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FlightStats App

FlightStats is a free real-time flight status and airport tracking application for iPhone and Apple Watch. Take control of your day-of-travel by downloading FlightStats: - Quickly access worldwide flight status by flight number, airport or route - Watch flights as they move across the world on our gorgeous flight tracker - Scan essential information like departure/arrival times, delay indexes, gates and weather - Check the flight timeline to get in-depth descriptions of all activities about your flight - Easily view the most relevant flights with the FlightStats Today widget - See your flight status on your Apple Watch - Quickly launch the app with 3D Touch to view or search your flights FlightStats is a leader in global flight and airport information services. Our flight status, trip monitoring and flight alert solutions are trusted by millions of travelers every day. Contact us at


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  • Excellent 5/5

    By Cf3947
    I’m a Uber driver and using this app helps me to know when its good to go to the airport for inbound passengers.

    By Barrambila
    This app is totally crippled by the fact it only allows to plan and save flights for a just a few days ahead. Why not the ability to search and save flights a few weeks in the future instead of just a few days? At least make a paid version with that feature. And when I mean paid I am purchase.. no monthly subscription that I refuse to do on any software, period. Thank you.
  • What did I pay for exactly? 1/5

    By mpayne2k
    I chose to pay $1.99 a year ago or so to remove ads only to find that release 2.7 updated your app nicely but put ads back in and won’t let me restore my no-ad experience. I may be looking elsewhere now. No thank you for your continued support FlightStats!
  • Not great 3/5

    By GMhop27
    It’s disappointing that this app can’t even get basic information correct. Do a search for flights arriving at an airport during a specific hour and the times of flight arrivals are all over the map. They’re not ordered by arrival time, they’re not order by arrival airline, nothing makes sense. If you do a search for arrivals from 5 to 6 PM, for example, you get flights arriving at 3 or 4 PM or 7 or 8 PM, it does not give you flight info for flights arriving between five and six.
  • Really useful 5/5

    By Zombieaware91
    If you work in the industry as a Pilot, Flight Attendant, or even on Ramp! This app is the most reliable app I’ve found to keep track of all flights! It’s always on time you can track by aircraft number and flight number. This is like a personal operations agent in your hand! Know when and where your flight is with confidence and ease!
  • Did work. Now all ads. 1/5

    By fotomatt in colorado
    App was great. Attempted to track a flight today and the "track this flight" option is covered by ads and is locked up. Fix it and get the stars back.
  • Tracker Map Down 1/5

    By KEvin M11
    The tracker map has been down for a week. I'm unable to track flights coming into the airport for pickup. The app needs an update / fix or I will be finding another app
  • Appears broken 1/5

    By rwh0707
    List flights, but doesn’t display tracks or maps and buttons on tracking page are inoperative. So, yeah...
  • No more map 1/5

    By Tiny slr worthless
    It was awesome before now no more map.
  • What Happened? 3/5

    By Aloha.boy
    I have been using FlightStats for years on my desktop, laptop, and iPhone. The current version no longer brings up flight tracking or details about plane model, altitude, or flight plan. Very disappointing update so I now have to go to the individual airline site for detailed and current information.
  • Great Accurate App 5/5

    By Shayrost
    Great way to keep track of flight times. And fun to watch where the plane is after takeoff.
  • Won't use with ads 2/5

    By Gradenko
    Looks promising, but I won't use it if I can't remove ads...
  • A little clunky 1/5

    By gbell1030
    Navigation is not the best, and it has ads! The ads need to go!!! The map needs an upgrade and could be integrated with the Apple Maps App which would be the best. The colors could be more welcoming instead of dull black and grey. I wish this app used a calendar as well instead of the Rolodex style search. This also goes for everything else in the app that uses the Rolodex style search. I wish it showed a whole days flights from a specific airport and keeping the option to narrow the search to a specific airline.
  • Incomplete 3/5

    By Dmitoritos
    If you're familiar with Mobiata's old flight track app, it showed ALL flights between airports, not necessarily airline only. For example: Netjets or FedEx would appear as well when selecting between 2 airports. If this app could expand to include at least cargo operators, then I'd actually pay for it. Very useful as an airline employee.
  • Flight grounded, Flight Stats reported In Air 1/5

    By Jen4two
    Flight was grounded due to bad storms, delayed over 2 hours. Flight Stats tracker had plane in air with altitude and distance all the way to destination! Finally, indicated flight was out of range of tracking, it had never even taken off!
  • Helpful app 5/5

    By Srour1000
    Love it
  • Quick tool for checking flights 5/5

    By Dgsflorida
    Really like this for quickly checking flight status. Not always perfectly accurate but what is in the airline industry?
  • Cannot restore old purchase 1/5

    By Alexey Korobko
    I have paid for previous version pro app. Now that one does not work anymore and when I try to restore purchase in this app it does not work.
  • Pretty nice 5/5

    By playapapa
    Great way to keep track of flight arrivals. They are up to date within 10 minutes. Really like it.
  • Accurate information 5/5

    By Luckynitin
    I have been using this app for sometime now and find it very accurate. Helps in planning well whenever going out to receive people or when flying the departure gate information makes the experience very smooth
  • Very impressive non professional app 5/5

    By El Mallorquin Cubano
    Time lapse approximately 15 minutes before current flight following kicked in. More than adequate. Flight app format very similar to onboard data info and geographic flight following. As a pilot pro for airline/corporate operations this consumer/traveler presentation is excellent.
  • Luis 24 5/5

    By Luis824
    Everything I need is in this application. Thanks!
  • Very reliable every time 5/5

    By NAtoot
    Very reliable every time
  • Great App 5/5

    By Walk Machine
    My go to to track flights. Simple to use and interesting to see how flights deviate from path.
  • Neat app 5/5

    By Deep thought 2
    Simple and easy.
  • Really good 3/5

    By E Ribeiro
    Really good
  • Great app to check flight Stats 5/5

    By Isselkou
    Best one I had so far
  • Has worked perfect anytime I use it 5/5

    By MMEJ87
    So far so good. I've used this app 3-4 times so far when picking up my husband from the airport. No problems here.
  • Good 5/5

    By 7714337
  • Love the App 5/5

    By Daantje4926
    I love the App. Sometimes it is a little hard to figure out which flight I am trying to get but over all it is great.
  • Geat App 5/5

    By MarcoSollai
    Cant travel with out it.
  • San Jose Airport 5/5

    By G10v@nn1
    Excelente que se pueda verificar por este medio la hora de llegadas de los vuelos
  • Ad supported, but not intrusive 4/5

    By AngryEagle
    App has ads, with no way to pay extra to turn them off. Apparently early adopters were able to pay to do so, but not any more. On a positive note, this is the app that I use most often to track flight and gate status.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Kashaniasmat
    Awesome Awesome and Awesome this is one of the greatest app I used so far
  • No option to remove ads 1/5

    By Cnemo55
    This app "no longer" allows you to purchase the "remove ads" option. Others who bought it earlier don't have to see ads, but new users are out of luck. Too bad, an otherwise 5 star app ruined by nuisance ads. Delete.
  • Arvi 5/5

    By AA transportation
  • Deceptive 1/5

    By Mborg955
    This app showed an AA flight at 26,000 ft. going over 500 mph when in fact the plane never left the ground due to mechanical problems. Confidence gone!
  • Excellent! 5/5

    By Peter_Traboulay
    Pick up flights other apps don't. Don't like the ads though
  • Watch app not synched properly 3/5

    By UnklDude
    I just downloaded this app a couple hours ago because I was picking up a relative at the airport and I knew that the flight was behind schedule and I didn't want to leave the house too early. On my phone, the app showed that the flight was delayed and gave me a fairly decent approximation of when the flight was due in. However, when I pulled the app on my watch it showed me the original flight times for the flight never correcting for the delay. I hope they fix this in the future updates of this app.
  • Goodapp one of the best 5/5

    By Swamiabhishek15
    Good app
  • Works great 5/5

    By Laudertunbabe
    Easy to use. Like the graphics. Don't change it!
  • I find App very helpful 5/5

    By Bopo B
    I do not leave home to make a flight or meet a flight without checking the App. Quite amusing to impress family and friends with the precise time they landed etc. Don't know how it's done but doubt that you can update if that info is not made available or is temporarily inaccessible for whatever reason.
  • Reliable 5/5

    By Kharabat
    Very reliable for Limo Business.
  • Good for frequent travelers 4/5

    By DanWeber
    I travel a lot and use the app to check flights. Pretty good.
  • Really nice 5/5

    By Mr. Bino07
    Accurate & I love it
  • Great App 5/5

    By Happy-Tony
    Works very well. I have been using for two years and never failed yet. It shows more than enough information.
  • Great app 5/5

    By StxTai
    Keep up the good work guys.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Papersouls
    So disappointed. I thought this was a decent app - until my flight was delayed and the app didn't update. Even hours later, it still showed it was on time. A month later on another trip, it didn't show my flight being delayed at the start of my trip. At the end of the trip, I had delayed AND cancelled flights. NONE of them were marked as such. This app is very unreliable! All it is good for is finding flights. Don't expect it to update and give you correct up to date information though! I could see being a little late updating, taking into consideration the time it takes for the info to get around, but hours later?!? Worthless.
  • No updates 1/5

    By Beglhr
    I think you really need an update since December 2016 no updates. The app can be good, but it's not useful with this old design. Old keyboard, everything is looking awkward.
  • Recommended by a flight attendant 5/5

    By Mszee26
    Luv this app ...

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