Firefox web browser

Firefox web browser

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  • Current Version: 7.5
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Mozilla
  • Compatibility: Android
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Firefox web browser App

Experience a fast, smart and personal Web. Firefox is the independent, people-first browser made by Mozilla, voted one of the Most Trusted Internet Companies for Privacy. Upgrade today and join hundreds of millions who depend on Firefox for a more personal browsing experience. FAST. SMART. YOURS. Firefox is made with you in mind and gives you the power to take back control of your Web experience. That’s why we design the product with smart features that take the guesswork out of browsing. SEARCH INTELLIGENTLY & GET THERE FASTER - Firefox anticipates your needs and intuitively provides multiple suggested and previously searched results across your favorite search engines - every time. - Add any search provider - Easily access shortcuts to search providers BROWSE PRIVATELY - Your personal information belongs to you. In Private Browsing mode, Firefox won’t remember any of your history or cookies, but new bookmarks will be saved. - Delete your browsing history, passwords and more in a single tap. - Choose the private data you want to remove. - **iOS 9 required for Private Browsing mode** SYNC FIREFOX ACROSS YOUR DEVICES - With a Firefox Account, access your history, bookmarks and open tabs from your desktop on your smartphone and tablet. - Firefox can also remember your passwords across devices so you don’t have to. INTUITIVE VISUAL TABS - Intuitive visual and numbered tabs easily let you find content for future reference. - Open as many tabs as you like without losing track of your open Web pages. EASY ACCESS TO YOUR TOP SITES - Spend your time reading your favorites sites instead of looking for them. Learn more about Firefox for iOS: - Have questions or need help? Visit - Read about Firefox permissions: - Learn more about what’s up at Mozilla: - Like Firefox on Facebook: - Follow Firefox on Twitter: ABOUT MOZILLA Mozilla exists to build the Internet as a public resource accessible to all because we believe open and free is better than closed and controlled. We build products like Firefox to promote choice and transparency and give people more control over their lives online. Learn more at Privacy Policy:

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Firefox web browser app reviews

  • Block Automatic Redirects 4/5

    By Faksfskf
    This app has improved greatly since my last review. I can now use this app for everything and hardly ever have to open up safari. Something this app needs to keep me away from safari is a native ePub reader. If not a full fledged ePub reader, I would at least like a "Open in..." option. If I need to read ePub files, I have to go to safari even if I'm just going there to end up opening the file in iBooks. Something that also needs work is a way to block automatic redirects. The desktop version of Firefox has this, why doesn't the mobile app? The mobile versions of websites are notorious for having obtrusive ads that redirect you to the App Store. Some websites make it impossible to actually view the contents of the webpage. I would love to see this feature added in your next update.
  • Nice but needs work 1/5

    By lgi24
    I'm a big fan of Firefox but if you want me to supplant Safari on my iPhone then you need to get pinch and zoom working on ALL sites.
  • Blah.. 1/5

    By Trunkclubsuks
    Packed with spyware and video advertisements you CAN'T close, i miss my mercury browser..
  • Still The Annoying New Tab Popups... 1/5

    By Dane73
    Please remove that annoying blue notification that pops up every time I open a new tab. I don't need the app to tell me I opened a new tab. I loved Firefox until that notification was added. Now it's just too annoying to use. As it stands, there are currently no browsers I enjoy using on iOS anymore. Firefox was my favorite until that new tab notification became a thing.
  • Seems like they fixed it! 5/5

    By Garrett Blondin
    It took them a while but it looks like they fixed the bug that made the browser crash after having it open for a few seconds.
  • Call open needs to be fixed 4/5

    By BopARooni
    Biggest problem I have is being able to initiate a phone call from the searched website by highlighting or clicking on call option like safari. Maybe included in next bug fix.
  • Cool 5/5

    By Zacjh guerin
    This it's a good browser love it
  • need work 4/5

    By SaeedBgh
    please make better night shift,downloader,mini music&video player screen,improment ui,....features can be awesome for firefox you are mozilla thx for suport
  • Web pages getting hijacked 1/5

    By hal0011010_good_evening_dave
    I don't know how this is happening but my Web pages are being redirected and I'm getting pop up ads telling me that my iPhone has a virus. This is typical with Android phones but I have never experienced this problem wth Firefox until now. Two separate occasions within 1 week this had happened. I switched from Chrome to Firefox because Firefox is more secure, however I might switch back after seeing this browser redirect and pop up ads hijacking my iPhone. My phone is almost new, iPhone 7 and I have not jail broken it. This should not be happening. Very upset with this browser.
  • Awesome 4/5

    By mkBHR
    Another great free option to browse the internet. Thanks Mozilla! Say yes to free unmonitored untracked internet!

    By Key'yah'weet
    I like Firefox but with the last update I no longer have my saved bookmarks. I had so many bookmarks saved and it's saddening to see them go which were very valuable links that I used for constant reference. Sad!!!!!
  • Crashes every 20 seconds. Unusable. 1/5

    By nickname34683268
    This worked for a while. Now is not usable.
  • Need I so more? 5/5

    By ame-119
  • Incomprehensible 1/5

    By scanback
    I've been using FF on my desktop for more than 10 years. It is intuitive and useful. The iPad version on the other hand is impossible to comprehend. I tried 6 months and again today. No mater how I try, my bookmarks are 4 clicks away. I'm not willing to invest more than 2 minutes to learn since Safari works well.
  • I just wanna watch porn 5/5

    By eat da bussy
  • Beware, app update closes all open tabs 3/5

    By flyleafMadCity
    I found it nice enough, until I allowed the app to be updated, and then found that all my open tabs were gone. Since all modern desktop browsers — and most iOS ones too — preserve tabs when the app is closed or updated, this came as a bit of a shock. I lost a dozen things I wanted to look at later. If you like leaving tabs open for later, try Safari or Sleipnir instead.
  • Best browser! 5/5

    By Yourstruly96
    Wow this UI is vastly superior to safari ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Needs customization 3/5

    By Tarheels77
    It's a great app for a browser but needs customization
  • Best Browser 4/5

    By wrevansii
    When not freezing up, fast and easy to navigate with one hand. Only suggestion: add 'clear all tabs' to main menu.
  • Not a fan of all the menus to get to controls or settings 2/5

    By Mexicomank
    Not a fan how everything it feels like in the bottom menu is hidden behind a button however , there is hope in Firefox focus I feel like they nailed putting everything in a translucent bar at the bottom if they copies that and altered it a bit to fit the Firefox browser I would rate it a 5 out of 5
  • The vocal minority is too load 5/5

    By 08scoffman
    I don't understand the bad reviews. For Firefox. It is great. Things sync between my Mac, PC, and now iPad. I really like this app. It scales great on my iPhone and iPad and I love the customization. Don't pay attention to the bad reviews, this is a great app!
  • No add on support 4/5

    By Epic Burns
    It's a great app; it does all the things a browser is supposed to do: surfs the Internet, has multiple tabs, saves bookmarks. It even supports Firefox Sync, which is great. I cannot give this five stars though, because it does not support add ons. Without that, it's not much different than Apple's Safari browser. The ability to send a webpage to my iPad from my phone before I turn the iPad on (and all the other functions of the Sync feature) is convenient, but not enough to earn it five stars.
  • Private Browsing 5/5

    By sTinG_killa
    Good for porn.
  • Great browser 4/5

    By Pj06070
    I use the desktop version of Firefox but after a iOS software update safari was not allowing website data to be deleted so I decided to try the iOS version of Firefox. It works great. You do have to fine tune it to your wants. I can delete all website data pick and choose what I want to delete. I only wish it had the settings for delete on exit. No problems with it so far.
  • No Autofill passwords? 4/5

    By Leonid85
    I want to see this feature like Safari has. The desktop version of FF shows all my saved logins so I don't have to type username and password. Please implement this on iOS version and it will be my default browser.
  • Good browser, but keeps freezing up 3/5

    By Vodilo
    Good browser with lots of options but it keeps freezing up. I keep it open for my work related stuff and then going to update the page it won't let me I have to wait for it for a certain time before it snaps out of it and I can use it again. Otherwise I think I like it more than Chrome for certain purposes.
  • Well... 1/5

    By Gpod52
    ...Yet again, I gave FF for my iPad a try. I can't even get it to open my newspaper. I'll delete FF again. Maybe I'll give it another try in 6 months. Meanwhile, I'll stick to Safari.
  • Great new version (7.4) 5/5

    By Bat23
    This version is great in comparison with the previous ones. The new tabs really make easier to move through tabs, and that improves usability greatly.
  • Non-Apple Keyboards Supported!! 4/5

    By LearningIsFun!!
    I previously wrote that the browser didn't support non-Apple Keyboards. I stand corrected. Firefox does support other keyboards (my favorite is SwiftKey). The developers responded to my criticism of its non support correcting me. Many times I look at an apps options but for Firefox I didn't. I will be using it to see how things work for me and whether I can incorporate Firefox into my browser usage. Right now it's about 50/50 for Safari / Chrome. My windows 10 desktop browser usage is 50 / 30 / 20 for SeaMonkey / Firefox / Chrome. My rating is based on hoping that Firefox will be a very good mobile browser.
  • Help 1/5

    By RaidersFan59
    I have used this app for many years without any issues. However, since the most recent update, the app fails and closes itself after about 20 seconds of opening it.
  • Broken 1/5

    By BowBowX
    This version is broken. Can't make phone call from browser. And it won't pull out webpage internet login in airports automatically. Had to use safari to do so.. very annoying.
  • Excellent user experience, Clears cookies, love this 5/5

    By 1051northstar
    You will not find a better user experience than Firefox. Easily navigate and close windows with an "x" in the corner, private browsing easy, settings to clear cookies on closing window and easy to find Browser Settings on iPhone. I love this Browser! Plus many very useful add ons. I give Firefox five stars for the many features and giving you easy control over your info. Excellent!
  • Indispensable 5/5

    By holygoat
    Couldn't live without it.
  • Deleted Tabs 1/5

    By Manmeat96
    The update deleted all my tabs.....could've warn me about that..
  • Esta actualizacion es una mierd...... 1/5

    By pluses1
  • Nice 5/5

    By Isospqbsigispanw
    Good UI, one feature I would add is hiding what you are viewing in your browser when you double tap the home button.. Chrome and Safari both have this
  • Can't play YouTube videos 3/5

    By RobbyLeeRose
    This problem has been ongoing for sometime now. This is both on my Mac and my iPhone 7. What's up Firefox?
  • Fixed link issues 5/5

    By Raterrific
    Fixed: When you click on a phone number in a webpage it no longer gives you the option to "call".
  • Lost all tabs when it crashed 2/5

    By lizhiguoyuan
    And lost all tabs when I updated last time too.
  • Privacy 4/5

    By Homie338
    I wish it included all of the privacy settings that are in Firefox focus and Firefox for desktop
  • App 2/5

    By Dreyes4834
    This is app has been ruined a little bit since now you can't play your music when your phone is turned off
  • Crashes and missing bookmarks 2/5

    By Reed Follows me(:
    Still crashes a lot and bookmarks are impossible
  • iOS bug 1/5

    By JuniorDbz1
    iOS 10 can no longer play music on the background, hopefully it wasn't intentional and will be fixed soon 😊
  • Layout 3/5

    By frenchfri23
    Whose the genius who put the private button so close to the back button? Other than that no major issues.
  • Is there any addons??? 3/5

    By 2FalshDahs3
  • No music on background 2/5

    By Kenkanekikun
    I use to able listen song in my background but then ever since I have iOS 10 I can't listen to it no more😔😔😔 I need help!!!
  • No bookmark sync to Safari or iOS from desktop? 1/5

    By I'mOutside
    Poof. Gone. Pretty much makes this app useless for iPhone and iPad. Well, for me anyway. I prefer, when possible, to use Apple apps on my Apple devices. They may not be the "best" but they work seamlessly, most of the time. Makes it difficult in my quest to minimize my google presence as well. The ecosystem strikes again! Lol.
  • Love Firefox. 5/5

    By Bobby BadFella
    So glad to be able to move back from Chrome after the crash problem was fixed.
  • Would give zero stars, but... 1/5

    By SymbioteFTK
    It is unfortunate that the developers of the Firefox app have removed it's capability to play YouTube videos while on lock screen. For many, including myself, it was the only way to do so. Very unfortunate end for such a good app.
  • Please fix phone issue 3/5

    By Riley Finnegan
    When there is a phone number and you click it it doesn't dial the number. Please Fix. Thanks

Firefox web browser app comments

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