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FedEx App

Create a shipping label, Track shipment status and Manage your packages wherever you may be with the FedEx Mobile App on your mobile device. Use the FedEx app to get quick rates, find a location for convenient pickup and drop off, scan barcodes, and view Rewards. Enroll in FedEx Delivery Manager® to customize when and where you’d like to receive your packages. Download the FedEx app to: • Track the status of all incoming or outgoing packages • Enable Push Notifications to get updates on your shipments • Create a shipment label if you have a FedEx shipping account • Enroll for FedEx Delivery Manager® to: • Hold a package at a FedEx location • Leave delivery instruction for the courier • Sign for a package requiring your signature • Request a vacation hold • Scan a barcode for easy tracking • Find a FedEx location near you • Get shipment cost estimates and delivery times • Search your list of shipments by tracking number, references, vendors and more *FedEx Delivery Manager® is only available for residential deliveries within the U.S. You must be signed in to the FedEx app and registered for FedEx Delivery Manager® to use selected features Shipments created on will automatically be added to your app shipment list when you are logged in. *To maximize your experience on the FedEx Mobile app allow the following permissions: Location to find the nearest FedEx location to your location, Camera to scan a shipping label and track a package, Push Notifications to receive push notification on a package.


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FedEx app reviews

  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Stan lee fanatic
    Every time I try to track a shipment it says “The action you requested could not be completed at this time. Please try again in a few minutes.” I tried multiple times, multiple minutes later, but never got it to work once.
  • UPS App Is Better 1/5

    By Courtneyjo
    This app is clunky and you have to repeatedly paste your tracking number into the search bar, which is annoying when you have multiple items to track.
  • Mediocre app for a service I'd rather not use 2/5

    By Growtiltall
    It doesn't add any value for simple package tracking. The glitchy and sometimes contradictory information presented by the app makes sense given my experience in general with the company: no attention to detail and the minimum possible service provided to get the job done. Maybe that's good enough for some, but I'd rather deal with my post office where they know my name or with UPS which treats their employees better and shows some attention to customer needs with their services. Many online purchases don't give a choice for shipping method so unfortunately I have to deal with FedEx from time to time.
  • Trash 1/5

    By F_raya___
    Can’t even sign into my account but on the website no problem fix the app
  • Security Questions 2/5

    By DitzyGurl
    The app asks 4 security questions to set-up your account. 3 of the questions had answers but one question asked for me to chose the name of someone who lived with me. None of the names are familiar to me. When I called FedEx there is no way for them to correct this issue, so I can’t activate the app. This needs to be corrected. Please.
  • Useless 1/5

    By NikkieLynn
    The app constantly logs me out so I never know when a package is coming unless I physically login. It defeats the purpose of the app. I don't have this problem with UPS app.
  • Below expectations 2/5

    By Sarlabart
    You might expect an app this bad from an underfunded govt agency or a small business just figuring out this whole “app thing”. But this is FedEx and there is no excuse for it. Figure it out. Hire someone. Your app is currently abysmal.
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By Alfredo Ealgelo
    Had an express shipment and waiting for it wit door opened.. they manage to miss it. Waste of time
  • Incorrect and terrible 1/5

    By Wordsmith4
    The app is not intuitive and does not allow you to complete the functions as stated.
  • Customer 5/5

    By P001@RET
    Shipping in the app is a great new addition.
  • Missing the description for color legend button ? 3/5

    By Satlaunch
    The new upgrade seems to be dynamic but missing the button's name/description for iP 6+ or all? Create a Nick name for each tracking then there is no where to know that the short grey and long yellow bar are meant for Cancel and Create !?! After Complete the nickname - click next to enter more note the Go (from the keypad) wouldn't work --- keypad not goes away and you have to go back to Grey/Yellow bars .... !!! The workflow is broken due to no refresh update and missing description. Works but confused for some folks :) older version is faster.... This is the same trend as Microsoft newer version entails with bigger file size ....!!!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Hop_thatguy
    Downloaded the app so I could electronically sign for a package. The app wouldn't recognize the bar I signed up for the service which would allow you to do it manually...guess what that didn't work either....said connection error. What a POS. What's he point of "allowing" customers this service if it doesn't work!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By lilmike28
    Half of the "features" just flat out do not work. Also, every single time I use FedEx for delivery there is always a problem. Every. Single. Time. Most incompetent business I've ever dealt with. Even USPS is superior to FedEx. Which is really saying something being that USPS is terrible themselves. I will do everything in my power to never use FedEx again for as long as I live. I hope everyone who reads my review does the same. Let's stop using businesses that don't deserve our business!
  • Not working 1/5

    I had to download app or sign up to get additional options for a package being delivered. When trying to confirm shipping address they use 3rd party software (scary) to verify I live where I say I do. However the questions you are asked, in my case, isn't correct info. After calling in for help the rep gave me an suggestion to try but now the app & website say "system unavailable." This is the route you have to choose when agreeing to have them deliver to alternate hold location. Not sure how long this system has been in place, but it needs work.
  • Glitchy 3/5

    By Xazilizax
    The app is a little glitchy. If I have a tracking saved and then delete it from my list after delivery is complete, it doesn't delete. Also, I noticed that if I turn on Watch and then go back to my list, Watch is not turned on, so I have to go back and keep turning it on until it sticks.
  • Will not verify address 1/5

    By Jimstreamw
    I moved and tried to verify new address. The house is in a subdivision. The house was built in 2003 and the app cannot verify address. UPS app verifies it just fine. Tried to add and save mobile number. It accepted it with no errors but when go back in, still blank.
  • Great update 5/5

    By Grisley_adams
    Great update.. much easier to create a shipment on my phone than the computer
  • Thankfully I'm diligent 3/5

    By WinterKnight21
    The only update I got over the course of the week I was eagerly awaiting my package was this: Delivery Notification: Unable to Deliver. This, of course, was after I hurried down the mountain to get to the post office before it closed when I read that my package had been successfully delivered. Notifications never worked and when they did they were wrong. Other than that the tracking info was accurate, but it's the same as what I'd get if I just entered my tracking number in google. This app is faulty and therefore even more frivolous, deleted as soon as I got my package.
  • Happy that barcode scanner has been added! 4/5

    By EnviroG
    The barcode scanner addition is wonderful. Please also update the app to utilize both Touch ID + Face ID + Apple Pay support.
  • Latest Update 4/5

    By Bluetees
    There are a few bugs in your latest update. It closes down shortly after launching. You can't check details on tracking before it closes down. Normally it's a great app but ever since I updated yesterday, I haven't been able to check for deliveries which is important since I'm away from my home due to our recent weather problems.
  • Easy shipping! 5/5

    By Sassafras97
    Great update! Love the new shipping and being able to print my label from my phone.
  • Dumb app 1/5

    By Anonymous 9/10/2013
    Tried to sign up for fed ex manager using this app. Dumbest design ever. Impossible to create account. Real amateurs. Crap
  • Fantastic!! 5/5

    By djl44
    Love the shipping updates!!
  • Nice - love the improvements! 5/5

    By RjAppleUsr
    Good job FedEx!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By UberGeek10
    Glad to see that Shipping no longer launches out to the web! Keep the updates/fixes coming.
  • Unstable! 1/5

    Still not as stable as prior versions! Keep getting a message that the action requested cannot be completed! Was working well after a rocky start then upgraded and back to problems! I still have the old version and it works great!
  • Privacy Issues 1/5

    By Eggbert shirley
    This did not allow me sign for my package, but it did show me that fedex has collected all my personal information and shared with their developers. Strangest app I've ever seen. I thought it was a phishing scam. Let the class action lawyers swarm in...
  • Can't login 1/5

    By RickNorton
    The app is broken. Trying to login forces me to a "forgot username" page. I know my username, I use it all the time. It works on the FedEx website but not the app. Fix this "craplication" please!
  • Horrible don't bother 1/5

    By Swankgirl
    As a business owner I was excited about this app because I can currently see packages coming to my store on ups and usps apps. Could not get it to scan my door tag. Would also not accept manual entry. Deleted within 5 min of download. Seriously Fedex???
  • Works For Me 4/5

    By SamuraiRick
    Not a sexy app but it works. Tracking a shipment made easy. It allowed me to register my information and got all the details I needed. If you want to do something more elaborate go to the website. This app is just a simple shortcut. No complaints.
  • Worst app ever! 1/5

    By tianagorham
    HORRIBLE experience. I expected more. DELETE.
  • Sooooo 1/5

    By A corn field
    So it won't let sign up for the extra thing to be able to simply give delivery instructions or e sign for the package..... this app is comple crap would rate negative 5 star but can't
  • Don't bother downloading If you need E-signature 1/5

    By sachifys
    The only reason I downloaded this app was to release an E-signature so my package can be delivered when I wasn't home. I followed the instruction completing every steps, this app even popped up a congratulation message saying I was all set; no I wasn't. I returned home with door tag after door tag after door tag. I should have just stuck with the good old "sign on the tag and leave it on the door" way. Big fail.
  • Poorly executed app 2/5

    By adairyqueen
    This app is, at best, mediocre. I have an old shipment that I'd like to delete, every time I try to do so it tells me something went wrong and then force closes the app. When I open the app again, my old shipment is still there. Notifications don't actually come through.
  • Stay away! 1/5

    By Lgb23
    Something is completely wrong with fedex account management. Do not waste your time with any of there apps. Totally unusable.
  • WHY???? Revert back 1/5

    By Jdog2354
    This app is now effectively useless, better off saving tracking numbers and searching via google
  • 1/10 1/5

    By jworm3
  • Pure Garbage As Expected 1/5

    By Ratrod0311
    0 stars if it was an option. I love how you dimwits allow absolutely no way in hell of allowing a customer to have their package held at a fedex location. Sorry but I don't want my stuff that I PAID FOR to get stolen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • It doesn't work 1/5

    By alst
    Couldn't get past the intro portion, test your apps before releasing them
  • Borken 1/5

    By aaron5788
    I load up the app and I can't even get past the lets begin screen. This app is so broken don't even waste your time on it.
  • No Problems Here 5/5

    By Grace_2004
    I am using a iPhone 6s Plus via AT&T on iOS 10.3.3, I downloaded the app, went through the steps to get it started plus signed up in the app and nooo problems here. Thanks FedEx!!
  • Zero stars-Really! 1/5

    By DwL45
    When trying to sign up to sign electronically, I was asked to answer questions to validate my identity. None of the questions related to me at all, so I had no idea how to answer. Now I've been locked out and can't get past the first page, which tells you nothing. DO NOT GET THIS APP IF YOU WANT TO SAVE YOUR SANITY!!!!
  • Delivery Manager Unavailable 1/5

    By LionSaw
    I downloaded this app to sign for my package electronically. However, to sign up for delivery manager, you have to answer bizarre questions relating to other people at your address or previous addresses (how do I know who lived at an apartment before me?). This seems like a huge invasion of privacy to have to give out other people's information to use their product. Even if you're ok with giving away their information, the app continues to say there's an error and prevents you from signing up, asking you to try again & answer a new set of questions.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Waffle269
    App is too slow, and requires user to sign-in in order to do anything useful. Intro screen freezes. FedEx should have done a lot better. I recommend using a search engine if tracking update is all you're looking for.
  • Still no notifications!!! 2/5

    By EdTva21
    I just want to know why the app has the option to enable notifications, but then it tells you to go into your settings and enable push notifications for the FedEx app.... of course, there is no option for that in settings. Either someone in the app department is a dolt, or it's a future feature they haven't yet made available. In either case, if you aren't going to make push notifications available then just remove the option from the app. I mean really!!!
  • I'd rate it negative stars if I could 1/5

    By chipk64
    FedEx should be embarrassed to have their logo in this app. It's truly the worst app I've seen from a major corporation. It's like some 18 year old wrote it for some committee of clueless middle managers. And then no one bothered to actually test it.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Doidles123456
    Does not work. Doesn't let me get past the intro. Lol.
  • It's ok but nothing special... 3/5

    By Durkinz
    I enabled every type of notification it asked for, and I get nothing. No notification when tracking scans update or a package is delivered. You may as well be checking on their website, except this way you're not tied to a desktop and can do it on the go. I don't need the app to be "fun" (? lol wut) but I wish it did what it's supposed to at least. It's just amazing that an app from a company as big as FedEx, isn't at the very LEAST decent? But neither is their tracking so what can you expect. Seriously the other shippers in brown are miles ahead, and even usps seems to update their tracking more frequently. That's not even touching on other issues with FedEx like holding packages until the specific delivery date when the package is sitting a few miles away? smh. When I order from Newegg it's never a cheap item I'm waiting for and not worried about. And it's the only time I have to use FedEx.
  • Workes perfect for me. 5/5

    By JerryLayne
    Workes perfect for me. I am not sure why others are having issues. I logged on with my account and all my packages came up with all information. Excellent App.
  • Inexcusable 1/5

    By DeathBy1024Cuts
    Can't get past the into screen on iPhone 7+

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