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Flickr App

Upload, access, organize, edit, and share your photos from any device, from anywhere in the world. • Put your free 1000GB to work - auto-upload all your photos and videos to your Flickr camera roll. They'll be private, until you choose to share them! • Camera roll in the cloud - instant access to your entire Flickr collection, so you can free up your phone for everything else. • Organization and sharing, simplified - browse with ease, select and organize hundreds of photos with one gesture, and share in seconds. • Unleash your creativity - edit your photos, add filters, crop images and more, directly from the camera roll. And if you change your mind, just revert the changes! • Engage with friends, family and explore the Flickr community - there are millions of groups and billions of photos out there to discover. Tell us what you think! We are committed to building the best Flickr and we want your feedback. Let us know your thoughts for iPhone here: And for iPad: Note: If you already have the Flickr app, you will be asked to sign in. For questions relating to sign-in, take a look at:


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Flickr app reviews

  • I love it 4/5

    By angel-345
    It uploads pictures for every one to see, no more "can you send the photo" from so much people. From now on everyone can follow you so that 1 click can let everyone share the photo
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By josypete
    No better way to see gorgeous images!
  • suggestions 5/5

    By benchow6157
    great app! feature request: please show the number of views on each photo on the camera roll tab, like it does on the web interface.
  • A nice app 5/5

    By The Don Ho
    A little quirky , but a nice app.
  • Add Features? 2/5

    By Lvhpfigo vuiftdococjvypd
    Can there be a feature that allows you to save more than one picture at a time? That would really increase efficiency.
  • 👍🏽 5/5

    By Hskahakaja
    Good app 👌🏽
  • Director of photography 5/5

    By Adel eltilmesany
    Very good app
  • I love it 5/5

    By Jiggy hehehehe
    Heart heart, this app is a HUUUGE help
  • Great app! 4/5

    By Ls0000000000000
    Love this app! Great for spreading your work
  • Love it! 4/5

    By Maureenl67
    I love this app because you can connect with other photographers and view their pics. What I don’t like is when I try to post pictures from camera roll on my iPhone it says it posted them but then when I go to my Flikr app they aren’t there. Flikr can you please fix?
  • I want to order prints 4/5

    By asldfkjasdfj
    I really really wish I could order prints from my Flickr page. You used to be able to. Please offer this again.
  • Please fix the screen saver on Apple TV 3/5

    By JoeyYCHsu
    It stops working for a very long while. Otherwise a good app
  • My issues were fixed 3/5

    By lexicon5
    Great app. Some nice features. Wishlist: Built-in slideshow with timing and transitions.
  • Disorganized, tough to find what I need 2/5

    By elizareid
    There should be a search feature by collection, or it should allow me to type in the album name. As it is I have to search through tons of my albums, which are very well organized on the regular browser, but not at all on the mobile app.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By MyCherokee
    Nothing better!
  • Interface 4/5

    By amentz1996
    Slide n then out min delay. Feeling less on a bandwagon.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Gwenie The Pooh
    I love it ! I’ve been with a Flicker for awhile now and I still love it today!
  • Decent, with flaws 2/5

    By Christadanielle
    1. Recently my videos have been uploading sideways and stretched. Weird. 2. I wish wish wish Flickr gave me the option to password protect albums so I can send a link to just one album to people to view. This whole adding friends and family business is tedious and annoying and keeps me from sharing Flickr.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By ChrisfromPennsylvania
    I use my Flickr as my art website and I honestly love the way I can organize things, see view #s, hashtag things, and post my art into lots of groups. I have ZERO complaints.
  • Love flickr 5/5

    By Angel_shark
    Best way to organize and upload my photos
  • Doesn't work. 1/5

    By EDHBlvd
    Cannot upload photos anymore. What a joke. I guess I won't be using Flickr anymore.
  • No! 1/5

    By Wizard On Acid
    The option to download your own videos back onto your phone is broken and they will never fix it! I regret the day I used this app as a backup to free up some space on my phone! It’s pointless.
  • Excellent with some issues 4/5

    By k2parn
    Overall, This app is excellent for sharing and viewing photos from people all over the world but is has been buggy at times.
  • Was getting back on track, but now ...? 3/5

    By igorclark
    Editing 01/07/2018: reducing to 3 stars because there are core bugs that they just don’t seem to want to fix, despite reporting it via the feedback and talking to Flickr support on Twitter. Uploading more than one image at a time garbles the EXIF data, no info or location are shown for those pics on the app or the site. One at a time is fine, but that’s really annoying to have to do. Also, after you’ve uploaded, there are frequently issues with layout and displaying the new images. I thought it might be just my specific iPhone model but I’ve recently upgraded the phone and there’s no change. Also, there are plenty of functions that could easily have been incorporated into the app in the time since it was launched but just haven’t made it in, and subjectively it “feels” like the overall layout has got worse. I’ve been a paid Flickr user since early 2005, have maybe 14k pics on it, and have continued to support Flickr, but I’m currently unimpressed with the unmoving state of half-assed site updates and broken app uploads. Especially since the Verizon acquisition. I mean, come on. Verizon. ————— Very nicely thought-out, properly modernised Flickr photo app. Seems to take some good lessons from Instagram without feeling the need to emulate it, which was a failing - and, I think, a panic reaction - in some of the previous mobile versions. Website functionality still needs a lot of attention, but the Flickr experience is really being brought up to date; it places itself firmly back in the right context and nicely distinguishes itself with a solid photography focus, rather than just yet more mindless "social" me-too-ism. Come on Flickr, you can get back on top!
  • A lot more user-friendly but... 1/5

    By Ekim7434
    The latest update does not upload videos and photos well. I used to be able to dump dozens at a time. Now it’s taking a lot more time and not every image I’ve selected is uploading!!! Please fix!
  • Auto Uploder not working properly 1/5

    By Raj ATL GA
    My iPad iPhone android devices none of them working properly for uploading pictures and videos
  • Slow to upload 2/5

    By ntooch
    Flickr is great theoretically but seriously it is slow!! I have a 12Mb upload speed and it takes forever to upload and keep current with my library. I have only ever completed my uploads 2X because it takes so long to upload. And help me if I go on vacation and take lots of pictures, it seems it will never catch up. Currently been uploading for the past 2 weeks after my vacation and till have 5K left to upload. Please fix apps slow upload speed.
  • Great! 5/5

    By UltimateLee
    Flickr is awesome. I can find photos that are really interesting to me and I often spend a lot of time just searching randomly for new and interesting photos and I never walk away disappointed.
  • Stupid!!!! 1/5

    By Paula Devi
    They are showing me my yahoo account, yet I cannot get in cause when I click on my name to get in its telling me sorry were having trouble signing you in. I think this needs to be fixed ASAP and until then this app is labeled stupid for me. 😡😡
  • Keep up the good work and 5/5

    By NoHoWarlord
    I like the way you asked for the rating. I am soooo tired of apps disrupting the UX to demand a rating! Keep improving. Thanks.
  • Flickr Love! 5/5

    By The Googer
    It's a wonderful app and the way that I have safely saved my photos over the years. With the auto download feature turned on. You can instantly save every photo on your phone.
  • Best app that doesn't involve nudity. 5/5

    By notsovaliant
    On Instagram and other apps like tumblr it's almost normal to see explicit things on there, and those apps have kids under 13 using them. This app is the best and is not perverted like most apps today..
  • Great App for photography lovers 5/5

    By KCJake
    As a amateur sports photographer, I love Flickr and all the options it offers. The abundance of space is a plus as well. Download it and enjoy!
  • Video playback controls 3/5

    By Footewerks
    I’ve used Flickr for years and loved the app until recently when an update made it impossible to use the playback controls while watching a video. All it does now is play but no way of scrubbing backwards or forwards. Other than that, it’s a great app
  • Best photo cloud storage 5/5

    By Cloud9jumper
    One of the best apps for storing & organizing photos/videos! Superb job there! Also I love browsing through all the amazing photos & finding inspiration! Thanks for a great product & service!
  • It’s Fun To Share Your Work 5/5

    By Neil Imperial
    I am in the process of scanning thousands of 35 MM Negatives going back over a 36 yr period. Although I’ve received compliments over the years, I’ve seen much better work than mine. I also have collected photos from the internet and always mark those in capital letters, “not my photo”. I leave my own work Public and others people’s photos (sometimes taken only for the purposes of selling the subject in the photo, usually a vintage car) I rate “friends and family”. I have tried to share some of my pics on sites like FOAP in hopes of making a little money, but, from what I’ve read, photos with people in them are what buyers of stock photos want. I am not going to take someone’s picture and then chase them around with a Model release form in my hand for their signature. I am just going to do what I’ve always done and keep photography fun. The only tedious part of uploading photos is adding tags, but I guess it’s necessary.
  • Bug 1/5

    By Izybel201
    It won’t even let me log into the app.
  • Just great... 5/5

    By davidwegs
    For the past few years, this has become my families picture hub. We upload automated from our phones, and computers too, and keep up with each other's pictures. It's pretty great, although the automated upload sometimes needs you to enter the app to get it uploading for some reason... Highly recommended.
  • The Best Thing that ever happened to Photography! 5/5

    By Luther T
    It's inspirational, instructive, and entertaining at the same time. It also helps us to share art, culture and creativity worldwide. Awesome!
  • Love! 5/5

    By Charlie Fan4life
    I love Flickr. The picture quality is amazing and true to what you take. Great groups, lots to learn from other members. Best picture sharing site I’ve used.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By PunchTheDragon
    This app is garbage. Downloaded it and created a new account, entered authorization number and set my account up, went to sign in again continually tells me “error”. Very disappointed.
  • No support no login 1/5

    By Markplus4
    Yahoo has a major issue. Started a new account. Opened the email they sent me to verify my email address. Entered their code. Attached my mobile number for “security”. Received an email from them. Can’t login says there’s no account. Terrible you can’t get help either and the forum is years old and out of date!
  • Digital album 5/5

    By dark moon night
    Great and brilliant pictures
  • Can't log in 1/5

    By Marais7777
    When I try to log in from Safari, it's unable to do so with a message of "too many redirects." Can't even do a search for someone else's account. Same message. Also can't log in from the app on my Mac Air. Doesn't recognize my password. But I -AM- logged in on my iPad & I don't dare sign out of that for fear I'll lose my photos forever. Why does this have to be so difficult? Googling these problems shows tons of people having the same issues. Ugh! 😥
  • Deleted ALLL of my good photos 1/5

    By Trinidadian princesse
    This app is not good if you get a new phone and try to download it deletes allll of your photos and I can not get those back.
  • Crashing 2/5

    By Dmach8
    Last update making documents and data jump over gigabyte. Clearing cache not helping
  • Notifications no longer function 2/5

    By Pablo_bl
    Notifications no longer function in the new version - don’t update if you use this functionality
  • Would give 0, can’t even log in 1/5

    By Maw4bc
    Created a yahoo account and still says 401 unauthorized can’t log in.
  • Why didn’t u tell me 1/5

    By Latina rebellion
    Nobody informed me download my video to this app it won’t let me save them so don’t download your video or you lose them as I lose all my video huh
  • Love Flickr, mobile app needs tweaking... 4/5

    By Water00boy
    The mobile app for Flickr as of yet does not allow for all the functioning available on line via your desktop. One cannot Access discussions in Groups, yet you can get there by searching Groups by group name. Silly why this hasn’t been 8n lauded. Flickr is so much more than simply photo sharing.

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