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FanFiction.Net App

The Only Official app for FanFiction.Net is now available on iOS! * Read - Browse and search for millions of stories. * Write - Write and publish your stories directly via the app * Forums - Join writing groups or make friends with millions of other readers and writers. * Private Messaging - Enjoying private communication with other users. Send text, image or voice messages. * Community Archives - Start or browse story archives . * Beta Readers - Browse and search for registered beta readers. * Story Management - Browse and manage your favorites and follows. * User Management - Browse and manage your favorites, follows, and black-lists. * Document Editor - Edit documents used for your future story submission. * Push - Push notifications for Followed/Downloaded stories when app is active. Please note Private Messaging (PM) feature is currently app to app only. PM site integration is coming soon in a future release. Please email all feedback and bug reports to


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  • Add 4/5

    By AwesomeGamer222
    And a passcode lock
  • Great app to read all your favorite fanfics! 4/5

    By Aziantearz
    I love this app and it has made it easier on the eyes to read my favorite fanfics! I love that I can download the stories and organize them into folders. Thank you for creating this app! Sincerely, x-cry
  • Perfect for reading 4/5

    By Aeyra
    I love the interface and that it allows me to download all of my stories so I can read it without waiting or even read it on the plane. The only thing that bothers me is the small down arrow on the left side which scrolls the chapter to the very end. I tend to hit it accidentally a lot, causing some annoying scrolling back to where I was. It would be nice to be able to disable it. Otherwise it's perfect
  • Great App 4/5

    By Natmarr
    I love the ability this app gives me to keep track of the stories I read and download stories I want to read so I can read them anywhere and not have to deal with using my data. The only reason I give this app a 4 is because while I can change the font size I can't lock it in so it can't accidentally change on me, which has happened multiple times while I'm trying to read a chapter or go on in the story.
  • Good First Impression 5/5

    By Tank Buster AAA
    Just started using this as a whole. Whatever issues that existed earlier, this app runs quite smoothly for writing purposes, namely making edits. I haven't tried writing full on paragraphs or sections yet, but then again I feel that such tasks are better with a computer.
  • Great 5/5

    By Jake123h
    Love the app but can you add a organize stories by category say like I'm reading Harry Potter and I one want to find a batman story I can just type it in and all my batman stories pop up like in FanFiction+ please that would be awesome
  • Bugs + Suggestion 2/5

    By gastaunda
    The recent searches tab is bugged out sometimes only showing the first two letters of a search. 09-08: still does Please change the default sort to update date, instead what ever the blank sort is.
  • I love FanFiction.Net but ... 5/5

    By Yoyo53552
    I do truly love this app and it has solved many problems but, there is still no search bar for community's which kinda peeves me off. Overall this app is great!
  • New update 5/5

    By potatokiller2348175
    Love the brand new short cut to favs and follows on home screen. It will make things so much easier when trying to get to them. Keep up the good work.
  • They've thought of everything. 5/5

    By KaG94
    This app treats reading fanfiction with the respect of reading any ebook (as it should) and provides all of the options and more of something like Kindle or Nook. The saved searches option is very useful, and it never forgets reading place even when the app is shut down totally.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Blu toon huski
    I love this app so much!
  • I've been waiting for this! 5/5

    By Kriss_Miss21
    So far, I haven't encountered any problems, and the app is user friendly with good explanations of how to use the app. Thanks for making my life easier!
  • Can't log in with Facebook 5/5

    By Tast74
    The app itself is great, doesn't crash on me or see any of the known bugs that I'm aware of, however, it seems to me that after each update, it logs me out, which is annoying... so fix that PLEASE!!! And with version 6.5 installed, the Facebook login doesn't work anymore, so, please fix this problem ASAP!
  • Good 4/5

    By RH-Caliburn
    Everything is Great but accessing library and sections within it are delayed by a fair margin
  • I love it 4/5

    By Ninpienin
    I absolutely love this app I just wish the would make it easier to search for the story's you've liked
  • Problem 1/5

    By Won't work signing in
    I can't sign in to my account that is linked to my Facebook I have even tried getting on another network restarting my device and signing in and out of Facebook to make sure I got everything correct which I did but the thing won't sign in when I click sign it it justs sits their and does nothing
  • Pretty good reader 3/5

    By iphone4+itouch4
    Not aware of any bugs or crashes. But it would be *really* helpful to be able to search/sort/filter downloaded stories (and folders) by author as well as keywords/titles. Another wish-list would be the ability to tag downloaded stories, or assign them to more than one folder at a time. (And/or search/filter folders by the author-assigned tags, at least.)
  • Good. Could be better. 3/5

    By Bambusa20
    I really like this app. I'm so glad you guys finally made it, however, I'd love if you added the feature of sorting through the different fandoms in your favorites list. I don't want to scroll through my over 2,000 favorites to find one Harry Potter story, when I can use the filter to show only the Harry Potter stories I've favorited, for example, and then look through those. It just feels like why have the app if I have to go into the browser to do things.
  • I love the app! Just one little problem! 5/5

    By Ashjd55
    I love this app so much! It's my life at this point. However, one thing I noticed was that my most recent saves tags keep disappearing leaving behind only two letters. I just thought that you guys would like to know! That's all the bugs I noticed
  • Great improvement from when it first started out 4/5

    By Pantoran
    It's a great app. It's visually appealing and has great options for the reader. It's simpler than the desktop site. I just wish recently updated stories automatically appeared at the top of their categories, like how they do on the desktop site. On the app, they're only sort by it's first publication date ever. That's my only issue.
  • I Can't Say I've Ever Written a Review Before... 5/5

    By TXrhymes
    ....BUT! This app is awesome. I have been reading on FFN for almost 7 years now and am elated to finally have an app. I have noticed a negative review or two, but I can easily say that the app works seamlessly and is beautiful! I love using the app more than the site now! Thanks, devs!!!!
  • LOVE 5/5

    By rubirosee
    Awesome app! Clean and beautiful, easy to use and I love the dark theme! A must have for all users!
  • Love the app 5/5

    By Jikhd
    Love the app but today I am unable to log into it!! I've uninstalled and reinstalled still nothing please fix
  • Eh... 4/5

    By πŸ‘πŸΎawesome game
    This app is pretty good, except for one thing. The PM things don't load. They work just fine on the website but when I try to access them from the app it doesn't work. I don't get PM alerts either on my mobile device and I'm really starting to hate that.
  • Amazballz 😍 5/5

    By KoolCat_109
    I love the format, the Fanfictions are amazing as well, it's very well organized, which I love.
  • Can't log in 1/5

    By Seeveelution
    I can't log into my account via Facebook. I can do it on my android phone, but not my iPad.

    By App Lover 2003
    I wrote a popular Hamilton FanFiction and I went on hiatus. I recently tried to get back on but the Facebook login will not work at all. I have to keep writing the story and it can't log in!!!
  • Waiting for this 5/5

    By Tarrugo
    Excellent portable reader and organizer
  • I rate it five stars 5/5

    By Russell Grun
    Because it now works great
  • Finally! Yay! 5/5

    By labell13
    I'm so excited they have finally made an app! I love the download ability. As a reader I have found it quite similar to the FanFiction website; it just takes a bit, but not too long, to learn to navigate it. I haven't been able to explore the abilities as a writer/uploader but it seems promising.
  • Enjoying an app finally affiliated with FFN ! 3/5

    By LilBunnyMoon
    Some suggestions for an update tho: - be able to swipe to the left like you're reading a book and flipping through pages. As opposed to swiping left to go onto the next chapter. - have a drop down menu with the chapters just how FNN works - when you log into ur account on a different device, it leaves off where you were in the fanfic you were reading - (not sure if the app does this yet since I'm still exploring but ...) when you open the app it bookmarks where you left off Hoping to see nothing but improvements from FFN!
  • I'd Love This App if it Worked Right 3/5

    By Punkabelle
    This app is pretty great until you're in the middle of a story and a chapter just will not load and you either have to skip the chapter or go onto the website to be able to read it. It happens at least once in every story I've read and it really brings down what could be an excellent app.
  • I love but one request 5/5

    By GameVixen44
    I love this app I've had it on my android device and it's just great. My only issue is that I want to download my followed stories but it's extremely tedious to go through and mark all of them (I have over 500). So please make like a select all option!!!!! Thank you for making such a wonderful app! 😁
  • Good app! 5/5

    By 30609UGA
    It's simple, useful, and user-friendly. Excellent!
  • No Favorites 3/5

    By P0s8u
    This almost had a 1 star... and then all of my information (favs, etc) loaded. It did take a while though, so don't fret.
  • It ok now 4/5

    By Sharon stamford
    It ok now it so fun
  • 0o0 Finally 5/5

    By Chujugrkuijfg
    Finally a good fan fiction app with offline reading very good clean smooth app amazing
  • dumb app 1/5

    By Dennis Jennings
    i can't log into my account and the dam reset password thing is broken. wattpad is better
  • I think it's great 5/5

    By Gbrvsvitvkysww
    It's really easy to use . Tbh I love it . Only thing is .. I kinda wanna write my own fanfics but don't know if I can on this app ? If so lemme know ,?
  • Forums 3/5

    By Flareonjumper
    It's hard to find some of the forums from the site that I was once able to get on.
  • Wow 5/5

    By LaBellaToast
    So, I can't believe that I'm the first person to review this, but the app is beautiful. It's clean and easy to use, and I can find the forums that I'm following/subscribed to easier on here than I can on the main site. It has everything the main site has, too, just... easier to navigate. And you can play with your account settings to change and save language, font, and other search preferences! Listen, friends, I've had an account with FFN since 2003 and I love everything about this app so far. I haven't tried to post from it yet, but totally plan to and will update my review with my experience as I go. Devs, you've done great, and you should absolutely be proud of this.
  • Loading Problem 3/5

    By shayladensie
    Takes for ever to load a page now i have to close the app and reopen it
  • Not very good 1/5

    By StrawberrySnow79
    Android app is better. This one won't even let you sync your library. I do like the search filters on this one though
  • Have to reload app 3/5

    By snazzy98
    I've been loving using this app, having access to my FanFiction.Net account and a easier to read format than the mobile site, but often times when I've been using the app, the next chapter won't load, leaving the typing monkey up for forever, this has happened so often I have to lower my ratings
  • Logging in 4/5

    By Sayaka17
    I've been using this app for a really long time and it really is great but every now and then it logs me out. I use Facebook to sing in but it tells me that there's an error. I close and reopen the app and it tells me the same thing.
  • Menu while I'm readingπŸ˜–πŸ˜Ÿ 4/5

    By IceWalker220
    When I'm reading, I tend to scroll while doing so to keep my place... But it's hard to keep my place when every time I let my ginger off the screen, it goes to this blue menu and I have to find my place all over again. It would be nice to have it always in full screen, or a better way to toggle it rather than tapping the screen one too many times... Thank you!!πŸ‘πŸ»βœŒπŸ»
  • Good, but one issue 4/5

    By Jdjdnjdjdjjfjrjdjuf
    This app is very nice and very convenient, however the "disallowed user agent" issue is still there in the Google sign up
  • Noice 4/5

    By maddly_living
    Pretty sweet deal. I usually use Ao3, but I return to FFNet whenever I exhaust a particular tag or need a beta reader. This app was really a pleasant surprise! It makes browsing FFNet docs on my phone loads easier. (Sorry FFNet, but Ao3 still has a much more comprehensive tagging and search system.) My only app-specific complaint is that there is no function to post or edit one's own beta reader profile.
  • Update stinks! 1/5

    By soccer33
    Love the app but since the update, I've been having issues going from chapter to chapter. I have to shut down the app and restart it to change chapters.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Kgdidbehhd
    Love it, just one thing: could there be a way to organize favorites? Like folders or something, so i can find a certain favorited story faster

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