FordPass - Fuel, Park, Dealers

FordPass - Fuel, Park, Dealers

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FordPass - Fuel, Park, Dealers App

When it comes to parking, driving, paying and riding, FordPass is a smarter way to move. We’ve partnered with solutions like ParkWhiz to bring you one easy-to-use, reliable journey assistant. Make your every move smarter without switching from app to app. FordPass takes what you used to do with multiple apps and does it in one. One example of how FordPass makes mobility easier: FordPass user Miguel: “A historic night, and I used FordPass and FordPay to book a parking spot 10 yards from Wrigley Field (in Chicago) last night for $20 when there were no spots to be had or prices were north of $200!!  1 block from Wrigley Field for Game 7 of the World Series!  Had to share!” > Find and reserve parking in parking garages and lots, including parking in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, LA, Seattle, Denver, Dallas, DC, Philadelphia and much more. Search for parking by point of interest, city, address, and more! > Securely pay for parking in select parking garages and lots with FordPay > Find gas stations based on your preferences > Get one-on-one help from FordGuides > Earn Appreciation Badges and Perks just by using FordPass! > Quickly call for Roadside Assistance2 > Find and contact your Ford dealer making car service simpler > Bike Share - Access thousands of public bikes for use across San Francisco, East Bay and San Jose through Ford GoBike — a fun and affordable way to get around town. > Access your Ford Credit account > Start, stop, lock, unlock and schedule starts¹ for vehicles with SYNC® Connect (currently available on properly-equipped 2017 Ford F-150, 2017 Ford Escapes and 2017 Ford Fusions) > With SYNC® Connect, SYNC 3® or SYNC® Applink™-equipped vehicles, track fuel levels and get alerts when your vehicle needs attention > Enjoy Smart parking reservations in parking garages. Easier car servicing and Roadside Assistance. Better Ford dealer visibility. Powerful vehicle controls¹ for the 2017 Ford F-150, 2017 Ford Escape and 2017 Ford Fusion with SYNC Connect. This is just the beginning. More solutions are already in the works. Whether you have the new modem-enabled and SYNC® Connect-equipped 2017 Ford F-150, 2017 Ford Escape or 2017 Ford Fusion, own a vehicle made by one of the other auto makers, or you live in the city and don’t own a car, FordPass can help you find smarter ways to move. The way the world moves is changing. Join us and help shape the way you move tomorrow. As Henry Ford said: “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” ¹SYNC® Connect, an optional feature on select 2017 model year vehicles, is required for certain features. 2Roadside assistance is included for certain Ford owners and available to everyone for a per-service fee. Learn more about the FordPass Marketplace, FordPass Hubs, FordGuides and the entire FordPass platform at FordPass, compatible with select smartphone platforms, is available via a download. Message and data rates may apply. Compatible with devices with iOS9 and later.


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FordPass - Fuel, Park, Dealers app reviews

  • why do i have to set app up twice. 1/5

    By Lol.1
    Very frustrating as this application has asked me to set it up again, After successively setting it up the first time. As I type this, the application is still trying to setup again. Very poor performance in my mind.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By yeppers awesome
    App doesn’t work half the time
  • No FaceID Support 1/5

    By OnTheRise87
    iPhone X here. I turn on TouchID in FordPass but it does not use FaceID leaving the app security open! Please fix ASAP!
  • App won’t work iPhone X 1/5

    By Tam69***
    App worked fine until I got my iPhone X. Now it won’t work at all. It now says “Sorry something not right. Contact ford pass guided we will get it sorted out. “ if nothing in the app works you can’t contact ford pass to get them to fix it. Hurry up and fix this app please
  • Total sales gimmick 1/5

    By Myk1839
    Very few usable data, geared more towards trying to sell you something, don’t waste your time.
  • Need improvements 1/5

    By Brusoul
    The app is super slow and the schedule start fails 99% of the time.
  • Works great.. but 3/5

    By Mix_Master
    This app crashes too much. Also when trying to view msgs or move within the app for seating other options, error pops up that state something is not right. To call FordPass Rep. problems still exist
  • Ford pass App 5/5

    By david in wayne
    Great app with great features. Only thing that annoys me is seeing messages on app, but when I go into app there are no messages or notifications
  • Ford pass 5/5

    By MA11968
    Excellent app. And unlike GM I didn’t have to pay a subscription.
  • Nice but... 3/5

    By Jdlay28
    This app is nice and works pretty well but it does seem to crash a lot leaving me without access to its features like remote start. Unfortunately, when it does crash I cannot tell immediately that is has except that it tells me something isn’t right. Then I try to log out and back in to try it again several times unsuccessfully so I just move on with my day at that point. Another thing that doesn’t make much sense is that there are two message streams when my car is communicating with me. I’ll get a message about washer fluid being low in my messages and then I'll also get a little yellow dot on the “my vehicle” tab telling me the same thing and it won’t clear out until I refill the washer fluid even if I check the message. It would also be nice if the settings in my car are used when remote starting the car like turning on my seat warmer. I like the app and use it regularly but these are improvements that would make it better. Thanks!
  • In Michigan 5/5

    By Onlyrev
    Great when it’s zero out and warm when you get in.
  • Ford Pass 2/5

    By escape, Gus
    The best feature about this app is the “gas station prices and locations” I have had to delete the app and reinstall it the first week I had the car as it completely failed to work at all. Within the first month it “occasionally” would not start the car. I definitely want a remote starter on the key chain instead of my IPhone
  • Buggy 1/5

    By DirtyGary
    Please add a delete all option for the messages list. I have old start and stop times for auto start that show up in the list even though they were deleted months ago. Every morning I get messages about start failures that shouldn't even still be there. 10/10/17 This update did nothing to fix issues I’m having. 1/15/18 I’m still having same problems. I’ve uninstalled the app and tried again with no difference. I’ve reached out to support by phone on this with no results. I was told in the latest call that “an engineer” would be involved and I would be called back. It’s been over a month and no call. I think it was an attempt to get me off of the phone by the person who could not help.
  • Pretty worthless 1/5

    By Twitch46
    I have a 2015 F 250 and this app has been little but a loop - pushing download of the app from within it when logged on. I recently received an email indicating that my account had been closed. Using an iPhone 7 I am unable to download the app (after deleting it) simply to see if it has any utility. Ford seems to have great difficulty getting its act together on this.
  • Update on 1-12-18 and still bug 1/5

    By Iphoneusers9303
    Purchased my Fusion Energi on 12-26-17 and I’m unable to add my vehicle to this Ford App. Once I select the “MY VEHICLE TAB” and input my VIN # it then directs me to download the “ My Ford Mobile” and doesn’t allow me to add my VIN/ Car to the Ford Pass.
  • Never thought I would use it, but I love it! 5/5

    By Beancounter199
    This was the one option on my truck that I thought I would never use and wish it wasn’t on there. But when it got cold and I was able to remote start the truck from far away, it’s wonderful! And now with the new update I can send points of interest to the navigation. That’s great too! I definitely will look for this as a required option on my next vehicle
  • Needs fixing. 1/5

    By upsinfront
    Log in my account one day my cars are gone and I have someone else Car under my account that I can remote start and lock and unlock there doors. Plus I can see there location in Alberta. Today my cars are back but still shows this persons info under name and address.
  • 1 step forward 3 steps backwards 1/5

    By 1SG JTS
    I see all these updates but have yet to see ANY improvement. FordPass won’t even show up on my Sync screen, cannot do a maintenance check, cannot really do anything, no software updates, doesn’t show my past maintenance. If I’m doing something wrong, someone please tell me.
  • Has potential, but doesn’t do much yet 3/5

    By Grape Julius
    I like the potential of this app; I just wish it did more. Having a digital service record and being able to read the error codes on your vehicle would be great. Unfortunately, my service record at a Ford Dealership never was uploaded to the app, and the app logged only one of three error codes that recently showed up on-screen. Worst of all, it doesn’t seem to do anything at all if I’ve engaged Apple CarPlay—that all by itself is a huge dealbreaker. Who wants to go into vehicle settings to disable CarPlay every time you want to use an app??
  • Scheduled starts 1/5

    By Akather
    I had three separate ones I deleted but every day I get a notification my scheduled start failed.
  • Unhelpful 1/5

    By Andrew2z
    This app does little to nothing towards improving my experience with owning a Ford product. Could be so much more useful.
  • Useless because there is no support behind the app 1/5

    By DBertinot
    The guides that let you chat with or call a real person do not work. I cannot get any help. The dealer was no help either. Sync3 does not work as advertised. The FordPass feature to have someone call me back does not work either. They do not call.
  • Completely useless 1/5

    By Spunkykmg369
    Will not work on my 2017 F150. Waste of time.
  • Read texts 1/5

    By Rhea544
    Why in the heck did my 2015 fusion stop reading my texts?? So annoying!! What the heck is wrong with Ford ????? My car now doesn’t even call the correct person when I say a name!! So many things need fixed ASAP!!!
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Tonyort_1
    Very useful and easy to use. Thank you!
  • Stopped working at all with latest iOS update. 1/5

    By DB Impressions Photography
    No longer works. Will occasionally open, but almost immediately closes again. Not able to use any of the features previously enjoyed. ETA- installed latest app update and it still isn't at all functional. Sad when I would like to access our service records.
  • Update 1/5

    By pcfromfw
    App hasn’t updated my pickup’s location since October. I have deleted the app and reinstalled, restarted my phone multiple times and it’s still stuck.
  • Destinations....Really? 1/5

    By 5514
    For all the cool things Ford Pass may do, FMC really tripped on your shoestrings with this one. Was excited to see the app with the ability to set destinations from my phone or iPad. Started with first map was ready to send to vehicle and .... I have to connect my device to the vehicle via USB and it can’t be uploaded via WiFi/Ford Pass? Hellsbells I might as well sit in the car and enter the maps on the screen.
  • To make things easier to use 3/5

    By fordlover200
    It be nice to turn on heater in summer and air conditioner during summer from fordpass. And to let owner know if someone is inside.
  • Thanks for nothing 1/5

    By Mjf101471
    Apparently ford does not value MyFord touch owners. As bad as the destinations app was at least I could send a route to my car from my phone. I think it was a bad business decision to abandon those with vehicles as new as 2015. Thanks again Ford.
  • Oil life percentage 3/5

    By KC_OK
    App is useful, but for SD diesel owners this app would be a home run if displayed oil life percentage from the oil monitoring system. Currently there is not a gauge configuration to show the oil life and one must rely on a monthly email report to monitor this system.
  • Crashes all the time 1/5

    By C bass
    Crashes all the time.
  • I Just Wanted a Remote 2/5

    By KGSs1
    Why I’m stuck using an app instead of a key fob, I don’t know. The app sounds appealing, however it defeats the convenience if I have to login every time it opens. Not to mention you only get access for 5 years, at which point I’ll be expecting free installation of remote start, courtesy of ford.
  • One star review until iPhone gets Waze 1/5

    By Pr0n_St4r
    Make sync 3 work with the iPhone and Waze navigation app.
  • Please update App for Apple Watch 4/5

    By jkaddie04
    Please update the FordPass app for use on the Apple Watch. How cool would it be to start your car from your wrist. Otherwise, great app! Thanks!
  • Suggesion! 5/5

    By Kaptainkurtt
    This app just got amazing. So easy and smooth to use. It does take a long time to unlock and start your car. Would love to see 3D Touch controls on home screen icon for unlocking/ locking and starting vehicle.
  • Great concept if it worked 1/5

    By Poutypuppy
    The only reason I bought up to a 2018 was because of this app's autostart feature. Guess what? It maybe starts my car only 20% of the time. It will say the vehicle has started but it isn't. Very frustrating because I wouldn't have bought the vehicle if I knew it was going to be like this. With the weather we get, I need to be able to have my car defrosted and warmed to be able to drive it. But this app is a fail in my opinion. There is no way to log out and reset the app either. If you could get the app working like it is supposed to, yeah, that would be great.
  • Errors that don’t get fixed.... 1/5

    By rweisenw
    For over a year, and through numerous FordPass updates, one problem persists. It has to deal with remote starting. Starting the car remotely is not the problem, the problem arises when I get into the car and “ press the start button to drive” as the dash display says. Every single time, FordPass sends a message that “your vehicle was turned off after 15 minutes of non-operation. Future remote starts will be deleted.” And yet, there has never been a failed start. I drive it every time. Numerous chat sessions with supposed expert FordPass Guides have done nothing. One even told me he was escalating my problem to an advanced support team who would get back to me. I am still waiting over a month later. This problem may sound minor, but it’s quite annoying, especially when FordPass deletes my preset remote start times.
  • Would be great if it worked like it used to 1/5

    By BirdJMS3
    I have a 2017 Ford Fusion Platinum and Ford Pass used to work great. When I got a new phone and installed the app, I have not been able to get it to connect to my car at all. This is even more infuriating given the weather conditions over the last couple weeks here in MI and not being close enough to remote start my car when leaving work at night. This was one of the selling points when I bought this car and I am not happy with it at all. There is never chat or guides available and this is extremely frustrating. If this is a glimpse of the future with Ford’s technology, then maybe I need to consider looking elsewhere when it comes time to buy a car for my wife later this year...
  • Awesome!! 5/5

    By Buck2988
    Just an awesome app. So many things a person can do to make their everyday life more easy!!
  • Things that need to be done 4/5

    By roloir
    I have a 2017 F-250 and I’d like to be able to do the same things I was able to do with my 2015 F-150. At one point I could find a location on my phone and send it to my navigation system. That was really handy! That’s the kind of technology I want. I could care less about remote start. I can do that with my key fob. I know the 250 and above are considered “work trucks”, but mine is a Platinum that is used to pull a large recreational trailer and I’m often in new areas that I don’t know we’ll. I see a lot of large trucks in RV parks and most of us would like to be able to program the next destination from the comfort of our trailer.
  • Needs huge improvements 1/5

    By Brecken9078
    Have this in my new Escape. Reaction time is terrible. I’d love to unlock my doors with it but I don’t have 5 minutes to wait for it to work. Also the remote start works about 85% of the time......not good when it’s -30.
  • Doesn’t work now 1/5

    By Emil1234567890
    It did before And now way to contact anyone
  • Exceptional 5/5

    By Ecoboom17
    An app totally worth it! As the features are nice and really helpful as well ad useful! Highly recommend!
  • Stopped working on iPhoneX 1/5

    By conorjennings
    Worked fine on iPhoneSE. Just switched to iPhoneX and it now crashes every time I open it.
  • Not so useful 3/5

    By R. Old Man
    Just took delivery on 2017 Escape Titanium and was excited to have FordPass active. However it takes forever to start the car from the app. Ditto to turn the motor off. Ditto to lock/unlock the suv. Nice to see the fuel level. I think I'll keep using the key for remote start, etc. Today started a chat with guide who disconnected me before we finished. Now it won't start from the app at all. Pretty useless app. Update: latest app update now requires logging in and creating pin...over and over. It allows touch sign in, that works for one day, and then you start all over. I think that Ford should start all over and get it right. It's a great idea, poorly executed. Remote start continues to be starts one of three attempts has been my most recent experience. Update: I have removed and reinstalled this app for the last time. Possibly, in the future, Ford will get it right. But for now it is too frustrating to bother with. Update: With this latest update, I decided to try this app again. After the installation, and using it to start remotely (which was successful), FordPass again reset some settings from "AUTO" to "OFF" . This after days, and after removing the app from my iPhone, when the settings were retained as i had selected. No question the app is the problem. So, i am again removing it from my phone. Very frustrating and disappointing. Update: After several months of the remote start system resetting some settings, and a dealer who was unable to solve the issue, it turns out that Fordpass was the reason. After deleting the app the remote settings for heated steering wheel and seats now retain their "AUTO" settings rather than resetting to "OFF". Yet another problem with this app. Update: So I tried it again after the May 24 update and discovered that even though I had removed this app long ago there were more than a dozen messages about brake issues along with a sales message. Brakes are fine btw. So my Escape Sync Connect has been communicating with FordPass while not resident on my iPhone or iPad. My next step, I guess, is to do a master reset of Sync 3. Hopefully that stops this nonsense. Of course I immediately removed the app yet again. I realize I need to stop wasting my time with this frustrating app. Update: Okay, I just had to try this app yet again as I wanted the Vehicle Health Report...which was available today. However the most basic functions of this app have still not been fixed. I enabled Touch ID, but when signing back in I had to enter user I'd, password and set up pin. Really? It took 4 tries before it started my Escape. After all these months, and multiple "updates ", it remains a faulty and unreliable application. Update: This latest update offers nothing new. It states that data usage from wifi hotspots is available. I cant find it. Turns out that no Ford product has a wifi hotspot capability. Any number of improvements supposedly added are rarely present. I just don't understand the basic incompetence with the developers of this app. They have had more than enough time to get this right. Frankly this is the only app that I regularly use that is issue prone, missing promises and exceptionally frustrating. Update: Finally remote start from the app is working consistently. Monthly vehicle health report completes successfully. I appreciate the improvements.
  • Horrible app- embarrassment to Ford 1/5

    By Shawn roll tide
    I have tried to launch it and use it but it does not launch sometimes. To report the problem and have it addressed is next to impossible. Please get a real app designer
  • MJY 2/5

    By Mjy60525
    It's a start. Its not as good as the Onstar app. The Onstar app is not perfect either but you can definitely do more with it. It gives you more info. I hate having to log in so much. With Onstar you can log in and stay logged in. It's not horrible, it needs some work, but it's a step in the right direction.
  • Could be better but useful 4/5

    By LeeLee1313
    Love love love that I can remote start my escape using the app. I don’t really use the other features but that alone makes the app worth it. I wish it wasn’t so buggy. The app has technical issues and is down occasionally for several hours which is a major inconvenience in this cold weather.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Bostonlo
    Super great app, love the features!!

FordPass - Fuel, Park, Dealers app comments


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