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Farm Heroes Saga

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  • Current Version: 4.5.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: King
  • Compatibility: Android
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Farm Heroes Saga App

Farm Heroes Saga, from the makers of Candy Crush Soda Saga & Bubble Witch 2 Saga!  Rancid the Racoon is trying to spoil the precious Farm Lands, stealing as many Cropsies as he can along the way. Will you join forces with the Farm Heroes and help to collect the Cropsies and save the day? Play through hundreds of levels of switching and matching farming fun to find out! Take on this fantastic Saga alone or play with friends to see who can get the highest score!  Farm Heroes Saga is completely free to play but some optional in-game items will require payment. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings. Farm Heroes Saga features:  ● Collect all kinds of Cropsies to win the level before you run out of moves ● Play levels and win magic beans to help you activate Farm Club ● Rechargable boosters, special power ups and Farm Club animals to help you win those challenging levels ● Easy to play but challenging to master ● Acres of luscious levels to complete - more added every 2 weeks! ● Leaderboards to watch your friends and competitors! ● Easily sync the game between devices and unlock full game features when connected to the Internet Visit or contact us in game by going to Settings > Customer Care if you need help! Follow us to get news and updates: Twitter @FarmHeroesSaga Have fun playing Farm Heroes Saga!


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Farm Heroes Saga app reviews

  • Firework special 4/5

    By Jellibean62900
    I love this game! I’m on level 1478. But for the past couple of days I’ve been tapping on the firework and it closes out the app. Now all the hard work and the specials I’ve used are wasted. Fix this please!!
  • New update 1/5

    By xn2004
    I updated the game and now every time I get a reward it never save it. It's so annoying. What's the pint of trying to win the rewards and not have it
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Mzgentry96
    It’s a fun game but when I click to play the Ignite the Night Challenge segment, the game closes completely.
  • Great game 5/5

    By Dmtholl
    All level can be completed without spending a dime. Up to 1168 never once has to buy an in app purchase!
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By jeanniewoolfie
    I love farm hero saga. I just can join the 1st event though. Just do an update on that and I will love it even more.
  • Spiders 3/5

    By Xomilo
    I loved this game until the spiders came and scared me away. They were the biggest things I’ve ever seen. If they didn’t have them maybe I’d come back.
  • Events keep,disappearing 2/5

    By italianbratikus
    The special events are not lasting the hours it says it has left. I open it up and it’s got 136 hours left and just started and then an hour later it’s completely gone. I haven’t been able to complete a special events for months because it disappears the same day. What’s up with that?????
  • Buggy lately 2/5

    By boskokitten
    All the challenges are no longer tracking properly, so even if you win the challenge, there isn’t any reward. It’s a bit disappointing.
  • Welp 1/5

    By Qtpetudy
    This game was fun. Then suddenly each update made the levels ridiculously difficult to beat. I finally deleted the game at level 1849 after playing the same level more than 40 times and spending $25 in boosters. Still never passed the level. Customer support ASSURED me that with a little luck and patience, I'd pass the level. HA! If you have an older version of the game.... you'll probably be fine as long as you never update it? Or never play past level 1500? I think that was the last level I had fun with 😒
  • Meeee😘! 1/5

    By Juss1me
    When will the farm club be updated??
  • Find another game!!! 1/5

    By RowanRose
    COWS... COMPANIONS... Might as well be Candy Crush Need to get their ... straight! What is the point of playing if advancing is POINTLESS! This was my favorite decompression time/game. Now it is a waste! I had completed all the levels, gone back, gotten all the stars, etc. frustrated that they push bonuses with companions and finish the last level but ARE TOO BUSY TO FINISH AT A MINIMUM THE LAST THREE COMPANIONS! I was told the creators are focused on new/other games so won’t do more companions... What does that tell you about KING?!? This was my mind numbing game and I actually spent $$$ but I now play Seekers Notes since they actually support their creation...
  • The farmiest 5/5

    By Redgranny88
    Love this game
  • Sick jerks 1/5

    By Gasoline woman
    I’ve been stuck on one level for over a month, I refuse to give you more money..........I’m telling everyone what a sick game this is........there is no way to win unless YOU say so...this is all designed to rape you of your money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Crash 3/5

    By Cjestridge
    Every time I want to access extra lives, game crashes and shuts down.
  • great but... 5/5

    By andru7918
    l love this game! lt got me hooked but l would like more types of rewards. Like, more win to win gold bars or the extra help like the eggs cracker, or the 5+ moves etc not only the road cleaner or the spoon. lt would be great if this gets incorporated.... So far is the best game l have played! 🙂
  • Rip off 1/5

    By Tazmo50
    They make it so u have to spend money to pass some levels now like they don’t get enough cash from advertising. They have the corporate pig theory now MONEY MONEY MONEY
  • Been playing for almost 6 years 5/5

    By jlrainone1
    Yeah addicting! Lol
  • Still no events!! 1/5

    By Snoide
    Two months and no new events that last for more than a few hours. Zero stars
  • SMH 1/5

    By Nene424556
    This game is a JOKE. I had won the game and had the option to keep playing because I had 6 lives left...when I got down to two lives the whole game froze. So basically I lost the whole game & had to start over. This not the first time this had happen.
  • Easy game 5/5

    By Dirty_Nurse_Halo
    1990 levels complete, $0.00 spent. I don't know how other reviewers complain about this being an expensive game, it's very easy to beat all the levels with how many free boosters and gold bars are available via mini games and the daily bonus. The treasure mill levels are usually easy and a free source of gold but even more importantly two of each booster. I love how in this game you receive beans from friends instead of useless lives like in other King games. The beans serve an important purpose at least. Unlike many others I experience no glitches on my IPhone SE nor do I have a problem getting the last square on the daily bonus; the "day" changes at 6pm EST so if you play one day until 5:59 then sign on the next night at 6:01 you've in effect missed a day. It's quite possible to get to the last level and not spend any money like I have, you just need patience. Trying to go back and three star all the levels, right now I have them all except 1221, 1326, and 1386 which are impossible even when using +5 moves at the start of the level. King “help” is of no use in regards to any inquiry regarding this, all I get when I contact them is a redirect to King “Care” haha. We all know they couldn’t care in the least especially for players like me that have spent nothing. If the boosters didn't recharge the way they do, I'd say the game would be extremely challenging but as-is it's quite easy and I recommend it to anyone. All this being said, as of 2/2/18 the recent levels being released require zero skill to beat, only massive amounts of boosters. I beat almost all of them on my PC where you can use your beans to purchase upwards of a hundred shovels. It’s a shame that what was at release such a great game has been relegated to yet another attempt at an unadulterated money-grab for loyal players.
  • Farm Heroes Saga 1/5

    By Starlilac
    Like the reviewer before me, I have three green arrows at level 160, played HARD and won three times, but alas no movement past the checkpoints. Glitch in the last upgrade?
  • Pretty good! 4/5

    By farmheroesgirl
    It’s a fun game that will keep you occupied! It does get a bit tricky but I’ve found if you keep trying you can beat it!
  • Issue 5/5

    By Dotzandmoredotz
    I love the game!! My issue is I cannot use my farm animals when playing offline. Other than that it's a great game.
  • Something is amiss... 2/5

    By I Crush Puzzles
    Once I’ve completed a level, my score goes up a leaderboard. Sometimes my score isn’t placed where it should be. If my score is higher than someone else’s, then my score should be above theirs. My score was placed below scores I’ve beaten. And once I gain a companion animal, it won’t give me the items I’ve accumulated to get the companion animal to help me, then it tells me that I have not acquired any companion animals. Those are clues right there that the game isn’t as stable as it should be. I will NEVER buy anything, because I don’t trust that my info would be secure, or that my purchase will go through properly. Once I get tired of the mistakes this game makes, I’ll simply delete the game.
  • I don't like the dog level 4/5

    By mrs shortino
    The dog special game is wack! I don't like starting all over again if I've lost .. please change it
  • Eh 2/5

    By jdblifesaver
    This games okay but the roadblocks are so stupid like no one wants to wait three days to play a game they’re pointless. Another thing is the levels where you unlock animals, I’ll unlock them all then in the levels that I play after where I can use the animals boosters I just unlocked it says I never unlocked them? Just plain frustrating to have to go back to the level I rightfully beat and have to do it again to maybe not beat, and end up wasting another life. Lastly the mini games or whatever are impossible to ever complete, for example, the treasure mill! Not to mention when I do get to play it, fail at beating it, and exit out of the app, I’ll go back and it’s disappeared. Ugh. This game isn’t TERRIBLE or hasn’t been for me and I haven’t had to spend money YET, but I’m on level 100 something so I guess we will see. Do better king games, these reviews are not looking good!
  • MOMCADY 1/5

    By Momcady
    Why give us Quests that can NOT be accomplished? Waste of time. Friends are NOT getting to the top either. Use up all our credits for naught! Another impossible Webby Barn Quest. This King Game is disgusting. Waste of time and Free Energy. Baa Humbug to King Games!
  • Used to be fun 1/5

    By Grrroink
    Game now constantly locks up on levels since last update. Too bad, it used to be fun with long game play without commercials. Now to play it, have to keep restarting my phone. What happened guys?
  • Hints Option 4/5

    By Oreos&milk 97
    I wish this game had the option of turning the hints off. Those little bouncing cropsies get annoying and I like the challenge of finding the match.
  • Not happy 1/5

    By في غايه الروعه ممتاز
    I used to play it and I got to level 200 then they put me back to level 1!!! Soooo not happy 😡
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By KhmKoo
    I love this game so much. My go to game forever. Keep updating please and make better ❣️
  • Farm heroes 2/5

    By Beavervilla
    I totally agree with Armanato - the levels get so difficult it gets more than frustrating. For a game that is supposed to be fun - this isn’t it. Nothing is ‘free’ - almost NO ‘helps’. I got to level 1011 and finally reached the point where THAT’S IT - I quit. Don’t know why I stuck around so long!!
  • Not sure what happened 1/5

    By KingTreyBoyd
    Used to be fun, good to pass time game. Now the events disappear after like 8 hours when they have a 100 hour timer. Shady AF and not worth it.
  • Loving It! 5/5

    By mhutton76
    I love this game! #Addictive
  • I am just wasting my time 3/5

    By My spin
    This is really a joke. 1st: There is no way that I can pass a level with 1st or even the 30th time, it just a luck. 2nd: When playing the events, why do you charge my boosters when they do not need to be charged? Why don’t you give me an extra booster? 3rd: When I ask for a life, you give me beans, beans do not mean a life. 4th: I am filling up the piggy bank by playing, why do you ask me to pay money to empty it? The list is too long, but I guess this is enough for now.
  • Won’t connect to network 1/5

    By babynurse81
    It all the sudden doesn’t connect to WiFi or network.
  • It’s just a game 2/5

    By ITrumpU
    People put so much into games that it’s just crazy to me. Farm hero’s is an okay game. It’s not going to end world hunger or find a cure for sickle cell, but it does help pass the time when necessary.
  • Farm Heroes 1/5

    By Can't beat some levels
    Farm Heroes you need to pay attention to customer feedback. You don’t provide enough opportunity to pick up boosters. When you offer something you make it impossible to beat a level. It’s virtually impossible to beat some levels without spending money. Therefore, I’m going to quit playing.
  • Recent glitches... 3/5

    By Fantasia666
    I’m with everyone else recently...I was just playing an event. I answered a phone call and came back to the game a bit later and it had disappeared. I’ll be uninstalling this app until y’all can get your lives together and fix this to its former glory. Thank you.
  • Used to be a great app 1/5

    By NemaBoulos
    Simply.gambling, they only care about how much money they make from you. Delete it
  • #👁❤️it 5/5

    I love playing this game.It is so fun, but it is addicting.I recommend that you get it!!!!
  • Great game but with errors 2/5

    By Purpleshar
    This game is great but recently I’ve noticed the events don’t refresh and the quests don’t show up. I’ve had to delete the app and re-download it for it to be refreshed but as soon as I exit and come back into the game all the quests and events are gone again. Please address this issue. This game has never given me problems before.
  • Really fun game 5/5

    By Emmy ❤️Bulldogs
    I like it better than candy crush because it has vegetables in it and the wolf. The wolf reminds me of my dog it is just the wolf is more aggressive
  • Unfair 1/5

    By KZs Gramma
    The latest gimmick..? Fill up the “piggy bank” to EARN swell prizes. Except... players have to PAY cash money to open the piggy bank. Piggy bank is an appropriate term. The “pigs” behind the curtain get the prize$$.
  • Pointless money grabbing game 1/5

    By kaggie1625
    This new earning bars to fill the piggy bank was an ok idea but once the bank is full you have to pay $2.99 to open it
  • Used to be fun 1/5

    By Duckie957
    Now you have to be online in order to use any of the boosts? So much for being able to play on flights that don’t have WiFi. What a waste. That was the worst decision for the update. Bring able to use while on duty days at work with no service was such fun.
  • Let it snow..not working 2/5

    By JenOct
    This was supposed to be unlimited lives for 48 hours. It keeps asking me to buy energy with my gold bars after my lives go down to zero. It worked yesterday and today it’s asking me to buy lives.
  • Really 1/5

    By Ill noodle
    I like how you update this game & expect us to pay for the gold piggy bank. What a joke
  • Gone down hill 1/5

    By Drscoblia
    On my IPad it now takes over one minute to load and start up.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By JustTheTruth1717
    You'll get hooked and then you will have no chance to progress unless you pay. The game also has bugs and doesn't give you your awards. Don't waste your time.

Farm Heroes Saga app comments


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