan on playing this for long periods of time. They definitely want you to buy packs to pass levels. Also the issue with the game crashing after you watch a advertisement instead of getting your reward is still a issue. Watched 5 ads and the game crashed every time. All in all it's a meh game, luck dependent and pay to play unless you want to wait forever. Which is a shame really, the story seems interesting and the gameplay is fun but it's impossible to play without paying money on packs. Conclusion: unless you want to spend money on a game, don't waste your time.
  • It's ok 1/5

    By My last try on nickname
    Like other games who give you more things free you don't. I don't like that. This game is too hard. You don't give the player enough moves and there are no free spins,rewards or being able to win anything. If things don't change soon I will be deleting this game. It's a shame because it could be really good. Give us more moves, rewards and make the game more fun and not sooo hard. It's impossible to win with how it is set up now.
  • Ok... little greedy 3/5

    By Anamani55
    Fun at first but as you get to higher levels there is no way of beating them without having to make a purchase.
  • Levels 1/5

    By Pissedoffwithgrubhun
    The levels are impossible to pass without spending your hard earned money to buy coins to buy more lives or to buy upgrades.
  • Eh 1/5

    By Becca910489
    Seems pretty cool but my first task was to buy a bench and I have no clue where the shop is.
  • Hard 2/5

    By Yuuto Nguyen
    The game look fine! But it take to long to build something! It's call a zoo game but it's only build 2 animal at the level 50. Also the level is hard to play pass
  • Automatically shuts off 1/5

    By Runningfree56
    You can open the app but when you click play or connect to Facebook the app just shuts down. I just deleted it.
  • I cant shop 4/5

    By 26glphillips
    Where is the shop? I can't find the shop
  • App won't open after the update. 5/5

    By zackjnzoeya
    Love the game! My app won't open after this morning's update!
  • love it! 4/5

    By imwqveen
    i love this game ! and all the options it gives you but i wish there was a free gift daily?
  • This Game Drives Me... 3/5

    By LaDanaWendy
    I really like Family Zoo -- it's cute and it combines two of my favorite game genres: Match 3 and BYO (build your own). OH and I admit some of the match 3 puzzles are really rather challenging which is a good thing -- it keeps things interesting. The only thing that's really irritating is the constant crashing of the video for coins feature. Watch the video, close the video and the game crashes so not only do you have start over again with a new video, you don't get the gift box from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th videos you've already watched! That REALLY needs to be fixed!!!! That said, it's a great game and if the crashing problem is fixed, I'll be glad to give Family Zoo 5 STARS!
  • Loved it but...... 2/5

    By Cfb79
    After 3 days of addiction, not much to show for effort. Not enough reward for time spent in my opinion. Ended up frustrated and not enjoying the game by the 4th day. Too bad - the ads crash the game every time with no credit gained. No freebies for regular play or daily visits. Will have to find another good zoo game.
  • Fun game, but... 3/5

    By TJMosh21
    This is a very cute twist on match 3 games, with great graphics and gameplay. Winning each game to build a zoo is a cool idea. The problem is that the levels get much too difficult, much too quickly. I've been playing this game for a while now, and I'm finding it tough to even get my second animal. It's already getting very difficult to win a game, and get a ticket, without using boosters... and if you use that many boosters, you're going thru a lot of real money. If the levels were a little easier (tickets easier to get), it would be a 5 star game. As it is, it's starting to get more frustrating than fun.
  • Fun but irritating 3/5

    By Saraof98
    This game is great....BUT they make it almost impossible to pass levels without using specials. If it were I didn't HAVE to use special power ups to pass levels it would be way more fun.
  • Won't load 5/5

    By kgcesaroo
    Updated my iOS on my iPad yesterday and now game will not load.
  • Animal captivity is not a game. 1/5

    By Phoebcast
    Poor choice of setting / story line as this game could have been made with same outline within a concept that didn't mock animal captivity in zoos. Play in order to feed the POOR CAPTIVE TIGERS THAT ARE HAVING THEIR FREEDOM TAKEN AWAY AND WONT BE ABLE TO EAT IF YOU DO NOT SUCCEED IN THE GAME leaves a very poor taste in my mouth.
  • Too difficult after a certain point 3/5

    By Few1247
    Level 159 on the materials and 137 on the tickets are impossible to beat. I have been stuck on them for 2 weeks
  • 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️😍 5/5

    By Gymnastics43211234
    I love this game so much!!!
  • Awesome game 4/5

    By She - Wolf
    I really love this game but I feel that when you only get 1 ticket back for every game you play it is quite annoying. What keeps getting me is the number of moves you have left and the number of lives you have left. If y'all were to take one of those out I would be playing this game no stop. So that is why I didn't rate this a five star.
  • The game is fun but... 1/5

    By TiffanyFD
    I enjoy playing the game quite a bit, but I've been having issues with customer support. First there was the issue with watching ads for free lives and instead (after the ad is done) the game crashes. I was told it would be fixed with the latest update, it still happens. Then one of my boosters randomly got used and when I put in a ticket for that they responded that it was a glitch and to update my game and see if it's fixed. I would have no way of knowing if it's fixed because A) I don't know how it happened in the first place so I wouldn't be able to troubleshoot and B) it was the only one I had. When I responded twice to that asking for it to be reinstated they did not reply. I figured maybe you can't respond to their replies and put in a new request, still no response on that. So an admitted glitch in the system and you can't even replace one booster? Not the greatest customer service. I've spent money on this game too. Not anymore.
  • Fix the bugs 1/5

    By Burglesnot
    Wow, it would be nice if you could actually watch an ad without the game shutting down.
  • Loading problems 3/5

    By Dannyanne
    I love this game and I have only one problem with it. After not playing it for a few hours I will try to get on the game and it will not load. It does nothing when I first get on the app. Please fix this so I can stop deleting and downloading the game over and over.
  • Needs work 2/5

    By Stuffaluffagus
    Takes forever to earn money, also some levels have to be played numerous times until you can actually beat them. Some of the move limits make it impossible to finish a level unless you get lucky
  • Meh 2/5

    By earthtoangie
    This game is cute and would be really fun if it allowed a few more moves. I may end up uninstalling because of the frustration.
  • Nice Game 3/5

    By SapphireBunny
    I'm enjoying play the game, but I have found a few problems. When you play the ads the game closes and you don't receive the reward. The food truck mini game also seems to be glitches. The progress bar doesn't change when you complete a level.
  • Good game, but just one thing.. 3/5

    By KaTe[MoB]
    I know its not a huge deal to some people but not being able to skip the animations is so annoying. Like I really appreciate the graphics but I don't want to have to sit there and watch the whole thing EVERY time. It doesn't take up a lot of time, but it's super annoying.
  • Too difficult 1/5

    By Nelli101
    I liked it at first, but after a while it just got too hard. So I rather play a game I actually enjoy now.
  • Boo!!! 😡 1/5

    By Ally05144
    Why the heck do these darn games have to get so hard so quickly! Super annoying!
  • Booo 1/5

    By Lazarus113
    Way to frustrating 😡😤make this game better
  • Game does not work 1/5

    The game doesn't even load. I open the app and it's just a black screen. Update: On September 7, the developer sent me a message saying the game has been fixed and to try again, but the game still doesn't work. When I open the app, all I get is a black screen.
  • More frustrating than fun 3/5

    By sommerfaith7
    This game started out great but the difficulty level progresses to quickly. Either give more moves to complete a level or only do 1 requirement. 30 minutes for a new life is way too long. As the game sits, my daughter was able to get the 1st animal in his area but now on the 2nd set of mini games level 7 is to difficult for her to pass. The difficulty levels should progress at much slower rate than what it's at now. Takes away from the fun of the game when you can't progress...
  • Crashes 2/5

    By Lanwangeek
    Every time I watch the video to get reward, it crashes and boots me out of the game. Needs to be fixed.
  • Please fix 4/5

    By Cort6279618
    I would like to play it but when I get on it, it crashes. Please fix. Thanks Update: They fixed it and it works now. Thanks
  • Needs fixing 4/5

    By Rubygem2
    As I have noticed with other reviews can't get free coins or prizes after after watching video just shuts the whole game down please fix this problem as I love the game otherwise
  • What happened!?! 1/5

    By schire
    I was loving this game and then I got to level 84. Now the game won't open! I tried to access "support", but your site doesn't even list this game! I updated the game, but I am still having the same problem 😞
  • Please fix! 3/5

    By mandoolynn
    I was enjoying this game, it is pretty much the same as family yards or gardenscapes but so far it seemed that you could progress faster without having to use tickets for every tiny step. Anyway my game automatically updated and now it doesn't load I hope it gets another update soon that will fix that!
  • Nice game until you can't progress to upgrade your zoo 1/5

    By One out of three is bad
    This looks like it would've been a really fun game but I didn't even get to put any animals into the zoo because I couldn't progressed past the many games to clean up the lion pen so if you have patients in time to play the stupid mini games that don't let you move on best of luck to you I'll pass

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