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  • Current Version: 5.12.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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With the new Forever 21 mobile app, you can shop, find fresh outfit inspiration, save your faves, and get connected! Access awesome features, the latest scoop from social media, get instant info on our newest sales…and that’s just the beginning. Welcome to the incredible world of Forever 21 – in your pocket and at your fingertips. Features: - SHOP: Explore, browse, vertical swipe to more images, horizontal swipe to another product, and buy on the go! - SCAN & SHOP: Need another size? Looking for more info? Just scan an item’s barcode to get details, read reviews, and share your finds! - F21Home: Check out our latest Shop by Outfit , and trend Videos for instant style inspiration. - SOCIAL: Connect with the Forever 21 community through Facebook and Instagram, and use #F21xMe to find and share style inspiration. - Inbox: Be first in line to receive on-the-spot updates about exclusives, sales, and special offers - Find a Store: Lost without Forever 21? Use the store locator to find nearby stores, get directions, and find out which brands are available at each store. Oh, and we love your feedback! We’re constantly tweaking and improving to make the F21 app even better! Shoot us an email at to leave a comment, report an issue, or make a suggestion!


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Forever 21 app reviews

  • slow!! 1/5

    By CaraRebecca
    this app is really bad, poorly organized, and SO, SO, SLOW. NOTHING ever loads. impossible to use
  • Upset.. 2/5

    By gaygaygaygay1235789421990
    Trying to check out and it keeps saying my address is wrong but won’t say exactly what is wrong..but it’s right. Nothing about it is wrong so it won’t let me buy my items ):
  • Reviews don’t show 3/5

    By yeolliedaexoxo
    I LOVE shopping at forever 21! But I HATE how the app doesn’t allow me to read the reviews for items that have reviews written. For example, when I click on the item it says it has 5 reviews and when I click on the “reviews” to read it says it’s loading and then proceeds to say that there are “no reviews” written yet and suggests I be the first to review the product. But when I check the item on my computer or on my phone browser instead of the app it lets me read the reviews -..-
  • I can’t check anything out 1/5

    By Blue💙🦄
    I tried to buy a lot of clothes. When i went to checkout . It said my address was wrong and it gave me a suggested address once i clicked on it, it still didn’t work !
  • Great job! 5/5

    By Beewright
    This is probably one of the best shopping apps I've ever used! It's so user friendly. I can't remember the last time it crashed. New arrivals every other day! Although I wish you guys did run out of sizes so quick and that you had the find in store option. Still great app for shopping.
  • Refine category search 3/5

    By jacandzo
    There was a time when you were able to click on a category, let just say “accessories” and then click on drop down and choose a category within that such as “jewelry or hats or handbags...”. But now I have to scroll down, looking at every darn thing to find what I’m looking for... it’s such a time waster and a major annoyance. That’s my only real complaint about the app. Please put that feature back.
  • It’s uh...nice?? 2/5

    By Mocoley
    They should definitely make another update to fix the latest or longtime-never noticed glitch that is very stressful. When you have placed an order it appears you can track it. This isn’t very helpful if it just says “new”. They don’t even tell you if it’s been processed or when the estimated delivery time is right away. It shouldn’t take more than a week for my package to come. If it does I’m writing a complaint.
  • Missing wish list 3/5

    By CattZed
    I recently updated the F21 app and when I opened it up my wish list was completely empty, so I started filling it up again and check again and find it cleared again. How am I to order items I like when they keep clearing form my wish list? I have to keep hunting down the items in the search bar and looking through their stuff!
  • Charged me for nothing 1/5

    By Shayy shayy
    Charged me for a transaction that didn’t go through !
  • The best 5/5

    By Ender1198
    So many options and cute styles!
  • Payment 2/5

    By richgang_brucewayne
    I love the selection of items they have but everytime I try and buy some it says my card information is wrong. And it isn’t just me. My friends have the same problem.
  • 👏🏽 5/5

    By Sinsinlulu
    My favorite store ever! Until I grow out of it 😊
  • Won’t work for iPad 1/5

    By 1995shadow
    Used to work perfectly for my iPad. Now it won’t work and said it needs to be updated. So I press the button that said update app when I open the forever 21 app and it takes me to the App Store. The App Store said I have 5e latest update. Please fix
  • Glitchy 21 1/5

    By KarentCecilia
    Every time I click on an item it takes forever to load and sometimes it comes up with an error, over and over. So I give up and continue browsing. It’s like they don’t want you to buy an item. If it wasn’t so glitchy I would enjoying shopping. Online shopping is supposed to be more convenient but instead it makes it just as frustrating.
  • Recent Update FAIL 2/5

    By Faithwright14
    This app worked decently except for the all too frequent error messages when clearing out my cart. Updated the app moments ago and went to open it and it says that there is a new update, which I had already installed and will not allow me to use the app. I’ve tried re downloading it only to view the same title screen. Very disappointed as I’ve loved this app for a while and used it to purchase many items of clothing.
  • Should restock on sizes 4/5

    By 💗2DANCE
    I shop here all the time!! I find that it’s easier to find what you want on the actual website than the store. So I tend to get more stuff online. The sizes are accurate. However the one complaint I have is that they never restock their items when theirs no more sizes. I was looking at these two bodysuits and they’ve been out of stock in my size for about two months and their on my wishlist so that I get an email when they come back but haven’t been, oh well. But the good thing is that they have a lot of similar ones to it. Overall a great website and store, with the cutest and affordable things ever.
  • Change it back!!! 5/5

    By яσмαи αтωσσ∂ fαи!!!
    The new update took away the pants that I loooovvvvveeee they were black leggings for kids they were so perfect they were cheap and cute and so comfortable! Please bring back those!!!
  • Irritated. 2/5

    By reginsrossi
    When I click to read the reviews it never shows up. It also never notifies me when my package has been delivered to the store. I constantly have to keep calling the store.
  • Yo app needs work Gurl 2/5

    By Chair Emoji
    Omg Forever21 app needs some work like asap.. probably one of the biggest annoyances is the comment section why can't i view or write reviews.. also make all your close 3x available cause your know us humans come in all kinds of shapes and sizes...
  • keeps deleting everything on my wish list 1/5

    By Xbjusvishipsv
    keeps deleting everything on my wish list
  • 40 items 2/5

    By KirstKebab
    Also I really hate that you only allow 40 items to be saved in your wishlist. I mean that’s just asking too much to have me limit myself.
  • cart issues 2/5

    By grays3
    when i'm done shopping and go to see the entie cart, it has some sort of error about an item and the the entire cart empties. super inconvenient for me.
  • Everything deleted 2/5

    By lula7117
    I hate this app. I’ve had it for a long time but now it’s deleting everything from my wishlist my cart and my save for later and it’s EXTREMELY frustrating
  • Needs another update 3/5

    By _Karlaa32
    Every time I try to edit my wishlist, everything deletes & I have to start over! So frustrating.
  • It was fine, but now my wishlist keeps clearing 3/5

    By RilianneKagamine
    I loved the app, it worked perfectly for me, but a couple days ago my wishlist suddenly cleared out! I thought it was just a one-time mistake, so I started rebuilding it, but my wishlist cleared out again today. I don't know why this keeps happening, but I hope it's fixed because other than that, the app runs smoothly for me and I use it all the time. :(
  • What the heck! 2/5

    By It'sleyahbruh
    I go on this app a lot but today I was on it and it deleted all my items in my wish list, cart, and save for later twice. Please fix and bring back my items that were there.
  • Can Not Specify Search 1/5

    By Brittany Clements
    I like to look for specific items, sometimes strictly on sale and sometimes not. When searching through sale items you have to scroll through all 4,455 items instead of refining your search to what you specifically want to see. 😠😕
  • Deleted everything 2/5

    By Somelady98383849662
    It deleted my shopping cart and it deleted my wishlist. 2 times. Fix this please.
  • Deletes everthing you save 1/5

    By snishs
    My wishlist becomes empty, and my freaking shopping cart with varies of stuff disappered. What is the point of this app now????
  • Wishlist 1/5

    By Yazmineeerr
    SO AGGRAVATING!! i spent hours filling up my cart and wishlist because ive decided to spend a hefty amount on this site. Everything was deleted once i used the app. I did it once more, and it was deleted again. Im so upset i dont think ill even bother to buy anything anymore.
  • Doesn't save wish list!! 2/5

    By KaiiDeniese
    How annoying is it when you're shopping and saving things to your wish list and once you go check it there's only the 2 most recent things you saved. This is ridiculous. Also you cannot search. Do You want my money or ..?
  • Needs updated 3/5

    By +Mo_+
    Keeps getting rid of my favorited things and I can’t narrow down what I want to find pls update
  • 😡 1/5

    By OmgUni
    I used to love Forever21 but now with the new update it's horrible! Every time I try to add something to my wishlist or my cart, it just deletes itself! Seriously, F21, get it together. Your app is supposed to be as good as your clothes! I want to actually be able to remember what I love. So you NEED to fix this. ASAP!!!!
  • UMMM..??!?? 💢 1/5

    By LLA✌🏼️
  • Wish List 1/5

    By angirle
    I’ve made two wish lists so far and both have suddenly erased. This app all just will screw with your head.
  • Wishlist keeps disappearing 3/5

    By Criss040
    Every time I fill my wishlist up, not even completely, it will randomly empty out. Everything I put in it disappears. Please please fix this. It's happened multiple times now and I'm getting fed up with it.
  • Wishlist issue 3/5

    By baby got baek
    There’s an issue with the wishlist. I use the wishlist often to save what I’m interested in but every once in awhile, the wishlist will clear and I lost everything that I put in there. Please fix this issue.
  • Decent app, but.. 3/5

    By camilliah
    It's an okay app. But it has deleted all of my wish list items twice so far. A little aggravating. If you're planning to add an item to your wish list, write down the item number down for backup.
  • Deleted my wish list 1/5

    By Natalia.52
    Everything is absolutely perfect but the fact that one day I was searching stuff and they CLEARED MY WISH LIST ???? I had stuff that i've had a hard time looking for, and I WANTED to buy. I might just delete the app
  • Annoyinggg 1/5

    By Princess Florala
    The search bar does not work so I can’t look for the specific clothing I want😡
  • Am I being scammed? 1/5

    By kaycee-mae
    Although I love buying clothes from forever 21, it really grinds my gears that I can’t read the reviews on the app. It will say there are reviews, but when I click them, it takes me to a webpage that says “no reviews.” Obviously I’m not going to buy something if I can’t read what the reviews say. Also, half the time you can’t scroll to look at other pictures of the item you’re interested in. It just feels like I’m being tricked or scammed into buying something....
  • Wishlist 2/5

    By Emilyg540540
    I would use this app a lot more if I could save more to the wishlist. A limit of 40 is just ridiculous. All other shopping apps have unlimited likes of items.. I use a lot of other shopping brands versus this one. It's a simple update so
  • terrible 1/5

    By PrissStorie
    i ordered a ring set & clothing from here. the rings came in crushed & the clothing was torn. never got my money back.
  • Love it 5/5

    By BNS113
    Every order is shipped either the same day if ordered early or the next morning (if ordered late), package comes within a 2-3 days, the website is pretty easy to find things. Better than in store most of the time. Overall it's convenient and I love it. Order something new basically every week.
  • No good 1/5

    By Unnnnnnn1
    A star to get to say the app / site attempted to change the e gift certificate from $50 to $300 so I baked off to $25. Was sending it to my daughter to buy a top she wanted. The instant e cert was not instant and still says pending. It's just one thing after another with this app/site . Don't care to give poor reviews, not much choice.
  • Payment 1/5

    By LeMoosta
    Sooo I try to planks a payment on my forever 21 visa in the store and they say I have to do it through the app. But the app doesn’t have a payment option.
  • Never store your cc info with them! 1/5

    By YesyDz
    They’re not secure. My credit card info was stored in their system. Someone hacked into my account and placed a $200 order that was shipped to Florida. I live in California. Be careful with leaving any stored information on your Forever 21 account.
  • It’s Crashing!!! 2/5

    By Éponine Thénardier
    I love looking at all the stuff on the app especially when I’m bored and it was working fine. Not too long ago with the last update, the app started crashing after just a minute using it! Please fix this! It’s so frustrating.
  • Horrible Delivery Service!! 😡 1/5

    By jmz__
    I have been using the app for almost a year now and had no trouble ordering from Forever 21 until recently. Usually my packages would be delivered from FedEx and arrive on time but now they switched to OnTrac (which I have never heard of) and my package has not showed up at all! After checking the status of my order it has said “delivered” but is no where to be found. After doing research on “OnTrac” I have learned that they are a very shady company, so BEWARE!! Because of OnTrac I will no longer be using this app to order clothes.
  • The new Refine update is greatly appreciated 4/5

    By Kbcity
    Finally a shopper can refine his/her browsing experience to only include short sleeve shirts 😭😭🙏🏽🙏🏽 this is such a blessing. Next, I need you guys to include the inseam length in the product description for all your shorts and rompers, and offer longer inseams for tall people 🙂 please and thank you.

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