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Fox News: Live Breaking News App

Stay informed with US and World breaking news coverage fit for your busy lifestyle with Fox News! Follow the latest, trending articles, local weather stories, sports headlines, business features and live streaming video – all from your mobile device, Apple Watch or iPad! Download the app to follow dynamic, real-time reporting from Fox News! Top 5 Reasons to Download Fox News: 1. Watch live streaming video of your favorite Fox News shows anytime, anywhere* 2. Multitask by browsing the latest headlines while watching live Fox News coverage 3. Navigate from articles to additional content for the news that matters most to you 4. Subscribe to Breaking News Alerts to follow the latest breaking news as it happens 5. Engage directly with your favorite shows, news personalities and anchors on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more directly from the Fox News app Enhanced News Format: • View the latest videos from the #1 cable news shows and anchors on Fox News Channel • Keep an eye on the Breaking News Hub to stay up to date on a story as it unfolds • Navigate easily from articles to related content and view videos and slideshows for news that matters to you • Adjust the player size to your preference – go full screen by flipping your phone into landscape or shrink it down to audio only Apple Watch Features: • Scan the latest news, politics and tech headlines straight from your wrist! • Save stories to read later or share them with friends on Facebook and Twitter iPad Exclusive Features: • Personalize News Desk on your iPad for the topics, shows and social media you care about most Find comprehensive coverage of the day’s hottest stories with Fox News! Download the app for up to date Breaking News Alerts and 24/7 live streaming video from Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network through Fox News Go! With vibrant photo galleries, the latest video clips from all of your favorite shows and streaming coverage of live events and exclusive programming on demand, Fox News is your go-to source for all of the latest headlines! * An authorized pay TV subscription is required in order to watch live FOX News Channel and FOX Business Network. We may work with mobile advertising companies and other similar entities that help deliver advertisements tailored to your interests. For more information about such advertising practices, and to opt-out in mobile apps, see You may also download the App Choices app at


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Fox News: Live Breaking News app reviews

  • An American Citizen 5/5

    By Alacin S
    Only one I can trust.
  • New layout stinks 3/5

    By MC Arsey
    Bumped from a 4 to 3 star rating; new layout is clunky.
  • iPhone X support 3/5

    By Fairax. va
    This app does not properly support iPhone X. Leaves black bars at top and bottom of display. Very disappointing and annoying.
  • Share button is broken 2/5

    By Mattman2812
    In the latest version clicking the share button only copies the title of the story and no longer the link to the article. Please fix.
  • Getting worse 2/5

    By MandevilleMike
    App needs to be updated with dynamic text size and to fit the iPhone X!
  • Constantly crashes 1/5

    By bananaslug1
    I love Fox News, and never really had problems with this app on android. But with iPhone, it crashes all the time
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By Crabby patti
    If you want to see the same recycled stories over and over and videos that don’t match the article it is attached to this app is for you!
  • Way too many commercials 1/5

    By F,f,f,f
    To have to sit through a 30 second ad every time I want to watch a video is ludicrous. I’ve stopped watching videos and am considering dumping this app altogether. Commercials should be no longer than 15 seconds and fewer of them.
  • Sexual misconduct 5/5

    By aluppi
    Amazing how all the men involved are middle aged, common looking men. I’ll bet if they were young hotties you wouldn’t hear a word! Can you even say hello to a woman without them feeling "uncomfortable “? What a bunch of hooey!!
  • Irritating! 1/5

    By twinfinnb
    The articles are always left hanging. They never finish. I’ve tried changing text size and that doesn’t help. What’s up with that?
  • Too much Trash 1/5

    By 68eagles
    Stick to the News! This trash stuff that has been injected over the past few years is not is for increasing your number of online “hits”... Stick to the News.. That is what got Fox where it once was.. reliable and respected.. Stop now before Fox is no longer about the News and becomes the online National Enquirer... It’s pretty close right now!!
  • Shepard Smith 1/5

    By tehiyyah
    I used to like the guy but his open anti-Trump bias is making me now just turn the channel. Please get this guy off the show.
  • Good, however. . . 3/5

    By RR4ever782
    I am always looking for a more conservative news source and it seems I found one here, (certainly better than google news), however, the breaking news alert could give me some options to choose which important news items so I’m not interrupted, and also I would like to have an option to see local news in my state. Otherwise, thank you.
  • Great independent news 5/5

    By Moishe1
    Solid reporting. Not biased. Love it.
  • Good reporting 4/5

    By Lilbug997
    I love the reporting of Fox News. I feel that it's honest reporting and doesn't slant the news like too many other agencies do. This site is easy to navigate, and I love the way it can be personalized to your interests. I also appreciate that they will report things that other agencies won't touch. My only complaint it that nearly every article is missing the last part of the sentence at the end of it.
  • Another useless news app 2/5

    By Al Havemann
    Fox is just like most of the “News” apps these days, a waste. The app opens with a third of the screen work space lost to “News Desk”, one picture alone took up another third, the rest lost to other pictures, empty space and finally, some words, actually only a in the remaining 5%. Lots of stuff, but no News, just a few words here and there with minimal information that just wants you to click, click, click, click. Then click some more, and still see nothing but more crap. There’s no Journalism here, just a bunch of bot collected junk splashed up. In all the news apps I’ve installed only two make any pretense of actually having real Journalists reviewing and producing articles that are reviewed, edited and presented with any real attempt to educate the reader in a non-biased fashion. Journalism. The occupation of a professional dedicated to providing information to a reader that has been reviewed, fact-checked and assembled into a non-biased article that educates and leaves the reader with useful information. A Journalist is proud professional doing a needed task, not a bot scraper assembling some pictures and few words according to a tunable algorithm, and that’s whats in most these so-called “News Apps”. Want to make a real News app? Hire some real Journalists, professionals, allow them to actually write, get ride of all the scraped text and crap pictures and include only that which is relevant and adds quality. Done with this after one read and deleting it. That leaves only two apps that at least try, their not free but I’m willing to pay for quality.
  • New format 3/5

    By Bobcatdee
    New format is horrible!!! Same news all day—not enough updates!!
  • Need to clean up the ads. 3/5

    By Not happy in the Midwest
    I like the app and would give it a much higher rating if they would clean up the ads that pop over the top of entire paragraphs blocking the reader from seeing the article. Many of the garbage ads are even in languages other than English. This is very annoying and seems to be getting worse, clean it up or I will delete the app as I have most google related apps. I for one am sick of the marketing crap being pushed.
  • Get a new editor 3/5

    By Funbunbarnone
    You have far two many grammatical and mathematical errors in your articles for a national news source. Start reading your articles before you publish. The errors are frequent and obvious. Your welcome.
  • Real news 5/5

    By alex.evershed
    Real news is an understatement
  • X rated news 2/5

    By SubinCO
    I am so tired of reading all the x rated news on Fox lately. Seriously, I do not need x rated details of every single inappropriate sex act by actors, politicians or every single female teacher ever accused of inappropriate relations with a student. Every single day. I’m done with you Fox!
  • POS 1/5

    By hdjdjdjdjdkkd
    Piece of crap. Stops CONSTANTLY
  • Doesn’t work for iPad 1/5

    By Dvm2
    Application doesn’t work for ipad
  • Shemp Smith 1/5

    By Mr. & Mrs. Deplorable
    This rump ranger made a fool of himself when he tried to make excuses for Clinton’s Uranium One scandal - he must resign from Fox ....
  • Stop making me re-login every day! 1/5

    By mgraczyk
    How ridiculous is it that they make you re-log into the website just about every day?!?
  • Inconsistent 1/5

    By PV guy
    App would close by itself near the end of the news (health section). Now the app won’t open at all. Fox, count your chickens after they’ve hatched. This app is far from hatched!
  • Great news app but 3/5

    By BradQW
    Today when I opened it up (early in the morning hours) I was greeted by blaring ads that took a minute to shut up. I don’t like this one bit so reduced my previous 5 star rating accordingly.
  • Real Honest Unbiased News 5/5

    By Jaqen Hagaar
    I love how Fox reports the important things, such as anti-Semitism in UC Berkeley student newspapers, yet other news outlets (you-know-who) ignore it. Thank you Fox News, keep up the excellent work.
  • Too many ads! 1/5

    By Wcwstar
    Can’t even read the articles without these ridiculous popups all over the place!
  • New App “Read Full Article” Junk 1/5

    By Bill - DownEast
    Too many if the headline clicks are sending me to the insider link for fox, just as you are to read it, a redirect button for “Read Full Article” want one to click to read the rest of the article. Fox News has stayed away from that internet crap/trap. But now you’ve jumped in with both feet. I’ve been with Fox News from the start, but this junk to lead me to delete the app from my phone.
  • One thing I really hate about the app... 3/5

    By Laumity the fact that I can’t select an accompanying photo to an article to enlarge it to view something in the photo up close! What’s with that?! (Check out BBC—they know how to do that part right!) Otherwise, the app is good, but it can be better!
  • Can’t watch live programming. 1/5

    By Interface Wiz
    I login successfully with my DirecTV credentials. When I tap on FOX News I get a pop up that says “Authorization Denied”. Also, I do receive news alerts from Fox. However, there is no alert sound that comes along with the alert itself. Therefore, by the time I see the alert it’s not news anymore. I like the content on FOX News but if you want an app that works reliably and allows you to watch their channel, I would suggest the CNN app.
  • Content vs App 2/5

    By Flying*Pig
    Big Fox News fan but this app stinks! Half the time content fails to load properly. So many glitches that I don’t Ellie me using it anymore. Sad, because I like the channel. They need some serious techies working on this app.
  • Bad 1/5

    By raffy69
    Fox needs to even update its own TV shows not even Harvey Levin show OBJECTified is not here. Also This app is always in a commercial brake in progress will return shortly even login with my provider
  • Live streaming not working 1/5

    By themom1982
    I view Fox News and Fox business through Directv perfectly fine. Both are included in our viewing package. When I log into Directv from the Fox News app the app says I’m not an authorized user🤦🏻‍♀️.
  • Love Fox, this app is horrific 1/5

    By rphaug
    I love Fox News but it’s like you guys intentionally went out of your way to screw this app up. The Watch Live feature for Fox News and Business used to work flawless. I also used Fox News Go streaming via the web, which was unbelievably flawless. It would stream for hours without a problem. Now you’ve apparently broken the authentication for the web streaming and forced it into the app. That would be fine, except the streaming in the app is terrible. And I know it’s the app’s fault because streaming it via Safari is flawless. The app will freeze the video or constantly give me pop ups saying “no internet connection” even though I have one and the video is still streaming. Sometimes it will just stop altogether. And for some reason I have to type in my cable provider authentication EVERY SINGLE TIME I LAUNCH THE APP.
  • App wont open 1/5

    By squatchy woods
    I have an iphone 7 plus. App wont even open After latest update.
  • Censorship?? 5/5

    By Shutting down Fox??
    Receiving message Authorization Denied as of today on my IPad. Same message appearing on many others.....What is going on???
  • The only real news net work 5/5

    By Ira Held
    Fox reports the true story! No other network reports the news without putting thier personal spins on any story! We appreciate fox as long as they are Fair & honest!
  • Ads blocking article 1/5

    By Busybusybusylife
    Why are your advertisements blocking the words of your news articles? Please fix. 5 stars for news articles, 1 star because I can't read them completely. Sheesh.
  • Videos stink 1/5

    By Max Read
    The app has too many videos and not enough text...not everyone can "hear" a video.. or wants to watch one...or the attendant commercials! Blah!
  • A breath of fresh air 5/5

    By Halle Beaumont
    For years it has been apparent that the main television networks ABC CBS NBC CNN MSNBC leaned to the left and made stories more entertaining than honest. However, it wasn’t until President Trump was elected that their totally inappropriate behavior began to scream. Fox is a breath of fresh air and I am so grateful at a reporting that supports this nation that supports the president that is in-depth and appears to be truthful.
  • Missing 1/5

    By RLBoyce
    It has become a regular occurrence with text based stories that the bottom or end portion of the text is cut off to make room to insert an add of some sort. I guess your advertisers don’t care that your making us readers discussed with this app.
  • Annoying Title Page 3/5

    By Flyingredcat
    The latest version of Fox News now has a title page that lasts for ten seconds before showing the news. This might not sound like much, but it really is annoying. Also, the photos accompanying the stories are small and cannot be zoomed in. Not their best effort.
  • Smutty Ads 2/5

    By AttentionFX
    I love Fox News because their perspectives on major issues usually reflect mine, but someone in the leadership of Fox News seem to have a problem with promoting sexually explicit behaviors. The women attire is almost 100% better than it used to be but they continue to have strange and vulgar ads on the app. “Hey, if you’re reaching out to the conservative crowd, we don’t want to see garbage! We can go to the liberal media for that!” I watch Fox with my husband and teenage son. We want to keep watching Fox and keep it as our go-to news source. Is that what you want too?
  • Can no longer access FoxGo Live with Directv 1/5

    By FAPKat
    I can no longer use the Fox News app for Fox News Go or Business. I log in with my Directv info and am told I am not authorized to access. I have been able to do this for years. Do not know what is going on. Stop updating the app f you are going to break other things. App totally USELESS to me now. Bye bye Fox. Would also be nice if you had some form of Tech Support to report problems like this to. Don’t know if anyone will ever see this and fix.
  • Pure evil wrapped into an app 1/5

    By Pecos Bill
    Fox News isn’t conservative or there’d be railing against deficits and lies. They support both and imbibe in the lies themselves. Constantly. (Yes, they repeat lies enough to make you think it’s true) And now they’ve laid bare conservatism, as embodied by Trump, means fascism — especially racism, sexism, and I’m sure you can include most other evil -ism. (Most other big news companies are terrible but not nearly as bad). Do yourself a favor and get your news where facts matter.
  • Malware links 1/5

    By John Dole 76
    Getting really tired of all the ad links on this app redirecting me to some pop ridden ad sites. Fortunately I have an iPhone and they seem impervious to viruses but it’s getting old. Fox - you need to do a better job of restricting the kind of ads you allow on your app.
  • Tabloid 1/5

    By Rosenphenus
    It's a shame that so much time is dedicated to a tabloid such as this. Wasted time.
  • Pop ups are annoying!!! 2/5

    By Mcjeff321
    Fox app allows ads to pop up when reading stories. No way to close ad and just read the rest of the story... waste of time, and I am about to delete the app & find another news source

Fox News: Live Breaking News app comments


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