Fight List - Categories Game

Fight List - Categories Game

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.55.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Android
19,236 Ratings
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Fight List - Categories Game App

Challenge your friends in the new hot trivia game! Discover 1000s of themes and find more answers than your opponent to win the match. Use jokers to give you an edge and revelation wands to learn from your mistakes. Check your stats and make it to N°1 amongst your friends and worldwide! ● Play against real players online ● Discover 1000s of themes ● Check your progress, stats and ranking ● Use Jokers and revelation wands ● Chat with your friends


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Fight List - Categories Game app reviews

  • What the... 1/5

    By CeeRod423
    One of the advertisements was of a dude “fucking” his “sister”.....
  • Super fun game! 4/5

    By Awesomeness😀🆒
    Super great game! Just a lot of ads but still super fun!
  • WHY THE ADS 2/5

    By kangelll
    Ok I NEVER write reviews for anything let alone a game app. And I just wanna start by saying I absolutely love the concept of the game. It is so addicting and fun. However, the reason this app gets two stars is because of the ads. It is the most irritating thing I have ever experienced on an app. You can’t go 20 seconds in the app without an ad( I am not exaggerating whatsoever.) Not to mention you get the same ad on repeat over and over again. It makes playing this game unbearable and I want to delete the app every time another ad pops up. This is rlly unfortunate because besides that issue this app is amazing and so much fun and I would be able to play for hours if ads were given much more sparingly.
  • Could be fun... 1/5

    By DaddyOsGrl
    ...but I wouldn't know. I can't even open it, as it just crashes every single time I open it.
  • (`Δ´)! 1/5

    By PotatoQueen🥔👑
    Pure garbage. Too manny ads. No players. Boring categories.
  • TO MANY ADS 🤬👿 3/5

    By Baby blue cupcake
    I have played this game for quite some time now. I love it but there is too many ads. Once I finish a game there’s an ad every time I start a game ad. People are gonna starting to complain if you keep on doing this! Also the players curse when answering the questions once I let my little cousin use my phone she played the game and once the answers were revealed she asked her mother who was in the room with us what’s the c word was the category was types of animals.
  • Okay 2/5

    By Kms08
    This game is really fun and I enjoy it, but tonight while I was playing it a very disturbing and inappropriate video popped up and I couldn’t exit out of it without exiting the game. It was a pornographic video and I am not okay with that. It makes me want to delete the app. If I could get an answer as to why it happened that would be great.
  • Porn pop ups 1/5

    By mrsdonuts
    I used to like this game but two times this week graphic porn popped up so I deleted the app. Very disturbing and disgusting.
  • Fun game but too many ads 2/5

    By senatorryan
    I really like playing, but having to watch an ad after every...single...round is too much. Maybe every other round would keep me around.
  • Great download 5/5

    By Sportmom3
    Addicting!!!! Love it!
  • Please fix ads 4/5

    By Jsbsbdicodnsb
    Hello, I love this game and play it frequently. Today, I simply was typing an answer to a question and porn popped up on my screen. That's not acceptable for an app to do, please screen which ads you allow your app to play for the users. Thank you.
  • Pornographic add came up 1/5

    By Csnb78
    There are adds between rounds. One of the adds was completely inappropriate and contained naked women and those performing certain sexual acts. I have reported to the maker. Just be warned!
  • Ad 3/5

    By jandedoe63859
    Like this game but it will throw me into an ad in the middle of my turn and the timer doesn’t stop. Wastes my turn. Irritating
  • Game Yes, Ads No 3/5

    Fun game! Waiting for 2 ads between every round or step is too much though. Just as many ads as game time.
  • Addicting 5/5

    By Kaseyyyt
    Try it
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By BeachBumGT87
    Would give more stars, but the game takes forever to update the turns, and sometimes not at all, leaving the players stuck in a limbo. Please fix and I'll change my rating.
  • Uhm, Pornographic pop up 1/5

    By disgustedplshelp
    So I was minding my own business playing this game .. just downloaded it. and a mini porno played as an ad. Not an exageration naked man,naked woman .. engaged in a sexual act . Like what???? Isnt this a game kids can play? What the hell kind of ad is that !!!! Somebody needs to fix whatever this is because god forbid a CHILD is playing this and this happens . Im shocked and disgusted and will keep reporting this and writing reviews till someone acknowledges it.
  • Ads for Porn 1/5

    By Shellerkins81
    Do not let your kids play this game. I’ve had ads for porn pop up in between games and randomly during a game.
  • Fun but SO MANY ADS 2/5

    By nloufoua
    I love the game, but every time I see an ad, it makes me wanna crawl my eyes out. Definitely see myself deleting this soon for this reason alone
  • Ads causing problems with gameplay 2/5

    By A_Lavigne
    I really enjoy this game. However, recently ads have been popping up in the middle of game play which causes the time to run out before I can clear out the ad and get back to the game. Would be great if this could be fixed.
  • Fix the lagging!! 1/5

    By ApPlEsAnDbAnAs
    Lags soooo bad!!!
  • Be careful ! 1/5

    By Ingrid Cho
    If I could give it 0 stars, I would. Tonight I was horrified to find porn ad pop ups in the middle of my game while the timer was running. This game is notorious for their non stop pop up ads after every single game, but now they’re advertising hardcore porn?! Isn’t this suppose to be an age 12+ game??? What if a child was exposed to this???? Deleted the app right after
  • Pornographic adds!!!! 1/5

    By Robogirlkicksbutt
    I’ve been playing this game and get irritated by the adds. Tonight, a pornographic, very explicit add played in between games! I let my daughter play against me and I’m thankful I saw it before she did. Absolutely not ok for an app that says 12 and up! I’m disgusted!

    By Kayla200121
    i love playing this game and it is very addicting however... THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY ADS! after every single round there are two video ads that pop up and it’s really annoying!
  • Stop the porn! 1/5

    By JermAside
    I really like this game but, pornography has popped up on my screen more than once and that is not for children. They need to seriously fix their bugs.
  • Concerning Sexual Ads 1/5

    By Angered Critic
    This is a Great, fun, competitive game. However, i was waiting for the usual ads to show up but instead a porn video displayed. This is not a 12+ age appropriate game when it has ads that show so much nudity and sexual acts.
  • Fun game but shows porn in advertisements 1/5

    By bluebird143
    The game is fun, I enjoy it quite a bit but I was playing it with my 7 year old today and one of the advertisements that came up was porn. Full on, real people (not cartoons which wouldn’t be much better) pornography. I was appalled and definitely won’t be playing this with my kids any more and perhaps won’t play it at all. Such a bummer.
  • Fun game... but... 1/5

    By khansonlv
    The amount and length of the ads is obnoxious! I understand that all games have some ads but this is beyond. More ad time than actual game playing and it’s two long ads in a row! I’m so annoyed by it that I’m deleting this app, it kills the fun!
  • OMG ADS 4/5

    By Chels12345xoxo
    Fun game but sooooo many freaking ads, my goodness. Starting to take the fun out of it :-/
  • Ad’s galore 1/5

    By Cheergirlwhataup
    SOOO many ads. Literally after every time you click something. Stupid themes and if you play a random opponent they never actually play
  • Complaint 3/5

    By Taylorswiftlover123
    I just wanted to say that a opponent beat me in a game because the topic was vegetables and my opponent put tomato and potato. If I'm correct potatoes are a starch and a tomato is a fruit so I don't see how that could that be a correct answer?
  • Fun game 5/5

    By Gemini14
    Love the app, I purchased the game to avoid the ads. Gets the brain working. Love games like this especially if you’re competitive.
  • Delete unwanted players? 4/5

    By Teenagegirl101
    How do you delete unwanted players from your finished games list?
  • Popups 2/5

    By Beccasue890
    I enjoy this game but recently started getting popups whenever I’m playing. I actually just got a popups that showed porn. This game is recommended for 12+ so this is very inappropriate!
  • App has virus 1/5

    By Uffswxyclfzwxuc
    Be very careful with this app. All of the people I know who play were effected with a virus. You’ll be playing along just fine and then suddenly, right in the middle of your game, you’re taken to a page that looks like Amazon and tells you that you’ve one a new phone. Be very careful!
  • Innapropriate 1/5

    By Mr. Colliver
    I received hardcore porno as ads for this game! I can’t believe such a thing especially from an app designed for 12+
  • Wow 1/5

    By HopeHeldHigh
    Suuuuper inappropriate video ad just popped up while I was playing. The clock was still running, and a VERY graphic video ad started playing. Thank god my kids weren’t sitting with me. 😡
  • To many ads!!! 4/5

    By Eleanora 😀
    I love this game but it has way to many ads.
  • Great game 5/5

    By Blonde11169
    A cross between Scattergories and Family Fued. I love it so far, it’s addicting!
  • Crude advertisements 1/5

    By kvhall
    I was a fan of this game but the ads that play are inappropriate.
  • Good, except... 3/5

    By Jëllÿfïsh
    The app isn’t bad. It is really fun to play and rather addictive. The only problem with it is that it has SO MANY ADDS!!!!!!! Way to many! 😠After every 40 second round, an add appears. It is often the same to ads that you get so sick of watching. I got so sick of it I would just close the app and swipe it away, and relaunch it after the ad was over. They do this so you will spend money to get no ads. I am a fan of fight list, but the ads are too redundant and too numerous. That is why I cannot give this fun game 5 stars. Sometimes the theme of the round can be something you know all about, or don’t know at all. It can be rather annoying when you don’t know what the theme is or you don’t understand it and your opponent wins for that reason. It does, thankfully, let you vote if you enjoyed it or not. It does help to not show it again. I guess my main problem with this app would be the ridiculous amount of ads the game shows. It sometimes interrupts a round just to show you a stupid ad the game has already shown you. If you like this type of game, go for it! But it if you are interested, and if you can put up with the ads. If you think it looks fun but are a little on the fence, I wouldn’t. The ads make doing one little round too time consuming. But hey, it’s your choice. You do you! 😄
  • Very inappropriate ads!!! 1/5

    By hfunkj
    I really liked this game, and enjoyed playing it with my boys. The ads I could deal with, but not when an ad comes up of a video that is porn! I will be deleting this game from both mine and my son’s devices.
  • Fight List 4/5

    By B the cool
    I love this game
  • Super fun! 5/5

    By Pcg11😉
    I love racing against people. Things I know. Things I don’t know. It is super fun and I love this game so much! I kept seeing ads for it and I was like, ok, let’s check this out. It looks fun. Boy was I right. I’m so glad I came across Fight List!
  • I want to love it 3/5

    By Mackwilcox
    The game itself is so fun and addicting, but seeing two ads at the end of every game is excessive. I was actually in the middle of submitting answers when my phone redirected to a spam page in my safari.. that was annoying, I was on a roll
  • Disgusted 1/5

    By LisaK7
    I was so disgusted that pornographic ads popped up on this app that is rated 12+!! 😡 This is uncalled for.... you should be ashamed!
  • Ads 2/5

    By geminuisance
    I really enjoy this game but the ads are extremely obnoxious. I can understand the ones between rounds but I get them mid match and then I loose time. I lost a match because I wasn’t able to type a single thing. I got ad after ad after ad.
  • Fun 4/5

    By Yvcmdm
    Love it , super entertaining but too many ads
  • Super super fun!!! 3/5

    By Ashabash85
    For Developer: 1. There needs to be an easy way to report a wrong answer 2. Pop-up ads while playing a round need to be removed. (For clarification keep reading) For Player/Potential Player: This game is super fun! One of my family’s favorite games growing up was Scattergories, and is very similar to that. I understand the need for ads in an app. The people who make the app need to get paid, but in the app, it has started opening my web browser during a game to show me an ad. It scares me that my phone has been infected with something, but thankfully it is only while playing fight list. It is very annoying though to be in the middle of a round and have an ad pop up. Also, there is no way really to keep all the answers up to date. If you know an answer is true but it didn’t give you points, if you tap and hold the answer, it gives you the option to submit that answer to them. I have yet to find an easy way to report answers that are false though. You can also send in request categories, or, once you have played for a while, make up your own list. I believe this is why the points are screwy sometimes, because you can add the points also. I don’t know if someone reviews them extensively first before putting the list into the game. Once the developer fixes some of these main problems, I will easily give the game 5 stars. Absolutely love it!! In the meantime, remember not all apps are perfect right from the start :)
  • BEST way to pass time! 5/5

    By ToniRene540
    This game is literally so fun and it’s super addicting. Makes my brain process things quicker and it’s making me a faster typer.

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