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Welcome to Fly Delta 4.0, the biggest update yet to Delta’s award winning iPhone app. With a redesigned Today screen which provides quick access to your eBoarding pass and other important day-of-travel information, Fly Delta makes travel easier than ever before. • Find, compare and book Domestic and International flights • Book SkyMiles® award tickets • Purchase Delta Comfort+™ and Trip Extras, including in-flight Wi-Fi, Priority Boarding and more • Reserve Preferred Seats like bulkhead and aisle • Rebook cancelled flights or missed connections • Manage your trips, profile and customize your travel preferences • Check your SkyMiles® account balance and current Medallion® status • Check in, view your eBoarding Pass and add it to Apple Wallet • Pay for checked bags and track their location • Check the latest flight status and receive flight and gate change notifications • Save a photo to remember your parking spot • Check your status on the upgrade or standby list • View or change your seat • Locate Delta Sky Club® lounges • View interactive airport maps, public transportation details and weather information • Get detailed info about our fleet and partners • Map flights en route with an interactive flight tracker • “Today” gathers everything you need for your day of travel into one convenient place • “Feed” ensures you always have the latest flight updates, gate changes and more • View countdown to departure and arrival along with gate and baggage carousel information on Apple Watch The Fly Delta app for iPhone and are always free to use on Delta’s Wi-Fi-enabled flights. Visit for more information.

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  • crashing & "maximum login attempts" 1/5

    By Hmooooi
    The most recent update is terrible. The app keeps logging me out and when I try to log in, it locks me out... despite the fact that I am entering my password correctly. This has happened on both my iPad & iPhone. I've had to reset my password 4 times in the last 24 hours. Ridiculous.
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By MaryD88
    The Delta app is easy to navigate and book flights! I always use Delta for my travel company!
  • Dead app 1/5

    By clgerst
    I can't log in. Check flight status. Find a future reservation. Terrible app update. This used to work and hasn't since the update. Grrrr
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By duderino16
    Every time I open the app it crashes after a couple seconds. I tried uninstalling and still can't get the app to work at all.
  • Definitely a lot of bugs to work out. 1/5

    By Kenny.yaki
    I tried to use the app because I requested my tickets be sent to my phone and they never were. So I logged in with the app and pulled up my ticket. Because I was never assigned a boarding group I almost nearly missed my flight. Not impressed. On my return flight I was receiving updates that my flight was delayed. As I was standing in line at the gate to figure out my connection I received an alert that I had been transferred to a United airlines flight that was departing in 20 minutes in another terminal. I just put of line and went on a dead sprint to make the flight. As I came to the United gate they had already shut the first door. They held the 2nd one for me and as I presented my old ticket and ID the gate agent for United said my reservation never came over fully. I was not able to board the flight I was transferred to by the app and the plane pushed off leaving me in Denver. I went back to the gate agents for delta and they said they were sorry but shared my frustration that I was not going to be able to make it home that day. My ticket cost over $400 and when I spoke to delta they offered me a $100 voucher that expires in one year. I said that was ridiculous and they said the best they could offer was $200. After I situated my flight I was worried about my bag as it had been expedited to the United flight. I tried tracking my bag but the app wasn't working because I had been given the wrong bag tracking number. I called customer service for bags and they said that my bag was on the United flight at first. Then they said it likely would be put on my flight but i needed to talk to someone at the airport. This is right after I was told to call this number. I asked if she could help me get this resolved since I am the customer and it seemed at the moment that I was working for them and not vice versa. She gave me a ton of attitude and then just hung up on me. Overall I give delta an F on this trip and the app is probably the most prevalent reason along with just terrible customer service. Don't download this app it will make your life hell. Also I would avoid delta its funny to me that they were so hard on united with there adds and this is how they treat there paying customers when they mess up.
  • Linked Itinieraries 2/5

    By Busy_Mom_of_5
    The app will not let you view boarding passes if you have two linked itineraries of different types. For example, my daughter's ticket is one-way and the rest of the family's is round trip. I can only view her boarding pass because the app considers it an earlier trip, even though we are all on the same departing flight. Customer service's answer was not to worry and to request a paper boarding pass.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Lolly50
    Easy in every way and so convenient
  • Easy-to-use App 5/5

    By Avenger24601
    First time using the app. It notified me to check in for an upcoming flight, and I finished that task easily. It provided all the information I needed to see.
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By Juan Valdez Cincinnati
    Used to work great, all of a sudden yesterday it started crashing. Only will open about 8 seconds
  • Dianna R. at the Sea-Tac airport 5/5

    By D_o_m_o
    Had a great experience with Dianna R. She accommodated my seat request with no hesitation and did it with a genuine smile. She was extremely helpful and now I will fly Delta more often because of her.
  • App crashing - no support 1/5

    By Javamac
    Started crashing yesterday after years of use. No number to call for tech support. IOS is up to date. Deleted and reinstalled app, still crashes. I have not added any new apps in months. I have done multiple hard restarts and network resets. I travel every week and depend on this, perhaps you shouldn't.
  • Password again? 3/5

    By Absead
    Every time the app loses my credential information after an update I will rate one less star. 2017... shouldn't need to re-enter creds so often.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By Kraesh67
    Used to work well, now crashes and is unusable. It is a problem, I rely on the app. Now it is worthless overnight.
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By Kelsion
    I used this app whenever I fly delta. It is easy to use, updated regularly, and allows for rebooking of flights without issues. I can also track my miles in the sky miles account accurately. Overall I enjoy using this app and plan on continuing to do so.
  • Crashing. The app opens but crashes after a few seconds. Please fix. 1/5

    By _marty_C
    Crashing app should be fixed.
  • best flight app 5/5

    By Howiephoenix
    this really is excellent. love the new feature that informs you that you're luggage is onboard the flight in real time before take off. The ability to see all the info you want clearly is solid and so is the ability to choose seats.
  • Apple wallet issue 4/5

    By Dorcc
    Gate number is not popping up in my Apple wallet, but I can see it published in the delta app.
  • So much is broken! 1/5

    By markiangooley
    I logged in with my SkyMiles number. The app doesn't know what my SkyMiles number is! It knows my phone number (if memory serves: I'm trying to forget this app!) but none of my passenger information. Tried paying with two different credit cards: claimed my CVV code was invalid for the first, and that the credit card number of the second didn't exist! (This makes me worry that the app is perhaps fake and has passed my credit cards' information to criminals.) Everything else seemed well-designed in the app, but when an app can't load information associated with a logged-in user, and can't accept credit cards (or perhaps gives the information to criminals instead, for all I know), it's worse than useless: it's annoying, time-wasting, and anxiety-provoking. I wondered why I'd deleted this app a while back, but whatever the reasons I have better reasons now to delete it again.
  • Flawless 5/5

    By ByronEntertainU
    Seamless application I was able to seek everything I needed for my upcoming business travels! I also was able to check up on my SkyMiles status!
  • Why is my Skymiles number not included when I purchase? 2/5

    By 11 Hats
    Overall this app works well, but I'm completely baffled as to why, when I purchase a flight within the app- logged in under my Skymiles profile- that my member number is not automatically loaded?? What sense does it make to have everything else linked and stored, except the actual profile information that's directly tied to the transaction? Even all of my credit card info preloads for the purchase- why wouldn't my profile info (through which I'm doing the transaction under) not be automatically applied as well?? It's irritating that now I have to go back and review all the recent flights I've not gotten any mileage credit for, and sit on hold to get the flights applied to my account (and I also noticed, it's not even storing my transaction receipts on the app either). This should be an easy automatic convenience, and for some reason, they've created this extra illogical (possibly intentional) step which creates a disjointed experience for having record- and getting credit- for a purchase. Not a fan.
  • Why won't the app sync on other devices 3/5

    By Thebeeege
    Why will the app not sync between my work phone app and my personal phone? Both are iPhones. Other than that it's good, give real time updates on flights and luggage
  • Terrible app 2/5

    By ORF flyer
    You're better off printing your boarding passes. Both me and my wife's in-app boarding passes were somehow deleted from our Apple wallets- while we stood in line to board the plane. Gate information is slow to update and there is no app update as to boarding times when a flight is delayed. You'd think with all the money Delta is making off of baggage fees and "comfort" seating they would have a decent app. It's really inexcusable.
  • The worst app 1/5

    By Alaskonaut
    Fix your app delta is incredibly difficult to change flights and if you press back or slide your finger to the right it deletes everything you've just entered. It's taken me over 5 tries just to change a ticket because of this terrible interface.
  • Good app & suggestion 4/5

    By Mattie e
    Great app to do most things. Please add two things: a way to make special requests on the app and projected MQMs for trips and overall projected MQMs based on future trips
  • What happened to the nonstop search option? 3/5

    By Wine Steward
    The latest version of the app deleted the additional search option of looking only for nonstop flights. Why??? Absolutely a step backwards, even if layover flights appear last. I don't know who you test your upcoming updates on, but it's sure as hell not your customers/users. Pathetic. The app just keeps getting worse and worse. And, oh by the way, now the only way to provide feedback is by reviewing the app or CALLING some c/s number. Brilliant. Guess you really don't want to hear from us, do you! And as an add-on, why no Touch ID capability? Man are you guys behind the times.
  • Chicago to SLC 5/5

    By Prudence Inc
    Love the Delta APP for updates and boarding passes. Our flight arrived 15 minutes early!
  • Disappointed with Delta 1/5

    By timpc913
    Delta you need to bring back your service between Providence (PVD) and JFK. I just checked the schedule for flights to Athens. Boston has the flight to JFK to connect with your flight to Athens but to fly out of Providence I have to take 3 flights. Major need for improvement here Delta.
  • Crashes when I try to add a trip 1/5

    By Shown whirl
    Installed this app on my iPhone 7. Launch it, login, when I try to add a trip it crashes the app when I click confirmation number. Even after deleting and reinstalling the result is the same. This is no use to me this way.
  • App shuts down 1/5

    By hello19690
    Really frustrated. My app worked really well previously, but now every time I open the app it shuts down within a second or two. I have tried deleting it and reinstalling, but that does not help. I have a trip coming up soon and would like to have the convenience of an operating app!
  • Will not display boarding pass for connecting delta flight 1/5

    By Xivled
    There is an issue where the boarding pass for connecting flights will not appear. On the 'connecting' tab for a trip there is an option to check in. Tapping check in takes you through a few pages until you are given the option to download your boarding pass. However, once you select the option to download your boarding pass you'll end up right where you started.. on the connecting flight tab with the option to check in and still no boarding pass loaded. Without being able to get your boarding pass the app is useless, yes?
  • Great app 5/5

    By Eric May
    Very happy
  • The app crashes consistently when try to "view more" 1/5

    By BsAppHaHa
    The app crashes consistently when try to "view more" in my reservation. Why after update your require users to enter credentials when it was running on fingerprint identification? It is a major inconvenience for traveling folks to scramble for passwords.
  • Worst app I've ever used!!!! 1/5

    By angrycustomer23
    I hated this app mostly because it wouldn't check me in. Yeah the whole reason for the app is to check in ahead and the stupid thing wouldn't check in!!! Never flying delta again!!!
  • Delta App 5/5

    By I love Delta
    Phenomenal app for a phenomenal airline. Rarely any issues; great resource and companion for any Delta flyer.
  • Great App!! 5/5

    By What a mess!
    Everything about it works great for me.
  • Keeps Crashing 1/5

    By Robert Gerald
    This App keeps crashing. This is after the new version was released. The old version was just fine. I am a frequent traveler. There were a couple of occasions when I reached to the gate or was in TSA line and the application crashed. This has made me use the paper documents again.
  • Inaccurate seat chart 3/5

    By Motato Joe
    Great app but it doesn't show me all available seats (even with Platinum status). The numbers just don't add up right. The upgrade list says 1 first class seat and 8 delta comfort are available. The seat chart only shows 1 first class seat is available and no delta comfort.
  • Great Experience All Around! 5/5

    By ccrowson
    The Delta app just keeps getting better and better. The integration between the app, the Wallet, and notifications is perfect. I LOVE how when my seat is upgraded that a) I'm notified via the iOS notifications b) the seat number in the app flashes to indicate it is being changed and c) the pass in the Wallet is refreshed to show the new seat assignment with a circle around it. Bravo! Bravo!
  • App is crap 1/5

    By Barney joe
    Stupid thing will hardly ever load. Usual error message. "Sorry an error occurred "
  • Will not recognize my trip 2/5

    By Creepy Nino
    I have a booked trip coming up next Thursday and I am trying to add the trip however this app does not recognize it. I have tried confirmation number, ticket number, my full name lowercase and uppercase, does not recognize what do I do?
  • Worked for the first flight 3/5

    By Busch307
    I've been using for awhile now and today ways the first time this app gave me any issues. It gave me the. Leading pass of my first flight, but won't load my second.
  • Lock screen access for the ticket 1/5

    By Jvc350
    Being a diamond member I fly on a weekly basis. Why did you put a password to access the pass on the lock screen? It's difficult enough to carry your bags and try to slide there bar to get your pass on the lock screen and then have to enter your password. Can you Please put it back as it was before.... Can you please let me know if there is an option to turn the lock off?
  • Crappy app 1/5

    By Nctrailerpark
    I expected so much more from Delta. App won't pick up boarding passes, gate staff has no knowledge of the app, and tech support doesn't seem to be in the US.
  • Gone horribly wrong 1/5

    By Worse than Windows App
    Whatever the heck happened to you folks? It used to be occasional issues but it's not even occasional performance lately. Not sure if an update took it back to old IBM days, dear lord
  • App Crashes - Running Current iOS, iPhone 7 Plus, Reinstalled App, Force Shutdown - Still Crashes 1/5

    By Spink10
    Can't even use the app. Delta your app is horrible. I'm using the most recent iPhone and running the current iOS.
  • So obvious they just don't care at all! 1/5

    By mkdfla
    Everything about this app. Is crap. From getting information from the Indian call center. Trying to get confirmation number. Buying a ticket online. Getting signed into the app. It's all just awful, lacks any form of intuitiveness and obviously was not thought out or bug checked. It's just so obvious they don't care, yet the default you to the app in every link they send don't even allow you to see your record information. Add to that that they don't send timely emails with your confirmation information and you just left in the dark tonight unless loop of anxiety & frustration.
  • Worst App I've ever used 1/5

    By hecowe
    Everything is slow. Many times it doesn't work. Most recently less that 50% of the time can I get an electronic boarding pass. No way to delete old boarding pass. If they planes were as unreliable as the app they'd be crashing everywhere and Delta would be out of business. They need to redo this app.
  • Was great now trash 1/5

    By Nabstarrr
    This app has completely stopped working and has been this way for 2 weeks now and it appears delta does not care. So SAD!
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By vinylbond
    This is an excellent app that functions as designed for. Booking? Yes. Checkin? Yes. Boarding passes? Yes. Departure gate? Yes. It even tells me my bags are loaded on and off the plane- so no worries about that. Great job!
  • Very useful need slight improvements 3/5

    By Smart spirit
    The major issue I have is that if you are logged out it will not remember your password even if you have that option checked, it does log you out often, it is a problem when you are on the go. Minor improvement : add shopping , restrooms and food locations to the airport map. Overall keep up the good work , not too bad and very useful

Fly Delta app comments

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