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Flash Seats App

Flash Seats® Mobile App: The Future of Ticketing Today™ The Flash Seats® Mobile App makes it easier for you to discover, buy, sell and transfer your tickets on-the-go. You can even enter your events with a Mobile ID through the app on your phone! Simplify your ticket experience with Flash Seats® mobile! - Enter events with convenience: The ONLY mobile ticketing application that lets you enter events and buy, sell, or transfer tickets, all from your phone. The Flash Seats Mobile App provides you with a secure, unique, 2D barcode that is scanned to get you into events. No tickets to bring, no ID to remember—just show your phone and you’re in! - Discover and Buy guaranteed tickets instantly: Find your favorite artists or team nearby or in another location. Browse the listings that meet your needs, find the seats you want, pay for them, and you’re all set! Tickets you buy from Flash Seats are guaranteed and are instantly added to your account. - Transfer Tickets Want to give your tickets to a family member or friend? It’s as simple as selecting the tickets you would like to transfer and entering the recipient’s email address. Change your mind later? You can retract the transfer if your recipient hasn't accepted it. - Sell Tickets Can't make it to an event? List your tickets for sale using the mobile app. In as few as 2 taps, your tickets are available for viewing by thousands of others looking to buy. Retract your listing at any time, and the tickets are ready for you to attend the event.


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Flash Seats app reviews

  • Flash seats 1/5

    By naples3300
    This app is pretty worthless, bought tickets online and they do not show up on the app. When you purchase tickets you receive confirmation number but there is no place to enter the number on the app to find your ticket. Not sure how I will get into the event. Worthless process
  • How can the download not even work 1/5

    By UK_Tourist
    Why is it so hard to get tickets for an event. The major sports teams that deal with AXS tickets should be ashamed. I have to give my credit card just to get my tickets someone sent me? Silly and they ask for way too much info.
  • So bad.. 1/5

    By Ronopolis
    The app itself is poorly written, hard to use, confusing. The fact you even have to use this app is ridiculous. I’m stuck with this because some tickets were transferred to me. But I won’t ever go to an event that forces me to use this crap in the future.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Hdjeoebrncovjwb
    Ridiculous setup. Makes no sense. I would pay more money for the same ticket if I didn’t have to use this stupid app. I’m all for modern technology and making things more convenient, but this does the opposite. Worst ticket buying experience of my life.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Robert a jones
    I had zero issues over 20 years with paper tickets. This has been such an invasive greedy hassle that i will never go to another lions game again. The app will not log me in says the phone is authorized etc. Give me my 400 tickets u con artists
  • Can’t log in 2/5

    By L.Mayagoitia
    The app it’s so odd, keeps saying I’m already logged in another device, you hit the button to close the other session and then kicks you out because you’re devise is no longer allowed... worst thing is that you won’t receive the tickets for the wallet app...
  • Doesn’t even work 1/5

    By Samimd
    Not able to use it. I removed it and re-installed it and still not working. I have to use my credit card at the door to get into any event so what is the point of using it.
  • The worst! Is the development team 6 yr olds? 1/5

    By Zureino
    Yeah...the title says it all. T mobile arena, the executives, MGM Resorts and anyone else involved in choosing this app/company should be fired! This thing is a joke. The app looks like a 6 yr old designed it, annoying when trying to share tix, which makes the overall use of this -3 starts but I could only put one. Crazy that we’re stuck using this POS app. I would be afraid to show this to my friends as a personal project and would never publish such a terrible creation. Companies like Ticketmaster and fandango have this ticket thing figured out...why is there a need to use something that is so terrible? Guessing some execs got paid to choose this company....
  • Will not connect 1/5

    By Thisappsucksballsss
    This app is crap. It will not connect to the server and update my tickets
  • Time travel back to the dawn of the App Store . . . 1/5

    By GentleReader29
    For the year 2010, it’s a great app. The lack of optimization for screens larger than 4” gives this app a retro vibe, which is enhanced by the chunky icons at the bottom. You’ll be thrilled when you see the old keyboard pop up, too. Hello, old friend. Keeping with the 2010 theme, this ticketing app doesn’t have the option to add your tickets to Apple’s Wallet app because, of course, Wallet and its predecessor, Passbook, didn’t exist then. Finally, thanks to the NBA team that requires this app for mobile tickets. Great job, Timberwolves!
  • I hate this app 1/5

    By Chester the Mo
    Being forced to use this app is terrible!
  • Horrible Ticketing Service 1/5

    By newsome37
    Email verification takes days and seat resale limitations are barbaric.
  • Terrible. If you can avoid “Flash”, do. 1/5

    By Matthew702
    Not only does this app stink, but it forces you to provide personal contact information, credit card information, and answers to security questions to sign up. All because I bought tickets to a hockey game. Grr. Thanks for creating a totally unnecessary service to expose personal information and add cost to the purchase, “Flash”. I’m sure you’ll keep our info secure, right? GMAB.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By UpandDunit
    This worthless app always fails. And their customer service is beyond poor!
  • Terrible app. It is simply an inconvenient hassle. 1/5

    By ObviousLove
    Worst ticketing app I’ve ever used.
  • DON'T do it 1/5

    By tokyorun
    My experience with Flash Seats was so bad that even if my 5 favorite bands all united to play one epic concert, and tickets were $20, I still wouldn't do it. I downloaded the app the day before the show. The tickets are nowhere to be found. And my daughter is sick, so then I figured I'd just sell them. But you can't sell for LESS than asking price. So much for the rules of supply and demand, or free will I guess. So my two tickets are sitting in a queue with the 300 others at the same exact price. I.e. They'll never sell. I emailed the company. No reply. Not to mention that their website and app has the functionality of a site built by third graders. If you want to experience the World Wide Web of 1999, logon and I wish you the best of luck!
  • Waste of time downloading this app! 1/5

    By valleyhydro
    I'm a season ticket holder. This year they're forcing us to use this stupid site to list tickets for sale instead of TM/ticketsnow the way it was done seamlessly before. Fine, I transfered them over to flash seats making ALL my paper ticket void now. (Also lame) Now I download this app and when I click open, it keeps giving me an error saying I have no internet connection. Really? How am I leaving this review then? Waste of phone space. 👋🏻
  • Worst e-ticket service I've ever used 1/5

    By puzzledplatypus
    I have never written a review in the several years I've been using Apple Store, but Flash Seats is so bad I couldn't help myself. They make it seem like it's so convenient that you don't have to print your tickets, EVEN THOUGH LITERALLY EVERY TICKET SERVICE OFFERS THIS SAME SERVICE. And they make it much easier. Forcing someone to download your app just to access the ticket they purchased if absolutely the worst. Every other major service gives you the option of using the wallet app on your iPhone. Not flash seats though! The website is awful. There is no way to actually look at your tickets via a link or PDF file that you can take a screen cap of at the very least. Did you buy multiple tickets and want to let the other people access their tickets? That's great! Because THEY WILL HAVE TO CREATE THEIR OWN ACCOUNT AND DOWNLOAD THE APP TOO! This is the worst ticket service provider I've ever come across. I'm actually considering never buying tickets to the sports team I'm going to go see just so I don't have to deal with this awful company ever again.
  • Garbage App 1/5

    By Pauls Stellar Tunes
    The title says it all. Customer service is nonexistent. Entire event disappeared along with my tickets. At least the event is in a few months. Hopefully the venue will think of using a different company in the future.
  • Great 5/5

    By bajansincity
    I have used this multiple times to purchase retail and bid on resale and smooth sailing every time. Tickets automatically added with barcode for scanning by event. My #1 go-to tix site
  • Old and not updated 1/5

    By MormonMacMan
    This app is so old and buggy. It hasn't been updated to support modern display sizes or any other modem iOS features. Buggy and not a good app.
  • Archaic app 1/5

    By eric hamilton
    This would've been revolutionary in 2008... but it's 2017.
  • Complete Garbage 1/5

    Customer experience, UI and functionality simply aren't there. Can't even sell tickets directly to someone. Their ticket "Marketplace" is a joke. Forced to use this app by the Vegas Golden Knights otherwise it'd go straight into the trash. It's so far behind the times and looks like a website from the 90s. This is like a ticket site you'd expect from the early days of AOL. Can't believe AXS is somehow connected to this crap.
  • Awful app policy 1/5

    By beachfab
    I couldn't make a show and the app would not allow me to set my own price less than face value awful policy that only benefits AXS. I am going to have to eat the tickets and waste 150 bucks. I am not going to buy tickets if this app is required.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By HiFiSciFi
    It looks and functions like something designed in a high-school computer class from the 1990s.
  • This App Doesn't Work! 1/5

    By dontuseapp
    I have been forced to use flash seats twice now for shows and when you try to view or send transferred tickets, it doesn't work. My friend stood outside the venue for 30 minutes bc her ticket transfer did not show up. If you're going to make people use this service, at least create technology for it that works! I would give this app negative stars if I could!
  • Grade A Trash 1/5

    By Print my tix
    Trash, only using because Ticketmaster forces me to use it. Can't believe my tickets can't just be emailed to me and printed at home. Will not continue to buy from ticketmaster knowing how terrible this app experience is.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Bearded Midwest fellow
    Going to Interpol this weekend in New York and app doesn't even open. Says my internet connection won't allow the location to show up. I'm in my house with full bars. Can't wait to not get into the show on Saturday.
  • F**k this company 1/5

    By Jack…!
    You are garbage, I hate this app. Price gouging, monopolistic as*hats
  • Worst ticketing experience out there 1/5

    By GraemeGrabbins
    Honestly could this app make it any more difficult to signup, see your tickets, transfer your tickets, sell your tickets... it's a huge pain. What a huge waste of time.
  • Didn't work 1/5

    By Stars and Monsters
    I bought tickets for our local State Fair and it only gave me the option of receiving them through this app. I double checked that they were there before I left and when we arrived at the fairgrounds they had disappeared. I called and they told me to check back in 24 hours. I was standing outside the venue trying to get in. Fortunately the ticket guy told me I can use the card I bought them with. Completely useless app and service.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Kyleboy13
    Never had a issues with it a day in my life. Highly recommended
  • Can't login 1/5

    By Alydar44
    App wouldn't even let me login to my account so I can't even use it
  • It worked, great idea 5/5

    By LaytonLL
    I bought tickets for a baseball game that uses Flash Seats. Went to download the iPhone app and was concerned because of the negative comments. Decided to download the app and everything works as it should.
  • pleasantly surprised. 5/5

    By chmedina
    i bought my kendrick lamar tickets really last minute (3 days before the event), and they were flash seats. i had no idea what that meant, but followed the process that was linked in my email. upon reading the reviews for this app, i was incredibly anxious. i didn't want to risk not being able to go to this show, as it meant so much to me. but nonetheless, i took the risk. getting inside the venue was beyond simple. after bag check, all the associate had to do was scan the QR code for the tickets, and they printed out mini tickets to help us find our seats, and they made a cute little souvenir. i'm incredibly happy with my experience.
  • If I could do no star I would 1/5

    By Maria24c
    They make it too hard to get your tickets .. I am very disappointed I purchased my Kendrick Lamar tickets way in advance and was sent an email that they would be mailed by August 2nd then I was emailed to download this crappy app and create an account .. well I did all of that but could not move forward with out verifying with a code that they say they sent to my email but never received so now I have spent money on two tickets a room out in Vegas and my expenses for this trip but I annoy able to get my tickets ! Beyond irritate and annoyed DO NOT USE THIS !
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Diamoniboz
    We tried to use flash seats for a concert...turns out they refunded our tickets and gave them to someone else. It was very stressful but we managed to buy some seats last minute at the box office. Don't use flash seats...you're better off trying some other site.
  • All things considered... 5/5

    By Supercat0921
    I read scores of terrible reviews for this app, but since I had no other choice than to use it yesterday, I downloaded it. It worked perfectly. I'm sorry that so many people have horror stories but it was fine for me. I guess I got lucky.
  • Never received my ticket 1/5

    By Tiedyed_00
    What more can I say? I'm out a couple of hundred dollars. DO NOT USE THIS WAY TO BUY TICKETS!!!!!!!!
  • Terrible app, tickets vanish into black hole 1/5

    By avsfan1321
    Someone bought tickets for us as a gift using this app and then tried to transfer them to us. We never got to the tickets and they don't have them anymore either, they went into a black hole and never came out. Customer service is a joke. Have no clue if we will ever see these tickets or the money again.
  • Seth 2/5

    By SethMol
    The idea behind flash seats is good, but execution is very poor. From the substandard look and layout to navigation, it just feels like somebody made it in their basement on their spare time. I'm not asking for a lot of bells and whistles, but a redesign would be a must, as well as being more intuitive. It takes me several taps to figure out where I can find my tickets for upcoming events. Maybe I am not that smart, but it seems to me that that should the first thing that is shown, rather than having to tap the tabs at the bottom. Please improve
  • Worked flawlessly 4/5

    By Tereasa
    I was really concerned about not having paper tickets and having to depend on a app. But it worked flawlessly. They scanned my phone and printed my seat assignments and done. The only thing I have a problem with is your menu bar at the bottom and the keyboard that came up. Because it looked like the iPhone app menu and then was blurry and the keyboard font was different I was afraid I was being scammed into the wrong app and enetering my info into something that was phishing. But other then that, WAY convienant!
  • Garbage App 1/5

    By CreativeTruth
    Tickets purchased are not showing and I can't send feedback or ask questions because I don't have "mail" on file but my email address is showing with the error!! This app better work and show me my new seats since the event moved location too!
  • Garbage 1/5

    By digital guru
    This whole process is garbage.
  • Works decently 3/5

    By Puraw Wave
    Not fancy but gets job done.
  • Works Perfect 5/5

    By Bhjfjnfggbb
    Must download
  • The worst 1/5

    By satelles
    This is the worst ticketing system ever. You cannot print paper tickets. I spent 1 hour on hold to try and get any knd of customer service. That was useless.
  • This Garbage App Should Not Exist 1/5

    By sjbartnik
    The two main problems with the Flash Seats app are: 1) As an app, it's a piece of garbage. 2) It shouldn't even exist because everything it does, Apple already does better with Passbook (now called Wallet). First, the developer that coded this app should be ashamed of him/herself. It's an embarrassment. If I was an app developer, I would be too ashamed to take money from someone for having created this abomination and I would seriously consider this app as a severe threat to my professional reputation. Second, there is absolutely nothing this app does that can't be handled better in an iPhone native app, Wallet. Why should I have to download some garbage app to my phone just to get into a concert? There is no reason that the ticket seller can't supply the tickets in an Apple Wallet format. I can't think of any reason why this app needs to exist and I have no idea why they bothered to make it.
  • Pure Junk 1/5

    By ghlatta3
    Forget trying to get purchased tickets to show up in the this app: I was smart enough to bring my printed receipt to a MLB game because "My Tickets" remained empty despite multiple reboots, signing out and in, plus deleting and reinstalling the app!! I still had to go to the ticket office, followed by the actual gate (the ticket office thought my debit card would work instead of the app), and finally got sent to the Ticket Issues office where they issued printed tickets to me. The Ticket Issues office clearly had gone through this problem with FlashSeats a jillion times before - the ticket person just shook her head when I asked her what the problem was and said the "app doesn't push the tickets." MLB: Get rid of this piece of junk - it prevents me from wanting to go to more games!!!👎
  • Terrible 1/5

    By DEBASER95
    Bought tickets for Chainsmokerss NYC show. Had four, last minute needed to sell two. Had multiple bids/offers for tickets and when I went to accept them it kept coming up with errors, not letting transactions. Contacted them thru Facebook and the basically said it was purchaser error and there was nothing they could do. So 8+ buyers were doing it wrong? I don't think so. Wound up not being able to sell tix and lost $$$.

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