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Live a healthier, more active life with Fitbit, the world’s leading app for tracking all-day activity, workouts, sleep and more. Use the app on its own to track basic activity and runs on your phone, or connect with one of Fitbit’s many activity trackers and the Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale to get a complete picture of your health—including steps, distance, calories burned, sleep, weight, and more. TRACK ACTIVITY: Accurately record your steps and distance with MobileTrack when you carry your phone. For all-day tracking of stats like calories burned, active minutes, and sleep, pair the app with a Fitbit tracker. RUN SMARTER: Enhance runs, walks and hikes by using MobileRun to track your pace, time and distance. You can also control your music, get voice cues and use your phone’s GPS to map your routes. (Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.) RECORD WORKOUTS: Use your Fitbit tracker to track your exercise, then check the app to see your stats, their impact on your day, and how your performance is improving. MONITOR HEART RATE: Use a Fitbit tracker with PurePulse™ to analyze heart rate graphs in the app. Identify trends, manage stress and see the results of your workouts. Review resting heart rate trends to see when your fitness is improving. LOG FOOD FASTER: Easily log calories with our barcode scanner, calorie estimator, and expanded food database of more than 350,000 foods. See your meal history at a glance, and get nutritional insights. MEASURE HYDRATION: Quickly log your water intake to make sure you’re properly hydrated during workouts and throughout the day. SET & MANAGE GOALS: Create weight, nutrition and exercise goals, and start a food plan to stay on track. Then get a visual picture of your progress with colorful, easy-to-read charts and graphs. SEE HOW YOU SLEEP: Set sleep goals in the app, and use a Fitbit tracker to monitor how much time you spent awake, restless or peacefully sleeping. SHARE & COMPETE: Connect with friends and family by sharing stats, sending direct-messages, and competing on the leaderboard or in Fitbit Challenges. STAY MOTIVATED: Get a nudge in the right direction with notifications that pop up when you’re close to reaching a goal or have already met one. SYNC WIRELESSLY: Fitbit trackers sync your stats to computers and 200+ leading devices so you can continuously track your progress without needing to plug in. MANAGE WEIGHT: Connect wirelessly to the Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale to seamlessly track your weight, BMI, lean mass and body fat percentages, and to see your weight trends over time. Learn more about Fitbit products and services at

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  • Needs Bugspray 3/5

    By Theowonk
    Overall, I like many features of this app. The layout is decent and is customizable. The information is useful and detailed enough. However, the app is consistently needing to be closed out completely and restarted in order to show data in the tiles below the total steps taken and the four main circles for distance, calories, etc. For example, The tile for exercise goes to a question about whether or not I've exercised rather than showing that I have completed the first leg of a five day exercise goal. Similar things are happening for the hours won, wait, water intake, etc.
  • So far so good. One suggestion. 5/5

    By Theswatchcar
    I have been using the app for about 2 days, and so far it has worked perfectly. One issue I had was with the heart rate graph, which was showing stats for only a portion of the day, I fixed it by force closing the app and reopening. One suggestion is to have settings for water consumption reminders.
  • Fitbit blaze 2/5

    By Ideallyyours
    1/22 So I just start using the water tracker on the app and I realize that it does not calculate it correctly.. So, I am not really feeling the update. Why was the workout option taking out of the exercise menu? Please put it back. And the clock features. I choosed monument which looked like it was going to be military option but it still shows up regular time. It would be nice to be able to change the music while your recording your workout. I just received my blaze as a gift and haven't really tested it out fitness wise.. But one thing I wish it had is more options for the clock features.. Such as military time and counting down the seconds... Please consider it in next update!!
  • Inspiring 5/5

    By Green Grandma
    So inspiring to know that my Fitbit counts every step I take, even when I grocery shop and straighten the house. Awesome device for encouraging healthy walking.
  • Great app but trouble syncing 3/5

    By Audrita
    I love the app itself. It's super easy to use, I can track my sleep and exercise and weight easily. However I've had a problem where my Fitbit HR charge won't sync to the app. It'll get about 1/3 of the way and start over, never completing the sync. I got it to work last time by restarting my phone, resetting my Fitbit (which loses all of the data stored since the last sync), and by reinstalling the app. It's doing it again but am having trouble getting my app to connect with the Fitbit (because I've reset the Fitbit and reinstalled the app again).
  • OK but has bugs 3/5

    By RevN8$
    Works OK most of the time. Sometimes it just "forgets" steps. Shows hourly steps for last Sunday totaling nearly 15,000 but displays total steps for that day as zero!
  • Me 5/5

    By Flying Gnome
    The Fitbit app for the Flex is better than I expected, and I can find out what I need to know when I need it. The app gives me all I need and not take up any more time that I do not have. I always have my phone and the freedom the Flex has with being able to get get a dunking and being so comfortable I often have to check to see if I even have it on. I am a firm believer in the KISS principle............ Keep It Simple Stupid
  • I like it! 5/5

    By rpnsj
    Works well for me.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Kalelistaaaaaaa
    Great app! Very easy to use and it has everything I need to log and track my activities
  • Love it! 5/5

    By AEidsvik
    I just started using this app today and I love it so far!
  • Serviceable, but nothing special. 3/5

    By SlikDickRick
    It's an okay app, but it's nothing special.
  • Fitbit App 5/5

    By NannieDawn
    I have a Fitbit Charge 2. I love the app, very easy to use!
  • Good App, would like more flexibility 4/5

    Good App, easy to use. Would like to see more flexibility for logging independent workouts such as boot camp style and weightlifting.
  • more complicated than necessary 2/5

    By rather use the iPhone
    It is uncomfortable. Set up unnecessarily complicated. Very disappointed. I wouldn't recommend it.
  • FitbitBlaze Rating. BIG ZERO! 1/5

    By AdoptStrays
    My Fitbit Blaze registers only 1/2 of my steps compared to another Fitbit I have been wearing for a year! I wear them together & find that the Blaze does not count all my steps ! I called the company & they sent me another watch face but it does not record correctly either. I'm going to return it if it isn't too late. I'm very frustrated! It is way too complicated also & there are no written instructions! My rating is a big ZERO!
  • Good Product 3/5

    By Fitbit Blaze comment
    Need more clock face options.
  • Fun 4/5

    By Jeskahandy89
    I only have it for a class I'm taking. And it's been fun to use. But I find it is not as accurate as my Apple Watch. Oh well it's a good device and app. I would recommend it
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Prach Patel123
    This app is really cool. I wonder how it connects to my Fitbit. I love my Fitbit. It is so cool
  • FitBit 5/5

    By Careful Grandma
    Only had it for a couple of day but I love it already.
  • I love it! 5/5

    By Dcampbell2013
    I Absolutely love it! Very user friendly!
  • Fitbit App Works! 5/5

    By jadc409
    Great app! Just got my first Fitbit and I find the app convenient and easy to use. It does all the work for you. Just wish it would call me on the carpet when I cheat logging in my meals! Lol...
  • Fitbit 5/5

    By mrrcdd
    I use the app for the Fitbit Blaze. Works as advertised.
  • Ok, but support is weak 3/5

    By bssnreed
    I love tracking my steps. But...when I changed phones I discovered they had changed my email to something unrecognizable, and I couldn't get into my account any more. First online chat was maybe an hour, they didn't listen to what I said and asked the same questions repeatedly. Second chat, took another hour, couldn't help either. I had to ditch two years of info and open a new account.
  • AMAZING 4/5

    By Turtl3s
    Ive never been big on fitness until I realized that I needed to be healthier. I just got my Flex 2 and started using the app yesterday and I already love it!
  • Love it, best birthday present 5/5

    By Noname281
    I have only had it one day but I love it, I am so motivated!! It really helps to see the progress or lack of progress for the day:)
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Thought it was awful
    I love the Fitbit app. This is my first Fitbit had a jawbone first and it does not even come close to the Fitbit at all! This app is easy to use and works perfectly for me!
  • Fitbit App review 4/5

    By Jdogg4523
    I searched all of the fitness tracking devices and found 2 very simular options in the Fitbit Charge 2 and Vivofit 2 I ultimately went with the Fitbit Charge 2, because I felt like the App for the Fitbit was more user friendly, as well as offered the options I wanted in a health tracker. I only wish it either offered a ability to add to the App things like daily sugar levels to help diabetics like myself to track everything in one App.
  • Very good 5/5

    By Qassem Ahmed
    I likes the Fitbit charge 2 is watch and everything you need for healthy you can see in Fitbit
  • user 5/5

    By awilliegp
    As I newby I'm very impressed with this application and all the tracking, goals and personal encouragement it provides.
  • New FitBit and using the App 5/5

    By Shelzor
    This is helpful to monitor sleep and food intake. Will be increasing activity and can see calories burned. First time using it and it is easy to learning curve for some who is not too technical.
  • FitBit 4/5

    By FitnessNana
    I needed a way to keep me accountable and on track with my goals - day 1 and I am really enjoying this!
  • Fitbit is good but still needs work 3/5

    By Allie Kat 24
    I love the Fitbit and I have the flex. I like it but if I wear it too tight I would break out in a rash. Although it's good. Good job Fitbit!! Also the app is good. I can put in what I ate for the whole day and it would tell me how many calories I ate.
  • Love the app 4/5

    By Moon_child_25
    Good app for tracking everything from the Fitbit and anything extra like weight etc you want to keep an eye on. Only thing I Don't like is how difficult it is to find different foods when searching for them in the daily calories consumed menu. Wanted to start keeping a good journal but after 30 minutes of searching gave up on even starting it as couldn't find the first thing I was trying to add. I like how the water intake is tracked which is much easier than other apps I have seen and the app syncs with the phone and computer really easy too.
  • Crashing and supper buggy 3/5

    By Abcdzdkkrheksowiqi42728@5
    The app is great and all but it won't stay open long enough to do anything. It just keeps crashing almost seems like once the fit bit syncs it crashes or that's close to how long it stays open. Now I am having problems with getting the flex to sync at all before the app crashes 🙄 honestly I wanted to buy a new charge hr instead of the flex but it's pointless if the app doesn't work...haven't used the app in over 6 months and don't plan on using it again since it's too frustrating to even do anything in the app and it just crashes too fast.
  • Bugs 3/5

    By daniel.mccoy
    Love this app but since a couple of updates ago the challenges has been messing up. It will block me out of a challenge. When I accepted a challenge it will look like I didn't accept it. Also when I make a challenge it's hard to get it to load my friends and when I finally add everyone and start it it goes away like I never did anything.
  • Please make app compatible with Apple Watch. 4/5

    By hotmesssupernova
    I looooove my Fitbit Alta. I love the challenges function where I can compete with my friends. PLEAAAASE make the app compatible with Apple Watch. I miss my workweek hustles!
  • I like it 4/5

    By Moving!
    I received the Alta as part of my package when I purchased a new phone. I really like it and wear it all of the time. I really appreciate when it reminds me to get up and move.
  • I enjoy it but PLEASE fix the sleep tracking 4/5

    By Yaysteph
    I am not able to click back to the prior day or days without the sleep tracking not updating. It remains as the current one. I need to tap on it in order to see the details for the week. I would like to compare the hours slept by utilizing the back and forth option on dashboard. Please fix.
  • Mostly fine, but won't update steps in challenges 3/5

    By Another_Paige
    The app is usually fine. It updates my steps for the week and everything, but it won't update them in my challenges. I have a fitbit alta, please fix this!
  • Fitbit is great 5/5

    By نانسي عيد
    Love this app . Keep up the good work
  • Keeps Loosing Active minutes 1/5

    By Denise555000
    Decent app overall. The only negative thing I can think of is the problem with the inaccuracy of syncing of active minutes. With every sync I loose active minutes. I went on a 2+ hour walk. It originally synced 1hr80 minutes worth. With every sync it lost minutes. Issue is still going on a year later. No fix in near future. Had mine since Feb 2016 and Fitbit is not for me! I will never touch it again. I do not deem it terribly accurate. I wish I didn't waist my money on it. It's a paper weight now. I also received a rather nasty rash from. The plastic band.
  • the new user interface is terrible 2/5

    By DanaJ
    you change your app to make it easier, more intuitive to use, not the other way around. if the new UI is for allowing you to insert ads, you can't take the lazy way of just interrupting people when in use. you have to figure out how to monetize without sacrificing user friendliness, because they will just quit using it. the app was ok before but now it's such an annoyance to use. maybe they did this on purpose so you will have to stay in the app longer.
  • Does the job well! 4/5

    By Princessspot2002
    Once you tweak it, it does all you need. I use it Mainly to look at sleep quality, looking for a breakdown of deep and light and restless. The info is there, but you have to dig. Great thing is friend challenges. Easy to "friend" a friend via email or phone number.
  • Does not play well with Apple 1/5

    By Leoman42
    I am sure if you have a Fitbit device this app will work for you. However, if you have any other type of device and want to compete with friends and family, do not bother downloading this app. Fitbit deliberately does not integrate with Apple HealthKit so you can only use iPhone step tracking or a Fitbit device. There are third party apps that will sync but your totals in the Fitbit app will not be accurate. Fitbit will not allow any steps to be used in weekly totals or challenges unless it comes from their devices or the iPhone itself. If Apple was as petty as Fitbit they wouldn't allow their app in the Apple Store.
  • Love the app! 5/5

    By KillerKeri
    I love the app. I wish the the food tracker had a breakdown of nutrients consumed each day, but I also like the simple calories in calories out approach, which is probably better anyway. I'm used to other apps like MFP, Lose It, and FatSecret. The app hasn't been buggy, it's very easy to use and I am enjoying each feature. I'm so glad I purchased the fitbit charge 2. I'm so much more motivated and conscious of my health and fitness.

    By Çręªtę nįçknªmę
    Title says it all
  • Love it!!! 5/5

    By Panda4488
    It's great!!!
  • Great! 5/5

    By maliabean2011
    Works great!
  • Good app 4/5

    By DomsMommy2016
    I had some trouble setting up my Fitbit besides that, so far so good. It seems fairly easy to navigate & learn.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Reviewer1974
    So far so good

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