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Flixster - Showtimes + Tickets

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Flixster - Showtimes + Tickets App

Download Flixster – the most downloaded movie app of all time. Stay up to date with movie news, check showtimes, guarantee tickets, discover movies at home, and get Rotten Tomatoes® scores. Now make moviegoing even easier with Flixster’s refreshed movie discovery experience and more. DISCOVER MOVIES - Get the latest Rotten Tomatoes® Tomatometer scores and movie reviews from critics. - Find the latest movie news right at your fingertips with the News page in the global nav. Stay in the know with all things movies, from articles on award contenders to video exclusives with the hottest casts. - Watch the latest trailers and check out cast overviews and movie images. - Movies don’t stop in the theater. Discover what movies are available at home and where to watch them. BROWSE MOVIES + THEATERS - Browse the latest movies and top box office picks. - Check showtimes at your favorite theaters or find nearby theaters. - View theater amenities (Reserved Seating, Mobile Ticket, etc.). BUY TICKETS - Looking for movie tickets? Guarantee your seats and head straight to the movies, with ticketing powered by Fandango. By downloading, installing & using this App, you agree to our Privacy Policy (http://www.fandango.com/PrivacyPolicy.aspx), Terms of Use (http://www.fandango.com/TermsOfUse.aspx) and Purchase Policy (http://www.fandango.com/PurchasePolicy.aspx).


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Flixster - Showtimes + Tickets app reviews

  • What happened? 1/5

    By WantMore34
    No DVD release dates? Most popular? Cant even sort them to look at new releases, lots of garbage netflix/fandango movies no one cares about
  • “Favorites”! 1/5

    By Dfvalent
    I used this app just to click on my favorite theater and see showtimes. Now it’s a big jumbled mess! What’s the point of having favorite theaters when you still have to scroll through all of them to get to yours? Not a fan of what you guys did at all.
  • Nov 2017 update is terrible 1/5

    By slaterjl
    Hate the new 11.2017 design. And with that update, most of my Want to See and Reviews are gone! Please fix!
  • True 3/5

    By Ohio Buckle 23
    Please bring back the old Flixster this one is a lot better
  • Don’t use this app 1/5

    By Ccmerola
    This used to be my go-to app for movie times and theaters,etc. this new version is messed up. My location is CT and it tells me a theater in AL is 5 miles away. Can’t get it to show my favorites on the list. Just unusable
  • Bad UI 1/5

    By JauDesign
    iPad landscape mode only? Laughable. And great job tabbing to buy tickets instead of details before user even know about the show. Idiots.
  • Latest update is awful 1/5

    By NJTransplant
    I used to use this app quite regularly, but this new interface is terrible. Instead of, you know, actual useful information, the screen is now taken up nearly entirely with promotional posters. Fire the person responsible for this redesign.
  • Please change it backkkk 1/5

    By (679)bb
    Change it back! Delete last update it is horrible, im so sad
  • No longer works for me 2/5

    By Mtwatchman
    Loved this app until recently. Now local theaters do not show up even. Used it for the past many years. Until... Now.
  • Bring my lists back please :( 2/5

    By skelekatie
    I’ve mainly used this app to keep track of movies I want to see and rate them when I do. I had at least 100 movies listed. Now both lists say 25. App Support says they’re working on it. I hope they fix it.
  • Lost ALL my reviews and Want to See list 1/5

    By Awestun
    The app update lost my entire collection of reviews and Want to See movies. What are you thinking Flixster?? I’m incredibly frustrated and actively searching for other apps to use. This really should not happen. Unbelievable.
  • Ruined a great App😟 1/5

    By wfoux
    Latest upgrade is a huge disappointment. Lost Netflix integration, reviews are harder to get to. I liked the user friendly view of current and new theater release movies and movies upcoming on DVD - great view gone. Not interested in the new chunky screen style, bulky movie posters. If this mess is still here in the near future IMDB will be my exclusive movie app. Will wait and see until the new year.
  • Bad update 1/5

    By Blancanica
    I will rather return to the previous version
  • Looks nice but dose not work 1/5

    By Zephar Reviews
    Give a rating works. Type a review works. Scrolling does not work in review mod. Can't post the review because scrolling does not work. The app is just like the movie I was about to review, Valerian. Nice to look at but doesn't work. And what happened to all my movies I want to see. I had 100 in the list and now it's just 21 current movies. Fix your app flixster!
  • Redesign failure 1/5

    By Elaundar
    The redesign of the app demonstrates what happens when developers isolate themselves in a bubble and don't take feedback and surveys of users prior to a major change. The new design suffers from not understanding how the app was being used. Yes, some (many) might have used it as a way to order tickets locally, but that presumes that the user knows exactly what movie they want to watch is. If I knew what movie I wanted to watch, then I would just go to the theater's web site. I use this app so I can pick which movie to see. The old design presented a list of movies (newest release first, then older). I could click on the name, instantly see the description, play the movie and read reviews. Now I get huge movie posters (which provide nearly no useful information) and reviews. But to read the description now takes multiple touches (which usually will be interrupted with an ad for the worst movie in wide release.) Honestly, I would give zero stars if the store allowed it.
  • Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke 1/5

    By Brockenheimer Fund
    Update is terrible. Reverses clean cut features from previous app that makes everything more difficult to find, decipher and read. Can I still find what’s on Netflix in this update? If so, it’s impossible to find. Very frustrating to “update” an app and lose features.
  • This app has gone downhill. 1/5

    By Memorial golf fan
    It used to be easy to see what is available on DVD and what will be coming out by date. I don’t see this feature in the new versions so as far I am concerned this app has become worthless.
  • Bad, bad, bad! 1/5

    By OJPM Screamer
    The old version was one of the best apps out there. The new iteration is watered down and far less helpful. How in the world can’t you see an actor entire filmography in chronological order anymore? Laughable update.
  • Rotten Tomatoes is About Reviews 1/5

    By Suscipiat
    To put it simply: this update totally misses the point of flixster/rotten tomatoes. I go to Rotten Tomstoes to see a collection of reviews quickly for films; I don’t expect it nor want it to be IMDB. I have both apps; they do not need eschother’s features. I would not mind the addition of such features too much if by doing so, they did not obscure the very thing I want to see first and foremost in my rotten tomatoes app: reviews. It took me something like five taps to figure out where the critical reviews were. And three taps for each film thereafter. As of this last update, this app has become fundamentally flawed.
  • The redesigned app is terrible 1/5

    By Brad6090
    The previous version of the app was much easier to use-the list of movies and ratings was great. Now, it’s awful-very cumbersome. Please change it back please.
  • dont update 2/5

    By x1k2v3t23
    latest update design is horrible and makes it very difficult to see more than their few suggestions. loved this app until this point
  • New update is trash 1/5

    By ILikeStraws
    Why did you ruin such a good app? The homepage is now largely cluttered with broken images of movies that are ordered with no rhyme or reason. You deleted my saved movie theatres. And worst of all, the movie listing information is not accurate. There are several theatre pages missing listing information for many movies. What was wrong with the old version?? And why are there so many broken aspects of the new update? Seems like that should have been caught.
  • Why?! 1/5

    By radsabat
    Why did you change one of my favorite apps?! I thought there was something wrong with my iPad but no, you deliberately ruined it! It’s useless now! What the heck?! Change it back!!
  • Shame on you Flixster... 1/5

    By Refleximpending
    I’m not a big fan of the new layout. Much like the App Store’s latest update, it seems harder to get after the information you want to see. For me, I use this app for one purpose, and one purpose only: to see critic and audience ratings of movies. This app now prioritizes movie ticket purchases and movie theatre options above film ratings - you have to click on movie details (a separate step) to see the movie reviews. Update: Removed all remaining stars because they deleted all movie ratings I’d been updating for the last 4 years. Shame on you. I will make it a point to not purchase movie tickets through fandango now for this reason alone. Update: The movie “Leap!” is not in your database for some reason, I suspect there are others that have been removed with the latest update.
  • Bad redesign 1/5

    By donohue17
    I used this app to help find what movies either just came out or are about to get out on disc. That feature in this new version is useless. I can no longer tell what just came out this week. If you are looking for what movies are currently in the theater it might be ok. Similar format as Fandango.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By hrtzofmen
    Sometimes you should leave well enough alone. Why change everything. Horrible upgrade.
  • New format 1/5

    By Emigmf
    I don’t like the new format
  • Bad UX 1/5

    By iRockStone
    Can’t understand what’s the point of this complete re-design crap of the new UI. Very hard to find movie info and very difficult to use. Very disappointed.
  • Ads! 2/5

    By bondsingh
    Cannot easily exit the ads that pop up. The X is not very responsive. You have too keep pressing several times. I’m using the iPhone X.
  • No more searching for new rental releases 1/5

    By InimitableSnowman
    With the old version of the app, you could scroll through unlimited amounts of available rental releases and filter them by rating, genre, etc. Now it limits you to about 30 choices. This new version is the worst yet!
  • No more Netflix integration 1/5

    By tkgriffi
    Used to live this app when I could easily add movies to my Netflix queue. That feature appears to be removed from newest version. No other use for this app, unfortunately.
  • Liars 1/5

    By Landidnrkels
    Since 30% of rotten tomatoes is owned by WB, the reviews of Justice League were withheld. I can no longer trust the app to remain objective and will be deleting it immediately.
  • Lost everything I had 1/5

    By Sian17
    I loved this app for many years until now. I failed to see why my “want to see” and I rated over 4K are gone. I don’t remember what oldest movies I want to see on my list. I am not mood to start over. I’m so disappointed with this result. New layout are awful also there are very limit to search actors/actress’s movies history. Also, added ads are big joke. This is not necessary. I don’t know what I am doing with this new update and rated are gone. Please fix it as soon as possible and get old version back.
  • OMG! They managed to destroy a perfectly functional app! 1/5

    By ML Taub
    It no longer shows all movies at a theater (look up Lincoln Plaza in NYC). And I can’t sort by only my favorites!
  • What the hell happened? 1/5

    By MrsCjw
    The app can not find my location. I’ve turned on l cation and the app turns it off. I type in a zip code and it’s not found. I cannot even LOOK at movies anymore.
  • What happened to BluRay movies? 1/5

    By Triton-Tr20
    The new update just ruined this app. It only show movies at home for Netflix, Amazon, and other streaming services. No longer shows BluRay releases which is the only way to see the good movies outside of the theater. I’ll delete the app soon unless it improves.
  • They ruined a good thing! 1/5

    By Scott SLC
    Flixster used to be so easy and intuitive; but, now that they’ve decided to change the interface because they want to seem more modern they’ve absolutely ruined a once very good app. It’s not straight forward or intuitive anymore. It’s also very glitchy. I thought I’d never say this, but I’m going to delete it...sad to say. Pleas fix this Fluxter!

    By B_lundy_
    No longer shows address to help differentiate between every other REGAL/AMC in an area, tough to navigate, and I’ve been trying to update my “distance” for five minutes now... I used this app several times a week and this is not intuitive at all... PLEASE update or return to the older one and fire your app “designer!”
  • This new “refresh” is just plain awful 1/5

    By TPoitevin
    My list of favorite theaters is gone. The theater closest to me is not in there anymore, and searching for it doesn’t work. You can’t see as many films because the thumbnails are too big. I’ve used Flixster for years, but this has me looking for a new app. Three words: Unusable. Horrible. Avoid.
  • Update killed it 2/5

    By KilldUde111
    Used to really like this app but the uodate is so annoyin and more confusing than how it was before hopefully they reverse it back caz its annoyingn
  • Recent update for dummies 2/5

    By techiray
    This used to be my go to app for movies but the recent update ruined it. Flixster is now nothing but photos, with no written description of the movies. Add in the constant ads, and it is pretty worthless now. Going to the Fandango ap.
  • Prefer old version 3/5

    By Janaban
    Since the November 2017 update, I can no longer see any information on my small local theatre, which is the only one I go to. Very disappointing.
  • Of no use now 1/5

    By Drdeputy
    All I used the app for was to see ratings on DVDs, especially new releases. I’m deleting the app now. It’s useless to me after their downgrade.
  • New version not good. 1/5

    By hollister mo. moviegoer
    What did you do to the app? It no longer shows my two closest theaters, even though I marked them as favorites. The theaters it shows are 30+ miles away! If this isn’t fixed lately, I won’t be using this app anymore, and I’ve relied on it for years. Hope you fix it ASAP.
  • Location 3/5

    By JSW.indy
    Will not follow me to a new location.... ignores my current location. New design is terrible, reading movie synopsis is no longer available. Will go to another App.
  • Bad update - delete 1/5

    By Ufo 64
    No dvd section anymore - useless for me - delete
  • Flixster, a big mess 1/5

    By Joy T World
    Newest update has resulted in a very dissatisfied user. One of my favorite theatres is no longer listed. Even worse, the app doesn’t list all of the movies being shown at the theatres including in the app! What is going on? I am now relying upon theatre specific app or website. I used to LOVE Flixster. Please FIX these problems.
  • terrible re-design. 1/5

    By loslosloslos
    I at least just want a simple list of favorite theaters with movie explanations made for quick decision-making. where are my fav’s? why break what’s not broken?
  • 11/21/17. Worse update of any app I’ve ever seen. 1/5

    By Jackielou49
    Terrible update 0n iPad and iPhone! I have tried to use it because I have always loved and recommended it to friends. I was a computer programmer for 25 years, and have never seen a worse update. I would have been fired if I had installed an update like this. Didn’t anyone test it Before installation?
  • What were they thinking??? 2/5

    By URunFromMe
    I am a person that goes to the movies weekly if not daily and this is great. I know all the movies coming out and can watch trailers and get instint access to movie times. All over great app. Update: After 3 years I’m changing my review. Can you guys figure out which software you're using!?! It keeps switching back and forth. Sort the bugs than put it out to the public. No more 1-2 week trial runs on the new setup. Also the ads are way over the top. Update: Now the new update shows less information. They removed several features I liked. You’re suppose to add new features, not take them away. Ex. What the movies grossed that week, The name of the character the actor is playing, When you click on an actor the top rated movies they were in, You can’t click on the directors anymore(which was a problem in previous updates)

Flixster - Showtimes + Tickets app comments


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