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With the new Forever 21 mobile app, you can shop, find fresh outfit inspiration, save your faves, and get connected! Access awesome features, the latest scoop from social media, get instant info on our newest sales…and that’s just the beginning. Welcome to the incredible world of Forever 21 – in your pocket and at your fingertips. Features: - SHOP: Explore, browse, vertical swipe to more images, horizontal swipe to another product, and buy on the go! - SCAN & SHOP: Need another size? Looking for more info? Just scan an item’s barcode to get details, read reviews, and share your finds! - F21Home: Check out our latest Shop by Outfit , and trend Videos for instant style inspiration. - SOCIAL: Connect with the Forever 21 community through Facebook and Instagram, and use #F21xMe to find and share style inspiration. - Inbox: Be first in line to receive on-the-spot updates about exclusives, sales, and special offers - Find a Store: Lost without Forever 21? Use the store locator to find nearby stores, get directions, and find out which brands are available at each store. Oh, and we love your feedback! We’re constantly tweaking and improving to make the F21 app even better! Shoot us an email at to leave a comment, report an issue, or make a suggestion!

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  • It needs some work 3/5

    By OriginalKashh
    They do an okay job at uploading clothes on the app. Sometimes it's constantly every few days then sometimes it's just the same for a while then a bunch of stuff is added. Also apparently all the plus size models are all the same size which clearly isn't true. What's the point of having product information and multiple models if they are all the same size and around the same height? It makes it difficult to shop if I can't determine what size to get for myself if the model isn't wearing the size I'm told she's wearing.
  • Add some more x-small clothes 4/5

    By Cutecupcake17
    I'm an x small and I can't really shop here because of the variety of x small please add more x small!
  • It's so annoying 1/5

    By Jujupennanobodyhasthwsame
    It keeps adding $2 to my purchase and because of that I can never buy anything
  • F21 App 4/5

    By Pap aria Game Lover! 👨❤️
    I'm not really into Forever21 a lot, but I downloaded the app because they have things at good prices & because I dislike going into a Forever store. The app is a little slow but works okay.
  • Great app! But..... 4/5

    By Jajahsnjssjns
    It's a little bit confusing at first, but it took me less than 30 seconds to figure out how to use it! Would totally recommend still!

    By Cheyenne_ovo
    Ever since I got the app I've never been able to purchase anything from it there's always an issue whether it's the billing info or shipping or card information it never lets me purchase! Neither does the website! If I could give it zero starts I would
  • cute fast and efficient ! 5/5

    By I-know-all-trust-me!-
    i love the app. i get so annoyed when i go on the website. this is so much better. i haven't had any problems that the other people had, it's very fast and chic ! i will definitely be using this app A LOT.
  • Slow 2/5

    By Princessjazzmainia
    App is super slow and malfunctions at times or doesn't show products . Very annoying I just wanna shop at forever 21 with the speed of a good app !😒☹️
  • Terrible Treatment 1/5

    By Rachel_Ulmer
    Bought a top and went to put it on to wear to work the next day (less than 24 hours after purchase)....I took the tags off and put it on when I noticed a huge hole in the side along the seam. So I took it off and put it back in the bag with the receipt and tags and stopped back by on my way to work. I was told they couldn't let me return the top because it smelled like it had been worn and it had makeup on it. Well, duh. I guarantee you every woman who had tried it on was wearing makeup and made it smell like it had been worn because they put it on. Then when I called corporate to file a complaint, I got the same run around and lack of customer service. Needless to say I will tell everyone I know to never shop there again and will never be back myself.
  • SO SLOW 1/5

    By Dpcxvii
    This app is so slow at everything. Worst app ever.
  • Bad 1/5

    By Dovahkiitten
    It's just way to slow at loading would rather use browser.
  • BAD APP!!! 1/5

    By Yuka0321
    Although this is a nice app to navigate, it is sooo slow whenever I try to access my bag or wishlist. I have tried multiple time to close the app and re open it, but it still takes forever. Please fix this bug, it is very annoying. Also for the "order status" it should be more soecific rather than just "Shipped." It is hard to tell when an order has left the facility or store, and when it has arrived to the destination.
  • Love the store- hate the app! 1/5

    By Little_insect
    I love the clothes and deals I can find at F21, and there are so many great web exclusives that I decided to try shopping on the app instead of in the store. This is the slowest app I've ever used!! It times out, says no results found, re-directs me to an irrelevant category when I try to search for something! For such a huge brand, you'd think they could figure out how to make their app more successful. Please fix the bugs!
  • Great style but 3/5

    By My King Nathan ^.^
    I like all the things that Forever 21 has, but I hate how they have a "plus size" section, but it's only for women. I would spend a lot of money on this store but I can't get my size in virtually anything. Why do they glorify women being plus sized but men seem to be overlooked? Forever 21 lost a customer and I'm sure they've lost a lot of other potential consumers.
  • Update.... 4/5

    By Victoria S. Martinez
    You should update it to where we could heart as much outfits as we want to ! Not just 40. Please fix it?
  • 😍 5/5

    By Lisaboxa
    best / easiest online shopping app ever
  • Can't click on any product! 2/5

    By Myrisis
    I can click everything (sort and filter items, etc) but not the product to see it! Please fix
  • Slowest app ever 2/5

    By PresidentBarackObama
    It takes forever to add something to my bag, then go back to browsing. Please update
  • lots of room for improvement 2/5

    By @jyebrewksgirl : twitter
    it always has a pop up that says i'm not logged in. continues to log me out while i'm using the app. it doesn't go to the item when you click on it. it's really slow. doesn't save items that are stored on "save for later"
  • Nice clothes BUT... 2/5

    By I love my phone!!!😜
    Slow app. The app won't let me tap on the clothes and accessories, it crashes and it's takes 25 seconds just to go to a new page... It worked perfectly the first few days and now it's a flop 👎🏿, even deleting and reinstalling won't work... Please fix. I need this app cause I don't have this store where I stay.
  • Search page.. 3/5

    By Carissalana
    It hasn't been working the past few days it will force close the app if I try to search anything. Please get this app an update!
  • Crashing 4/5

    By XGAMER634
    Every time that I get out of the search section, it crashes! Please fix this so the app won't be as frustrating to use. Besides the crashing, the app works perfectly fine.
  • Add this 3/5

    By Jraksphdcljlhxlykyemhskgxkgd
    Add an in-store availability
  • Favorites 3/5

    By Lexaaaa2299
    I wish there wasn't a limited amount of favorites we can have 😓
  • Have to re download 3/5

    By PhoArtist
    Good filing format for different types of items, just have a problem with how the app stops working after a while so I need to delete it and re download. It'll be super slow and won't let me click on stuff
  • Checkout!! 2/5

    By Mkob1234567890
    It will not let me checkout with the new update. No matter how long i wait it's just a loading screen☹️
  • glitchy and awful 1/5

    By married2drake
    the app seems to be organized well and looks a lol like ASOS's but it's sooo glitchy and slow it's not even worth it.
  • Slow 3/5

    By Rachelynne99
    When trying to update my bag or my wish list, it's sooo slow!! It's so aggravating to have to wait forever just to delete some items or select a different color. I also hate that you can only have 40 items in wishlist. I like to find all the things I like, have them in one place before deciding what to buy. And I'm sure others can agree with that. Everything else is great!
  • good setup, but... 3/5

    By Soup sauce
    This app makes it very easy to shop, but its SO SLOW! It takes ages for the app to load, and even longer to add items to your cart or delete items from your cart.
  • App Very Slow 2/5

    By C.Angie
    I love shopping at F21, however the app is super slow and in dire need of an upgrade. Also, there is no way to write a review on items using the app. This app has potential but it's current version is frustrating!!!
  • Slow and times out often 2/5

    By Samantha734
    I'm waiting for at least 25 seconds between each page and it's not a connectivity issue. Other times my request has timed out and I'd have to start a search over again. Other than that it's easy to navigate and is user friendly
  • Can't view any items and app is so slow now 1/5

    By Cmm926
    Since the update the app has slowed down and and I can't even click on any of the items to add them to my cart or otherwise
  • App is literally useless 1/5

    By Tomball mommy
    It won't let you click on any article of clothing to view and/or add to your cart. I'm just using safari from now on.
  • Its great but... 3/5

    By ycddesign
    I love using the app and i usually get my packages at a decent time. My only problem is that when one of things in my basket is sold out, i cant delete it from my basket. It ends up with a pop up that i need to add it into the product category. Im pretty sure its a coding error. Please fix!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By TheShminglePringle
    Really easy to use and find what you really want. No problems with the app.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Mary2727
    I go on forever21 all the toke on my phone, and the app of so convenient! It never glitches and its works great!! Because of the app I purchase slot more on that site! I love f21😊
  • Forever 21 Shipment of Clothing 5/5

    By bobBobsburgers
    This is a very good app I've ordered many cute articles of clothing and they all look just like in the picture. Shipping it usually about $5 however all my orders have came earlier than expected which is good. I would recommend this to daily Forever 21 Shoppers 100%
  • Search bar 1/5

    By Katrina13483020
    No matter what I type into the search bar, I hit enter and it takes me to the hat section. I never used to have this problem and now I can't use the search feature at all. It even happens to me when I go to the website on safari!
  • Small wishlist limit 3/5

    By neurothenia
    Very handy but there should be a higher max amount allowed in the wishlist. 40 items is very little and it would be greatly appreciated if the limit was higher.
  • 😡😡😡😡😡 1/5

    By Plain girl
    I bought a cute little skirt but since I was a first time shopping here I didn't know what my size was. So I guessed in what my size was and saw that when it has arrived that it wasn't my size. I took it out of the package and put it on top of my cloths and read the return/ exchange policy. I filled out the paper work for and exchange and now and hearing that I can't have an exchange and I HAVE TO PAY FOR SOMETHING THAT DOESN'T FIT TO BE RETURN TO ME!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
  • 🙄 2/5

    By Sunshine Gandy
    I think the App is better than shopping at the actual store simply because in the store I'm always overwhelmed looking around because there is so much crap lol. However, I've ordered a few things and each time the packages took forever to come so I'm not ordering from here anymore. The clothes are kinda flimsy anyway. But they are affordable.
  • Never again 1/5

    By Kelseymelaynie
    Ordered three things from here and they are shipping it to my old address, when my new one IS CLEARLY on there. Called customer service and they told me that they are not liable or responsible for my package anymore. I called fedex and they couldn't do anything about it either, so I spent 34$ for absolutely nothing. Thanks F21, never again.
  • Good app 3/5

    By *Ms Butterfly*
    This app is useful whenever you go to the store and see what you like before you come in.. But one thing I don't like is that they don't have a link to pay the store credit card I would have to go to another website to pay it wish they were to add it
  • App needs work 2/5

    By AlexandraLundrigan
    Would be great to be able to write a review of clothing you buy from the app. I tried to use safari but that doesn't work either. Not shocked that the app's quality is lacking since it is Forever21 after all.
  • SO many problems 1/5

    By Larneytoons
    everytime i get on this app something else glitches needs lots of work
  • please fix!! 1/5

    By autumnlove328
    Update: just when I thought this app couldn't get any worse, I can't even put items in my bag without a pop up that says user cannot be found! This keeps coming up every time I try to add something in my bag, when I try to put something on my wishlist, and when I just want to click on an item! This is happening on my computer as well. I'm getting real fed up with this app it needs to be fixed asap all I want is to order some stuff and I can't even do that! Fix this app! ever since the update I tried to make an order but when I clicked place order I get a pop up that says my credit card failed. I thought I had a problem with my card so I called my bank and they said everything was fine I even bought something from a different app and it worked so it definitely wasn't my card. I went to forever 21 on my laptop and made my order there and it worked so there is something wrong with the app if I wanna make orders I don't wanna pop that says my credit card failed when I know it didn't please fix!
  • More options 4/5

    By Tclay90
    I like the new update; however, there needs to be more options when we want to refine our search. I was looking at the jewelry and there was no option to refine search by jewelry category. I don't want to look through 33838282 pieces of jewelry when I'm only looking for necklaces.

    By Midnight_Cobra
    this app is very nicely made and easy to navigate, but HOW THE HECK DO I WRITE A REVIEW OF SOMETHING I BOUGHT?!?? Forever21, I am trying to help you... i just got a package from you with all of my clothes and i love them ALL. how can i write a review on this dang app MAKE IT EASIER. reviews are a key purchasing point when i look to buy or not to buy something from your company... if i see no reviews i am usually skeptical of it... if you encourage your users to write more reviews this would be easily solved. so make it easier!!! fix the app and make this happen!!!!
  • Tracks you too much 2/5

    By valyave
    The app tracks what you click on too much. I was browsing the plus size clothing to see what was on sale and now the app mainly shows plus size clothes. I am not plus size and so now I have to search for my size to see the non-plus size clothes.
  • Love it but fix 5/5

    By ashlyn0315
    I want to be able to like more then 40 items.

Forever 21 app comments

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