Find My Family, Friends & iPhone - Life360 Locator

Find My Family, Friends & iPhone - Life360 Locator

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  • Current Version: 13.7.0
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Find My Family, Friends & iPhone - Life360 Locator App

Life360 is the world's leading realtime, location-sharing app, and is the best way to coordinate with family and friends. Get automatic notifications when your family comes and goes from home, work and school, and when they complete drives. As seen on FOX, NBC, CBS, and more! Use Life360’s Family & Friend Locator to: * View the realtime location of friends or family members on a private map * Receive realtime alerts when friends or family arrive or leave home, work, and school * Share photos and text messages with our secure, private chat * See past location history for your Circle * See information after each drive to improve driving safety * Protect your family while they’re driving with our Crash Detection service * Track a lost or stolen phone “I have two new drivers. I feel more at ease when I can see info about their trips…Being able to not only know where my children are but also that they're driving safely is something I can't be thankful enough for.” - Miranda Carter Use GPS to find Friends and Family Life360’s Family & Friend Locator uses state-of-the-art GPS location data to report the realtime whereabouts of your friends and family. Simply install the Family & Friend Locator on everyone’s phone. Once registered, each member appears as a unique icon on the map so you’ll always know where your family members are. No need to send text messages asking “When will you be home?” The Life360 Family & Friend Locator tells you! Create geofence zones around your home, work, school, or anywhere you visit regularly. Whenever someone in your Circle arrives or leaves those locations, you’ll get a notification. Follow Your Family’s Driving Behavior With our latest features, you can see when your family is driving. Did your son just pass his driving test, and has taken to the road with the family car? Our premium driving features will let you see when your kids are speeding, driving irresponsibly, or texting while driving. Help them become better drivers and compare their driving to your own. Protect the whole family with our premium Crash Detection service. Using the accelerometer on your phone, Life360 can automatically detect if a car crash has occurred while someone was driving. Our software has been tested in BMW’s crash test facility, and we analyzed data from numerous real life car crashes. When we detect an crash, our trained emergency response agents can call the person involved in the crash within minutes and check if they’re ok. If they need assistance, we can automatically dispatch emergency services directly to their location. We can also contact the driver's Circle and family immediately after the crash, to give you ultimate peace of mind while your family is on the road. Life360 has the following subscriptions: Life360 Plus - $2.99/mo, 24.99/yr Life360 Driver Protect (US) - 7.99/mo, 69.99/yr Life360 Driver Protect (Non-US) - $4.99/mo, $49.99/yr With Plus, you receive 30 days of history, unlimited place alerts, and local crime alerts (US only). With Driver Protect, you get all the features of Plus, as well as driving analysis, 24/7 driver care support (US only), and crash detection (US only). All Driver Protect and Plus subscriptions have a free 7 day trial. After the trial ends, the subscription will auto-renew on a monthly or yearly basis. You will receive your first charge 7 days after starting your trial. You can turn off the auto-renew for this subscription at any time by going to your iTunes Account Settings. If you do not want to be billed during your trial, you must turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before it expires. Disclaimer: Continued usage of location services while the app is in the background can excessively drain battery. But not to worry, we’ve spent 8 years developing our location technology and our algorithms always keep battery usage to a minimum, even while you drive!

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Find My Family, Friends & iPhone - Life360 Locator app reviews

  • Peace of mind 5/5

    By Gomertoter
    Helps me keep track of my kid. Also, my wife feels safer that I can track her on her way home from her work commute. Love it!
  • Finally 4/5

    By Jeepsy
    I first got the app 4 years ago and it didn't work at all. After several updates it seems to work fine now. Little slow sometimes, but all together great working app now.
  • L moore 5/5

    By Moore4leah
    I can check the location of my kids, they travel a lot and it helps me to know they're safe. Message and calling option allows you to call or message all contacts simultaneously. My son works on ships at sea and I can locate it and even know when he has Internet capabilities. This app keeps me up to date with alerts etc I simply LOVE it! 5 stars!!! I've had this app for 4 years now and I still love it! It's help me when I was lost...helped to find friends and family when we are trying to find each other in an unfamiliar state park or any area! Awesome app! 5 stars! My son no longer works on ships but still travels a few times a year! He has two kids now so I like to keep up with their location while driving far from home!
  • Great App 5/5

    By ASR1971
    Love the functionality
  • Happy mom 4/5

    By myapple102
    I have piece of mind with this app. I have 3 teenagers and it is all about trust. They keep a very good relationship with me and they don't need to hide because I give them privileges accordingly. But this gives me that reassurance they are telling me where they say they are and if at a sleepover I can double check they are in fact where they are supposed to be 😉
  • Calms this mom as heart! 5/5

    By Chulgan
    I got this app because my son is a brand new driver! I love that I can check his location! I'm probably going to upgrade so I can get the driver alerts as well! So far a great app for us!
  • Great app 5/5

    By treytuck
    Love it. Great updates.
  • Sometimes it doesn't work 4/5

    By LACA PS
    Like right now! It's wonderful when it does, tho!
  • Works as described 5/5

    By Dsupt
    Very good
  • Love it 5/5

    By mpageh
    Great app. I can track my kids down at any time.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Ticktock67
    Nice to be able to keep track of overseas family!
  • Great for my atmosphere and my surroundings 5/5

    By Deval Sr
    I hope to keep this for a longtime
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Merry mom of four
    Great way to keep track of my teens! Driving history tracks where they've been and their top speed. I highly recommend it to all parents!
  • Dog 1/5

    By Hdhejvdidosbvxhdksbxgdjsh
    This app is retarded it's made for dogs
  • Awesome App!! 5/5

    By Swoosie123456789
    Love this App!! 👍🏼
  • Great Family Security 5/5

    By DocNightRider
    Love this! Knowing we can get to each other easily if needed is a great help!
  • Awesome tracking app! 5/5

    By Ryeli70
    Love it
  • Great app 5/5

    By The BIG Picture Man
    This helps so much with keeping up with our busy family. We no longer have to check in with each other. Because at a quick touch we all are on the map. Tells how long we have been there. Tells if we are moving and fastest mph during trip. It's a great app.
  • Helpful 5/5

    By Gunsus
    I can cek all my family members.
  • Mom who loves this app! 5/5

    By LisaHinton
    I've had this app since 2011 and I love it! Yes it can be off in timing at times but all you have to do is refresh and it'll locate a current spot. I've got myself and my two teenagers on it and they actually like the app too! Gives us all peace of mind knowing where each other is. Can't go wrong with this app!
  • Cap'n billiot 4/5

    By capt billiot
    Works well for tracking my son who just got his license. We can check his max speed and how many times he uses the phone etc.
  • So far so good! 5/5

    By laurafortner
    Just got this last week but loving it so far! Daughter just got her DL so I'm nervous but this app helps me track her and even know her battery life on her phone. Very happy!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By LiveStrong71
    This app is amazing for my family not because I don't trust anything they do but worry about where they are going and if they arrived safe . I feel so much better using this and now have a piece of mind that they are safe . Definitely recommend this for anyone with iPhone don't know about droids.
  • Good Tool 5/5

    By Reigard
    Nice app for interested parents. All members of our house use it.
  • Awsome/funny 5/5

    I always arrive home before wife and I always arrive's a great program.... wish you could put a panic button on the lock screen. Please keep this going its great for our active family....
  • Beware... 3/5

    By The Wetstone
    This app used to work great but lately it had one of my sons driving across the river in the middle of the night when he is sleeping at home. GPS lock seems unreliable.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Ghcfhjxshjbc
    A great way to have peace of mind.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By RonF47
    Update: 5/28/17 My grandson lost his phone but Life360 told us exactly where it was. Apple's FindMyPhone didn't work because his battery was dead but Life360 told us where it was last. One feature I would like to see is the mile marker when a family member is traveling on a highway. If there's a problem I could direct first responders quickly. Most of the time it is within 16 feet for me but it does depend on gps/cell tower location and will sometimes only locate within a square mile. For most of my daughter's trip I was able to follow her and in our calls & chats was able to tell that she was exactly where the app said she was. Comforting.
  • Great app 5/5

    By cLo917
    Great app. Accuracy is spot on. I know where my child is and if driving how fast she was driving. Check in requests are great as well.
  • Very Useful!!! 5/5

    By melsthornton
    I love this app because I can track of where my husband goes until he finds out I have been tracking cause he did a 187 without my knowledge.
  • Concerned Mom 5/5

    By Cindy Kaye
    Love knowing that my teen daughter is home and when she is out can tell where she is and that she got to where she said she was going. I love the fact that I can see her moving toward home and I don't have to call to see if she is on her way too. It is behind in time sometimes though and not totally accurate, but pretty close.
  • Rip 1/5

    By Dkdyn gh
    Thanks for ruining my fun :)
  • One of the best apps 5/5

    By niceman73
    The best ever update with the real time I
  • Very helpful 5/5

    By Mike545413
    Use to track kids. Informative and accurate. Kids have to be okay with being tracked. One of mine is the other is not. Start them off early and they will accept. Start them off too late and they will rebel.
  • Great app to monitor family locations, but 4/5

    By tudouwz
    It claims to work in most other countries by its customer services. In reality I won't be able to add family members with China cell numbers.
  • Life 360 5/5

    By Kelbell2579
    Love this app! Gives me comfort to check quickly to see where everyone is at.
  • Stuck at an old location 1/5

    By Dandelio.on
    For the past two days the app became very inaccurate. It gets stuck at a location that was left several hours before, and shows it as a recently updated one.
  • Super convenient and adds to safe driving 5/5

    By No Shoes, No Pronlem
    Our family knows where we all are any time. No calls and texts while in route to pick up or meet up, so it's convenient and adds to safe driving. Mom/Grandma is always driving and we worry, so this is great piece of mind when she doesn't arrive when we expect her or at times when she doesn't answer her phone promptly. Thanks, Life360!
  • This is the worst app 1/5

    By thehappiestdudevsr3619591
    Whoever made this app there's a special place in the underworld for you. This is the type of technology that goes to far and crosses a line of privacy and respect that should never be crossed. This is some 1984 elitist loser mid life crisis parents app. I am not meant to be my families b****. This app will only be useful in finding new world slavery for our generation.
  • Works well😊 5/5

    By Glojoto
    I am always looking out for my friend when she drives with Lyft. Just in case I need to rescue her😁
  • I like it 5/5

    By Joe.esq1
    Good app to have
  • Helpful and reassuring 5/5

    By CRS0410
    Helps to keep track of family living in different states. Helpful when we're traveling. You don't think you need it until you suddenly do. Very accurate, sometimes down to the section of the house which is kinda creepy unless you can't get a hold of a loved one. We've been members for years and have seen many improvements. Great customer service.
  • Always spot on 5/5

    By RenBev
    I use this app literally every day. It does exactly as advertised and hasn't failed me yet. The more I use it the more uses I have for it. I use it to remind those in my group to plug their phone in to recharge and to help them find a place to get gas by looking at where they are on a map. The alerts are helpful and keep me from click watching. Can't recommend this app highly enough
  • Why not free access to crime reports? 1/5

    By 3V3Z2
    If crime records, including access to registered sex offenders in the area is free nationally, then why do I have to pay for it with this app now after the update? It appears the developers of the app are more interested in getting money than the safety of its users.
  • Good 5/5

    By Chrw Charlotte
  • Great App 5/5

    By Hornitostrombololoni
    This is a real handy app for parents. Useful features and reliable.
  • Unacceptable Removal of Features 2/5

    By Awesome fuzzy boy
    Good day, all. First of all, this app was once a great app, allowing for grocery lists, locations, messaging, and more. This is no longer so. Life360 has chosen to remove one of our most used features, the list feature. We used this feature for many of things, such as groceries and packing lists. Why they did this, we've no idea. This has made this app incredibly useless for anything but locating family members. If that's all you would like to do, great! This app is for you and for your family. If you were expecting more, don't Thank you for your time.
  • I love this app! 5/5

    By Rabaloo
    I have 3 teenage kids, two are twin girls. This app is a must. I love it. They hate it. I love that they hate it. Yup, I'm the dad.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Faerie9023
    I am able to keep track of my family without worrying. I also like the new feature of real time moving
  • A great app for keeping track of your family! 5/5

    By MaryCatherineWhitewind
    This app has been so useful in helping to keep track of my family so I don't need to keep texting or require as many check ins from my teens...I can see they have arrived safely or are on their way home. Also, this app helped recover my teens phone at her high school with its accurate location services that detected what building her phone was in at her high school! Highly recommend this app to all of my friends!

Find My Family, Friends & iPhone - Life360 Locator app comments

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