Favor - Food Delivery

Favor - Food Delivery

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  • Current Version: 142.7.12
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: NeighborFavor Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Favor - Food Delivery App

Favor Delivery - Get Anything Delivered Favor is the easiest way to get anything you want in your city delivered to your door in under an hour. Whether it’s lunch at the office, groceries for home or those errands you just don’t have time for — your personal assistant (we call them Runners) can deliver it in just a couple taps. • Need Inspiration? Browse menus from thousands of local stores and restaurants. • Know What You Want? Order anything and our Runner will pick up whatever your heart (or stomach) desires. • Have it Quickly. Your Runner will have your Favor to your door in under an hour (our average delivery time is 35 minutes). • Runners Shop. You Relax. Your Runner will text you along the way to keep you posted on what’s happening and you can also track the progress inside the app. Forgot to ask for ketchup or need a roll of paper towels? Just text your Runner, they’ve got you covered. • Pay With a Tap. Payment is simple and cashless. • Need Help? Our five-star customer support team has the answer. "Favor serves retailers and restaurants that don't already have delivery service. When you place an order via Favor's iOS app, you'll get your food or groceries delivered to you within an hour." -- Business Insider "The… app allows users to order anything they want from stores and restaurants in the area, have a courier go pick up the items, and have them delivered within 35 minutes to their door” -- The Wall Street Journal Want to know more? Surf on over to http://www.favordelivery.com ************* We’re currently delivering in all across Texas in Addison, Arlington, Austin, College Station, Dallas, Fort Worth, Frisco, Houston, Katy, McKinney, Plano, San Antonio, San Marcos, Sugarland, & The Woodlands. Don’t be jealous, we’ll be in your city soon!


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Favor - Food Delivery app reviews

  • Uses Favor twice and both times sucked! 1/5

    By cheerbird
    Tonight we are using Favor for the 2nd time. The first time we used it, it took an hr+ longer, to receive our food, than the app told us it would. Tonight it said the food would arrive between 715-730pm but it’s now 815 and my driver JUST texted me saying she would be another 30+ minutes!!! Why doesn’t the app give me a more accurate wait time BEFORE we place the order so we can decide if we want to wait that long. Additionally, why isn’t there a space to leave the driver notes for each food item (no tomato, or sub beans for a salad)? The driver had to text me 5-6 times to get food related options. Waste of time. Or, why can’t we just order the food, straight from the restaurant, and just have the driver pick it up??? We will be finding a different food delivery service next time!!!
  • Chaotic 3/5

    By CoreyW
    Recently Favor has been hit or miss. On a recent order, Favor went through a half dozen runners without profile photos saying each was running my order (headed to the store). It took around 20 minutes before a real runner started on the order. I wish Favor would be transparent about this instead of letting me wait hungry needlessly.
  • $5 coupon: RAVI5559R 5/5

    By fokliu502
    First of all, if this is your first time ordering make sure you use the coupon “RAVI5559R" to get $5 off your first delivery! Enter it on the sign up screen or right before you make your first delivery, under the Profile menu. Might as well try it out since it won't cost you much! The app is easy to use and intuitive, much more so than other food delivery apps I’ve used. It’s amazing how quick and seamless the entire process is. The average delivery takes around 30 minutes. The restaurant selection is really good, and the app does a good job of narrowing down what kind of cuisine you want. I’ve discovered a lot of new restaurants in the city just from using Favor. Customer support is also prompt to resolve any issues. I had a problem with one of my deliveries and was contacted by the support team rectifying the issue, and crediting my delivery. Overall you should definitely give it a try, especially with the $5 coupon I gave you!!
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By AmyKay 149
    Wait time is unbelievable. Placed order at 4:45pm, and my delivery time changed 3 times because Favor couldn’t find a “runner”. When my delivery time finally changed to 7:30, I cancelled my order. Almost 3 hours of waiting and I bet it would have changed again. Rediculous!
  • Scary 1/5

    By alexaguirre24
    HORRIBLE customer service and very sketchy delivery personnel in San Antonio. I no longer use the app for fear of my safety. They have randos delivering food and customer service is a joke. You’ve been warned.
  • GREAT service when it works right 3/5

    By Over the Lecturing
    Pros: The drivers are great! Communicative and prompt - always helpful. Cons: The time quotes are sometimes WAY off. A few times I’ve placed an order and had to wait over 2 hours to have a driver assigned. In short, the service itself is amazing, but the administrative side needs work.
  • Pricey! 3/5

    By Zedd142
    It’s a pricey! I used it for the first time but I don’t think I will again. The delivery cost is okay but there are other costs involved I wish they told us the price before the driver picks up the food!
  • So much better than UberEats 5/5

    By Bam837254
    I decided to try Favor after getting my orders cancelled with UberEats. I was skeptical at first but the free delivery promo (BENM97) enticed me to give it a shot. It was to my house in under 25min and I ordered out pretty far away. I went with the out of area because, why not with a free delivery charge! It still showed up faster than what Uber would deliver mcDonalds for. Give it a shot guys. Use the code when you signup.
  • Easy enough 4/5

    By RNBCIcey
    The app is easy enough to use. Things I would like to see in the app: Pre-pay options (you see the estimated cost like instacart does) A better menu ordering. Expanded $3 anytime menu What I like about the app: The contact between most runners and myself. My runners let me know what's going on. It's delivery and not pizza. The $3 anytime menu The ability to rate the favor.
  • Trash 1/5

    By CallMeNative
    Doesn’t let me login doesn’t let me order food doesn’t send me the right code doesn’t start when i open. Jackasses
  • I’m sad.. 3/5

    By baybaybear8
    I’m sad cuz my house is just out of the delivery area and I don’t have a reason to order while I’m out. Need it to expand just a little to clay that would be awesome
  • Too Expensive 1/5

    By B. Lopez
    I love the idea that I can pretty much order food from ANYWHERE and it’s not limited in that sense, BUT...it just recently went up in fees and is now $9 for delivery 🙄 no thanks. Also, the runners still want a tip and I believe in tips and all - but after paying $9 for the service, I can’t do it. I ordered some tacos and queso and it was almost $50. Not happening again.
  • App needs upgrades!! 1/5

    By Yudonknome
    No preview of bill, order gets cancelled and no clue why, order was received but not correct thus overcharged and the list goes on....
  • Too high of a delivery fee, runners are super slow 1/5

    By F-18Bro
    The delivery fee is way too high. Trust me, you think you’re too lazy to just go get the food yourself but I promise you it’s not worth this hassle. Just go get the food.
  • Love it 5/5

    By VanillaGorilla76
    This app is convenient, and the runners have been great so far.
  • !!!For all the people complaining!!! 5/5

    By laboue
    1. Favor doesn’t pay the drivers so that tip is their gas, time, mileage, and wage 2. Your delivery is taking so long because the driver is picking up your order from north Austin to south or in the middle of delivering an order from North to south then going back south to central 3. Tipping $3 for walking up the Eiffel Tower of an apartment WOW (think twice losers) 4. Be courteous to the drivers because it’s a really dangerous job
  • Amazing !!! 5/5

    By Ryan lanza0412
    This app help my late night hungers
  • Great Ordering App 5/5

    By Stitch :P
    I have had great service from this company and look forward to future orders! I have yet to complain and do see myself doing so with there such efficient service ! Thanks Favor!
  • Eh. 2/5

    By .kat79
    I use this in a pinch when I can't leave the house. If you're able to at all though, you're much better off going yourself. What's really frustrating is that is I get notified when the runner has picked up my order and will be at my place "shortly"...but then it takes 45 minutes or more for them to get from the restaurant to my house. Total wait time is always over an hour, even when it's a place like a five or ten minute drive from my house. Don't expect your food to ever be warm when you get it. Their fees are extremely high, too. Like I said, it's definitely not worth the "convenience". If you can at all go get your order yourself, just do that.
  • Very invasive 1/5

    By Don Alguien
    There is no option to turn off marketing or other notifications that have nothing to do with my order.
  • Don’t use! 1/5

    By Kariecouture
    An $18.00 up charge for delivery?!! Forget it! I had a runner mess up my order and it took me forever to contact them and complain. I never got refunded either. Not to mention the ridiculous up charge. Forget it. I’ll pick it up myself at a reasonable price. I used to love this app. But it’s daylight robbery.
  • Great 5/5

    By Krys G.
    My experience with Favor has been amazing. The customer service and constant delivery deals are great!
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 5/5

    By MichellePeters85
    I cannot find enough wonderful words to use in order to talk about my love for Favor. Favor is the ultimate answer to sick days, I literally don't have to worry about anything when I'm sick because of Favor...there's so much love!
  • Expensive 1/5

    By Laceyyyloo
    This is way too expensive. I gave it a shot because my husband left in the car with our daughter’s carseat, so I could not go anywhere. The delivery fee for Sonic, fast food, was $6 and they automatically added a $5 tip for the runner. $5? I tip 20% when going out to eat, because the server does everything for you there including refills, clean up, etc. but $5 for a delivery seems excessive to me.
  • Never works 1/5

    By PC7979
    App broken again
  • Good app, bad spam 4/5

    By wxyze
    This app provides a great service, any time you need something (practically anything) delivered right to you. The prices are reasonable. The downside is these developers love bothering you. They’ll send you alerts and light up your badge icons just to remind you they exist. Sure you can turn off notifications for this app, but you need them when you’re using it. So now I have to go turn them on and then back off again every time i want to use this app. Annoying. Other than that it’s great.
  • Horrible. Only order if you plan on NOT receiving any food at all. 1/5

    By Ani (^∇^)
    If the company is doing so well, they need to hire more logistics/strategy to smooth out the various issues with this app. One order failed - the app kept pushing back estimated delivery time for over 1 hour and 15 minutes (after we had placed the order), until finally the order was canceled. Another time, our runner somehow delivered our food to another location, yet we “paid” for it on our app and it states it was delivered. When we tried to call in all the mistakes with the orders, there is no response through texting customer service, nor a return on phone calls. Very disappointing.
  • Price Transparency 1/5

    By Isthistaken12
    Y'all really need to show all prices up front before placing order. It's absurd that you don't know what the delivery fee is until after the order is placed. Come'on.
  • Garbage app 1/5

    By Is this nickname acceptable?
    Can’t speak on the service since this garbage app won’t even load. Just sits there with a blue screen.
  • Game Changer 5/5

    By Ivyrobinson
    Beautiful interface, great concept! Love this app & all of the awesome restaurants featured. It's a great way to familiarize yourself with the hospitality partners nearby.
  • Cyclists Are Killing Delivery Times 1/5

    By venusinchucks
    I get that everyone needs a job, but if you don't have four wheels, maybe you shouldn't look for delivery jobs in a city that isn't built for you? I placed an order just over thirty minutes ago, but it won't be here for another hour because the Runner is on a bike. That is beyond ridiculous. If you're going to allow cyclists to be Runners, then have them serve areas that are bike-friendly. This way, they can provide prompt service. Also, I'm rather perplexed over the fact that I can't change my number in the app. I have to ask Customer Support to do it for me. Why?

    By sicajess
    Usually always takes over an hour to get my food. Uber Eats is 10x faster. Deleted Favor off my phone
  • Love Favor!!! 5/5

    By thrashtaylor
    we love the app and use it every week without any trouble! Favor has made our busy lives much easier and allows us to spend more time together at home, not having to go out or cook/clean.
  • Yes!!!! 5/5

    By A.Lewii
    Not one complaint the whole time I've been a user.
  • Best App & Service-Houston 4/5

    By Hk30326
    The app is the best of the available services in Houston. Easy to order, easy to pay and it does recall past information for convenience. The major improvement I would suggest is a GPS tracker to see where your runner is in the process instead of them entering the status... seems like it would be easier for the runner and more transparent to the customer!
  • Not just for food! 5/5

    By GinLoverTrae
    Code TRAEF6 gets you $5 off your first order. Favor can also deliver items from CVS or Walgreens if you (or a little one) are ill. Balloons and flowers, too! Dry cleaning, office supplies, Home Depot even 😀!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By DevinBuckland
    I have had so much trouble with the app and the service. They are terrible. The last time, they never delivered the food but charged my card. Needless to say, after going rounds with these idiots, I got my money back but still no food. Never again!!
  • User Beware! Terrible Customer Service! 1/5

    By LHagman
    I have used Favor many times—and have had good experiences (or, as it turns out, maybe just good luck). That luck ran out last night when I was paired with a surly driver who charged me for an order that he did not even deliver! When I tried to clear up the confusion by contacting Favor’s Customer Service, I was told that they could not help me—and that since the driver said he delivered my order, clearly he must have done so. I actually had to escalate the problem and involve my bank (no one should be charged for a product they don’t receive)! Fortunately, my bank is now investigating the erroneous charge made by Favor, but seriously, who has time for this nonsense? Favor EASILY could have done the right thing and either a) refund the charge, or b) deliver the product they charged to me (even at a later date). Instead, they lost a loyal customer, and refused to offer a reasonable solution to a problem created by one of their drivers.
  • Always efficient 5/5

    By Jyygugug
    Love it!
  • ABRIG9 5/5

    By UCC8476
    If anyone is interested in trying out Favor use my code ABRIG9 to $5 to use on your first delivery
  • Hard NOPE 1/5

    By Bevo Kill
    I’ve ordered from Favor twice now and each time my delivery has taken twice as long as estimated. Both times I have ordered from places I could drive to in 3-5 minutes. Also, it’s shady that you don’t get to see the total before you place your order. And delivery routes are not planned well. Check out the details below. Faster and better services are out there. Tonight as an example, I ordered food from a place less than one mile from my house with an estimated delivery time of 45 minutes. An hour later I get an update that the driver has my food and delivery is on the way. My house is 5 minutes from the restaurant. 40 minutes after that I get an update from the driver: “Sorry I had 3 deliveries at one time. Yours is the last on my list. ETA 15 minutes.” WHY IS MY DELIVERY LAST WHEN I LIVE SO CLOSE? You have to go miles out of the way to be 15 minutes away. I won’t receive my food until 2 hours after I ordered it.
  • Horrible delivery service 1/5

    By Sunangel013
    I use to love them but now it takes forever for them to deliver and the order is always wrong!
  • Dumb 1/5

    By Selzmonster
    Won’t even allow me to log in properly. I had an account and allowed it to use my Facebook but it doesn’t recognize that my account exists so I can’t even create a new account because my phone number is linked to my old account. This is seriously silly and dumb. I guess I’ll give my money to uber eats since they have their app under control.
  • Bad service 1/5

    By Hwk8107
    Liked using favor if Uber Eats or Doordash didn’t have the restaurant. Unfortunately, just too many orders randomly canceled by favor after waiting 40+ minutes into the order. Can’t count on them when you’ve got a hungry family.
  • Horrible customer service and response time 1/5

    By klkim2000
    I have had many issues with this app. Most recently they have cancelled my whole order for one thing not being available. This is after already waiting for over 15 minutes and then having to reschedule. And interestingly enough, when I reordered, the fee for delivery had increased in the time since I had initially ordered. This is not the first time my order has been cancelled and by the time I reordered the fee had jumped 1.5 times the initial cost. Then I tried ordering again and they cancelled my order again saying that due to them being too busy they were cancelling so it would be more convenient for me. This is ridiculous, as it was obviously because they cannot get it done, but trying to say it was for my convenience is not what I want to hear when that is obviously not true. Also my account was suspended for almost a week and I asked repeatedly what the reason was and how I could get it resolved. They never told me the reason it had been suspended despite saying they would get back to me, and what they said would be resolved within 24 hours took 5 days. This incident was not the only one where favor customer support had not responded. Every cancelled order comes with a text asking if I have any questions. They take hours to respond if they respond at all. Terrible customer service. I will definitely be using a different all from now on because this is terrible
  • Delivery fee hidden! 2/5

    By Delux83
    This app and the service works well but when you go to order you don’t know how much the delivery fee is going to be until they show up at your door when you pay! They need to have this labeled when you first order
  • Solid App- Great Convenience 4/5

    By Vandyteesh
    I'm a good delivery regular- I love the convenience and am willing to pay an up charge for it. Favor is one of the few apps I've come across with options every where I have to travel whether across town or across the country. I have received good service from the majority of runners. My only complaint is the app lacks gps tracking so you don't have receive a very accurate estimate of delivery times.
  • Awful. 1/5

    By Timmy733622
    This company will go bankrupt in a year or so. Awful...
  • Great app 5/5

    By Da Masta DAWG
    Greater service
  • Nice experience! 5/5

    By LenaBena01
    Love it..so far so good!

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