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  • Current Version: 4.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Delta Air Lines, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Fly Delta App

Welcome to Fly Delta 4.0, the biggest update yet to Delta’s award winning iPhone app. With a redesigned Today screen which provides quick access to your eBoarding pass and other important day-of-travel information, Fly Delta makes travel easier than ever before. • Find, compare and book Domestic and International flights • Book SkyMiles® award tickets • Purchase Delta Comfort+™ and Trip Extras, including in-flight Wi-Fi, Priority Boarding and more • Reserve Preferred Seats like bulkhead and aisle • Rebook cancelled flights or missed connections • Manage your trips, profile and customize your travel preferences • Check your SkyMiles® account balance and current Medallion® status • Check in, view your eBoarding Pass and add it to Apple Wallet • Pay for checked bags and track their location • Check the latest flight status and receive flight and gate change notifications • Save a photo to remember your parking spot • Check your status on the upgrade or standby list • View or change your seat • Locate Delta Sky Club® lounges • View airport maps, public transportation details and weather information • Get detailed info about our fleet and partners • Map flights en route with an interactive flight tracker • “Today” gathers everything you need for your day of travel into one convenient place • “Feed” ensures you always have the latest flight updates, gate changes and more • View countdown to departure and arrival along with gate and baggage carousel information on Apple Watch The Fly Delta app for iPhone and are always free to use on Delta’s Wi-Fi-enabled flights. Visit for more information.

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Fly Delta app reviews

  • Terrible update 1/5

    By Minister Mentor
    The pevious version was fine. This update crashes as soon as I log in. I can log on with my wife's account just fine but something sent from my account that causes it to crash. I think it is the stupid survey because I see it just before it crashes. Please fix it!
  • App Not Updating 3/5

    By LuciusFox
    Was typically a decent app. After the last iPhone update the app has stopped updating segments and skymiles. I can get it to update if I delete the app and reinstall it. Would be nice if I didn't have to do this after every trip.
  • App force closes on IOS 1/5

    By Dineshreddy7
    App force closes at the time of login.
  • Completely useless 1/5

    By Redduke916
    The app crashes on virtually every trip. I've flown a million miles with Delta and this app crashes and then you can't log in. To add insult to injury, the help desk says you have to be in front of a computer to reset the app. Not just useless but useless just when you need it; while on a trip. Use paper.
  • Sad 1/5

    By Stevea3333
    Sad that Delta can't get it right. The app simply does not work and is very user unfriendly. After 30 min, I gave up. As we say in the tech world, very clugy
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Stopmakingcashfromfreestuff
    Print your boarding pass for a back up. Also use Skyscanner to find to best fares and return to this app to book the same itenerary, or go directly to the app that provided the best airfare (example- Expedia $1250 ATL-MNL) Use this app 4 times now and once hitches. Except the sad airport in Manila didn't understand the technology.
  • Crash at login 1/5

    By Katie Colorado
    This app is great when it works. It has been crashing every time I login. I can use it as a guest but I wish they would fix that.
  • Crashing repeatedly 1/5

    By Taivell
    Keeps locking up and crashing, which then loses my login. At that point, app will not launch when attempting to log in. Have to uninstall and re-install. Very frustrating.
  • Updates problematic 1/5

    By Blackcat0830
    Can't get past the login screen after latest update. Please fix.
  • Poor updating 1/5

    By Bman2k2k
    Have to constantly open the Delta app to refresh app on watch. Time to board wont change until app is refreshed (simple subtraction) and many times app wont display anything except open app to refresh data. Defeats purpose of watch app. Only thing useful is adding boarding pass to wallet for boarding scan.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Frequent trvlr
    Works fine on my IPad but won't work on iPhone 6 (10.2 iOS)
  • Needs fix 2/5

    By Fbfrustrated
    Wallet function for receipts not working for a while now.
  • Worthless waste of an icon on your phone 1/5

    By Bob Anagram
    This app doesn't even let me access a boarding pass! Combined with Delta's brilliant policy of not giving out seat assignments until you're at the airport (in economy) I'm bowled over by how this airline seems to put its own interests over that of its customers.
  • Good App 5/5

    By Deificar
    I use it nearly every day without a problem. I book flights, check in, send boarding passes to my wallet. Delta is great, treats me great, gets me where I need to go on time.
  • App crash 1/5

    By HappyDuck13
    The app does not let me login. It crashes every time I sign in
  • Wallet doesn't work 1/5

    By BeckGC
    Probably should fix the wallet feature on the app with the iPhone 7. The whole point of having the app is convenience of the wallet #fail
  • Recent update 2/5

    By rugbylover
    Multi city flights no longer show both boarding passes for connecting flights. Connecting airport show as final destination. When you try to get boarding pass from my trips, it says it will show on home screen (which it does not).
  • Dear departed.... 2/5

    By wrybagels
    Sitting on the tarmac for over an hour, waiting for Delta's short-staffed de-icing crew to liberate our plane, the app tells me we left, 40 minutes ago. If only.
  • Delta FTW 5/5

    By BicedTea
    Check in, seamlessly get boarding passes and save them to wallet, and you can even track your bag along the way. Unless it started serving me drinks, there's little else I could ask it to do!
  • After how many years? 1/5

    By loganmillswalters
    And I can't believe this is still so buggy and trash
  • Wallet functionality BROKEN. Why bother 2/5

    By LK8472
    Gates did not update in wallet, which is technically an app dysfunction, however the motivation for this review was the inability to load a new pass during a trip where I got bumped back due to bad weather. Wallet makes using the phone easier than the paper boarding pass. The app doesn't add the new pass to Wallet. It was actually easier to use the paper ticket the airline gave me than 1) unlock the phone 2) open the app 3) wait for app to refresh 4) show app screen to machine. It's 2017, not 1980. Shameful.
  • Can't save boarding passes to Apple Wallet 1/5

    By Bravy02
    New app design is nice, although I can't save my boarding pass to my Apple Wallet.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Silverbone23
    This app is essentially useless. As is Delta's website. And their phone services. I'm never flying Delta again.
  • Password Issues 1/5

    By iphone_app_feedback
    Very lame app. Has login issues. Passwords that work on Desktop dont work for mobile app.
  • Add miles to wallet 3/5

    By HANWU93
    Please consider adding the numbers of miles on the frequent flyer card in the wallet. It's easier to keep track of the miles and there will be notifications whenever the number changes.
  • Best App of any Airline 5/5

    By TomLincoln
    This is, by far, the most user friendly app for any airline. Just one suggestion: make use of iPhone's touch login.
  • Contributed to me missing my flight, don't trust it 1/5

    By iamsoright
    I always plan ahead and try to cover my bases when I travel, I tried to export my boarding pass 3 different times to passbook so I'd have it when going through security and the Delta app gave me an error message each time even after quitting the app etc. I had my boarding pass open in the line and then my phone lost service right as I was about to show my pass and the app logged me out. I couldn't access my pass. It wasn't until I eventually left the line to get service that I was able to get back in and display my pass. I should have screenshotted it but I figured it should have offline viewing of my pass. The 5 minutes I wasted because of this was the exact amount of time I missed my flight by.
  • Unusable on iPhone 6S+ 1/5

    By xtnjohnson
    Since the latest iOS update (10.2) the app has become completely unusable. Crashes as it attempts to log me in — every blessed time. Tried reinstalling but no joy.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By plainjosh
    Can't save boarding pass to wallet. So basically this a garbage app to me because that's all I need it for. I can print my passes and I receive Delta updates via text. Thus I don't need this app. Recommendation: don't download.
  • Doesn't Work 1/5

    By thehammer0987654321
    Ever since I updated my iPhone the Delta app won't open. As soon as I try to log in it crashes right away. Now, many Delta flights later I have gone without the convenience of an app. Tough to imagine why Delta doesn't keep the app updated.
  • No Trip Updates 2/5

    By Where'd my trips go?
    With the new update you can no longer update or add new trips. Says there is an error when attempting. You can manually input trips by searching trips via your confirmation # though-only reason received 2 stars.
  • Great App 5/5

    By WMac4
    I love the delta app and have used it several times as my primary means for a boarding pass. It's great, not only because it lets you know if your flight plans have been adjusted, but allows you to have all of your flight information in one place. Definitely a great app!
  • Poorly designed app 1/5

    By HBO watcher
    With the last revision this app is not longer working. It automatically shut down once it logs in. Worse it triggers a multiple log in error when it shuts down forcing a password reset.
  • Not good 1/5

    By Nugftydd
    Horrible app. Delta should really make the app as useful as other airliners apps.
  • Missing Details? 2/5

    By 612212
    Great app, but completely useless if you can't see the details of the flight you want to book! If you tap on a new flight, it will continue to display the previous flight's details! This is extremely frustrating, please fix this, thank you!
  • Bad app 1/5

    By EBower
    I hope they fly better than the app works.
  • :( can't save to wallet ... even with latest version 3/5

    By Ron32909
    I've loved this Delta app for a very long time ... but prior version broke saving boarding pass to wallet ... this latest version claims to fix - but still does work. Disappointing - I find saving to wallet great feature since I can access immediately from lock screen and sometimes Internet is spotty at some TSA checkouts. Hope Delta fixes this soon.
  • Password issues 1/5

    By Noone of consequences
    What is the point of locking out a person for a full 24 hours after having password issues, no help from customer service? I'm supposed to believe that I not only forgot my password but my first school AND my grandma's given name because my security question answers are wrong as well? Why isn't there an option to send the reset email on the app? It never gave me the option, just went straight to the security questions. When this app worked for me, it was wonderful, but now it's the biggest waste of data and space on my phone.
  • Best airline app 5/5

    By gt-jackets
    Delta's app is the best of all the major American carriers. Big fan.
  • Still having problems loading boarding passes to wallet 4/5

    By Bruce in SF
    All in all, I really like the app. An update seemed to fix the problem regarding the inability to consistently load boarding passes to wallet. It worked well on December 12. However,I could not load either of my two boarding passes to my wallet on December 19. Something is still amiss.
  • Can't read the app 2/5

    By bluehaha
    You need to make a typeface for the app that can be read by people over the age of 45. It's too small. I can't read anything.
  • Where my QR code?! 1/5

    By Alejandropf44
    When I check in from from the app, it tells me the check in is complete but doesn't give me any QR code for the boarding pass. Neither any position for the iPhone wallet. Please fix!
  • It's the worst airline ever!! 1/5

    By Abbasi95
    It kicks out people just for talking another language in plane.. This is so sad I can't believe it.
  • Please fix bug 1/5

    By StandardBrazil
    I don't normally leave reviews, but since I use this app a lot I thought I'd leave one. I can't open the app at all, I've updated to the new IOS and the new version of the App and every time I open the app it crashes straight away.... I've restarted my phone, re-downloaded the app, tried everything you can imagine and yet the app ALWAYS crashes when I open it, it's frustrating, I can't even add my tickets to my wallet or get updated on my flight! Please fix this.
  • 2 Reasons 1/5

    By FukkOff818
    1. app didnt serve purpose in crunch time, which was pulling up boarding pass quickly/effortlessly, so was useless to me 2. this rating is also for kicking the young m*slim men off the flight recently. white fear is far too effective a weapon.
  • Newest version keeps crashing 1/5

    By Dbhgtf
    Needs to be fixed- as I log into the main screen, it shuts off every time. It was not doing this before. On a IPhone 7 with newest software.
  • Crashes iOS 10 2/5

    By Pesty137
    Installed latest version of app, try to start app and it crashes. After numerous troubleshooting steps finally had to reinstall to get it to work. I wish there was an alternate app to use.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Armygirl0604
    Tried 19 different times between app and site to check in. Got to airport-still won't check me in even at ticket kiosk. Had to go to counter, she said it was fine. According to gate, still not checked in. None of their tech works.
  • Passport scanner doesn't work 2/5

    By Alec Style
    Was able to get my boarding pass, but had to type in passport information by hand. The fancy scanner in the app doesn't work.
  • Works as intended. No boarding passes displayed 3/5

    By Swaerles
    Works fine on the iPhone 6. I expected I could find a boarding pass, Apple wallet functionality. Still looking for it

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