Ford SYNC® Destinations

Ford SYNC® Destinations

  • Category: Navigation
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 4.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: INRIX, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Ford SYNC® Destinations App

SYNC® Destinations exclusively from Ford and powered by INRIX; with specialized content for active SYNC Services subscribers. • Routes and Destinations 1. Access cloud-based SYNC Services account on-the-go. 2. Fastest routes to your favorite destinations, searched locations and Ford/Lincoln dealerships – all powered by INRIX’s industry leading traffic and road incident data that covers over 2.8 million miles of roads in over 32 countries. 3. Download turn-by-turn directions using Send to SYNC. 4. Quick and safe on-the-go access to the latest traffic reports, turn-by-turn directions and destinations using simple voice commands via SYNC AppLink™. • Vehicle Finder — Helps the driver save the location of his/her parked vehicle. This app also features a parking meter timer with alarm and a provision to take a picture of the parking lot/space • Find a Dealer — Searches for a Ford or Lincoln dealership, makes a phone call and accesses the dealership’s website. The user can also download directions to the dealership into his or her vehicle through SYNC® Services. • Roadside Assistance — Makes a phone call to an embedded phone number when in need of assistance. Note: Downloading turn-by-turn directions is available only on 2013 Model Year vehicles with SYNC Applink. 2012 Model Year vehicles equipped with Sync Applink will also be capable once updated (via USB upgrade). Please visit or for details of software update availability.


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Ford SYNC® Destinations app reviews

  • Not ready for IOS 11. 1/5

    By lbt1917
    It looks good but it is not ready for iOS 11, which is expected to be released this week
  • App update 3/5

    By DCJonesII
    Update this APP for IOS 11
  • Terrible ford app 1/5

    By pdgutie
    Did i pay money for this app? Is software so old that it does not work on iPhone iOS 11? Who writes this software for FORD, I want a refund from this junk. The fusion 2016 front panel GPS does not work. Does this SYNCH program synch up with THE fusion vehicle? I want ford to call me and sort this software out. Thank you BTW ford has a bunch of apps on iPhone to choose from so very confusing.
  • Sync Services Dead 1/5

    By Xyz145792xcv
    Ford pulled the rug out from under Sync Services subscribers with older vehicles. That means no way to send destinations from phone to vehicle any longer. Don't get too attached to subscription services in your new Ford. You never know when they'll disappear.
  • This app is terrible and doesn't work - don't buy a Ford 1/5

    By jjzonvil
    This app barely works. The search functions don't produce any results in looking for a business or address. It's the only way to send an address to my Ford's Sync system and they are discontinuing the whole thing. Don't buy a Ford. Don't use anything by Microsoft.
  • JGA 2/5

    By jga007
    This app also will not work in iOS 11. Needs to be updated.
  • From 1998 2/5

    By mapix
    You can't be serious Ford! Really? I own a 2013 Focus ST with MyFord Touch and are you going to tell me that I can't even get an update for this app? They switch to Sync 3 and no updates for older cars. Then Ford is canceling Sync Services by 8/2018 and nothing to replace it with. The Ford Pass app works with one car. Haven't had an ounce of luck(or respect for its customers) with anything I've downloaded. Time to fire somebody who is sleeping on the job in the Ford development department.
  • Update soon 1/5

    By oscareyes1985
    You guys really need to update this app, seriously!!
  • Needs a total overhaul, but... 1/5

    By NYGriego
    Ford-Lincoln had dumped this piece of software a very long time ago. The last update was 2013 or 2014 and they've since moved on to the Blackberry iOS version of directions and mapping and disregarding users of the Garmin version. Give drivers with 2014 and older vehicles the option to upgrade to the newer system or don't abandon this app until all 2014 and earlier model vehicles are off the road! We have to change that tiny piece (forgot what it's called) that gives us all navigation to a newer version and then update the software. Give us the cd or a download that would follow current allowed capacities and let's get this right! Btw, that shiny new car starting with the letter "D" keeps looking better and better. I'm nearly ready to "switch sides" because of BS like this right here!
  • Search destination stinks 2/5

    By Lemon hugger
    This app is archaic. When searching for a business destination it rarely finds it. It's a joke!
  • Aweful!! 1/5

    By HeatherRenee97
    This was a pain in the behind to try to figure out. I have only had my car 1 week. I called ford customer service and sync will be going away June 30 2017 so do not subscribe to their services.
  • Business destination 1/5

    By 14 focus
    Tried to search for any business on iPhone and get "not found". Can type in address and works fine. Tried business search on android and works. Need to update compatibility
  • Can't use business search 1/5

    By baw224
    I use this app all the time with my two fords. The app when you search business comes up no results found. Have deleted and reinstalled still same. Everything else with the app works great
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By mikey san1
    I downloaded this app thinking it would work nicely with my ford sync this app is crap. You need a ford sync account to use this app which I have but it keeps telling me I don't have an account but I'm able to login to the mobile site.. don't waist your time downloading it!! 👎👎👎
  • Business search useless 1/5

    By fanflippo
    Try searching for a business....even a ford dealer and nothing!
  • The App is getting tired 3/5

    By atallatall
    Recognising that this app is intended for Fords with a now-obsolete Sync version: the app works well for a modest definition of "well", but the business database is strictly limited, and it's in immediate need of updates for ongoing iOS compatibility.
  • Update to 64 before its to late 1/5

    By oldschoolbeaner
    Apple is about to take your app off the store because ur running 32 bits! U most update before we lose you
  • Not Compatible With ios 10 1/5

    By GADU99
    Get error message that app will not work with ios 10 and future iphone operating systems. Badly needs update
  • Overall ford sync not good 1/5

    By Joefsny
    If you have an iPhone just don't buy a ford product the sync three system is not compatible with Apple products .
  • iPad is a no-go 4/5

    By 769823400
    Works on the iPhone but not the iPad...go figure....
  • Don't use it. 1/5

    By NJTraveler62
    DO NOT waste your time. POS. Downloaded app, went on line to up, still does not work. I would expect something better from Ford.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By MassDem
    Completely non functional on My Ford sync systems. Save your $60.
  • Mike 1/5

    By Cvf245
    Can someone please tell me what's the purpose of this app is? I downloaded it registered then couldn't log into it. Is this just a navigation app? Cause I already have one it's called wayz much better?
  • Works, but is a pain 3/5

    By Plongwo1
    The app works for sending an address to the nav system in the car. App is constantly asking to re-login, what a pain.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Tyler85ru
    Can't even sign in to this app. I enter my info and when I click "submit" nothing happens.
  • In a word: terrible 1/5

    By Thlayle
    This app isn't good for anything, except for burning data, or possibly purchasing things from Ford.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Blacre
    Anything this App can do I can do on my own or with other better developed App's. The real miss, IMHO, is Ford has missed an opportunity for this App to communicate with my vehicle remotely. Like starting the engine, adjusting heat/AC settings to have it "ready" when you walk out the door on a hot/cold morning. There are other missed opportunities as well.
  • Not bad....yet 4/5

    By Stephfsch09
    I purchased a 2016 Explorer and was recommended this app. So far it's ok. I don't like the non choice in direction routes and was not easy to get that route sent to car for dash navigation. Also where are these "apps" my car says install? Book tells me to get an app called AppLink however it only directs me to this. Odd.
  • Works well 13 F-150 5/5

    By Suzuki14258
    Does everything it's supposed to so far with a 13 F-150 with a 4.2 inch screen.
  • Great app for Sync and MySync 5/5

    By Bocaboy
    I own a 2010 Escape with Sync and a 2014 Fusion with MySync. I use this app all the time to set my GPS destinations. It's much less cumbersome than the Microsoft-based system in MySync and invaluable for Sync. I don't know why others are having problems with it, but after 3 years of using it, I highly recommend it. In fact, even if you're in the car it's easier to use the app to program a destination than to use the built-in interface on the GPS. This is in spite of the fact you have to call Services and have the destination download. In addition, this beats the awful, awful Ford website that is as slow as molasses and navigationally impossible to use. If you're relying at n the Ford website instead of this app, you're wasting hours of your time.
  • will not pay $60 1/5

    By luvmyexplorersport
    This app is great, until the free subscription runs out. I will Not pay $60 to use an app to load addresses into my Navigation! I just deleted the App for good.
  • STYNC 1/5

    By SteveofCaley
    Glitchy, won't work in many modes. DWYT.
  • Does not work at all 1/5

    By Kevinengle2000
    I have tried to logging in registered 8 times still says I don't have an account please don't wast your time I wish I could give 0 star rating
  • Really?! 1/5

    By Shapsburgh
    Tried to get this to work in a rental car. You can't connect to your phone without this dumb app which has an impossible interface. No thanks. Not renting a ford again.
  • Ugh 1/5

    By snakebite54
  • Loops to login 1/5

    By Conversation view
    Hate this app. It just loops back to the log in and my ford says to log in even though I already have. Then I have to log in again and again and again.
  • Worthless app 1/5

    By Lightn4U
    Log in and the window freezes there, tap home and it wants you to log in....then freezes again. Vicious circle going nowhere.
  • Updated rating to reflect a failure of an app 1/5

    By DAA1964
    Updating my rating to a two star, to reflect the fact that the app no longer signs into the server, even with my username and password. When connected via Wi-Fi, or cellular network, the messages "Cannot Connect to server " Ford is missing out on a golden opportunity to connect smart phones to their sink information system within the cars. I no longer use this to connect, fine, or send destinations to my car. The only thing that works is the old version of MapQuest. Even the new MapQuest fails to connect to sync. Otherwise, you cannot search for a destination on the web and send it to your car. Ford has built great cars, and created a wonderful in car infotainment system which is essentially worthless in so far as connecting to the Internet is concerned. As I often do, I'm creating this rating to point out a flaw that is very annoying but could easily be fixed. The sign in screen has a little radio button that says "Remember me". If they could simply make that actually work, it would reduce the frustration i have with this app down to a "4 star" rating. I have to enter my username & password each time I go to use the app. Not cool.
  • Try again 1/5

    By US Victim
    All in all a useless app for my use. I wanted to download destinations to my vehicle but has the least robust navigation feature that I have ever used. If this app is reflective of Ford's ability to provide a useable product I better buy another brand next time.
  • Worthless App 1/5

    By Phil Plourde
    This app needs a massive refresh. It literally does nothing useful. Huge disappointment.
  • Very disappoining 1/5

    By Yes .. It IS bad
    Failure !
  • Pathetic bordering on useless 1/5

    By jasonk44
    Can't specify state when you search for a hotel - so what's the point of using this for travel? Also Ford wants $60 a year for the privilege of using this limited functionality. Ummmm google maps is free, Ford, and I can enter in a town/state.
  • Ford Sync destination 1/5

    Much to slow to recover from a missed turn. I can't believe this is being marketed to the public. Looks like another Edsel in the Ford line up
  • KH 1/5

    By Kankeny
    Used to be okay, now it won't work. Keeps asking for you to register.
  • Ford sync distraction 1/5

    By Oljeffr
    This app doesn't work with Apple 9. OS. It has a glitch in it. Worked with older Apple OS. FORD NEEDS TO UPGRADE THIER PROGRAMMERS AND FIX THIS APP. I used this app a lot before the OS upgrade. I thought Ford would keep up with upgrades and fix this.
  • Works for me ... Updated ... Not anymore 4/5

    By William Theodore
    I put in an address or business name, it finds it, I choose "send to sync"., get in the car (c-max), say "services", it calls using my phone, sends address to car (takes about 60 seconds), and I'm on my way. I use this instead of fooling around with navigation in "myford touch", which I hope hope hope gets updated with their new Motorola software or Apple software. Myford touch is ok, but not great yet. UPDATED 7/12/2016 Now asking to pay $60 per year to continue subscription ... Silly given that there are a lot of other apps out there who do similar things for free. Also they ask me to buy new updated maps every so often for over $100 each time. Really? The iPhone does the same thing for free. I love Ford, but these two things are disappointing.
  • Piece of garbage 1/5

    By cfonte1
    Ford should be ashamed of themselves. App doesn't work at all. Says my password is wrong yet I can login just fine on every other device. Waste of time to download.
  • Total failure 1/5

    By gquinta5
    Why even release this app? Do yourself a favor and stay away.
  • Great, but better with Non-Apple phones 5/5

    By aobjustme
    SYNC Destinations, SYNC Services & SYNC in general are all really useful & work over air time primarily. However SYNC is by Microsoft so don't expect anything after an iPhone4 to really handshake with all the features i.e. reading your text messages out load in the car. "Not compatible".
  • Lincoln Owners Are Screwed...Again! 1/5

    By winemac
    Not only are older than 2015 Lincoln owners unable to use the Lincoln app (weird!) for anything worthwhile, they have to pay $199 annually to use this excuse of an app that should be free!! That's why people pay more for the supposedly luxury version of Ford vehicles!! I own a 2013 Lincoln MKX, which is really a stylized Ford Edge. And now I have to pay for the use of this app! Bogus and another reason why technologically minded people will vote with their wallets and leave both Ford and Lincoln. How about some customer loyalty?? Plenty of other luxury car manufacturers who remember their customers who own older cars keep supporting their technology. Lincoln/Ford do not, so... later!

Ford SYNC® Destinations app comments


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