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  • Current Version: 1.3.5
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  • Developer: Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
  • Compatibility: Android
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fepblue App

With the fepblue app, you can: Access your benefits • View and share your member ID card • Know how close you are to meeting your annual deductible or out-of-pocket maximum* • See important visit limit information for benefits and services, such as acupuncture visits* Get care • Call the Nurse Line • Find urgent care centers • Search for Preferred providers Be notified • If you give us permission, we’ll send important reminders straight to your mobile device Stay connected to FEP • You can easily access our website and social media channels through the app *It can take up to ten days after we receive a claim to reflect these changes on your account. Enable Touch ID to make logging in easier. Once you log in to the app for the first time, you can set up Touch ID for iPhone or fingerprint access on eligible Android devices. Then, the next time you log in to the app, you’ll only need your fingerprint to sign in. We keep your information secure. We use the latest security technology and industry best practices to secure your information. Your account is yours—it can only be accessed through your MyBlue® login information. We recommend keeping your app up to date to ensure that it has the latest security features. You should keep your phone operating system up to date as well. You can find providers and urgent care centers without logging in. However, you’ll need to login with your MyBlue® username and password to access benefit information. Don’t have an account? Sign up at: https://www.fepblue.org/pilot/registration Stay tuned for new features as we try to make your healthcare information easier to access and understand.


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fepblue app reviews

  • Claims and EOBs 3/5

    By Emt60
    Decent app, but really needs to be able to display claims and EOBs, otherwise a visit to the website is required anyway making the app pointless.
  • Mediocre at best 1/5

    By glendace
    Disappointed when this app opened. Thought it would be somewhat similar to the mobile app. Not even close. It might be helpful if looking for a provider or needing ID card information. I was hoping for easier navigation to the wellness page. Non existent. Looking forward to improvements!
  • Great start 3/5

    By Royal2613
    This is a great start and I hope it gets updated frequently with new features such as the ability to read the EOB messages, check amount on my wellness card and all the other things I can do on the website.
  • Doesn’t replace website 1/5

    By Alaska Federation
    This is a very basic app to access basic insurance information. Doesn’t replace the website, which should be the app’s purpose.
  • Not much to it 2/5

    By mjdindc
    You have a copy of your insurance card and access to how much of your benefits you have used. Card is nice (though so many other ways to carry it) amount of benefits used is not something I need to carry with me. Available urgent care is nice, but so many locations are missing that it’s not very useful. Ability to search for docs is useful, mainly because it’s so hard to get to on web site. Not sure how much I would ever use it. What would be great would to be able to access EOB or order meds.
  • Little to no information 1/5

    By marlars
    There is no claim information or access to EOBs. There is no access to the Wellness Program either. I would rate it much higher if these features were implemented. Having mobile access by fingerprint authentication would be the easiest, most secure way to manage health insurance information.
  • Feedback 5/5

    By MEJ01
    Very handy app! I like that I can see my ID card & plan limits with up to date info. Are there plans to add access to the Online Health Coach & Health Assessment? These are great tools that with easier access would benefit me even more!
  • Can’t ever log in 1/5

    By goatcharmer
    I suppose this might be a nice app if I could ever actually get logged in. I’ve been put through password hell and device verification but still can’t log in. I need to get in to change my email but it won’t take the password I had in my password keeper app that I know was correct. After trying to change my password it got constipated with the endless spinning wheel until I shut it off.
  • No support for iOS FaceID....great start, please continue to improve this app 1/5

    By bob_edmiston
    No support for iOS FaceID....great start, please continue to improve this app
  • Would rate higher but no functionality 1/5

    By BigBinger
    This would be a nice app if it had any functionality. Can't get EoB's, can't download any information, and residually annoying is the fact that I get emails saying I have secure messages, then go to the app and can't see any messages...
  • Good for card only 2/5

    By MariaAKC
    It really doesn’t give you much information on the app, it’s good just for having your card accessible and to see if you met your deductible/out of pocket. Wish you could access EOBs on the app!
  • Just an ID card and annual total 2/5

    By KyPeonie
    I was hoping for a personal health record. This is not it.
  • No much 2/5

    By Big bear 76
    Good start but not much info l use the pc one
  • Info limited 2/5

    By squdgee
    Not much use other than seeing deductibles paid.
  • Very Limited Functionality 1/5

    By benamie3
    No ability to see EOBs
  • Doesn't do anything 1/5

    By [{%+#{|
    Has, like, three functions. Big whoop.
  • Why?? 1/5

    By ???WTH???
    This app is worthless, it does nothing!! Why would you make this??
  • There’s an app... 1/5

    By Hannah co
    Basically, this is a card and a button to call a nurse. Everything says try again later despite a reinstall. Website is just as bad.
  • NEEDS EOB data 2/5

    By Steve206
    I get an email saying I have new EOB Or new FSA activity. However, unlike the FSA feds app, the FEP Blue app gives no access to EOB statements - probably its highest end use value proposition. Hope that changes.
  • Not Good 1/5

    By LeeFranf
    All things are in Spanish —get real most of us speak English here. Was never able to find info that I had been alerted was there. Bout a good start! Doctors are oblivious to electronic card. They have to have something that fits into their little machine.
  • Look nice but ends there 1/5

    By Rachclermont
    I go to my account to get info. Once I know i met my deductible do not Ned to continue with that but wishing this app had access to my statements. At this point useless, sorry.
  • Waste of time and bytes 1/5

    By Fishface.us
    This is a start for FEPblue but that is all the good I can say about this app. It does not give any information that is useful.
  • Very frustrating and a waste of time 1/5

    By Ventureres
    Extremely difficult to logon and pass thru security and then you find out there’s nothing on the site worth securing. A complete waste of time. Any child could design a better web site and interface.
  • Good start, but app needs: 2/5

    By mattyrides07
    1. The ability to see my dependents, their visits, costs, etc 2. I'd like to be able to get detailed info from clicking into visits. For example, I currently show 1/50 Physical Therapy visits. I want to be able to click on it and see the EOB 3. I want the ability to see my insurance policy; summary of my benefits.
  • Y Refer Us 2 Ur App???? 1/5

    By 2MsSassy
    There’s absolutely no access to anything other then basic information you should already have about your insurance carrier. I received an email today from FELP-BCBS informing me that my PCP added 2 additional items into my health insurance chart. It instructed me to go into My Health Tools for further information. To my shock...we don’t have access to anything called my Health Tools. This app is nothing more than what you should all ready have. It allows you nothing more about your personal account or what’s in it or what’s being put in it. Extremely disappointed...My insurance costs are way to high for such an inferior application Health Site that I cannot even check a update on that their email told to go to. BCBS-You might want to consider putting this “Health Tool” on your app if your going to continue to refer people to it.
  • Good start 4/5

    By SkyFalcon
    This is a great start. Please keep improving the app. See statements is a must. Thanks
  • e-Card only 1/5

    By JA.Jones,Jr
    This app is little more than an electronic card. Needs ability to transmit card to enrolled preferred providers.
  • Not easy to use on my smart phone. 2/5

    By 1st respondet
    Coverage limits not correct and catastrophic coverage not shown. The search function for providers is not quick. In searching for nearby Emergency Rooms the closest was not even listed!
  • Copays 2/5

    By Redddddddddd1
    I think it would be helpful if copays were included on the cards or at least in the app .. I can’t tell you how annoying it is to be asked ‘what’s your copay .. did you check the back of your card?’
  • Useless 1/5

    By Ivanna Humo
    Wasted 30 minutes setting up an app that doesn’t work.
  • The worse 1/5

    By madmikehoar
    By far the worse website especially for a handicap person as myself. It’s like a merry go round that never ends.
  • Has a long way to go 2/5

    By dseale55
    Relatively useless. Doesn’t give you access to your account. You need to go to the website. Maybe someday this will be useful but for now it is good for a quick look at where you are on deductibles.
  • So secure I can’t even access it 1/5

    By Howl2z
    Tried repeatedly to log on and failed. Reset my password using pc and verified my iPhone 8+ then it wants me again enter my password and accept new terms and condition but won’t let me past that screen or to accept the terms. A+++ on security but F- on usefulness.
  • Needs access to EoB paperwork / mailbox 3/5

    By mrclymer
    This is a decent start, but I would rate higher if I could view my EOB paperwork on it or other items in my mailbox. Can this be a one stop shop for all my insurance info?
  • Too many log ins 1/5

    By Patsapple
    Tried to get started. First log in here. Then go to computer and log in. Then come back to app and log in. Then as i try to see what app does it wants me to log in again. Too much trouble for me to use it
  • Bad app 1/5

    By doireallyneedone
    Most of the app does not work. Should never have been put out. Apple should take it off their store until it works.
  • Needs work 3/5

    By Mdeehl
    This new app is full of bugs! Once this app woks as expected, it will be very good. Locating doctors, emergency care, urged care, hospitals and dentist, will work the same way one would do on the Federal Employees websites. This mobile app is just another way to get the same information from their current websites.
  • No claims 2/5

    By Kick it...
    Would be more useful if it also allowed you to view claims.
  • TomNpsp 1/5

    By Blue with FepBlue
    HORRIBLE APP!!! Have to log-in over and over again. Only recognizes your device for 4-months .... then what ... Get charged!!!! Most of the services "are not available at this time, sorry for the inconvenience". Don't bother with this App. Save these extra 6K-bytes for a pic of your dog.
  • Not good 1/5

    By Billf1
    My first visit to the new app was awful. I had to log in several times. I had received an email that my Personal Health Record had been updated. When I finally got into the sight, I saw no information on my record.
  • Typical BCBS technology Epic FAIL!!!!! 1/5

    By CPTKThrace
    The app will on work on my iPhone running most current iOS (11.02). It is stuck in a sign in do-loop asking me to verify my log-in. Not the first time I have had issues with BC/BS and apple technology....
  • Unusable 1/5

    By Yeagermeister884
    Get an error message trying to sign in to “update account security” on the website. Did that, went back to app, same message. Can’t get past it to even log into the app.
  • Have to start somewhere! 3/5

    By MEK0815
    Very excited to finally see this app. On that note, it definitely has a little ways to go. Need to have more access to our account information, benefits and EOB’s. Off to a decent start, though!
  • Sends me to website 1/5

    By Coffee girl 11
    So I downloaded the app. After getting my verification code I try to sign on. It tells me to go to the website so I do. I hit agree but then it won’t let me go any further. Why?? I was looking forward to using this app but now I see why it only has 2 stars. I can’t even use it yet. Now what?
  • Not Good 1/5

    By Woodsboro Kid
    Asks for Security Upgrade only to send you to web site where there is no such option. Does this have anything to do with Obamacare?
  • First step? 2/5

    By Pissingcat
    The app is clean and works well. Unfortunately it doesn’t do much that is useful. If I could check claims and see statements of benefits, that would make this 5 stars. As it presently presents, it’s not worth it.
  • Medical history reported on my file 1/5

    By Nena Soto
    I have reviewed my medical history and see illnesses that I have never been diagnosed with. I submitted two messages through email and have not received a response . I am also trying to get back to that section but can’t locate. Very frustrating!
  • Doesn’t work please fix 1/5

    By Taffytaffman
    When you go to update security it takes you to a webpage that tells you to update your current password and agree to the terms..... however only the decline option is available and you are unable to continue
  • A beginning 3/5

    By Tom S of Plymouth
    The app is way too basic and limited. It should have much more than it does. Keep improving it to make it more useful to the end user. Access to your PHR and your formulary would be a good improvement.
  • “Sad, so sad!” 1/5

    By PETStech
    1. More... | Help | FAQ refers to a Benefits tab, but that tab and benefits information are no where to be found. E.g., The account information updates every time you log in while connected to the Internet. Each screen on the Benefits tab will tell you when the data was last updated. Please note that it may take 5-10 days after your provider submits a claim before your deductible and out-of-pocket costs reflect that visit. 2. What about linking to the pharmacy, which we need to do, often?

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