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Fox News: Live Breaking News App

Stay informed with US and World breaking news coverage fit for your busy lifestyle with Fox News! Follow the latest, trending articles, local weather stories, sports headlines, business features and live streaming video – all from your mobile device, Apple Watch or iPad! Download the app to follow dynamic, real-time reporting from Fox News! Top 5 Reasons to Download Fox News: 1. Watch live streaming video of your favorite Fox News shows anytime, anywhere* 2. Multitask by browsing the latest headlines while watching live Fox News coverage 3. Navigate from articles to additional content for the news that matters most to you 4. Subscribe to Breaking News Alerts to follow the latest breaking news as it happens 5. Engage directly with your favorite shows, news personalities and anchors on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more directly from the Fox News app Enhanced News Format: • View the latest videos from the #1 cable news shows and anchors on Fox News Channel • Keep an eye on the Breaking News Hub to stay up to date on a story as it unfolds • Navigate easily from articles to related content and view videos and slideshows for news that matters to you • Adjust the player size to your preference – go full screen by flipping your phone into landscape or shrink it down to audio only Apple Watch Features: • Scan the latest news, politics and tech headlines straight from your wrist! • Save stories to read later or share them with friends on Facebook and Twitter iPad Exclusive Features: • Personalize News Desk on your iPad for the topics, shows and social media you care about most Find comprehensive coverage of the day’s hottest stories with Fox News! Download the app for up to date Breaking News Alerts and 24/7 live streaming video from Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network through Fox News Go! With vibrant photo galleries, the latest video clips from all of your favorite shows and streaming coverage of live events and exclusive programming on demand, Fox News is your go-to source for all of the latest headlines! * An authorized pay TV subscription is required in order to watch live FOX News Channel and FOX Business Network. We may work with mobile advertising companies and other similar entities that help deliver advertisements tailored to your interests. For more information about such advertising practices, and to opt-out in mobile apps, see You may also download the App Choices app at


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Fox News: Live Breaking News app reviews

  • Fix The Grammar! 4/5

    By Jibbyjab789
    I will give this a 5 star review as soon as Fox News quits using a robot to write these articles. So many simple punctuation errors it drives me crazy. I really don't care about perfection and I admit I'm not an English expert at all. However, when I read these articles and someone's last name switches from Quezada to Quedaza it gets a little ridiculous. Either Fox is using a robot or the proof reader needs to be scolded and told to do a better job. Otherwise, no other complaints. Rant over.
  • Love it when it's working properly 3/5

    By McOch
    What's happened to the app in the last couple of weeks?!?! I noticed the updated and enhanced graphics, but every time I click on the "live" newsfeed, it requires me to login to my service provider. Even when I check the "keep me signed in" box, it continues to ask me to login. Very frustrating!
  • News follower 3/5

    By CheapGasUser
    Emphasis on flashy takes away from the reporting and substance of the message!
  • App is broke 1/5

    By Kellylyn411
    I am a DIRECTV customer. I used to watch Fox News on my phone/tablets all the time. A couple days ago the app told me after a login attempt, that my account was locked and to call DIRECTV. I have called DIRECTV and There is no problem with my account. I am fairly certain it is a Fox News issue as my DIRECTV app and account work fine.
  • Photos need a lot of help 2/5

    By An American Pat
    One would think photos were so rare that they must be doled out with much care... and never ever should you be able to enlarge them to take better look! Catch up with the times, Fox. You have great content except for the photos... Many times you'll have a story about an image or video and no image or video. Pretty silly... and frustrating!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By tusers
    The new update is terribly hard to follow and also to read. Picking a story is difficult because everything runs together.
  • App won’t open on iPad. 1/5

    By Cowgirl player
    This app on the iPad needs a fix. Can't get it to open on my Crashes 50 times before it will stay open. It works fine on my iPhone.
  • Crashing? And won't open 1/5

    By Right_nowreagan
    The app format is game like. Should have kept old format with headlines and articles. Three clouds that move independently doesn't work well for scrolling. Fox News is no longer news on the app but ads and reposts from other junk news sites like aol. Let's see you get rid of the best tv news personalities and now you no longer have any writers or journalists. The few articles that are written are written at an 8th grade level with many mistakes. Should have left things alone and you would probably be at the top for tv and written news. Still haven't fixed the "not connected to the internet" pop up even though I am connected and many others have complained about the same thing. Get asked to write a review before you can even open app and try. Now with latest update the latest news won't open all the time. Stop messing with the App!!!! Constantly crashing when trying to open app and when it will open it takes forever
  • Love fox but hate the app 2/5

    By a.bazzler
    I love Fox News and read it every day but the new app update is so annoying. You cannot read all the stories by just swiping left and right some of them take you to a whole new article that you actually must close out of in order to read other articles. They used to have it so that you could just swipe left or right to read all of the news for today and now you have to click on and off the articles. Very annoying. They also often have the ads cover up some of the words in the article. This happens at least once a day to an article and is very frustrating. I wish they would fix these two draw backs and it would be perfect.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Restaurant owners
    Best app for news!
  • Old app was better 1/5

    By Monroe Mann
    The old app very cleanly presented the top three stories. This new app is a hodge podge mess. I used to love to open the FoxNews app. Now it's just another news site that's hard to navigate through.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By ANGEL13925
    This is a fake news app. Absolute trash.
  • Terrible upgrade 1/5

    By Scorch777
    Since latest version there are numerous blank pages under story headlines. Response is slow. Advertisements obscure text in stories. Whoever was in charge of this latest version should be fired.
  • Annoying login 1/5

    By borism78
    Ever since the app was upgraded to the latest version, no matter if you select or not select “keep me logged in”, every single time I touch this app I have to put in my username and password for my cable provider. It’s extremely annoying and this needs to be fixed as soon as possible!
  • Why have an app if shuttled to web version? 2/5

    By mrbeardyhead
    The old format was a thousand times better in so many ways. Now half the stories I click on shuttle me over to the web browser when the old app always showed the story and/or the video direct in-app on daily news. Waiting time and click points are now annoying. Used to be tolerable. Please go back or try harder to keep the experience fun. And if I have to watch the same commercial one more time I'll scream. Get more sponsors.
  • Progressively worse 1/5

    By DuncanHS
    The last few revisions are worse than the one before. I am running the latest version of ios and I have nothing but problems. Constantly going to Fox websites is annoying. Please bring back the old version.
  • Get an editor 3/5

    By Revjr
    I am a loyal Fox News viewer and use the app daily. Please get an editor to review each article before uploading. The spelling is often atrocious and the grammar errors are bothersome. Yes...this is nitpicking, but you asked for a review. Love the app and site, and will use it religiously, but please fix the spelling/grammar issues. God bless. Peace.
  • Spell check, grammar & punctuation would have been an improvement!!! 1/5

    By bringbackbill
    I HATE YOUR NEW IMPROVEMENT TO THE APP!!! You people really needed to focus hiring writers who can write and proof read their work! Since I am trapped at home caring for a disabled family member, I used to mark my days by the programs on your channel. But the way you treated Bill and Eric you don't have to worry about my viewership anymore. The irony of the matter is that the gals at fox dress, at best, like they are headed to a night club rather work! Then they cry foul when a man acts like a man! Please fix your app so I can read the fine words of Todd Starnes and the like. Thank you if you read my comments.
  • App won't work 1/5

    By Dr:Jon
    I haven't been able to get the app to work for the last several days on my iPhone 6s running IOS 10.3.3
  • Where are the pictures??? 1/5

    By B Devo
    You'd think an article about a picture would show the picture referenced??? Nope... the app doesn't show images
  • Works ok, but... 2/5

    By JohnMosesBrowning
    Why can't I watch the live streams on my Apple TV? Works on the iPhone and iPad. Weak!
  • Latest update is horrific 1/5

    By Aejar
    Why did you screw it up so much? Its disorganized, filled with ads, confusing and sloppy. I'm sad I upgraded. Will look for new news app. Very disappointed
  • Needs more 2/5

    By Tamsharley
    I can't watch due you not having Dish?! Seriously!?
  • Liked previous version 1/5

    By BKM4315
    Don't like individual stories opening in web browser. It is slow.
  • Pop Up Video ads!! No Bueno!!!! 1/5

    By buddylick
    New pop up video ads this morning. Annoying. Get rid of the pop up ads.
  • Review 1/5

    By Thedonald80
    Go back to the old version..this one is not good
  • Change format 1/5

    By kisi1300
    New format hard to use. Like old one much better. No longer interested in using it out we'll delete
  • RUINED IT! 1/5

    By amanights
    Previously I had this app rated at five stars... but that was when it was an "APP".... now most of the articles just link to a browser. If I wanted to read Fox News in a browser, I would use Safari, instead of taking up memory space on my phone to have your APP. (Plus, if I resort to looking for current news using my internet browser, there's an excellent chance that I could land on news stories NOT produced by Fox News) I wouldn't even complain so much about that really, if it weren't for the fact that these "pages" constantly bog down and/or inexplicably scroll back to the top while I'm reading. This was just a horrible HORRIBLE idea. Adding to the problem, I now have to login (and RE-login and RE-LOGIN) every single time I try to view the live feed. Every aspect of this "App" is now pointless and counter to what it once WAS and still should be. Will be uninstalling for now, and will (hopefully) re-install at a later date if it returns to its former, 5-Star, glory.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Wayraddad
    Nice to get all the facts. But please fix the glitches on the live streams. Fix "stay logged in" feature. Kicks me out every time
  • Fox news 1/5

    By Melbru
    Not sure why fox app has changed but cant just flip from story to story any more. Have deleted app and reloaded but it is same. If this is your new format, count me out. Will look for another source for news.
  • Terrible New Format 1/5

    By Robert Lott
    I never realized how good your old format was until I became stuck w your new now looking for my news elsewhere - while I like your news I HATE YOUR FORMAT changes.....seems like an overreach in a self-serving way and it is too annoying to browse thru your app format.
  • Nice update but 3/5

    By Grass300
    Nice layout and easy to navigate. But requires constantly have to log out and log in to watch live.
  • Downhill slide 2/5

    By Sigkapoli
    The latest version of the app is terrible. The layout of 2 "major" story sections and then a few minor stories followed by "junk news" is difficult to navigate. The previous version where one could swipe through to the end was easier to navigate. The editing and proofreading skills are non-existent. I homeschool my children & we look at current events weekly. When they can point out spelling and grammatical errors, there's a problem. It distracts from the article being read. The headlines are frequently recycled with a new teaser line, only to be opened to find the same story I read 10 days ago. Links to are often broken as well.
  • Where did Fox News go? 2/5

    By tmv9156
    The app is trending downhill. YOU are the only major news app on my iPhone. What's with the incomplete articles requiring jumping to a browser then having to log into another page? I want quick, concise news--not a login festival. I'm backing out of 75% of what I start. Bring back the reporters and designers Fox.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By NendermanMaker
    Best news source with only the best info!
  • needs more improvements 4/5

    By Jmilil1989
    Since I say on the title needs more improvements, these r the improvements. In beginning of watching the show it says login with tv service the tv show shouldn't say it at all because people just want to watch the show on Fox News. Since the iPad and iPad Pro screen is sharp on most or all images. This Fox News show has a small widescreen. People would like a full screen or bigger screen. So it should have a button of the screen saying full screen or widescreen. Anyways this Fox News app is good.
  • Does Fox News even employ a proofreader? 1/5

    By Word Breaker hater
    Fox News app used to be OK, but it has sure gone downhill in the last few months. The lack of punctuation and massive numbers of misspellings are an insult to my intelligence. Seriously, a fourth grader could do better proofreading these articles.
  • Not at all impressive 1/5

    By Kevind2
    Will not save login information. App requires login almost every time it is opened to watch live. Stream buffers way too often even on a very fast network. After buffer the segment is lost. Not a convenient way to get a quick look at the current news. Not at all impressive. I really hate this app. Still will not retain login information. Will trash app soon. Been waiting many months, deleted.
  • Watching Live Shows 1/5

    By rakehabi
    Since the update, the App won't stay logged in. Every time I want to watch the live shows I have to log in. Frustrating.
  • Reboot required to get update to run 2/5

    By 007newby
    Attempt to update and failed until I hard rebooted iPhone...hold PWR and Volume Down button at the same time until reboot.
  • More news 3/5

    By Sooner I
    More news and less smut. Often up to 1/2 of the news links for stories are regarding provocative, smutty, sexual or sex related content. I would thin that there is more worthwhile news happening in the world today than some story about how to please your partner. I enjoy the "real news" and the content you have there but the other stuff I could easily do without...
  • Beats CNN/NBC illogical drivel 5/5

    By Dani6738392716
    It's annoying to listen and or read distorted news from NBC,CBS and CNN. They all are elitists, self righteous and should open their own fascist eyes. I cannot believe FOX news is the only news agency to see this. I guess it's easy to be number one when everyone else secludes and or annoys 70% of the market. When did journalism and news casters lose their perspective?
  • Breaking News 2/5

    By BMar1999
    I no longer get breaking news alerts.
  • Real News 5/5

    By Retired Attorney
    Honest news!!! A must in my day.
  • Fox News App 3/5

    By O bear
    App is ok, but many of the titles do not match story it is linked to. This has happened on several updated versions.
  • No network connection 4/5

    By action_mark
    Both iPad and iPhone apps require constant shutdown and restart when "no network connection" masks the story and prevents the reading of stories. This is when all other apps function fine and internet is strong.
  • Absolutely horrible 1/5

    By pctgt
    Toggling between live streaming networks just doesn't work. Fox Business works consistently more than Fox News. (Yet, CNN live streaming of linear across tvOS, ipad, iPhone works virtually all the time.)
  • Fox News is Real! 5/5

    By Bob732732
    Fox News is one of the very few places where I can get completely fair and balanced news. This is the only news app on my cellphone!
  • Update for iOS 11 fail 1/5

    By SpongeMc
    Was working great prior to the latest update, now can not get the live feed to start. At all. DOA. Kaput. Non-functional. Valueless. Incommunicado. Meretricious.
  • Won't live stream 2/5

    By Loud427
    What happened?? Streaming no longer works. I love my fox app. Fix it please. It no longer streams.

Fox News: Live Breaking News app comments


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