FIFA Mobile Soccer

FIFA Mobile Soccer

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  • Current Version: 6.3.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Compatibility: Android
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FIFA Mobile Soccer App

Playing soccer has never been more exciting than in the new FIFA Mobile! Build and manage your team, go head to head, and keep coming back for daily content. Whether you’re a savvy veteran or just starting out on the soccer pitch, FIFA Mobile is bigger and better than ever, completely redesigned and built exclusively for mobile with a download size of under 100 MB – meaning you can get into the game while on the go. PLAY WITH UNRIVALED AUTHENTICITY Over 30 leagues, 650 real teams, and 17,000 real players make FIFA Mobile an authentic soccer experience you won’t want to put down. Score big with your favorite stars—from rock-solid defenders to free-scoring forwards—and immerse yourself in the world’s most popular sport! MANAGE YOUR ULTIMATE TEAM Select your favorite team and build it your way with a fresh approach to obtaining players and squad-building. Add depth to your squad, make line up adjustments on the fly, and quickly tweak tactics before every match to master the art of rotation, invaluable in modern soccer. Make the right calls and watch your club get better each day. ATTACK TO WIN Bring innovative levels of competition to your game with VS ATTACK. Take on thrilling matches that throw you into attacking positions and put glory at your feet. Master control of bite-sized plays and updated controls, and lead your team to success. KEEP UP WITH LIVE EVENTS Stay connected to the game you love 365 days a year with content based on up-to-date stories and matches. Instantly jump into quick, playable Live Events that change throughout the day, and take a shot at prizes, Packs, and Player Items. JOIN A LEAGUE, CONQUER THE WORLD For the first time, participate in Leagues, a truly social experience that allows you to join forces and strive for glory with friends and gamers around the globe. Test your skills in inter-league championships, or take on the best gamers worldwide in League vs. League Tournaments to climb the leaderboards. With the ability to chat and send gifts, Leagues is a global soccer community for you to join. Important Consumer Information: This app requires a persistent Internet connection (network fees may apply). Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy, TOS and EULA. Collects data through third party analytics technology (see Privacy & Cookie Policy for details). Contains direct links to the Internet and social networking sites intended for an audience over 13. Terms of Service: Privacy & Cookie Policy: Game EULA: Visit for assistance or inquiries. EA may retire online features and services after 30 days’ notice posted on


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FIFA Mobile Soccer app reviews

  • Horrible 1/5

    By Bebo07cobra
    Game used to be nice. Lately, the game is horrible, the "attack" mode is the worst.
  • F this 3/5

    By that random kid in aptos
    This game knows nothing about soccer.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Baby bear 1689:3:
    Why is FIFA copying madden mobile? This game is terrible. What ever happened to the old FIFA?
  • luka 5/5

    By talakhadzeluka
    good game
  • FIFA 17 5/5

    By Heart Alan
    Is was so good
  • Wow 5/5

    By XxDark_Cloud1xX
    this game is very cool and has the best soccer players ever
  • Great game, terrible network 2/5

    By S.gallegos702
    Recent update looks interesting but the game always crashes especially on VS mode. Delete the cache? Buys you half a game before you "forfeit". Improve the servers and I'll improve your rating.
  • Great Game 4/5

    By Jake A 2020
    This is a great game but it has its cons but more pros it's a definitely get game you'll have fun trust me
  • Good game 4/5

    By Sigma Pheonix
    It's better then first touch soccer and I love the shooting, best soccer mobile game
  • It's so bad 1/5

    By Dsfzhxhdududufu
    Players are too slow and passes are inaccurate
  • The Versus attack is rigged 2/5

    By Tlljs
    Good game but the versus attack ruins it. I've been up two or three goals and my time ends and then they will tie it or win which just wrong. The game changed it to this system and now they need to fix it now.
  • View 3/5

    By tcra..
    You need to enable different camera angles, wider Birdseye view, etc.
  • Worst App Experience I Have Ever Had 1/5

    By Tarodg
    Had fun playing the game, right up until the app crashed. I had invested too much to just walk away. I contacted customer support, and after getting passed around between a couple of people who simply knew how to read through a script I was put in touch with someone that seemed to be able to help. They said that they would be back in touch with me shortly. I have never heard from them again, despite following up every week or two for 2 months. Literally the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I used to get the new versions of Madden and FIFA yearly on XBox/PS. Never again. F.U. EA!
  • Addicting 5/5

    By F-DUB82
    Perfect soccer game with tons of gameplay.
  • Attack Mode 4/5

    By 9 news
    Everything else in this game is good except the attack mode. Every time I play attack mode I could be winning 4-0 but at the end when it says wait 20 seconds the opponent has scored 4 or 5 goals. Also, when I'm down 1 goal and there's 0 seconds left the game always stops right when I shoot the ball and it goes in so I could of tied the game or won it if the game was tied. And sometimes when you look for a match instead of playing against someone that's close to your team overall, you could literally be playing someone who has a 90-100 rated team with 100+ rated players even though you only have a 85 rated team and your highest rated player could be 90. I usually never right reviews but I just had to say this and hopefully it gets fixed in the next update.
  • Not good 1/5

    By Don 12
    0 so far embarrassing Where's old FIFA .
  • Aiden 3/5

    By aiden adams
    Well it's ok but it's hard to focus
  • Fun Game 2/5

    By Joetgarzajfnrjc
    But if you want to advance, it is all driven by you buying over priced packs. They could have a great game here, but the vs is terrible, the AI will assist you or cheat you depending on what you're going for, and at the end you will just leave the game due to frustration.
  • FIFA rules 5/5

    By Fashion crazy girl
    Best game ever
  • This Is Utter Disappointment 1/5

    By Ray_Ginald
    But Why EA Sports? This is game is for low spec and performance mobile devices, like a consolation prize for those without a blazing mobile hardware. What of those who want spectacular mobile soccer gaming experience to match their top notch mobile hardware? You just downgraded the game to nothing! What happened to the FIFA we used to know? Please I'm begging, bring out something that'll appease us fans next year. Thank you for your time.
  • Fix VS Attack 1/5

    By reaganfam5
    And again today!!! I have lost multiple 3 out of last 5 due to VS game throws you out and some how game continues and results in huge loss of fan points. Also unbelievable how the opponent always scores 2-3 goals now after time is out. Frustrating!! Waste of time!!
  • This Game is lit 5/5

    By Deflate glate
    Number 1 soccer game just wish that there was something called story mode
  • Amazing 5/5

    By qfkckdxn
    This game is amazing you should totally get it
  • Amazing!! 5/5

    By RyVlogsWorld
    I think This Game Is The Best Game Ever To Be Created!!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By ahvwusc
    If you exit while in the middle of something, you forfeit. Can't they just be have decent and let you resume
  • I love the game 5/5

    By jadiagidd0
    I love the game Because I always win all tournaments 😋😜😝😛
  • Poor update 1/5

    By Fahadin
    Poor update dont really know why ! You guys need to work on the errors we are facing
  • Stupid Made-in-China Freemium Quality Game 1/5

    By LeonFC1016
    They made a dumb generic game based around energy with terrible interface. I just want to play FIFA 17. The older FIFA games were actually playable and felt like FIFA games season mode and tournaments. This is just a cheap freemium game, the controls are and and unresponsive as well.
  • Horrible game 1/5

    By Superman6432
    I've been playing this game for quite a bit and it's just frustration throughout the whole vs. attack games. Somehow I can be winning a match 5-1 and in a matter of five seconds it's a tie at the end of the match but while I wait for "the player to finish" they somehow managed to score another 3-5 goals in about 5-10 seconds. This game is impossible and unfair
  • Good but seriously come on. 4/5

    By Saunoa Jr
    Fix the lagging and rebooting or just give us the credit or at least half? Not cool.
  • New Season of FIFA MOBILE 1/5

    By Fishey5
    I get the whole everyone has a chance but what the heck. I spent all year trying to get my team to a high level and now you are taking it away. The top players will be able to get there teams back right away while the lower level people get to restart. Unbelievable.
  • Malo y aburrido 1/5

    By José oaorio
    Simplemente no parece un FIFA
  • waste of time 1/5

    By yymimiyy
    waste of time. your player and coins will be reset every year, so will your patience and effort
  • Would give less stars 1/5

    By Ndkdjc
    Vs attack mode ruined fifa I would be winnning and time round out and they scored twice. This happens all the time.
  • Very busy eh? 1/5

    By BJ Pennis
    Just finished up scoring some goals in League Play only for the game to say "no network detected." No matter, I've seen this before and hit Retry only to be booted out completely. Upon trying to get back into the game a message popped up saying "our servers are very busy..." Busy? Yeah? With my previous game!? What the hay FIFA?? Very dissatisfied.
  • Vs attack... 1/5

    By Fifa mobile player:gambit
    Vs attack if honestly broken, from the extra seconds for the other team to the extra points FIFA gives them. I spent all my 21 energy on vs attack and I kept being placed with people higher than me up to 13 overall points higher than me, I could never win. The game is fun other than vs attack game mode, but with that mode being broken it makes it hard to get some great players in the plans. Good game horrible bugs/glitches.
  • Big fun! 5/5

    By Savage sixx
    Great fun,
  • Cada que actualizan el usuario se perjudica 3/5

    By nmantilla
    Antes de la última actualización estaba a un punto de obtener a neymar en los enfrentados y ahora me toca empezar de 0 otra vez, es injusto que hagan eso. Me toca otra vez 53 victorias, porque hacen eso, me he esforzado mucho para obtenerlo y me lo quitan. Muy mal. Me acabo de dar cuenta que todos mis planes también volvieron a 0, sean serios.
  • Su juego es el mejor del mundo 5/5

    By Incazteca
    Me encanta su juego es muy divertido lo voy a recomendar a todos mis amigos
  • I love this game! 5/5

    By OliveJuice0502
    If you actually play soccer this is a good game to learn from! It's so amazing!
  • Love this game 5/5

    By Asdffanxfgjhyhbfy
    BUT.. it's become a pay to play game.. the packs cost way too much money.. the latest preseason packs cost 150,000 coins and I don't have anywhere close to that, how do you expect us to complete a plan that requires 250+ items when we get 1 token from each chance and a max energy of 30, maybe boost the energy? Add a new max level? Reward us with more coins and/or FIFA points from leveling up? Heck even add like a token that can be redeemed for a free pack in the store. WE NEED MORE REWARDS IN THE GAME how are we supposed to compete with the people who payed their way to a maxed out team??
  • Feedback 3/5

    By No control 😡
    Watching ads is not paying up, no reward given. Please help! Game is great, looking forward to the update coming... fingers crossed that it is a good one.
  • New- Graphics and Algoritham 1/5

    By Ganes7h
    Lost respect on EA
  • Bad game 1/5

    By BallerKaram
    This is a very bad game, the quality is ok, but everything else is horrible. I can barely score goals in VS. attack because i'm against overpowered teams! plz fix this.
  • Counters 5/5

    By Saltwater78
    Counters are still not working. I get countered but the opponent does not. Does this have to do with where I am from? Others are not having this issue to the extent that I am aware of. Please correct. Well the counters worked for one night and now back to not working again. Excited for the new season of this game but really hope the glitches that plague the experience of this version will be corrected. The concept for this game is the best of its type in my opinion but it seems the game was constructed on the cheap. Hope that's not the case come November
  • 4 star but no 3/5

    By Brian Underscore F2
    Vs attack just got worst
  • Scam 1/5

    By MTH18
    When everyone writes about how vs attack is a scam they aren't lying. You play against the computer half the time that's set up to look like a live opponent... then after you're done scoring it says waiting for your opponent to finish every time and in 10 seconds they score 3-4 goals and beat you so you can't move up. You then have to spend more and more money on your team... so absurd.
  • Improved 3/5

    By Md3ve
    Loving the game more than ever.
  • FIFA mobile 2017 1/5

    By Darthlordlex
    Horrible game worst ever I bought FIFA 13&14 n I'm not allowed to play em because it won't update anymore those were good games this is horrible
  • $$ Scam 1/5

    By Righed
    Get ready to empty your pockets to win. The versus mode heavily favors teams with higher ratings, which takes lots of $$$$ to achieve. Worst of all, 99% of the time (not exaggerating) you end a match with a 2-3 goal lead. Then it takes you to a screen where the final result shows that you lost by a goal. Magically, you are always scored on 2-3 more times after the match ends. I wonder if this is encouragement to get you to spend more $$$$$ to get a better team? What do you expect from FIFA, the scummiest organization in the world?

FIFA Mobile Soccer app comments


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