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FanFiction.Net App

The Only Official app for FanFiction.Net is now available on iOS! * Read - Browse and search for millions of stories. * Write - Write and publish your stories directly via the app * Forums - Join writing groups or make friends with millions of other readers and writers. * Private Messaging - Enjoying private communication with other users. Send text, image or voice messages. * Community Archives - Start or browse story archives . * Story Management - Browse and manage your favorites and follows. * User Management - Browse and manage your favorites, follows, and black-lists. * Document Editor - Edit documents used for your future story submission. * Push - Push notifications for Followed/Downloaded stories when app is active. * Beta-readers - Browse and search for registered beta-readers. Please note Private Messaging (PM) feature is currently app to app only. PM site integration is coming soon in a future release. Please email all feedback and bug reports to


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FanFiction.Net app reviews

  • Love it! 5/5

    By Eternal_Dynamix
    100% recommend!
  • Great but... 4/5

    By Navy-girl-19
    It’s a great app, but all of a sudden it’s not working and telling me that I need internet connection. I tried it with my WiFi and with my cellphone data but it still tells me that I have no connection when they both work. Update: I can log in now, but lost all my stories I was reading and can’t seem to find them at all. It seems like there are a lot less stories than before.
  • Can’t Login 3/5

    By banditjedi87
    It was fine app but now I can’t even login or read stories. Come guys fix this.
  • My addiction 3/5

    By arclark89
    This app is my addiction- I love it and have read 450 stories. PLEASE find a way to sort out stories that have already been read!!!!!!
  • Bugs + Suggestion 2/5

    By gastaunda
    The recent searches tab is bugged out sometimes only showing the first two letters of a search. Much less than before, but still happens. Tags are often wrong. Very often. Position on chapter isn't kept sometimes. Please change the default sort to update date, instead what ever the blank sort is. Please let us enter polls from the app.
  • Ok 3/5

    By Izzy the reader
    As a reader this app is perfect to reading any story from the site but still sometimes it logs me out randomly and it won’t let me log in and it won’t work for the rest of the day. Update: I have noticed it will freeze randomly (and go back to chap.1) or if I didn’t open the app for awhile it will start the story at chapter one or just get out of the story.
  • Issues 4/5

    By Ethanthealbanian
    The new UI is really buggy.
  • Latest update 4/5

    By ElementShots
    Why is it when I use the “updated in last 24 hours” it doesn’t work anymore? can you please fix that bug!?!? Others than that happy with app!!!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By seed-bob
    Really need it.
  • Junk 1/5

    By John the artist
    The official app of FictionPress*. (*doesn’t work with
  • Meh 3/5

    By big littel
    The latest update removed the ability to see when something was updated, the reading history records one out of five things you read, and its just straight up clunky. The community is goo though
  • Not accessible with voiceover 1/5

    By Azarry
    Update as of Feb. 15. With this latest update, I can no longer look at any of it. I hope sometime in the near future, this will be voiceover accessible. Hi. I have sent them an email, and it made no difference. I am totally blind, and not all things are labeled with voiceover in mind. I don't even currently see a way to view a story. It just takes me directly to the reviews. GRRRRRRRRR. I don't see a button to take me to the story itself. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next update, as I realize this is a pretty new app.
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By LightningCrawler
    As an avid reader, when I first was told of FanFiction.Net, I was skeptical to the supposed quality of the stories. Naturally, as a site for posting fan fiction, I needed a background to start off of. I was currently watching the Naruto series, and decided this would be a good place to start. After finishing Naruto, I began reading, and was blown away. The writers of this site may often have inconsistent posting schedules, but their quality makes up for this tenfold. I have reread stories many a time, and they never get stale. Best of all, these stories have motivated me to begin writing, and I have several works I hope one day can become published. Until then, I’m perfectly happy with some tea, a Saturday morning, and a whole lot a fanfiction!
  • VoiceOver Won't Read Several Page Elements Sinnce Redesign 2/5

    By a braille display user
    In the latest version of the app, VoiceOver won't read several elements. Through trial and error, I was able to figure out what was what, but in areas like my favorites list, other than sorting by author and guessing which story is which, I really can't tell which story is which. It's a little frustrating, please fix as soon as possible. The "last read" button is nice to have. Original review: I like this app, I used to just use Safari to go to the website, but this makes it a little easier.
  • Glitchy, but ok 3/5

    By Sterling Silver 2k02
    There is something wrong every time I save my documents! It sends me back to my home screen and no surprise, it doesn’t save anything! Please do something about this.
  • Good reader, Garbage searching 2/5

    By tsunami70875
    Real hard to actually find the fics you’re looking for. The search doesn’t seem to be based on close matches (e.g. a story matching the exact search query won’t be at the top; I think it’s always based on recency as long as some word matches one word in the query or some other garbage heuristic). Also no Safari app takeover.
  • Won’t hold place in a chapter 80% of time 1/5

    By Photo guy1993
    While I enjoy reading and this is a great app I am fed up having to hunt for the place I stopped in a chapter after either closing the app or having this in the background while using another app. Doesn’t happen on android so please roll out a fix that allows you to keep your place. With the way IOS works maybe adding in a combination automatic/manual bookmark feature that saves your spot? I have to go hunt for my previous spot about 80% of the time which is a real pain in the behind.
  • Helpful but has issues 3/5

    By Hdjtsigsig
    This app was the kickstart to writing my own fics and definitely helps for reading but my biggest issue is that it always crashes when I try to save a document over a few thousand words. I don’t know if that’s because I’m on iPhone or just an issue with the app itself but so far I’ve seen no one else with the issue.
  • 👌👍👌 4/5

    By Wolfia101
    I love this app! It’s great for creative writing but it is a little hard to figure out at first. Especially with writing your own story. At first I totally couldn’t figure out where the whole story I wrote was because I was looking in story manager and not document manager. All in all, this app is great and I totally love it, it just needs to be more clear.
  • App Problems 3/5

    By OwlBook89
    My app on my iPhone seems slow today
  • Great app 5/5

    By Blimpenator
    Nevermind this app does have that feature disregard my previous comment
  • Full of bugs 1/5

    By Avercher
    I love this app, I really do. However, every time I open the app after a few minutes of inactivity, I end up back at the beginning of whatever story I’m reading. It doesn’t matter what chapter or how far I’m in to the chapter, if I stay out of it for more that 10 minutes and come back, I’m always right back to the start of chapter one. Until this crap is fixed, my review will be one star.
  • Agent1059 5/5

    By Lmnop123456
    This app is awesome! We need fictionpress as well
  • Absolutely amazing! Just one issue.. 5/5

    By Former G+ user
    Every time I save one of my documents while editing or continuing them, it says “Upload Success” but then the app crashes! It does, indeed, save the document but it keeps crashing right after. It’s a bit annoying always to having to open it again and go to the document I was on. Don’t get me wrong, the app is amazing! This is my only issue. I don’t lose my work, but the crashing tends to get on my nerves after awhile. :( Still, five stars!
  • Forgotten Password Setting Please 2/5

    By Slaughterhome98
    I forgot my original password and there’s no way to make a new one since there isn’t any setting for that. Could you maybe and one so dumb people, such as myself(mainly me cuz I am pretty stupid) can actually not have to be so anxious.
  • Vary convenient, but... 3/5

    By Fjfjwkdirn
    Ok so this app is great for those who don’t have laptops or PCs my only problem is the fact that whenever I press back or save it closes the app meaning if I want to write a chapter I’ll need to do it all in one go which is bad for the story because it makes it feel rushed. Like I said very good and convenient app but there is still a big issue. . . You lose another star due to the fact that after this review even more issues popped up. I have now had to rewrite my story three times! (You will get a full star rating when this is fixed and I know it can be because it all started after the previous update.)
  • Fanfiction Writers Best Friend 5/5

    By Countess D
    Perfect app for those writers like myself who do most of their work in those in between moments while away from the computer. Writing, Editing, Posting all a tap away. Almost perfect! I say almost because while this is a Writers best friend I believe the Fanfiction Plus app has them beat in the reading category with its 'Story Reader' feature(in app text-to-speech) which is how I do most of my fanfic reading. While most mobile phones have the same feature that can be extended to this app, and serving the same purpose. Fanfiction Plus's in app feature allows readers to pause and pick up where they left off more easily, which is one of the most frustrating things when it comes to using the basic phone feature. If the FanFiction.Net app could adapt a similar feature, maybe even in the document editor as well as the general story section. I would whole heartedly make this my number one app to go too for my fanfiction needs. Current version bugs that should be brought to notice: currently the recent version(and the last one, maybe two) have had a bug where when saving a document, rather than getting a notice about the file being updated I am kicked from the app and forced to reload. As of yet I have not lost any of my work from it but it makes me rather panic-y every time it happens because I might have lost everything I just did.
  • Needs updates 3/5

    By MrsGesek
    Love this app but every time I start a new chapter it won’t load so I have to close the app and restart it. Once this issue is resolved I will definitely be change this to a 5 star.
  • Big little big little FONT CHANGE 2/5

    By Xenosaiga
    Love FanFiction. Loved the app. But now it just gets on my nerves. Some font menu keeps showing up randomly and it changes the size of the words and the font at the worst times. Not to mention when reading the blue bars on top and bottom of the screen appear and disappear repeatedly while trying to scroll. Didn’t have this problem last time I used this app a month or two ago. Guess this means I’m gonna stick to reading in the website. At least it doesn’t randomly change font size and style on me.
  • Great app, but... 5/5

    By Imizzypakow
    This is a great app, but it crashes a lot. That’s the only problem. The app is entertaining, gives you good stories to read, and is just awesome in general.
  • Stable but has some features missing 4/5

    By RucksackXIII
    The app is stable and it works well UI is simple and easy to understand. I would like to see PM and documents sync to the website though. I’d like to be able to work on stories on my computer and maybe continue through the app but the documents aren’t there. Same with PMs I’d like to be able to access my PMs in the app but on the app the PMs I’ve used the website for aren’t there. These are features that should be there but aren’t. Also text to speech is very troublesome every time I use speak screen all of the chapter text vanishes and leaves me with a blank screen and the function banner at the top.
  • Recent problems 3/5

    By Hz121215
    Generally, this app is really great and I love that I can read my stories anywhere. However, I am having a problem right now. Usually, if I leave the app open or leave it to use another app, when I open the app again I am right where I left, say chapter 5 in the middle of the chapter. Now, whenever I go back to a story, it takes me back to chapter 1 and I have to remember where I left off. This has just started this past week and I don’t know why.
  • Can no longer install App, but still good app 2/5

    By Pyre101
    I can no longer install the most recent version of the awesome app. It does not support OS 9.3.5, but it is still well done. I would suggest having a way to search through your favorite stories and be able to filter.
  • Good but loading is iffy 3/5

    By cerene_siege
    I love the app and it’s simplicity, but the new update makes loading the next chapter a hassle. I usually have to back out of the app, then re-open it to get to the next chapter of a story.
  • Terrible writing functionality 2/5

    By ALB145
    This app is virtually useless for me as a writer. It says it’s saved when it hasn’t, and even when it does save internally, it doesn’t sync with the site, resulting in conflicting documents between desktop and mobile. Do not recommend, unless you want to risk potentially losing hours of work. The editing functionality is also incredibly buggy, the interface is an imponderable labyrinth of redirects and mysterious functions that don’t correspond to anything on the main site, and the navigation is unresponsive.
  • Pretty good. Just one problem. 4/5

    By Kachow.
    Hello. I recently joined FF about maybe two weeks ago, and the stories are absolutely amazing. (At least for the fandom I read.) Anyway, I decided that I would start to write my own fan fiction. It’s pretty good so far, even though I’m only on chapter one. I was about to post my first chapter, until I looked at the preview... The preview looked nothing like what I had just written. There were no paragraph breaks, it was all clustered together, and I don’t write like that. It would be great if you could fix this problem, because I’m really looking forward to making tons of stories on here, but for me, it’s nearly impossible to do that without paragraph breaks. Btw, I don’t know if it’s the fact that I use an iPhone? I hope not, since I can’t really write on the computer... Other than that, I really enjoy this app. Please fix!
  • Unable to load new stories and pages 3/5

    By Random(/ ;__;)/
    So I’ve been using this app for quite some time and I haven’t had any problems with it. It wasn’t until the recent update that for some reason I’m unable to load more stories or pages as well as the page on my profile that shows the stories that I followed/faved. I really hope this gets fixed soon so I can continue reading.
  • Won’t let me access stories 2/5

    By zXCvbDF1248
    I have had this app for almost a year now and me being able to access the stories I read is awesome. However since the new update I’m now not able to access them anymore for some reason. My internet and data are working perfectly but the app is having a hard time connecting. If anyone else is having this problem plz fix immediately!
  • Good app with one problem 3/5

    By tripmine
    Ever since the new update I haven’t been able to look at any stories unless they were downloaded. I’ll go to my favorite stories and it’ll say request failed. Then I’d try to look up new stories... same result.
  • The app is great but..... 4/5

    By SofSof2015
    The zombie mode was taken off and I used it all the time because it helps speed up downloads. Now that it’s gone nothing loads anymore and I can’t see my follower stories. Please fix it.
  • Will not load anything 5/5

    By Director Croft
    The newest update seems to have broken the app...
  • the new update (1/21/18) 2/5

    By createanickname12345
    I just updated the app and it isn’t loading. I can’t read any stories, view my favorites, or open my own profile
  • Thank you! 5/5

    By Sakurauchiha138
    After that major bug fix I think you for that I can read it and download and then Un-download as I please. Thank you for fixing it
  • Could use some work 3/5

    This App is very useful for me since I do nothing but read, however, it would be a lot more useful if you could more effectively search through the communities. Like for specific crossovers or names.
  • It good but....... 4/5

    By Kingbashful
    It’s a good app. I found a lot of interesting stories, but when I try to delete a story I finish the app crashes.
  • Amazing...but 5/5

    By Animelover875
    Although I love this app it has an issue. Whenever I go back to a story it starts from the beginning. It doesn’t save my place at all. Please fix this!! I read a lot on this app and it’s starting to get annoying.
  • Needs to be fixed 2/5

    By Al030999
    It’s normally a good app however right now it’s not letting me delete stories that I have already downloaded. It will let me delete from my reading history, but not ones that I have downloaded and it’s driving me crazy because the screen goes to black and crashes. Please fix this.
  • Good but i have a problem 4/5

    By NatalieCas13
    I like using this to read ny fanfictions on the go but recently when I try to delete a download it will load for a few seconds then go out of the app but when I go back into the app the downloads are still there
  • Great but had its problems 5/5

    By Zaclaf00
    While I do enjoy this app but since the last update I’m unable to delete any download story’s with out it crashing.
  • Text size 4/5

    By BookwormStrawberry
    The app is easy to use and is very straight forward but the text size for finding stories is hard to see with and without my glasses. It’s freakin tiny.

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